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6:02 PM
oMG I have spent three days on this miniboss in this dungeon in Oracle of Seasons and I KEEP DYING even though I know what to do.
@AshleyNunn You aren't trying hard enough!
@BoltClock Aww, thanks, that must be it ;)
@StrixVaria Just get your fiancé to play it with you.
A: How to reword this question so it's not asking for a list?

Shog9What are you trying to do? What problem are you trying to solve? Is this idle curiosity, or do you suspect you might have a use for Twitter Bootstrap 3.0?

@BoltClock I've seen the asker on Meta.SO before.
Oh, he's raising some VERY unpopular suggestions in an effort to keep his question.
6:09 PM
So did @kalina's meta just end up with even longer banning, plus @ChrisHateZ in the mix?
They both earned themselves a days chat ban
@Sterno 24 hour ban
@Sterno Yeah
@Sterno Wait, what?
What did I miss?
kalina contacted SE support about this. After reviewing the chat logs, it's clear that neither of these users was behaving in a way conducive to a pleasant experience for anyone else in the room. They can both sit out for a day unless one of the Gaming mods feels like letting them back in. — Shog9 46 mins ago
6:10 PM
Q: your account has been temporarily suspended by a moderator

kalinaSo, I've just been banned by a non-gaming mod for stating something in chat that wasn't flagged, which was along the lines of: "being @ChrisHatez should be a bannable offense.", in a playful string of others stating "X should be a bannable offense." For this, I was banned for 60 minutes. I wasn'...

Disclaimer: I have no idea either. I just saw the meta
@Sterno Ok, that's what I missed.
Then remembered "Oh hey! I haven't visited The Bridge in a while"
I'd almost say it validated her point except that she's the one who brought an outside party into it
@BoltClock We're just that cool.
@BoltClock Damnit.... see, this is what happens when people fuck around and get upset.
6:11 PM
@ShotgunNinja Hey, "dick" is sexist. Don't use that word.
@fbueckert Totally are.
Much better now
> Yes, but it's not worth discussing further - kalina
6:12 PM
@AshleyNunn I'm so hoping the farming game comes out on Android soon.
@OrigamiRobot ?
@fbueckert Me too. I so want another Kairosoft game
But okay.
@AshleyNunn I'm still working on Pocket Stables.
That one is much harder than most of their games.
6:14 PM
Hmm... should a Wii emulation question be tagged with Wii?
@Wipqozn I am pretty sure I am leaving you a giant mess of mesages on steam, just so you know when you get to it :P
@Sconibulus Obviously it should be tagged with
@fbueckert I didn't really like that one
(Disclaimer: I have no idea about platform tags on Gaming)
@Sconibulus Or, more likely, the name of the emulator.
@AshleyNunn I'm enjoying it.
6:15 PM
@fbueckert I found it too difficult
My favorite quote ever:
> Opinions are like nipples, everybody has one. Some have firm points, others are barely discernible through layers, and some are displayed at every opportunity regardless of whether the audience has stated "I am interested in your nipples" or not. Cats have nineteen.
@AshleyNunn It is that.
I'm 12 years in, and still don't have a horse capable of getting to G1.
@ShotgunNinja What
That is awesome
@ShotgunNinja Wait, only one?
@ShotgunNinja Also....normally we start with two, no?
6:17 PM
Cats have 19, and they are all "You should worship me"
@SaintWacko Truth
Also, apparently some NVIDIA graphics card makers are doing an AMD and packaging full AAA game codes with their cards since NVIDIA won't do it
I don't have a problem to solve. Maybe that's the problem! My problem is not finding sites or examples for it. Why can't this be the problem I am trying to solve. — Tony_Henrich 24 mins ago
I rarely post on SO, and even I know that's not acceptable.
My brother just got a Zotac GTX 770 and it contains this
@ShotgunNinja 19? Aren't they in pairs? And 19 seems high
I'd guess more like 8
6:20 PM
Dear all parents and potential parents and US government who's considering being stupid about video games ratings, please watch this. Games Are Not Babysitters.
@fbueckert looking through the emulation tag, it seems like [tag:<platform>] is a reasonably standard method, even if it seems wrong
Is youtube being stupid for anyone else? On chrome I can barely load any videos
@BenBrocka Pretty sure it's just Chrome
@BenBrocka Chrome + YT is working fine for me
@BenBrocka I was about to look this up and then realized I wasn't sure I wanted to be googling "cat nipples" at work
6:22 PM
@Sconibulus Oh. So it is. Huh. Continue on, then.
I don't have the energy for retag crusade
@SaintWacko According to the internet, on average, they have 8
@BenBrocka I didn't write the statement, only quoted. Also, I am led to believe that it is a cat ritual to remove the lowest left nipple from all of their offspring at birth.
@ShotgunNinja where did you quote it from?
27bslash6.com, the article "Opinions". This guy is my antihero.
6:27 PM
@ShotgunNinja I think he is everyone's antihero
@ShotgunNinja I hate this guy with a lot of hate when I can be bothered to care
Oh, that guy. I think I read the entire backlog of his articles some years back. And then never visited the site again till now.
I find him irritating as all hell
@AshleyNunn That's kinda really the point.
@ShotgunNinja I know, but its not even in like a "I am amused because you are a dick" sort of thing
its no, you are a dick and you need to stop
6:29 PM
@AshleyNunn Sounds fair.
He is rather grating, and were I a bit more sensitive of a person, I wouldn't be amused in the slightest.
I agree though. If those are real people he's talking to, he's taking it pretty far
@ShotgunNinja I just think of all the peopel that apparently have to deal with his self-aggrandizing childish bullshit and I just want to throw stuff
That might make me sensitive or whatever, but so be it
@AshleyNunn Whew, I'm not the only one.
@AshleyNunn It's called empathy. That is a virtue
@Ullallulloo highfives
@BoltClock Cool. :)
6:33 PM
@AshleyNunn highfives
Alright I'm leaving, see you guys in a month or so. If I remember to come back :c
@BoltClock Please come back!
@AshleyNunn He will.
People leave, but they always come back.
@fbueckert Creepy
@BoltClock We'll just have to set up a chat bot that @ pings you every month.
6:42 PM
WTB someone to come and beat this mini boss for me so I can get farther in this stupid game..... (okay, OoS isnt stupid its just making me frustrated)
@Sterno She will also be not home with me.
@AshleyNunn I'm not sure if all of these are things he's actually done.
@StrixVaria Probably not but it irritates me on principle
@AshleyNunn I'm not sure Nook really counts as a "Miniboss"
6:59 PM
Well, that was highly amusing. There was a room full of those stationary balls of spikes, and also a bunch of enemies which charged at me. They charged at me, ran into spikes, and dropped lots of money for no effort :D
Q: Where is the creature slaughter dome?

Masterphantomsi've looked around for it but I cant find it. Is it in the main menu or a specific location in the game? Thank you.

Q: How do I unlock the hidden/secret vehicles?

GnomeSliceI've heard there are some special, unfinished vehicles hidden in the game files for Nitronic Rush, and that there is a way to access them for use in the game. How can I achieve this?

7:15 PM
@benbrocka facepalm
@AshleyNunn Oracle of Seasons? Which miniboss?
@ShotgunNinja Agahnim. I know what I have to do (light the torches, hack at teh one with teh shadow) but I die too fast
@ShotgunNinja I can't even tell which of the two is him
is it both?
That him?
Huh. Is there an anteroom where you can farm mobs for a Triforce of Power?
Or whatever the equivalent is for reducing damage from enemies?
7:31 PM
@ShotgunNinja Not really, no
Does he have a movement pattern you can follow?
@ShotgunNinja Splits into three, either in a triangle, or a line off to one side of the other, but I havent been able to predict the pattern
and then they all throw a giant fireball or whatever and those track you
so I suck at dodging
@AshleyNunn Yeah, dodging in that game is rough. Can you disperse the fireballs with your sword?
Or block them with your shield?
@ShotgunNinja I dont have a shield, I lost it to a likelike
I know in LttP, you can knock back his fireballs.
But only the big ones, which you need to use to defeat him.
7:36 PM
@ShotgunNinja .....I have no idea. I dont think so
@AshleyNunn try it next time.
I will! Thanks for hte help, btw
No prob. The GameBoy titles have some confusing bits, for sure.
I remember like the teardrop dungeon (I think) in Link's Awakening DX, I couldn't figure out the room with the bunny inside the boxed-in area.
The miner class rocks
7:48 PM
Q: Does it matter if I open other people's stuff?

Ashley NunnSometimes villagers will give me presents for other villagers to deliver, or time capsules to bury, telling me not to open them. I, so far, have been a good mayor, and resisted the urge to peek at the items. Other than them being opened, and likely then undeliverable, is there any harm to me ta...

Q: Can Morgana cast other abilities during Soul Shackles' tether?

Ted PercivalCan Morgana cast other abilities, her Q, W and E, while the Soul Shackles (R) tether is in place?

Q: Why are my times not posted to the leaderboard?

DavidYellI went back into the Timeline to see if I could beat the times that my friends had set. When pressing Xbox Y to see the leaderboard I can see all my friends times there, but not my own. Pressing Y to 'Find myself' I get no results. Why are my times not being posted to the leaderboard? Are there ...

8:20 PM
Q: The Best Weapons/Armors after the Legendary Patch 1.9?

TrudleRWhat is the best weapon in Skyrim (all DLC's included) after the Legendary 1.9 Patch? The loop in alchemy&enchanting won't work anymore, as you might know.

Not again
he has new gravel and plants and a castle to play in!!!!
@OrigamiRobot This is exactly what we told him NOT to do.
@fbueckert Yep
8:24 PM
> Hello there :D
@fbueckert This guy just doesn't get how this site works. He should try here instead.
@ShotgunNinja I'm not too surprised. Efforts to educate him haven't been very successful, as that question shows.
This is crazy awesome
He doesn't have the ability to be pinged into chat yet, does he?
8:26 PM
@Sconibulus He needs to show up here, or get a mod to super-ping him.
don't you also need like 150 rep?
@Sconibulus For pinging? I don't believe so.
Q: Can you upgrade the pick-10 system?

hammythepigCall of Duty: Black Ops II uses a 'pick-10' system for online multiplayer. Meaning of all the guns, attachments, perks, grenades, and wildcards that you have unlocked, you can pick a combination of only 10 to use at one time. Although I like this idea, it keeps the playing field more level, I w...

Q: The Best Weapons/Armors after the Legendary Patch 1.9?

TrudleRWhat is the best weapon in Skyrim (all DLC's included) after the Legendary 1.9 Patch? The loop in alchemy&enchanting won't work anymore, as you might know.

Q: What TF2 items can I sell to the Steam Market?

avestar101I have over 150 items in my TF2 inventory, but all I can sell are my crates, keys, and Genuine Items. How do I know what is eligible for selling, and what is not? Is it actually possible to sell any item from my TF2 inventory? (Do I have to, say, sign up for another Steam Service before I can fr...

@TrudleR As a suggestion, take the original contents of your post, make a Tumblr or Blogspot, and post them there. Your content is good, and there are people out there in the world who will appreciate it. It's just not something that belongs on this website. — Shotgun Ninja 32 secs ago
@fbueckert No, to chat
8:28 PM
@Sconibulus I believe you could invite him to chat right now, if you wanted to. If you can find his chat profile.
I suppose we could ping him anyway, theoretically, but it wouldn't do much good
Q: The Best Weapons/Armors after the Legendary Patch 1.9?

TrudleRWhat is the best weapon in Skyrim (all DLC's included) after the Legendary 1.9 Patch? The loop in alchemy&enchanting won't work anymore, as you might know.

Didn't he just get that one deleted?
Or is that a reopen?
I am a finalist
8:28 PM
@spugsley For?
is proud
:10123026 :3 considering I just sold @Ktash a print last night, I'm inclined to agree with you
Well done
it's just a question of assertively marketing yourself
@spugsley Hooray @spugsley!
@Coronus yay!!!! First prize is 3,000 dollars so...here's to hoping!
and also, if you haven't rated me there yet, please do so. You can be honest :) 1-10 (1 being, you suck ass and 10 being holy mother fucker you rock)
8:32 PM
I gave you a 10, despite only thinking it was an 8 or so.
@ShotgunNinja lol you can be honest
It's really cool, just the composition (outside of the subject) is uninteresting.
I gave myself an 8 lololol
@spugsley This is the Internet. Why be honest?
@ShotgunNinja bahahaha
8:33 PM
Besides, $3000.
@ShotgunNinja Because it's the only place I can be?
@spugsley If you took a picture of @OrigamiRobot screaming in horror as you ambush him with a sloth photo, I would pay for a print.
@Coronus True, true
@Sterno challenge accepted
@Sterno This, please.
8:35 PM
@Coronus lol this is the saddest thing I've ever seen
@spugsley recommend that you invest the 3k back into your business if you win.
@WorldEngineer I want to take a few classes actually
You need ambush OrigamiRobot with an actual sloth
@spugsley that's effectively the same thing
@WorldEngineer I guess I'll use the money to buy a sloth then
8:37 PM
@spugsley Please do this.
@spugsley why buy when you can do photos for some zookeepers and then have them in on the conspiracy
Set up a hidden camera in his house
@spugsley I will stop being your friend.
Sloths are illegal to own I believe in the US anyway outside zoos.
and then slip the sloth into his bed when he's sleeping.
8:38 PM
@Wipqozn I would literally have a heart attack.
It's be something like this:
@Wipqozn Slipping him the sloth, eh?
@WorldEngineer I have to admit: That is pretty frightening.
@WorldEngineer barf
8:43 PM
@Coronus Yeah but 15,000 years ago there were Sloths the size of Bison
see they are looking at cloning mammoths
@WorldEngineer Megatherium are not scary.
@OrigamiRobot Well, yeah. They're all dead, right?
Long dead
8000 years of dead
8:46 PM
which is actually more of a short of dead but whatever
@Coronus Even when they are alive, they did not look nearly as terrifying as today's sloths.
Today is a good day.
odd...a number in a game that can only be positive is a signed int...
@WorldEngineer That's not all that uncommon. Bejeweled screws you out of 2 billion points by making score a signed int
8:52 PM
@WorldEngineer Those are the best! Antigold for the win!
signed short, I should say
but the value can't be negative
it's research
you can't get negative research points (cue medieval papacy joke, we're walking we're walking)
It's concievable that you might want to be able to track negative points
8:54 PM
right but I've no idea how you'd get them...
for example, if there was something that could cause your researchers to go the wrong direction, wasting x weeks of work
that's a random event
you just lose points toward the current tech
You feel you shouldn't be able to lose more than you have, implying they aren't done looking at the wrong route?
I would think you'd never show the player it was negative, but you might track it negative internally
you have research at x points per turn. Each tech costs y points, the event causes z < y points lost toward the current research project
8:57 PM
you lose a certain number of points, once
the rate is still x
Oh, it's the research rate?
it's the number of points I accumulate toward a given tech per turn
huh... you'd think that would be lower bounded at 0
8:58 PM
it is
but the upper limit is 32767
that number is stupidly familiar to anyone who's coded with any static language out there related to C
what game?
Master of Orion 2
Oh, wait, hometime, I'll check back in later
9:01 PM
that's another first
Antarans sent a Titan on the raid
Did you know? π = 10. In base π.
@badp Useful for representing radians... though I do not think that word means what you think it means.
1 = 1 in base Pi, just like 1 = 1 in base 2.
9:11 PM
I forgot a zero but zeros are like worthless
@badp 000000 = 000000
@StrixVaria what's 6 to do with anything now?
Also I think that's 5.
Isn't 0 0, 00 1, 000 2, etc.? Base 1 is so hard.
9:12 PM
0^1 + 0^1² + 0^1³ + ...
= 0
How do you represent 0 in base 1?
or 00
or 000000000000000000000000000.
How do you represent anything other than 0?
9:13 PM
@StrixVaria YOU DON'T
Base 1 is the counting of zeroes minus one.
@ShotgunNinja You can't just arbitrarily change the rules of base math for one base.
How do you represent 1/2 in base 0?
The unary numeral system is the bijective base-1 numeral system. It is the simplest numeral system to represent natural numbers: in order to represent a number N, an arbitrarily chosen symbol representing 1 is repeated N times. This system is used in tallying. For example, using the tally mark |, the number 6 is represented as ||||||. Operations Addition and subtraction are particularly simple in the unary system, as they involve little more than string concatenation. Multiplication and division are more cumbersome, however. Comparison with other...
stupid mathematicians!!
@StrixVaria |/||
I made a typo but now base 0 has to be a thing.
Someone invent it while I go AFK.
9:16 PM
@StrixVaria Base 0 is the sound of silence
...stern silence as you get hellbanned from all math clubs ever
Base 0 is the double unknown.
It's what business people hand you when starting you on a project.
@badp visual Wikipedia editor?
Hey, hey, first rule.
> We expect to deploy this to almost all Wikipedias by the end of July as the default editor, starting with the English-language Wikipedia on 1 July.
@ShotgunNinja You can't hide the elephant behind the curtain after he crapped up all over the place.
9:21 PM
doesn't load for me
yeah, me either
...it does for me
It basically loads in place
you don't even navigate away from the page
This comes up when you click on "Page settings"
as for what happens when you try to edit an infobox...
oooh, shiny
...it looks painful
It looks like Google Docs.
9:27 PM
Visual editor would be sweet
I need this
in-place editing doubly so
good to see they finally got a GUI designer. And a GUI. At all.
@spugsley ordering you one couch right away
@BenBrocka They've also got some kind of anonymous feedback tool like ours
They've had that for ages haven't they?
or is it for interface feedback not article feedback?
Did you do soemthing to opt in to the new editor?
9:31 PM
@badp That's been there for ages, yes.
ah, not the big 5 stars form then
> The full timetable for the VisualEditor launch can be found below — but by the end of July 2013, we expect this to be the default editor for users on almost all Wikipedia projects.
oh thank fuck
But I don't see a way to opt in
At the bottom of the form you likely aren't getting
@BenBrocka It should be in preferences.
I was figuring there'd be a "Hey it looks like you're using a terrible interface! Would you like help?" banner for logged in users trying to edit or something
@BenBrocka There's a "VisualEditor will soon be enabled for all logged-in users. Learn more, help out and give feedback." banner though
9:36 PM
I did'nt see one. Got the visual editor now though
I like how they slam the words together to pretend it's a proper noun/they actually thought about the name
The Wikiped quickchange VisualEdit Graphically Useful Interfacer
raises brow
In other news, Wikipedia could get themselves a forum while they are at it
@spugsley Do you have them printed all over your bedsheets?
9:46 PM
@WorldEngineer lol :3
how can anybody understand any of that
It feels so professional to have a spreadsheet of clients and charges and profits etcetcetc
@spugsley Did you have @ianpugsley show you how to use version control?
or at least dropbox it?
@WorldEngineer I know about dropbox
9:48 PM
Git and Mercurial are the two big VC systems
well there's others but those tend to be the ones used by lone devs
@WorldEngineer ...those are binary files
@badp last I checked source code != binary files
oh wait, duh
9:50 PM
> a spreadsheet of clients and charges and profits etcetcetc
excuse me while I go punish myself for this idiocy
@badp Forums don't meet Wikipedia's standards of quality.
I mean, it probably would actually work until Git tried to automatically and helpfully "merge changes"
@WorldEngineer Cat'o'nine-tails?
@badp barf
@badp Indenting and lots of "wait who's replaying to what now"
9:53 PM
@BenBrocka tons of unsigned, non-automatically-signed-by-bot-signed messages
@BenBrocka tons of unsigned messages announcing the unfucking of others' messages
Wow only 12 issues on all of Wikipedia and the SE network page is STILL on there?
@ShotgunNinja COBOL maybe
@BenBrocka I took the oldid from sirtaptap's contribution list
Surely you wouldn't know him
I don't see many unsigned, but I'm just skimming
Also I hate reading who's talking AFTER the statement in this context
@BenBrocka Second paragraph, and the fourth, and the twelfth, and the eighteenth, and the twenty-eighth
only the twenty-ninth got autosigned
9:58 PM
Weird, I thought everything got autosigned
@BenBrocka autosign ALL the things? :(
I'm better equipped to autosigh all the things

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