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5:00 PM
@EBrown Why on earth are you using submodules?
@DanPantry So I can separate each project to a different repo.
I really don't want all my projects for this thing in the same repo. There'll probably be a lot of them.
Yeah, but why submodules?
don't you have a package manager that can link them?
Not the repos.
I want to have all the projects in the same solution, but different repos.
In npm we can link packages together based on git repo without having to physically include a reference to the repo in the git repo (if that makes sense).
Oh, right. Where is the solution stored, then?
In a folder.
5:01 PM
The problem is, in Visual Studio, Git likes to put all the projects for a solution in the same repo at once. I don't want that. I want them in separate repo's.
well, that's the common setup.
Isn't your solution version controlled?
(The solution file itself).
Yeah, but I want each project separated.
i'd say if your solution is big enough to be split up you should probably have multiple nuget packages instead of submodule wizardry
(but that is my npm side of me talking)
I'm not putting it on Nuget.
You misunderstand.
5:04 PM
I probably do - with npm we have private packages that don't go "online" as such
I mean we have that with nuget too, internally
5:17 PM
Alright, time to start this project.
Someone from Iran wants me to install a telegram.
the language learning proposal went live
I got a single digit ID :)
What proposal? @Quill
Language Learninglanguagelearning.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for students, teachers, polyglots, and anyone interested the techniques of second-language acquisition.

Currently in private beta.

I can't login to Area51 anymore.
5:20 PM
@Quill @DanPantry I'd rather leave that massive comment thread there for context. The question just wouldn't be the same without it.
Seems like a lot of the proposals I supported have died.
Q: convert mssql datetime to oracle varchar(32) intetrval

AM_HawkI have a query against an mssql db that takes the resulting dataset and stores it in an Oracle db table which then gets joined to another oracle table using the column LABEL_YYYY_MM_DD_HH24_MI varchar(32). I have converted the mssql datetime column q.InTimeStart as per below. Is there a more ef...

Q: tap with break and redo

NakilonLast weeks I sometimes use tap in ways like this and since I never saw anyone else doing this I feel myself guilty. result = tap do smth = request_data break smth if seems_to_be_ok smth puts "error: #{some_debugging_of smth}" # some code here with `sleep`, for example redo end # some f...

@EBrown Time to find new ones?
@Mast Nah, I don't have time to support proposals on Area51.
5:29 PM
So there actually is no problem?
Good :)
Problem solved.
Nope. :P
I fixed the internet.
due to the way the title is structured; this question wouldn't be useful for anyone else. "Is there a better solution (lower complexity) for this interview test?" Is not something anyone would search for and hope to find this question. The question should be about the programming problem you have (what you'd search for on Google to find the answer to this question). Also, "so if you know any other better solutions ,please help me,thx" is too broad. Finally, if you want someone to review your code; read the guidelines at codereview.stackexchange.com and pursue this line of questioning there. — George Stocker ♦ 5 secs ago
@Duga That's a mouthful.
@Change.Lee Not really; you've improved that specifically; but it still seems like you want us to review your working code; and that's not what we do here. codereview.stackexchange.com does, however. — George Stocker ♦ 46 secs ago
5:40 PM
Q: Frequancy letters in a word

GigelCan someone help me with this code ? I am trying to count the number of apparitions of every letter in a word, and then, to mark the first half of a letter's appearances with 1, the middle ( if the word is odd ) with 2, and the second half with 3. For example : even number : ddaadd should be 1...

Q: How to construct a program that manages students records in C++. e.g using file processing

California_LoveI have written a program that captures the student details in quiz 1, quiz 2, etc. Then displays the total and average marks in the quizzes and gives a summary report. Now, i want to write a program to enable full management of student records by enabling one to: - Add, Edit, Delete a record -...

The Open-Plan Office Paradox
@GeorgeStocker FYI, you can use the magic link [SiteName.SE] to auto-link to that site. I.e. [CodeReview.SE] transforms to Code Review. :) — EBrown 53 secs ago
@CommitStrip lol I know that feeling
Ugh, I'm going to be exhausted at work today.
Oh well.
5:54 PM
@Mat'sMug @JeroenVannevel I have a question if either of you are around.
sacrifice a lamb to the bloodgod and I will answer
Brb, finding lamb.
I have soup in 2 minutes
that means you have 2 minutes
Anyway, I need a way to allow a bunch of modules loaded by a programme to run arbitrary code.
So my thought was to create an interface which had a Process(...) method, which was called every second.
The caveat being, if the previous Process(...) method hadn't finished, a new one would not be started for that module.
I'm just curious on how the performance of this would fair, considering some modules may do a lot in this method.
@JeroenVannevel TS
5:57 PM
@EthanBierlein RSA
Essentially, for each module I would spawn a Task that executed the modules Process(...) method.
When the Task associated with that module finished, then I would allow another Task to be spawned on the next second tick.
Dictionary<ModuleId, Task>?
Basically, yes.
thanks for playing
5:58 PM
please insert lamb for next try
The question is, is there a better way to do that?
@EthanBierlein Can I borrow your lamb?
you have time until dinner is served
It's not entirely clear to me what you're doing but the dic makes sense
6:08 PM
Well I'm trying to make this chatbot entirely modular, if you wish to add a feature just add a module for it.
The issue I'm running into is modules that have to do requests. I.e. check a SQL server for messages.
@EthanBierlein awwwwwwww.
it's dinner in 6 months.
@CommitStrip We have an open plan office and this is exactly what it is like.
So, for those, I need a way to guarantee that they get the chance to process whatever they need to in order to determine what messages to send.
So, my solution is to do the Process(...) method.
Bonus points for my boss telling me "Oh you shouldn't wear headphones all the time in case you need to hear something". We have Slack. Ain't no-one taking their headphones off
Sorry. I'm interrupting a discussion *zips*
@EBrown Unless you're actually running an event loop, I am not sure this is a good idea.
I'm going to be running a few loops, it seems.
open plan offices rank pretty highly on my list of show-stoppers while interviewing
6:11 PM
It makes sense to me. Register your modules or discover them using reflection and execute the Process method for each of them
Yeah. They'll be registered.
@JeroenVannevel Yeah, if he is using an event loop this is what I would use
So that solves that.
I was more expressing concern about the "call process every second" thing
Well it'll be configurable.
6:12 PM
@DanLyons Unfortunately, I didn't have the choice of where I worked. if I had a choice for my next job I would rank remote working above higher wage
@DanLyons I kind of like open-plan offices if they are done right.
I like rooms with windows, and most of the time open-plan offices have windows. Though I do prefer private offices with windows, if available.
Though, on balance, I figure that if it required complex VPN access to be able to actually work I would probably screw around too much and not work if I worked from home (which is what I have now)
Though those often are not.
There's just so much effort involved in setting up my work environment at home that I dislike working from home atm. Can't use personal PC, have to use considerably worse lapto, for one
Open plan offices are nice as long as they're grouped in areas of 4 to 8 people with space and plants inbetween
I don't want too many people breathing down my neck
6:15 PM
we have posters to remind us of how motivated we should be
sadly, the company I'm interviewing at isn't like that. Full on open-office space
I want a private office so I don't have any background noise.
I want a work Mac or remote working. No in between
Either give me a good PC to work on or I will use my own
There's nothing more frustrating than working on a really bad PC
Of course, it needs to have windows so I don't feel claustrophobic.
How many? 7 or 10?
6:16 PM
@Hosch250 The Mac or the office?
@DanPantry Definitely not 7. 8.1 or 10+.
@Malachi You have a fan
Q: @Malachi what do you call 2 technophobes trying to build a website?

SpenceHelp?! We have no idea what we are doing please help!

Thanks @CaptainObvious.
6:19 PM
@CaptainObvious ELU candidate?
@CaptainObvious LOL
@CaptainObvious 10/10 best question of the year
please let that become a meme
Who starred that?
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be asked on Code ReviewFilburt 49 secs ago
6:20 PM
We have no idea what you are doing either. Please help. — Hosch250 16 secs ago
@Hosch250 LOL
That ^ is why we voted UWYA.
There are 5 people in chat who are active and not a bot aside from you, @EBrown.
Everyone (Except one) starred it.
@DanPantry I meant the actual question.
Probably the other technophobe
6:21 PM
One CV away.
who are you calling a technophobe
What's the punchline? This joke isn't very good. — EBrown 24 secs ago
bloody islander
@JeroenVannevel Flagged for bullying.
mods encourage bullying imperialists
6:22 PM
This is literally the best question I've ever seen on this site.
Seems a pity that we can't even close that question without a mods help.
Of course, it is well off the main page now, so...
@JeroenVannevel are you for an anarchistic stack exchange?
@JeroenVannevel Want me to take a poll?
Why did I slack off at French in school. I just had to tell a really cute French-speaking girl that it wouldn't go anywhere because she doesn't speak Dutch or English well and my French isn't good enough
Why didn't they use this as argument for when we asked why we'd ever need French
"hurr durr you'll need it for work"
Please take your amours away from this chat room.
I guess it isn't really an amour anymore since you announced it publicly.
6:27 PM
@JeroenVannevel isn't everywhere an island technically?
you can stop editing now
> A landmass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water.
popups everywhere
@Hosch250 how do we define the size of a continent though?
@JeroenVannevel Dude, you messed that up. "I need you to help me study French."
6:28 PM
@JeroenVannevel sorry
> Any of the world's main continuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America).
@200_success He's clearly not as smooth as you.
Oh, hey @200_success could this get deleted?
Q: @Malachi what do you call 2 technophobes trying to build a website?

SpenceHelp?! We have no idea what we are doing please help!

Don't delete it!
it needs to be deleted
6:29 PM
@200_success Yeah but then I'd actually have to speak French all that time. It just isn't worth it
but, it's still viewable if you have 10K+, I believe
Just saw the best advertisement to join a company.
@EBrown Here's an image copy, with the link in it too:
6:30 PM
> Work for us and we'll pay to relocate you! Then, when you get here we'll give you free beer and food!
Really don't want to move to the UK though.
@EthanBierlein oh god the extensions
it's okay
@EBrown link?
6:36 PM
I love that programme.
It let's you treat multiple PC's like multiple monitors, use one KB/mouse to move between them,
> Unlimited annual leave
So I can use my Mac keyboard and mouse to control my windows box.
sadly i don't do C++
Me either, and I'm not moving to the UK.
@EBrown I use a windows keyboard on my mac
6:38 PM
@Quill Well this one is neat because you can control both devices from the same keyboard and mouse.
And I do really like the Apple Magic Keyboard (or whatever it's called) and the Magic Mouse 2.
Comments on this question please:
@200_success I don't see anything unreviewable here. Why on-hold? Maybe someone will respond. — Nakilon 48 secs ago
@200_success I guess I don't see anything unreviewable, but the example code is a little disconcerting.
I just starred that
I have no clue who that is.....
the only way that could be better is if I had VTC'd it.....
Q: K&R 1-20 Solution

SaalimI'm currently reading the infamous K&R C book and trying to solve Exercise 1-20. My solution looks kind of too simple, but it works. I've searched the web for different solutions, but they all are much longer, although I didn't see any improvement compared to my code. Do you see anything which mi...

Q: Coding pie with random numbers

user102130I have borrowed code, but I am wondering if anyone can help me build a monte carlo canopy python simulation for Calculating out Pi from an experiment of dropping pennies onto a fourth of a circle. Code can be simplified though.

time to check all my E-mail addresses for possible customers??
6:52 PM
@Malachi We waited on a fifth VTC for a while. :P
@CaptainObvious Wut...no.
why did they single me out?
No idea. Friends of yours?
i don't know anyone by that name
Q: Verification Link Not Finding User Account In MySQL Database From Signup Details

World Music ListingI am having an issue where when I click the verification link that my site sends a company/client to verify the email address for login I receive "Sorry, We have not found account. Please register again. Click here to register" error that is in my validation code. I am able to manually verify an...

7:01 PM
@CaptainObvious Borked.
feel free to downvote them if you CV them
I don't like to DV.
code added Sudoku Android Code (on hold) - Marcell Elek - 2016-04-03 20:19:01Z
This is more for Code Reviewsash 36 secs ago
> :+1: if you make all the changes i asked for here. With those changes and this great test suite, i have no problem with this going in. Awesome job @Hosch250
7:07 PM
@Quill you shouldn't downvote everything you CV, IMO
if you're close voting it, you should be downvoting it
@Quill If it is a common problem, I just CV at first.
If nothing happens for a while, say 30 min, I DV.
Q: Avoiding 2 return values

mindreaderI've faced this design dilemma enough times now to not feel funny about posting this question. So, here it goes: I've a method that processes batch result and collects the results in 2 different collections - success & failure. What's the best way to code this: Send in 2 empty collections & let...

@Quill if it is fixable by providing more information, then I don't downvote. like if the code is not posted
7:11 PM
personal preference, I suppose
First Time Posters, I don't usually give them down votes
having the question closed and commented on is usually enough
speaking of voting, I feel like most posts lately aren't getting as many votes as they used to
Probably because I rarely do anything on the mainsite lately.
It feels like my latest reviews have been project-specific.
Like, in the VSD review, the Roslyn guy mainly gave me specific tips to improve performance.
And with RD, I've been getting tips how to improve the implementation based on RD's expectations.
possible answer invalidation by milos on question by milos: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124797/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Blue Eyed Behemoth on question by Blue Eyed Behemoth: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124848/revisions
7:45 PM
possible answer invalidation by Blue Eyed Behemoth on question by Blue Eyed Behemoth: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124848/revisions
Q: How to remove the repetitive code from this class, Anyway to fit in Template pattern?

Jack_2060public class ValidationService : IValidationService { private readonly IEnumerable<IValidator> validators; public ValidationService(IEnumerable<IValidator> validators) { this.validators = validators; } public ValidationResult ValidateAdd(object obj) { ret...

@Duga I don't think this is an answer invalidation. milos added information explaining his design (in response to an answer). He did not change the reviewed code.
Well sorry about the tone of my comment then, I should have had my coffee first. I guess I'll give codereview a try — IkGaOpReisEnNeemMee 55 secs ago
8:00 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions about improving coding style belong on codereview.stackexchange.com. — Barmar 1 min ago
@Duga I'm not sure a response like that belongs on the post
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Sum all numbers in text using regexp
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Bootstrap dynamic dropdown items
Yes, they're pretty bad. Ignoring the request for code review, "my game runs but stop working" isn't nearly enough to describe the problem. You should at least tell when the program stops working, if you get error messages, etc. — Juhana 8 secs ago
8:37 PM
@S.Akbari How do I move the question to codereview? — rbaghbanli 48 secs ago
It really annoys me you can't reply to comments on the starwall
@DanPantry Not directly, anyway.
Okay, now that you added a picture I think I understand the question a little better, you're basically asking how to reduce the number of textboxes down to one so you can enter a whole mathematical expression to calculate, is that correct? If so, take a look at this question, this question, and this question. Hopefully they will give you a springboard to start from. — Mage Xy 1 min ago
Hi, It's mostly so moderators can migrate the question to a different site. For you you'd have to basically copy paste this question into code review and delete this version of it. Because code review handles these types of questions a lot better than stack overflow i'd recommend doing that. — Serdalis 45 secs ago
Q: Generating a MySql Query

TrattoQuestion: Is concatenating strings like this an appropriate way to generate MySql Queries? Background I'm trying to create a function to return a DataTable with the results of a MySql query where the program doesn't know the names of the queried columns until run-time. How can I improve the rea...

Q: Implementation of factory method in related class hierarchies

rbaghbanliPlease see the code: class X { public string x; } class Y : X { public string y; } class A { string a; public virtual X createX<T>() where T : X, new() { return new T() { x = a }; } } class B : A { string b; public override X createX<T>() { var x = base.createX<T>...

8:55 PM
You may be using reverse min/max players when changing sides. Maybe this question should be on Code Review. — rcpinto 19 secs ago
@DanPantry Sounds like a worthy on MSE
If your code works and you're looking for an improvement/speed up you might want to post this to CodeReview (codereview.stackexchange.com) — Alessiox 58 secs ago
well, if you want a code more sexy, you can write it here. you're off-topic here — Federico 1 min ago
Ugh, it's mind-boggling how much extra work a few missing rows in one key table can occasion if it's not noticed in time .___.
(and if you have a fragile system that holds much of its application configuration in tables)
9:24 PM
Q: Easy error handling

kardeizI've started using the following Error configuration for some simple libraries I've been working on: pub mod err { use std::{error, fmt, result}; macro_rules! from { ($t: ty) => { impl ::std::convert::From<$t> for Error { fn from(e: $t) -> Self { ...

possible answer invalidation by Timemachine on question by Timemachine: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124804/revisions
@Duga Hypothetical / generic example, in my opinion.
Q: Coffee machine with a fluent interface

TimemachineI often use the following structure for some classes like SQL and HTML Building classes. I like using classes like this because I can call them in a nice order and with less code. What do you think? Is this structure a good solution? Is there may a better way to use objects with tiny code? I ...

9:43 PM
Wow that is generic, or at least, it doesn't do much
Closed as Primarily Opinion-Based, with comment:
Welcome to Code Review. The way you have framed this question makes it rather sketchy. There's no stated purpose to this code, and "I like using classes like this" leads to speculation and extrapolation. The question is basically "Do you like fluent interfaces?" — 200_success ♦ 39 secs ago
Q: How can i reduce the time complexity of my algorithm?

JoeHow can i improve my code and reduce the time complexity I'm trying to first calculate if the movement of robot is possible in a row A robot can move in one step from cell X to cell Y if and only if the distance between the centers of the cells X and Y measured in meters is equal to the sum of...

Q: Simple Octree implementation

DannnnoI've implemented a rather straightforward octree, but I don't feel that good about the coding style or some of the implementation. In particular, I use some nasty void pointers and extra news because I couldn't figure unions out, and I'd like to have that replaced (I'm thinking maybe templating ...

Q: Determining if the movement of a robot is possible in a row?

JoeA robot can move in one step from cell X to cell Y if and only if the distance between the centers of the cells X and Y measured in meters is equal to the sum of integers contained in X and Y. It then returns the index of the cell which the above condition does not meet which is the index only [0...

10:25 PM
Q: JQuery Mobile 'popupafterclose' event not firing in IOS devices

NehaI'm using Jquery mobile 'popupafterclose' event to open another popup right after closing previous one. The idea behind is, I want to warn user with the popup whenever they try to navigate away from the page with unsaved changes. And to do so i've used below code( It works perfectly fine in Andro...

possible answer invalidation by 200_success on question by Ramon Bakker: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124437/revisions
A: Which part of throwing an Exception is expensive?

apanginCreating an exception object is not more expensive than creating other regular objects. The main cost is hidden in native fillInStackTrace method which walks through the call stack and collects all required information to build a stack trace: classes, method names, line numbers etc. The myth abo...

worth reading together with the comments below the answer
10:47 PM
Hey, Windows aficionados; any suggestion on software to replace/improve the dreadful Windows CLI/ command prompt, with something more usable?
Also this lovely twitter account:
@CodeWisdom, In the ALU on an 80186
Computer programming wisdom and quotes from throughout the years.
412 tweets, 36.8k followers, following 2.1k users
@Phrancis Cygwin or ConEmu
@JeroenVannevel Which one do you prefer?
I don't use CLI meaningfully enough to answer that
wat. surely you use CLI at least for git...?
I use sourcetree
10:51 PM
Oh. gotcha
"I have managed to do all this", then you should go to [code review][1]. And please indent your code. [1]:codereview.stackexchange.comsun qingyao 23 secs ago
cygwin looks like better prettier GUI - I hope the fixedsys font can be changed
Why anyone still uses that UGLY font (other than lazyness/not caring) is beyond me
@Phrancis Depends on what you want to use it for. I usually git by with git bash for windows.
@SirPython Assuming I want to not use the Windows CLI (for Windows things) as much as I can help it (other than git / npm), will I be better off with git bash for Windows?
Q: Extending UITableViewCell to preserve UIView background color when selecting the cell

Lescai IonelWhen a UITableViewCell has subviews with background color set, when setSelected(_: animated:) gets called, all the views are made transparent. This issue is also discussed here I'm trying to solve this issue by extending UITableViewCell extension UITableViewCell { private func backgroundCo...

11:01 PM
Yes. I use it for Git and NPM, and it also comes with a few other nix-related things (I think it has Vim)
11:40 PM
Whoa. Windows. So weird.
@Phrancis It isn't that bad.
No, it
No, it's not, just will take some adaptation :)
Let's see if my Roslyn PR is merge-worthy this time around.
Hope it is, sure sounds like you've been at it for a while
CodeReview and not StackOverflow codereview.stackexchange.comFirstStep 58 secs ago
11:47 PM
One week since I made this PR; about 2 weeks in all.
They did say:
> :+1: if you make all the changes i asked for here. With those changes and this great test suite, i have no problem with this going in. Awesome job @Hosch250 !
And then:
Dustin and i were chatting, and we think this is great. However, there is a concern we have about how this may be perceived to be "heavy handed". Specifically, i can see different sets of users finding different types of value in this. Some people just want to know "am i missing any case labels?" some want to know "do i always have a default?" and some want to know both.

I think it might be valuable to have the following:

there should be different diagnostics for if there are just missing labels or just missing a default.
So, basically I have an excuse to do more work for them.
I'm going to do that after I help some on RD and get the two PR's for VSD done.
BTW, @Mat'sMug, you might still have me on RD for the summer. BAE hasn't gotten back yet (but they have until Friday).
Hmm the hard drive is already partitioned on this PC, out of the box. Is that odd?
(has about 60% partitioned for programs, the rest for data)

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