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3:00 PM
If he wants to burn himself out keeping it up to date, I say let him.
8 mins ago, by fbueckert
I'd recommend you just give a general formula of how people can determine the max level.
formula -> how to figure it out
Q: What games have a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 in it?

Matthew DoucetteWhat video games have a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT in it? Forza 2, 3, and 4 do not have it. This is the series I play the most. I searched a picture and up came a wallpaper I made of one years ago:

@skovacs1 general.
Something like (max games) * (Max XP per game) + (Community badges).
@fbueckert Even if I stop updating, most of the "wall of text" is part of the formula so It can't really be removed without making the answer inaccurate
later guys
3:02 PM
@skovacs1 Leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine the actual values.
If they're that interested, they'll figure it out.
@skovacs1 Removing that doesn't make it inaccurate. "There is a practical maximum based on the number of badges and games available on Steam" is 100% accurate without all the details on the formula.
@Wipqozn And yet I was just told to put a formula
@skovacs1 Wee, contradictory advice!
This will happen. I say give them something that doesn't require constant updating. It's not needed, though.
@skovacs1 Including a formula is a good idea so you don't need to keep updating, but not required. Also, as @fbueckert said the formula should be general. Something simple.
You don't need to include details on how to calculate the experience for every single badge. He can do that himself.
Anyways, I'm not saying your answer is bad, it's good, but you don't need to include all those details you have and update it everyday for your answer to be complete.
3:06 PM
I was just addressing the statements made that this question may be too localized because you need to keep updating your answer. I'm pointing out you don't need to do that at all, you just decided to go beyond the scope of what was required.
@Wipqozn Actually they can't. There's only one question on the subject and the answer is woefully inadequate. I tried to suggest updates, but they have not been implemented so as it stands, my answer is one of the only places where most of that information can be found.
@skovacs1 Yes they can. You figured it out somehow, so can they. Just because the question isn't on Arqade doesn't mean the information doesn't exist.
Arqade isn't intended to be a repository for all the worlds information. That's not the point of Arqade at all.
@Wipqozn It took me hours because the information isn't elsewhere.
@Wipqozn Yea, that's what chat is for!
@skovacs1 Indeed, which is why I gave you an update, but it's not required for his question.
If he actually wants people to do all that work then his question is way too broad and should be closed, but that doesn't seem to be what he wants.
Even if he does I'd just tell him it doens't matter and he'll need to settle for this.
Sometimes we need to reduce the scope of a question after all. We do it all the time.
eerr, that update should be upvote.
3:10 PM
@Wipqozn The problem isn't even that. It's mostly inconsistency with Valve's data and search functions. If they finally respond to my Steam support ticket and clean up the data, I can pretty much just say "the value at [link] + the value at [other link] = blah, insert math and done, but as it stands, I have to add all sorts of caveats like, but this number is actually +3 because of this and +1 because of this and...
I've been keeping it up to date as a kindness while I fume about Steam support never getting back to me.
@skovacs1 Yes, and if it's really all this much work to do it then don't include it. when I agreed with @fbueckert I didn't mean "yes, you need to include an a general algo", just that it would be a good way to remove the need to keep updating. If the only way to do a general formula is to have that huge wall of text and keep updating it all the time then don't include it. IT's way too much work.
But the algo isn't required for your answer to be complete, therefore the question is fine and your answer be as well if you removed the algo.
@Wipqozn It's not really. I click on two links, update about 6-10 numbers and it's a done deal.
Q: I try start up Artemis

Simon1901I try start up Artemis but I got this respons: Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x0041c356). Register dump: CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b EIP:0041c356 ESP:0033f22c EBP:0033fac4 EFLAGS:00210202( R- -- I - - - ) EAX:00000000 EBX:ff0...

Again, I'm more bothered by them never getting back to me. Also by the fact that none of these cards they add are for any of the hundreds of non-card having games that I own.
Steam needs to add more cards to good games.
In any case, I'll work to trim it down. I've got to run for a bit so I'll see what I can do about it later.
@skovacs1 People are just going to buy those game anyways,.
It makes sense to do it to shitty games so people buy them to feed their badge addiction./
3:18 PM
@Wipqozn Does that somehow make me want cards for them less?
@skovacs1 No, but that's the plan.
They getcha with the bad games.
then take your first born child in exchange for more badges when you're broke.
Gotta feed that badge addiction.
@Wipqozn Not all bad. Mostly just mediocre.
@Wipqozn I think it's also largely the 10% cut Valve takes on the Community Market transactions.
I don't spend money on cards or badges. I want to see how many I can get without spending a dime that I wouldn't have otherwise spent.
@Ullallulloo MOney money moeny
That's adorable.
3:31 PM
17 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
user image
17 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
user image
17 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
user image
I approve of Carter being used to counter sloths.
@Ullallulloo And more cards on good games -> more cards on community market -> more transactions to take 10% of.
@OrigamiRobot needs more gifs
@OrigamiRobot IT works very well.
Even though Carter is a jerk who has recently discovered how to unroll the toilet paper
3:34 PM
@OrigamiRobot I hope he becomes best friends with a sloth.
@OrigamiRobot Switch to under.
@OrigamiRobot This is why some kids are still racist.
@Ullallulloo I know but I haaaaate it.
@OrigamiRobot Aside from this, your cat seems quite friendly. My parents' cat will come for attention on occasion, but she doesn't seem as affectionate as Carter.
3:38 PM
@skovacs1 He's still a kitten. He tries to ambush me every time I enter a room.
@OrigamiRobot cute.
He's really bad at it and always just jumps in front of me.
@OrigamiRobot more so.
@GnomeSlice wat
@OrigamiRobot You are fostering a hatred of Sloths in your cat.
3:42 PM
Q: How does arresting the ringleader of the brothel affect the story?

NolonarAt some point in the game, this woman arrives and gives me a letter (along with some other interesting stuff) In the letter is a cry for help, telling me that her boss is currently standing in line and is plotting to steal her passport so she won't ever be able to leave Arstotzka. I decided t...

Q: Are PSP Games that you buy on the PSN Store cut in any way?

leetfanThe text on the store page kinda hints towards hit, roughly translated from my language: This Product is a digital version of a Disc-based PSP title. Some functions can be different from the version for psp or are not available. I ask because I thought about buying the Farming Classic C...

Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins in Christian moral tradition, particularly within Catholicism, that refers to laziness. Sloth is defined as spiritual or emotional apathy, neglecting what God has spoken, and being physically and emotionally inactive. Sloth can also indicate a wasting due to lack of use, concerning a person, place, thing, skill, or intangible ideal that would require maintenance, refinement, or support to continue to exist. Religious views concerning the need for one to work to support society and further God's plan and work also suggest that, through inactivity, ...
@GnomeSlice Fostering hatred or protecting?
@OrigamiRobot You should make a sloth and carter magic card. Sloth, destroy target robot, carter, counter target sloth
@skovacs1 Hatred.
@RonanForman Arquade chat the slothening
the gathering
Q: So I heard you like Magic cards

OrigamiRobotAfter the people over at Board & Card Games made a promotional Magic card, I thought it would be fun to card-ify some of the people here. They were apparently very popular (mostly) and people were asking for more. So here are some of the cards I made. If you want to make your own, just downloa...

3:48 PM
@fbueckert For now at least. I don't recall games coming out for PS2 & 3 for that long after the PS3's launch, except the big repeat brands like sports games
@BenBrocka It'll depend on console adoption rate, for sure. The slower it is, the more games will be made cross-generation.
@fbueckert Hype level seems a lot higher, at least on the Playstation side, compared to last gen. Certainly higher than the Wii U too
especially since developing for this gen will be easier in lots of ways, I expect more pickup
@BenBrocka I've read some articles that the PS3 will still be getting new games for years.
The Xbox 360 will be, from what I've heard.
I don't know how true that will be, but after spending all that time learning how to code for the PS3, it seems a shame to wipe out all that talent.
3:51 PM
@fbueckert Yeah, they still seem to be supporting it. But that doesn't necessarily mean cross-gen stuff
@fbueckert They aren't taking the developers out back to be shot.
@BenBrocka Support for it will include cross-gen games as a matter of course.
I just noticed, shouldn't this be Erata rather than judge ruling?
A: So I heard you like Magic cards

OrigamiRobot Judge Ruling: Consensus has no mana cost and can therefore never be cast.

@RonanForman No, Errata is a change to functionality. A ruling is clarification of existing functionality.
@GnomeSlice Are there many big games still coming for it? IT hear a lot less about it than the PS3 as far as upcoming games
3:53 PM
@OrigamiRobot 'kay.
@RonanForman Don't know. Too distracted by the absence of an OrigamiRobot card
@GnomeSlice Good. Sloths are terrible.
@OrigamiRobot The kalina card needs treatment of some kind
@skovacs1 I can't make a card of myself.
@OrigamiRobot Because she is gone.
It needs something
@OrigamiRobot I could make one but you probably wouldn't like it.
3:55 PM
She will always be with you, if you truly believe.
@OrigamiRobot That should be her effect or something
@GnomeSlice Go for it.
a) Too shy?
b) Who said you had to make it?
something about steampunking target console
3:56 PM
Weee I can only taste with 1/3rd of my tongue
@skovacs1 It's like how you can't pick your own nickname.
@BenBrocka What happened?
@OrigamiRobot It's pretty funny that it's you who says this
tooth filling
@GnomeSlice Why?
@OrigamiRobot because people always call you origamirob
@fbueckert lol
@GnomeSlice A perfect example of my point.
Growing Cannabis

Proposed Q&A site for growers to exchange techniques and give tips

Currently in definition.

@OrigamiRobot Yeah I know right
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment HAH
Actually that's legal in some places now
@OrigamiRobot Not true. You kind of pick it when you create your account. It's called a "display name." Just like my name isn't skovacs1, I'm sure your parents didn't name you OrigamiRobot
3:58 PM
1 min ago, by GnomeSlice
@OrigamiRobot because people always call you origamirob
And we call @GnomeSlice GnomieBear
That's just stupid
It's punishment for removing the origami out of your avatar :(
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Isn't this sorta...illegal? And focused?
GnomieBear is the best nickname.
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment If anything, this would be under medical or agricultural. Entertainment clearly sends a different message.
4:01 PM
@fbueckert I'm not sure who upvoted that, but they're a monster.
I have a new challenge, make a set of arqade magic cards that work together, like when they added snow land.
@RonanForman The Bridge - Legendary Land
@RonanForman Would need an Arqade-specific game mechanic, I think. Something about mod points / VtC, maybe?
there has to be some non legendary shit too you know
besides me
@GnomeSlice Do you mean to imply that we're not all legendary?
4:03 PM
@MartinSojka Yeah, that's what I meant by like snow land.
I think everyone on The Bridge deserves legendary status.
@Wipqozn Correct
Let me put it to you this way. More of the network mods know my username than yours.
I need to update @GnomeSlice's card to be a flagbearer.
@OrigamiRobot What, why
@GnomeSlice Because you get a lot of flags, hence why so many of the network mods know your username.
Although you haven't gotten many since you returned.
4:06 PM
@Wipqozn He's given many.
@OrigamiRobot YEs, he has.
None of them get approved
even though they should
@GnomeSlice The flags made by you? That makes things worse. IT means you're flagging things you shouldn't.
It means people aren't approving flags they should
No, it means you're wrong about what you think should be flagged.
4:07 PM
Q: Monster Power Requirements

ferrI'm wondering what kind of Damage / Health / AR I should be aiming for (as a DH) to progress to higher MP levels. Looking to do Alk runs at higher level and key runs (at MP5 would be nice). I am currently at 150k dmg, 40k hp, ~58-60% resistances. Thanks

@Wipqozn Clearly not true. I just pop in from time to time, get no mentions and generally don't get too involved. A drifter like me is not legendary.
In its current state, this should be closed.
@skovacs1 Legendary Drifter.
Yeah, I concur. VTC as too broad.
@Wipqozn did you get the upgrades in Pikmin 3 like the scorch guard and stuff?
@BenBrocka I've got some of them. I got fire, electric, and I think some general defense boost one.
I'm not sure whether or not that general defense one actually exists. I may have only gotten two, and just think I recieved a third for some reason.
4:09 PM
@Wipqozn Oops. I read Origami's post, then the question and VTC'd opinion-based. :P
@Wipqozn There's electric, general, fire and the dodge whistle
Dodge whistle is the most important but I think it's required to get early on
I missed both fire and electric somehow
@BenBrocka I never got this dodge whistle.
I've been wondering why I can't dodge. I heard you could.
WAit really? It's the easiest to get. It's in the tundra
it's near the paper bag you push over
What would a whistle that allows dodging sound like? How would that even work?
4:13 PM
It enables a command to your pikmin, not doging for yourself
@BenBrocka I'll work on finishing up the Tundra next then so I can get it.
@BenBrocka I know.
@Wipqozn But I didn't
@Wipqozn Didn't mean that for you. I'd get it ASAP, it's very useful for doging some attacks. Though you've probably beaten all the bosses it's useful except the final boss
@OrigamiRobot The answer for it technically qualifies as spam.
Figured I'd give him some time to edit it, though.
@BenBrocka Yeah, having a dodge button would have made many fights quite a bit easier.
4:15 PM
@Jin lol
What did you do for the scornet boss? I just waited for it to do the drill attack but it felt like there must be a faster way
@Jin I saw George Takei posted this on his facebook some weeks/months back
@skovacs1 excuse me for not reading the ENTIRE interweb!
@Jin You're not excused.
@Jin I thought it was funny. It was a good choice.
4:16 PM
i used to follow him on FB, but he's a bit too spammy.
he basically reposts stuff from 9gag, aka yesterday's reddit
@Jin Fair enough. I don't follow him either, but people I follow do and share the good picks.
@Wipqozn It's a classic
@GnomeSlice You're not my real dad! You can't tell me what to do!
@Wipqozn Oh, and do you use the flying pikmin much? They have potential but I find myself usually leaving them at home unless I need them
4:18 PM
@BenBrocka I use them all the time.
I want this. Now.
@fbueckert which part?
Oh, wait. That's not the research tree. Boo.
wtf. Someone I sent for hunters to fire just failed a gathering mission. What.
@Wipqozn It happens.
4:20 PM
That's silly.
Maybe @fbueckert will have better luck.
@Wipqozn Don't get your hopes up; I've failed to collect Honey before, according to @TrentHawkins.
@Wipqozn To carry or fight or both? The auto-aiming seems useful-ish but you'd need a lot of them. They're neat for carrying stuff but usually I just use the pikmin I have with me
@BenBrocka Mostly to carry. They are excellent at fighting specific things, like spiders, but I normally don't use them for combat.
Yeah I noticed they're oddly good at fighting spiders...ironic since spider webs are supposed to be their foil
@fbueckert Nope, that's a graph for the version history. :P
I don't think there are any public images of the R&D UI, yet. :/
4:23 PM
Hah. I just got a downvote. Probably some poor schmuck who doesn't like me keeping the site clean.
@fbueckert Or...maybe they didn't think your question/answer was good?
Q: What defines "Friendly territory?"

CrubleighIn order to fortify my units I have to be in friendly territory. I have had to go into territory for it to work, but sometimes I don't have to. Is there a set number of tiles away that allows for healing? Also, for unit upgrades it says I can only upgrade in friendly territory, but it only works...

@skovacs1 Possible. Rather improbable, though.
@fbueckert What was the post?
@Lazers Sometimes it's hard to tell who your friends are.
4:27 PM
@skovacs1 Don't be crazy. @fbueckert is perfect and knows all things.
@Wipqozn My latest question.
Anyone who would downvote him is just a hater.
I honestly don't care; it's a whole two rep.
Most of my downvotes don't come from, "This is a crappy question/answer", they come from, "I don't like him because he makes me obey the rules."
@Wipqozn I almost never look at who the askers or answerers are. It lets me stay unbiased. I only downvote real crap though because I try to keep my outlook positive.
@skovacs1 that's not how you're supposed to vote at all. You're supposed to ignore the content of the answer and just voted based on the user.
4:30 PM
@fbueckert And now I need to create an fbueckert propaganda poster with the word OBEY written in large, bold block letters.
@Wipqozn Sarcasm, ho!
@fbueckert Damn straight. tortoise shades
@fbueckert Why, clearly you know exactly why people vote.
@skovacs1 If you can make it wild west-ish, to go with my badge, I would appreciate it immensely.
@FEichinger Indeed I do! It's called, "observance and voting patterns"
@fbueckert I was thinking more cold war communist. Wild West wasn't know for propaganda posters - also a lot more work.
4:33 PM
@skovacs1 I'm just being picky. :P
4:53 PM
Free 3D design app Tinkercad adds fast, simple Minecraft exporting http://sbn.to/1cNIdEc
CC @RonanForman
Oh, yay. Another downvote on the same question.
If there's something actually legitimately wrong with it, I really would like to know.
@fbueckert Could be self-answer resentment. Could be because the bulk of images makes the question body super long. The text of the question reads well.
@skovacs1 If it was that, it would happen when it's on the front page.
@fbueckert Not necessarily.
@skovacs1 It is possible, yes. I don't calculate it as very probable, though.
5:04 PM
@skovacs1 Says You :P
@fbueckert What question?
Q: Why are my Kethane tanks not filling?

fbueckertI've been playing around with the Kethane resource mod, and I believe I've met the requirements to be able to extract Kethane from Mun. I've deployed satellites around Mun, in a rather nice fashion, if I do say so myself: After I had scanned the area, I landed my miner in a dense concentratio...

@fbueckert @James I'm listing the only semi-obvious reasons I see. Sorry if my observations are not to your liking, but I'm being honest here. Those are the only sane problems that I see with the question itself.
I am also insanely tired.
@skovacs1 Hehe, You will see I was responding to your not liking the word 'Paydaying' :)
Q: Draw Something 2 - how to scroll the colour palette?

StewartAlcatel OneTouch 983, Android 2.3.7 I needed more colours, so I picked up the free Despicable Me 2 colour set from the shop. The five new colours have appeared at the beginning of the palette; however, two of the five basic colours have been pushed off the screen. So now I have 10 colours, as ...

@skovacs1 That's fair. I'm not discounting your assertions, I just feel that that's not it.
5:07 PM
@James Sorry. Again, tired,
@fbueckert Just did the Hunt 3 PLesioth Advanced quest in 27 minutes.
@Wipqozn Nice!
Did it with my trusty Heavy Bowgun.
I love the Heavy bowgun. IT's so snazzy.
@fbueckert Yeah man I would say ditch all the images in the original question.
Oh good. I have all the mats to upgrade my Plesioth bowgun. I am, however, lacking in funds.
Time to sell some mats I don't need!
5:09 PM
@James I think the last image is useful.
@Wipqozn It may be heavy, but is it fat?
@skovacs1 Last one could be.. The first 2 though are useless.
I should also sell some of my 243 armor spheres.
Almost.... http://instagram.com/p/dAFgFkgfQ-/
@Wipqozn What game?
5:12 PM
@James Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
@Wipqozn Ah.. I still need to play that.
@James You do. It's fantastic.
Keeping a full stack of each non g-rank sphere is all I'll ever need now.
More than I ver will. Can't imagine eve needing them, but mine as well keep some just in case, and if you're keeping one mine as well keep a whole stack.
@James Do you have a Wiiu?
@Wipqozn Yup
@James Buy it for that over 3DS. The online makes the game a lot better.
@BenBrocka Ooooo
5:18 PM
@Wipqozn I have it for the WiiU, I just havent played it yet :D
@BenBrocka amazing
@James When you do, let us know; we'll help.
@BenBrocka I guess my only question is, why do Whispy, the hogs, and the Ice Dragon get color whilst Shine, Bright, Kracko, and Dedede don't?
He's not done yet
@fbueckert Will do but it will be a bit I am afraid. WIth Payday 2 out that will suck up some gaming time (got to rating 35 last night)
And I need to get my Minecraft back on track :D
5:27 PM
@GraceNote The tweet two messages before is about that picture.
@James Level 35?!!
I love the Whispy, the towering stature really works with the crazy mask/eyes from Dream Land 2
@RonanForman Oooh, gotcha. Brocka missed a letter.
@RonanForman did you see the tweet I cc'd you
@Wipqozn WTF
@GnomeSlice I did.
5:29 PM
@OrigamiRobot You probably have a lot of them too.
@RonanForman Uh.. Yeah... Why the excitement over that?
@OrigamiRobot Basic Armor Spheres become useless at anything above low rank.
@James Its rather high for 1 night of playing.
Its only 5 levels over Beta.. which I do believe I also got in my first day of playing if not damn close... and it didnt have the Tiara mission (18373 xp for a one day run)
@fbueckert I know. I'm surprised he has so many.
5:31 PM
@RonanForman Bah, is not :P
@Wipqozn No, I've sold mine.
@OrigamiRobot We've both done the vast majority of the offline village quests.
@OrigamiRobot They just sort of...accumulate.
With ten pages of inventory, it's rare you need to spend time cleaning it out.
Although, I'm going to have to do that soon; I'm on my last page.
@fbueckert I sell mine off all the time.
I need the money.
5:35 PM
I'm at 9 and a half pages now.
@Wipqozn I don't even think I'm half full yet.
@OrigamiRobot If you really need cash, we should kill G. Ceadeus a couple times, and you can sell his mats.
They're worth a decent chunk of change.
I hate that fight.
@OrigamiRobot It's not that bad.
@fbueckert For you maybe.
user image
5:40 PM
@OrigamiRobot Heh.
@OrigamiRobot That's funny and sad at the same time.
Mostly funny.
Best feature for gen 6 would be normal pokemon in caves
5:53 PM
PLesioth LBG is now fully upgrades, so that's fantastic.
@OrigamiRobot I don't like them, but I'll help you fight some.
One of your key quests is a Green Plesioth, I believe.
@fbueckert I think we already did that.
5:58 PM
> Bitcoins are dumb
@OrigamiRobot Piesloths?
A: How do I kill the guards that are on horses easily?

darla leightstop stop killing the horses around the world

@GnomeSlice Piesloths are best sloths.

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