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1:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: What is the proper word for "man boobs?" by Youssef Smaili on english.stackexchange.com
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3:08 AM
@tchrist What the hell is that :O
8 hours ago, by tchrist
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Microsoft Unicode bug.
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6:38 AM
Hip hip hooray, I'm the first to register for happy hour :-)
6:54 AM
Two fifty for for a highball, and a buck and a half for a beer: happy hour is here...
7:08 AM
Omg, 24 years old :O
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
@Cerberus nope. I know that comedian, but not this particular series.
@Cerberus as my father would put it, "damn stupid, but funny".
9:20 AM
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: The prequel, and sequel, to English Language Learners [lando-kaaarlissian]
9:33 AM
Why does droid take the article an, shouldn't it be a?
Mar 10 at 12:23, by RegDwigнt
Using Android is just wrong. You should be using Adroid. We get questions about that every day. Check the "most frequently asked" tab.
Hope that helps.
9:48 AM
Q: Article used with "droid"?

skill patrolWhy does "droid" take the article "an", shouldn't it be "a"?

@RegDwigнt: look what you've done!
No. You mean Matt.
No. I mean you :P
No. Wait. You mean Matt!
Darn. Looks like it's too late to delete that.
skill patrol thinks that a hundred reps is too damn high, tries hard to lose them all at a whim
9:54 AM
Should I delete it?
Well, I guess Josh61 will answer any question, no matter how ridiculous:
A: Article used with "droid"?

Josh61It is not an article, the original term is android, droid is a later variant. Android: "automaton resembling a human being," 1837, in early use often in reference to automated chess players, from Modern Latin androides (itself attested as a Latin word in English from 1727), from Greek and...

@skillpatrol If I upvote Josh's answer, you won't even have that option, right!
Thanks pal.
@skillpatrol Huh? I never actually upvoted... but it looks like someone else did...
I'll put you out of your misery, for once.
Next time wait till April 1st.
You guys!
10:10 AM
Of mice and guys.
Ang Lees.
Aka cheap entertainment
Confusing title is confusing.
Just like that Australia video yesterday.
No way you will not make Australia home. Even if you want to stay in Yorkshire, fuck you.
10:14 AM
Look at that stern man. If you're from Swaziland, hide your family, for he will ship them all to Australia without even asking you. What a jerk.
A country that forgets how it became a country.
I will not make Australia home English.
All countries became countries in the same way.
One idiot drew a line on a piece of paper, and a million idiots said nothing.
Some countries had to fight for their freedom.
10:24 AM
No, some idiots had to fight over whose line was the longest.
But then again "freedom" is just another word for nothing left to lose...
Which reminds me: where's my Mercedes Benz?
You drive a Benz?
His friends all drive Porsches
So they all have a lot to lose...
10:30 AM
He's worked hard all his lifetime
in The h Bar, 2 days ago, by skill patrol
"Freedom" is just another word for nothing left to lose...
Oh I see we now randomly mark words in sentences.
Or even letters
10:53 AM
some of those letters aren't the even ones
can I embolden a ** ** space?
I don't even know what that would mean.
Duh. It would mean to boldly go where no man has boldly gone before.
it would make the space more difficult to read
10:55 AM
Yes, the final frontier would become illegible.
I don't think I ever had a front ear
If a space bolds in your text, do anybody’s ears cry out in shock?
What if a pope shits in a forest and no one is around to hear it?
Does it still smell?
The pope that dealt it, smelt it.
11:19 AM
Newly discovered religious tract by Dr. Seuss: Hope on Pope.
Damn, I got an upvote on a question I thought was years old but seems to have been asked on May 19. Can that be right?
It seems impossible that this question is not a couple years old.