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12:00 AM
RELOAD! There are 2086 unanswered questions (93.6859% answered)
Please don't add tags for things that this question is the exact literal opposite of... — nhgrif 1 min ago
(Also, look at the answers there compared to the question)
oh god
Q: HTTP Response/Request Class

Yorke YorkI would like to get feedback on this , just a simple class that you can you use to send requests and get the HTML code . for your request you can set : URL . Request Method : GET or POST . Request Parameters : if you need to pass parameters . Request Cookie . as a response you will get : H...

> darn stackoverflow won't lemme post another question, so i'm gonna reuse, recycle, and reduce with this darn useless one (mumbles to self)
I'm quite surprised that my rollback hasn't been undone yet...
These though...
what in the world... this question is about c++ anti-pointers, not html, did stakoverflow have a fatal server error???... — lolzery wowzery 5 mins ago
12:16 AM
I'll admit, it could possibly be on-topic here. But I maintain that it is more on-topic at codereview, since this is essentially a refactoring for efficiency question which is common there but not here. On the other hand, it gets more eyeballs here. — Mark Thomas 22 secs ago
12:41 AM
I didn't have any problem. What did you do to it?
Something wrong, I'd wager. Trying a different download. For some reason it said SSMS 2005 had failed, which is not at all what I was looking to get
Installing VS... almost everything there is all about C++, not C#
1:33 AM
Q: Logarithm of marginal likelihood

Qimin LiuProblem: The data "\erdata.txt" has n = 158 samples (rows) and p = 51 variables (columns). The rst variable (column 1) is your response variable (levels of a probe corresponding with the estrogen receptor transcription factor). The remaining 50 columns represent the expression levels ...

Code Review Stack Exchange is the correct site for this type of question. — Aaron Gillion 11 secs ago
1:54 AM
Q: Simple Hangman game in Java

Simon LynchI'm teaching myself Java and I had some basic questions on how well I am writing my code for readability. I feel like sometimes I'm just writing code that works, and I'm not that proud of myself when I have finished. I'm not asking you to rewrite my code; I'm just asking for some pointers on how ...

2:40 AM
Q: Dropdowns (site chooser, inbox, notifications, mod inbox) no longer use uniform styling

Monica CellioUntil very recently the "site chooser" dropdown looked the same everywhere for me, approximately like this: Just now I went to a meta site and saw weird meta-themed colors: Holy orange links, Batman! That's new. So I looked at some other sites, and even on main the chooser sometimes has v...

2:57 AM
Interesting video ^^
If YouTube used the full range of ASCII characters, excluding forward slashes, then they'd be able to create about 5,688,000,922,764,599,609,375 unique video IDs.
I just got an accept on that last zombie I shot at! --> codereview.stackexchange.com/a/124752/18427
and now I got a revival badge! thank you
@Malachi No problem! :)
@JaDogg Hello
lol, wrong person
3:17 AM
@EthanBierlein I'm surprised he memorised that number at the end
It's certainly quite impressive.
I couldn't memorize a number like that at all.
Is 2% reasonable overhead for a file-system?
2% in terms of RAM usage?
Most viewed question on SO in the past week http://stackoverflow.com/questions/927358/how-do-you-undo-the-last-commi
3:37 AM
Q: Project Euler GUI

AdmiralAdamaI've been working on the Project Euler problems, so I created a GUI and a Solver class for all the code I've been creating. I'd like to share it with you guys and to get general feedback on my coding and how I chose to organize the class. You can also give feedback on how I solved the Project Eu...

@EthanBierlein formatting
Ah. I'm not sure then.
No big deal.
Seems to be expected.
But very few sources actually discuss it.
Seems reasonable. I'd assume most things that'd come up in a search would be completely unrelated to what you're talking about anyways.
Anyone here have some knowledge of threading in C#?
I'm wondering what the difference between something like this:
Parallel.Invoke(() => ActionA(), () => ActionB());
And something like this is:
I mean, I know that in the first example the two functions are being run in parallel, but I'm mostly wondering what "parallel" means in this context.
3:59 AM
Q: Determine playing card

dissidiaI would like a code review on the coding I did for my assignment. The reason I have asked here is because my lecturer has no intention of going through (Don't ask me why, I asked before and he said no..) and I have no idea if I am doing it right or not.. All my other classmates seems to have diff...

4:10 AM
Q: first programming project in 6 years -- calculate age in seconds

Wayman Bell IIII am a high school math and science teacher. I am working with my students on the concepts of algorithms, unit conversions, and functions. In class, to work on all these concepts, we just worked out the process of how to calculate how old someone is in seconds. I thought this was a particularl...

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possible answer invalidation by Ramon Bakker on question by Ramon Bakker: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124437/revisions
4:55 AM
Q: Caching calculation results in R

Dmitry NoginHere is what I came to for calculation result caching/invalidating. What do you think? How to use: m <- matrix(1:4, 2, 2) # note that adding properties to calculate/store # do not require code modifications c <- cache(m, min=min, max=max, solve=solve) print(c$get()) print(c$min()) print(c$max(...

Q: Whitewidow, SQL vulnerability web scraper

13aalI believe it was yesterday I posted a program that scrapes google for SQL vulnerable web pages here. I never got an answer, so I just went all out and made it look a little prettier, it still only scrapes the first page of google, but it does it with style, and that's half the battle right? How ...

Visual Studio is the most abusively long download/setup I've ever seen, so far.
1 hour later…
6:12 AM
Q: tcl script to parse C++ source code for object identifiers

Loki AstariExperimenting with vera++ to validate some C++ source files. https://bitbucket.org/verateam/vera/wiki/Home vera++ is expandable by providing your own rules in tcl. To interface with the vera++ parser the following interface is provided: https://bitbucket.org/verateam/vera/wiki/ScriptAPI Using t...

6:29 AM
What's up?
6:51 AM
"You guys might want to learn some manners." And that from Miss Manners herself. Questions on how to improve working code belong on http://codereview.stackexchange.com/, where shouting and obnoxiousness are as welcome as they are here. — M Oehm 42 secs ago
Q: How would I go about refactoring this?

Joel MinApologies for the poor title, but I can't really think of an informative title for this. I'll be straight forward here: setName(); // set the name field validate(); // submit the form and check if form has error setName(); setAge(); validate(); setName(); setAge(); setHeight(); validate(); ...

Q: Can someone please make a function for me. I tired but I cannot make it, i do not know how to pass the values?

HamzaCan someone please make only one! Function for the following part in the while loop that searches for the downwards and call that function and paste the new code here: if (strcmp(searchWord, tempWord) == 0) { wordFound = true; printf("The word was found in the puzzle!"); Once you have made th...

Q: tcl script to parse C++ source code for type identifiers

Loki AstariExperimenting with vera++ to validate some C++ source files. https://bitbucket.org/verateam/vera/wiki/Home vera++ is expandable by providing your own rules in tcl. To interface with the vera++ parser the following interface is provided: https://bitbucket.org/verateam/vera/wiki/ScriptAPI Using t...

Q: tcl script to parse C++ source code for "using namespace"

Loki AstariExperimenting with vera++ to validate some C++ source files. https://bitbucket.org/verateam/vera/wiki/Home vera++ is expandable by providing your own rules in tcl. To interface with the vera++ parser the following interface is provided: https://bitbucket.org/verateam/vera/wiki/ScriptAPI Using t...

7:23 AM
Q: I need help to make a function. I tired but I cannot make it

HamzaCan someone please help me make only one function for the following part in the while loop that searches for the downwards and call that function. I cannot call the function and pass values. I do not know which values to pass. if (strcmp(searchWord, tempWord) == 0) { wordFound = true; ...

Also, considering these criteria it's possible this is better placed on Code Review (but if that's the case, it can be migrated, no need to manually repost it there). — David Z 24 secs ago
Q: PHP - != Operator [Easy]

ShinyMKI know theres a faster/easier more inline/1liner way of doing the following code but I havent been coding PHP in a while and I completely forgot how. Pretty sure its to do with : and ?'s but im unsure. Basically, If $bind has a value add $bind inside of Execute() otherwise just dont. Simple righ...

7:39 AM
@Phrancis Yes it is. My Visual Studio once took >24 hours to uninstall.
Q: Reply to messages on chat starwalls

Dan PantryI'm a member of Code Review; we have a very (star-happy) chat room called The 2nd Monitor. It's not uncommon to want to make a reply to a message on the starwall and start a conversation based off of that message. There's no option to reply to something on the starwall by using the drop-down men...

@EBrown `rm -rf "Visual Studio 20xx"
Thanks @Mast
> Executes each of the provided actions, possibly in parallel.
7:42 AM
lol, we've just noticed our colleague in front of us hasn't turned his laptop on. he's been here for half an hour. x)
In this context, "parallel" means that they both may be run at the same time, though that is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed by Parallel.Invoke() is that the .Invoke() method will only return after all the methods have finished executing.
@DanPantry Sounds like something I would do.
> Let's see how long it takes them to realize I've done absolutely nothing today.
@EBrown Well, they say that office jobs pay you to look busy
@DanPantry Yeah they do. I never did anything at my old job.
Perhaps he was too busy reading his memo's?
Had a private office and everything.
7:44 AM
I'm jealous. I wish I had a private office, sometimes.
Actually, most of the time
Q: Why is {} + {} no longer NaN?

Filip HaglundI noticed today that Chrome 49 no longer outputs NaN when you type {}+{} into the console. Instead it outputs the string [object Object][object Object]. Why is this? Did the language change?

I didn't like it.
looks like chrome now treats this operation as a string concat rather than addition. WHY that is, i don't know, which is why this is a comment not an answer :) try var e = {}; e.toString() and you'll see what i mean — sgroves 9 hours ago
It was far too cramped.
I'm not sure what is more confusing. {} + {} === NaN, or {} + {} === ''.
God bless javascript.
Something tells me {} + {} === 2 would be far more confusing.
7:46 AM
{ foo: 'bar' } + { bar: 'baz' } should either be { foo: 'bar', bar: 'baz' } (not modifying original object) or a TypeError IMO
No, it should be 2.
Always 2.
or just the simple answer that you shouldn't be able to concatenate things directly like that
No, 2.
My feature request got marked as a duplicate
A duplicate of an unanswered proposal from 2011 (with a userscript as the only response)
I'm going to star that duplicate just for irony's sake
I have the userscript now anyway
@EBrown You should call it "Junior Programmer"
it has slash commands
7:52 AM
Yeah it's a cool userscript but I can't believe I need a user script to be able to have the reply feature. Seems a bit wierd
Hello, @MartinR
Hi everybody.
they're a lot of things they're working on from a development point of view
@Quill Do you know if the Tampermonkey syncs installed userscripts like it does installed extensions?
I don't think so
7:53 AM
Eww, Chrome.
A: How can I get Tampermonkey's Chrome Sync to actually sync?

DanThe issue is that Chrome Sync requires there to be an @downloadURL or @updateURL tag set where the service can retrieve the script information. The only data actually synced via the Chrome Sync service is the URL to the script, not the script itself. Since all my scripts were made by myself, thi...

Never mind. :(
that's for updating the versions
A: Is it possible to synchronize userscripts between Google Chrome installations?

Anderson GreenIt is already possible to synchronize userscripts using the Tampermonkey extension for Google Chrome. To synchronize userscripts, go to the "settings" tab of Tampermonkey. Set "config mode" to "beginner" or "advanced", and then enable "Chrome Sync" under "TESLA".

apparently you can use a pastebin list to sync without logins
Pastebin is blocked so I'll stick to logins
7:56 AM
The starwall makes me giggle.
Divisible by 400 IS a leap year. Divisible by 100 is NOT a leap year (unless it was divisible by 400). That is why 2000 was a leap year but 1900 was not a leap year. — Loki Astari 41 mins ago
Does you guys understand the relevance of this comment?
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: String merge sort in Java
@MartinR your quoted source says this:
> else if (year is not divisible by 400) then (it is a common year)
he's saying your algo is wrong
@LokiAstari points out that:
> Divisible by 400 IS a leap year.
It contradicts your algorithm
Or, well, Wikipedia's
8:01 AM
No, it contradicts neither of them.
....er, woops
If nothing else, that shows that the wording is unclear of the algorithm
he read the quote wrong
As did I
My wife is trying to think of tree puns for her current project.
She should visit here more often...
You could say she is pining for puns
8:04 AM
Can't she think of any? She should probably get to the root of that problem
If you need a hand, we can seed you off with some
You can always branch out too when it gets more specific
When I visit Nurnberg I'm visiting a friend, apparently I'm going to get punched for every pun I make. I have a feeling I'm going to get punched a lot.
Just means you need to make more elaborate puns.
I wood, but I don't want to be a birch.
Alright, is over, back to work ^^
8:06 AM
Ah yes, documentation time. Fun...
Would this be a better fit for Code Review? — mindriot 48 secs ago
@DanPantry Actually, all the time ^^
8:22 AM
Wow, I did something stupid
"Why are all the elements in the originalColumns array disappearing?"
const originalColumns = [
  { ... some columns here .. }

// added by me to hackfix the existing behaviour
$scope.$on(() => this.companyId, newValue => {
  columns.splice(0, columns.length)

// further down, added by someone else
const columns = originalColumns
gah that was dumb
8:37 AM
clueless new user alert
welcome to code review, and please don't actually post your code because it's project euler and project euler solutions shouldn't be shared
.... you what?
the about page doesn't even say that
@Quill It does if you google it
I mean I get the idea behind it
the about page, that he linked as the reference on his quote
literally says nothing about it
im a lazy person. googling is too much effort
but it doesn't work here as I explained in the comment
8:42 AM
I get the idea behind it as well, but I think the person who wrote the excerpt on that website is an idiot
If the solveX methods were removed, your answer would be invalidated and we would rollback the edit. Code Review requires working code; not posting the solution would mean all project-euler questions are off topic! — Pimgd 2 mins ago
don't link me some unrelated shit and forcefeed potentially bullshit opinions down my throat
@Quill Language
8:43 AM
I got warned by a mod about it
So, I would recommend you change your swearing :P
At any rate, not sharing solutions so that they may improved IMO is a really bad idea.
It only teaches someone to get it "just" working and not on how to make it more efficient
That helps no one and hurts everyone. It denies the person who wrote the answer of how they could do it better, and it deprives the wider community of someone who cares about making their code more efficient
@Pimgd I don't know if you can approve edits but I added the tag to that question
@DanPantry where
what question
I can't even find it
also you have 2k rep, yes?
@Pimgd The Euler one?
@Pimgd 3k
8:45 AM
anyway, it's a tag synonym
so you can't add the tag
Oh, that's why..
is already on there
It was just silently failing, so I thought it had to be approved
IMO, so long as you signpost your thing as being a solution to Project Euler X, then anyone who doesn't want it "spoiled" can avoid it, and there's no problem.
8:46 AM
asking for help writing code I need help to make a function. I tired but I cannot make it - Hamza - 2016-04-06 07:20:59Z
Which is a different website to projecteuler.net/about, for some reason.
the static one is the old version, probably
the quote is really wordy anyway
"you had fun solving it, don't deny others of that fun"
it doesn't say "don't publish your solutions" as much as it doesn't say "don't copy other people's solutions"
Q: Why submit a website to plaintext offenders?

Ryan WeaverI've read this question and to quote from the accepted answer Besides that, by submitting the site to plaintext offenders, you will provide a third-party point of view, which might help your case. But, isn't submitting a website to plaintext offenders putting yourself at more risk? Someone...

Q: 3D bin packing in java (compare two codes)

Rii933I wrote a 3D bin packing algorithm but I am still not sure if it is correct or not. I did not follow any code or pseudo-code that's why I would like to know if it is an efficient algorithm for the 3D bin packing problem or not. each container has a length, height and breadth each item has a le...

> I want to know which one is more correct logically (before the changes or after the changes)
correctness in edge cases VS has no clue whether their code works?
needs to be introduced to unit testing and metrics
I'm going to write an answer to that one, but it could be off-topic
my answer is not going to be a code review, so I guess that's a point of off-topic
9:05 AM
Q: Modbus connection over TCP and Serial port

Tomas AušvicasI want to improve my code. In this code I don't like my contructor, but without it I keep getting an error while trying to connect NullPointerException.Any suggestions are welcome. package soft; import java.net.InetAddress; import java.net.UnknownHostException; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; im...

blehhh it would be a really long answer
I'mma write the short version and he can google from there
@Pimgd There's nothing that says a review has to stick to code. I've written answers before which boiled down to "Your entire approach is flawed and inefficient, you should use a different one".
@Kaz my answer is "to solve your problem, create tests that you can run to compare these two algorithms"
which says nothingggggg about the code
@CaptainObvious Modbus, wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a while.
We used to have electronic meters in my first job that used Modbus
@Pimgd I disagree. I think the meta-context of any code development is also fair grounds for review. Similar to how the use of Source Control will get brought up if the OP obviously isn't using it.
A: Replacement for sp_MSforeachdb

KazTwo Words. Version. Control. Even VBA has an addin for .git integration these days. Version control is awesome for the following reasons: Complete, comprehensive record of changes to your codebase, complete with explanations and descriptions of each revision (so long as you provide them). Ab...

9:17 AM
A: 3D bin packing in java (compare two codes)

PimgdIn this case, what you ought to do is write tests that attempt to pack various items into a box. Perhaps you could iterate over a set of boxes each 1 to 3 large in each of the 3 dimensions, (makes for 27 different boxes), that you then try to put into a larger box. Maybe try putting 4 (531441 com...

weird answer gooo
if all else fails, I still need peer pressure badge
shotgun programming testing
that's what I'd call it
others call it "machine learning", but thats when you don't write the solutions yourself but have the computer generate them
Q: Rails - httparty variables sharing across classes

user3437721So I have 2 services which make api calls, they do different things but both have the same httparty settings at the top of the class, whats the best way to share these settings? e.g. class FirstService include HTTParty format :json base_uri ENV_PROPS['base_uri'] basic_auth default_tim...

9:33 AM
I don't know who decided to not implement finally on Promise in es6, but I will find them, and I will kill them
possible answer invalidation by Rii933 on question by Rii933: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124918/revisions
@Duga bug fix edit which doesn't invalidate my answer, rollbacking NOT advised because it will lead to issues with broken code
Thank you so much!! I tested the two algorithms like you said and now I know which one is not correct. The second code showed more efficient solutions than the first one. I will accept your answer! — Rii933 8 mins ago
wow, shitty answer leads to "dude you are the best"-level comment
I'll take it =D
@Pimgd By definition then, not a shitty answer?
It's so not a code review answer
it's like I said "I don't know, you ought to figure it out yourself by taking a look" and they reply "omg I took a look and wow it's obvious!"
which is ... great, I guess? Good for you! But not really a code review answer
more like stackoverflow
@Pimgd I think it depends what you think the purpose of Code Review is. I've always thought of it as "How to develop awesome software". Which, yes, is mostly about the software itself, but sometimes that's not where the real problem is.
9:51 AM
@DanPantry what's the problem with finally
@Pimgd It isn't in the implementations in browsers/es6-promise
It's basically analogous to finally in try/catch, but with promises
oh there's a not in there
luckily you can build your own by building a wrapper, I think
Yeah, there's a wrapper for it, it's just annoying that it isn't in there by default
It probably won't ever go into the standards now either as the next release will have async/await which removes the need for finally in Promises
10:26 AM
Q: Custom C++ STL-like doubly linked-list(C++11)

Sahil AroraThis is the link list I just created. It works fine for now, but would want to know if I could make it better. list.hpp /****************************************************************************************************** * Purpose: Custom Doubly Linked-list. * * Author: Sahil Arora * * ...

Just going to point out that this is rapidly approaching zombie territory:
Q: Modularised Document Construction

KazThe goal: A set of configurable options, combined with a standardised data source, to produce a standardised Report. This question: One module of said document, with accompanying code. Input: (Dropdown selection): An Attitude To Risk (ATR) Value. 1 to 5. Business Logic: Select from pre-config...

Q: Get shorter and clean code of this part

Hracho Avagyanif (isset($_POST["save-options"])) { foreach ($names_of_array as $type => $value) { update_option('updated_img', $_POST['show_img_url']); if (isset($_POST["post0"])) { update_option($names_of_array[0], true); } else { update_option($name...

mmhhm why does intellij have microfreezes everytime I type things
code completion is nice, but not if it blocks
alternatively pressing f and backspace leads to the computer completely losing it
this with about 3-4 times a second
10:43 AM
i think i just lost all of my work for today
and yesterday
gg wp, computer wins?
when i created a branch using git-tfs it seems to have just removed EVERY change I've made since i last committed otm aster, wtf
That doesn't sound that good...
thank god I could find it in reflog
Q: Advice on how to clean up my java code

Rii933This is a follow up question to this one I finished testing my code's result and started cleaning it up. Could anyone please tell me what I should do or fix to clean up this code more? ps1: I have to put a comment for every instruction line I make ps2: English is not my first language so ma...

10:54 AM
You shoudl really thank the creator of Git
that'd be Linus
okay.. found it, panic over
Q: Remove all vowel from file C++

Ashe23i am just start to learn C++ and would like to know if there is a better and efficient way to solve this problem. Problem: Remove all vowels from file and create new one without vowels. Here is my solution. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> bool is_vowel(char &ch) { ch = tolower(ch);/...

11:21 AM
possibly migrate to CodeReview? — DevDonkey 55 secs ago
Q: Why is this throwing up a non-exhaustive on head'

Cameron Graytranspose' :: [[a]] -> [[a]] transpose' [[]] = [] transpose' [[], _] = [] transpose' rows = (map head' rows) : transpose' (map tail' rows) where head' (x:_) = x tail' (_:xs) = xs matMult3 :: (Num a) => [[a]] -> [[a]] -> [[a]] matMult3 a b = [ [ sum $ zipWith (*) ar bc | bc <- (transpose'...

Q: Dynamic menu Previlage

Hari Kannan <?php $mnquery=$ob->showDataall("select * from menus where parent_id='0' and delet='0'"); foreach($mnquery as $value) { $selquery=$ob->showDataall("select * from menu_permission where staff_id='".$_SESSION['user_id']."'"); ...

Doesn't this question belong to this site codereview.stackexchange.com? — Tresdin 38 secs ago
11:56 AM
Okay, I didn't lose the weork but because of TFS I have to lose All of the history of my work, all 94 commits.
I am very, very mad right now.
I am never working in a place that does Windows or TFS again
haha Windows
its literally all because
TFS has a file called CompanyDetails.scss on it
the file name is actually companyDetails.scss
git bash understands that the file names are different
TFS does not
So when it tries to push companyDetails.scss up, git bash complains that I should have uploaded a file (CompanyDetails.scss)
@DanPantry TFS isn't case sensitive? That's backwards...
and renaming it to CompanyDetails.scss doesnt' work either because git bash can't detect the change because the local file system say the same thing..
TFS is backwards, period
12:01 PM
I don't think I have been this annoyed in a very long time. I'm vglad I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks
"vglad" parses as "very glad" without delay in my head
even although it looks like a typo
loooool and half of my files weren't added to TFS
@Pimgd Do you have an example of that "leaderboard" in use?
The answers in that question are not a leaderboard.
It's an alphabetical table of contents.
second link in that post
Q: Shotgun Numbers

Martin BüttnerThe Shotgun numbers are a sequence with a rather simple definition but some interesting structure. Start with the natural numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, ... Now take all numbers at indices divisible by 2, group them into pairs, and swap the numb...

@CaptainObvious RBA
12:09 PM
It's not very great, I guess, but OTOH that guys complaint about who watches the watchers (of blog list) is kinda valid if voting doesn't change the link's order, so to say
Anyone can & should edit other answers into the table contents. If you could make a question a wiki, I would.
But there are other examples of lists exactly like this on CR Meta.
hmmmhmhh busywork =/
Q: The Same Behavior for Boolean and Exception

userThe following code uses a boolean preference active: In the active state, it does an operation which could throw an exception. On this exception, it does the same as the non-active state. let active = Simple.prefs['bloom']; function htmlSize(url) { try { if ( active ) { r...

Q: Angular validation function

Infer-OnI have this validation function: $scope.stepValidationOne = function () { var result = true; var errorClassName = 'user-validation-error'; var okClassName = ''; var scope = this.$parent.$parent.$parent; var preCondition = result == true; var valid...

Q: Tools for format and error checking in your programming language

Mat's MugLints and Hints: What tools are available for checking and correcting the conventions, style and common errors in my language (lint tools), and are there tools that can automatically fix them (hint tools)? This is a follow-up to a comment posted on Is there a place for automated code reviews? ...

12:13 PM
and a Necromancer badge!
@Pimgd No one minds that list and how it works...
did those technophobes come back while I was gone?
the blog list is exactly the same
@nhgrif oh re-reading this it makes sense now
can we give the list a header
that it's alphabetical
@nhgrif Don't mind that guy complaining, the rest of us isn't bothered.
12:16 PM
Again, @Pimgd ... why?
The tools list doesn't have that header
but it's clear enough to me that's the case, otherwise I would've either added Swift at the bottom because it's the newest addition... or at the top because it's the best
because for blogs its non-obvious
it was nonobvious to me
If it's non-obvious it's only because the list is short.
> Where can I go to get more helpful advice for improving my code from these users?
> 418 Status
Journal of daily hacks
Loki Astari
Random Lyle
are those users?
Why would 418 status go at the top?
They're links... click them.
I thought they were users at first and the question seemed really oddly specific
point is; it is confusing
I think a single line of text could make it clear
if it is already clear to you
it was not clear to me
I think there are more people like me
I think adding a line of text would help those people
and that it would help more than that it hinders the rest of the people
yep looks good
12:21 PM
@nhgrif Numbers come before letters in alphabetical order
@Pimgd The names of the blogs.
@Malachi That ^^
@Mast keep reading more chat messages to find out that it was non obvious
@Malachi Exactly. My question is rhetorical.
can I get the link quick?
Q: Code Review Blog Library

nhgrifI really enjoy reading some of the answers posted by Code Review users. Where can I go to get more helpful advice for improving my code from these users? Let's list a few off-site resources authored by Code Review users which address some of the common problems we see in code... 418 Status im...

12:22 PM
@nhgrif sorry I just got here....lol
@Pimgd I've been lurking.
@Malachi your answer should be wiki
XY Problem should be a closure reason. — vikingosegundo 14 mins ago
@nhgrif and done
I need to write another blog post
I should write more answers...
12:24 PM
oh yeah right I was writing an answer
I just need to write C# answers.
gotta write more java answers here, 24 answers/201 votes away from gold badge
and should get javascript bronze badge today
That's a lot of points.
Did you write two answers on the same question?
12:29 PM
@Pimgd I'm still a whole 150 answers away from a gold badge
@Mast I'm guessing it went HNQ?
That's when I get a whole whack of points with questions, answers go double.
You know those comments won't effect answers right? Other than perhaps a decreased likelihood of getting answers because of the perception that you were too lazy to clean up your code before posting it to get free help. — nhgrif 8 secs ago
@nhgrif That question sounds a lot like it's Off-Topic in some way shape or form.
12:37 PM
You know, at this rate, I'm going to beat both @Mat'sMug and @RubberDuck to the first Gold Badge.
le gasp!
Wait, you can Multi-Select Chrome Tabs! Mind = Blown
@Phrancis hey there
"unknown variable or type undefined"
intellij you're drunk
go home
12:54 PM
@Quill Ctrl+Click for non-contiguous tabs, or Shift+Click for a sequential group.
am i being trolled? i can't do it.
and now I can. FML
someone's having a fun time in the work slack chat
stop having fun at work

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