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4:35 AM
@ToddTrimble That's unfortunate, really.
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6:20 AM
in MO editors' lounge, May 17 '17 at 12:57, by François G. Dorais
@MartinSleziak we hardly ever blacklist tags. We do blacklist other things but not tags. "completeness" and "untagged" are the only two.
@PraphullaKoushik Juding by the above message from a mod, there is some blacklisted stuff on MO. (I mean the "We do blacklist other things" part.) I guess some of the moderators will probably let you know what is currently blacklisted.
Q: blocking some words in question title to prevent silly questions

Praphulla KoushikIs there any way to block some words in question title? Need help with a equation. Help me please, its pretty urgent :) May be blocking some words such as "please","urgent". Is there any way to add some pop up saying this site is not for urgent homeworks or something like that? This might pre...

in The h Bar, 8 hours ago, by Sir Cumference
@enumaris Meant to post that in Math overflow
in The h Bar, 8 hours ago, by Emilio Pisanty
the MO chat isn't the busiest, y'know
@EmilioPisanty ^ Probably this?
I'd say this room is at its peak currently. I count 9 pingable users: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/pingable/9369
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7:28 AM
@MartinSleziak yes
@MartinSleziak well, my baseline is the physics chat
7:51 AM
@EmilioPisanty In any case, the question you discussed - How to compute Fourier coefficients using a cubic spline-corrected FFT? - now has a bounty. Maybe it will bring something.
I guess you meant a bounty by this:
in The h Bar, 10 hours ago, by Emilio Pisanty
@Semiclassical I don't have enough rep on mse to pull the kind of shit I do on pse, but have a sweetener
Just for comparison: Mathematics has 127 pingable users, h-bar has 86 pingable users, Homotopy Theory room has 53 pingable users.
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9:32 AM
@MartinSleziak block listed tags are different from block listed words in the title.. your link only says about blacklisted tags, — Praphulla Koushik 10 mins ago
This was response to this comment:
On Mathematics there are some phrases which cause a warning when used in the title: Should the site have an automatic word filter for titles? and Which are blacklisted tags and blacklisted phrases?. MathOverflow mods should be able to tell you which words are blacklisted on this site. — Martin Sleziak 4 hours ago
@PraphullaKoushik I do not want to leave too many comments on your question, so I'll respond here.
I suppose you'll agree that the first link is specifically about titles: Should the site have an automatic word filter for titles?
The other link is about blacklisted stuff in general and it mentions the titels: Which are blacklisted tags and blacklisted phrases? Just look at the part under the header warnings.
> In response to Should the site have an automatic word filter for titles?, some words trigger a warning when used in short titles. These words are often fillers that don't convey information. If used in a short title, the user is warned that the title may be insufficiently specific, but they don't prevent the question from being submitted even then, so one can ask about "Sections in a very ample line bundle".
> - anyone, difficult, doubt, easy, hard, help, interesting, please, problem, query, question, someone, stuck, very
9:50 AM
@MartinSleziak yes
I tend to go by my initials on the rest of the network
Oh, I see. So the bounty is from you.
I should have made the connection.
@MartinSleziak yeah, well, shit happens
If you look a bit back in the transcript or glance on Meta MathOverflow, you can see that there was some bounty-related discussion around here.
it's a tenuous connection unless you know what to look for
@MartinSleziak yeah, I saw (at least bits of) it
I agree that bounties are not really that effective. (Especially on a site like Mathematics, where there are commonly tens of bounties - I will not be surprised to see more than 100 one day.)
9:55 AM
@MartinSleziak I'm nowhere near familiar enough with MSE to know how well bounties work there
Q: Why won't you spend your reputation (on bounties)?

Steven SagonaIs it because your total reputation is in front of your name and the size of that number is a sort of prestige? In another discussion when someone expressed frustration that over reputation gain being bias in favor of answering simple questions, it was answered: I think it is correct that t...

^ this is our recent discussion
But basically it is the only thing we have at our disposal to attract attention to good question. And those imaginary internet points can be at least put to some useful purpose. (After all, once you have all the privileges, gaining more reputation does not add too much.)
@PraphullaKoushik Since the question linked in your post on meta has been deleted, maybe you can add link to cached version? (And thus make it visible to users below 10k at least while the cached version lasts.)
It seems that the message posted just to show that this room is rather inactive caused an increased activity in this room. :-)
@Martin this is really impressive, though
10:12 AM
Yes, Ali Taghavi is known for almost constantly staying on rather low reputation and using almost all reputation on bounties. That's why I chose him as an example in this search in the bounty room: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/70737/2018/6/9
I am sorry if I respond too slowly - my internet connection is not ideal, sometimes I have to post a message two or three times before it goes through.
10:25 AM
Ok, I'll have to leave, see you later!
@MartinSleziak cya
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11:41 AM
@EmilioPisanty BTW here are two somewhat similar queries:
I mean similar queries to the one posted in your answer: Why won't you spend your reputation (on bounties)?
@MartinSleziak similar, but with a strict subset of the info? =P
Meanwhile on Meta Stack Exchange: Badge for bounties offered? and Bounty Hunter badges. (The latter is marked , but both gathered quite a number of upvotes.)
2 hours later…
1:54 PM
@MartinSleziak A related question on the main site: What's so great about blackboards?
2:14 PM
@FedericoPoloni I see that you have linked to my previous feature request in your recent answer: blocking some words in question title to prevent silly questions.
I will just mention that we had at least some response from the moderators:
Jun 29 at 13:46, by Todd Trimble
@MartinSleziak Okay, Martin: sorry for the considerable delay. This is to let you know that things have settled down on my end (local political matters) and I am prepared to spend some time looking at and thinking about this suggestion brought up at meta. I'll probably be in consultation with the other moderators about this. On a different matter: would you mind if I contacted you over email?
2:36 PM
@user170039 Don't lose hope! Help may be on the way: nforum.ncatlab.org/discussion/1304/joyals-cat-lab
2:59 PM
@ToddTrimble When it is done (from the link you provided, I think it will be reasonable to expect that) can you please let me know it?
2 hours later…
4:36 PM
@user170039 Sure, no problem.

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