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12:25 AM
@Skippy I think that reaction to my comment is way out of proportion to anything that I (or most anyone else here) has said.
@Skippy and please stop calling me "mon". My name is Monica.
@Skippy and how does that contradict anything I've said? Did you really think I don't know that?
@Skippy, several of your comments here are rude and sarcastic, ascribe malice to people who haven't shown it, and are presumptuous. And since you're so keen on physical age as an indicator of, well, anything, know that you are not the oldest person in the room. Please take a break and think about how you have been interacting with people. If you continue to attack people in chat you are likely to be suspended.
1:12 AM
@MonicaCellio this is a shortcut for pinging people, you just need the first 3 letters. I don't think @Ski was trying to be offensive here.
@iKlsR it's a shortcut, but both chat and comments offer an auto-complete. I'm not saying she's trying to be offensive; I'm just asking her to either take the auto-complete or type three more characters.
@StackExchange Huh. Cool. :)
Enjoy the power... limited, narrowly scoped (and mostly unknown) power!
@AnnaLear I shall :)
1:20 AM
@AnnaLear :-)
@Skippy I have to agree, you aren't really making the experience very pleasant for everyone here. We all have our own opinions but belittling others isn't the right way to go about it and one of the first rules of chat is to play nice. If you keep this up, there might be consequences, just saying.
1:42 AM
@AshleyNunn Always welcome to try asking, you never know.. ;)
@iKlsR How can I use Blender to make my blender blend better? :P
@AshleyNunn Closed as off-topic. This question has nothing to do with Blender.
@iKlsR What good is it if it doesn't help my actual blender? :P
Why is there a conversation about blenders in a pets chat room? I so didn't read that right.
I am a terrible human being.
1:45 AM
@AnnaLear Because I was sad that Blender wasnt about food blenders
@AnnaLear My cat likes smoothies.
And no I am not planning to "Will It Blend" my cat
look man, there is nothing wrong with blending your pets
@AshleyNunn I love this scene. ;)
@AshleyNunn cat smoke. don't breathe it in!
1:46 AM
@AnnaLear O.o
@Mana ...I worry about you
@iKlsR I don't actually have a blender, I think I killed it blending something
@AshleyNunn ;)
sometimes pets just want to spin around
really fast
@Mana dude thats what the dryer is for
@iKlsR why, internet, why?
1:48 AM
and I can assure you through careful scientific research that there is no better way to make animals spin around faster than through the blender
@Mana you know, I feel like I should be worried by this statement.
also rollercoasters. animals love rollercoasters.
@Mana even fish?
especially fish
you must spend your time doing some interesting science to be sure about such things.
2:09 AM
@iKlsR it was simply an example to show both @mon and @ash that their comments were equally hurtful and offensive, by giving an example that I know would offend most of the community here.. I suggest that people DO realise there are consequences for what they say. OK? We actually agree about that, so please do not threaten me with consequences? OK? I have not threatened you
@MonicaCellio I am not calling you mon I am pining you with three letters, as do other users @lix
@Skippy @MonicaCellio @AshleyNunn @iKlsR It's probably best to drop this altogether now. It sounds to me like everybody here just wants to be respectful and build a better site. Let's focus on that.
@MonicaCellio I don't like the tone you take with me,
@AnnaLear I like this plan :)
@AnnaLear thank you
@AnnaLear yes, please.
2:12 AM
@AnnaLear if I come back and there's a dozen pings.. and people are having a go at me the way they accuse me of behaving, what should I do?
Remeber how you feel when you read this
3 hours ago, by Skippy
@AshleyNunn and some people here seem ignorant at times, I don't think, I am sure, there are also some highly intelligent people, with good knowledge of some of the subjects matters.. not particpating in chat often enough.
@Skippy In this case? Let it go. From what I see in the transcript, this conversation is just going in a circle now, and you've already responded to what others are still saying.
That is how I feel when you talk to me the way you do
@AnnaLear ok.
@Skippy Thanks. :)
@iKlsR ugh, I wish I could laugh.. just some terrible things are flashing before my eyes of what has happened to animals and babies shivers
@AnnaLear no worries.
4 hours later…
6:04 AM
Hello everyone. Just wanted to wish everyone a great start to another week.
@Coronus The same to you! :)
4 hours later…
9:38 AM
We're getting ready to get tanked over here. Seriously tanked. Going to the aquarium store soon :D
9:51 AM
@TimPost did you watch any episodes of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? It will give the feeling of being tanked
10:09 AM
@Skippy I can't imagine a Kangaroo being tanked as a safe sort of scenario. They're rather good at boxing, no?
10:32 AM
I really don't like most of the answers on this post :/
Q: Putting a cat into a carrier

AthariIt seems to be close to impossible to put my cat into a carrier. I'm not sure whether he is afraid of closed spaces or doesn't like being restrained or what, but it requires two people to put him into a carrier. What can I do to make it easier on my cat and me to get him in the carrier?

Forcing your animal into an enclosed space will never be a good idea... Not for the animal and probably not for the owner in the long run...
I'm used to such a busy room... Who cleaned out the litter box!!??
@TimPost haha you actually made me smile Tim, which is nothing short of a miracle.. No they don't box.. thnx for the smile :/ (that's half my face smiling)
@Lix me being a cranky so and so
@mon @ash I'm sorry I was so rude. wasn't your fault and you too @ikl ..
@ski - I saw that my 3letter username laziness got you into a little bit of trouble ;)
@lix I got into trouble today using your 3 letter ping.. people thought I was giving them nicknames.. please explain the 3 letter ping
I rememberd now how it all got started earlier....
@Lix lol great minds think alike, posted at the same time
10:42 AM
The character limits on comments... I needed just another three or four characters...so started to trim down the username I was pinging :P
@Lix I know, it's just slightly quicker than using the mouse to grab the whole ping word
@ski! Haha! "Great minds think alike...and fools never differ" (full quote please ;))
@Lix boo yah!! hahahaha
I love ruining a joke with a spelling mistake :$
@Lix hey I posted this too, I feel the same.. hey.. glad someone else can bring things to the table, I need to stop ranting here or people are going to start another chat room and bar me from it lol
@Lix I sore that
10:44 AM
^^^^ that is the sentence my son is using, but only as it sounds.. interpretations?
Hebrew lol
ohh riiiiiiight... forgot about that...
Oh is it really bad?
ummm.... no... gibberish :P
@Lix r u sure? lol
10:46 AM
there miiight be some meaning to the last one...
If it's this word then it is a little bit naughty :P
@Lix and I guess it's not suitable for the litterbox hey? well IS suitable for the litterbox, but no tthis one
male reproductive organ... but a kind of childish "slang"... like peepee :)
@Lix ah gotcha sounds age approprite
he says something like this is good morning
one syllable repeated :P
Boker Tov - that means good morning :)
and Layla Tov is good night
OH googd to know
OK my friend. I must go
10:49 AM
me too - currently at work
Layla Tov from me, or Boker Tov to you
hehe - Toda!
(thank you)
there should be a badge in there somewhere if I recall correctly...
The party - I appear to have missed it
11:01 AM
Actually you're just in @tim e
@tim - "tpost shift-2 stackoverflow" - took me FAR too long to parse the meaning of this :P
@Lix Yay! That means it must throw spammers into a recursive tailspin!
TBH - I was on a keyboard the other day with a british layout...
Needless to say I failed epically
I ended up actually typing out my email as "LIX AT GMAIL DOT COM"
I don't know how they even use those things
But I have gotten "great" feedback about my profile's tomfoolery :P
It was even worse than that - the ctrl key was not on the extreme left!! There was some obnoxious "fn" key there... uggg...
@Lix I kind of shudder when thinking of how many people that actually kept busy
11:11 AM
So far there have been 4 or 5 reported incidents :P
I just posted it as a supposed 'new chat feature' in the community team room. Waiting for victim #1 now.
Q: Is this answer a copyright violation?

James JenkinsThis answer has most of its content come from a single source. Which is attributed, but the content is not released on CC (Attribution). Another user has placed a comment about the volume of copy and paste content, and I had added a follow up with a copyright concern. Those comments have been r...

@tim considered yourself pinged ^^^
@tim - hehe. Let me know how that works out for you :P also if anyone recognizes it :)
@UV-D welcome to pets!
sometimes I feel like I'm being stalked looks left O<O looks right O>O
thank you, just scooting around the sites, seeing what is happening in the many and various places (and I just got a pet)
11:18 AM
@Lix ah the star commander of chat, does this mean you've starred the most things or have the most starred things?
@UV-D what did you get??
@ski Dunno... but almost the whole right side was my posts :P
@Lix hahahah probably me starring them , I star everything hahaha
a quite crazy cat, tabby - just a kitten, currently sleeping on my shoulders
purring in my ear
@ski - so YOUUU are the star commander!
I just started @UV-D announcing he just got a pet lol
@UV-D that's really good Damien..
@Lix No not me.. I'm more likely to lead a ship of fools... you know the song??
11:20 AM
her name is Miranda
@UV-D that's cute :)
do you have access to the site?
I think she is dreaming atm
@ski - listening now :)
@Lix to the song??
nah, but I can wait until you guys graduate
11:21 AM
@UV-D I can send you one
yes... I don't know it... but found it and listening now...
I don't know much doors material (other than the popular ones) but I've always liked them
@UV-D em I don't think I still have your email address.. I'd have to dig around for it
Miranda is twitching on my shoulder
purring like a steam train
@ski - whoops :P wrong band then..heheh
now i'm listening
11:24 AM
@Lix I figured :)
a question about pets - my kitten (currently asleep on my shoulders and purring like a steam train) seems to be dreaming - my be a silly question, but do cats dream often?
@Lix you like?
@ski - i do! 80's music is my guilty pleasure :)
@uv- Youtube doesn't lie!
@Lix that is awesome and pretty much what I am observing with Miranda
11:40 AM
cute :)
kittens are amazing
@Skippy Thanks, replied
I wish we could have a cat, or a dog. We didn't realize they were prohibited by our association by-laws until after purchasing the condo and moving in.
@TimPost that's no fun at all!
@UV-D Well, we still have the slimy wet friends to explore. I've just been taking some measurements earlier to look into a custom aquarium to fit the spot we've got available.
very nice, what type of fish are you considering?
11:52 AM
I'm information-paralyzed at the moment, I'm researching the differences between salt and fresh water fish
we now have 1.5 mods per user in this room... we gotta watch ourselves.... (* looks left....looks right *)
ah yes, is the info-paralysis due to too much good information?
(* plants a flag....runs away *)
@UV-D Well, I've discovered the ins and outs of both as far as setup, maintenance, cleaning, etc. What I'm after now is a good comparison of the types of fish we could get in my area - it's not really helpful when the best authority you've got is the one trying to sell you something :)
But there will be fish, and a fish cam! This is my mission.
@TimPost fresh water fish are easier to maintain
11:57 AM
@TimPost ah yes, the 'salesperson authority'
@Lix me too, I was in highschool, 80s brings back potent memories
@Lix whoare the goddam mods looks left O<O looks right O>O
80s music brings back potent hangovers for me.
@TimPost huh ?
Have to star that one @TimPost
@Skippy I uhhh, got started ... at a relatively early age .. BUT METALLICA MADE ME DO IT!
12:00 PM
@TimPost oooooooooooooooh gotcha, yes I even liked metallica
hang on how old are you @Tim?? you must've been v v young
Okay wow, we're talking about Metallica in the past tense. This room is full of mothballs.
One of my fav songs is comesaid the boy
Metallica still rocks, always has, always will
made the year I finished school
reminds me of my erm.. soulmate, best friend, arch enemy, true love.. who lives next door to me and we went to school together. any soul mate of mine, would have to be pretty cracked
anyway have java assignment I am completely ignoring
^^ delete tha after reading.. I g2g
@Skippy I've written production code in Python and feel the same way.
12:04 PM
@tim really?? that's a relief
I really enjoyed image transformation. but it was like it didn't touch the sides
I feel the same with Java smetimes
@UV-D I enjoy java, it reminds me of c++
which is what I started on.. my friend handed me a 17 inch thick book on c++ now I'm at uni lol
bye all
bonne nuit
it is indeed enjoy it and can use it nicely in Android... and just whe I think I understand, a whole new 'layer' of coding awesomeness is revealed
I don't have a cat, but if I did, it would know Java. Cats are naturally frightened of Python.
starring that one too... I'll teach Miranda how to do Java
maybe that is what she is dreaming about
12:07 PM
Turtles are born knowing INTERCAL. Canaries whistle in COBOL.
I KNEW it!
and dogs?
Yeah, it's Monday.
All dogs go to PHP.
thought so
pet spiders?
12:08 PM
Wait, might have gotten that backwards. Ah well, same difference.
Pet spiders know Javascript, the language of the web, of course!
LMAO of course!!!
I could do this all day.
And it's not even pre-rehearsed!
12:10 PM
lol, an awesome Pets-SO crossover
ok ok.. I've got one...
pet monkeys?
@Lix the flying kind?
Pet monkeys code in Perl - everyone knows that.
12:12 PM
ok... maybe that's for pet orangutans :P
that is awesomely awesome!
@TimPost - Salt fish seem to be more interesting and brighter colors & you can have neat animals like seahorses. However, you can't really travel and leave feeders for a few days from my conversations with our very reputable aquarium store. If you have someone you trust to check daily that's a different story.
@Jeni Thanks, that's good to know and something we need to consider, we like to take a few mini-vacations each year.
Though seahorses would be really neat to watch swim around
Seahorses are very majestic
anyways, it hs been an awesome chat with all! Have a good night/day, speak to y'all soon
12:23 PM
@uv- cya!
Take care @UV-D
I think I am going with salt water, because coral is also awesome
12:51 PM
@Lix do you have (or have you had) cats? If you need to transport them somewhere, like to the vet, your options are a carrier, a spare human (with a good grip), or some sort of harness arrangement that you can lock down in the car ('cause fishing the cat out from under the car seat without opening a door that invites escape is no fun). Every cat I've ever seen at the vet's has come in in a carrier. It's really normal.
The soft-sided carrier that I have seems to be more comfortable for the cat -- no hard plastic surfaces, which you get in a regular one even if you line it with a towel.
@TimPost ooh, coral. Coral is nifty; I never thought of getting my own. :-) (Don't have fish, though had freshwater ones in the distant past.)
@Skippy thank you.
Yes, it's like several hobbies in one, plus some adorable sea creatures
We all want the same thing -- a great site. Let's focus on that.
@TimPost you'll have to show us pics when you get it set up.
@MonicaCellio :)
Coral + sea horses + some pretty awesome plants And then you have the rest of those beautiful creatures. And yes, I fully intend to set up a fishcam.
by the by.. there have been some tag edits (on the review queue) retagging longevity ** to **lifespan.. I didn't think we had a consensus on this.. yet they're being approved. I'll leave it with you guys
the posts ahve been bumped, so easy to find
12:59 PM
@mon - heading into a meeting now... but I have a response lined up for you.. I think you misunderstood my intentions...
@TimPost ooh. Yeah, if I ever do an aquarium again, it's gotta be saltwater. So pretty!
I have a feeling this new hobby of mine is about to sprawl, and get rather expensive, but so be it - a few tanks around the house with all that interesting life inside would be more than worth it
1:20 PM
This is for the bounty Q it now has threee deleted answers.. I thought I'd throw people a bone :p
Avoiding over-exercising and over-exertion is especially important whilst your puppy is growing. Over-exercising puppies can adversely impact upon their musculoskeletal development and this is of particular concern in large and giant breed puppies.
Q: How often and long should I walk my puppy?

SkippyMy puppy is seven weeks old, we have been playing with her and getting her used to running around with a collar and lead. She quite enjoys coming for walks, even with the lead on. Aside from issues of vaccination: Is it safe to take my puppy for walks? How often should we take her walking? How ...

A mistaken belief of many owners of our breed is that a young puppy (up to 12 months of age) should have "plenty" of exercise.
any takers??
@jon would you like to answer it? It wouldnt take lone
1 hour later…
2:39 PM
10 messages deleted
It's open ended, but I don't think anyone would call critical thinking stupid. Well, except westboro
2:59 PM
And now for something completely different! Check out this epic tail floof:
That's like a feather duster that also purrs
I don't have any cool animal pics left. Clearly I need to spend more time on imgur.
^^^ I found a pony.
isn't that a unicorn?
3:15 PM
I can't quite tell. That could be an ear, it could be a horn. I think you have to wait until it stabs you to find out.
It says pony, but the Internet, it lies.
@Beofett thanks for reminding me that I wanted to start a diary
Glad I could help :)
I think I'll use just text files instead of a purple book with a pink lock though
3:28 PM
@AnnaLear ooh, if that's real that's really cool. :-) I wonder if, on balance, it would help or hurt with housecleaning -- dusts just by walking around, but shedding...
thanks for the suggestion @jonsca
actually that really helped me, maybe I need something for my phone
but on the other hand, typing on a smartphone is a pain in the grass
My deep-seated fear of public humiliation prevents me from using chat on my phone.
Hi @mon - are you still around?
3:44 PM
@Lix I'm here.
Ah, I put most of what I wanted to say in the comments on my post... (i'm sure you got pinged about it)
@Lix I just read it (and, BTW, saw your answer only after my earlier comments in here). I don't think we disagree -- if you can train your cat for it then great, but if not, what's the least-stressful way to get the cat into the carrier? Early on, before I learned the butt-first trick, I'm sure I stressed my cats out more through repeated attempts than by one quick "in you go" action.
true true...
I don;t think there is a non-stressful way to do it...
I'm learning faster and faster how different cats are from any pet I've had :P
@Lix cats have minds of their own, and the will to assert them. :-)
my GF and I were discussing the "there isn't a non-stressful way" thing the other week...
one of the trouble makers had an eye infection and we had to put that cream in his eye...
I mean...there's no two ways around it... NO animal is going to want you anywhere near it's eyes!
3:53 PM
@Lix that sounds hard. I haven't had to do eye meds, but oral and ears yes. (Also subcu fluids and injections.)
And you can't sneak up on eyes!
haha true...
and ears wasn;t too bad because that specific one has an affinity for water...
(That would freak me out. My father had surgery for a detatching retina some years ago and I nearly fell over when he said they don't knock you out for that. What, you see the big laser thingy coming right at you and they tell you "don't move"? Eeek!
oh... one thing I wanted to mention to you, @mon (saw it earlier in the transcript), was the three character ping thing :P I think I'm the instigator of that...
I used it a couple of times to squeeeeeze out a few more characters into a comment on Stack Overflow and I just picked it up as a habit I guess...
@Lix yeah, I saw that. I'd really appreciate it if we could just use names; it's not that much longer and it's way less confusing. I mean, if I see an at-jac or at-joh I actually have to work harder to figure out that's Jack or John, and I really don't like being called "mon" (or even "Mon").
I haven't seen it be a common "thing" anywhere but here, so was hoping we could not do that.
There was some "funny" incidents where the first 3 characters of a users name meant something COMPLETELY different... so I had to tread lightly there :P
4:00 PM
@MonicaCellio I agree, especially because it makes it hard to follow a discussion if you have not been involved yourself.
Plus, even with full names we sometimes summon people we didn't mean to; I've gotten the wrong Dan or Tim more than once. Substrings make that even more likely.
I understand that if you are on a Phone chat lacks autocomplete for names (or the feature is available but tab-key isn't.) In that case it's still only polite to abbreviate to a reasonable amount of characters.
Dear @MonicaCellio and @Baarn lots of love, @lix's tab key...
ok guys, you've convinced me :)
I actually never thought about following a transcript of a chat... in comment threads it's not too confusing at all... but in chat.... well.. I guess i just always known who i was talking to :P
But you'll all still be FORCED to use 3 characters for my user name... so neeeehhhhhh :)
@Lix thanks. :-) We often have two or three (or sometimes more :-) ) threads going in here, so every clue about threading helps.
@Lix yeah, you opted in -- that's cool. :-)
@MonicaCellio mean... I use tab completion all day...every day... you'd think it would come more naturally to me...
4:23 PM
@Lix You may not 'nehhhhh' in the litter box, but only neiggggghhhhhhhh
CAn we please just go with Menagie... its with in 2 votes and appears to make less people want to vomit
@Chad if the current name has opposition and the other doesn't (I haven't looked lately), I agree we should change it.
@Chad You know I'm with you on the name, but The Litter Box is still the top-voted. I suggest we just tough it out a few more days until private beta ends, and (hopefully) an influx of new people get a chance to vote
@MonicaCellio The Litter Box has 4 downvotes. The Menagerie has 1 downvote.
14 to 12 in terms of net scores
@Beofett when votes are that close I think there's merit in going with the less-controversial one. Things may change in a few days anyway, but if there's a mob calling for Litter Box then, it can be changed back. I don't personally care which name we use; I'm just seeing two supported names, one of which is squicking some people. So maybe we should do the other?
Well, at least it's not room with a floor lined with newspaper
4:31 PM
@MonicaCellio Hey, I'm certainly not opposed to changing it. As I mentioned, I don't like the current name (but I don't find it terribly offensive).
@TimPost Best use of most newspapers, imo!
@Beofett it doesn't bother me. I upvoted it at the time, but in light of comments about it being squicky I would retract that vote now if I could. (I wouldn't DV, though.)
(love the word "squicky", btw!)
Naming things is hard. Our next kid is going to be named Meta, which is a pretty cool name.
That's right, Meta Post.
My wife and I had a REALLY hard time agreeing on a name
This chat has more blue nicknames than TL.
4:34 PM
I still think "Darth" is perfectly excellent as a name!
@TimPost Will he be the middle child and you not not treat him like a real child?
...although I admit I only threw "Chewbacca" into the mix to make "Darth" seem more reasonable....
@Beofett Three kids: named "CTRL", "ALT" and "DELETE"
@TimPost excellent!
Where's there's trouble, I just hit all three of them at once.
4:36 PM
@Beofett My wife was all down with the name boba... until she found out who i meant :p
@Beofett not original. Not sure where it comes from.
Boba was on my list, too (I know, at this point I'm sure this surprises no one), but it really needs the middle name to make it work, and I had already agreed that the middle name would be after my deceased father-in-law.
@MonicaCellio it does sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't place it.
4:52 PM
@Beofett oh, right. Google reveals all, but revelation can be over-rated. :-)
Who changed the room description to Pet gifs welcome?
Pet gifs? ... what?
What do you feed a pet gif?
@TimPost bandwidth, to aid propagation, of course!
@TimPost It doesn't quite click. Never heard of pet gifs. I know cat gifs, animal gifs etc.. (super trivial) but eh..
Google 'pet gifs' 1 hit on the front page.
Gifs are just cats enjoying their afterlife.
4:56 PM
@TimPost yeah, just saying, I've never heard that combination before, it doesn't roll off the tongue. ;)
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