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5:00 PM
@JohanLarsson It's probably futile to try to hide your identity. Sometimes I wonder why I don't just use my real name.
but also, less carrying unborn children around. just grow them in the garage
@MattЭллен Many pregnant women like the "carrying unborn children around" part the best.
You all know who I am, for instance.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 hmmm. interesting
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yeah hiding for NSA et al. is most likely futile. I'm thinking about random haters :D
5:01 PM
@MattЭллен In my totally scientific sample of mothers I know, anyway.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 such sampling is above reproach
@JohanLarsson yeah. It could be beneficial. But you need to be super careful to never ever disclose your real info or any part of it in that case.
Right. Barfing, heartburn, constipation, chronic back pain, frequent urination, getting kicked on the inside, not being able to consume any fun stuff. Being pregnant is awesome.
well. You've sold me.
Hey, it's nine months, and you're only really uncomfortable for like, eight of them.
5:03 PM
child brith is easy and women love being pregnant. excuse me while I spread my seed
I forgot about the hormonal surges. Being insane is really pretty cool.
@KitFox Well, I didn't say "all" women liked that part best. Just "many".
Oh shit! No code breaky-breaky! Kit can't deal with you today!
@KitFox you forgot varicose veins, swollen ankles, and if you're really lucky, hemorrhoids.
5:05 PM
I didn't have those things.
Okay, time for lunch.
Damn it, it's a bad break. Can't my code see that I'm wound up about other stuff!?
stupid code
kicks code
5:20 PM
Oh what a nice user! She told me that one of the assessments I entered was supposed to be letter values, not numbers.
I wish I had known that three weeks ago.
so considerate
I am really glad I know it now, at least.
Before I have a slew of users yelling at me.
She was very nice about it.
Also, I think, a little freaked out that I called her out of the blue.
I spent most of today trying to help a customer
my boss had left instructions how to update the firmware, but the customer was having trouble getting it to work
so I tried following the instructions
I think the firmware image is duff because I couldn't get it to work either
so, the customer is somewhat miffed
and my boss is working in Canada next week, and I'm on holiday... so that's good then
duff? I don't know that word.
Except for "sitting on my duff"
like broken
5:31 PM
So maybe I do know what it is.
And oh my freaking god, this is really bad. I am trying not to panic.
Homer drinks duff I think
@KitFox what's happened?
One thing is broken, but it's the tip of the iceberg.
The more I dig, the more is broken.
@KitFox The tip of the icebug
wow I can find no relevant google hits on that.
5:40 PM
When we dropped back to punt, I thought I could insert the new assessments and just ignore updating the old ones, by keeping the code parallel. Apparently I didn't go back and check that I had done it correctly.
Now I'm trying to hurry and I'm not helping myself at all.
Eval("assessDate") Do you see a typo in that?
looks stringy
Eval -> eval
I don't have too many esses or anything?
5:55 PM
oh ffs. I hadn't finished this one yet. Damn.
@KitFox add an s just to make sure.
6:10 PM
Why does time keep going by? If I'm doing something or doing nothing at all, it keeps going. I hate that.
tries to think of the children
time flies
Also, what's up with getting full after eating? I just ate, but I really really want dessert. But 1) I don't need it, and 2) I'm really full and can't fit it in.
Dessert is tasty. I got a Subway cookie today.
@KitFox and why aren't the children figuring this out for me? They're the ones who can use a double thumb joystick to kill hundreds of zombies, why can't they take care of the time problem for me?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Those are -too- good.
for their own good.
@KitFox saves tears
for use in voodoo ceremony
@KitFox: are you typing now?
6:15 PM
I have exciting news.
Excellent! It worked!
No, it's still broken, but I forgot to announce that my son tested at beginning 2nd grade reading level, so he's going to be in a reading group with 1st and 2nd graders.
@KitFox woohoo! reading is everything. hold back on TV and video games for as long as possible
because finding decent TV is almost impossible
6:22 PM
not because those are bad in and of themselves, but they take away time from reading. You just don't learn as much from TV (and it's all made up anyway)
That's not why.
Oh well, we learn lots of stuff from TV and playing video games. It's cool.
We do, yes. But one of the big lessons we learn from them is that our job is to be entertained.
Hmm. Interesting. That's not what we use them for at all.
There's no need to open the curtains in the theatre of your mind with TV and video games.
6:24 PM
@KitFox Well, sure. Your mileage may vary. Sold by weight, not by volume. I think though that the vast majority of people learn that from TV and video games.
We use TV for learning about animals (Wild Kratts, for instance) and video games for practicing patience, persistence, problem solving, and teamwork.
@MετάEd Wait, but that's not all!
It's entertaining.
@KitFox but soon it'll just be to waste time.
@Mitch You can trade it all for the book where Carol Merrill is standing.
6:27 PM
@Mitch Not in my house, it won't be.
Only Mommy and Daddy are allowed to rot their brains in front of the blinking box.
My kids don't even know we have cable.
Not just TV. But wasting time watching (hilarious) youtube videos.
We don't even have cable.
But we do watch kitteh vids sometimes.
Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business (1985) is a book by educator Neil Postman. The book's origins lay in a talk Postman gave to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1984. He was participating in a panel on Orwell's 1984 and the contemporary world. In the introduction to his book Postman said that the contemporary world was better reflected by Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, whose public was oppressed by their addiction to amusement, than by Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, where they were oppressed by state control. It has been translated into eight languages...
And really awesome animations of how the moon was formed.
6:30 PM
Addiction to amusement.
It's a really interesting point of view on our culture.
reading can be total crap too, but it is a good skill to have. Watching TV is not a skill. Videogames -are- a skill and probably a useful one for the future, but it is a narrow skill like being able to crack eggs without pieces of shell in your omelet.
it is not even amusement imo, more some kind of different void
@KitFox wait, there's video?
"His pedagogical and scholarly interests included media and education, as can be seen in many of his seventeen books, including Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985), Conscientious Objections (1988), Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology (1992), and End of Education (1995)."
6:34 PM
@MετάEd I need to pick that back up. Right after I finish My Life in Advertising / Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.
That's not the right video. Still looking.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 If you are reading that, have you read Propaganda by Edward Bernays?
It's a little book, almost a booklet.
@MετάEd I haven't. He was the man who first advised women to smoke rather than eat?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Don't know about that. He invented the bacon and egg breakfast.
6:42 PM
Which is the best website to improve my grammar ?
@MετάEd I shall read it.
Propaganda, an influential book written by Edward L. Bernays in 1928, incorporated the literature from social science and psychological manipulation into an examination of the techniques of public communication. Bernays wrote the book in response to the success of some of his earlier works such as Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) and A Public Relations Counsel (1927). Propaganda explored the psychology behind manipulating masses and the ability to use symbolic action and propaganda to influence politics, effect social change, and lobby for gender and racial equality. Walter Lippman was...
Man, I just had to talk to several other humans in rapid succession on the telephone. So nervewracking. I practiced what I was going to leave in a voicemail for the dude I've not been able to get ahold of and then I finally got him and it messed up my whole normal person act.
6:47 PM
I hate it when that happens.
I used to be very awkward on the phone when leaving a message.
I've had so much practice now that it's like nothing to talk to a human, or a machine.
In fact there should be a Zen saying. Speak to a machine as if it were a person. Speak to a person as if it were a machine.
But that's why email and texting is so much better.
Being on the phone with a person and trying to exchange actual information is scarcely better than arguing with a computerized phone system. Except in the first case you have to be polite about correcting them when they have your name wrong three times in a row.
@aediaλ For me it depends on the circumstance. E-mail to inform, phone to discuss. Text is an alternative to e-mail for short information. It's an alternative to phone when phone is not practical.
Whenever possible I do things in writing to avoid confusion.
And when I have a conversation I have to take notes or I'll forget stuff.
Speech was our first great trick, but writing is incredibly powerful.
It's like speech 2.0.
I just had a user ask me if I could make the passwords simpler because all the slashes and dashes are hard. I told her that they are automatically generated, but I could do a manual reset if her copy-paster was broken.
And by the way, she should change her damn password after she resets it anyway.
That reminds me of the time during a recent conference call that there was a lengthy digression by the presenter trying to clarify whether you would need to type two forward slashes or two backslashes after the aitch tee tee pee colon.
6:58 PM
Man, I am not in the mood for her whining. It's the same blasted user who always bitches about passwords.
They settled on backslashes and I wanted to say something but my urge for self-preservation won out.
Good thinking.
She's one of these "I don't want to do this" foot-dragging "nothing works because I don't want to think about it" kind of users.
I can't believe she thinks that I would respond personally to every password change request instantly with a "Please return to the site and log in using the following information." followed by the username and a weird ass symbol and number heavy password as though I just smashed my hands on the keyboard.
I guess she thinks I am just sitting here waiting, with an email all ready to go.
Just in case.
I wish I had eaten more than a chocolate eclair flavored ice cream pop today for lunch.
It makes me jealous sometimes how people are that obtuse. Like... I have to try to not think about how something works because I have no hope of fixing it, or because I'm too busy and it's really really not my job, or I just don't have time and it will stress me out. Does it come naturally to them? Are they just placid, walking through everyone else's complicated world like a ball of calm ignorance?
@KitFox proffers lukewarm black coffee, gummy vitamins and one remaining Werther's
I think she just doesn't want to do the data entry, and so looks for things to blame.
@aediaλ Oh, thanks but no thanks. I'll make it.
I ate all the chili already and I'm trying not to eat junk so there isn't a lot around.
7:07 PM
I'm almost through fixing the seventy-odd errors in my code.
Now to put it out on production. If only I remembered what I had changed.
Fucking hell.
I moved it over to the testing area, and now it's broken again.
I mean, good thing I did before i put it out but I'm serious about having fixed seventy errors so far.
you're my sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet city woman
Tim Berners-Lee apologized for the double-slashes in URIs. Now we just need somebody to apologize for the backslash in ... ANYTHING.
7:24 PM
I watched Donnie Darko last night.
I spent almost a decade thinking I had already seen it, but I hadn't.
Not sure what I was thinking it was instead.
Donnie Brasco?
Oh. Maybe.
Maybe Dark City.
Donnie Brasco was a mafia movie?
I don't know. it was a name that popped into my head :D
looks like it, though
@KitFox wait, that's NOT what you're doing? makes notes
@MattЭллен I think that's the one that starts with the guys standing around the shallow grave they've dug.
7:28 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 that song features a banjo tuned like a guitar. Drives banjo players crazy.
@KitFox ooo. I should probably look it up. I like gangster films
Me too. I used to watch a lot of them.
meh. lovefilm fail again
@JohanLarsson hawt
7:47 PM
posted on September 27, 2013 by sgdi

A mumbly, jumbly thing Was rolling about in the spring It started to waddle In a small puddle Splashing and having a sing

So it's out on production. Hopefully that wasn't a terrible idea.
@KitFox on a friday afternoon, eh? I guess most of your users aren't around on weekends?
On the contrary. They all enter their stuff on Friday afternoon.
Which is why I felt it was important to try to fix it today.
Q: differences between brag and presume

Arturo GrcWhat are the differences between differences between brag and presume? and can you give usage examples please?

I wouldn't presume to know.
7:52 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I presume you don't like to brag. That sentence doesn't work if you reverse the verbs.
yes, but english is not my native language and both seems similar — Arturo Grc 1 min ago
What I want to know is, what's the difference between chloroform and banana cream pie?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I merged the two comments into the question and asked one of my own.
@Robusto The same as the difference between the odor of taupe and the taste of running.
No synaesthesia in chat, please.
7:56 PM
bai all!
Oh, and it was already broken on production, so I didn't figure I could make it worse in any case.
see you later.
Enjoy your weekend!
@KitFox I trust your judgement! ;)
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 really! Poor banjoers.
@KitFox I liked that one.
8:06 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I spent about 15 minutes trying to track down a quote to back that up. I remember hearing it on the radio in '96. Sadly, they didn't transcribe all the radio broadcasts ever and put them on the 'net. yet.
So, like, are you secretly Canadian? How do you know that song?
I mean, come on. You know "Sweet City Woman" and Brampton. You must be Canadian.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I know all of the songs ever.
"Sweet City Woman" is one of the treasures from our dead oldies station.
I've had it in my head lately. It's almost skiffle, like Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime".
The tablature at ultimate-guitar confirms that it's a banjo tuned as a guitar.
I know Brampton because that's where Steve Slaunwhite is.
I was hoping to find the actual quote though. ISTR the banjo player had never played a banjo before recording that song and wasn't familiar with the tuning, and someone said to him "Meh, just tune it like a guitar", and he did that and played the song. Then for decades afterwards banjo players would come to him and say "I've figured out most of it, but this one part is so hard", and then they're all scandalized when he explains what he did.
I think it's been in my head because of the rhythm of Boyfriend's new espresso machine.
8:14 PM
his espresso machine has the same rhythm as Sweet City Woman?
This covers part of that.
That's kinda like how my scanner sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when I turn it on.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 When you steam milk, it knocks out a rhythm at that exact pace.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 awesome. All home appliances should secretly sing songs to you.
I'll make a video. His old one made me think of a different song that I might be able to recall just now if I didn't have "Sweet City Woman" on the brain.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yeah!
And feed you love and tenderness and macaroons.
8:17 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 well, the macaroon-maker, anyway
reminds self to look up the difference between macaroons and macarons
off-topic: this is a friend of mine from university, posting on his facebook stream
I'm super jealous now
I think I need a Stampeders album.
8:29 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 So: progress report on the piano!
time to fly!
Tempus fugit!
@Robusto it is wonderful!
I recently discovered I can combine two sounds, like harpsichord and jazz organ.
And are you wonderful on it?
Eh. I try!
It is inspiring. And when it isn't, I change sounds.
I started writing something. It records.
8:36 PM
Okay, I must try a macaron.
How is job?
Whoa, Melanie had a last name. And another song.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Going good. I'm busy and productive.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Gah! Melanie! Get thee behind me!
@Robusto great!
@Robusto I didn't mean to. It came up after Sweet City Woman.
When I was 20 I lived in the flat above this woman who played the Melanie album over and fucking over all day long. There were rumors that I killed her and stuffed her body in a trash can, but those aren't true.
@Robusto shudder
And just so it doesn't seem like I'm Mr. Perfect, yeah, I fucked her.
Hey, I said I was 20, right?
8:43 PM
Did you fuck any sense into her?
Obviously not.
At least, I wasn't fucking her with that in mind. Maybe if I'd concentrated on that aspect of it more . . .
@Robusto did you fuck her with better music on?
Well, see, that's how it started.
I decided not to be an angry little bitch about it and went down with some albums one day. "Hey, you heard any of these?" And I put on some decent music for her. It didn't take, but while I was there at least Melanie wasn't playing.
Anyway, one thing led to another, and you know the rest.
9:23 PM
This iJay is a bit of a joker, no? What is proper way to use stack exchange
@Robusto that's fucking smooth. Sorry, my tubes clogged and I had to change venues.
@catmium iJay?
9:39 PM
Much better today now that my left eye is no longer possessed.
@BraddSzonye Twitchy?
9:41 PM
@BraddSzonye ooof.
Nah just tender and sore and swelly and unfocusy
Ack! Sudden sneezy fit! Apparently today my nose is possessed instead.
I think I have aged into allergies.
takes tiny pink fake benadryl
@BraddSzonye geez.
Aaaaand I've killed the chat again.
revives chat
@Mahnax Boo!
9:54 PM
Can I get a "heck yeah"?
@JasperLoy Hi!
@Mahnax How is school?
Busy busy! I am tentatively settled on a Chemistry degree—early admission approaches.
@catmium ah, thank you.
@Mahnax Ah, why chemistry?
@JasperLoy I really enjoy it!
9:56 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I saw that!
@Mahnax OK. Are you still interested in doing a PhD?
@JasperLoy Yep!
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 You're welcome.
@Mahnax OK, well, I can't advise you on good schools for chemistry, lol.
@JasperLoy The U of A is a pretty good one. That's where I'm going.
I have picked.
10:06 PM
@Mahnax Union of Arabs, lol.
Oops, I confused Yoichi.
“These data need to be stored.”
I usually try to use plural data but that sentence just burns my ears.
How can tape be faster than hdd?
10:13 PM
Gahh they keep using plural data in the passive voice. “[A]ll the data on it are lost.”
@BraddSzonye Garden-path woes?
I'm not sure what it is about it that bothers me so much.
I think I'm used to seeing data in contexts that minimize the whole plural vs mass noun thing.
Whereas using it in the passive voice like that exacerbates it.
Data points vs Data sets.
The attributive use is safest. :)
10:23 PM
@BraddSzonye Stop it! You’re ruining my Saturday night!
You know, that might not have come off right.
I read my copy on Saturday night.
Yep, that definitely didn't come off right. ;)
I only ducked in cuzza friend sent me the link.
Why does this sound like a punch line waiting to happen?
> “It’s stupidly competitive right now,” she laments. More people are entering prostitution, agrees Cari Mitchell of the English Collective of Prostitutes.
Tell me, dear, what’s the English collective for prostitutes?
> many of them offering more for less
10:26 PM
@tchrist Plainly a mass noun.
@tchrist a gaggle?
@tchrist Boooooo! applauds
A jam of tarts!
LOL @cornbreadninja麵包忍者
10:29 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Yeah, that's my favorite.
> and some are now mysterious, such as cete of badgers or dopping of sheldrake, because we no longer have the vocabulary to appreciate them
Because television?
cete.[entry#2] Obs.

Etymology: possibly ad. L. cœtus (in med. spelling cetus) meeting, assembly, company.

A ‘company’ of badgers.

1486 Bk. St. Albans F vj a, - A Cete of Graies.
1801 Strutt Sports & Past. i. i. 19.
1886 Standard 13 Oct., - Keeping what the old writers used to call a ‘cete of badgers’.
Blaming TV is passé. Blame the Internet!
That’d be a stock o’ brocks, guvnor.
10:31 PM
Blaming Internet > video games > TV > rock & roll
smells sex around the corner
I smell sex and / candy / here
Now I want sex and candy. And macarons.
whistles Yankee Doodle
I'm getting a beer
Are macarons like macaroons?
Oh. Not at all, apparently.
10:35 PM
The Economist is a weekly?
I think monthly but not only pretty sure
I hate Yelp reviews.
I shall endeavor to remain ignorant.
I wonder how long it will be before noone says vegetables anymore.
10:40 PM
cete[entry#1] /siːt/.

Etymology: a. OFr. cete, fem., ad. L. cētus whale, in pl. cētē neut. a. Gr. κήτη, κήτεα whales: see quot. 1802.

A whale, a sea-monster.

C. 1220 Bestiary 513 in O.E. Misc. 16 - Đis cete ðanne hise chaueles lukeð.
1398 Trevisa Barth. De P.R. xiii. xxvi. (1495) 463 - The whale is callyd Cete.
1802 Bingley Anim. Biog. (1813) I. 22 - Cete or Whales.
1854 Badham Halieut. 205 - This real cete of a scomber measured thirty-two feet lengthways, and had..a girth of sixteen feet.
using git if I clone repo A into repo B. Can I then pull from B? hard to phrase this one
Veggies, veggies, veggies.
@JohanLarsson I see nothing wrong with that phrasing.
Nor questionable, even.
So I don’t understand the hard part.
Git does not let me pull
@tchrist I was contemplating the word complexion and wondered if there will be a shift to complection.
@JohanLarsson you ask SuperUser?
10:43 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Only if the arrow of time backward runs.
@tchrist OIC. So, connexion used to be commonplace?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 nope but should probably ask in c++
> complexion /kəmˈplɛkʃən/, sb. Forms: 4-5 complexioun, 5-6 -ione, -yon, 4-6 compleccioun, -ion(e, -yon, complexcion, -ioun, -yon, 6 complextion, 4-9 -plection, 4- complexion.
Connected, complected.
> Etymology: a. Fr. complexion (13th c. in Littré), ad. L. complexiōn-em ‘combination, connexion, association’, later ‘physical constitution or conformation’, f. complex- ppl. stem of complectĕre taken analytically from com- together + plectĕre to plait, twine.
Etymology: ad. L. connexiōn-em (in cl. L. cōnexiōn-) binding together, close union, n. of action f. co(n)nect-ĕre (ppl. stem co(n)nex-) to connect: cf. Fr. connexion (14th c. Oresme), Pr. connexio, Sp. conexion, Pg. connexão, Ital. connessione. The etymological spelling connexion is the original in Eng.; in 17th c. it was supported by the verb connex; after the latter was displaced by connect, the sb. began c 1725-50 to be often spelt connection, a spelling which, under the influence of etymologically-formed words, such as affection, collection, direction, inspection (all f. L. ppl. stems i
10:47 PM
Ah so!
See the hidden sentence.
> annexion anteflexion circumflexion complexion connexion deflexion disconnexion dorsiflexion flexion genuflexion inconnexion inflexion interconnexion retroflexion
> f. L. ppl. stems
something Latin something
from Latin participial stems
Thank you.
It’s the OED’s txtspk.
10:50 PM
y rly
This morning I thought of fugitive and felt dumb for never having related it to fugit before.
> adfluxion affluxion axion contrafluxion crucifixion defluxion dymaxion effluxion fluxion infixion influxion prefixion suffixion transfixion
fugacious as a star
I just love being able to type

$ oed '[aiouy]xion$'
Oh gosh, I missed the deaders.
adfluxion [n.]
† aˈffixion [n.]
affluxion [n.]
axion [n.]
¶ buxion [n.]
× commixion → commixtion
† conˈfluxion [n.]
contraˈfluxion [n.]
† contraˈnixion [n.]
› corresponding fluxions, second fluxion ← fluxion
crucifixion [n.]
› day of prefixion ← prefixion
† defixion [n.]
defluxion [n.]
dymaxion [adj.]
effluxion [n.]
† ˈfixion [n.]
fluxion [n.]
† ˈfrixion [n.]
infixion [n.]
influxion [n.]
† iˈnnixion [n.]
× mixion → mixtion
† paradoxion [adj.]
prefixion [n.]
† reˈfluxion [n.]
† reˈlaxion [n.]
suˈffixion ← suffix
conneccio hacekun (n.)
WTF, that's not what it says.
@tchrist I wish to type thus.
If you’ve Perl on your system, you could.
@tchrist You just gave me the fanciful notion of the Oxford Lolspeak Dictionary.
@BraddSzonye Kinda oxymoronic: the OLD would be for new-speech.
10:56 PM
I'm such a pedant, I sometimes correct my friends' lolspeak.
@tchrist imagines a Perl-only system called Oyster
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Easiest on a Mac or BSD or Linux, but can be done on Windows if you’ve the patience for the installation.
The work computers have it, for example.
I wonder if that would overload a RaspberryPi.
There was some talk about that.
Apparently not.
So yes.
It’s a barebones Perl, not one surrounded by Cygwin or something.
12 mins ago, by cornbread ninja 麵包忍者
Ah so!
10:59 PM
I wouldn’t try to run system("hangman") there, for example.

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