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Just got Sportsmanship and Fanatic on meta.CR.
Well, I said I'd have a question to post today, and I do, but I'll wait for a while. It's awful quiet, so I won't get as many of those nice votes.
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Q: Script to run "npm install" for all directories/subdirectories that have a package.json file

AR7So to give some context: I have a relatively large repo with package.json files scattered across it for a bunch of unrelated projects. I just needed a quick script to run npm install for each of them. It couldn't have any dependencies that required an npm install. I figured running npm install ...

1:45 AM
2:34 AM
@Hosch250 Python is actually pretty great for beginners (if they are starting from nothing of course), much easier learning curve due to the friendly syntax, allows to learn the principles that apply to all languages
Not if you really want to be Pythonic.
Pythonic Python is quite difficult because you rarely need a plain and simple loop over a collection.
It has a lot of functional-type things for working with lists.
You can write everything as simple loops though just the same as most languages
Yep, it just won't be "standard" for the language.
The Pythonic way, well that's good if they want to pursue Python further
I'm having the worst time with my alpha/beta pruning.
I already trashed the whole thing once.
2:37 AM
Starting out with Node.js would be shooting themselves in the foot
@Phrancis I'm not going to have them do that :)
They can start with vanilla JS and then move into Node later, if they really want to do web stuff
Actually, right now, I'm not even pruning the bloody nodes.
I'm just trying to swap the alpha/beta values correctly.
Once you know Python though it's easy to branch into another language, since a lot of the same principles apply, just with a different syntax
Starting with Java/C#, or C++ especially, can be pretty daunting I imagine
When you walk up the tree, the alpha value for the current node becomes the next node's beta value, unless the node is infinity, in which the beta always stays at positive infinity and the alpha at negative infinity.
OK, that makes more sense and is simpler than what I've been doing.
2:40 AM
I wish I understood that tree stuff better, I don't have very good CS general knowledge
Trees are easy.
type MoveTree = { Move :Move; Parent :Option<MoveTree>; Children :Option<List<MoveTree>> }
So, you have a value. That's the Move.
That value has a Parent value, unless it is a root, in which the parent is null.
It also has child values (perhaps a max number, perhaps an unlimited number, perhaps none).
TBH, while I am working in a tree, no level knows about its parent in the alpha/beta minimax stuff.
You write it recursively, so the parents know their children, but the children just worry about their kids and themselves.
I should try to find some exercises to learn trees in a language I'm familiar with
I learned my trees while working on RD.
Oh, I knew some of the stuff, but that's what really showed me how to do it.
I'd just go build a tree.
Build a tree and write a BFS and a DFS.
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code review might be a better place for this question, but not in its current state -- you'd want to improve it by being much more specific with your questions. — Hovercraft Full Of Eels 7 secs ago
4:08 AM
Q: Quicksort Median of Medians

Jainil ShahI am doing an online course for algorithm design an analysis, and am on the second week of the course. To complete the homework for the course, a implementation of the QuickSort algorithm is required. I have succesfully designed and run two programs which implement QuickSort, one which uses the f...

4:27 AM
quick C++ question: when should I make another file to include code in?
5:06 AM
@ConorO'Brien Look up the Single Responsibility Principle.
alright. so a tokenizer for a language should go in a separate file, by that principle, right?
5:47 AM
I got my minimax actually working.
I realized that before, it was scanning N levels deep, but just returning the value for the level 0!
Hmm, pruning doesn't work.
But it is still many, many times faster than before.
Fixed that :)
Hmm. That weakened it pretty badly.
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs at codereview.stackexchange.comxaxxon 16 secs ago
7:40 AM
@TrojanByAccident 'asking a question' doesn't somehow auto-qualify things for inclusion on stack overflow. He's clearly asking in a generic fashion how to make working code "better". That's exactly what a code review is. — xaxxon 27 secs ago
8:09 AM
Q: QuickSort Median of Three V2

Jainil ShahUnfortunately, my earlier question was put on hold due to "code that doesn't work", but I realised that there were a few black holes in my question, so here it is again, revamped. Ok, so, you probably have prior knowledge of the QuickSort algorithm, where you select a pivot and place elements l...

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Q: Elixir multi-client echo server

brescThis is the first time I use OTP and Elixir. I created a multi-client echo server that also does a handshake. I translated it from 2 examples I found online. One was in Elixir and the other in Erlang. I would highly appreciate if you could tell me if what I did makes any sense. I understand most...

Should go to code review — Gurwinder Singh 50 secs ago
@ConorO'Brien Pretty much all the time.
10:05 AM
@ConorO'Brien It gets easier if your code is properly structured in classes. Start by putting every class in it's own file and see how it looks from there.
Make sure you split what should go in a header and what shouldn't go in a header as well.
Q: i am having some sort of synchronization problem can anyone help me solving it ....and why is this problem occcuring

user126549#include <pthread.h> void *myfunc (void *myvar); int main(int argc, char *argv) { pthread_t thread1, thread2; char *msg1="First thread"; char *msg2="Second thread"; ret1= pthread_create(&thread1, NULL, myfunc, (void *) msg1); ret2= pthread_create(&thread2, NULL, myfunc, (vo...

10:47 AM
@Hosch250 Nice, can I just pull the code and run it? Any instructions needed?
Q: I'm losing precision with large numbers. How can I keep it

AwokeKnowingThis code is calculating cycles for a problem: the answer to input (2,3,4) is 430, which is correct once the numbers get larger, I lose precision. For the input 5,5,3 it's giving 63884608.125 but it should give 64796982 For understanding what the problem is, and for seeing the maple code t...

11:50 AM
sounds more like a question for codereview.stackexchange.com — Alnitak 7 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's a duplicate of a codereview.stackexchange.com question — Alnitak just now
Monking @ all
12:06 PM
12:28 PM
Q: Simple pack Uri builder

t3chb0tI want to make the creation of the pack Uri for WPF resources more verbose so they are easier to read and less error-prone and I thought I implement it using the builder pattern. The base class for each builder (there are four of them) is the PackUriBuilder. It implements the UriKind logic, ch...

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1:04 PM
Felt good to post a question. It's been a long while.
Q: Yet Another Todo Api

RubberDuckSo, I've been on an adventure trying to learn NodeJs and put together a stack that I'd be happy to put into production if one day my team said to me "Let's build it in Node!". What we have here is your standard "Todo Webservice". Any and all feedback is appreciated, because I had never written mo...

@RubberDuck I've just started to learning node.js too ;-]
@t3chb0t it's kind of a PITA IMO.
I mean, fourteen packages to cobble together a stack I was happy with. Fourteen.
Node is all fun & games until you decide you want prod quality code.
@RubberDuck At least installing them should be pretty straight-forward
that's true, but I think pure node would be too low level, I'm trying to see the packages as namespaces in c# but there are so many packages to learn about, I've just started with express and express-handlebars
I wonder however how it is possible that there is no native or out-of-the-box package to connect to ms-sql-server, only some workarounds
1:15 PM
@skiwi that much is true.
I'm wanting to make a desktop app and I need to choose my language pretty much now... Was thinking about Java vs C#, but I'd much rather do the interface in HTML/CSS instead of JavaFX or WPF, any thoughts?
I need to interact with the filesystem etc. so therefore I thought Java or C# would be a good idea, though C++ would work but I think not the best pick, same for C
@t3chb0t I would use hbs instead of express-handlebars. It handles all the file loading/reading for you.
@skiwi aww man. I was just reading about some folks who hacked Selenium into WPF so they could use HTML/CSS for it... I'll see if I can find the project again.
I would say the other question is do you need it to run on non-windows machines.
Windows GUIs are still Windows GUIs, even with code on the scene.
Hmm it is to support Arena drafting in Hearthstone, and Hearthstone runs on Windows and macOS I think... not sure about macOS, but people got it to work on Linux via gamesonlinux package or something and Wine also worked
I think the Linux versions still emulate the Windows file system structure though regarding program files, appdata, etc.
Maybe it's a good time too to look into Xamarin, though I have no experience with it
One thing is that there's some packages available for Java that off-load some of the annoying work, but maybe they're available for C# too, all community-made of course
@skiwi it's called Positron. btburnett.com/2016/12/…
Xamarin is always an option I guess. I tend to forget that it exists.. lol
I'll need to see how Positron differs from Xamarin I think
1:25 PM
It's still WPF, so Windows only I'm guessing. It just lets you use HTML/CSS to create your views.
2:15 PM
Hovercraft: Thanks for the feedback! Is there a code review section on Stack Overflow or are you referring to another site? — Asalancy 37 secs ago
Q: c++ String class

Dan DanI made a string class to be used as a replacement for std::string. It has all the find functions(find, rfind, find_first_of...), basic iterators(just begin and end, no reverse iterators), almost all the operators(+, +=, ==, [], <<), an insert ,erase and substring function, c_str() and it is dyna...

Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Split cells vertically on comma
2:41 PM
@skiwi GUI in C? Yea, no, you don't want to do that.
Exactly ^^
I don't know how widespread Cordova is, that might be worth a look.
Heck, you could do it in Unity.
That's pretty multi-platform and easy to do weird things on GUI level.
Unity is way too heavy :P
Hmm maybe I should target that new Windows 10 API to get it to show up in the Store if I actually plan on releasing it
Meh, it's not bad.
Releasing something in stores is always a PITA, I'd say get it to work first :P
Xamarin supports releases to UWP, I'd say it's a very good choice if you want to release a stand-alone application
Do you remember SpeedSim from OGame?
2:48 PM
I've seen Xamarin in action. It works pretty well, but I've heard some horror stories about maintaining it.
@skiwi Sure.
Hey it's not me who has to maintain it, it's future me.
@Mast Would've been very user-friendly if you could just grab it from the store
Q: Nested Cross Validation

NurbleI am trying to implement nested cross validation with Python and I was wondering whether what I am doing is correct both conceptually and programmatically. I am hoping to use this nested cross validation to select the optimal hyperparameters (inner loop) and estimate the optimal model's performan...

Q: List, Stack, Queue - Abstraction

overexchangeFrom the comments given, Here is the complete code. From coding style, abstraction, encapsulation aspect, any more improvements?

And it even works on Windows Mobile if you want to... yay?
@CaptainObvious You should know the site better by now...
Questions must include the code to be reviewed. Links to code hosted on third-party sites are permissible, but the most relevant excerpts must be embedded in the question itself. You've been here before, you know the rules. — Mast 5 secs ago
@CaptainObvious More close votes, Code behind link and no description.
His original question wasn't of great quality either.
Hmm... deciding what game to play, I play Hearthstone quite a lot but not exclusively, Rocket League is not that great after too many hours... Path of Exile?
2:57 PM
PoE is nice if you're into that kind of games, it's a bit of a niche though.
I've played it long ago, though I'd rather play it with friends but nobody wants to
Hmm the camera offset kind of annoys me
3:13 PM
Too bad most MMORPG's these days are disappointing, I used to be able to spend quite some time in those
We got spoiled with good games, now it's easy to get disappointed.
3:26 PM
Runescape is also not the same anymore compared to 10 years ago :P
3:51 PM
Q: Changing the values of an array from 1 to 0 and vice versa

AchillesThere is an array, whose number(n) of elements I am the one to define. At first, each element has the value "0". I also have to define how many times I want that array to be "scanned". Say that I am running the array for the j-th time. If j==2, then all elements whose index%2==0, have their value...

@skiwi Well, not exactly.
I'm doing it with a library, so you'll want to fork and build both the Checkers and CheckersUI repos.
But, don't do it just yet. The pruning is broken.
Oh, and the minimax stuff is not in the master branch just yet.
WIP it is then
Q: [email protected]

Mohamed Abu shehstaA school asked you to design and implement a helper program to help the school's students in the mathematics class. The students need to know the laws used to calculate the area, the perimeter, and the volume (if exists) for some shapes. The used shapes are the circle, the rectangle, the triangle...

Q: Can anyone solve this for array matrix by using java plz

PrincessCreate a class in java for a N x N array (matrix) which includes methods to do the following: 1- To check whether the immediate neighbhours of central element are same or not 2- To store immediate neighbours of central element in new one dimensional array Write and execute a java program to cr...

@CaptainObvious Go away.
@CaptainObvious You too.
A bunch of dead horses.
Did you lose the VTC privilege, @skiwi?
4:04 PM
@Hosch250 Nope, just did
Yes: you could ask this on Code Review. — Rad Lexus just now
@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
One more.
Question can be closed, broken.
4:29 PM
@Mast For what would you flag it?
I mean, there's too many things to pick from in this case :D
@skiwi VLQ.
Hm okay that will do
Does the SE hat placement preview try to detect where my head is...? Or is it coincidence that in the preview it's perfectly aligned
Coincidence. Many pictures don't even have a head.
Interesting, I just found this comment
Tell the team to "man up". Learning new stuff is part of having a career. — DwB Aug 12 '11 at 16:37
@RubberDuck You know I only live ~2.5 hours from you?
4:38 PM
Isn't it a bit odd that if you got hired as a C# programmer, you would suddenly need to start programming in Java because management says so?
I thought it was pretty obvious, but then the comment has like 10 upvotes
@EBrown what?! No! You in Cleveland?
Or Cinci?
Well, ~1 hour west of Toledo, but not too far.
@skiwi management should not be selecting technologies. There may be reasons to veto tech (where am I going to find F# devs?!), but not to select them.
I only noticed it because I saw it on your LinkedIn profile (the city you worked in) and I thought "oh wow, that's not too far away."
@EBrown well... no shit . That's cool mate.
4:40 PM
@RubberDuck The new company I applied on likes the fact that I have F# experience and told me that it was really awesome.
@EBrown Cool :) The company I'm in negotiation with liked that I have Clojure experience
Even though they need a C# .NET developer, they said that they use F# for a few things and it's a really strong hiring point, apparently.
They also have at least one Microsoft MVP working there as well.
@EBrown Jon Skeet?
Oh, I would like it too! But F# devs are hind to find, and more expensive.
@skiwi Not Google.
4:42 PM
@skiwi He's in England.
@EBrown F# is .NET.
(Close enough)
@EBrown are we connected on Linkd in?
@RubberDuck I enjoy F#, and you're not wrong about either of those.
> Author of C# in Depth.
Currently a software engineer at Google, London.
Usually a Microsoft MVP (C#, 2003-2010, 2011-)
@skiwi There are multiple Microsoft MVP's.
4:43 PM
I know...
And in different fields.
@skiwi Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the better developers found a new job very fast.
You could be an Excel MVP, or a C# MVP or a Windows MVP.
I thought you were saying that he wasn't a Microsoft MVP when you said Not Google
@RubberDuck Yeah you are a 1st level connection for me.
4:44 PM
@skiwi UWP is nice, but just different enough from WPF to be irritating.
In fact, I recently endorsed you for C#, Soft Dev, SQL and Databases.
@skiwi No I was saying Google isn't the company I'm applying to work for lol
@skiwi The company I now work for sometimes appears to think my HAM license is worth more than my degree.
@EBrown thanks! I'm oddly short on C# endorsements.
It shows intent.
@Mast HAM radio?
4:45 PM
@EBrown Oh okay, misunderstood then
@EBrown Aye.
@Mast HAM?
@Mast I need one of those.
@RubberDuck Somehow I have 8 to your 4 lol
I'm too old young for this type of stuff
@EBrown Novice license isn't hard if you're not afraid of basic physics.
Full license takes some studying.
4:46 PM
I actually have them from @Malachi, @Hosch250 and @Jamal.
@Mast Yeah, I want to get the full license over here.
I endorsed @RubberDuck for C#, IIRC.
And @DanPantry apparently. :)
@RubberDuck I'm thinking about Xamarin.Forms with the views in C# instead of XAML (xamarin.com/forms - there's an example) and deploying it as UWP
@EBrown most folks who've endorsed me know me for my database skills. Which I've spent the past 2 years avoiding like the plague.
@RubberDuck Ah, I never really interacted with you on a database level. I can understand that from all the , and Access endorsements and such.
T-10 minutes to my "programming test" for another company I applied for.
Also: I beat 2048 last night.
4:55 PM
@skiwi It doesn't just automatically show up.
@EBrown LOL, I hate those.
Good luck.
This one is 4 hours and I have no clue what it entails.
The one I did had stuff like swapping the meaning of the || and && and ^ and % symbols :/
@EBrown Ouch.
The one I did was a full aptitude test, and the programming part took about 30 minutes.
All I know is it's an MVC website project.
4:56 PM
@EBrown If you ever need help during your study, you know where to find me.
Well, time to go. Everyone have fun!
Ugh... I'm not a fan of "the test". So few get it right. I know I've yet to give one that went well.
Programming tests are fine, just don't see them as an exam. Learn something about the applicant.
But 4 hours, shhhh.
That's just overdoing it IMO.
Just got description - should take ~1 hour max.
Ah, that's better.
Good luck!
5:07 PM
@Mast I spent 16 hours on a kata just to get the opportunity to spend a few hours pairing with one of my new company's Craftsman.
@RubberDuck 16 hours straight?
Total PITA, but I know that all of my soon to be coworkers can TDD.
Took me 2 weeks of a little here and there.
So here's my opinion: either don't bother with coding tests at all, or make them terribly difficult.
Anything in between is a waste of time.
This answer deserves some love btw.
A: Yet Another Todo Api

AR7Okay I'm going to be a bit more comprehensive here since I've already read your code quite a few times, and I'm gonna assume that you are on node v6 The setup for the TodoControllerSpec feels kind of verbose. Can it be simplified? If you mean all the require calls you have to do...unfortuna...

5:34 PM
If this is working code that you think could be improved, see Code Review. If not, please clarify the problem with a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. — jonrsharpe 5 secs ago
Q: Circular doubly linked list with templates

NewbieI tried to write some code namely "Circular doubly linked list" and I would like to use templates to do this. This is the first time I use templates and throws some exceptions. I would like to know if sth is badly writen, sth must be changed or I need to rewrite everything. Last but not least, ...

@Hosch250 How do you mean?
Not an answer.
Make it go away.
@Hosch250 there's another NAA on there too.
5:44 PM
Yeah, already flagged that one.
@adele the search terms in the question include multiple words. your solution fails to find, say, 'Voldemort'. One of the hallmarks of a really terrible solution is that it sometimes looks like it works while actually giving an incorrect result. Yours has this in spades. This isn't an academic thing, try to take your answer over to codereview and see what people tell you. — pvg 18 secs ago
A: What's the strangest corner case you've seen in C# or .NET?

Samuel KimBankers' Rounding. This one is not so much a compiler bug or malfunction, but certainly a strange corner case... The .Net Framework employs a scheme or rounding known as Banker's Rounding. In Bankers' Rounding the 0.5 numbers are rounded to the nearest even number, so Math.Round(-0.5) == 0 Ma...

^^ This is a thing in C#?
Q: check / ping list of IP address using c#

useroo1ooi am trying to check list of ip address to check if they are pingable or not as below .... my problem is that not all all ips are checked or in other words not all ips in the datagridview change their status to connected or disconnected... while when i replace that line of code in both case vRe...

6:10 PM
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Weather API implementation
This question belongs on codereview.stackexhange.com — Paul Hankin 19 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by RubberDuck: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/150728/revisions
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Silly redis implementation
More COM loveliness.
6:26 PM
@Rad Lexus, don't recommend Code Review unless you are prepared to answer this topic there. There aren't enough skilled numpy and cython programmers hanging around that board to give good and timely answers. I'm currently one of the most active numpy coders there, and my reputation is only 1000. — hpaulj 30 secs ago
@Duga So, we are back to "not enough answerers", are we?
Q: Python dictionary program

TestI am having a problem with my program: it does as required but largest_blanagram() is too slow. I'm not sure whether the best way to speed it up is (1) try to speed up blanagram(), which is being called a lot (2) figure out a way to call blanagram() less. I'm not sure how to go about either of th...

@Hosch250 I can't say I blame them.
7:10 PM
Q: Time out or get a result when available

SundeepI have a system that can put and get messages from a messaging middle ware(JMS), which is asynchronous. I need to provide an API that allows synchronous call, as in, when the API/method is called, it returns only when a response message is received or until a specified time out. In short, the cal...

7:32 PM
Q: node tls module reconnect to TCP server on failure

SrleIs it enough to handle reconnect only from close event? As far as i know (hence the name also) close will always fire no matter what error caused connection to be broken. Going through TLS node module doc there are methods socket.unref() and socket.destroy() with no single word about them. What t...

Q: Multithreaded Monte Carlo pi approximation with own pseudorandom number generator

alvaroceballos1I made a Monte Carlo pi approximation program, that makes use of multithreading and a pseudorandom number generator I wrote (the one from big_wheel.hpp, which I tested using TestU01). Code: monte_carlo_pi.cpp: #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <cstdlib> #include <cstdint> #include <

Getting closer.
possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by Dominic Sore: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/31919/revisions
7:47 PM
Programme submitted.
Q: Create a SelfJoin with has_many

Matheus SilvaI am trying to do a Self-join and I generate this migration to make a correct primary, I'm not sure if this is really right. There is some problem here? class CreateFeedstocks < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0] def change create_table :feedstocks do |t| t.string :code t.float :meas...

Q: How to validate each process object from its own validator?

davidI have two process and for each process, I will get different GenericRecord object (this is open source classs) and I need to validate those GenericRecord object. This means I cannot use single validator as I have to validate different fields for both the process. For processA, I am using Valid...

1 hour later…
9:13 PM
Merry Monkmas eve!
9:40 PM
@Phrancis Merry Monking too!
@Phrancis Merry Monkmas eve too!
@Marc-Andre I'm getting destroyed in Halo lol
All I want for Christmas is a working Checkers program :)
Pretty close.
10:02 PM
Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Hanukkah!
I changed my name from "ambigram_maker" to "Astrobleme"
@EBrown Legendary Halo CE is pretty brutal, even more singleplayer! I know the feeling!
I need to get my little brother to hop on with me in Coop so I don't get destroyed as easily.
@Astrobleme Good to tell, else we wouldn't figure out easily :p
I was wondering if anyone remembered. :P
I'll be posting after a long time on CR.
The aim assist kills my tactics too
10:04 PM
Q: A command-line utility to solve a system of linear equations

AstroblemeMerry Christmas everyone! :-) I was re-checking my answers for a Math paper on my laptop. I needed to verify my solution for a system of linear equations. Unfortunately, I found no quick way to do that. That's why I wrote a (hopefully) simple Python program (using NumPy) to do this job quickly. ...

I finally managed to nail a proof. And I was quite surprised myself. :P
Q: Prove that $f(x)=0$ has no repeated roots

Astrobleme $$\text{If } f(x)=\frac{x^n}{n!}+\frac{x^{n-1}}{(n-1)!}+\cdots+x+ 1\text{, then show that } f(x) = 0\\ \text{ has no repeated roots.}$$ I tried solving this question and I think I have come up with a proper answer. I need some verification. My solution/attempt First, we need to prove a the...

hey that's why I stopped with university after my Bachelor degree :P
@Jamal Working his magic again. Or his scissors rather. Nice edit though.
Q: Compute a value (and update a CSV record), based on prior value

akucheckThe F# code below embodies the two specific questions I have. It is part of a working transformation utility, the entirety of which, including sample data, is in this gist: http://bit.ly/2i3kUwF. Generically, the task is: given a file of discrete records, compute a value for a subsequent record...

Q: A command-line utility to solve a system of linear equations

AstroblemeI was re-checking my answers for a Math paper on my laptop. I needed to verify my solution for a system of linear equations. Unfortunately, I found no quick way to do that. That's why I wrote a (hopefully) simple Python program (using NumPy) to do this job quickly. General comments on the code ar...

@EBrown Yep waiting to revive and kill the other for ammo is the strat for coop :D! In halo 2 coop legendary you can't do that though
10:20 PM
@Marc-Andre You, evil genius
@skiwi I got all my test cases passing pretty quickly.
I can run through 8 levels in about 1-2 seconds.
And this is without any optimization other than the basic minimax with alpha/beta pruning algorithm.
I'm sure I could get it to about <1 sec if I did optimize it.
And I still haven't done multithreading or caching :)
@Hosch250 Nice!
It knows how to do sacrifices for multi-jumps or to force a win better than I do.
@Hosch250 That looks okay to me
@Hosch250 Ah yes, you do want to cache moves at some point
I did something smart in my implementation, but I cannot remember it right now
@skiwi The only thing with that is that the cache gets invalidated so fast.
Every single move, the cached values don't look as deep.
Although, I could look into a few best-case moves and search them deeper.
10:33 PM
Have you implemented a time limit restriction though?
It thinks as long as it needs to.
That can be pretty long I guess :P
Close to a minute now, for a depth-10 move.
@skiwi Yeah just a touch of evil!
@Hosch250 My wife would disagree, but that's getting way off-topic.
Blanket statements are the root of all evil.
10:39 PM
Q: Required parameters in JavaScript

GothdoECMAScript 6 introduced default parameters. The default value can be any expression, so you can use it to make a function throw an error when a parameter is not supplied: const mandatory = (name) => { throw new Error(`The ${name} parameter is mandatory`); }; const foo = (bar = mandatory('...

That, and arrays that aren't 0-indexed.
10:51 PM
I just updated my minimax algorithm to one that really does work.
11:02 PM
Q: Is something fishy in this code?

user6490375I have written the below code to invert a binary tree. Thus if the original tree is: Then the tree returned should be: /** * Definition for a binary tree node. * struct TreeNode { * int val; * TreeNode *left; * TreeNode *right; * TreeNode(int x) : val(x), left(NULL),...

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This is better suited for the Code Review Stack exchange or similar, it is off-topic for this site. — Hermann Döppes 42 secs ago
Q: Tic Tac Toe game tree generator minimax

neoflashI have coded a working Tic Tac Toe game tree generator. It doesn't only generate the game tree, it also applies minimax values to each node. The code works fine on a board that already has 2 or more played moves but slows down significantly for an empty board. I'm thinking of implementing alpha-b...

@HermannDöppes Agreed. Point them there when leaving such comment please. — πάντα ῥεῖ 34 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comPeter 9 secs ago
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@Hosch250 Piece.cs should have FS extension I think, otherwise looking good!
If the code is working and there are no exceptions might I suggest trying this question on code reviewNkosi 51 secs ago
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Keep an eye on this question. Author has tried 2 times to remove or change the code in his question after receiving answers. He either has to stop doing that or contact a moderator.
Q: Is this the right way to use SendAsync

DwzaIm trying to send emails. Actually its running but if I send 10+ emails its getting very slow when using Send(), so I started to try SendAsync() public Boolean sendSMTPMail(string subject, string body, customer[] recipients, string attachmentFileName = null) { string css = "<style>*{font-fam...


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