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11:02 AM
hmm i see'
11:20 AM
@mattellen awoked up is right or not ?
or awoke up is right
I wrote by mistake .. awoked up
@Miss Awoke, or woke up. Past tense is awaken or woken up
so awoked up is not right
ahh i wrote that mistakenly
it is not
i know that but i wrote that
Today, I slept in morning and awoke up at 12pm or 1pm even then i am feeling headache .. suddenly it start pain on one side on my head.. and then all sides i meant head seems to be heavy.. then i take coffee but now coffee seems to my ba...
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@miss Sorry, awaken is not the past tense o awoke
11:24 AM
ignorr that
awoke is its self the past tense
awake is the present
I would like to add u on face book . Is that ok to u ?>
Good morning.
11:25 AM
i don't really know you. I don't think there would be a lot we could be friends over. right now
But if we get a long in chat then you can add me :)
@Kit hiya!
he he he cool .
@Miss "awoke up" should just be "woke up", or awoke by its self. There is no awoke up
@Kit how's life this morning? it must be quite early for you
@Martha My littlest is officially a toddler now too!
@MattEllen It's not as bad as I feared.
@Kit Good to hear!
It's not that early. Only 7:30.
11:30 AM
oh god! the day has flown by. I thought it was on 9am here!
And yourself?
It's almost noon there, isn't it?
12:30 :D
We used to call that the crack of noon.
Back when I used to stay out until 3 or 4 in the morning.
@Kit I think this is why I am confused
I was not expecting to be out until 4am
or drink quite so much
Last night, or in general? :-)
11:33 AM
@Kit :D just last night WRT time
With regard to?
getting enough sleep doesn't effect my general confusion
@Kit yes
Ah, I see.
Funny. Now I am laughing.
Right, I must love you and leave you, these foods won't buy themselves.
4 hours later…
3:17 PM
@Kit Does this mean turning two?
@JasperLoy No, it means he is toddling, which means he is walking. Sort of.
I see. I have heard of the terrible twos though.
@MattEllen along
@MattEllen itself
I see you are a bit drunk Matt.
3:26 PM
@trg787 Yo.
@Jas , Now I ' m listening to Ganelin's trio.... Concerto grosso
Music sees us through times of despair. Many musicians must have composed their masterpieces in the depths of despair.
@Jas , d'you know how Kuryuokhin answer the quest. "What are your fans?" He answered: I'd be scared if smn tells me he likes my music. He must be pscho ill
So pity you can't understand his "Lecture on brome"
3:44 PM
@trg787 What is brome?
@Jas , can you see this? youtube.com/watch?v=DZsWKM3KUxA
@trg787 I guess you are talking about the element bromium.
But I don't understand Russian, but that looks like some periodic table of the elements.
Oops sorry, I mean bromine.
@Jas , aha
3:51 PM
@JasperLoy "A lecture on bromine".
Got confused by the browser chromium. Jinx!
So you've got yourself a shiny new gravatar again.
Yes, a bit crazy these days. Actually I am crazy in real life, in some sense, details omitted.
You are not even remotely as crazy as our Belorussian friend @trg787. You don't pass the test, Jasper, sorry!
Work harder. You are still one of the more comprehensible people here.
I see. Well, although trg787 seems more crazy here, there is a high chance I am more crazy than him in real life. You will be shocked if you know my life story Reg. And I am still waiting for that miracle to change my health, and my life, for the better. Again, details omitted.
4:01 PM
@fallen Your wings just fell down from the top of my browser.
@JasperLoy ...>_>
@JasperLoy Ain't much said 'bout wings
@FallenAngelEyes What is this smiley about? There are too many different ones flying around.
@JasperLoy Uhm, it's like someone peering sideways at you.
The >'s are eyes
Talking about wings, I don't like chicken wings. I usually take the drumstick at KFC. Wing has too little meat and is hard to consume. Drumstick has more meat and is tender. But the thigh and the breast parts have even more meat, but not as tender. So final choice, drumstick.
4:09 PM
Guys, how to save the link? From the flash
@trg787 You need to get an add-on to your browser that can save flash movies to your hard disk. I recommend video downloadhelper addon with firefox.
It works whether you are on Windows or Linux.
@Jas , I'm with FF but what is exact link to the add-on?
There are some flash download software that seem to be able to download all flash content, but in fact they work only for certain sites like youtube. The one I recommended works for all the flash out there.
4:15 PM
@JasperLoy Hi! But that one won't convert to MP3.
You could use several at the some time.
I am using Best Video Downloader at the moment.
@Cerberus Oh, I know nothing about MP3's. You save the flash as an flv file, after which you can do whatever you want with it.
But I might re-enable Video Download Helper again when I need it.
@JasperLoy But VDH can also save it as MP4 I believe, which is a more current format.
For windows, there is a good alternative called orbit downloader, but it is not available for Linux.
Yeah I have tried that too, long ago.
Don't you find downloading as MP3 useful? Songs tend to disappear...
And I have tried about ten different pdf viewers. I must say Adobe Reader is the best in terms of clarity of rendering. But it is not being developed further for Linux.
4:19 PM
Download this.
@Cerberus Hmm, I don't really save anything for long. Again, one of my minimalist principles. At most I save a video for a couple of days I must say.
@JasperLoy What if the video disappears later? It has happened. Besides, it is much easier to find and play if you have it on disk. Finding it with Everything beats anything qua speed. And what if Youtube is slow? It often is, especially at prime time (evenings, weekends).
@JasperLoy I use PDF X-Change Viewer. It is faster than Adobe for me.
@RegDwight Not that guy again...
@Cerberus Right. If it disappears I just forget about it, and if it is really that important, I will try to get the official CD or VCD.
But it will often not be available.
4:26 PM
@Cerberus Yes faster but not as clear. There is a reason why Adobe Reader is slow.
Many television scenes etc.
@JasperLoy I have never noticed any difference in clarity... X-Change seems perfectly clear?
Correct, then I just forget about it.
@Cerberus You can say whatever you want about The Hoff, and God knows I have, but. He always manages to put a smile on my face. If that ain't worth something, then "worth" has no meaning.
@JasperLoy But that sucks!
@RegDwight It is no shame to have a crush on movie stars, you know.
This is the first time in recorded history that David Hasselhoff got labeled a movie star.
But well, I did say you could say anything you wanted.
4:29 PM
@Cerberus Maybe clear is not a good word here. Let's say that fonts look most beautiful with Adobe. Really, I have tried many PDF documents to discover that. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
It is no shame to be a fan of Justin Bieber either.
@RegDwight Well you know I never know things.
@JasperLoy Hmm... I will pay attention next time I have Adobe installed.
@Cerberus I didn't know you would remember that, though.
It was a hunch.
@Cerberus But I must add that Adobe does not work as well on Linux, but still better than Evince. And of course it is only version 9 now while the Windows one has reached 10.
4:33 PM
pdf is Adobe format They lost very much not taking a patent for it
Hmm OK.
They have made enough money I guess. And although there are good alternatives to Adobe Reader, there are none for Adobe Flash. swfdec or gnash just doesn't work.
So Richard Stallman doesn't watch flash.
I think sooner or later everyone will switch to html5?
Wasn't there a Youtube version on html5 for some platforms?
Dunno anything about html. I'm quite scared of computers actually. Only learnt a bit more practical stuff in recent years.
4:37 PM
@JasperLoy You're scared of computers?
@GraceNote Well, I hated them and didn't think they were that great or useful or necessary or easy to use. But my perspectives have changed.
@JasperLoy I have no idea how it works either. I could write a single line in html. If it even has lines.
But I know that html5 can function as a substitute for Flash.
The only language I command is Autohotkey, and only to some extent, which excludes some of the most advanced functions.
I see. I know no real programming languages. I was shocked when I found out from Jimmy Wales there were so many. I wonder how one passionate about programming will be able to choose which to learn and use.
4:43 PM
Ya, that's a joke my friend likes to say about Jimmy Wales, since I started to read Wikipedia often.
@JasperLoy It's usually by necessity. You pick up a fairly basic one while you're in school and generally work from that. If you're wise, you'll spread out a bit so you have a fundamental understanding of the others. But after that, a lot of your language choice is defined by what you need to write in based on occupation or circumstance.
And Richard Stallman looks like a god who descended from heaven with that facial hair of his. All Linux users bow down!
He uses this small netbook and foregoes wireless so that he can use 100 per cent free hardware and software.
Free hardware? Where does one get that?
the best prorgrammer of the world of history of IOI lives near to me en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Olympiad_in_Informatics See the table: Multiple IOI winners We are the best
4:47 PM
@Cerberus Free as in libre, not gratis. He wanted the BIOS of the computer to be libre as well.
Q: Free as in 'free beer' and in 'free speech'

Arjun J RaoThis phrase is all over the internet. They will say that something is free as in 'free beer' and free as in 'free speech'. I have never really understood this. Are these the examples of two different types of 'free'?

@trg787 Yes I know the Russians are very smart. Grigori Perelman for instance.
@Jas , Perelman shocked all Russia :) refusing to get 1 mln USD.... He was was fired from institute of Steklov, now he lives only on his mom pension
@trg787 I should send Grisha an email telling him to take the million dollars and then give it to me instead.
4:56 PM
@Jas , he was offended by that maths world did not note a work of some American math-man. Perelman said: it's dishonestly to honor me and forget abt him
I'm off for a bit. Later!
@trg787 He was pissed because it appeared that someone rewrote his proof with more details and made it seem like they discovered the proof.
Grigori solved Poincare Conjecture. For those courageous and crazy enough, you may wish to take a look at the remaining six Millenium Problems from the Clay Institute and try your luck at winning a million for solving each of them.
@trg787 Since you are also crazy, I would expect you to solve the Riemann Hypothesis next!
And John Nash came really close to winning the Fields Medal once. He must be pissed that he only got the Nobel Prize.
5:08 PM
@Jas, I'm not a mathematician
3 hours later…
8:25 PM
Q: What does "The power to be strong" mean, and is it valid English?

Saeed NeamatiI was reading Microsoft Encarta and in a part of it, Nietzsche ideology were put forward as: "For Nietzsche the power to be strong was the greatest value in life" Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Isn't "the power to be strong" ridiculous? I me...

Is this on topic?
Seems subjective to me.
@Kit Seems "peeving disguised as question" to me. Possibly also quite localized. But I'm on the fence. Especially since I don't know the original Nietzsche quote.
It is entirely possible that he used these exact words to make a point. I dunno.
5 messages moved from War Metal Tyrant
8:45 PM
geez, i just watched a documentary based in the southern US, and they are just allergic to adverbs!!!
well is good, quickly is quick, wonderfully wonderful, etc.
why cant they put more goddamn effort into speaking?
Q: Dialog with an ok and cancel button

Fraser OrrI'd be interested in your analysis of the following sentence (from program documentation): ... dialog with an ok and cancel button... [correct] Would be correct. However, why not: ... dialog with an ok and a cancel button... [correct] And why not: ... dialog with an ok and cancel ...

Is this on topic? It's pretty localized
And asks for a "proofread this"
9:02 PM
Q: In Britain, what benefits are there in using "Way Out" rather than "Exit"?

TRiGAt public transport interchanges throughout the English-speaking world (and where there are English signs for the benefit of travellers in non-English-speaking countries), the exits are marked, appropriately enough, Exit. The one exception seems to be Britain, where they're marked Way out. I'm ju...

Did I do this title any favours?
Seems fine to me.
I wasn't sure 'benefits' was the right word to use there, but obviously I can't know exactly what the OP is looking for, but I figured we must be looking for reasons of usage, nonetheless. Whereas the original title just seemed like peeving.
@simchona I dunno. The underlying problem is actually not entirely uninteresting. (Coordination of lower-level constituents or something or whatever it's called or jeez really I have no idea.)
As it is though, he's like "give me an analysis of this and this and this and why not this"
I'm not sure I could provide any kind of answer other than "doh zet's just how it wurks"
@simchona Analysis is never bad. And him having done some leg work and pre-labeled stuff is worth something, too.
9:12 PM
But he's not saying what he's looking for, I think
At any rate, it's not your usual "Im no speaker is correct this?"
Very true
@simchona Well, I'm just sharing some random thoughts off the top of my head anyhow. If I see four close votes or even just three, that might kick me off the fence.
And yes, I know that Sundays are slow.
Q: What does "The power to be strong" mean, and is it valid English?

Saeed NeamatiI was reading Microsoft Encarta and in a part of it, Nietzsche ideology were put forward as: "For Nietzsche the power to be strong was the greatest value in life" Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Isn't "the power to be strong" ridiculous? I me...

Isn't that peeving about English, but put into a question?
Yes, Kit brought that one up just a few minutes earlier.
48 mins ago, by Kit
Is this on topic?
Time flies like a banana.
9:14 PM
Oh, my bad.
No, time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana
I'm in another time zone, doh.
Also, dschoke.
10:04 PM
Q: What is the difference between syntax and semantics?

PhilAs a computer scientists and a writing hobbyist, I really ought to know these terms' meanings for memory. Can anyone clarify the difference between syntax and semantics, and provide some examples? For example, where does punctuality fall? Spelling? What about sentence (or code) structure?

General reference?
Punctuality? Really?
"A writing hobbyist". I flagged it.
He's also a plural computer scientist
Well, now I can see where his question stems from.
A: Do listeners understand different adjective orders?

PhilThe proper syntax (or is it semantics?) is to separate multiple adjectives with a comma. For example, "a lovely, long, white coat". Then, "a long, white, lovely coat" and "a lovely, white, long coat" are much clearer to read, and equally simple to say.

He couldn't google it though? A nice dictionary, perhaps?
It's a follow-up to this answer of his.
@simchona Well, yeah.
10:10 PM
He doesn't seem to google--one of his answers says "there's no word for it because I don't know of one"
A: Is there a generic name for public transport interchanges?

simchonaYou could refer to them all as transport hubs, or even just hubs.

Hm. I don't know the precise word, but the generic infrastructure immediately springs to mind.
Ah, you beat me to it.
It was almost general reference. I just searched "public transport interchange"
Haha, just followed your link. It's almost as if the OP copied the question off that Wikipedia article...
BTW, you seen Pacerier today? Me hasn't. Here's hoping things will turn for the better.
10:15 PM
I haven't seen him, no.
The edits this Phil makes are interesting...
I downvoted.
I also said it's not an answer.
Oh my, not this again.
Q: What was the first English acronym?

MalvolioFor whatever reason, people love to claim that words are acronyms: wog, snob, fuck, news, posh; the oldest example I know of comes 1668 when five Privy Councillors (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley-Cooper, and Lauderdale) were accused of forming a CABAL (the word, as every Madonna fan know...

Q: When did the use of acronyms begin?

MarkWhat are some of the earliest acronyms and did they know it was an acronym at the time?

Haha. His question doesn't match his actual desired answer tho
Damnit, I'm slow today. Just noticed that Tsuyoshi beat me to it.
Why do I even search for stuff if you people are faster...
10:21 PM
He claims it's not a real dupe of that one.
A: is this third person?

PhilActing as the airplane is first person, and speaking to your grandson is second person.

Isn't this pure misinformation?
(Phil's answer)
And I get beaten again.
And yes, I came here to wonder just that.
If I say to my grandson "Alexander went to Rome", that's not second person.
I downvoted again...since I think flags aren't supposed to be for misinformation
Yep, that's what downvotes are there for.
And he commented again... "why don't you people ever comment on why you downvote"
It's just that he posts too fast.
10:24 PM
I haven't been here that long...but some users just annoy me
A: is this third person?

PhilActing as the airplane is first person, and speaking to your grandson is second person.

Keep in mind that if you downvote more than just a couple times within a day, all your votes will get canceled by the daily script as suspicious.
Ok. I think I only downvoted twice, but thank you for the heads up
Read his comments on his answer though...
> simchona, you seem like a real bully. I should add a post for bullying in stack exchange, see what I get. – Phil 42 secs ago
Yeah seen that. Relax.
> Jackie, can you mark my answer as accepted?
The key is "see what I get". Well, let him.
10:27 PM
Are you the one upvoting my comments?
I am not the one commenting on whether or not I do. :)
Alain brought up an interesting point. I think it wouldn't help the OP though...
That point is no news to me. It probably is to the answerer, though.
The Wikipedia article I have linked to explains that in more detail.
Oh look, there is no Meta post on bullying.
@alainpannetier I am afraid you're giving him way too much credit there. Saying "speaking to your grandson is second person" is not anywhere the same as "English imperative mood has only one person". If that's what he means, he must clarify accordingly.
As it stands, the answer is not upvote-worthy IMHO.
10:41 PM
It's still a closed question, too. Can one accept answers on that?
And there was I hoping that this weekend will end just like it started: peaceful, quiet, and slow.
@simchona I am fairly certain one can.
Unless they changed it without informing me.
If this guy put any research into his questions, we'd all be good right now. His answer on rituals vs. festivals et al was based on his personal definitions...
At least he has deleted the adjective "answer" after Colin jumped in to clarify.
Q: Meaning of "fuck" in the following conversation

poorenglishThis conversation is from "Youth in Revolt" movie. A boy named Nick met his colleague, a girl, in a music shop while purchasing a DVD and after a little talk, her boyfriend hugged her from behind in front of Nick. Then the girl chuckles and says: "Chad, fuck you". He replies — "Oh, fuck you, y...

Not censored yet?
@Reg In which one?
10:44 PM
@Jez Ah craps.
i saw it in the sidebar and lol'd
There you see how much importance I assign to censoring.
For me it's just another word.
@simchona The adjective-order one where he recommended adding commas.
Lewis Black says it's punctuation in New York
he took out the "accept this answer" comment too
@Jez That's not what I mean, though.
@simchona He didn't. I did.
10:46 PM
Oh. That works too. Hopefully Alain sees your message here soon
@Kit Yes, I approved it.
Q: What is the oldest common English word?

MalvolioI'm trying to formalize What is the oldest still-in-use english word? which was closed as vague. Consider the "age" of a word to be the length of time since it was first used with the (more-or-less) the current meaning and pronunciation. Obviously, there are lots of words date from Classical An...

@Kit This suggested edit is funnier: english.stackexchange.com/suggested-edits/1059
10:55 PM
@RegDwight Ok, just checking.
@RegDwight I didn't laugh. Must be Russian humor.
Could be wailing baby detracting from my ability to concentrate though.
Speaking of, TTFN.
Well, he is trying to improve.
A: Is there a generic name for public transport interchanges?

PhilThere is not any common word in use in American English. For bus or train stations, you can often use transit station, however this does not apply to many other public transport interchanges.

That's much better than a "No."
True, but that answer isn't very much different than his first.
Oh, I was just about to ask if you approved his edit. I know I did a rollback on one
Um. I dunno. But you can always just check for yourself, the record is public.
@RegDwight Hmm is that edit so bad?
It doesn't really help the question, IMO
Q: Ask about "You journey on"

user705414In the lyrics of "May it be", there is a line May it be you journey on I am wondering why not using "your journey on". I think journey is a noun, you need a pronoun before it. Also, what is the purpose of "on" here?

Off topic, or still good?
11:15 PM
@Cerberus Which of the 248 I have handled?
@simchona Ananas.
@Cerberus At least to me, the edit obfuscates the actual question
@Cerberus Yes.
If anything, he should have quoted the accepted answer.
But not the question which was a question (and in this case, deliberately obfuscated by the OP, myself).
Besides, a link is perfectly fine.
This is the Internet. It's all about linking to further information rather than quoting it in its entirety on every page ever so that people never have to click.
Non-hyper text is for dead trees.
But back to @simchona again.
I'm not sure what to close it as, but I don't think there's enough to justify keeping it open, either.
Obviously, pretty much every word in English can work as pretty much any part of speech. That's the beauty of it.
If you don't know that journey can be a verb, well...
@Reg I don't have the power to vote to close, so I'll just let y'all handle this
@simchona BTW, you might wish to link "dropped 'that'" in your answer to the question that discusses it in further detail.
Q: Are there rules about using "that" to join two clauses?

kiamlaluno He will understand that I was not joking. He will understand I was not joking. Which of the sentences is correct? Are there any specific rules about the use of "that" in the sentences I reported as example?

11:24 PM
I was looking for something like that -- thank you!
no problem
Jeez, I can barely type anymore
@RegDwight I can see why you and @Sim may not consider this the perfect edit. And indeed the order asked about in the old question is less relevant than the one in the answer. But is it really bad? I remember agreeing with Martha that small quotes are to preferred over mere links, because of link rot, though I suppose that is less of an issue when linking internally. Or is it. Oh, well, never mind, it doesn't really matter.
@Cerberus Well, I just object to his quoting the "something along the lines" part.
He can always try again
Surely that piece of writeup is the least important in that question.
11:27 PM
Q: What is the difference between syntax and semantics?

PhilAs a computer scientists and a writing hobbyist, I really ought to know these terms' meanings for memory. Can anyone clarify the difference between syntax and semantics, and provide some examples? For example, where does punctuation fall? Spelling? What about sentence (or code) structure?

Why is this still open...
He could have used those letters to actually complete the order of adjectives.
@simchona Because Sunday.
@Reg Darn. The answers don't even relate to English.
Also, get to 3k! Honestly.
@Reg I'm working on it!
O Zeus, I vow to go to bed three hours earlier next time.
This was such a nice slow cuddly weekend.
Also, a cuddly nice slow weekend.
11:31 PM
@simchona I just said this a few days ago. Spooky!
And a slow cuddly weekend nice, even.
@Jasper...Are you Bieber now?
@RegDwight Good!
Anyhow people. Working day tomorrow. 1:31 am. Have fun, I'm out.
11:32 PM
@simchona Yes, though some may not know him.
@mana I see you made a brilliant edit.
yeah, yeah
I was hesitating on that one. Well good that you did it, now you have two more points.
@cerberus PDF X-Change is very good, and only a very small download and installed size. After Adobe it is my choice. Both come with tons of features I must add.
11:46 PM
I mean: I must additionally mention. Parsing error!
@simchona I think you will be in the 3k league, and then the 20k league in no time at the rate you are going. I have sort of retired from answering already!
@cerberus You fixed your white=FFFFFF problem already?
@Jasper Thanks -- I'm working on it.
@JasperLoy Ah, a comma after "features"...
@JasperLoy Yup it works! It was a combination of my stupidity and a silly quirk of the programming language.
11:54 PM
@mrdis It turns out that grace's and martha's interpretation of 'oop' were different, just to update you since you made some comments on that one. So I'll just use 'oop' in whatever way I like.
Object Oriented Programming?
Out of period was one of them. The rest I don't really get it...
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