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@WilliamHilsum relevant
Q: I cheated on the Disciplined badge, how bad is it ?

Scorpi0I was looking for badges I didn't have yet, and I saw the Disciplined badge. So I deleted an answer of mine with 3+ votes, and waited. 5 minutes later, sweet, a new badge! Then I go to my answer again, and undeleted it. No problem at all, and I keep the badge! What will happen? Will my badge ...

a li'l slow in catching up?
what? @Sathya?
I just now dug out Google Reader, been out all day building fence panels
how are you, @Sathya?
they showed it about 3 days ago, I believe. engadget.com/2011/06/23/…
I'm good, @studiohack :) finishin up breakfast. How about you?
4:28 AM
@Sathya ah how's breakfast? :) pretty good, tired :P
breakfast is... edible -.-
sounds..... edible
in other words, it could be better. But that's not in my hands anyway
lol, I ate dinner a while ago @Sathya... sunday for you, right? or monday?
hehe, what's for dinner
Sunday mornin' here
4:34 AM
well, it was beef lol - what did you have for breakfast? oh nice... long day tomorrow for me, helping with trimming trees lol
speakng of trimming, I need to get a haircut -.-
lol @Sathya
I had this for breakfast
@Sathya: that looks delicious.
looks like what we in the US call pancakes, or another thing called crepes
hey @MarkSzymanski - how are you?
and I'm good, thanks for asking @MarkSzymanski ;)
4:37 AM
Hai, @studiohack. I'm doing great, thanks.
I asked...? o.o
oh it's nt pancakes, we've a separate dish similar to pancakes
maybe crepes then
@Sathya ah so what does it taste like? somewhat sweet or what? bland and you guys put something with it?
ha, I predicted it @MarkSzymanski :P
@studiohack spicy
musta creeped you out :P @MarkSzymanski
4:38 AM
ahhh, you guys like spicy :)
hell yeah \m/
@studiohack: Didn't creep me out, just made me think you were mad at me or something XD Or being rudely sarcastic in a way :P
@MarkSzymanski I wasn't, you just ask me that everytime because you're nice and I thought i would beat you to it :)
Hehe ^^
I found this really cool Windows fold-out ad in an old magazine.
It was really neat looking.
From like 1989 or something like that.
I'm looking at the link above for an MS ad
@studiohack: I couldn't find any :P
@MarkSzymanski me neither. found plenty of rotten, stinky mac ads though
4:45 AM
@Sathya is a Google guy, @MarkSzymanski is a Macboy, and @studiohack is a Microsoftie :P
whoa, you guys like that?!
Heck yeah! :D
Also, I need to start writing more :/
4:48 AM
Yay, Top Gear starts again!
btw have you guys seen the new Skydrive layout? its pretty awesome
Oh, god.
That website.
Whomever designed that website needs a good swift kick in the pants.
goes to check
very nice
> We know clouds.
What the heck is that supposed to mean?
lol yeah
btw seems I have the new skydrive @stu
4:56 AM
Because I'm pretty sure that Apple's iCloud is gonna murder whatever "cloud" stuff you've come up with, Microsoft.
I have it as well @Sathya, love it
can't wait to get a Windows Phone
waiting for one on a certain carrier, with a physical qwerty keyboard
Can't wait for iOS 5
pffft @MarkSzymanski
I should be getting a Wp7 soon
oh really?!
4:58 AM
I just realized how weird it is that Apple charged $10 for iOS 3.
lucky [mod edit to remove luckies] @Sathya :P
@studiohack for free, too :P
oh come on!
life ain't fair. :P SE should give me one for all my work as a mod
I'll wait for it to arrive, but lets hope so
@studiohack perks of being a blogger/reviewer :P
@Sathya I know...
be nice if Ivo gave me one for the blog
5:00 AM
ask him
I think I have, hold on while i search the transcript @Sathya
Woah. Just now noticed the search bar for the chat.
in Super User Blog Editor Room, Mar 26 at 23:14, by studiohack
@Mokubai @IvoFlipse I'd do a review of the WP7 if you guys buy me one and a two year contract :P
lol @MarkSzymanski
@MarkSzymanski :/
5:03 AM
@Sathya he never really answered it, but implied that since SU is not about smartphones, we wouldn't spring for it
@Sathya: Hmm?
2 mins ago, by Mark Szymanski
Woah. Just now noticed the search bar for the chat.
the pratas @Sathya linked is closer to a thick flat bread -like pita, but richer. I prefer the local version, which is made of plain flour tho.
well guys, I'm off to watch Burn Notice, have fun! cheers! :)
5:04 AM
Bye, @studiohack. Take care!
@Sathya, keep SU in line ;)
@studiohack nice series. ttyl
@studiohack hehe I will ;)
anyhow I need to step out for a haircut. back later!
@Sathya, yes, going back and watching it from the beginning. :P have fun with the haircut!
Bye, @Sathya. Take care!
thanks @MarkSzymanski, laters!
5:31 AM
Goodnight everyone.
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7:35 AM
Anybody here?
1 hour later…
8:44 AM
@Sathya Thanks for confirming
3 hours later…
12:00 PM
blah, i'm feeling stupid. wanted to burn recovery DVDs from my dad's office laptop. its got a DVD reader/CD writer...my old laptop's the same model with slightly better specs..
which means, i burnt the first cd for nothing ;p
i can bring over a DVD burner at some point, but i should have thought about it
12:53 PM
I want to update now! :-(
1:04 PM
eh, well, you'd need to close tweetdeck apparently
wonders idly, if anyone will get starched and white from my tendancy not to use capital letters
1:16 PM
Oh, seems I got into the style of not reading dialog boxes anymore unless there are clear error codes... :P
1:40 PM
hmm superuser.com/questions/90626/… i think/hope that 200 rep is in the bag ;)
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3:26 PM
do you guys happen to know if there is an online version of the markdown editor used for SE?
@slhck: Not that I know of, but you can use another online Markdown editor like this.
@MarkSzymanski Thanks!
Been using pandoc for a while
No problem, @slhck!
Keyboard shortcuts would be nice though
And I'm so used to the WMD (SE) editor that I really miss these features from TextMate
I almost never use the keyboard shortcuts :P
I sometimes hit ^b (to go back a character on Mac OS X, left arrow key is broken) and it ends up triggering the "bold text" keyboard shortcut.
3:31 PM
Yeah the emacs like bindings are nice.. I hate it when I'm at a Windows keyboard and have to find the Pos1 key when I could to a ctrl-A... and then I end up selecting all >_>
Yeah :P
Oh turns out there is one
Ah, cool :D
It's a fork from the one SE uses, so I guess I'll put that somewhere on my webspace or something
I really wish there was some way to get a vim sort of editing mode in Cocoa text fields.
3:34 PM
That'd be super awesome
Where I could press escape and do the vim movements, replacements, etc.
Visual mode would be really, really cool, too.
Heh, have you ever used Excel on OS X?
No, I haven't.
iWork <3
It feels like they disabled ALL working keyboard shortcuts there are
And I never need to use Numbers XD
3:35 PM
like, ctrl-a doesn't go to the beginning, but cmd-left doesn't work as well
I feel like throwing my Mac against the wall every time I use it :D
@MarkSzymanski In case you ever want/need a simple online version, I also found one: ephemera.continuation.org/stackoverflow/wmd/wmd-test.html
Thanks, @slhck. :)
And I'll brb, gonna take a shower.
hf, see ya
already hacking on my own version
nice XD
Markdown is awesome.
3:59 PM
yup. single best thing evarr.
wonder though how I'll get the syntax highlighting
hey there @Sathya
hows things
good good, lazy sunday :) and you?
subday night :(
did nothing today, lol
wanted to take a test drive, my laziness got the better of me :/
4:04 PM
test drive of what? :D
lookin at purchasing a new car
oh, cool. so what are you looking for? and what do you currently have?
i have my 2 legs currently :P
looking at hatchbacks
Suzuki Swift, Ford Figo, VW Polo is what I'm looking at
Polo is out of my budget though, and Swift has a 5 month waiting period :/
4:08 PM
Meh, so you want a new one?
like, no second hand
@slhck: You can do syntax highlight with GitHub flavored Markdown.
hi @Mark
Hi, @Sathya. How are you?
dreadimg tomorrow :(
@MarkSzymanski Yeah, ideally though I'd like a JS library for all that
like they do on SO
4:11 PM
4:33 PM
nice, @slhck.
@slhck: A good idea on block quotes (that looks really pretty) is to put a bit of a left border on them
@MarkSzymanski Yeah, styling is what I'll do next :)
blockquote { border-left: 1px; }
quickie: for SODIMM DDR3, do all sticks have to be the same size?
define size
4:40 PM
@Glennular: Physical size? Or storage size?
sorry, same memory size, can a 2gb be paired with 4gb
(I know RAM isn't "storage", it's the best word I could think of)
as long as the latencies are the same, it should be fine
i know there are some sticks that need to be paired equally
After I reinstalled the OS on my MacBook, I've been using with out Notational Velocity. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!
4:43 PM
wth is Notational velocity?
@Sathya: Note taking app.
@Sathya: I have tons of stuff in it. A lot of little brain-dump things.
And I just now needed to add a note into it, until I realized I have to get it again :P
5:23 PM
Is there any way to view all posts on the blog that were written by a certain author?
@MarkSzymanski WordPress?
@Sathya: Yeah, the Super User blog to be precise, hence the wording "the blog" :P
@MarkSzymanski http://blog.superuser.com/author/<authorusername>
Ah, thanks!
5:25 PM
What if their username has spaces in it?
(i didn't spot the "the" in "in the blog", read it as generic
ah, ok.
you're looking for yours?
@Sathya: Yep XD
well replace <authorusername> with your SU blog login username
5:26 PM
Which is "Mark Szymanski"
you login as Mark Szymanski? o_0
hang on
some themes link author name to search for all posts with the author, this doesnt do so
@MarkSzymanski can you show me your wordpress login screen?
5:41 PM
right, 40 votes exhausted on SO, ( 99% of them downvotes), time to sleep. Good night, all. Sorry @MarkSzymanski couldn't figure it out. Will check on mine and let you know.
Hello. I would like to know how to return to previous screen on Android. Not just go back.
@Sathya: Sorry, gotta go. Sorry for non-reply, was AFK
1 hour later…
7:14 PM
How come Google returns 0 results when I search for link:http://twitter.com/marxus85 (google.com/search?q=link:http%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fmarxus85) ? Even though eg. nodejs.se is linking to this exact URL, and google's cache also reflects this.
When did this start?
@Mokubai Couple of days ago I suppose
Ahh, been off for a couple of days, just caught a question this morning as I was about to start packing up the tent...
@Tom No idea sorry :/
7:44 PM
Hi guys could anyone help me with a shell question
@slhck np, looks like either I am doing something wrong with the link filter or it is simply bugged
I would like to create a simple bash script to do a subversion checkout for me. But i would like to prompt the user with a dialog box. What does debian natively use to create a dialog box. I want this to work without having to install stuff first, the script wont run on my own environment.
Nvm i just found it. Natively whiptail seems to be used :)
Clearly a sign of a well-designed application.
More programs should give users the option to crash them...
7:59 PM
Or to run inconsistently... and presumably give weird results
Or actually know that they have an internal logic error!
Still, this is the reproducible result of opening a badly formatted file; I would have expected more robust options than breaking and crashing...
@slhck I was toying with editing nib files of third party programs. Do we really have not a single question asking for how to do this on the site?
@DanielBeck Hmm.. could be - haven't seen that many OS X programming questions anyway
@slhck It's not programming, it's hacking around and tuning applications we don't have the source code for
@slhck While my example is pretty pointless, I remember using it for something useful a while back.
@DanielBeck Yeah, I know, still you'd have to know a bit about that to use interface builder :P
8:14 PM
@slhck Depends on the scope. Anyone can do what I described to fix labels, resize windows, toggle brushed metal toolbars (shudder) or similar.
Anything beyond that cannot be done this way anyway.
Although, if you're up to it, I'd love to read something about decompiling OS X applications and doing small tweaks, like removing function calls; if that's possible at all. I have no idea.
Hmm, haven't really looked into something like that either
Ugh, sorry, partly afk all the time because I'm struggling with JavaScript :/
8:38 PM
W. T. F?
A: Do bookmarks slow down a browser?

Simran Actually the answer is YES. The bookmarks continually ping at their respective addresses in the background, which is unknown to most people. Run cmd and do a ping check, you will know what I am talking about....

that figures!
And that's why I want the option to "flag as wtf?"
I want several flags, a checklist even... so I can categorise/tag it as WTF, WRONG, STUPID and THISGUYMUSTBEINSANE
Honestly, what is a "ping check" going to do other than tell you that website is up?
heh yeah I didn't really get that
like, at all
Well, if nothing else it would be a kind of proof-by-stupidity... "your bookmark points to www.google.com, right? Well, ping www.google.com and you get responses so ergo your bookmarks are keeping google alive"
lol, I'm actually thinking of a real world analogy for that
but, no can do, too stupid
8:51 PM
Yeah, my brain just throws up a 404 on that particular brand of stupid
Everyone else wins an upvote for sanity, he wins a flag.
Yes, finally, after some ugly hacking, my first working boxed version of the SE markdown editor with syntax highlighting! homepage.univie.ac.at/werner.robitza/markdown
That is pretty sweet, though I'm feeling a Mac vibe around it and it's making me uneasy ;)
haha.. I guess it's the Helvetica
It is awesome though
Ah, think I broke it
lol how?
8:56 PM
it doesn't like having a link inside a code block
oh, okay, I'll look into that
works for me though
Oh, I like the "test window width to put the preview on the side..."
it's a bit untested
what's unexpected about that?
8:59 PM
I'd have thought the Test should be a hyperlink without the [] around and near, but that's just me
I guess it doesn't expand within code
Oh, okay, SO markdown does the same, not what I was expecting....
So, you're right and I'm wrong and all is right with the world :)
heh :)
I have to work on the width issue though, but that's something for tomorrow
thanks for testing @Mokubai
No problem, I like playing with those kind of thins to see what they do :)
Anyway, sleep time.
Have fun :)
yeah thanks :) see ya!
1 hour later…
10:09 PM
@Mehrdad: @Mokubai: I'm working out a Meta Stack Overflow question regarding meta.superuser.com/questions/2802/…
10:39 PM
Q: Can we improve "automatically move this discussion to chat"?

TomWijTL;DR: Attempt to clarify the move-to-chat message that appears when two people start a conversation. ORIGINAL: Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat? Not all comment threads are discussions, I want to propose using con...

Hmm, I wonder if I can get them shorter to get rid of the down-votes that are solely for the slightly longer length than close votes.
Perhaps meta discussions and feature requests aren't for me, I often get downvotes (into oblivion) for things that seem so right (well, at first)...
On the other hand, even on bad questions reputation increases because up votes easily cancel out loss from down votes.
10:58 PM
@Mokubai Just catching up.... They can, and do... Which is why I stopped using IE
they don't slow down everyday browsing, but, I have about 5k favourites now - possible a lot more... When you get to about 1k in IE, the moment you click on the bookmark button, it freezes for a while whilst it tries to load (I guess because it is individual files instead of a DB)
5k? Impressive...
huh? two profile pics? :/
I really need to sort it out, but just never have the time
11:53 PM
I've changed my profile pic, I don't have two...

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