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12:08 AM
Hello people!
@MετάEd Is that a non-Jew?
12:52 AM
@MετάEd Dude, I just want to know where not to step.
I have just four words for winter: Fuck. This. Snow. Shit.
we aren't getting snow, just really, high winds and rain
@Robusto inorite.
I need some egging on. Please egg me.
Can't these people do math? Who cares if you reduce the mosquito population by 80%? The other 20% will just breed it back up to capacity in one or two generations.
1:08 AM
That felt good. Thanks.
drinks more rum
> The 'egg' of 'egg on' is a straightforward variant of 'edge', so to 'egg someone on' is to edge, or urge, them forward.
curious, didn't know that
I just learnt it a few days ago.
@Jez I'm sure that years from now (if not weeks) hone will have supplanted home in the expression "home in on" for the same reason.
I can't tell you how many people I hear saying "hone in on [something]" these days.
@Jez Wow, I didn't know that either!
I never hear "edge on", actually. But I shall use it from now on.
@Robusto Oh! I have heard people say hone in on, and I intuitively knew what they meant, but I never connected it with home in on.
It did seem...strange, etymologically.
1:36 AM
Did you know the word bothy?
No. Never heard of it.
Scottish, is it?
That would make sense: I heard this in a game review, which takes place in Scotland, and the reviewer's accent might or might not have sounded somewhat Scottish...
Here's a game for ya.
The script is hard to read, but the words are easy. It's the story of Snow White done as a comic book noir.
1:57 AM
Oh, funny.
Yeah it's easy to read.
Well, nighty-night.
2 hours later…
3:46 AM
@kitfox Ova.
3 hours later…
6:56 AM
Hey guys, I have a question. If my Y axis on a graph is Total time spent on a computer (across 10,000 users) and my x axis is each hour in a day, what do I title the graph?
For example, the at 7pm(x axis), it is a bar going up to 50,000 hours. At 8pm, the bar only goes up to 20,000 hours
The original title was duration, but that doesn't seem to make sense....
> Total time spent using a computer, per hour of the day, for 10,000 users
That would be the most...complete?
Seems confusing though
The shorter alternative would seem to be Total time spent using a computer.
3 hours later…
10:32 AM
@Cerberus there can be only two values: too much or not enough
1 hour later…
11:33 AM
I wonder if I would get good at programmer Portugese from the new Stack Overflow in Portugese
well, I didn't know about it until just now
or I'd forrgotten about it until just now
I thought it was over umos anos old already.
> Two weeks ago, we announced the public launch of Stack Overflow in Portuguese
that was on 02-13-14
so about a month ago
63 days in beta.
11:36 AM
six weeks, in fact
Hm. I remember seeing it during the Winter Bash.
yeah, it would have launched in the last few days of winter bash
That would explain something. Now sure what, but something.
ЯegDwight, Europe, GMT+1
101 2
> membro de 47 dias
But I must be off to watch curling.
have fun! you and badp
apparently GB are winning
1 hour later…
12:49 PM
@MattЭллен Boo!
Hi, @JasperLoy
Português is making reading preguntas difficult
@MattЭллен So the ship carrying my books from amazon has stopped at the port for 6 days. I hope nothing is going wrong. I thought it would have sailed from it by now...
@JasperLoy Singapore port?
or US port?
@MattЭллен No, one in New Jersey. My first package arrive a week before expected, so I am wondering about the second one. They split it into two.
maybe they're waiting for it to be a full load
it's more economical that way
12:51 PM
The first ship sailed off within a day only.
It was probably full
Yeah, I hope so. I don't want my books to go missing. It's over a thousand USD...
They'll be fine!
So how did you spend V day?
at work, then at home!
12:53 PM
I spent it alone as usual, lol.
And yes, I have never ever gone on a date, lol.
It's still valentimes day here
Oh, it is here too, lol.
I think it's becoming less fashionable as time goes by
it is quite obviously a consumerist ploy
Yeah. Anyway both of us are considered "old" since we are past 30!
indeed :D
12:55 PM
If only we could remain in your 20s forever!
I don't mind getting older
I don't mind either provided there is rebirth.
I just wish I also got wiser
I wanna start all over again,
surely you wouldn't know if you started over?
12:57 PM
@MattЭллен Is that really what life is all about?
Yeah, we mostly have no recollection of our past lives.
When people ask why we cannot recall our past lives as an argument against the possibility of rebirth, the answer is that we cannot even remember what we ate for breakfast last year.
@Cerberus that's what the data tell us
12:58 PM
Of course, that doesn't prove that there is rebirth, but it does counter the argument against rebirth.
@MattЭллен How disappointing.
I can. it was the same as breakfast this year
@Cerberus that's life
@MattЭллен Haha same here!
Also, the argument that there is God because time must have a beginning is flawed.
12:59 PM
@JasperLoy Then again, a life is kind of a big deal. You'd think we would remember...
In the first place, time need not have a beginning.
time is made up of timitons, each a Planck's constant in size.
To me, only the Buddha truly understands space and time...
at the beginning of the universe all the timitons were bunched up, which is why there was such rapid expansion. the older the universe gets, the slower time flows because the timitons are more spread out.
This timiton theory sounds pretty plausble, lol.
1:02 PM
that's what's great about theoretical physics. even I can make things up and it will sound plausible
The bad thing about such physics is that it could all be wrong in the end.
my theory is testable, too. if you find a place where time seems to be speeding up, say in orbit around a planet c.f. being on the surface of the planet, then you should be able to detect timitons using some unforseen detector
I think Stephen Hawking would not be so famous if not for his disability.
Similarly for John Nash.
Anyway, I can log into chat without logging into any SE subject site.
I just need to log into SE itself first!
1:08 PM
I see
that's convenient if you don't want to use any of the QnA sites
@MattЭллен That's pretty big.
@Cerberus it's the smallest anything can be
@MattЭллен Are you criticising theoretical physics??
@MattЭллен How about half a Planck constant?
I have lost interest in physics because there is too much pure math alone to study.
1:10 PM
@Cerberus the universe won't allow it. it will break your cutting implement
What if I hide it?
the universe is everywhere
And what if my cutting implement is my mind?
It's razor sharp.
1:11 PM
but it is not indestructible
Wow, metaed has 10 stars!
Unless you believe in Jasper's theory.
My theory? What is it?
1:12 PM
Oh, I see. It's usually called rebirth in Buddhism though.
But not elsewhere.
But I first came across the term reincarnation.
Well, sure, you can call it rebirth in other cultures, too.
@Cerberus So do you have any dates today?
@Cerberus "is that all there is to life?" of course not. There's cake!
1:15 PM
@Mitch Cake makes everything alright.
@Cerberus it could do with a little criticism if anyold layperson can sound convincing
@JasperLoy Nope! Just a birthday. You?
@Mitch What kind?
@JasperLoy It's pretty cool how making stuff up in our heads actually works out so well. Anyway most modern physics is indistinguishable from mathematics.
@Cerberus Nope! I am always single and available!
@MattЭллен Heh. I personally have no opinion on th. ph.
@JasperLoy I told you, get on a dating site...
1:18 PM
I like it, but it can get quite fanciful
not that I know much about it. just what I read in New Scientist
By the way, I just got a message from a (not very close) friend through a certain medium, which means he must be gay (I'm not extremely surprised).
I think he didn't recognise my picture.
@MattЭллен Maybe...
Can someone tell me what grindr is?
1:19 PM
it's a certain medium
like a fortune teller
I don't want to scare him: he may be partly in the closet, although I have heard gossip.
@JasperLoy I know! Pie is pretty good too.
@MattЭллен Haha, exactly!
1:20 PM
What if one has no closet at home?
@Cerberus ah gossip. the only reliable currency
have you head about the antics at the Silk Road 2 website?
@Cerberus Whatever kind you like best. Or if you like chocolate sprinkles in your dulce de leech yogurt, go with that. When you get reincarnated I'm sure they'll have something comparable.
But I have to say I always liked him, platonically.
1:22 PM
@MattЭллен No.
apparently the owners have run off with everyones BTC
@MattЭллен Oh, that they stole everybody's bitcoins?
@Mitch Stop it! No yoghurt.
that links to a story about it
1:22 PM
Silk Road reminds me of Kitaro the musician.
Have you guys heard Kitaro?
The name rings a bell
That's not antics, that's .... Going to upset a lot of very bad people.
He is Japanese and has long hair, lol.
@MattЭллен Why do people even have wallets on SR2?
I do not know
1:24 PM
@MattЭллен I wonder what the G is doing there.
Why not buy and sell directly?
I have never had a wallet on Mt Gox either.
maybe there was some incentive?
@Cerberus What? Oh. What's your dessert of preference then?
Could be...
@Mitch What isn't!!
@Mitch Mine is tiramisu.
1:24 PM
Tarte au citron, perhaps.
Or chocolate cake.
Or crème brûlée.
Or or...
I realy like chocolate brownies
@Mitch I like my question "just deserts" or "just desserts", lol
and bread pudding
Less so.
1:25 PM
The cheese plate? I still don't get that. I feel that should be an entire snack by itself, not to cap off a meal.
and christmas pudding
@MattЭллен I make those in the toilet every day.
@Mitch I want a cheese plate about half an hour after dinner, not immediately after.
that's an odd place
And do you do fromage, fruit, dessert? Or I think that's French...
English is fruit, dessert, fromage?
1:26 PM
@Cerberus yeah. cheese as dessert doesn't really make sense. it's not sweet. that is the number one rule about dessert!
I learnt recently that ladyfinger is a cake, and different from ladies' finger which is a vegetable.
Don't get me wrong, I love cheese more than puppies.
I do not like puppies or kittens.
@JasperLoy Huh really? I thought a ladyfinger was a kind of cookie.
@JasperLoy !
1:27 PM
@Cerberus I find it weird that people hug kittens and puppies but eat chickens and ducks.
ladyfingers are the biscuits they put in tiramisu, right?
@JasperLoy They also hug ducklings and chicks.
I think people who keep pets should be vegetarians.
@MattЭллен Yes! At least, to me.
@Cerberus Maybe you are right, let me check.
1:28 PM
the old cake vs biscuit debate rears its head!
Lady finger, ladyfinger, or lady's finger may refer to: Food * Ladyfinger (biscuit), light and sweet sponge cakes roughly shaped like a large finger * Lady Finger (cocktail), an alcoholic mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients Biology * Lady's fingers, another name for the okra plant * Ladyfinger cactus, a common name for the cacti Mammillaria elongata or Echinocereus pentalophus * Lady Finger banana, a variety of banana also known as Sucrier, Sugar banana, or Date banana Other uses * "Ladyfingers", a song by Luscious Jackson from their 1999 album Electric Honey * Lady...
@MattЭллен Ah, fuck.
I love how they have "Lady finger (biscuit): light and sweet sponge cakes".
Choose, lady!!
Make a fucking choice.
So cake=biscuit, QED.
@Cerberus hahaha. the picture at the bottom is captioned "Ladyfingers, loose". On some kind of spree, no doubt.
I cannot believe the movie Pearl Harbour is over three hours long, lol.
It's showing on tele tonight.
1:35 PM
I can't believe I'm still at work!
toodle pip
@MattЭллен Haha OMG they have escaped!
@MattЭллен I can't believe you're not butter.
A: Is accepting your own answer feasible?

Matt ЭлленYes, you can accept your own answer.

@MattЭллен: You're not a sock puppet for the questioner, are you?
@Cerberus ?? It is both light and sweet, you get both. No need to choose.
@Cerberus one of those at most, and not the cheese. After a big meal I don't want to have one last tiny tidbit that is also heavy, like cheese.
@JasperLoy mmm...I love tiramisu! It's cake with extra stuff!
@KitFox Hi.
1:48 PM
Tiramisu? Is there some? looks around hopefully
uh... wipes crumbs off face
No. There's no tiramisu. I think you should wipe that thought out completely.
moves tiramisu behind back
Besides I've heard it's not good for you.
holy crap tiramisu is the best thing ever for you
@MattЭллен Uh... I think your premise is sadly mistaken, There's no debate at all.
@Cerberus Whoa dude. I mean ladyfingers are pretty darn good, especially in tiramisu, of which I haven't had any in a while and there's none around here at the moment.. But better'n puppies? Are you mad? Were you dropped on your head as a child, one too many times?
2:04 PM
@Mitch Hah, well, it's traditional...
@Mitch I said cheese, not ladyfingers!
@Cerberus Oh. Hm... OK. I get it. But I think there is room for puppies. How about cheese and puppies?
You're asking for too much.
It's a small puppy. How about now?
2:27 PM
Aww so cute. OK.
So it'll be braised boneless baby puppy en croute with a tarragon infused cheese sauce. It'll be served momentarily.
I recommend a zinfandel.
Make sure to boil them alive.
2:54 PM
Il faut souffrir pour manger a really good meal.
3:05 PM
Un très bon repas, oui!
Bom dia!
@Mitch I am not
@Mitch Hush, puppy!
@Mitch Mais il ne fallait pas que ton repas même souffrît, tu sais bien.
@MattЭллен He's your sockpuppet, right?
Wait, but you're Reg's sockpuppet. And my mental twin...
draws diagram
This is so confusing.
3:21 PM
@KitFox Ahah! This explains the breast thing. Alles klar.
I guess I missed something.
Will it help if I read the entire chat history?
@KitFox and isn't Reg your sockpuppet?
@MattЭллен You have the O and the U swapped in that last word.
@Cerberus And here I always thought the customary formulation was Be not quick to ascribe to malice those matters more readily ascribed to stupidity or sloth.
3:40 PM
@tchrist Bah, that's too simple.
Varietas delectat.
@tchrist Nice.
@tchrist I think Cerb's motto can be simplified even further to "never reason".
@tchrist I've actually heard French people (OK just one) say something to the effect that all food is suffering (or something like of 'course the animals suffer, you can't have good food without it')
@MετάEd or to '...'
@Mitch Now that is great proscriptive advice.
I wish more people would give advice like that.
There's some nuance to be added to that. maybe '..'
4:19 PM
@MετάEd You mistook your motto for mine.
4:38 PM
@Cerberus I'm not following you.
@MετάEd I thought you would change your avatar for V day, lol.
@JasperLoy Oh, thank you for the reminder. I have one all queued up.
@MετάEd Good good. Let's put it on!
@JasperLoy In fact I think this marks the second year I've used this one. So I've done this for more than a year now!
@MετάEd I thought your motto was "never reason", but that could be my mistake...
evil grin
4:43 PM
Is "Never ascribe to reason" your motto? I thought it was prescriptive advice (for other people).
I think you're now ascribing my utterances to reason.
Or the other way around.
1 hour later…
5:53 PM
I don't find it exceptionally hard to bring this under 600 characters, as most of it is chatter best suited for chat. The rest can be summed up in exactly one sentence: "I do not agree with Mitch". — RegDwigнt 4 mins ago
Srsly. "Hey Mitch where are you from" is a better fit for match.com.
But it's back to Sochi for me.
Au reservoir.
Well, thanks. I'd forgotten I was going to do that.
1 hour later…
7:05 PM
@Cerberus I offered to shorten your proscriptive advice. That is all.
You were supposed to chuckle.
Apparently you took it as a possible attack on your reason, which I regret. That seems to be why you turned it back on me, which I regret also ...
ugh. i just totally fucked up an interview. very disappointed.
should've know way more technical stuff than i did but my mind kept going blank
I hate it when that happens.
couldn't properly explain what the difference was between a value and a reference type
couldn't remember what loose coupling was
couldn't explain properly why to use an interface over inhertiance
I like your rose, @MετάEd.
couldn't explain properly what dependency injection was and why it was used
(doesn't help that none of the stuff i've worked on has really used much dependency injection)
7:18 PM
Ouch, @Jez. You should have attempted to faint halfway through and then told them you were coming down with flu and had to leave quickly.
and then they asked me about how to avoid deadlocks in databases - i said to use transactions
i was informed that they were what actually caused deadlocks
Wow, the top question on Maths and indeed on the entire network is "what is the logic behind Pythagoras' theorem".
And the answers are just a bunch of the most common one-liner proofs available anywhere at all.
Would have been closed as gen-ref here.
And the OP rep capped and got a bunch of badges out of not caring for spelling "I" correctly. Oh the humanity.
Sochi is more fun. Lators.
7:41 PM
@KitFox Thank you.
And thank you @JasperLoy for remembering.
7:57 PM
A: What is more appropriate to say “pay especial attention to” or “pay special attention to”

RegDwigнtThe actual usage stats from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) and the British National Corpus (BNC) look as follows: COCA BNC pay especial attention to 0 0 pay special attention to 129 30 ratio (%) ...

Not sure what the deal is with that question.
600 views, 5 votes, but no attention for the answers, and indeed the most obvious answer had to be posted by myself, and only because I ran out of space for a comment.
But I am not here. Black Sea awaiteth.
8:16 PM
@MετάEd I interpreted it as a joke, and joked back, or so I thought...no drama!
@Cerberus See, there you go again, looking for no drama.
I don't see it.
Perhaps the drama edramen, i.e. "ran (off)".
1 hour later…
9:37 PM
@Cerberus If you are looking for no drama, and you don't see it, what do you see?
10:11 PM
@RegDwigнt ASL? Except here it's Age, Sex, Language.

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