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12:00 AM
@KitFox Are you talking about my translation?
Split-well analysis?
Yes. Randomly.
Yeah she's still trying to figure out why it's got the splits.
That would actually make some sense.
@WillHunting Blanket requests don't count!
@Gigili Why! HTC is fine.
@aediaλ Hi! What's with the splits?
It started with gigili's text having "to shorten plits"
12:06 AM
I don't think I would write "crossed line" or "intersection line". Gigili, can you post the plot, so we can see how it looks, and choose an appropriate name for whatever line you're talking about?
@DavidWallace That's what I said an hour ago. :-)
Ohhh so technical thingie...
@KitFox agreed, but i'd expect a bar chart then, and i can't really imagine any lines that intersect anything and still make sense in such charts
@DavidWallace I don't have it to post, I'm asked to translate a paragraph to English which was what I posted, nothing else to add. =\
No, not a bar chart. You could have one that showed quadrants.
At least not necessarily a bar chart.
12:09 AM
Hey what do you call a "thingie" in Dutch, @Cerb? Like if you wanted to say "that technical thingamajig" or something.
well, not necessarily, yes, but a bar chart would be by far the most common representation
As it's about biochemistry, I suspect the diagram should be something complicated, like a plane goes through spherical surface as @Vitaly said.
@WillHunting Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
@Cerberus It's hot so I never use blankets!
Is it a line of little crosses perhaps?
12:11 AM
@DavidWallace cliche
@WillHunting and anyway, she clearly wasn't listening to you, as she did not, in fact, post the plot. Let's see whether she's listening to me!
And you are clearly not listening to her, since she said she doesn't have it.
Brb buses and thingamajigs of the like
If a plane goes through a spherical surface, it's not a line. You can't use the word "line" to mean "circle".
There is no plot to post to begin with.
12:12 AM
@KitFox Touche!
@KitFox He could be joking. Clearly that deduction failed!
@KitFox Sorry, I missed the bit where Giggli said she'd lost the plot.
31 mins ago, by Vitaly
29 mins ago, by Gigili
G2HS is used as an antigen to shorten plits which contain a complete virus and antigen of type 2 Herpes Simplex virus (HSV-2) and the results of this plot shows that antibodies existance is caused by HSV-2 infection and under the crossed line in this plot shows the number of plasma which are resistance to HSV-2 or didn’t have any communication with these viruses during their life
Since there is no plot, what is there to post? Since all is empty, what is there for dust to cling to?
@aediaλ Ding, dinges, dingetje...
12:14 AM
I think plasma is supposed to be "cells" or "plasma cells" like was suggested.
May I correct "existence"?
@DavidWallace yeah i was going for an obvious example and decided that two intersecting planes wouldn't be obvious to someone without maths training and left the “intersection line” as it was :D
@DavidWallace I also did that an hour ago. :-)
Two intersecting planes? That should be clear enough for anyone...?
IDK. I remember people at university having troubles with that.
12:16 AM
@Cerberus unless they're aeroplanes
@Vitaly If a plane goes through a surface, the intersection would be a circle as you said and I think we could say below "the intersection line" while talking about a 2D plot or something. But I might not make any sense to anyone.
@Vitaly Perhaps we're thinking of different things, because this is first-grade stuff...
@DavidWallace Oh I can picture that...
@DavidWallace Then that woud be disaster.
@Gigili but in a 2D plot there wouldn't be any lines of intersection in the first place, there would be intersection points
What if it's a bar chart with an axis drawn across the middle, and bars extending above and below it? The "crossed line" could just be the axis.
12:17 AM
@Vitaly They could make a line
Hey, Youtube has thumbnails for the ehm lines that the thingie moves along when you play the video. When you hover over the line, you see thumbnails!
@Vitaly Unless both curves are the same line. :-)
I was thinking of a graph like this.
OK, so there are two crossed lines. But if there were just one, it wouldn't be crossed.
They are "dashed lines" though.
12:20 AM
crossing dashed lines.
Cool! I got an answer accepted that included a link to a wiki article that I wrote myself.
I guess I shouldn't have accepted to translate that $#&@(#&!(&#@(*$#@ text without any diagrams.
@DavidWallace Where? Show!
@Gigili Sorry. It's got to be tough.
Can you give us anymore of the methodology?
@Gigili You should tell them this text is total nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:22 AM
It's not nuts, it's just incomplete without the diagrams. What language are you translating it from?
@KitFox How you mean?
Are you just translating that paragraph?
Yes, just that paragraph.
Holy yuck.
Oh boy!
12:23 AM
Can I make a suggestion? Since you don't really know anything about this line that has been described as "crossed", other than that it's not the curve of the plot itself, you could just say "the other line".
Under the other line?
"under the crossing line"?
Oh yes, that fits better than "the other line". I'd go for it.
Probably close enough anyway.
Uhum, thank you for your time.
12:28 AM
I wish I could be more helpful.
@gigili It could even be literally under the line that was crossed in some way.
Like under the beautiful table.
wants moar HP:MoR
@Vit I wants moar!
@KitFox Is this a Harry Potter game?
No, book.
12:31 AM
I thought you were gaming?
@KitFox No spoilers though! I have been so so busy that I was good and didn't read it right away. But... I'm sure you can guess what my dinnertime entertainment is about to be.
It's all Vitaly's fault.
No, you getting me addicted is your own fault.
Luckily I hate HP!
My addiction is his fault.
So let's just blame him.
12:32 AM
It is not your fault
@KitFox Haha. I love your reasoning.
And my seasoning?
@WillHunting I don't know why my fingers automatically typed "pedia" after "wiki". I didn't mean to say a wikipedia article.
Q: How to mock/stub a method local dependency with Mockito?

jmdevLet's say that I have this: class Dependency1 { def methodD1 { } } class Dependency2 { val dependency1 = new Dependency1 } def myMethod() { val a = new Dependency1 // I want to be able to stub this val b = a.dependency1.methodD1() ... } I want to do something like in...

@KitFox Tough luck. You could try reading the Sequences instead!
Or alternatively, sneak into Eliezer's home and play with his laptop.
The Sequences?
And I told EZ I wouldn't bother him anymore once we were done with the sexual relations.
Very cryptic again!
@KitFox That's why I said “sneak,” duh.
@KitFox gnaws tentatively
@Vitaly Hmm. I suppose there is that.
@aediaλ That tickles!
@Vitaly And are you suggesting that I need further education?
> The "sequences"[7] are several collated series of Yudkowsky's blog posts, and there are eighteen sequences in all. The indexes for just the four "core sequences"[8] are somewhere north of 10,000 words. Those link to over a hundred and fifty 2,000-3,000-word blog posts. That's about 300,000-450,000 words for those four, and around a million words for the lot.[9] With a few million more words of often-relevant comments. For comparison, the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is 473,000 words.
12:39 AM
Not a bijection.
@DavidWallace Sorry!
Deleted to avoid confusion!
Huh, it was PLATE
@WillHunting I'll forgive you this time, since I'm like that :-)
@Vitaly I might be convinced to take a poke at the abridged sequences for scientists.
@Gigili Oh. Plate.
12:40 AM
@Reg: Told you we'd see Arkham Asylum again soon.
So it probably was ELISA.
@Gigili, that sentence is far too long; or did someone say that already?
@KitFox HP:MoR is abridged sequences for non-scientists …
(Desperately tries to have an original thought).
@KitFox or platelets?
12:42 AM
Platelets probably makes more sense than plates.
Antigens can be used to shorten the plating time for ELISA.
Platelets actually doesn't make much sense.
Um, I don't know. Just got a response saying it's "plate" and "cut-off" (instead of "crossed line")
G2HS is used as an antigen to shorten plates which contain a complete virus and antigen of type 2 Herpes Simplex virus (HSV-2). This plot shows that antibodies' existence is caused by HSV-2 infection. Under the crossing line in this plot are the number of plasma which are resistance to HSV-2 or didn’t have any communication with these viruses during their life
Three sentences.
@Gigili What? That means the person knows how to translate it?
I'm off for a while. Need to take my son somewhere, as it's brilliantly sunny here.
12:46 AM
@DavidWallace Sounds good! But should be resistant to.
@DavidWallace Thank you, have fun.
I also feel like it should be "complete viral antigen."
@WillHunting Seems he does know the two words at least.
@KitFox Ah so it really is one object.
G2HS is used as an antigen to shorten plates which contain a complete virus and antigen of type 2 Herpes Simplex virus (HSV-2). The results of this plot show that the antibodies' existence is caused by HSV-2 infection. Under the cut-off in this plot are the number of plasma cells which are resistant to HSV-2 or which were never exposed to these viruses during their life.
Here's a cleaned up version of what I gave you before, @Gigili, now that I'm on a real computer.
I don't know the science though so listen to whatever the foxy one tells ye.
12:52 AM
Yes, I think that sounds plausible, @aedia.
Although it's still hard to say without knowing what they actually did.
@aediaλ Great, thank you very much. This is definitely the best one.
Thank you again @KitFox.
Somehow the cleaned up version appeared only when I refreshed.
Maybe it's not actually "shorten."
Maybe they used G2HS to visualize the antibodies against the viral antigens?
12:56 AM
Hey @Kit, check the review by one Beren on HP:MoR fanfiction page. Do you agree with the reviewer?
Um, I don't have it bookmarked. Can you link?
I think the reviewer probably has some history that makes his or her interpretation of the story a little skewed.
But I'd have to re-read the scene to really say.
Anyway, I have to go. Later!
Hmm, thanks. So I may as well continue linking to the story after all. I've never paid much attention to that particular part and was wondering if it could put many readers off.
@KitFox Goodnight!
12:59 AM
@Vitaly Remind me to talk with you about it later. I will give you my opinion.
@KitFox Bai!
4 hours later…
4:39 AM
@MrShiny—I have to analyze it. What I like about it, what I dislike about it, how effective it is at getting the information across, etc.
For the "what I don't like" question, I simply typed the link to the website.
@Mah yo.
@SonicTheHedgehog Ohai.
How are you?
Any luck on that video? Send me the version to my email, or dropbox or something.
@SonicTheHedgehog Hm, what's your e-mail address?
I'll convert it to mp4 and send it to you.
@Will yo.
4:45 AM
Hey Jasper.
@Mah I will show you, then remove it quickly. Get your pen ready...
@SonicTheHedgehog Alright.
Okay, remove.
I'll try to upload it... But with more... non-moral ways.
@SonicTheHedgehog I think it is easier to remember it than write it down!
Okay, the file is way too big.
So e-mail is out.
Oh, wait.
It's loading.
4:48 AM
@Will writing it down is easiest way to remember.
We shall see.
@Mah then use dropbox.
@SonicTheHedgehog Hm, I've never used it before. Let me see how the e-mail thing pans out.
@Mah Its really nice.
So @sonic when are you going to the new school?
4:49 AM
@SonicTheHedgehog I've heard good things.
If I invite you, I get more free storage space.
@Will I am going to Korea in a month or two.
@SonicTheHedgehog For years?
@Will perhaps for a long time. but that's what internet is for.
@SonicTheHedgehog Your family is going you mean, or only you?
I should ask Daniel for his email one of these days too.
4:52 AM
My whole family, although it is becoming hard to persuade my dad.
@Sonic Sent!
@SonicTheHedgehog Well, the good thing about Korea is maybe you get even more kimchi there!
@mah Yay.
@SonicTheHedgehog Yep, it's a fairly large file.
If you have iTunes, you'll be able to open it.
Yes, seeing that it took 20 second for my computer to open it.
Whoops, 17 seconds.
4:54 AM
So you can view it then?
Yeah, Nicely done.
Rain is not too loud,
Music is nice.
Thank you.
So @sonic will your classes there be in Eng or Kor?
Now, I'mma upload it to youtube.
@Will You know, there is fairly large amount of students in Korea that could speak English.
I will see.
@mahnax What are you doing now?
5:00 AM
@WillHunting Reading things on the internet.
I got home from work just half an hour ago.
So my prediction is that the top three spots will be Robusto, Barrie and Fumble at the end of the year.
In that order?
Yes, but it might also be B, R, F.
Barrie's going to pass Fumble.
Oh, wait.
Robusto said he retired but he has made a pseudocomeback you see.
5:05 AM
Yes, he has.
He is gaining a decent amount of rep.
Made it to 60k.
We are like the commentators in a horse race.
Speaking of horse races...
there was this very interesting horse race in Korea.
@SonicTheHedgehog Yes, go on.
I do not know where it happened, but this particular horse race was exciting.
I know what happened. The horse ran faster than the hedgehog.
5:09 AM
But, at the finish line, 2 horses came in at the same time.
But the hedgehog won?
Anyhow, the winning horse came in first by 1/1500 second.
Because the winning horse's lips were longer.
Haha, that is cool.
Maybe the hedgehog and the python were faster but they were too small to be detected.
5:13 AM
I was not racing.
I thought it was kind of unfair.
The world is unfair.
I mean, why can't they just call it a draw?
Well, it did have nicer lips.
Longer does not mean nicer.
5:14 AM
Maybe it does on horses.
We need one good man to take over the whole world, then it will be fairer.
That will never work.
It can work, but humans are not at that level of evolution yet.
There is much evil in the human heart.
There is too much inequality in this world for everyone to suddenly become equal.
Wars would break out.
The evil in humans would become even more prevalent.
5:16 AM
Exactly, mankind is not ready for this.
So maybe in a billion years it will be so I predict.
Perhaps the world will end by then.
I think that will take much longer.
Nobody knows when it will happen.
There are many cosmological theories on this.
5:18 AM
I am not an expert in these matters.
Theories, yes.
But nobody knows for sure.
Just like nobody knows the fate of Will for sure...
Or the fate of Mahnax, or Sonic.
Yep again.
5:22 AM
@sonic Are you still here?
I think sonic is already in dreamland.
It is past midnight there.
I woke up because of a bad cough.
But I should be going back to sleep soon.
Q: Which English to follow and how it effects work?

SantoshHere in India; British English is practice/used (maybe because India was colony of British). How much this matters? Can't I use American English for my purposes. Will it effect any official work if I use American English? And why is even American English and British English separate? Can't it b...

5:28 AM
I see.
I will be awake for awhile yet.
How to even answer this question? It is pretty broad.
@WillHunting What is that?
@Mahnax Samed.
@WillHunting Goodses.
Actually he should ask why can't the world be one?
5:32 AM
@Mahnax The question is also not properly written.
@WillHunting I agree.
@Mahnax So I downed.
@WillHunting Maybe I should too.
Aw, why not?
@Mahnax Good edit, but you missed sth impt.
5:38 AM
@WillHunting Quoi?
Oops, title.
@Mahnax Some more.
I give you a while to figure.
I removed the "etymology" tag as well.
Look at the last line, hint.
5:40 AM
Gosh, sorry.
Forgot a "the".
It is also too many questions in one methinks.
But I dunno what to comment.
I've decided not to comment.
It's around 8 questions in one.
Yes, let us chicken out!
5:43 AM
Is that your room?
Found that picture on the internet.
Chickens look different on the internet.
That is an owl!
@Mahnax Look up "joke".
@WillHunting I understood completely.
5:45 AM
@Mahnax I suspected, so I did not say you did not know.
@WillHunting Good, good.
@mahnax OMG! He just edited the question to include a smiley!
@WillHunting Oh, war.
Q: Which version of English should I use? What's the difference?

SantoshHere in India, British English is used (maybe because India was a colony of Britain). How much does this matter? Can't I use American English for my purposes? Will it affect any official work if I use American English? And why is it that American English and British English are different? Can't...

There was no change but the smile!
5:50 AM
I know!
Maybe his way of thanking me for fixing up his grammar, etc.
Still, I won't allow it.
I wonder if he will add another smiley again...
Hello @john!
@WillHunting Hopefully not.
Welcome to chat @john! And no need to end your questions with thanks I noticed.
Hi :-)
5:54 AM
This is not the usual forum, questions should be written WITHOUT thanks.
Hello @David!
oh, really?
Hey Mah!
@JohnnyLim Yes, indeed.
How's things down in the Zeal?
I feel so stupid for saying that.
5:55 AM
Okay, next time I have to omit it :-)
zealous, of course.
@JohnnyLim Just imagine you are writing a very serious book. That's how all questions and answers should be written.
The comments may be light-hearted with a personal touch though.
You need the first three letters to ping @joh!
@WillHunting why would you try to prescribe somebody's writing style?
5:57 AM
Use the up arrow when your text field is blank to edit your last message.
@WillHunting I understand :-)
@DavidWallace What I mean is the smileys thanks etc should be omitted.
We're humans here. We have emotions, and sometimes we like to express them.
Also, @John, we don't actually say "a breakfast".
We omit the article and say "breakfast".
oh, I didn't know that
thanks @Mahnax
5:59 AM
@JohnnyLim No problem. I'm writing an answer to your question as we speak.

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