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6:21 AM
3 hours later…
9:31 AM
@Mitch No nuclear physics in this chat
9:44 AM
Says who?
@skillpatrol see, and that's why XKCD is crap. It's not even trying to reach TBBT-level crap. It's just crap with no levels.
Have you @MattE.Эллен watched any of the World Cup yet?
no. I do like Rugby, but I don't have time at the moment :(
Nice try, Wales. Nice eight tries, actually.
9:50 AM
@skillpatrol What browser do you use?
because it's a jungle out there :D
@RegDwigнt That is an impressive score
Well, I wasn't going to ask why.
@skillpatrol All the information is shown right in front of every chat message.
Now you don't have to. it's a win win
@MattE.Эллен I have no idea what a try is. Or who Wales is. So shrug.
9:53 AM
@RegDwigнt Wales is what Charles is prince of
Do or do not. There is no Charles.
A try is worth 5 points
That's like saying a molokozavod is worth 7 points. It is not very helpful at all.
You try to get the ball into the other team's end zone.
Even if I add that molokozavod is what Boris Ivanovich Khlystov is in charge of.
@skillpatrol yes, I know how rugby generally works. I just don't know what a "try" is.
9:57 AM
Similar to a touch down.
In America football.
I see.
So how on Earth is it a try, if it's the exact opposite of a try.
Should be called a success.
Or a goal.
Or a touchdown.
Good question
They say the try was good.
Yeah, "a good try" works, too. But not just "try"?
They say Wales tried eight times. For all I know, all eight failed. While the enemy tried exactly once, but that one was good.
Ah well. Sports are for losers anyway.
10:10 AM
> b. Rugby Football. The right of attempting to kick a goal, obtained by carrying the ball behind the goal-line and touching it on the ground
How touching.
This sport is all about hugs and touches.
a sport for ruffians played by gentlemen
And unlike in America, you are not even allowed to wear protection.
unprotected hugging
By that definition the word "try" works.
10:12 AM
@MattE.Эллен yeah I've seen some of those "gentlemen"...
Their teeth are in worse condition than those of a prototypical Englishman cartoonfigure.
And remember how ice hockey was a gentlemen's sport, now look what happened to that...
Hockey was for gentlemen?
They have always had bare knuckle fights.
Their knuckles were too busy twirling their moustaches and keeping their tophats in place.
10:16 AM
It's true! We've had actual photos in this very chat.
It's the only sport that allows bare knuckle fist fighting
You mean that's the only bare-knuckle fist fighting that is pretentious enough to call itself "sport".
sad but true
Feb 15 '14 at 23:57, by RegDwigнt
@Robusto On the channel I was watching the game on, they showed before it a brief history of hockey, and it was fascinating. Gentlemen in Technicolor with no protection whatsoever playing against each other and scoring 110:3. What we have now is a sport for assholes who lambaste an opponent lying on the ground. Fuck that, seriously. The direct comparison to the historic footage couldn't have been more strinking.
10:33 AM
Interesting its beginnings come from rugby.
10:50 AM
@RegDwigнt Fuck that. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this year. That's all I need to know.
Poor Stanley. What will he drink tea from, now?
@MattE.Эллен Perhaps Livingston will give him the odd cuppa from time to time.
Indeed! They must have shared a lot
@MattE.Эллен So do you think Britain will pull out of the European Union?
Seems like you could use a citation for your actual answer, not for the answer to a question that wasn't asked. — Robusto 18 secs ago
@Robusto I don't think so. I don't know when the vote will be. certainly not this year.
11:00 AM
What does the queen have to say about it?
@MattE.Эллен Probably the hoopla is just U.S. journalists looking for something sensational to write about. The story I heard driving in this morning made it seem imminent.
Or has she said anything...
...pardon my ignorance :P
A: Is "I am more than happy to help you" grammatically correct?

KhushiHere is a concept regarding happiness frequency. These are two sentences 1-I am more than happy to help you 2-I am happier than happy to help you in which "I am more than happy to help you" sounds more perfect than "I am happier than happy to help you". It explains: "happier" is in more favo...

-1 Please don't answer if you don't know what you're talking about or can't express yourself adequately in English. — Robusto 2 mins ago
Hmmm...very strange
This message:
@MattE.Эллен Probably the hoopla is just U.S. journalists looking for something sensational to write about. The story I heard driving in this morning made it seem imminent.
What about it?
11:09 AM
Showed up on my iPhone but not on my iPad?
And what about that message caused you to change your name again?
Did it function as a semiconductor, flipping you to your alternate state?
I use one account on each device.
What is the benefit of that?
How often does that happen?
> The sentence is wrought with implicit and implied redundancies . . .
You can't make this stuff up, folks.
11:18 AM
Spoken language is wrought with the same and nobody complains about that?
Is that a question?
Yes, if you consider rhetorical questions to be true questions.
OK, I reject your assumption that nobody complains about that. I am evidence of someone who complains about that, and I am not nobody, therefore your assumption is unfounded. QED
@Robusto apparently the alleged pig necrophile has said the vote will be in June next year
Thanks @MattE.Эллен for looking that up.
11:24 AM
@MattE.Эллен That may be one reason why Jews don't eat pork, btw.
because of the chance Dave's violated it?
It's possible.
11:26 AM
Damn, I am in such a pissy mood this morning. I am making nothing but tart comments to posts I encounter.
happens to the best of us.
Can you tell me how such software could distinguish between "I read the book" (present tense) and "I read the book" (past tense)? — Robusto 5 mins ago
I noticed :(
Try reading The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin and then ask yourself if you think having multiple protagonists is still a good idea. It will take you months, but we'll wait. — Robusto 12 mins ago
I hope "The sentence is wrought with implicit and implied redundancies" was said tongue in cheek. — Robusto 10 mins ago
Seems like you could use a citation for your actual answer, not for the answer to a question that wasn't asked. — Robusto 30 mins ago
A pattern of irascibility, no less.
@Rigor Oh yeah? Well, get off my lawn!
Take a break from the computer pal :-)
11:29 AM
I can't. I am using the computer to take a break from the boredom of working life.
Go watch some Super Bowl highlights.
There's only one highlight in the last Super Bowl that matters.
And it involves Malcolm Butler.
We are 1-1 for the first time in 13 years.
Does it bother you that your example sentence demonstrates a different verb's infinitive usage? — Robusto 8 secs ago
@Rigor You got your win out of the way early this year.
11:38 AM
Hey, you could win two. It could happen, right? Any given Sunday?
Mmmmmmhhh.... tart comments.....
And I've not got one so far.
Who do I have to frigg in here to get a neenish?
Two new neverland answers to @Mitch's WTH CVRQ meta question.
11:54 AM
What's Michael Jackson to do with it?
@RegDwigнt Keep it up. You may never get a neenish again.
What is a single word for "not fair"?
What is a single word for "what is a single word"?
11:56 AM
No, that's the single word for "everything wrong with".
Everything wrong with what is a single word = people.
But surely more people always betters all the things!
Viel hilft viel.
I have cold feet and I don't know how to warm them. I am not 100% convinced that bumping our site from a 24 close-votes-per-person and 20 close-vote-reviews-per-day site to a 50/40 one will address the current issue well enough, and in a way that's reasonably free of undesirable side effects, for this to be a clear path forward on all this.
I don't know how to scale participation in close moderation.
Just giving Reg over 9,000 CVs is not the answer.
12:06 PM
Curriculum Vitæs?
Owie owie owie.
Legitimate question. I've no idea what you're planning on giving me over 9,000 of. I hope it's money.
Close votes.
Well I already have over 9000 of those.
And yet, the issue abides.
12:08 PM
close voting is only satisfying until you realise how thankless the task is. Then it gets boring for most people. Why do something people, at best, don't say anything about and at worst, they complain about? Might as well just answer questions. you get points that way.
So if you want to give me something I don't have, do get me over 9,000 money.
you don't want over 9000 blood sucking leeches?
@tchrist I can, and will, get the count down to 0. But I'm not here to keep it down at 0. When it rises back to 300, not my fault.
No, Reg, I was NOT asking for you to do that!!!!
I know you wasn't.
12:10 PM
@tchrist It's a big chunk of time already to wade through 20 close vote decisions, bumping up would make the task nauseating.
I've been getting it down to 0 regardless.
I know.
But they keep coming and coming and coming, and not a drop to drink.
They should implement platinum badges, then everyone would be all over the review queues.
Would they?
As it stands, I have like 5 gold out of 6 so I'm not motivated in the least.
12:11 PM
@MattE.Эллен If by the end of the day you have no takers, I'll consider it. I'll take them off your hands for 300; you can send a check with delivery.
@RegDwigнt Ditto.
And look at what it's gotten us.
A most trivial fix would be to scrape the two words "awarded once" bit.
Other gold badges can be collected any number of times, so why not the ones for fixing ONE FUCKING THOUSAND things.
I've said that about Copy Editor.
Most people stop helping when they get their badge.
12:14 PM
Which in a way is only fair, because there's thousands of other people who deserve one as well.
Would that they were so intent upon the matter as to earn them.
We used to suffer from the opposite problem: not enough items to review. In fact, in all queues but one we still do.
Which is why now that I think about it I totally took a back seat on purpose.
@tchrist Wait... you're not looking for advice like 'wear socks' or 'hold close to heater'?
Oh, you can hit 20 on the Very Low Quality queue easily enough.
The others are harder.
@tchrist Have you tried goose down slippers?
12:17 PM
And flights of angels wing thee to thy rest.
Every time I use up all my close votes, the world conspires to send unusually horrid questions to ELU just to mock me.
It is an unpleasant experience, I assure you.
Every. Single. Time.
@Robusto LOL Y U still read sight?
Just stop reading sight wehn u no haz votes
Hush, Cerb.
@RegDwigнt UR A LOOSER!
12:19 PM
American and proud!
Go Trump!!!
Hell Yeah!
I hate to say it, but Trump, bad as he is, isn't the worst thing in the Republican's arsenal of shitheads.
@terdon The apparent scope of ELU is anything to do with thinking itself which has been or which can be expressed in something bordering upon English.
Xi Jinping or Pope Francis? Who'd win?
@Mitch Pope Frank ftw.
12:20 PM
@Robusto I am firmly on Jon Stewart's side of the fence: the man is a fucking idiot but God do I love him. What would we even do without him?
Prince Jumping the 9th always wins.
@RegDwigнt Did you see his interview on Colbert?
@Robusto Wrong. Xi doesn't shit in the woods.
@Robusto nope, not watched Colbert in a while, been catching up on Stewart for obvious reasons.
Cooking reasons.
12:21 PM
@Mitch Ξ?
But let me guess, it was in no way different than any of his other interviews?
@Mitch How do you know? He prolly has his own private woods to shit in.
@RegDwigнt Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.
@Robusto They use a clearing.
Ivanity, Theity, Terribleity.
All is terribleity.
12:23 PM
@RegDwigнt I really really really hate to say it, but he is not the worst thing ever. Stand him up next to any of the Koch Bros. surrogates and he's almost appealing.
I have question about word in language english: why is Ivanhoe? Should be Ivan The Ho?
Articles is hard very, help pls.
@RegDwigнt no no no no bros before hos ftw dude
@Robusto Not the worst ever? slips noose over neck
Another thing that is almost likable about Trump is that Fox News hates him, and he hates them back.
@RegDwigнt Ivan The Ho is how you name your employees if you're a pimp. Ivanhoe is how you declare that you have an hoe.
12:25 PM
Up is down, black is white, smile is frown, day is night
@MattE.Эллен good thinking.
@Robusto THat's like watching a scorpion and snake in a pit
@Mitch True. Entertaining enough, but you don't want to be in that pit.
Or pick up the winner
@Robusto Whoa whoa whoa, black is white? Next up you'll allow them on buses and in restaurants?
12:26 PM
@RegDwigнt Well, at least thems not gay.
That is not The Trump Way.
@Robusto some blacks are gay and Mexican.
Build a wall.
You shopped that.
12:28 PM
I will never shop at a blaxican's.
Also, they totally stole that from Scrubs.
They deliver so what's stopping you now
No! I'm Dominican!
@MattE.Эллен Haiti gonna hait.
Q: Permissible uses of passive infinitive clauses as objects of bitransitive verbs

kilimanjaroIs it grammatically correct to say sentence #1? Consider f to be defined by f=x. Well, then what about sentence #2? Let f be defined by f=x. I am sure #2 is ok because it's correct grammatically, but is #1 also grammatically correct or could it be wrong?

I have eyes of jade.
@tchrist Bitransitive verbs treat Caitlyn Jenners as objects!
And her identical twin brother.
@Mitch linky no worky.
12:34 PM
Is that question one that shows no research, or one that is just proofreading asking for "is this correct", or one that deserves migration to ELL, or one that should be answered with a 1-one bit response?
I'm edging toward proofreadery.
Virtually all "Is this grammatically correct" questions are crap.
Francis checking his watch while other cardinal speaks. (well, that's what it looks like)
Mmmmmmmhhhh... Francis Bacon....
ELU is too tired of close voting to even bother any longer.
I close voted that question nine hours ago and nobody has touched it since.
And my editing it didn't make it not be proofreading, although if the asker did some research and work, then maybe it might not be.
I've just spent a good ten minutes looking for that list of questions-to-be-closed sorted by votes already cast.
And it's not there.
It was in the old 10k tools.
12:40 PM
Very convenient for putting your votes to good use.
@Mitch oh yes, that.
better than the other queue where there are lots of old single votes.
Throw, throw, throw your vote
Gently down the stream
Gently? Pfft. Who do you think I am, an ice hockey player?
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ Ph’nglui mglw’nafh C'thulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.
@tchrist Oh. You.
12:46 PM
Magical summoning.
I wonder if everyone on the network just got pinged.
@RegDwigнt It's the song, numbkins.
What in the deuce?
Yeah, I know.
I did @tchrist
balpha knows about it.
12:47 PM
@tchrist JA Rule angry today mon?
I was trying to find out whether it was a localized phenomenon. Apparently it is not.
Huh, how did you do that?
You certainly pang me.
@Robusto it's the joke, numbking.
The power of Cthulhu compels you? :)
@Cerberus *pung FTFY
12:49 PM
Then again, it is only proper that I should be pung by Cthulhu, yes.
@Robusto No, silly, that's the past participle.
@RegDwigнt Back atcha, nummerdummer
Ping, pang, pung.
@Cerberus Same as past tense in this case.
Ping, pung, has pung.
@Robusto Lolwut go play wagner u looser.
You are mistaken, Sir.
Begin, began, begun.
Ping, pang, pung.
12:50 PM
LOL @TCh you couldn't resist the ping crisis in the Tavern?
Drink, drank, drunk.
@Cerberus Fan fun fun
I didn't get the ping though, so it must be anyone in the chatroom.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Tavern might have been special. Remember that Shog lives there.
@tchrist Why did that ping me? O__o
12:51 PM
@Trig You were pung, right? And you were not here.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M not possible. Nobody is in the chatroom.
@tchrist Yet his existence didn't . . . @Oliver there's a ping crisis.
@Robusto Dince, dance, dunce.
@RegDwigнt Y'all were.
@OliverSalzburg A fine question, sir, a most excellent question.
12:51 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M were. Simple past.
@tchrist Aye. And I knew what was happening, because I had been similarly summoned to the Ask Ubuntu General Chatroom not ten minutes prior.
inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M.: Automatic for the People
Q: "I am finished my sandwich" sounds correct but "I am started my sandwich" does not?

user139885Grammatically these 2 sentences seem to have the same structure I - pronoun am - verb finished/started - verb my - pronoun(dictionary.com -> possessive, used as an "attributive adjective") sandwich - noun Why is it that "I am finished my sandwich" sounds correct but "I am started my s...

I am finished my sandwich, the destroyer of worlds.
Canadians gonna canadian.
@tchrist pinged
in WPF on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Omid Nasri
Hi to all, I have problem with code first?
Good question. Does he?
He wants to know. You should help the poor guy out and tell him what he thinks.
Jun 9 at 10:53, by Robusto
Possibly one of the worst crimes Britain perpetrated on the world was to give English to the subcontinent.
Just sayin' . . .
@tchrist how'd you do that?!

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