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12:00 PM
Hmm, I want to know if there's any set of instructions test that tells you every current CPU status (registers, mode and etc) after executing each instructions.
ah. I have no idea, sorry :)
If you have ever used visualboy emulator debugging mode, I think you know what I mean.
@EnglishMaster Perhaps the MSO community chat can be of more help for you in this case.
I'm sure they have a chat room, too

 Electrical Engineering

A place to talk with friends from the EE community about vacuu...
@MattЭллен Really? Electrical engineers to be asked about "CPU status (registers, mode and etc)"?
Electronics might have worked IMHO.
12:03 PM
@Mistu4u sure, why not? some EEs know about chips.
mmm chips
@MattЭллен Yeah, this can work.
@Jez I could go for a battered sausage
I wish I can one day build my online arcade
12:05 PM
@Mistu4u or go to SO chat and ask in one of the low level rooms there
@MattЭллен I never felt interested for chip level works, I am better with language level. That's why in fact, I turned down Electronics and chose Computer Science at the start of my college level academics.
12:17 PM
@Mistu4u I didn't major in Electronics Engineering too.
No girls are interested in ARM.
@EnglishMaster However in India, they get a facility (which I understood later during my college days); they can sit for both software industry jobs and core electronics industry whereas CSE and IT students can't.
They are eligible for only software industry.
What do you mean by software industry?
Like programming and stuff?
@EnglishMaster Yeah, correct. Software Development jobs.
Do everyone in that job looks like Bill Gates?
@EnglishMaster In terms of riches or wisdom?
12:29 PM
Their dress code
I like his thick pretentious glasses.
@EnglishMaster :-D
What is your TOEIC score?
@EnglishMaster Nah, I have not given till now.
@EnglishMaster Are you asking me or not?
12:38 PM
I'm taking the exam on 29th and I am quite confident about the exam, can you wish me good luck?
Yeah, you.
@EnglishMaster Oh I see. I said I haven't taken the exam till now.
Anyway best of luck to you :-)
thanks. you too.
@EnglishMaster I have no intention to take the exam soon.
BDW doesn't this exam help you get admission to good institutions abroad?
Not this one in particular but there are similar exams for that purpose such as TOEFL or IELTS
@EnglishMaster Yeah, actually I mixed up TOEIC with TOEFL
So what does TOEIC score actually help you with?
12:44 PM
Yeah, ETS. English Teachers Association.
It will remain as a souvenir.
In addition to that, you can brag at your other friends about it and it helps you with other English exam preparations since they are all in English.
By the way, I found this Japanglish today. I thought it was funny.
Girl: "I like you so many!"
are really "bragging" or "souvenir" enough reasons to sit for an exam? I think the marks and preparation for the exam should be more important.
@MattЭллен What is that? a pig in a blanket? a corn dog? a sausage wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a mystery?
@Mistu4u I think that's -faculty- not facility. Neither really means much but I think 'faculty' is the way to say it.
@Mitch probably like a corn dog, but less corn, more batter and no stick
@Mitch Absolutely no. I wanted to mean facility. Isn't it meaningful with facility? :-O
12:59 PM
@EnglishMaster Arithmetic Relevance Matrix? Acute Renal Malfunction? Acronym Reference Manual?
No, no, not facility. You're thinking of when people lie.
@MετάEd None of those.
@MετάEd It's not falsity either :-/
@MετάEd No no not falsifying, you mean that weird root vegetable related to celery.
The sentence is simple; I really don't understand why you guys are unable to understand!!
1:02 PM
@Mistu4u Oh. 'they get a facility' doesn't really make much sense without objects. A facility..._with what_?
@Mistu4u If people only understood what we mean instead of what we say! Then the wars would really start.
Teacher: "You, stop chatting in the class"
Me: "Sure faculty"
@Mitch With eligibility to sit for the interviews of different industries!
A faculty is pretty much synonymous with a department, except restricted to educational establishments
@EnglishMaster I meant body of teachers.
1:05 PM
39 secs ago, by Matt Эллен
A faculty is pretty much synonymous with a department, except restricted to educational establishments
@Mistu4u Oh. You don't want to use 'facility' then. That word works better with a skill. 'The sous-chef had great facility with chopping onions'.
@Mitch facility works for me. As in "the electrical engineering facility has lots of soldering irons"
'The faculty of the math department used new methods for teaching linear algebra'
@MattЭллен That's not easy to do. Especially with lits.
@Mitch Okay if that works better with an English speaker, I would definitely follow it :)
1:07 PM
@Mistu4u also, a facility can be a builiding (as Matt suggests) where things happen (kind of like factory, but not necessarily for making objects)
@Mitch Yeah, true. but the meaning should be clear from the context.
@Mistu4u 'Facility' doesn't fit well there.
@Mitch Okay.
Too many users whose name start with M here.
I count 4.
I count 5
Including me it's 5.
1:11 PM
always count yourself!
@MattЭллен Yeah, forgot I am one of the congestion :P
@Mistu4u Mmmmm...
@Mistu4u Including 'Me' it's six.
@Mistu4u Yay, I'm an English speaker! What's your native language?
1:41 PM
Are you counting me?
stands up to be counted
skips Mr Shiny
I was always picked last for teams in phys ed too
That picking stuff is horrible.
Why do school do that?
I don't remember when I would usually be picked.
Certainly not first.
And there was a general disdain for gym, as we called it, so it was probably not as big a thing here,
1:44 PM
yeah we called it "gym" too
gym class was always so dumb
we learned nothing at all
We stopped going when we were about 16 or so.
there were two kinds of things we did: 1. play a sport we barely understood, which was at least fun sometimes, but weaker players never get the ball, and 2. random exercises or drills that seemed to have no purpose or outcome.
I stopped going after grade 9, because you only need one gym credit to graduate high school.
Exercises like jumping over weird things and climbing ropes?
yeah, or running back and forth some number of times.
Oh, the infamous shuttle run.
1:48 PM
Phys ed should really be more structured. And it should be daily. I probably would have hated that though.
Why the heck daily?
There should be three components: 1. pure exercise, which many kids lack and don't understand. 2. teaching something about either training or some sport, and 3. some sport playing.
At least kids should get a pass if they already do some other kind of sport.
I think if you start them small, and emphasize the personal goals aspect of phys ed, you could really get kids to learn how to exercise and give their fitness a little boost. As opposed to playing volleyball for an hour, where at most only 12 kids in the class are on the field at once and of those only two are moving around, the rest just waiting, hoping the ball doesn't come to them.
I liked playing dodgeball. That was a really fun game because you can't just do nothing in the game.
Hmm somehow I think kids generally sort of liked volleyball in my class.
God, I hated dodgeball.
1:52 PM
I liked volleyball but it was useless as a form of exercise or training.
Waiting for people to hit you with a ball.
You gotta dodge faster!
It is...aggressive.
I was terrible at hitting people but pretty good at dodging.
We played volleyball in small teams, I think.
1:52 PM
@Mitch Huh, after birth I started speaking Bengali and when I was 5, I learned Hindi. Later on, I saw in India too, you need to know English in order to effectively communicate with every people in the society.
Maybe two or three "fields" in the gym hall.
So I guess Bengali is my Mother tongue.
@Cerberus we did too, but it depends on how big the gym was. In high school there was more space, but in elementary school I don't think you ever had more than two courts set up.
I barely remember anything about it from elementary school.
@Cerberus, Was your sleep well?
1:53 PM
so best-case scenario half the class would be idle at any moment
But few people ever liked it.
@Mistu4u Hi! Yes, though it could have been longer.
Was your day OK?
I suppose your day is far from over yet.
@Cerberus It's day here. So I was awoke the whole time :-)
I know!
I remember a few times we would be "tested" on things like how many pushups could we do, how fast could we run some obstacle course, etc. I was always surprised when they did that because it's not like they made us drill those things.
@Cerberus Yeah. Quite so.
1:55 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 In other words, it was all totally random? Same here.
Like, we get homework in every other course, we have defined drills and constant testing, so that you always know just how good or bad you are at math.
Or reading.
or spelling.
But in phys ed, it's like "oh, today is test day" and I'm like "what? we're GRADED on this?"
We barely got grades. Only a grade at the end of the trimester.
@Cerberus yeah, but for us that grade was at least partially derived from how you did on those tests
1:56 PM
In 4th grade I think I got a 6, no idea why. Then I stopped going, and my grade changed into a 7.
What is the topic of discussion here? Grades in Schools?
in 6th grade I did EVERYTHING I could to get out of going to phys ed
@Mistu4u physical education, or gym class, in schools
4th grade = you turn 16 that year.
@Cerberus oh. weird. for us 4th grade = you turn 9 that year.
1:58 PM
Right, I can never remember.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Okay, I remember I chose soccer to get good marks in my secondary level.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, here too.
You got to choose?
(Our counter gets reset when we go to high school, at age 12.)
@Mistu4u I don't recall anything like that ever being an option for me. I just showed up, and at the end of the year got some random number on my report card.
@Cerberus Yeah, I chose phy ed and among soccer, cricket and basket ball, I chose soccer.
@Cerberus I see.
Ah, remeber, volleyball was also an option.
1:59 PM
So is Soccer popular in India?
my grade 9 phys ed class, the last one I ever took, was more structured and more like what I imagine a GOOD class should be like. But at that point I, and people like me, were already to broken and jaded for phys ed and I just did the bare minimum to get out of going.
@Cerberus you're joking, right? :)
@Cerberus In parts of India, not all over. Our country is cricket maniac.
Ehh I don't know.
Right, cricket I know!
Isn't soccer popular everywhere?
But not as popular as in Europe and Latin America, perhaps.
2:01 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I guess in this case, Indian subcontinent will dishearten you.
In fact, look at this
A: The cricket questions here are pretty good

Mistu4uLet's face some hard facts here. Stackexchange network's traffic comes mostly from the USA and the next biggest provider is India. Here is lies the problem. India and the surrounding areas, are crazy about Cricket. So lots of Indian public here come and ask about cricket a lot. Again, this is als...

@Mistu4u "dishearten" is probably the wrong word. I couldn't care less about soccer or any sport. But my impression was that kids everywhere played soccer. Except the US and Canada.
India is second after America, really?
@Cerberus In terms of?
> Let's face some hard facts here. Stackexchange network's traffic comes mostly from the USA and the next biggest provider is India.
@Cerberus Alexa says so.
2:02 PM
I see.
so @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 where are you from?
@Cerberus Have you been to SO lately? the number of developers from India there is so high that there were complaints about the high quantity of Indian English/slang terms.
@Mistu4u Toronto, Canada
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I have not. So perhaps that explains it, SO is the biggest.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I see.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, IT industry is a boom here.
@Cerberus For SO, anyway, it makes sense because India is a huge source of English-speaking software development
haha jinx
2:05 PM
for the other sites, I guess SE tends to be popular with the SO crowd? Or maybe there's just tons of Indians with Internet access who use the english web?
Sweden or StackExchange?
I don't know, I don't get to meet that many Indians on my other haunts.
@Jez There's no such thing as Sweden. That's just a lie that big media want you to believe. Wake up sheeple!
@Cerberus Neither do I except SO. Perhaps random traffic is higher from India, not registered users.
2:08 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Hey, Johan fixed it. It's OK now.
SO is definitely being congested with Indians.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 What's the story here?
@Cerberus He probably works for Big Cartography. They want you to believe the lies in their atlases.
I'm sure he does.
Countries are people?
The earth is round?
That kind of bullshit.
2:11 PM
@Cerberus Oval. Phew.
@Mistu4u oblate spheroid.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Okay. :)
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 "Except the US and Canada." In US I know baseball is popular. But what about Canada? Ice Hockey?
@Mistu4u yeah, hockey is pretty popular. baseball somewhat. There are kids who play soccer, but it's not huge like it is in other countries. Kids playing a random sport for fun are probably more likely to play hockey or baseball or basketball.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, Hockey is pretty popular around here too. I don't know if you know or not, once India won gold medal 8 times consecutively in hockey in Olympics consecutively.
It's kinda a record perhaps.
2:22 PM
I thought you were only big in field hockey.
@Cerberus Yeah. It's a fact.
Like here.
@Mistu4u ice hockey?
Ice hockey barely exists here.
@Cerberus That's why I said "once". Now Pakistan, Malwaysia, Australia, Newzealand and Holland dominate it.
2:23 PM
Field hockey is popular, though.
@Mistu4u I think you mean field hockey
@Mistu4u So you're talking about field hockey. Mr Shiny is talking about ice hockey.
Nah, field hockey.
field hockey != ice hockey
2:24 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Ice hockey is pretty popular in Canada AFAIK.
field hockey isn't really a sport here. I mean, it's played, but it's definitely not what people think of when you say "hockey".
It is the other way around here. Ice hockey is not really played at all, never heard of anyone playing it.
Like, nobody in Canada cares at all who wins Olympic field hockey or if it even exists. But it's a national outrage if we don't get gold in ice hockey.
ESPECIALLY if the US wins it from us.
@Cerberus A few country play it. Russia perhaps play too. India plays, but not a good standard, I guess.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Haha.
Here cricketers are attacked if we lose in Cricket to Pakistan.
@Cerberus really? don't you have lots of ice in winter, all those canals and stuff? perfect for skating and ice hockey!
2:27 PM
@Mistu4u Same here.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Not all over the USA. East coast is pretty hot there.
@Mistu4u oh, we blame the government when we lose. Not the team.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 We're big at skating, but not ice hockey.
It's also very violent, isn't it?
@Cerberus er. NHL hockey is violent.
Burn them all.
2:28 PM
We get angry when we don't win skating or field hockey medals.
Olympic ice hockey isn't at all. Personally I think they should clamp down on violence in the NHL. It's so childish.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Eh, I know nothing about it.
@Cerberus How about swimming? It's pretty much USA's monopoly there.
Is it?
I have no idea, I thought we had some good swimmers.
To be honest, I'm not into watching sports.
@Cerberus What? Forgot Michael something..I forgot the surname, who made some kinda record in Olympics.
@Cerberus I do not watch. I read in newspapers. :-)
@tchrist Whom to burn? Players or the governments? :-P
2:31 PM
wow, Canada has never won a field hockey medal. :p
The world records in swimming are ratified by the international governing body of swimming FINA. Records can be set in long course (50 metres) or short course (25 metres) swimming pools. FINA recognises world records in the following events for both men and women. *Freestyle: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m *Backstroke: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m *Breaststroke: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m *Butterfly: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m *Individual medley: 100 m (short course only), 200 m, 400 m *Relays: 4×50m freestyle relay...
It seems the Americans are good at relay.
wow it just chose that pic right out of the middle of nowhere for the one-box
@Cerberus My 2G network in this rural area is so weak, that even the wiki page is not opening :-P
Are you on your phone?
Search for Michael Phleps who according to me, won most number of Olympic golds in Olymic History as a swimmer.
@Cerberus Yeah.
2:35 PM
@Mistu4u Yes, he is at the top of that list.
(We don't have 3G either in many rural areas...)
@Cerberus Swimming and tennis now-a-days with the Williams sisters are USA's power.
@Cerberus Does village mean something different in USA? I was going to say "village", but thought in US English it might be misinterpreted.
Many sports seem to be dominated by countries on either extreme of the economico-theoretical spectrum, communism v. capitalism.
@Mistu4u A village is rural, yes.
@Cerberus (My head spins with this expression) How?
2:38 PM
It was just a fleeting thought...but Russia and China and America are really into medals, it seems, as opposed to, say, Brazil or India.
But it is rather random.
Because population size and income need to be considered.
I think it correlates with nationalism
Quite possibly.
But also with many other factors.
2:51 PM
In 2012 London Olympics, India managed to achieve 6 medals (2 Silver and 4 Bronze). Then our Sports minister was asked "Why so little no of medals? whereas China, our neighbor country managed to achieve so many?"
He said ( _which I support personally_ ), in the correct condition of India, as a developing country's economy and income/head, this result is not to be mourned for. There are so many problems in front of the Govt., **sponsoring more for the sports is a luxury now.** (the bolded part was implicit)
@Mistu4u Right. I was thinking of facile.
Also it is rumored that China uses high-level dope which is kind of genetically engineered into the players body.
Although it might be just a rumor only.
@MετάEd I see.
@Mistu4u I agree, and it should also apply to rich countries.
@Cerberus I don't see why.
There shouldn't go much public money towards sports, except in programmes to get children to exercise or something.
It is a waste of public money.
And it goes towards the various corporations that make lots of money off sports, like advertisers, suppliers, etc.
It is basically a transfer of public money to private companies, to a large degree, at least European football is.
2:59 PM
@Cerberus I mean to say if I consider USA's economy, it is not that poor that it has to preserve money, rather it has so much money that even after expending behind social causes, it can spend more in fields like sports.
@Cerberus Agreed.
Well, "can" is relative.
Their debt is mounting. They about about to hit another budget ceiling.
@Cerberus Well, you would surely know more than me about US economy.
Still, it is a relatively small expenditure for them, yes.
However the current increase in dollar's strength proves the economy is rising again.
@Cerberus The US's financial problems are in no way related at all to their expenditures on sports. Look instead to the wars they have been waging.
3:03 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 SUPERLIKE :D
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇, Actually some American historian said "War is in our Blood. It shakes our conventional life."
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Of course. That is not the point. The point is that they could use more money too.
The Olympics in London cost $14 billion, Wikipedia says.
"Despite this, there is enough time for one to change themselves"...I know the themselves part is wrong, so what should it be?
Should it "himself or herself" ?
Some of that money will flow back into the treasury through taxes, but most will not. And then there are additional costs to society and the environment that are not included.
It should be "himself" I guess.
@Mr.IDon'tCare Oneself.
3:05 PM
How can one justify "themselves"?
That would be the modern "gender-neutral they".
@Cerberus Not sure if serious.
But conventionally, one requires oneself.
@Mr.IDon'tCare I am.
"One can always change oneself"
But you will see himself and themselves too, in writing.
But oneself is traditionally recommended.
3:08 PM
@Cerberus Actually @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 everything is not as good as it seems from a distance.
Oneself might be correct, but I feel once you have referred to someone (in this case, "one"), then you are talking about that person and your point of view should be about them and oneself makes it look like you just ignored the "one" part above.
I don't quite understand...
He => himself. One => oneself.
@Mr.IDon'tCare No. You referred to "them" as "one". Therefore you should use "oneself".
As simple as that.
Otherwise use they/them/themselves.
@Cerberus It's not all that modern.
3:10 PM
he -> himself
one -> oneself
banana -> itself
It has gained much popularity in modern times.
bananas? yes, they're tasty and good for you
@MattЭллен I hate it although it's nutrition value is high :-)
@Cerberus Only in terms of people trying to avoid sounding sexist by always using "he" when they mean "they"
The construction of singular/gender-neutral they is over 500 years old. I think calling it "modern" is a tad incorrect.
@MattЭллен In fact it made me remember one of my questions which people here took very jokingly. :-P
Q: What is the similar meaning proverb in English?

Mistu4uWe have a proverb in Bengali, if I translate it directly into English, it emerges as: Who is in there in the temple? I did not eat the banana! Meaning in the temple banana is used for prayer to the God. So stealing banana from temple is very bad. But the person who steals always wants to pr...

3:22 PM
@Mistu4u what's to hate about bananas?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 No, that is not incorrect. What I meant was that it has become en vogue much more in modern times. I think that's clear enough. But now I have to go.
@CrazyBuddy stalky stalk
@RhysW Damn..!!! Why does SE provide this facility? :D
3:45 PM
@MattЭллен Well whenever I eat it, I have to go to the lavatory. Hope you understood ;) :D I don't know why, but it happens with me. So when eating, I keep myself conscious and don't consume more than one iff its not Singapuri Banana.
I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.
@KitFox Apples are tasty but dear.
Guava is a better choice.
3:54 PM
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by Cat Plus Plus
Girls are like compiler warnings, I don't get any.
Raffi is a better choice there.
lunchtime bbl
debugging mode is GREAT
@JohanLarsson he should.
Get girls, that is.
@JohanLarsson But unlike solving the errors, you can get away with girls if properly adored :D
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I have this idea to write a program to help Alex win the re-match. Will probably not finish it :D
@Robusto this is a pretty slick Friday song imo.
(not just rob :)
4:12 PM
@JohanLarsson Ooh, I like
Makes one happy doesn't it?
@JohanLarsson too busy with girls?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I'm currently doing singular but it still causes problems. Yesterday when I started VS to put in a session she brought me a beer seconds after. Sabotage!
Me not understand.
Visual Studio
4:27 PM
Ohhhhh duh.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I find this similar though it is very different.
I don't like that one as much.
I like it better
4:43 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew I'm on the train listening to kids taking about the new iPhone. They think the NSA will be able to get their fingerprints through it...
@Cerberus You should stand up and correct them.
Tell them "The NSA already HAS your fingerprints, Johann" <- or some other common Dutch name.
wonders about Cerb's real name
@Cerb's real name is Theseus
News flash, the NSA already has your DNA. They don't need your fingerprints too. They will just grow your fingers in a petri dish from using cloned tissue.
we were talking about 3D printing people last night. easier than child birth
4:58 PM
Child birth isn't that hard.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 do you think I'm stupid who use name and pic? I sometimes think it is.
@KitFox for you

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