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12:17 AM
Two scoops!
What could be better?
Fresh raisins.
I'm looking at you, Raisin Bran.
Of course they're fresh raisins.
Total raisin bran is pretty tasty.
12:40 AM
@tchrist; Portuguese? Essa música é mesmo bem lá do fundo do baú, tive que revirar tudo mas consegui encontrar, acho que pouquíssimas pessoas vão se lembrar dela mas podem curtir que é um som bem maneiro e gostoso de se ouvir. Saudações gente querida.
Yes certainly.
Thought so. Some of it felt like Italian, but the cedillas made me think Portuguese.
It's almost Spanish, you know. :)
I know.
Encontrar, etc.
I suppose I would know Italian if I saw it. Certainly French isn't like anything else.
Division by zero jokes never seem to get old for some people.
12:50 AM
> Esa música está muy bien ahí desde el suelo de [somebody], tuve que mover(?) todo pero conseguí encontrar, creo que poquísimas personas van a acordarse de ella, pero pueden apreciar que es un sonido fresco e agradable de escuchar. Saludos gente querida.
I dunno, the damned mismatches on ser/estar between Spanish and Portuguese are really annoying.
I think it means that it sounds good, so estar works better there in Spanish. I think.
Of which maybe half are more like screwups than myths.
Well, BUT if William is named for his UNCLE rather than his FATHER, then he is the second, not Junior. — michelle 3 mins ago
This woman has her head where the moon don't shine.
Oh gosh, I thought you were talking about the Portuguese lady!!!
That's not true at all. Nobody but direct descendants and royal successors get the numbered identifiers. — Robusto 57 secs ago
That's correct.
@tchrist No, I've moved on.
12:54 AM
She has spunk.
If you like spunk.
I wonder whether you can understand her at all.
Who? The Portuguese one or the other one?
The Portuguese lady.
I won't try to teach you; I'm just curious.
Well, I look at it and it feels like I should understand it.
Give me a hint. Is bem P. for ven?
12:57 AM
I meant the link I posted.
She makes me want to say LOL. Where's Jasper when we really need him.
Her Portuguese sounds like someone mixed a Frenchman and a Spaniard and a Russian in a blender.
That was some O'Reilly conference, and I'll be damned if I can figure it out. I may have to ask someone.
@Robusto YES!!!
That's what Portuguese sounds like. And she's reasonably easy to understand. There are much much worse. The main trick is figuring out which word she said, not what the word means.
I can get snatches of it, but only just.
1:01 AM
When you just let it wash over you, once you're over the weird Russian sounds, you can hear the language so very close to Spanish that's almost completely hidden underneath all that.
I'm trying to figure out whether she was too miked or whether she's that plosive.
Sometimes it sounded like fireworks going off.
Once you're used to the Slavic sounds and the various sorts of French-like elisions, it makes a lot more sense.
@tchrist Those are called P-pops in the audio business. It's from being close-miked with no screen.
Ahah. I thought it was an audio issue of some sort.
Professional voice recording is done with a big mic like a Neumann or EV and they have a special, very fine screen between the mouth of the talent and the mic, so that the screen absorbs the plosions.
@Robusto Wow. That is messed up. You'd only pick that up by noticing carefully. Other than that there doesn't seem to be any rhyming
A pop filter or pop shield is an anti-pop noise protection filter for microphones, typically used in a recording studio. It serves to reduce or eliminate 'popping' sounds caused by the mechanical impact of fast moving air on the microphone during recorded speech and singing. It also keeps moisture off the microphone which can cause mold growth. It can also protect against the accumulation of saliva on the microphone element. Salts in human saliva are corrosive and thus use of a pop filter may prolong the life of the microphone. A typical pop filter is composed of one or more layers of acoustically...
> Popping sounds occur particularly in the pronunciation of aspirated plosives (such as the first 'p' in the English word "popping"). Pop filters are designed to attenuate the energy of the plosive, which otherwise might exceed the design input capacity of the microphone, leading to clipping. Pop filters do not appreciably affect hissing sounds or sibilance, for which de-essing is used.
When I was in advertising I had to produce a lot of audio for commercials, so I am quite familiar with that stuff.
@Mitch You might notice it at the break.
Of fear, rage red, manalive,
Molten and mountainous to stream
Over the wound asleep
Sheep white hollow farms

To Wales in my arms.
Hoo, there, in castle keep,
You king singsong owls, who moonbeam
The flickering runs and dive
1:09 AM
@Robusto But still, that's a weird set of constraints mostly because its effect is totally intellectual, you just could not hear it beyond maybe those two middle lines.
Well, take it up with Dylan Thomas. He liked to play games like that.
He wrote one poem as a trapezoid shape.
I'm going to call him now and tell him what I really think.
If you've never read Fern Hill, I highly recommend it.
Is there a key? ( a pattern other than the line length)
1:40 AM
@Mitch For Fern Hill? Each line of each stanza has the same meter as the others. No rhyme, though.
1:56 AM
@Rob I need you to tell me about bike chains.
How are they different for differently-geared bikes? The links are longer?
We are scheming to make a Sigma Derby machine.
2:24 AM
You sound so very Dutch!
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Links are all the same. Chains are longer or shorter, depending on the length needed.
Longer chain, more links.
2:49 AM
@Robusto oh yeah?
Can a person just buy lengths of chain somewhere? Survey says no so far.
By sheer serendipitous happenstance, a local bike shop is having a swap meet this weekend. We're going to look at existing gear and chain systems and figure some things out.
So a 10-speed bike chain is longer than an 8-speed chain.
7 hours later…
10:20 AM
@Robusto U SUCK LOL!!!!!1!
Hm. I think that conveys pretty well what I want to convey.
I might add an additional exclamation mark for an additional addendum of $3000. Tax-deductible.
At any hourly rate, I hope the wrong impression that U DONT SUCK has not been conveyed.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Yes. Don't worry about finding a long enough chain. Just buy enough chains and link them together. You get yourself a chain link extractor and you can just open a link and splice together from there.
Is 22551 Starbuxes a long enough chain?
You want fries with that?
10:35 AM
Anyhoo, length does not matter anywhere as much as girth. A 24-speed chain is much thinner than a 3-speed chain.
@Robusto in point of fact I do.
However, as a rule, I will not enter any Starbucks that does not flash tits on its logo.
@Robusto NOU
Good luck getting your Hollandrad chain onto my 27-speed Bianchi.
Speaking of Starbuck's, time for coffee.
Q: grammmar usage of relative pronoun

Wei YanIs it correct ? I 'm confused with this sentence. 'many people came who were interested in arted ' Why did who' is used after came' ?

So now I'm testing out @J.R.'s migration rules...
10:43 AM
Speaking of coffee, let's go someplace other than Starbucks.
Speaking of Starbuck, how long until the Cylons invade?
not long now
Speaking of coffee, don't go any place. There are only 3 locations worldwide where coffee does not consist of 101% liquid feces, and none of these 3 locations are places.
Q: What is the guy saying?

CuriosaHere's my question. What does the tech expert Bill Thompson say in the attched clip after the words ''I stroke my shiny ???'' Thank you for your time! The link

@RegDwigнt isn't any location also a place by definition?
he says "rooster" or a synonym there of. at a guess. what else is shiny, that you would stroke?
10:47 AM
Okay, so what does the tech expert Bill Thompson stroke? It sounds like tool, or maybe toe, but both options are really worrying.
@MattE.Эллен madness?
@crl no. For example, your mother is a location, but not a place.
Conversely, Philip Seymour Hoffman will never have a location in my heart.
a locution if you want, but a location really?
lol I went to yahoo answers. that place is amazing.
Certainly you mean that location is amazing.
10:51 AM
all websites are places
You're a website.
not all locations are penguins
> I hate my dad?
they're not sure if they hate their dad
> I ate my dad?
everything's a location
@MattE.Эллен yes
Everything is a thing. That's why it's called everything. DUH.
10:53 AM
Nothing is not a thing, That's why it's called nothing.
Mathematics is not a location. Conscience is not a location. The letter Y is not a location.
Beethoven's Second is not a location.
@crl that's actually good advice. I'm suspicous
The letter Y is the location 25 in alphabet
> confusing problem. research from yahoo. that can assist!
@crl the letter Y isn't included in most alphabets at any location.
10:58 AM
France isn't included in a USA's map, that doesn't mean it isn't a location
Nonsense is not a valid argument.
but it's a location, in a given dictionnary
Dictionnaries don't even exist.
ah forgive me, in French it takes 2 n
So greedy.
One day French will strike back and give it none.
11:04 AM
Stop being a dick, Shinnery.
@RegDwigнt dictioaire?
@crl dictateur.
> Shinnery is a deciduous, low-growing, thicket-forming shrub that occupies some 2 to 3 million hectares
Whoa. Now that is dickish.
Also, "a deciduous, low-growing, thicket-forming shrub" is a Shakespearean insult I've not heard before!
11:11 AM
Stop turning sites that are not Yahoo! Answers into Yahoo! Answers.
Or else I will turn the French language into Yahoo! Answers.
Q: French equivalent for "Voulez-vous die Gruweschuh ?" — "Non, merci, mir reiche die !"

RegDwightIn the francique mosellan dialect I am speaking, there's a semi-mocking, yet not really offensive in the least, and perhaps even friendly, expression "Voulez-vous die Gruweschuh ?" — "Non, merci, mir reiche die !", used to poke fun at the French, or the French language. I have a two-part questi...

Note my subtle use of German accent in writing.
What you mean, "or"?
11:16 AM
@RegDwigнt ¨
> Ultimately, the judge ruled that no evidence existed that the Summy Co. -- the original company to assert a copyright claim -- ever legally obtained the rights to the "Happy Birthday To You" song from whomever wrote it.
@RegDwigнt I think the correct answer is "no I wouldn't"
@tchrist Yeah. Should be "whoever".
How can things like that see print?
@MattE.Эллен at least four people disagree enough to be following the question.
Me talks pretty other day.
11:19 AM
1. See print
2. Cannot unsee print
3. Profit
@RegDwigнt I fail to understand 'Gruweschuh'?
> I certainly wouldn't vote for Hitler if he also run tha campaign, but that is but pure speculation
I have turned the French language into Yahoo! Answers.
how is that speculation? are you not sure that if Hitler was running for president you would not vote for him?
11:22 AM
Luckily for you, this chat right here is not Yahoo! Answers, and thus will get you the answer to anything. Including what the fuck Gruweschuh are.
I could vote Hitler if he focused on another category of the population
Jun 27 '11 at 19:53, by RegDwight
user image
See? All the answers are there if you just use the search box.
Never been very good with image search in this chat.
High time you were.
Alte Grubenschuhe
11:25 AM
@crl haha wtf is that supposed to mean. You'd prefer him to gas muslims or what?
@RegDwigнt I've just an aversion for cigarette smokers
Well. Those are gassing themselves.
No need for Hitler! Phew. Another Hitler averted.
but slightly people around too
@MattE.Эллен My brain actually scanned the first word in as Italian (fem. pl.) and had to backtrack and screaming green furiousness. I need coffee.
@crl But 99% of the people around are dicks and idiots. I have no problem with them getting somewhat uncomfortable for brief periods of time.
11:27 AM
@tchrist language is a tricky beast
Anyway. As far as I know Hitler did not smoke, in addition to being a vegetarian. So he did all he could to win your vote!
@tchrist Delayed jinx.
51 mins ago, by Robusto
Speaking of Starbuck's, time for coffee.
He also only ever released images of his German shepherd, but was secretly into poodles or chiwahwahs or something.
And he really, really hated Prometheus.
That's Loki talk, y'all.
Oh so anyone at any time anywhere wanting a coffee is now a jinx?
11:35 AM
@RegDwigнt Yes. I have the Urwantingcoffeemention.
Something like this mention?
No, you poor mispronouncingmansionpineapple.
Hey watch your tongue kiddo, I'm a filthy fucking rich mispronouncingmansionpineapple.
I'll give you filthy.
That's a start.
11:38 AM
But it's only a quality you share with all foreigners. Haven't you heard Donald Trump yet?
Wait, how can he be a foreigner in a foreign land?
BTW, once Trump is anointed, Germans will call him Der Furrier because he wears an animal on his head.
Actually, the most important quality I share with all foreigners is that I'm cold as ice.
And waiting for a girl like you.
I am also an agent provocateur with inside information about Mr. Moonlight, who can't slow down.
11:40 AM
Depends on which Mr. Moonlight you mean.
This just in: Lee Ann Rimes can't fight that video.
"Cuz we love you, Mr. Moonlight."
@RegDwigнt lol
Gay mit Gott, aber gay.
11:42 AM
Marc Maron interviews Patrick Stewart. Really, really good interview. Stewart is way deeper and more interesting than I ever thought. No, seriously.
Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman (/ˈɡeɪmən/; born Neil Richard Gaiman; 10 November 1960) is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre and films. His notable works include the comic book series The Sandman and novels Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. He has won numerous awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker awards, as well as the Newbery and Carnegie medals. He is the first author to win both the Newbery and the Carnegie medals for the same work, The Graveyard Book (2008). In 2013, The Ocean at the End of the Lane was...
"And my middle name is Dick."
@Robusto there is simply no way that interview is anywhere as good as Ricky Gervais'.
@RegDwigнt So you have room in your life for but one interview?
Does not follow.
That's loser talk.
There. A song for you.
11:45 AM
I have room in my life for OVER 9000 interviews. But only one of them can possibly be anywhere as good as Ricky Gervais'.
@Robusto so why don't you kill me?
One doesn't kill losers. They kill themselves.
Losers suck at killing themselves.
The Beatles wrote lots of songs about you, it seems.
11:46 AM
Better call up Blackwater.
Or whatever their name today is. Urinatia or something.
@Robusto you're so vain, you really think those songs are about me, don't you, don't you?
You mean coitus?
I never not mean coitus?
Stop trying to talk like Yoda.
I will talk you up to the Death Star and right back down.
UK's attempt at a Death Star.
Speaking of losers, I rep-capped yesterday. On a question that was not good with an answer that was mundane.
11:50 AM
23 hours ago, by skill patrol
Well, they made a lot of money off of how wise Yoda sounds :-)
@Robusto I don't even know what "rep-cap", "question", or "answer" mean.
In reverse order, they mean Antwort, Frage, und Wienerschnitzel.
I don't even know what "mean" means.
Meet the new Jasper.
11:53 AM
I can be mean, but you'd burst in tears.
@Robusto not bad.
Go for it.
Rob's is too good. I can't top it.
So you admit defeat?
It kills many birds with one stoned.
I'm reading witty comebacks somewhere. Some are funny some are meh.
11:55 AM
@skillpatrol what is that nonsense. I declare victory.
I didn't know "comeback" was a one word.
> Here, probably about 20 people need to review every day to maintain a steady state; more to fix the current problem.
@Arrowfar you can write it in five if it strikes your fancy.
2 mins ago, by RegDwigнt
Rob's is too good. I can't top it.
@DanBron: No, but through the miracle of other words "haunts" does. — Robusto 12 secs ago
11:56 AM
That may be so, given that we close like 50 questions every two days.
@RegDwigнt :)
@skillpatrol yes. So? I declared victory.
RIP Yogi
This chat is unberrable.
How can you think with the radio on?
11:58 AM
@Robusto what is this miracle and where can I buy it?
You can have Dan Bron's. Clearly he doesn't want it.
Hm. Used miracles. I'd have to give it a thunk.
@RegDwigнt Not "used" miracles. "Like-new" miracles.
12:05 PM
So Zooey Deschanel walks into a weather...
In America, Siri is SiriUS, right?
You can't be SiriUS.
SiriUSly, I can.
@Robusto mileage may vary
@DanBron: But escape doesn't connote velociraptors. — Robusto 11 secs ago
12:07 PM
Wait. It doesn't?
English is so difficult.
No. We've been over this.
We've been head over heels, but certainly not over this.
That's gay.
Perhaps you two guys should go to Omegle.
12:11 PM
You have to break some eggs to go to Omegle.
oh ma gueule
Tu te tais !
oui maître
Tu te fru te !
Et tu, Frute ?
12:12 PM
@crl t'as une girl?
@tchrist not yet
She's not a girl, not yet a woman.
Does manboy come in the feminine?
All she needs is thyme, a moment that is brine, while she's in-between.
12:15 PM
Rob has suffered some weird seizure and now thinks entirely in Beatles.
God loves him.
He loves him yeah yeah yeah.
> The movie reminded me of a great British entomologist who had classified hundreds of species of beetles, perhaps the most widely varying form of life on Earth. Late in his career, he spoke to a group of churchgoers about his work. Feeling metaphysical, they asked him to reflect on what science had taught him about the mind of God.

“I’ve deduced,” he replied, “that God is incredibly fond of beetles.”
What Haldane really said:
> The Creator would appear as endowed with a passion for stars, on the one hand, and for beetles on the other, for the simple reason that there are nearly 300,000 species of beetle known, and perhaps more, as compared with somewhat less than 9,000 species of birds and a little over 10,000 species of mammals. Beetles are actually more numerous than the species of any other insect order. That kind of thing is characteristic of nature.
That's called journalism. You never heard of journalism?
12:19 PM
Make my bed and light the light, I'll be true late tonight.
Formicating in the dark.
It's not called blackbird for no reason.
He looks like Jon Voigt in Heat.
Which way do you mean that?
12:25 PM
I mean it the straight way, for the gay way is not the way of the Lord.
I thought you'd quote Eminem on that.
Q: are there inconsistency? are there limitations on the word class which follows "such as"?

k.k.“There are many ways to improve air quality, such as planting trees, decrease the gas emission, use more environment protection material and cultivate the awareness of environment and so on.”

You are full of surprises, like a basket of nuts and bolts.
@MattE.Эллен: How did you edit that question without, you know, kicking it to the curb?
12:29 PM
I can answer that by using the power of my patented technique of deduction.
1. He clicked the "edit" link. 2. He removed two tags. 3. He clicked "yeah looks about right to me".
Looks like he forgot to add .
Elementary, Wanton.
12:30 PM
You know your edit from a curb
You've got a lot of nerve
But I know you
12:35 PM
To make the comparison more explicit: English.SE has twice as many questions (and questions per day) as Mathematica.SE, but nearly five times the number of users. So to keep the review queue manageable should not be difficult if people are doing review tasks regularly. Given that, an important question seems to be: how and why did this situation arise in the first place? — Oleksandr R. 6 mins ago
I don't know.
@skillpatrol Jennifer Aniston really looks old. Also, green.
@tchrist yeah you know what if we wanna drag mathematics into this, certainly we should look at all the variables rather than a select two.
Measuring raw user-count is not measuring active users, active closers, etc.
Also, we have a 40% close rate.
If anything, having five times as many help vampires is, um, not helping.
12:38 PM
He seems to assume that they'll be helping close each other's questions.
Okay so reading his complete comments in chronological order he basically says what I would say.
The one thing I feel like adding is that the whole point of SE is that nothing in one community translates to anything in another community, which is why SE is not one community but hundreds.
It's like when Robert Cartaino wanted to know why we had so many questions protected.
As a simple example, RegDwight has been a registered user with ELU for 5 years, and with Mathematica.SE for 4 years. You can deduce jack shit from there.
@OleksandrR.: I question your conclusion. We may have five times the number of users, but that doesn't mean we have that many dedicated users. The problem is only a few of us ever try to close questions, and this can lead to fatigue and a sense of hopelessness. Why bother if my close votes are mostly wasted on dumb questions that will remain open forever? — Robusto 14 secs ago
@tchrist yeah and then they went ahead and made it so every second question I was going to protect had been long protected automatically.
12:45 PM
Which is good, although I still think our threshold should be at 3 like ELL's, not 5.
Another example of same-not-same is U&L, which has 133% our questions but only half our close rate.
More importantly, they never have anything to speak of in their CVRQ IIRC.
You can't read it.
It's in the 25k close vote stats on U&L. Ask @terdon for data.
UL last 7 days: Questions Closed: 308 Questions Asked: 1419 Close percentage: 21.71 %
UL last 90 days: Questions Closed: 1143 Questions Asked: 8002 Close percentage: 14.28 %
Now look at ours.
And my point is that it does come to this, this mountain of should-be-closed questions, precisely because we have not had the tools we need to deal with it. Which is going to be the easier thing to do: inspire legions of EL&U users to do their community duty, or give the ones who are recognized for doing that duty the tools needed to get the job done? — Robusto 30 secs ago
@tchrist Where do I do that.
> Closed and Asked questions

Questions Closed: 2416 Questions Asked: 6262 Close percentage: 38.58 %
12:52 PM
Thing is, I've no idea what that means.
Does that mean that we get more crap than U&L? Less crap? Are more vigilant? Less vigilant?
Your guess is probably mine, but ask @terdon.
The figures don't tell us anything until we see an additional figure for "percentage of crap posted".
Certainly ELL is a case of being less vigilant. I don't know that that is so for the others.
I feel our diligence could be better.
For otherwise why does the bat signal flash triple digits at us forever?
I believe that the chance of a rep=1 post being crap is pretty much the same throughout the network.
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