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12:15 AM
Q: Single term for "elephants going berserk"

umaIs there any single term for "Elephants going berserk"? Can we say that the elephant got wild and started destroying whatever is in its path? Is there any term for that? Hope you understand my question...

Who knew that there actually is a specific term for elephants going berserk.
Would rampage be a fit?
Yes, and that's the top-voted answer.
But apparently there's also a specific word for this (musth) which is essentially Vulcan mating rage (for elephants)
We get so many questions that make me think, You can't seriously expect English to have a word for this specific thing. And this was one of them. Until I saw that it does.
Darnit, I can't find a question that I actually want to answer.
I always feel bad when I have a negative-reputation day because I've found stuff to downvote but nothing good to answer.
I reached the same conclusion an hour or so ago.
12:27 AM
There are a few good questions today, but the already have good answers.
> Whether a person considers himself English first or British first is a powerful predictor of class, race and political persuasion.
12:46 AM
> It has been said many times, but the fact remains that anything users share over the internet will inevitably be bought and sold and, sooner or later, used against them in some way. That is the price people tacitly accept for the convenience of using popular web services free of charge.
> The corollary, of course, is that if individuals are not paying for some online product, they are the product.
1:44 AM
@tchrist what of ?
reflections of / the way words used to be
@tchrist Oh, but I did!
@tchrist is that the one that, if incorrectly prepared, can kill you? Or is that puffer fish?
Sorry to have pung you thrice.
It’s ok.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I don’t believe so.
is the Japanese word for pufferfish and the dish prepared from it, normally species of genus Takifugu, Lagocephalus, or Sphoeroides, or porcupinefish of the genus Diodon. Fugu can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin; therefore, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating the meat. The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with the fish. Domestic preparation occasionally leads to accidental death. Fugu i...
> A dish of fugu can easily cost ¥5,000 (approx. US$50), but it can be found for as little as ¥2,000 (approx. US$20), and a full-course fugu meal (usually eight servings) can cost ¥10,000–20,000 (approx. US$100–200) or more.
Not a time to skimp.
@TRiG Tell me about it! Look at my first sentence:
A: What is the difference between "better yet" and " better still"?

tchristIn the most common case, they are completely indistinguishable, and indeed are used with equal frequency as I show below. That said, certainly there can be plenty of difference in certain rescue readings given enough context, but these are differences of the sort that that Google N-gram is usel...

I guess I could skip the first one if I had to. And the second one annoys people because it is not a new clause, so I might be coercible into a dash instead.
user = (dash) tchrist;
2:07 AM
Gotta catch 'em all!
Oh, that's Ash.
@Rob @Reg I stopped watching a few seasons ago, but you may enjoy this.
A: What is the word for the high-pitched "sex sound" a woman makes?

SurvMach[high-pitched sex sound a woman makes] = YELL "It is so cute when she YELLS while she is fighting." She should understand since it's the topic of your conversation. "I find her YELLS intense when she plays tennis." "Don't YELL, your parents could hear us" @Szonye - give me ONE instance in wh...

Am I being oversensitive or is SurvMach being combative?
Not sure how I should respond to that comment. Like, no need to call me out dude? Just saying that your answer doesn't work for me.
@BraddSzonye yeah, that was unpleasant.
Later all! Have a happy Friday. :)
Where's Cerb? I need to disappoint him.
@Cerb Oi!
2:22 AM
Q: Is there a name for "dissecting a sentence and naming its parts"? (example below)

SurvMachSuch as: The great people of that great nation had been producing the greatest per capita carbon footprint since their industrialization when they realized that the science was right and their practices were unsustainable. I've gone thus far and have some questions. 1-SUBJECT A..The B.....

SurvMach is being even ruder to Lawler.
Flagged both comments.
OK, leaving for reals now
OK I lied. What the hell? Dude has a persecution complex. He's accusing me of being aggressive somehow.
I don't think he's going to do well here.
Did you see his "answer" to my question?
I'm supposed to be retired.
Yeah, just noticed that.
Flagged that one too. Apologies to any mods who end up dealing with the flag spam.
@Mahnax nooooooo
Time for Minecrack.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 sticks out tongue
2:29 AM
Did he really post a rant against one of my comments as an answer to a completely unrelated question?
I'd better run before I get pulled into that train wreck some more.
2:53 AM
> deterior: Inferior in quality, worse.
> 1839 Bailey Festus (1848) 64/2 — Some of downward and deterior lot.
> Etymology: a. L. dēterior worse, meaner, poorer, compar. of an obs. adj. *dēter, f. down.
Now that’s certainly not a word you hear every day of your life.
Ok, now guess what deterration means.
> 1695 Woodward Nat. Hist. Earth i. (1723) 57 — Deterrations, or the Devolution of Earth down upon the Valleys, from the Hills and higher Grounds.
That’s de + terra + ation.
If it were trees, it would be deforestation.
The gnawing out of the land.
I think we would just used erosion these days.
To bring rodents back into it.
3:39 AM
Very knotty panelists.
3:56 AM
Around half of young British people never had a job or study full-time
And they always protest about "Rich people took our moneY!" "Get out of my country immigrants!"
Isn't the fornication beautiful?
I like how British kids always reserve sometime of day for tea time
I guess they had too much tea time
3 hours later…
6:44 AM
This is fun if you know Swedish, woman calling radio tech support and leaves a message. She also leaves sanity behind pretty quick.
posted on September 28, 2013 by sgdi

A fox was sat down on a rock Deliriously panting in shock The thing it now knew Would frighten you too Some knowledge we shouldn’t unlock

3 hours later…
10:08 AM
@JohanLarsson I hope she didnt leave herself behind.
10:23 AM
spent a day on iTUnes trying to convert a book from mp3 into an audio one, didnt work. I am on windows.
What does leaving onself behind mean?
That was just a joke
How are you doing?
Fine here in Sweden, how are you sir?
good thing that you ping, I'm a multichatter and reader
10:43 AM
I am single.
How's the weather there?
+8 Celsius and grey skies. Autumn will be over soon, then the season I call the black-darkness begins before the snow comes.
Not many know about the black-darkness but it is a distinct season.
Umm. I might be visiting Sweden in December. Do you think I will need a jacket?
It can be very cold, in the north you can be looking at -20 Celsius. In the middle and south with some luck you get snow instead of rain.
November and December is not much fun in Sweden, very dark.
what are you going to do and where are you going?
11:02 AM
Attend a conference. Stockholm
11:32 AM
Guys, what's the difference between in the meantime and meanwhile?
Do I have to foremost indicate the date of actual thing happen?
Such as "I'm taking an exam tomorrow morning, in the meantime I'm going to play some games"?
12:01 PM
Q: "1912-3" versus "1912-13"

ljenniferNumbers between eleven and nineteen are fused rather than separable compounds. eleven, twenty-one, thirty-one, ... twelve, twenty-two, thirty-two, ... and so on ... So, when indicating a span of years, can you correctly write, for example, 1912-3? Or should you write 1912-13 bein...

Q: "2003-07" versus "2003-7"

ljenniferSince I see the last two digits repeated for example in "1935-38" or "2013-14" and so on, does this usage involve dates from 2000 to 2009, too?

Q: "1904/6" versus "1904-6"

ljenniferSince I see both dashes and slashes marking dates, I ask, which one we should prefer? Example, 1904/6 or 1904-6?

TTToooooo mmmuuuccchhh ddduuupppllliiicccaaatttiiiooonnn ttthhheeerrreee fffooorrr mmmyyy tttaaasssttteeesss...
guy wants three answers
He might be confused
she may
How do you know it's she
12:07 PM
She’s just pesky.
Well, she acts like it.
Especially when she calls herself Jennifer.
Well, she is probably Jhon Michael Pesky
Or Michiele Obama Pesky
That’s Ms Pesky to you.
I gotta jump and get on the bus.
Break a leg!
Oh, no. I still have time
Thougth it was late
It’s always later than you think.
@tchrist Can we use break a leg! as a substitute for good luck every where?
12:15 PM
You can use break the build when about code.
You can’t use it when wishing someone success in their legal case or insurance claim, or hoping they’ll win the lottery.
It’s also a fail when referring to having a medical examination.
> illocution: An act such as ordering, warning, undertaking, performed in saying something. Hence illoˈcutionary a.
Huh! So where else might one stress the adjective?
@tchrist So if you are having surgery, I could say break a leg!, right>
 1  ˈillocutionary
 2  ilˈlocutionary
 3  illoˈcutionary
 4  illocuˈtionary
 5  illocutionˈary
 6  illocutionaˈry
If it’s God Bless You on one end, shouldn’t it be Devil Take the Hindmost on the other? — tchrist Sep 20 at 19:41
Once upon a time it was just crippled, but that one got caught up in the euphemism treadmill of time. — tchrist 2 days ago
@tchrist What do you mean by "also a fail"?
12:25 PM
It also fails
> prolocution: The use of ambiguous language so as to mislead.
Cf. dissembling
So does it mean we can use it when referring to having a meidcal examination?
Or perhaps equivocating, but that’s stretching it.
Or does it mean the opposite of that?
looks around for the ɪʀᴏɴʏ button
Well, dont waste your time. There's none.
Would be better to use an unequivocal language.
12:29 PM
If bright Sunnis were known for their sunny disposition, what sort of disposition might little Shiites be known for?
There's no such thing.
3 mins ago, by tchrist
looks around for the ɪʀᴏɴʏ button
There's no bright or dark sunnis.
I gotta go before I totally lose my mind
Sunny. Sunni. **itty. **iites.
Horse, water. Drink.
Yeah, a horse drinks water.
But so can a human.
12:33 PM
looks for his river
12:43 PM
you river was looking for you last week
I ran the pump in the sub-basement again last night. We got another half-inch of rain, and I got like 5" in my sub-basement.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 you stopped midway through season four? Does not compute.
is sub-basement a place where one stores wine and potatoes?
it’s like an unfinished dug-out cellar
alas i had stored other things there
@JohanLarsson is this part of why you have St. Lucia?
12:59 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 not sure, I'd have to google it but I would fail doing it :D
@RegDwighт I watched a few past ABQ.
1:14 PM
It seems from the text that the polarity suggested by the hijra is female. So there is still a binary gender identity (male/female—count 'em). For it to move beyond binary, there would have to be a third sex that did not identify as male or female. — Robusto 2 mins ago
@JohanLarsson A sub basement is what you call the bottom decks on a submarine. Yark, yark.
@RegDwighт Word.
Everyone can have Santa Lucia.
Even cats and mice:
@Robusto I can't remember what happens!
He fixes the cable?
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey.
1:31 PM
@Robusto this is probably the most common song heard December 13 in Sweden.
this might be more xmas.
This is what we have around that date.
yep a classic here too
@JohanLarsson But +1 for Jussi Bjorling.
Damn fine pipes he had.
trema broken?
Nah. Just lazy.
Jussi Bjørling — there, you satisfied?
1:34 PM
I can relate, I'm too lazy for shift most of the time.
@Robusto Actually Jussi Björling, he was Swedish, ø is the Norwegian ö.
Another fine tenor:
Not a Christmas song, exactly.
Have you heard Claus Wunderlich? Pure insanity, gonna find a gem for you if you have not heard him.
@Robusto yep, perfection, never heard him before. Ty sir.
This being Wagner, even the tender love songs invite a crowd response:
German insanity with organ, probably harmful even in small doses.
1:44 PM
We listened to him one full day with gf once. Did not even turn him off when we walked the dogs.
@Robusto I don't know if Tommy Körberg is well known outside Sweden. Great voice imo.
Here a dupe, there a dupe, every where a dupe-dupe.
She is a shotgun-asker.
I can take it in large doses.
yeah 1:26, large, and German is a match. Dunno about the insanity level.
2:02 PM
The French had a thing for organ as well:
Although sometimes they could just drop it right on your head.
@Robusto Everyone has a thing for organ.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 And she apparently has no shame, or art, or invention: lookiter profile pic with the watermark 'n' all.
@MετάEd Not that kind of organ.
@Robusto inorite?
@MετάEd ho yeah!
@MετάEd Although organists do tend to "lay pipe" more than other musicians.
That's not very exciting for 7,000+ pipes.
2:13 PM
From the film Pushing Tin: Know-It-All Schoolboy: [In response to his teacher's request that the class say "metaphor"] That wasn't a metaphor. That was a simile. "Laying pipe" is a metaphor.
@JohanLarsson BTW, not to be diacritical, but you Scandinavians are obsessed with modifying the letter o. Can't you just be happy with a simple circle?
@Robusto njuck njuck.
That was cørny.
Ewe started it.
One, two, tres, quatro:
@Robusto We have only two in each country {o, ö} {a, å, ä} is worse. They all make sense as they sound differently.
2:17 PM
Shite, tweened again.
@JohanLarsson You have too many vowel movements. It ain't healthy.
@Robusto watch it now, watch it watch it.
Seems slow.
OK, now you've done. Let's have some zombie music.
For Walter White, of course.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 And this is "the Limey" they're talking about, btw:
2:23 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Hot Rats! My fave Zappa album.
@Robusto me too!
I linked to another song from it a couple days ago, IIRC.
Seconded by Just Another Band from LA.
Zappa was probably an interesting person, I should find a biography.
Donovan dosed Lolita without her knowledge.
2:25 PM
@JohanLarsson He was a weird motherfucker. I talked to him once while tripping. It did not go well.
what happened?
Because he was anti-drug?
weird is pretty interesting, more interesting than the alternative I think.
Except for cigarettes.
and the beat goes on
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 He was so anti-drug that his band had to stuff towels in the motel door cracks just to smoke.
@JohanLarsson Well, a friend and I dropped some acid at his house (this was while I was still in high school). And we heard Zappa was going to appear on the FM station we were listening to later that night. So we were still more or less lucid enough to write down the number, and we waited until he came on, about 2:30 a.m.
By that time we were peaking. It became my job to make the phone call. So I dialed the number and a guy answers and this conversation ensued:
ME: Hello, I'd like to talk to Frank Zappa, please.
ME: Frank Zappa?
VOICE: [Mexican accent] Who you talkin' about?
ME: [pause] Come on, you guys said he was there.
VOICE: Who the hell is this?
ME: You said Frank Zappa was going to be on the show. I can hear him right now.
VOICE: What is this, the psychedelic show?
ME: [Realizing at last that I had called the wrong number] Uh, er . . . [hangs up]
> The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.
Hate that ^
I thought you were going to say that you talked to him and he fucked with you.
They should write which company has been whining so one can make sure not to buy anything from them in the future.
Anyway, we both put our heads together and carefully dialed the number we had written on the paper. This time we got through and they put us on.
ZAPPA: Yeah? Hello.
ME: Hello. [Pause. It only now occurred to me that I was supposed to have something to say.]
ZAPPA: Did you want to say something?
ME: Uh . . . yeah. We . . . we like your music, man.
ZAPPA: I don't give a [bleep] whether you like it or not. I don't make music for you.
ME: [dumbfounded] Huh?
ZAPPA: Are you high on something?
ME: Uhhhhhh . . .
Hey, I was 17. It was a learning experience.
it was god imo.
but he owned you
A two-week-old puppy could have owned me at that point. I was peaking on Orange Sunshine at the time.
I never had any that worked.
If it worked, you'd know.
2:44 PM
I don't think I'm gonna share due to using full contact info on my account.
I wouldn't recommend it for everyone.
Many people—perhaps most—couldn't get that deep without totally freaking out.
Me, I credit tripping with triggering my epiphany about art and music. What that stuff is really all about.
But that happened on mescaline, not acid. But I had about 6 or 7 doses, and it was a massive trip. And it was the last trip I took, since I realized I had graduated to the state of consciousness I needed to be at. Haven't done it since.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Yes, read on.
@Robusto I did.
rock on / rock on, yeah yeah yeah
With Turtle background vocals.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 The guys from The Turtles worked with Zappa as well.
@Robusto oh yes.
2:57 PM
Flo & Eddie (Mark Volman, "Flo" aka "Phlorescent Leech", and Howard Kaylan, "Eddie") are a comedic musical duo. The two were the original founding members of the Top 40 rock group The Turtles. After the Turtles dissolved, Volman and Kaylan first joined The Mothers of Invention as "Phlorescent Leech & Eddie". Due to contractual restrictions made early in their career, Mark and Howard were prevented from using the name "The Turtles", as well as their own names in a musical context. "The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie" were originally nicknames of two of the Mothers of Invention road crew that...
Yeah, they were on your other fave Zappa album.
Though not on that clip.
3:17 PM
I think I just figured out most of this song.
3:36 PM
Hi Guys, is "wield" an appropriate word in this kind of sentence, "Continually wield your skills to master of it?".
ah, yeah -- hone. Thank You, @JohanLarsson.
@Pennf0lio It's kind of a high-falutin' substitute for use in that context.
@Pennf0lio but you want a second opinion as I don't know the language
Continually use your skills to master them. (Implies that use leads toward mastery.) Hone means to refine or perfect, which has a different connotation.
3:42 PM
but do you master your skills?
i think hone is what i mean.. to refine or improve
don't you master something using your mad skills?
Well, that's a fair point. It could be argued that master may be used in the sense of achieve mastery of.
> to master of it <- does not feel right
Yeah, that sucks. Which is why I fixed it in my examples.
3:44 PM
yes, that's what i mean. @Robusto
So: Continually hone your skills to achieve mastery.
yeah, sorry about my bad grammar. I'll be using "hone" and i mean mastery of something.
Mastery over what? Whatever the skills are used for. End of story.
yeah. thank you, @Robusto.
example, mastery of a language in programming, is what i mean
I would prefer sharpen to hone in most cases, but that's just a stylistic choice based on how the words sound together. The slight alliteration of sharpen . . . skills is a tiny bonus for my ear, and the dactyl of sharpen your allows a more pronounced emphasis on skills.
3:49 PM
@Pennf0lio did you know that profanity is the most used programming language?
I would use hone if I were talking about something that involves something small and precise.
@JohanLarsson, yeah i'm aware :)
Would strengthen ones profanity be correct? Sharpen and hone both feels wrong.
@Robusto, yeah, I agree.
@JohanLarsson I seek to embiggen my profanity every motherfucking day.
3:54 PM
2 hours later…
6:01 PM
Here, help me find dupes:
Q: Why do certain words have the same type of spelling but different pronunciation?

Shivam PatelThere are words like 'but' , 'cut' etc pronounced in the same way, but 'put' is pronounced differently. Put has the same structure as but and cut (One 'u' between two consonants). So why is it pronounced differently ?

I mean, besides the OP.
@Reg I got 65 dupes.
Alas that I can pick but one for a close reason!
Q: Meaning: Back Up To

salute.,.-=,-.=,-,=.,=.,- For the following: source "The kitchen stove backs up to the same chimney used by the front room heating stove." Does "back up to" mean the stove, as habitual repetitions, moves backward towards the chimney?

6:36 PM
hey guys..
how to pronounce the name "Lloyd"? is it "EL-Loyd" or "Loyd"?
6:50 PM
@tchrist Hahaha, you get the record. Too bad there isn't a badge for that.
c c
7:19 PM
would you say:
any oracle would have foreseen that
any oracle would have forecasted that
7:29 PM
any oracle would have foretold that
any oracle would have predicted that
@cc Forecasted suggests a level of reasoned extrapolation, quite unlike the typical oracle. Any of the others would do.
I concur with TRiG
Foretold and foreseen have a difference: foresee seems more certain, to me. Also, to foretell something, you must actually pass the message on to someone else; this is not a requirement with foresee.
As for predict. Hmm. It's far less certain than foresee or foretell. Also, it might possibly have something in common with forecast, in being a reasoned extrapolation rather than anything supernatural. But, unlike forecast, it isn't necessarily non-supernatural. Um. Not sure.
anybody speaking russian here?
i need to translate something
7:48 PM
@TRiG Foresee makes it sound like the foreseer could have done something to prevent it so doesn't seem appropriate for an oracle. Forecasting is just for the weather, somewhat too mundane for an oracle. Foretelling sounds like a story, where oracles are a bit more short and cryptic. 'predicted' would have been my first choice, then 'foretold'
Maybe an oracle just says things, predicting etc. might be implicit?
8:08 PM
@Mitch Hmm. I don't get that nuance from the word foresee. Interesting that you do. Is an oracle not also called a seer?
@Robusto Yet.
8:33 PM
Dang, I missed the trolling.
9:12 PM
I made some progress with BonesBreaker
9:51 PM
> Sverige är strategiskt viktigt i egenskap av EUs moraltantsland. Om Sverige är för någonting är det ofta ett grönt ljus. Är vi mot någonting så skickar vi istället in kvinnorna med cykelhjälmar och knäskydd i högsta hugg och gastar om barn och barbari.
> Sweden is strategically important as the EU's moral Aunt country. If Sweden is in favor of anything, it is often a green light. Are we against anything we'll send in women with bike helmets and knee pads screaming about children and barbarism.

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