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11:00 AM
Yeah, I mean, there are always excellent questions and not-so-excellent questions. It has nothing to do with tags.
Then, as you say, somebody could be interested to know if there is such word.
That's the thing, there were a few occasions where I went like, "oh no, you can't be serious, how can there be a single word for that?" and then somebody actually posted an answer.
I am more worried of who uses the tag when he should not, with the consequence to not get replies.
As you said, that is a case over one thousand.
Q: Any AUTHORITIVE source on British rules on space before question mark?

mplungjanHi A space before a question or an exclamation mark. Can it be correct? is affirming what I always use, but now some translators at my office said that I always need a space before. I am sure they are French or something but before I answer them, I would like to see some British source confirmin...

I always wondered why they put a space before the question mark.
I have corrected many question titles for that, on SO; most of them were written by an Italian user.
11:21 AM
I took the liberty of removing the "words" tag from one of your questions))
I actually think it's rather useless in general.
@RegDwight: Thank you. I have never understood when I am supposed to use that tag.
I usually use it in contrast with "phrases", but "words" is useless, as you say.
Well, frankly, I think you are supposed to use it when you have no freaking idea what your question is about and what you're doing on this site.)) Which is not the case in your case.
Even a phrase is a group of words; "words" should be used even in that case, then.
It could be used when you cannot think of other tags.
A: "single-word-requests", "word-choice", "vocabulary" and "words" tags

RegDwightI don't think they all serve the same purpose. At least they shouldn't. Personally, I interpret these four tags as follows: single-word-requests is for word requests, i.e. questions that ask if there's a single word that matches a given definition (“community of experts”, “obsession with publis...

That is something I missed too. Sigh, sigh!
Q: Spelling and plural of abbreviation "hi vis"

Chris Burt-BrownWe regularly use these "hi visibility jackets/vests": We use them often enough to informally abbreviate it to simply "hi vis". I am struggling as to how to pluralise such a term. In speech it sounds moderately okay to say "hi vises" but as you can see it looks terrible in writing. Any better ...

I am tempted to write "bonus points for hand-drawn circles that delimit 'hi' and 'vis' on the picture".
11:35 AM
You've come to like promising bonus points lately.)) I remember at least two comments of yours, I think.
I like the phrase.
It reminds me of "ricchi premi e cotillions".
It could be "cotillon"; I don't know how to write French. I know it's not a dance, though.
Il cotillon ( "gonnella") è un'antica danza francese, risalente agli inizi del XVIII secolo e considerata l'antesignana della quadriglia. La danza era eseguita da quattro coppie che si disponevano a quadrato, eseguendo nove figurazioni: queste nove figurazioni erano tutte diverse, alternate però da una figurazione che si ripeteva sempre uguale. L'esecuzione era alternata inoltre dalla presenza delle coppie danzanti: prima entravano in scena la prima e la terza coppia, poi la seconda e la quarta. La dama aveva un ruolo da protagonista nel ballo-gioco: era sua facoltà cercare di attirare ...
And now… Lunch time break.
Bon appétit!
11:40 AM
I've read that last question just two minutes ago)))
We use the same Google, after all.
TL; DR: Before they would start to dance, they would exchange gifts.
Amazing. Then there are not Goggles.
I thought there should be Googles in the same way there are the Internets.
My eyes! The googles do nothing!
Go, Girl Scouts of Yorba Linda??????
11:54 AM
Where did ili stronzo go?
Them eye-ties, alluz stuffin' they pie holes.
We seem to have quite a lot of "how to improve my English" questions from the olden days...
Q: Good reading material to improve your manner of speech

JenkoIt often works to your advantage when you can express yourself meaningfully in everyday (or special!) situations. A few years ago I would hardly have been able to put that sentence together. I used to read Sherlock Holmes, and although it presents quite an archaic form of English, it is still re...

Q: Methods for improving your spoken vocabulary

jjclarksonWhat are some good methods for increasing the volume of words in my spoken vocabulary? I read many fiction and non-fiction books and find that I comprehend a good vocabulary of words and write sufficiently. However, I seem rarely able to come up with the perfect word and find that I repeat the ...

Hmm ... both of those are talking about your language skills.
You should take that stuff personally, I think.
Haha, good point, I retreat!
12:00 PM
I would begin an answer with, "In the first place, my manner of speech is just fine, thank you very much, you condescending and probably swarthy or garlic-breathing foreigner."
You know, give it the soft touch.
Yeah, I can never quite manage to inject enough of that one.
Thanks for teaching me, sensei.
If they are obviously Northern European I would substitute "cheese-breathing" for "garlic-breathing"; but the principle is the same.
How about simply "breathing"? As in "you breathing foreigner"?
I think it's offensive enough that they breathe.
It really benefits from the stereotyping adjective though.
All your true insults do.
Duly noted.
12:04 PM
Back after caffeine...
12:19 PM
Your Kaffeemaschine must be a hell of a complex apparatus. It takes you decades to get your coffee, every single day.
Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person experiences a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships, however it is a subjective experience. Loneliness has also been described as social pain - a psychological mechanism meant to alert an individual of undesired isolation and motivate her/him to seek social connections. Common causes People can experience loneliness for many reasons and many life events are associated with it. The lack of friendship relations during childhood and adolescence, or the physical absence of meaningfu...
chiddu è tornato.
You should have said "u rutt'e culo"; that is more the southern style.
Oh, sorry. How could I miss such an opportunity.
I meant instead of stronzo.
12:26 PM
Ah. That was @Robusto.
You say the sin but not the sinner.
12:37 PM
@Orbling BTW in case you missed it (and I had no time to bring it up during the THC), I was shocked to learn that there are actually some people who think that ELU might be biased in favor of AE. I tried my best to bust that myth, but I am a bit worried where it might come from in the first place.
Feb 4 at 16:06, by RegDwight
@Robusto: and now I just want to cry, just see what someone commented on my MSO question: "I think EL&U is dominated by US English, whereas there is a far wider user base on SO, which, I think, makes it a better place for questions about the pronunciation of programming terms when it is likely that it will vary a great deal between different flavours of English."
The MSO question in question is here:
Q: Should we migrate "How to pronounce X" questions to EL&U?

RegDwightAre pronunciation questions on-topic on SO? They certainly are on English Language and Usage, which is starting to get questions that have been previously asked on SO. 6 hours ago on EL&U: How to pronounce LINQ? 9½ months ago on SO: How to pronounce LINQ 6 hours ago on EL&U: How to pron...

Kaffee zuerst, immer, aber nachdem müsste ich auch Frühstück essen.
War es lecker?
Das schmäckt.
Haha. Is the umlaut on purpose?
Well, it's on the "a", actually ...
12:39 PM
My point is that it's schmecken, not schmäcken.
[reaches for the Ritalin]
It is Geschmack, though.
Go figure.
Ah, well, after all these years I can't remember spellings. Even simplified (?) German orthography erodes from my memory.
Oh! BTW, while there's noone else around to mess with me yet again, remember your answer to that ofcourse question? Watch something happen to it in 3... 2... 1...
Especially I don't remember when I only heard words spoken.
12:41 PM
For a while I would write Neee instead of Nöö until I saw the word in a comic strip.
Nee is perfectly fine.
Hmm ... is it a regional spelling?
Not just spelling, pronunciation.
Ach nee is extremely common. As is Och nö.
Wo hört man 'Och nö'? Sorry, don't know where the German quotes are on this keyboard.
12:44 PM
In fact, come to think of it, vs nee is kind of like yup vs yeah in English.
By which I mean my comment here:
A: "Yes", "Yeah", "Yep"

Mr. Shiny and NewI use yeah or yep/yup when speaking casually. I tend to use yep/yup when it is being spoken by itself. I also would correspondingly use nope in the same way. Did you do it? Yeah, I did it Yep.

Without look at the answer, I would say that "Yep" is a bit more curt, and a bit more final. Yeah can imply a measure of doubt, depending on how it is spoken.
Now read my comment. It's not a jinx, but close.
And yeah absolutely means no if your kids say it to you when you ask them if they did their homework.
12:47 PM
Interesting distinction the writer is making.
I would have lumped crime novels and detective novels together.
But what precisely does "Och, nö, Herr Jessen" connote?
"Uh, no"? "Not so fast"?
@RegDwight: Poke. ^
Yeah, kind of a "not so fast", "are you sure", or "please don't", "oh noes".
So, @kiamlaluno, I thought ruttinculo meant something like "c$#@sucker".
Detective fiction is also always a moral tale, at least in America.
Kuchenzeit! Brb.
You can distinguish between mysteries and "police procedurals" and so forth, but there are always strong moral overtones.
1:00 PM
Rottinculo means "broken ass", literally. Southern Italy people have their own style, which should not be used when you are not face to face with the person you are saying such things.
Meaning I should risk a broken jaw with such insults? Surely you jest.
Rottinculo > rotto in culo > culo rotto.
I'm getting these insults from Assassin's Creed, btw. It's educational and fun.
I mean that it could not be an insult, depending on the tone used to say it.
The guards who notice my assassin call him stronzo.
1:03 PM
People from Naples can mean two different things when they say "sfaccimme": one is good, and one is bad.
Napoli ... that there's Mafia country, no?
No? Isn't that where all the judges were being assassinated?
Mafia is from Sicily; 'ndrangheta is from Calabria and Campania.
Ah, ok. You're making a geographical distinction.
Here we refer to all Italian organized crime as "Mafia".
1:06 PM
La Strage di Capaci è l'attentato mafioso in cui il 23 maggio 1992, sull'autostrada A29, nei pressi dello svincolo di Capaci e a pochi chilometri da Palermo, persero la vita il magistrato antimafia Giovanni Falcone, tre agenti della scorta, Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo, Antonio Montinaro. L'espressione "Strage di Capaci" è in effetti errata: è vero che la strage avvenne nei pressi dello svincolo autostradale di Capaci ma il luogo si trova nel territorio del comune di Isola delle Femmine. In siciliano l'espressione utilizzata per indicare l'eccidio è "l'attintatuni", "il grande attentato"...
What does 'ndragheta mean?
{| class="navbox" style="float:right;background-color:rgb(248,248,255); clear:right; margin: 1ex 0 0.5em 1em; width: 20em" ! 'Ndrangheta |- |- | Map for location of Calabria in Italy |- ! Structure |- | La Provincia 'Ndrina Capo crimine La Santa Vangelo 'Ndrine 'Ndranghetisti |- ! History |- | History of the 'Ndrangheta Second 'Ndrangheta war San Luca feud Radioactive waste dumping by the 'Ndrangheta |- ! Territories |- | Gioia Tauro Locri Platì Reggio Calabria Rosarno San Luca Siderno |- ! Antimafia |- | Italian Antimafia Commission List of victims of the 'Ndrangheta Ammazzateci t...
"The name 'Ndrangheta derives from the Greek word andragathía (ἀνδραγαθία) for "heroism" and "virtue" or andragathos (ἀνδράγαϑος) a blend of andròs (man) and agathòs (good), meaning a courageous man. In many areas of Calabria the verb 'ndranghitiari, from the greek andragatizomai, means to engage in a defiant and valiant attitude.[5] The Griko language, an ancient Greek dialect is spoken by people in Calabria."
Wow, are you serious about not knowing 'Ndrangheta? Next thing you tell me, you've never heard of Cosa Nostra!
BTW, my favorite Italian insult is orecchino.
Wow. :-)
I didn't know ear ring was an insult. :-)
My Calabrian friend tells me that it is used to refer to fags.
1:11 PM
That's orecchione.
Well, that's not how he pronounces it.
Orecchione, frocio, culattacchione, culallegro, etc. mean all fag.
Not so fast <takes notes>.
Culallegro (culo allegro) means happy ass.
You can also say culo (ass) to mean fag.
Culomoderato, culadagiosostenuto, culoprestoagitato...
1:16 PM
Only the second one is correct. :-)
Yeah, I've heard of La Cosa Nostra ... but modern-day American mafiosi just use English: "our thing" or "this thing of ours" ...
You can say culasciutto, but not culosostenuto. It's the rule(r).
Just do not confuse that with "i gioielli di famiglia".
@kiamlaluno That should be @Martha.
Va bene.
Wheeew. For a moment I thought you were referring to the next post. :-)
1:20 PM
Martha only cares about rulers.
Family's jewels could be another interpretation for "this thing of ours", as they call themselves "the family".
The difference is that "family's jewels" is referring to a part of the body.
Kronjuwelen in German.
"What are we going to eat, tonight?"
"I cugliuni spatti che tieni."
It is; kind of.
I have to exercise in Calabrian, once per day; in that way, I can say I speak five dialects.
1:29 PM
Gestures are an important part of Italian, I surmise.
Io parro calabbrise.
For example, what does it mean to bend the fingers, put the fingernails under the chin, and then rapidly make a brushing motion toward someone else?
@Robusto: I still have to understand what that means; I have never seen an American who speaks without to move his arms.
"... without moving his arms."
nm, gotta run. ttyl.
The primary languages of the Calabria region are Standard Italian and many regional varieties of the Italo-Dalmatian group collectively known as Calabrian (Italian: calabrese). In addition, there is a significant Calabrian version of the Griko language and pockets of Occitan and Arbëresh. Calabrian (Calabrese) Calabrian (it: Calabrese) is the name given to a number of dialects spoken in the Calabria region of Italy. The various dialects of Calabria are part of a strong continuum that are generally recognizable as Calabrian, but that are usually divided into two different language groups....
I guess somebody didn't note the american-english tag. :-)
Q: Pronunciation of "r"

kiamlalunoHow would you describe the pronunciation of r to somebody who speaks English as second language?

1:45 PM
Ah yes, that would be me.
I just countered by accusing you of encouraging a grocer's apostrophe, so that's OK :-)
I'll go fix my answer.
And I'm back
no bull during the meeting :)
nochma Glück gehabt
@kiamlaluno: there, is that better?
But when I look at what I can achieve in one day, if I weren't so much procastinating, I would have finished this project weeks ago.
Or maybe not.
2:00 PM
Rhodri: Perfect!
@Eldros: I would ask to a bull, when you meet one.
@Eldros If you would have finished it weeks ago, you would be procrastinating something else today. Or even worse, just doing nothing because there would be nothing to procrastinate.
@RegDwight Trust me, my boss would have find something to do
And I would have been responsible of the test phase anyway
Let's play Scrabble!
@RegDwight: Who was supposed to take it?
@Eldros: It's easy; You think of a word, you calculate the points you get; then you add 50 points more, and you know how much points I get for the word I would have thought.
Does that work?
2:05 PM
Not really no
Because you see, I would be the one with more point
Because we would be playing in French!
I mean, you add 50 points to the points you get with your word.
That would be the points I get.
No, I think I should substract 50 points, and then it would be accurate
I didn't say we would play "split hairs and win".
But I did
Then we are playing two different games.
2:08 PM
hmm... Is there not a mean to merge the two?
We should ask on boardgame.se
Sure. If you give me 100 points more than the ones you get.
Take it, or leave it.
I smell something foul...
I just declare myself the winner.
See? I win!
Hey! You said "to merge the two".
Q: Why "I win" instead of "I won"?

artegFor a long time I was wondering why there is I win instead of I won. I met such usage in a lot of games and movies. For me, it's logically to say I won, because this winning action is done already. I win for me seems like I'm winning right now. So please, clarify this for me. Thanks in advance.

2:10 PM
50 + 50 = 100. If I didn't merge, I don't know what else I did.
You duplicated your game on mine
That is fair.
I don't play with no borg
I had the idea; therefore, I have more points.
well, apparently, as @RegDwight won, one doesn't need the points to win, so you can keep them.
2:12 PM
I want to come toward you: I start with +500 points.
The one with most point, lose, amiright?
Uhmmm… no.
Who has a username that starts with k wins.
Well @Kosmonaut won
That's uppercase k.
So what?
a k is a K is a k
2:17 PM
I am case-sensitive.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you get treated?
Every day.
They write KiamLaLuno, and see if I correct it.
Every time I correct it, I have to sit on my knees over chickpeas.
Do they have a franchise for crushed chickpeas?
Well you didn't correct it this time
@Rhodri The chickpeas I break are used to make a soup I have to eat.
@Eldros It means the cure starts to work.
2:41 PM
Got to run. I have envelopes to stuff :-(
1 hour later…
3:42 PM
@Kosmonaut: +1 on the dative question, but I am still struggling to translate your three example sentences such that there is a dative pronoun in place of the entire "to X" phrase. The second example is easy, and I have bent the third example real hard until it gave up, but the first one still escapes me.
Ah, never mind, it's colloquial but it does work. Das Problem ist mir zu einfach.
3:58 PM
There is another duplicate, apparently.
Q: "24 February", "February 24" or "24th of February"?

vartecWhich of these forms is correct and preferred in which English dialect? 24 February February 24 24th of February So far I can see, that first is mostly used in the Commonwealth, second in USA, and third by non-native English speakers.

Ah yes. Somehow I didn't think of that one.
@kiamlaluno: so you've got yourself yet another avatar update?
Ehmmm… Yep.
I promise this is the last one.
And it's yet again a bit closer to @Kosmonaut's avatar.
A bit more of blue, and he would have to change his once again.
Actually, the circle is green.
Yes, but it's a bluish green, especially at smaller sizes. While Kosmonaut's blue is greenish, especially at smaller sizes.
4:08 PM
The Mac says it's "clover".
Oh well, if the Mac says that!
Anyhow, where's everybody gone? Is there a secret REAL THC going on, to which I'm not invited?
Mac doesn't lie; men use it to lie!
Men use Macs???
Man use Mecs?
I thought that THC was the name of a drug.
You're not the first, and not the second. Not even the third.
4:11 PM
Real men use Macs to the max.
2 days ago, by RegDwight
14 hours ago, by Robusto
Tetrahydrocannabinol ( ) (THC), also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), Δ1-THC (using an older chemical nomenclature), or dronabinol, is the main psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant. There is no evidence to suggest that THC is physically addictive, though one may become mentally dependent on the drug as a result of habit or an emotional connection with it. It was first isolated by Yechiel Gaoni and Raphael Mechoulam from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, in 1964. In pure form, it is a glassy solid when cold, and becomes viscous and sticky...
Real men use Macs entirely from the Unix command line.
Aha! There's @Rebecca! My suspicions grow stronger.
That is what I tried to do, but Safari windows don't suit in the Terminal window.
@RegDwight o:
4:15 PM
5 mins ago, by RegDwight
Anyhow, where's everybody gone? Is there a secret REAL THC going on, to which I'm not invited?
We don't invite Russian narcs.
That's your problem right there. Them's the finest piplz evar.
Hm, everybody's jumping on @kiamlaluno's date-format-dupe bandwagon like crazy.
But nobody's jumping on my off-topic bandwagon.
Bandwagons make me seasick. Besides, I don't like polka music. Sorry.
3 hours ago, by RegDwight
Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person experiences a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships, however it is a subjective experience. Loneliness has also been described as social pain - a psychological mechanism meant to alert an individual of undesired isolation and motivate her/him to seek social connections. Common causes People can experience loneliness for many reasons and many life events are associated with it. The lack of friendship relations during childhood and adolescence, or the physical absence of meaningfu...
Awww ... that's so sad, I'm almost sorry I took an anti-depressant.
4:23 PM
Hm, is that a bare-breasted girl in the picture? Just noticed.
She's sad because she can't afford a new top.
I thought they did have H&M in France?
Oh well, not around 1905, I guess.
When I was getting my Master's degree, in one class I used to sit across a table from a rather voluptuous woman who sometimes wore a tube top with the Abercrombie & Fitch logo emblazoned in large letters across the front. I wanted to ask her which one was Abercrombie, but I never got up the nerve.
You know, if you're not going to be part of the repartee, maybe one of us should be part of the departee.
@RegDwight: /poke. Ya feel me, bro?
Somebody is going to get another badge.
Is there a badge for most times getting banned in chat?
4:35 PM
No, for some inexplicable reason the powers that be only want to encourage positive behaviour.
@Robusto And yes, I so totally feel you, bro.
In fact, I think I have met that woman once, and I have asked her just that. Can't remember anything afterwards.
I dunno. I am sure I would get the one for saying no-sense words.
I think I need Hank Moody lessons. He wouldn't have been so reticent in such a situation.
<Sound of Hank Moody being googled>
Californication is an American comedy-drama that premiered on Showtime on August 13, 2007. The show was created by Tom Kapinos. The protagonist, Hank Moody (David Duchovny), is a troubled novelist whose move to California, coupled with his writer's block, complicates his relationships with his long time girlfriend Karen (Natascha McElhone) and daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin). Californications other main characters are Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler), Marcy Runkle (Pamela Adlon), and Mia Cross (Madeline Zima). The show has been nominated and won several awards, including winning one Emmy ...
Hank Moody is, to put it bluntly, afflicted with the heartbreak of satyriasis.
Yeah, that series is on my list. So far I am only familiar with
Kalifornia is a 1993 thriller/road film, directed by Dominic Sena and starring Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, David Duchovny, and Michelle Forbes. The film focuses on a psychology student and his girlfriend who are traveling cross-country to research serial killers; unbeknownst to them, a man who ends up tagging along with them on their trip (accompanied by his childlike girlfriend) is a serial killer himself. Plot Brian Kessler (David Duchovny) is a psychology graduate student and a journalist authoring a book about serial killers. He's persuaded to move to California by his photographer gi...
4:40 PM
In some way, I preferred him when he was Fox Molder.
Weird film, that was.
David Duchovny sure likes all things aliforn.
I resisted watching Californication because I resented them ripping off the name from RHCP, but I got over it and watched and now I'm totally hooked.
@kiamlaluno: RHCP = Red Hot Chili Peppers
Me no likey RHCP.
Some of their old stuff is okay, but it's precisely with Californication that things started to go downhill very rapidly.
<Sound of somebody who is fighting with his spell checker because it suggested the wrong name>
4:43 PM
Meh. I like Stadium Arcadium a lot.
I like RHCP on pepperoni pizza.
@Robusto Meh. I hated it, then I came to like it, then I came to hate it even more.
If there would be RHCP mouthwash, I would buy it.
If you go to Canada, I think you can get some RCMP in your mouth.
In related news, Anthony Kiedis spat on the Beautiful, er, Red Square. That cannot be forgiven.
4:46 PM
I went to Canada, but it was not the right season for RCMP.
His star just shone a little brighter for me after learning that, @RegDwight.
I knew you would say that. Oh well. Gotta go anyway.
@RegDwight: See you.
@RegDwight: Ya bastard, you beat me to the journeyman question while pretending to be so lonely in here. I upvoted you anyway, but I don't feel good about myself for doing so.
I see what your game is now.
5:48 PM
@Robusto LOL.
But, you know
5 hours ago, by RegDwight
Oh! BTW, while there's noone else around to mess with me yet again, remember your answer to that ofcourse question? Watch something happen to it in 3... 2... 1...
Feb 9 at 13:51, by Robusto
What about a little quid pro quo?
@RegDwight — Yeah, still haven't figured that one out yet. What did you do? And I sure wish the OP would accept your answer so I can get another gold badge for free.
I upvoted you, that's what I did. To prove that it wasn't me who had downvoted you previously.
Ah, OK. Forgot the context. I'll go and pull the pin out of your voodoo doll now.
Yeah, I had to wait for us to be alone, otherwise all those crazies would start spinning new theories, like "nonono, it was me who upvoted you, not Reg"
Or "nonono, it's me who is Dubya, not Reg"
@Robusto He did accept my answer, but then people started upvoting you, so he unaccepted it. Selbst schuld, mein Lieber!
No, I am Spartacus!
And I am outta here. Later.
(Just another of my usual black holes, ahem, sorry, haunts.)
Feb 3 at 20:53, by RegDwight
@Vitaly: try this one some time: http://www.kongregate.com/games/gabob/clockwords-prelude
I promise you won't be disappointed.
I've played that before. I prefer Weboggle.
Ahem, sorry, Wordsplay.
6:11 PM
Yeah, checking it out right now.
I seem to be overusing the "ahem, sorry" construct lately.
(what's the smiley for a screwing-up-your-nose frown?) I didn't mean I wanted proof of my repetitiveness!
That was supposed to be more of a disproof. I mean, three mentions in the last 7 days? That's nothing.
Everything is relative, I guess.
6:18 PM
Feb 17 at 18:51, by RegDwight
I guess it just bugs me that nobody else has said "ahem" in the chat.
Does nobody else clear their throat before correcting themselves?
(Ick, that was egregious use of the singular "they"...)
I tend to forget that there are other rooms.
Anyway, I need to get back to work. (Actually, what I really need is a nap. Come to think of it, how is it that you're awake? Did you get to sleep in in the morning?)
Well, I actually did catch some Seinfeld re-runs after the THC.
So I went to bed like at 5 a.m.
Don't knock singular they! I'm a big believer in the gender neutral they.
6:24 PM
And had to go to work at 8:30.
And now my wife is out to some concert, so I'm not going to bed any time soon.
The jerk store called...
@Kosmonaut Um, wut?
Ah, no, not that one.
The one where Cramer ended up looking like a pimp.
And another one, with the conductor and the billiard room.
Hm, I guess I have to apologize to everyone for spamming the Recent Badges box.
It was very rude of you!
6:29 PM
@Kosmonaut While you're not busy wrapping presents, can you have a look at these two please?
6 hours ago, by RegDwight
We seem to have quite a lot of "how to improve my English" questions from the olden days...
I finished wrapping presents last night.
@RegDwight Can you be more specific?
Click on the "6 hours ago" link, if you don't mind.))
Dinged them
Thanks. I've only come across them after revisiting that "word-choice" question on meta.
There seem to be a lot of them, but I think we've closed most of them by now.
Those were the only two open ones I came across before getting bored. The rest was dinged.
I feel like there are always "improve my english" questions that I run across that are still open
It never ends
6:36 PM
Well, we can't have more than 3,569 of them, as of this writing)))
I estimate that there are millions.
I need to run out for a second.
Oh. Okay. Do come back.
6:52 PM
A: Should [grammaticality] be a synonym of [grammar]?

nohatThe tags grammar and grammaticality are most definitely not synonyms of each other. They should not be merged! Imagine that grammar is a circle. Everything inside the circle is grammatical and everything outside is not. For example, "Cat dream about chasing mice." is unambiguously and uncontrove...

sigh this again
Yeah well. This won't be the last time, I promise.

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