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6:01 PM
time until someone links the SO answer
@N3buchadnezzar Don't use regex.
*Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems.*

*Jamie Zawinski*
I'm bad at formatting screw it, it's a quote
obligatory reading:
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

@JeroenVannevel there ;-) ^^
find_string = soup.body.findAll(text=re.compile('1. '))
Seemed to do something atleast :p
Q: How to find tag with particular text with Beautiful Soup?

LA_I have the following html (line breaks marked with \n): ... <tr> <td class="pos">\n "Some text:"\n <br>\n <strong>some value</strong>\n </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="pos">\n "Fixed text:"\n <br>\n <strong>text I am looking for</strong>\n </td> </tr> <tr>

Tried making sense of that one ^
@t3chb0t maybe if you're lucky you can say -user:[yourId]
6:09 PM
OK, time to implement a subset of PDN for my checkers game.
@Vogel612 unfortunatelly you cannot negate this expression, but wait! if I used this with all other user-ids but mine, it should work
inb4 broken
Q: Abstracting Haskell types to increase code reuse

LambdaScientistI am updating some code I have. I noticed a lot of repeated code, so I took that as a good sign that some abstraction was needed. I have several functions that transition a State from one to another. The code to execute the transition is identical for every file. This: runOneTest :: Config ->...

Lastly, for anyone who cares, zombie rate and whatnot ^^
6:18 PM
wound't it make sense to ignore badges? they seem pretty unimporatat or do they have their own statistics? they waste a lot of space
@t3chb0t Well eventually I want to track how many users get each type of badge over time for more participation information.
I just haven't built those pages yet.
And it's only the named badges. Tag badges are not included.
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: SessionHandlerInterface Class
We have quite a few badges that have never been awarded.
Name	BadgeId	AwardCount
Stellar Question	51	0
Not a Robot	238	0
Backer	214	0
Renovator	221	0
Incrementalist	217	0
Documentation Beta	230	0
Primer	220	0
Peer Review	219	0
Educated	223	0
Documentation Pioneer	231	0
Creditor	216	0
Bluebook	215	0
Knowledgeable	218	0
Name	BadgeId	AwardCount
Unsung Hero	35	1
Illuminator	156	1
Only two badges have one award.
I think if there was more traffic so it's nearly impossible to get some of them on CR
@EBrown Aren't those all Docs badges?
6:23 PM
Yeah, some are impossible.
@Hosch250 Probably. I have to investigate more.
They are returned by our site's API request, but SE might just do that for all sites.
I looked at our Badge page, and they are all awarded.
I know that some of those are Docs badges.
all but stellar question
What's Stellar Question then?
Oh, 100 favorites.
Question favorited by 100 users
Name	BadgeId	AwardCount
Knowledgeable	176	0
Backer	172	0
Incrementalist	175	0
Documentation Pioneer	189	0
Not a Robot	191	0
Primer	178	0
Research Assistant	108	0
Peer Review	177	0
Educated	180	0
Unsung Hero	35	0
Bluebook	173	0
Illuminator	157	0
Creditor	174	0
Renovator	179	0
Documentation Beta	188	0
Socratic	150	0
6:24 PM
We don't have any of those.
@EBrown where do you get the bages from? they not visible on the bages page
@t3chb0t API
hrngh .... I hate it when hoogle doesn't find functions ...
e.g. Knowledgeable does not exist oficially
6:27 PM
try google instead of hoogle
Q: Inner function to avoid repeated code

mattstThere are 2 versions of the get_startup_folders() method below, both work as expected and are called only once. The 1st version has several minor pieces of repeated code which are removed by the use of an inner function in the 2nd version. I've read several times that the use of inner functions...

@EBrown huh, they make site-specific badges?
Q: what CR-specific badge could we think of?
hrgh. ... and sure it's some random project on GH
@Mat'sMug - wrote well-received reviews for more than 15 different language questions
6:29 PM
@Vogel612 Isn't that Generalist?
> Provide non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags
yea but top 40 tags is a stupid restriction
@EBrown they're SO badges
@Vogel612 aye, but SE doesn't differenciate and , so top-40 tags encompasses it
If your code works, you may want to post to [email protected]Thomas Matthews just now
we got 170 language tags. ...
top 40 doesn't even remotely encompass that
@Duga looks like he's telling OP to email their code
@Vogel612 right. should count as one? ;-)
6:35 PM
it's probably classified as one ...
yup ... it is in that count
wait, lolcode is in our top-40 tags?? WTF is wrong with the world?
If your code works, you may want to post on [email protected]. Read their guidelines before posting. — Thomas Matthews 21 secs ago
@Mat'sMug make it be in the top 40 tags :)
@ThomasMatthews protip: you can type [codereview.se] to render it as a link to Code Review ;-) — Mat's Mug 16 secs ago
6:40 PM
@Mat'sMug that's ... that might actually already be in the top 40 ...
@Mat'sMug That's not on me, that's on SE.
I need to normalize that table more, could definitely get more space saved with it.
Q: What is the motivation to spend time doing a code review?

Damien RocheI have only recently started browsing CR and have done 3 so far. I spent about 30 minutes on the first one, and 2 hours each on the others. Sadly, because I am reviewing Ruby code (not as popular as JS, for example), and the site isn't nearly as active as SO, I have received almost no views or ...

If I normalized BadgeStats better I would cut it down to 1/3 the space it takes now.
@EBrown what's the name of the benchmark tool you use? (sorry if asking again, I don't remember anymore)
@t3chb0t BenchmarkDotNet, it's a NuGet package.
6:53 PM
ok, I'm going to waste some time with benchmarking @denis question :-]
have you used it with linqpad?
Q: Unable to apply kmeans clustering algorithm to this data set

SKMBackground : The question is for an application in signal processing from the paper titled, "Analog Turbo Codes: A Chaotic Construction" where the information source, u is encoded by a nonlinear dynamical system, which is in the form of an iterative function, before transmission. I am only app...

Q: Generating unique key from String

codingkapoorObjective You have a collection of User objects which has name, age & city as their fields and you need to write a method that takes this collection and returns a collection of User objects with its city value replaced by some program generated code. So basically, you need to write this function...

Q: Why is this sentence generating function 4 times faster than mine?

jeremy radcliffBoth these functions take in a sentence and generate a random string based of the length of sentence. Mine, the first one, runs 4 times more slowly than the second one (someone else's code), but I don't know why and I'd like to understand what's happening 'under the hood' that makes it this way....

A: What is the motivation to spend time doing a code review?

Thomas WardPersonally, I think everyone has different motivations. Some of us want to help newer coders review their code and offer pointers for improvement so they learn. Some of us have nothing better to do. I do code review every so often when I have nothing else to do and boredom is likely to set in....

A: What is the motivation to spend time doing a code review?

EBrownYou're not wrong. Unfortunately, because we are a smaller site (we're 27th/166 of main sites in the network, and 27th/73 of graduated sites) and we only have ~40,000 questions, it's difficult in some more obscure languages to get up votes and accepts. It's harder to see the value. There are onl...

possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by mattst: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/151279/revisions
@EBrown Nice.
7:09 PM
@Duga This is the chat message that I saw that led me to that SO comment I pointed out.
@DamienRoche Welcome. :)
Greetings to thee!
@EBrown Zombies are considered questions which haven't received an answer in > 30 days right ? I've tried to answer one here if you want to see it and maybe write an answer too codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/147876/…
@denis Give or take, I usually consider it a zombie immediately. I don't let an arbitrary time value decide for me. ;) I actually just looked at that question earlier today.
i've got at least two zombie questions that have no activity heh
Also, @DamienRoche, I won't lie to you: the length of your answers does seem to have a negative effect. I just read one of them and it was actually very difficult to stay focused and read to the end to decide if it was +1 worthy or not. Perhaps there is a way to give the same information, but with more brevity in the future? (Simply trying to offer helpful advice. :) )
7:18 PM
@EBrown I wrote an obscenely long post once... (link) And it had some nice bold headings for faster summary reading. My style, I know, but I think that helps sometimes?
@ThomasWard It very well could. Generally speaking if you're writing a very long answer like that you should probably give it headings, make the first paragraph beneath the heading a summary, and then detail it.
@denis Regarding this answer: I would just use as alone and not use is in that case.
var aggregateEx = taskEx as AggregateException;
if (aggregateEx != null)
    foreach (var individualEx in aggregateEx.InnerExceptions)
        Console.WriteLine("\t" + individualEx.Message);
That's what I'm saying but there is not use of the as operator too Task.Exception is of type AggregateException anyway
I think I have just seem the dumbest bug in a piece of software ever
7:21 PM
@denis You're not wrong. Lol I read the quote block like it was your code.
var ex = taskEx as AggregateException;
if (ex != null)
    var aggregateEx = ex;
    foreach (var individualEx in aggregateEx.InnerExceptions)
        Console.WriteLine("\t" + individualEx.Message);
There's a client for a WoW addon called TukUI. You need to register to use it (okay, fine). So I register with the username 'aredherring'. I try and log in and it complains my username doesn't exist, and that usernames are case sensitive. As it turns out, the client capitalises the first letter of each word in your username. So I type in 'aredherring' (correct) and it "corrects" it to 'Aredherring', then submits it, and it fails.
Sorry to interrrupt. Just wanted to share my frustration.
Only thing I would do there is make ex named aggregateEx from the beginning.
Yeah that'd probably is a better name
Then you don't need to do var aggregateEx = ex;. ;)
I'm not doing that :D
Take a look at the last snippet
foreach (var task in tasks)
AggregateException taskEx = task.Exception;
if (taskEx != null)
Console.WriteLine($"Oh no. {taskEx.GetType()} thrown: {taskEx.Message}");
foreach (var individualEx in taskEx.InnerExceptions)
Console.WriteLine("\t" + individualEx.Message);
That's the whole method while the first 2 where just chunks of it
7:24 PM
Gah, I need to read the whole thing...lol
Q: F# program to generate a Map of substrings frequencies

GillesI wrote the following F# program that takes an input txt file and create a Map that contains all possible substrings of size N and their frequency in the file. In other words if I call the program with a text file with the following content: James John Max Gary Jess Gilles Mary With a leng...

@200_success can I ask you to proofread my latest haskell answer for factual correctness?
@Jamal Oops, where'd that tomato come from?
throws a tomato at you just because you said a tomato would be thrown at youThomas Ward 14 secs ago
i'm sorry, i'm feeling a little more silly than normal today :)
BTW speaking of answer length my most up-voted answer is my longest but that might have something to do with the attention the question received while this answer I posted yesterday took much longer to write but didn't receive as near as the upvotes the other answer got
How do you post a link here ?
@denis You got the () and [] backwards. [title](url)
7:27 PM
dang it
Thank you @EBrown ^^
No problem. :)
Revival x 3
I should review more haskell ...
Also I'm incredibly lucky I don't have to fully understand how things work to review code
there's no problem with me being slightly silly every once in a while on a meta comment, is there?
('cause I found it a little funny xD)
No, OP was silly on that same one as well. ;)
7:33 PM
I think @Jamal started that actually
@ThomasWard I'm really puzzled about that lack of confidence there...
How would I filter questions by how much answers they currently have ?
@denis answers:n
@Vogel612 Because on Ask Ubuntu nobody can really say "No" to some funnyness. Here I can get sniped :)
7:34 PM
Yeah I tried that but with a space ..
answers : n
@denis advanced search is terribly underadvertised IMO
7:36 PM
You can also isaccepted:yes or isaccepted:no.
Or hasaccepted:yes or hasaccepted:no.
Can I ignore tags :? like [asp.net] ?
You can also -something to detract that from search.
Yes, -[asp.net]. :)
-* <-- detract everything *shot*
@EBrown note that those carry is:a and is:q implicitly
@denis you can even use wildcards
-[*.js] // exclude all the badly named js frameworks
@denis -[asp*]
7:38 PM
That's even better
Excludes all questions related to asp or asp.net, but also (accidentally) .
So a better query might be: -[asp.*] -[asp-*].
And than there are those people that have ASP.net question but haven't included a tag for it .. haha
7:39 PM
I just noticed and suddenly it's ticking me off.
@Vogel612 here's a flamethrower, have fun. :)
let's make synonymize to
how about let's nuke ?
because I don't want to go and synonymize to ...
oh wait, that would be the end of
7:40 PM
@EBrown I can run benchmarks now, still need to setup the columns etc but it looks very nice, @denis the expression without the getter-delegate seems to be a little bit faster... although I have no idea how and what I have just measured :-]
@Mat'sMug meh. multi-paradigm
                 Method |       Mean |    StdErr |    StdDev |
----------------------- |----------- |---------- |---------- |
 ExpressionWithDelegate | 11.0642 ns | 0.1261 ns | 0.4367 ns |
   ExpressionWithGetter | 10.8951 ns | 0.0995 ns | 0.3722 ns |
What's that ? @t3chb0t
it's about the getter expression for the typeaccessor
benchmarks :P
7:41 PM
for .1 nanoseconds I'd call the difference utterly insignificant and say code it whichever way feels most comfortable... no?
.1 nanoseconds??? That is all that matters!
@N3buchadnezzar no, that's not truth.
Imagine if you could save .1 nanosecond every second
@Mat'sMug I run the default setup, I bearly understand what it does yet, I need to read the docs
7:42 PM
0.001 is that threshold. :P
@Mat'sMug If you take the error and deviation into account, neither is demonstrated to be better.
@ThomasWard One of us, one of us :)
@t3chb0t would you still reject the compile-time typesafety for that .1 ns ?
ffs cache time out ....
@Mat'sMug I think we had that discussion before
@denis it's the type-safe version
7:44 PM
(The hat)
oh mb
        public static Expression<Func<TSource, TProperty>> GetGetAccessor<TSource, TProperty>(
                    this PropertyInfo propertyInfo,
                    bool includeNonPublic = false)
            var getMethod = propertyInfo.GetGetMethod(includeNonPublic);
            var instance = Expression.Parameter(typeof(TSource), "instance");
            var value = Expression.Call(instance, getMethod);

            return Expression.Lambda<Func<TSource, TProperty>>(
@denis these two methods
@Vogel612 yeah
@skiwi then you would save like a second in your entire life!
The one in your answer right ?
7:45 PM
exactly, but I need to figure out how the config works to get rid of the ns
Q: Practice project for designing programs -- budtrack

pavelexpertovI have written an application called budtrack, which has a purpose of monitoring a budget. I know I kinda reinvented 'the wheel', but the purpose of the project was to practice user requirments gathering, writing technical requirements and architecture design. I have stored the program as a git ...

@Vogel612 What site?
@EBrown here ... trying to suggest a tag synonym
7:47 PM
@Vogel612 That's....not good.
tag page correctly says 2 questions tagged, search only has one
@Vogel612 Yeah my search is being weird too.
RIP CR Meta 2013 - 2016. another victim to 2016
Does anyone here use the Google Pixel?
My iphone 5c is dying, has been since I cracked the screen in LA. Looking to get a new phone and open to suggsetions, but the pixel looks good
8:03 PM
@DanPantry No, I thought hey it might be cool, then I saw the price and ran away as far as I could
And it becomes increasingly more difficult to pick a phone based on good user reviews because there's so many people that only complain and you don't hear about the people that are happy with their phone
Q: Attempting to write jQuery Ajax method that posts contact form data to a PHP email script

JoshCan anyone review my code please and tell me why the email is not sending? I'm attempting to write a jQuery Ajax method that posts contact form data to a PHP email script. Here is the body of the contact form page: <body> <?php require 'Includes/Header.php' ?> <div id="container1"> <h1>...

@skiwi The other option is to pick a phone based on the lack of bad reviews.
@skiwi Given that a contract phone ends up costing £800 over 2 years, a €700 (?) phone that actually has removable SIM cards and is android with decent hardware isn't that bad.
my iPhone 5c cost me the equivalent of €1200 over 2 years (if you account for the currency conversion BEFORE Brexit).
Especially as I'll be travelling quite a bit a decent phone is important
I wonder if @EBrown has a better way of constructing this list?
let PDNBoard =
        [None; Some 1; None; Some 2; None; Some 3; None; Some 4];
        [Some 5; None; Some 6; None; Some 7; None; Some 8; None];
        [None; Some 9; None; Some 10; None; Some 11; None; Some 12];
        [Some 13; None; Some 14; None; Some 15; None; Some 16; None];
        [None; Some 17; None; Some 18; None; Some 19; None; Some 20];
        [Some 21; None; Some 22; None; Some 23; None; Some 24; None];
        [None; Some 25; None; Some 26; None; Some 27; None; Some 28];
8:07 PM
F# uses semicolons to delineate array elements?
Those are List elements.
It creates an FSharpList.
isn't a List just a functional version of an array?
Not really.
It has a head and a tail.
Arrays are just arrays.
The aren't like C# arrays or like C# lists.
It's a new species altogether.
I don't really understand, I mean, an array has a head and a tail too.
Not in C#.
8:09 PM
but does it have feet?
@JeroenVannevel No, it's like a snake.
Anyway, each list is like [head = first item; [tail = rest of items]]
And each tail has its head and a tail.
So, it is actually like a unary tree :/
"Here is what I came up with, looking for improvements or potential errors" Sounds like what you have is working as intended? If so, this question sounds like a good candidate for Code Review. Stack Overflow isn't a great place for open ended questions with multiple (equally valid) answers. — HPierce 51 secs ago
Enumerable.Range(0, 32).Select(x => { return new[] { null, $"Example {x}" }; }).SelectMany(x => x).Dump();
gave that weird collection of yours a go
I think it might be prettier with Aggregate but not too familiar with it to get it to do what I want
This isn't a seq.
oh, maybe a Zip might work
8:14 PM
seq is like an IList, sort of.
so put a ToList at the end, I don't know
But List has things like that I can use.
@DanPantry If you're with a contract then it might be worth it... But wait until the second generation, I hear there's too many small issues with the current ones
I mean it wouldn't be a problem for a 300 euro phone, but for a 800 euro phone it's unacceptable
@Hosch250 check whether there's an interleave
@skiwi Doesn't matter, hilariously the Pixel is only available in the UK and not Ireland. welp
8:16 PM
Things like cracking sound when volume level is at the maximum, etc. I mean it's probably not going to bother you, but the issue shouldn't be there
I could do it if it wasn't for the alternating values at each nested list.
@JeroenVannevel zip converts two lists into a list of tuples
anyway we're cluttering up this conversation, if we continue it lets go to discord/nth
@Vogel612 darn it. so yeh, the opposite of that
Anyway, that doesn't quite work.
It doesn't alternate the values for each set.
8:18 PM
actually ... use intersperse
or it's F# equiv
I asked in code review with code and they said to come back here lol. — Ethan Yousefi 51 secs ago
you should be able to accumulate the "biglist" into the sublists with a custom foldr
Been troubleshooting a friend’s LAN all day. Whenever their camera system (not IP cameras) is plugged in, 15% packet loss…on the LAN.
"If you have broken code, the right site to get helped is Stack Overflow. Be sure to post a MCVE that reproduces your problem there" codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/151243/…Ethan Yousefi 7 secs ago
Oh my, their DVR has a fucking botnet on it. Goddammit. https://t.co/2uuUjsqqPF
I lol'd
Internet of things to the rescue
8:24 PM
@denis some feedback on that
You start off by saying:
> You shouldn't call .Close() or .Dispose() manually the using statement is usually preferred and in your case it will even remove the finally block :
But your final point addresses using null propagation on fs.Close- which you just told OP not to use
I originally had a few words there were I explained that those are just general advises, but I removed them. @DanPantry
Boy, his ReadFiles method is a mess
8:29 PM
Huge mess but tried to improve it a bit..
I will clarify that
@Dex'ter It misses the rewrite phase
Throw all your broken code away, rewrite it, and it suddenly works again.
Or it might still be as broken as it was before
@Vogel612 Looks fine, I guess? To be honest, that question is beyond my Haskell capabilities.
tell him to use robocopy
@denis another thing I would mention is that the way he's written everything means he has to process everything serially
@200_success you're our top haskell answerer...
8:31 PM
@Vogel612 is there an advanced search guide somewhere?
It might be easier for him to use async/await to process all of the files and then put everything inside the internal buffer, if that's possible at all...
@Phrancis [help/searching]
The approach seems rather ok to me, not the best but it will do the job, maybe you have something else in mind that I haven't mentioned ? Why don't you post an answer instead ? @DanPantry.
@denis Because I'm terrible at writing answers. Also, because Id on't have any code editing tools on my PC and I don't want to do that heavy of a refactoring without test cases :/
VS15 is a piece of #$%§, the build process hangs and I cannot compile anything and closing all windows does not help :(
8:34 PM
It's up to you :)
@t3chb0t conga rats? nuke the process from task manager and retry
@t3chb0t nuke from orbit, retry. if it keeps failing, the problem is probably your PC and not the editor..
the editor doesn't do the compilng, the compiler does, the editor is just a front end for the compiler
I tried and killed all msbuilds but still, something is locking the exe and it cannot be overwritten
good old file locking
visual studio never does that. /s
@t3chb0t webapps may require nuking the standalone-ish IIS
could be something similar in your case
8:35 PM
hi, every one, I am trying to find best algorithms to review before I took some online test, do you have suggestions how to make best search on code review? Sorry to interrupt.
@JianminChen we were interestingly just talking about searching on site.
this help center article should help you find out how you can ask the site to give you good results :)
@newguy no idea, I've never used Excel to play videos off YouTube. — Mat's Mug 6 secs ago
@Vogel612 Top by quantity, maybe. Not by skill.
I like how smart people are usually really modest and are well aware of they're skill.
note to self, screw the monitor screws in properly next time
then it wont fall over when you try to clean it and give you a heart attack
8:45 PM
@JianminChen Do you have the names of the algorithms you want to review?
We might have a tag you could look through, or you could just search the name of the algorithm.
Q: Numeral based Brutforcing Algorithm

DD314I have created an algorithm that can generate all possible combinations of a string given it's length, and character set (It uses a custom numeral system to do this). How could I improve it's performance and readability? using System; using System.Text; public class Program { public static ...

@CaptainObvious Brutforcing?
@CaptainObvious I wonder if he is generating combinations or permutations?
@Mat'sMug It's like brute forcing, but without the e....xponent
From the description alone, I'd guess permutations.
8:47 PM
@t3chb0t I'll start saying "bugs" when things go wrong instead of "rats".
I've got move history almost done.
If you have working code that you want to write more efficiently, or to improve in any way, include it all in a Code Review question. Stack Overflow is for specific programming issues; there is no definitive answer to your question as asked, it's too broad. — Mat's Mug 28 secs ago
@Vogel612: Is supposed to be different from , or should they be merged?
the idea is to syn oop into object-oriented to get it consistent with , and similar paradigm tags
soo ... yea they're supposed to be merged.
Alright, then. I'll get to that.
9:01 PM
thanks :)
No more
@Hosch250 thanks for your advice. I did use keywords: brute force, space trade for time, time complexity, timeout, time limit exceeded, also look for algorithms by users. I am following JavaDeveloper's post right now. Since I am new to this code review starting late Nov., any one of you can be my mentor to navigate the site smartly .
Sounds like the sort of thing a drill sergeant would tell you
and then he makes you mop up the rain 'cus you only gave him 19
9:11 PM
Q: String puzzle - operations with numbers inside of strings

Guilherme MaiaPuzzle description: input is dimensions (length, width, heigth) of various presents. Example: 2x3x1 5x9x10 1x40x2 Part 1: determine the area of paper needed to wrap the gifts, wich is equal to 2*(l*w + w*h + l*h) + the smallest between l*w, w*h and l*h for each gift. Part 2: determ...

@Mat'sMug I'm not even going to say what that reads like to me. :/
try me
@EBrown I'm curious
IMO the latest answer on that thread hits the nail on the head: OP wants votes, but doesn't vote himself. Everything starts with voting.
9:40 PM
If this code is working you should probably put this question on CodeReview instead. However you should definitely rethink your naming convention, prefixing public class names and methods with an underscore is highly unusual — UnholySheep 56 secs ago
@Mat'sMug I can try to explain it when I'm not at work typing on my phone during breaks.
Your question is too broad for Stack Overflow, but would make a decently well-received post on Code Review. I've voted to close here, and hope to see you there soon! — Mat's Mug 15 secs ago
10:00 PM
@EBrown sure. FWIW my answer stemmed from OP's "why spend an hour in an answer on CR and get no votes when I can spend 30 seconds on SO and get more rep out of it" - implying that SO answers were more valuable in some kind of way, and that voting on SO was so much better. Truth is, voting on SO is just as broken as everywhere else on SE, it just depends where you look.
possible answer invalidation by InBetween on question by InBetween: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/151233/revisions
@Duga careful here
there was a mess of comments on that one earlier
@Mat'sMug I do agree with that. Voting on CR and SO are entirely different and neither are ideal.
IMO it's a fine edit. Answers that commented on the absence of that code should have focused on the code that was in the post. OP was specifically asked to include the omitted code. Upvoted.
10:17 PM
Thing is, if you want to motivate people to answer in your tags, IMO it goes without saying that you have to upvote the answers in that tag.
And then people getting upvotes are reminded that the voting buttons exist, and happiness ensues
I just want to say I fully agree with everything you've said here, and you've touched on exactly what made me post CRs in the first place. The reputation doesn't mean much to me, anyway. Who cares if I have 150 or 150k. Is that going to help pay off a mortgage? It has zero value to me in the real world. I was just wondering, as I had lost some motivation due to the inactivity, if others had felt the same and what their opinion was. Happy to have found lots of balanced opinions here and a new sense of responsibility as a user of SE. — Damien Roche 1 min ago
@EBrown ^
10:36 PM
Q: Cows with walkie-talkies (USACO Silver Prob. #3; December '16 )

noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆThe official problem description is here, which in my opinion is unclear and quite long. Below is my description. I reccomend you still read the official description, it has details such as input and oputput format Input: N cows represented as points on a 2D graph (integer x, y pairs) each ...

10:56 PM
"Any suggestions ..." is not the type of problem we solve on this site; it falls under the "too broad" category. "Speed up the code" is something you would take to CodeReview.StackExchange.com — Prune 57 secs ago
Q: Searching a list

HusterI have this class: class _Client { public int ID; public string Name { get; set; } public string Phone { get; set; } public string Email { get; set; } public string Adress { get; set; } public Types Type { get; set; } public _Client(int ID,string Name, string Phone, ...

11:15 PM
Such a waste link OP has so much stuff that can be improved but he wont elaborate :C
@CaptainObvious Searching a title.
11:34 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs in CodeReview. — Scott Hunter 49 secs ago
Q: java class program

foofWrite a program that has a class List. The list has two numbers as attributes (x and y). The x is the beginning of the list, and y is the end of the list. e.g. if list1 has x=4 and y=7, then list1 elements are (4,5,6,7), and list1 size=4 if list2 has x=12 and y=18, then list2 elements are (12,13...

11:45 PM
@DamienRoche The point is that github review tooling is made with a specific ideal in mind. It's made for line-by-line checking of things and it does that really well. What it's not made for is broadly applied critique on all aspects of code and it's also not made for contextual representation of code. It's hard to review design on github. But it's harder to do that than it is to do that on code review. github also has the disadvantage of allowing no other context than what you can find in the repo. on CR the OP can explain what their code is doing. You're comparing apples and bananas — Vogel612 8 secs ago
Huh, I accidentally made my checkers game resign when it can't win.
accidentally ... how??
That's what I want to know.
I'll check it after dinner.
It isn't supposed to resign :(
How can I paste a code snippet here (properly)
4-spaces indented
some extensions allow pressing Ctrl+K like on the main site to switch into code-entering mode
11:51 PM
@Hosch250 Can you think of a situation where this wont crash ?

object valueToSearch
if(Client.Name == (string) valueToSearch || Client.Phone == (string) valueToSearch ||
Client.Type == (Types) valueToSearch || Client.Email == (string) valueToSearch){}
Dang it didn't work
yea it needs to be in a separate message
because chat
faq should have a section on it
object valueToSearch
if(Client.Name == (string) valueToSearch || Client.Phone == (string) valueToSearch ||
Client.Type == (Types) valueToSearch || Client.Email == (string) valueToSearch){}
Now it works
I'm looking at this question
Seems broken to me
Q: check if two rectangles are overlap

Lin MaSuppose rectangles are parallel to x-axis/y-axis. Find if two rectangles are overlap or not, if overlap, output the overlap area. Here is my code and I track min/max x-coordinate and min/max y-coordinate for each rectangle. Using Python 2.7. Any comments on code bugs, code style and performance...

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