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12:02 AM
Hiya, where's everybody gone?
They all are at a party!
Whoa, wouldn't have expected you to be awake!
That's because I am not everybody. ;-)
I have fallen asleep earlier, and I was hoping to find somebody online.
Yeah, the internet is like closed at these hours.
The Internets are all closed.
12:07 AM
Hooray! Two more Fanatic badges.
Now you cannot say to not be fanatic. :-)
I would have gained it, if I would not have gone in USA.
Oh well; I think I prefer I have taken a vacation. :-)
Yeah, one of those two Fanatic badges I would've gotten much earlier if I haven't gone on vacation.
"139 days, 101 consecutive."
That tells a story.
"How to be fanatic in 101 days."
It could be a spy story.
This is a strange question:
Q: Should we vote on answers? Why?

kellotiHonestly, I thought this was a stupid question until I interacted with another user on a particular question. The question is, should users vote on answers? If so, why? This other user claims to have a policy for himself to never vote, arguing that leaving a quality comment is sufficient. Is this...

I like that comment, said from who has 1356 points on SO. I guess he means that other users are stupid to vote him.
I am referring to the answer linking from that question.
I will keep in mind that, in the case I would be voting an answer given by him.
That's anyway reminds me of what said from our "Ex", who is not "Ex" anymore.
I guess I should say our ex-Ex.
OMG he's back!
Under his original name, no less.
Who? @drachenstern?
12:23 AM
Oh, our ex-Ex.
I can haz townhallchat?
I wonder why he decided to not appear anymore as "Ex-User".
Sorry @drachenstern, Kiamlaluno is too tired to read his own stuff from two seconds ago.
12:24 AM
I have my own theory about that.
@RegDwight it was serendipity then that I just logged in about 45 seconds before he said that I suppose ;)
@kiamlaluno was born tired.
I was to tired that when I was born I have already wearing a shirt.
So what's the deal with this THC thingamajiggy, are them like hard questions or what?
Now, as I doubt you say "to be born with a shirt" in English, I guess it's only me to understand the joke.
I'm a bit anxious I will get grilled.
12:27 AM
@RegDwight Any questions the community wants to ask. They're usually opinion-based, so they're not "hard".
Yeah, I'm kind of joking to keep myself awake. I've read the protocol of one past event.
I think it was on Gaming...
"Do you think the Relativity Theory is right? Why?"
Or not.
@kiamlaluno That one I could actually answer in my sleep.
@RegDwight Yes. Prepare to be grilled. I expect 500 word essays written in about 2 minutes. This will continue for an hour.
@RebeccaChernoff That I can do in my sleep, too. Phewww!
12:28 AM
So that's about 150,000 words if I've done the math right?
@waiwai933 That should be one of the questions!
I suggest eating your Wheaties now.
No, I haven't. 15,000
Waiwai is giving away all the answers! Halp!
I would answer to that when I am sleeping too; the problem is that I don't remember what I said when I get up.
12:29 AM
Good thing I'm not running on Math.SE
Also, these essays should either rhyme or be in haiku form.
@waiwai933 Oh geez... that's a good point.
@RebeccaChernoff Okay, as long as they can be in Russian, I'm fine.
@RegDwight They can be in Russian, but you have to write them like Da Vinci would have written them.
With my nose?
Or with DaVinci's nose?
Uhmmm… No.
12:33 AM
I don't think I can get my hands on it in the remaining 28 minutes.
I hope there isn't an actor called Da Vinci.
She starred in "Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant", no less.
So the system message is up. I'm so thrilled.
Or whatever it's called. It's not a system message really.
That is Davinci, not "da Vinci".
Now now now, let us not split hairs.
Somewhere I have a picture of a scroll I made that my sister calls "proof that I can do whitevine in my sleep".
12:39 AM
If there would be at least her photo, that would be better.
So now we get to find out if RegDwight can electioneer in his sleep.
White wine?
Not that I'm particularly awake - was watching Thelma & Louise until way too late. Or early, depending on your point of view.
@Martha As long as I am not electioneering in your sleep, everything should be fine.
Right here right now it's neither late nor early.
Whitevine = style of manuscript illumination popular in late-15th-century Italy. See my avatar image.
12:44 AM
Context helps.
@RegDwight: Thank you.
If I could find the Italian translation, that could help too. :-)
Something like bianchi girari.
Francesca Teresa Giani.
Francesca was merely the recipient of that award.
It's a bit unfortunate the the British Library chose such... non-impressive examples to illustrate their definition.
I dunno, them ain't looking hideous to me.
On the other hand,
Als karolingische Buchmalerei wird die Buchmalerei vom Ende des achten bis zum späten neunten Jahrhundert bezeichnet, die im Fränkischen Reich entstand. Während die vorherige merowingische Buchmalerei rein klösterlich geprägt war, ging die karolingische von den Höfen der fränkischen Könige sowie den Residenzen bedeutender Bischöfe aus. Ausgangspunkt war die sogenannte Hofschule Karls des Großen an der Aachener Königspfalz, der die Manuskripte der sogenannten Ada-Gruppe zugeordnet werden. Gleichzeitig und wahrscheinlich am selben Ort existierte die sogenannte Palastschule, deren Künstler b...
That article won the Grand Prize in a Wikipedia writing contest.
12:52 AM
It's amazing how to find such easy things is really difficult.
@RegDwight, you're up kinda late.
Buchmalerei = Illuminated Manuscript?
Buch = book, Malerei = painting.
Literally, book painting.
8 hours ago, by RegDwight
//picking up her stuff and moving to the THC room
@RegDwight — I know what the words mean. I just wanted to know if that was Deutsch for "Illuminated Manuscript".
1 hour later…
2:10 AM
Uff. Is it 3:10 already?
Indeed. Goodnight
Now I don't feel like sleeping at all.
That was a rather entertaining experience, actually.
Except I wanted more fun questions. Too many of those were, like, grown-up questions.
2:13 AM
I agree. I learned quite a bit. I also don't expect to stand a chance ;)
I know a few people in my company who wouldn't be able to participate just because they can't type that fast.
@Martha yeah, imagine that :p ~ elections aren't about being grown up huh? :p
@Martha Could I get a haiku about clowns please?
@RegDwight oh, don't let them near the chat at all then
@RegDwight Thanks for making the effort to join us, which I know was not a cakewalk. I'm not certain I would have done it if I were in your position
2:14 AM
@Martha Actually, I didn't enjoy the fun questions like AT ALL. Hear that, rchern and Robusto? I mean, seriously, books? Words? Favorite? My?
@nohat I wasn't certain, either. Not because it's late, but because I'm missing Seinfeld re-runs because of you all.
Well you're my first choice in the election, at least, and I already voted
The red leaves are falling
Like the nose, the dripping knife
I try not to dream
@Martha Copying rather than an original? -1!
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not a poet, I'm a mathematician.
2:17 AM
Whoa, you can -1 in chat? Mad skillz!
@RegDwight that may be limited only to rchern tho ;)
@drachenstern I would be glad if it were. Quoth nohat, "no fomenting unrest and division in the chat room"!
Everyone gets an upvote or nothing!
@RegDwight everyone gets a medal and everyone passes?
yesterday, by Robusto
We already have the option to star chat posts. I think we should have hearts as well, which will be referred to as "pity stars" and will be given for posts that are so lame we feel bad for the poster.
@RegDwight zing!
2:19 AM
@drachenstern Oh lordy, please no.
@drachenstern Do read on in case you missed it.
yesterday, by RegDwight
@Robusto I think that's how the stars are already being used.
@Martha indeed and supported! (your decrying that is)
@RegDwight they are
yesterday, by Robusto
Wow, I guess we're starring any and every post now. Martha got starred for "For when?" Hmm, I guess you had to be there.
Should it be a tear instead of a heart tho?
I'm so tired, I can only quote.
2:21 AM
Or an interrobang?
Go to bed, @RegDwight.
@RegDwight haha, on the tavern that would earn a star
@Martha Indeed
@Martha Won't take advice from Hungarian capitalists, sorry!
Eh, my niece never goes to sleep when I want her to, either.
Of course, she's 7 months old, so she has an excuse.
@Martha See, she's a communist, too. It's happening!
Feb 16 at 16:20, by RegDwight
Capitalism, baby. See why I'm going to establish communism in your backyard?
@drachenstern The Tavern is a mess. I tried to brute-force my way in, nobody even noticed.
2:23 AM
@RegDwight Actually, babies suck at communism. They (rightly) believe the world revolves around them, and they really don't believe in sharing.
@RegDwight they noticed, they just assimilated and continued, I'm sure. Also, what time of day and day of week was that?
@Martha See, that's why we teach babies communism!
Just go to bed already.
@drachenstern Right after you said I should. I posted the most inept comment ever to just get noticed, meh, nada.
@Martha Sing me a lullaby.
@RegDwight nah, you gotta go more than two rounds in there
2:26 AM
In fact, if you could share a few lines from a Hungarian lullaby, that would be most greatly appreciated.
@RegDwight hush little baby don't you cry, uncle's gonna sing you a hungarian lullaby..
Jó éjszakát kívánok, nyugodalmas álmot, erdők mezők elpihennek, madár is az ágon, jó éjszakát.
(I only know Hungarian lullabies.)
Perfect. Thanks a bunch. Night all! I'm out.
I guess that went well, huh?
I suppose. I don't think I managed to read everyone's answers, and I think I never answered that one question by @Orbling that I didn't understand.
2:29 AM
@Kosmonaut indeed so
Well, anybody can go back and read the chat.
I was thinking that as well. At first I was reading everyone's responses, then I just totally ignored them so I could keep up.
@Martha the room will be around for a bit. Go back and re-read. That's why they want to do it at the leading edge of the election, to give time for it to be read. Alternately wait for the question to get "asked" on meta.
@Kosmonaut so what does that mean about me that I read all of it and answered everything as best I could?
You read faster than me?
@Martha Which question was that then?
The British English vs. American English one.
2:32 AM
@Martha Oh right. Just an attempt to see what the candidates all felt about the division and how best to handle absences in clarity from questions and answers. Everyone acquitted themselves quite well with it.
I've gotten better with practice, and I really like the edit feature on this chat interface, but I'm still too anal to really chat effectively. I can type quickly, but I keep revising and revising and by the time I post something, the conversation has passed me by.
Come to think of it, that describes me at parties pretty well, too.
@Martha Aye, chat is a less civilised medium.
At parties, I am merely absent.
@Orbling Oh, me too, if given a choice.
@Martha If only parties had an edit feature...
It's not just parties: what real life really needs is an undo button.
2:36 AM
Strike up small talk... nope, edit/remove.... Hello, what a smashing blouse you have on.... erase and rewind...
At parties, I find that if you locate a nearby lampshade, put it on your head, and yell "woo!", people will respect you.
Respect? Is that what the kids these days are calling it?
@Kosmonaut Your parties must be very well "catered". ;-)
@Orbling girls say they want compliments on those things but then they get all weird when you do so... I've given up unless I know them.
@Martha or at least a 10 second go-back
@drachenstern Well that was a quote from Bottom, but yes, you are quite right.
2:38 AM
@Orbling I had a feeling it was a quote :p
Well, when people say they want compliments, what they really mean is: they want compliments from the people they want compliments from :)
@drachenstern By the time I've realised the person thinks I'm an arse, I need a good year-go-back option.
@Orbling haha
@Kosmonaut So very true.
@Kosmonaut yes, yet another reason I despise people
2:39 AM
@drachenstern It had better be a quote, or my chat-up technique needs an undertaker.
@Orbling isn't that always the case?
@drachenstern Certainly, hence I avoid the entire matter via judicious use of being extraordinary putrid aesthetically and remaining at a suitably safe distance from women.
I'm pretty sure this is a duplicate, but I can't find of what:
Q: How to Read a Year?

Nano HEHello As I know, I can read 1991 as nineteen ninety one. How can I read 2008? twenty o eight? or twenty and eight simply?

@Orbling sounds reasonable
@drachenstern Served me well so far.
@Martha It's technically subjective, as there are many phrasings.
2:42 AM
@Martha I believe there was a discussion in a comment thread, but not sure there was a question about that specifically
@Orbling: Solely because of your gravatar, I recommend you saying "hey wook, it's a woman!" and picking her up in one hand.
Q: Is it proper grammar to refer to four digit number in hundreds?

epotterSometimes you will hear people refer to four digit numbers in terms of hundreds. For example, sometimes people will say fifteen hundred when talking about the number 1500. Is this proper? What are the rules of usage? In my personal experience, the hundreds notation is common for values less tha...

@nohat Maybe that's what I'm remembering...
@Kosmonaut You know, that might actually work. Of course, said woman will have to be very small. Though my [gr]avatar is a recent photo of me. ;-)
2:43 AM
this one too
Q: Pronunciation of years in English

Mehper C. PalavuzlarWe pronounce 1923 as nineteen twenty-three; but 1900 as nineteen hundred. Why isn't year 2000 pronounced as twenty hundred instead of two thousand? What are the rules for pronunciation of years in English? Does it change according to the first two digits of year? Could you give examples for spec...

Yes, that's the one.
Aye that's better.
Looks like a dupe to me
I need to get going, folks. My wife's birthday is tomorrow and I have gifts to wrap!
I've voted to close....
2:44 AM
@Kosmonaut celebrations and congratulations!
Well, happy birthday to your wife!
I need to go on account of my wife is giving me the evil eye re: 7-8pm CST THC and it's now 8:45
Bye all!
@Kosmonaut Hope it goes well.
Well, I suppose I should really get dinner, it's 3am nearly... (GMT)
And I suppose I ought to make my way home. 9:45 is pretty late to be at the office, even for me.
2:47 AM
@Martha Well within my normal office hours, late shift is better. ;-)
Oh, I would love to work late shift, but my stupid boss insists I need to come in at 9:00 a.m. :/
See y'all later.
What does am mean?
@Martha Safe journey. x
3:08 AM
Gee, I wish I could come in at 9:00 a.m.
Actually, I can. But I get more done in the morning if I come in earlier.
I was kind of weirded out by the favorite word question. I mean, do people actually have favorite words? Do people give thought to that kind of thing? And of all the words you know, do you actually rank them? This sounds like it was adapted from a stock question about programming, etc. "What's your favorite example of map/reduce in Javascript?" And so on.
But I caught some folks napping with my book question. I'm pleased some of the would-be mods actually could put their minds around recently read books.
@RegDwight — Oh, grow up. Read your little Commie children's book and lull yourself to sleep with dreams of the day when you and your little Dictatorship of the Proletariat show up to do my yard work.
6 hours later…
9:39 AM
@Robusto What is that "grow up" people keep talking at me about?
You know, in America all is bigger.
That reminds me of a joke about somebody who bought an aspirin.
Bring it on already. Or is it about blue pills and not suitable for this venue?
Do you know the joke?
I don't think I do.
A man goes in a pharmacy, and asks for an aspirin.
9:46 AM
Haha, that's already funny.
Because of the missing "for".
Oh noes, what have you done, now it no longer is funny.
If it was a person from Calabria, he would not have said "for"; that is another joke, though.
The pharmacist gives him the aspirin, and he says "what a big aspirin!".
The pharmacist replies "in America all is bigger; do you need anything else?"
"Yes; I need an expectorant."
Oh, it goes on.
It would be funny enough if it just stopped after "do you need anything else?"
The pharmacist takes the expectorant, and the man says "what a big bottle!"
The pharmacist replies "as I said, in America all is bigger; do you need anything else?"
"I would need suppositories, but I changed my mind."
Hm. No blue pills?
I'm disappointed.
I saw that a duplicate got swiflty deleted
One question I have, if you have your question deleted, do you get notfied about it and the reason why?
9:54 AM
That was a different joke. I don't remember it.
@Eldros No idea, actually. I would have to check MSO.
I remember it was about a blue and a red pill.
@kiamlaluno Where they also a hole in this story?
"Deleted answers can be viewed, edited, and undeleted by their original authors, however deleted questions cannot be seen by their authors (unless they have a reputation >= 10K or happen to be moderators)." Nothing about notifications.
hmm... He will surely ask himself why
9:56 AM
@Eldros: That is a topic outside my borders, whatever it is to dig a hole, or have a hole.
@Eldros He sure will.
A: Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted

James BlackIt would be helpful to see at least the closed questions that I have asked, so that as I get more experience, I can look at the questions, see if I understand why they were closed, and get better at writing questions, based on my past failures. At the moment it is hard to learn from the experien...

[status-declined], BTW.
Well I would say when it is deleted because it was a duplicate there should be a notification with the duplicate address
@Eldros: You made a good observation, about running a script.
"Would running a script be considered as running in installer in this case?"
@kiamlaluno Thanks but in this case, but I only made because it is relevant to my case
I would say that if you run a command like patch, then that is not called to run an installer.
10:04 AM
@Eldros I don't think duplicates should be deleted, unless they are copy-and-paste or almost identical in wording.
A: Etiquette on duplicate questions

RegDwightFirst of all, there's an official blog post on handling duplicate questions. It differentiates between three types of dupes: Cut-and-paste duplicate questions. These questions are the very definition of exact duplicates; they are typically from users who willfully take the very same questi...

Well this one got deleted, and I think there could have been an identical
it was a question about "you and me/I)
Deleting duplicates just increases the possibility that somebody else asks the same question that was deleted, IMO.
the one where you posted at least three possible duplicate as a comment
@Eldros Oh, that one. I suppose it was deleted by the owner himself.
that could be a possiblity
10:07 AM
And sure enough it was. "deleted by Pankaj Kainthla 16 mins ago"
I don't have 10k powers
I only get a 404 error when it gets deleted
Yeah, leaving it here just for the protocol.
Because I don't actually see it in the "deleted" tab.
I had to look in my browser history.
Others might not understand what we're talking about without a link.
oh right
Speaking of 10k, my jaw almost met the floor when I noticed @kiamlaluno's rep tonight.
Wow, it skyrocketed
10:09 AM
I haven't been following it lately, last I checked it was at 6k or something. And now one or two more days to go, and you're there in the 10k zone.
@RegDwight: Were you exercising to say "cat"?
I don't get the joke, but yeah, why not!
Me likes cats!
Me too!
@kiamlaluno if the script was developed by our company, and it looked if there is anything to patch, make a backup, and patch only the necessery files, is it installing or patching?
Cat is another awesome word. There are striking similarities between the words for cat in a zillion languages, but nobody knows where they come from or how, and whether at all, they are related. IIRC.
When I read how to say /æ/, the description says "drop your jaw".
Take it literally, and your jaw should be on the floor. ;-)
@Eldros: Are the files source files?
There is no compilation done if it is what you mean
simply copy paste
@Eldros Yeah but note the "Probably" and "may be" the farther you go back. And note the absence of the Russian кот, for example.
I mean, are they HTML, JavaScript, or PHP files?
@RegDwight my point
@kiamlaluno those are .jar file for the most part
10:20 AM
@Eldros: In that case, i would go with "patch".
Ehmmm… JAR files...
Those are usually associated with compiled files.
I know, but the compilation is not done with the script
that is what I meant
That is a gray area. :-)
There are also .xml files or .cfg files amongst other things
10:23 AM
@Eldros: I would say "patch".
only files that needs to be replaced
so long as the user using the patch has the right component installed
@kiamlaluno What if you have to name the patch by name, and the name contain the word Patch?
@Eldros: I would still call it a patch.
Yeah, but the action would be to apply or to install?
That is my question from the beginning
I am used to patch created by the cvs command, and those files normally have the extension .patch.
I would say "to apply a patch".
10:26 AM
If you want to cut the bull's head, you can say "to patch".
Not that my chef care about it...
@kiamlaluno that wouldn't cut it
(I am sorry for the expression, but that is the only expression I could think of.)
no problem
thanks anyway for your time
It is used when somebody asks you to choose between two alternatives, and you offer a third one.
Then, you introduce your option by saying "if you want to cut the bull's head", or "cutting the bull's head".
Well I should be the one to apologize, as you don't seem to have caught my follow-up pun
10:29 AM
I think the reference is to Solomon.
I'll just thwack both of you, prophylactically
At the third!
Right; to patch it would not cut it. ;-)
Can the term bull be applied to any male specimen of an animal?
@Eldros: You can say it for an elephant, or a whale.
10:32 AM
But not for a salmon, I take it...
If it is as large as an elephant, you can. :-)
@kiamlaluno It was more that in this case cutting the bull's head wouldn't cut it too.
Let's cut all just to be sure.
So now, I will be going before being thwacked again
I have work to do anyway
Oh... work!
10:37 AM
Yeah got a meeting later today
Wie unangenehm.
I hope the meeting is not with a bull.
@kiamlaluno Well now that you say it, my chef will be there... already away
I cannot write "CUlaterz"; joining "CU" with "l" is dangerous, in Italian.
10:39 AM
I don't feel very comfortable writing lulz for the same reason.
@Eldros: I hope he doesn't cook anything from bulls.
Talking of bulls reminds me of another joke.
Oh God, he's on a roll today.
Do you know what the Spanish "ballotas" mean?
10:42 AM
Whatever, I just google.
Ballota nigra (Black Horehound) is a perennial herb of the family Lamiaceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region and to central Asia, and can be found throughout Europe and the Eastern United States. It blooms from may to august. Description Ballota nigra has a very strong smell, and can be recognised by its clusters of hairy, reddish-purple flowers. It can grow up to 3 feet in height. Morphology Stem and root It has herbaceous ascending stems, wooden and branched at bottom, covered by down folded hairs. The plant has a taproot system. Leaves Leaves are opposite and decuss...
Maybe I have used the wrong word. :-)
It's "balotas de toro".
Anyway, somebody goes in a Spanish restaurant, and orders "balotas de toro".
When they took the dish, he asks "why are these 'balotas' smaller?"
"Sir, the torero doesn't win all times."
Un tizio va a mangiare in un ristorante con un invitante cartello "qui cucina spagnola". Entra, si siede e ordina un sacco di piatti tipici spagnoli, tra cui le "balotas de toro".
Contentissimo di aver mangiato una prelibatezza simile ritorna dopo una settimana con amici.
Riordina le "balotas de toro" e gli portano un piatto che sembra per anoressici.
"ma come?" dice offeso al cameriere "l'altra volta c'erano delle fette grandi come il piatto e oggi mi portate questi pezzettini tondi, piccoli, che sono un decimo di quello che avevo mangiato qui??"
e il cameriere con aria indifferente: "signore, non sempre vince il torero..."
It was funny to be simultaneously reading the joke in Italian and your English subtitles here.
I am not good with jokes; I always use few words.
10:50 AM
Brevity is wit.
Well, there is just a person who cannot say I use few words.
She can also say I speak 5 different dialects, though.
The key is not to mix them all in the same sentence.
Now you make me think.
Maybe I do that.
Oh noes, I didn't want to make you think, I'm so sorry.)))
I usually pass from Calabrian to Roman dialect; I could possibly do it in the same sentence.
Oh yoes!
Q: Word for "left alone and to die"?

CharuruIs there a word that means "left alone and to die"? Edit: I believe there is such a word. I think I'm looking for abandoned and alone. Others expectations are that you'll die.

That is the reason I think the single-word-requests tag is dangerous.
Should not it be "left alone to die", anyway?
10:56 AM
Um, care to elaborate?
They use it even when it's not possible to use a single word for what they are asking for.
Well, sometimes it does turn out there is a single word.
What I mean is that who is asking the question sometimes cannot know if there is such word.
If they would know there is a single word, then they probably know which word is.
Sure, but how is that any different from any other question? You ask for something, and the answer might well be no. But that is still a valid answer, and it doesn't render the question useless.
I know, it's not always true, nor is it true at all.
10:59 AM
Well, I do catch your drift. There are a couple outliers in that tag. But very few, actually.
Of course. It is also true that I could say the same for other tags as well.

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