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RELOAD! There are 2067 unanswered questions (93.7267% answered)
then there's something wrong in my code
don't worry about it...
OK. Just killed it.
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Q: Two solutions to Project Euler 12, but one is drastically faster...why?

DZDMy code for #12 (first triangular number with over 500 divisors) is as follows: int add = 2; int triangle = 1; int divisors; boolean bool = true; while (bool){ divisors = 0; for (int i = 1; i*i <= triangle; i++){ if (triangle % i == 0){ divisors += 2; } if (i*i == triangle...

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Q: copy constructor, overloaded assignment operator and deepCopy

Ivan ChakI'm trying to create a class template for a link-list implementation of a Stack. Now I've gotten the push, pop, peek, and tested the destructor. But I'm wondering how should I add the copy constructor, overloaded assignment operator, and the deepCopy on my code. Here is what I got so far: // // ...

Q: game engine for 2d games in java

averythoughtfulguyI am writing a 2d game engine library that I can use for simple future games, and I've been told that it is written very procedurally rather than objected oriented. I was wondering what I should do to fix this, or how other game engines are usually written. My engine is very laggy, and I think th...

@CaptainObvious Sound like code not written yet...
@CaptainObvious That's one big freaking class dude
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Q: Balanced parenthesis string checker

Rahul DesaiPlease review my balanced parenthesis string checker code below. I would love to know how to improve my algorithm and if you have any other feedback. // comments inline function validateParenthesisString(inputString){ if(inputString.length === 0){ // empty string is as good as a valid s...

@Duga welcome back
My computer is just frying.
I wish I could just run a single test project, rather than all 42.
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Q: Python 2.7 Script for checking literary works for Zipf's Law

Additional PylonsAs the title suggests, I wrote a python script that, given a literary work in text file format, takes it apart, makes a word list, counts how many times each words appears in the literary work, and then checks if it follows Zipf's Law by performing the chi-square test. For those of you who don't...

Q: Secret Santa random pair allocator - Javascript

Rahul DesaiPlease review my Secret Santa random pair allocator written in Javascript, working code snippet below. Random pairs will be generated everytime you run the code. Input data is hardcoded for now (line # 41). I would love to know if you have any suggestions on improving the algorithm or any other...

Q: jQuery - Add/remove class when height changes

Khoi NguyenI reached an issue when trying to add Class if div's height has changed (it's a responsive website project). My Javascript: // Responsive fix function DWQA_Filter() { if( $('.filter').height() > 32 ) { $('.filter .filter-item').addClass('hide'); } else { $('.filter .filt...

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Q: Refactor commonly used nested loops

Emerald214I have two these methods. Their loops are pretty similar. I'd like to refactor it to avoid duplicate nested loops. How could I do that? @Override public boolean isValid() { for (final FormSection formSection : getFormSections()) { for (final Component fieldComponent : formSection) { ...

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Q: Export lists in columns to CSV with header Python

ThorpedoI've scoured stack exchange to try and get my script to export my 3 lists to a csv file, I want each of the lists to be in 3 separate columns with a header for each list. I know there's a lot of info around, I just can't seem to get it to work. Here is the code import csv import itertools str_...

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Q: Parsing an address without regex c#

IanHI am looking to improve on this code as it is not fully working properly yet. This address parse separates street number, street name, street type, apartment name and number from a string of a given address into their own fields. Here is the ParseAddress class: using System; using System.Co...

I think you will get appropriate answer if you ask this question on http://codereview.stackexchange.com/Khalid Hussain 54 secs ago
It's currently in code review and it looks like we're far enough along to merge back into master. As of this writing, this would be the best thing to pull: review.couchbase.org/#/c/62338. The whole list is here: review.couchbase.org/#/q/project:php-couchbaseMatt Ingenthron 44 secs ago
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Q: how do we check valid alphanumeric only in (No special character allowed) using regex and extension method in .net 4.5

Shiv Shankarprivate bool ValidateRequest(ChargeCodeDetail response, string AppId) { bool isValid = false; if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(AppId)) { CreateMessage(response, GatingConstants.APPID_ERROR); } }

I believe your question is better suited for StackExchange Code Review Q&AAziz 38 secs ago
Q: I am very new to java n jsp servlet

NikiI m doing a project i have 1 doubt in tht.i want to schedule an appointment to doctor so how can i write the program for the same. Program can be in java or jsp or servlet. Please any1 can write a program for scheduling an appointment

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Is reinventing the wheel a good thing to code reviewers?
Q: Accessing Data inside Presentation Layer from API: Laravel 5.2.27

Pankaj GargI wrote the code to fetch the JSON Data. For that I tried to do this in 2 projects. First Laravel project which has API code for database interaction only. Sample code in API controller class CountryAPI extends Controller { public function AllCountries() { return respons...

@Downgoat What do you mean by that question?
in The Nineteenth Byte, 16 mins ago, by Downgoat
\o/ I reinvented the wheel!
in The Nineteenth Byte, 16 mins ago, by Mego
Only on this site is that a good statement
@200_success is it a good thing on this site too?
I'm not sure what you mean by that.
If you reinvent the wheel intentionally to discover for yourself how something should be done, great! There's a tag for that.
5:44 AM
Is it good to reinvent the wheel when you don't really need to?
If you reinvent the wheel unintentionally, then you should expect an answer to tell you that you are doing something the hard way.
monking @all
@chillworld morning! (even though it's night for me)
yeah that happens here, always morning/afternoon/night for someone.
stupid rounded earth :P
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Q: regex to extract version info

testcoderI have written a small Python function to extract version info from a string. Input is of format: v{Major}.{Minor}[b{beta-num}] Eg: v1.1, v1.10b100, v1.100b01 Goal is to extract Major, Minor and beta numbers. import re def VersionInfo(x): reg = re.compile('^v([0-9]+)([.])([0-9]+)(b)?([0-...

Q: How to add many animation in ONE ng-click functions?

MgrCan anyone offer the correct approach to this code If the user clicks a button, I need to run the following actions: Show and Hide div 2.Add and Remove Attributes 3.Add and remove Css Class HTML : <div ng-app> <div ng-controller="MyCtrl"> <div><button id="mybutton" ng-click="s...

Recursive function => usually slower; try to do an iterative solution and see how that work. I second @Aziz. This should go to Code Review. — Debosmit Ray 17 secs ago
@Downgoat Luckily it's round, otherwise we could fell off at the end ;)
brb break ;)
@chillworld I'm upside down so I don't think gravity works normally for me
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possible answer invalidation by testcoder on question by testcoder: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124688/revisions
7:06 AM
@Duga Removed during grace period it seems.
@Phrancis Wasn't there yet when I cast a close vote on it. I suspected it being broken, but it really was a big mess. So I UWYA'd and the rest followed suit.
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Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Bootstrap dynamic dropdown items
8:12 AM
Monking @all
Time for me to go to bed.
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@Mast Just FYI, you can expect another answer on your VBA question sometime later today. Gotta actually do some work first ^^
@Phrancis Cucumber is interesting.
For what it's worth, that's just scenario definitions, it doesn't actually do anything. If you ran that code you would be told to implement the steps.
I'm not entirely sure it was a question that should have been answered - it reads very much like a "Should I split this into two tests or just one?" question a la conceptual, though it has already been answered now. That said, maybe reviewing tests is on topic on CR - it's code after all.
And by interesting I mean "It's cool, but it feels more like a toy than it has any actual use" (but that's my opinion)
Interesting morning this morning. I was unable to access any e-mails from Outlook or use Skype for Business. Why, you ask? Well, our servers went down on Friday so I thought it had something to do with that.
But what also happened on friday was an iKettle was hooked up in the office on a WiFi network.
We don't use WiFi normally, but I switched mine on because there was a code challenge involving the iKettle.. and forgot about it.
TLDR I tried to get my e-mail from a kettle.
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Q: Multi-threading upload tool

setevoyWe have about 14G files and each is about 150k. I'm writing a script to upload them to Azure Blob storage and would like to run an upload() function (each with own file to upload) in 5 threads. Here is how I realized it and it looks like works - but I still have doubts about how correct this co...

9:08 AM
The Great Firewall strikes again
Q: R JDBC script only works when run twice

Dennis JaheruddinI have an R script to make a JDBC connection that gives an error when I run(source) it, but works when I run it again. Obviously I have a workaround, but I am just curious as to how it is possible that it works only after failing. Here is the code: options(java.parameters = "-Xmx5g" ) library("...

Q: Is this password hashing function safe?

Joe ScottoWould this be secure enough to hash passwords? /** * Creates a SHA-256 hash * @param string $salt Salt for hashing algorithm * @param string $string What is getting hashed * @return string Returns a hashed string */ public function hash ($string, $salt) { $crypt = crypt($string, '$5$...

Are you seeing a problem or asking for code review ? window.returnValue is a perfectly valid use in this case. — Pogrindis 37 secs ago
@CaptainObvious If you have to ask that question, then the answer is no.
Oh boy.
I think something is very wrong with npm again.
More of a code review @Pogrindis, Because I'm getting this weird behavior the in IE 11 standard mode as I'm not getting the value of window.showModalDialog() at the parent. Same code seems to work fine on any else version. — Drag0nKn1ght just now
9:28 AM
@Duga false alarm
I don't mean to kick you down or anything, because I find your ulterior motive quite noble - learning pure JS -, but when I said "my eyes are melting", I was trying to be funny by saying I didn't like what you were doing. I find it very hard to justify such a thing from a UI/UX point of view. But if you are only in it for the learning, go for it, good luck! Btw, if you were interested more in comments than in help with your code, check out codereview.stackexchange.comJoum 54 secs ago
@CaptainObvious It doesn't look safe to someone who doesn't know PHP.
Ah. Now I know what's wrong.
This should be a poster in the infrastructure dept:
Keep Calm and Block Port 443
Ah, that's why.
9:48 AM
Q: Refactor code to solve the 'Line is too long' error in rubocop

Shilpi KayalMethod.create(domain_id: domain.id, type_notification: type, message: title, url: url, owner_id: self.user.id) How can I reduce this line to 80 ?

Q: print the selected date from the calendar

Nikienter code here <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*,java.text.*"%> <%! public int nullIntconv(String inv) { int conv=0; try{ conv=Integer.parseInt(inv); } catch(Exception e) {} return conv; } %> <% int iYear=nullIntconv(request.getParameter("iYear")); int iMonth=nullIntconv(req...

Q: // , Store and output hard-coded relationships among hosts

Nathan Basanese// , The following code has begun to smell, but I have not yet decided with what to replace it, other than, obviously, a database. I made a very unsatisfactory workaround for my attempt to make relationships among tuple members as I assigned them. How can I modify a piece of code like this that...

10:24 AM
Q: Powershell task to poll SQL database for psexec commands to run

kafkaWe have a requirement for a script which polls an SQL database for scrape commands which need to be run. These commands are added to the SQL database on an ad-hoc basis. The scrape commands themselves are in the form of psexec commands, and need to be run by the listener script which is constantl...

Q: Simple app which allows to create posts and delete them by a password

ParkiWhole thing you could find here There is no validation, i know. Main page: <%= form_tag new_path do %> <p>Введите сообщение:</p> <p> <%= text_area_tag :body %> </p> <p>Введите пароль:</p> <p> <%= text_area_tag :password %> </p> <%= submit_tag "Cоздать" %> </p> <% end %>...

10:42 AM
@Kaz That's awesome, take your time :-)
user image
Wish I knew what all that stack meant, but it's thousands of lines long
@Phrancis I think it means it's broken
11:00 AM
Q: Basic php/css coding: how to make certain modification

johnSo to cut the long story short I have an opportunity to present my business idea done all the plan design etc but since it was on short notice I havent done anything to my website. I will hire a professional ofcourse to make it but untill then I want the investors to be able to see my "undercon...

@CaptainObvious hmm definitively off-topic, not sure it would fit anywhere else on the network either
@CaptainObvious @Phrancis waaaaaayyy too broad
Monking! I have a problem/challenge to discuss.
@ambigram_maker Sure, what's on your mind?
My friend sent me an e-mail. I quote the question:
"Consider the sequence of digits from 1 through N (N<=9) in increasing order:
1 2 3 4 … N
Insert either a ‘+’ (for addition) or a ‘-‘ (for subtraction) between each of the digits so
that the resultant sum is zero. Print all possible combinations that sum to zero.
Example: Enter a number: 7
I can only think of an O(2^n) algorithm for it.
Is there a faster one?
11:11 AM
@ambigram_maker Just spitballing:
I can't think of any efficient ones...
You have 2 buckets. They need to sum to the same value. You need to find every combination of sorting the digits into buckets such that they sum to the same value.
Yeah... that one
That's a good way to generalize it :)
Can dynamic programming or anything be applied to it?
11:15 AM
@ambigram_maker IMO, just thinking about it for a few minutes, I can't think of any way to do it that isn't O(2^(n-k))
where k is some optimisations.
Me too... I doubt there is a way to avoid looking at all combinations
@ambigram_maker You can trim some branches as you go, but yeah. It's going to be 2^f(n)
Worst part is... some numbers like 1, 2, 5 have no solution!!
@ambigram_maker This is why you start with the largest digit and work your way down.
Hmm... ok... let's talk about trivial rejects...
11:17 AM
Well, N = 2k has no solutions by definition
How can I identify a branch heading for a dead end?
because odd total.
Are you sure.... ;)
Enter a number :
All possible combinations are :
1+2+3+4-5-6-7+8 = 0
1+2+3-4+5-6+7-8 = 0
1+2-3+4+5+6-7-8 = 0
1+2-3-4-5-6+7+8 = 0
1-2+3-4-5+6-7+8 = 0
1-2-3+4+5-6-7+8 = 0
1-2-3+4-5+6+7-8 = 0
Correction: where the prime factorisation results in an odd power of 2.
Wait, prime factorisation? might be mod instead.
basically, if the total is odd.
Uh... come again? With an example perhaps?
11:19 AM
Q: Simple Haskell Chess

Sean DJust for fun I tried to write a chess game in Haskell, in the hope that it would eventually be good enough to beat me. It's not perfect at the rules (it doesn't know about promotion, castling or en-passant yet) but it does manage to make legal moves, and they're not always totally stupid. I've tr...

possible answer invalidation by Martin - マーチン on question by Martin - マーチン: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124473/revisions
It's Okay @Duga... I think
@ambigram_maker If you need both sides (all pluses and all minuses) to sum to the same number (k) then your total is going to be of the form 2k, hence be even.
So any odd total has no solutions.
ok.... got a little bit of it
(1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10)
11:22 AM
But good challenge, isnt't is @Kaz? :-)
@ambigram_maker It's interesting. certainly.
Hi @Ferrybig.
Ok @Kaz... You gave me a new perspective... I'll need to think along those lines a bit
I'm going to DevoxxFR on April 20-22, ping me if you want to chat
11:34 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions about improving working code belong to codereview.stackexchange.com — timgeb 7 secs ago
@Duga Poof!
I got over a thousand helpful flags on SO, mainly from crap like that...
possible answer invalidation by Martin - マーチン on question by Martin - マーチン: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124473/revisions
@Duga Nope, added on request by one of the answerers and not actually code. Just expected output.
11:50 AM
It seems Imgur does not like oneboxing whole albums ^^
Can't be done, no.
For some reason I thought your wrist rest was a boomerang.
@DanPantry It's Kaz, not Quill.
12:03 PM
Q: Color String Macros and useful PHP string functions

Jake PsimosHere is a code file (I use it as a stand alone header file to be included in my projects) that contains macros to generate ANSI encoded strings that when printed are colorized. Also, the module contains useful string functions that are found in PHP standard library: strpos, stripos and substring...

I can't believe how many upvoted I've received on that one .NET answer...
@Phrancis I can certainly tell you're it's not normal for the stack trace to be indented like that...
Technically correct, but would never pass a code review. — nhgrif 20 secs ago
@Duga Technically correct - the best kind of correct!
Except when it isn't
12:21 PM
Which is exactly why this would never pass a code review. In this specific case, what really needs to happen is a .filter call, but I can't personally think of any case where modifying the loop variable is actually necessary. So I have to apply my downvote. If you can edit this to include a convincing example of where I'd really want to modify the loop variable, I'd consider removing the downvote. — nhgrif 1 min ago
@Duga @nhgrif even not using Swift, that answer makes me cringe
Greetings, Programs.
The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter 'id' of non-nullable type 'System.Int32'
Request payload: {"id":756999}
wat Web API
But if I just pass a raw number to the call, it works, but then says the ID is zero.
Oh absolutely, modifying the loop variable is not something that I would want to see in a code review or anywhere else! I've seen it used in obfuscated code contests but I can't recall any serious examples of it. I posted my answer in order to show the author a way to replace a C-style for loop, not to condone modifying the loop variable. That's why I didn't bother to translate the author's code, it would be an exercise in futility. Vote up or down as you like, it makes no matter to me. — Kenneth Bruno 55 secs ago
@Kaz That's exactly the way I find one solution to a valid number!
Looks like we've worked it out independently. :-)
Seems like we have an O(n) algorithm to find one solution. Now, we need another one to find possible combinations to swap from either "buckets" and list all possible cases.
12:37 PM
Q: I want to edit code vb.net

Geared Silently Dim Brow1 As New FolderBrowserDialog Dim Brow2 As FolderBrowserDialog = Brow1 If Brow2.ShowDialog() = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then Dim a As String = NumericUpDown1.Value Dim b As String = ListBox1.Text Dim c As String = b.Length ...

@nhgrif Internet searches have not been very successful either, just old forum answers saying to try and delete the settings folder, or uninstall it and install an older version, etc. nothing from the company that actually makes the software
Q: What do you think about my Wikipedia Search?

Michael AlvesI ask to you. What I could do better in my code or logic? This my example on Codepen -> Wikipedia Search

Q: Very Simple UNO Game

OkoyosI made a simple text-based UNO game in Java. It lacks some features of the original game, but it's good enough for now. I'm new to Java, so I would like to receive as much feedback and suggestions as I can on my code. Thank you. The Unocard class: import java.util.Random; public class Unocard ...

what license should I use for a git repo of a Javascript Conway's Game where I took the initial code from a Code Review Question?
@Malachi depends what the licence of the original question was
it's on CodeReview
12:52 PM
if none was specified I believe licence for contributions is CC by SA (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)
So, you must distribute as CC-by-SA
Or a licence from here
Obligatory I am not a Lawyer
the closest one in the list at Github is Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
You can just leave a LICENSE file in the root of your project if GH doesn't supply it.
@ambigram_maker You can then make it even faster by terminating a branch early if you can determine that it can't branch anymore. (In the example, 7+6 can only get to 14 by adding 1, so we can skip all the intermediate steps. Same would be true of a total of 12).
In fact, now that I'm thinking of it. You could also build "tips" as you go along by starting at your total and subtracting the digits from smallest to largest, then appending your sub-branches to the main branches whenever they meet in the middle.
(I.E. for any branch that gets to 11, you know that it will end up with 2 child branches, 1 with +1+2, one with +3, so just append a pre-built +1+2,+3 branch tip)
@DanPantry huh?
@nhgrif Sorry, I meant that the answer you downvoted looks awful to me and I don't even use Swift
1:00 PM
oh, right.
It's very ugly, even in C/C++
I can imagine it looks even worse in Swift
Q: DFS Topological Sort in Javascript: Code produces incorrect output in some test cases

Srini JayaramanI am at my wits end as to what I have done wrong in the following code for DFS. It works for very small graphs but outputs incorrectly as shown by adjacency list representation and the following code for example: var vL = [4, 2, 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]; var eL = [[8, 2], [10], [],[] , [3, 6], [...

1:30 PM
Firstly, use some kind of RAII object like (unique_ptr etc). Secondly, this is probably better suited for the CodeReview SE site. — OMGtechy 55 secs ago
@OMGtechy this would likely be closed on Code Review, the author mentioned "not tested, just a sketch code". Code review requires real, working code. See what is on-topic there for reference. — Phrancis 22 secs ago
1:46 PM
Q: PHP regex weird behavior when capturing multiple groups

jurchiksThe code: $pattern = '~(/(?P<lang>en|ru))?/foo(/(?P<bar>bar))?~'; preg_match($pattern, '/foo', $matches); var_dump($matches); /*output: array(1) { [0] => string(4) "/foo" }*/ preg_match($pattern, '/foo/bar', $matches); var_dump($matches); /*output: array(7) { [0] => string(8) "/foo/bar"...

It's confirmed, @xunit for devices runs on @HoloLens. xUnit supports *all* of your devices. https://t.co/syPmO2H2s7
Xunit tests on Hololens
possible answer invalidation by salamanka44 on question by salamanka44: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/124276/revisions
2:13 PM
So I find myself quoting Pirates of the Caribbean in a Code Review. My afternoon just got infinitely more awesome.
To wit:
> The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.
(On the subject of the Macro Recorder)
Q: C# Linq Skip by Id on Large List

Martin Mazza DawsonThis is in ASP.NET MVC, but that shouldn't make a difference. I have a large number of rows in my database for Songs. At the moment I am doing this: var songIndex = Context.Songs.ToList().FindIndex(x => x.Id == 500); var songs = Context.Songs.OrderBy(x => x.Id).Skip(songIndex).Take(10); Howeve...

2:32 PM
Q: Alpha-Beta Pruning isn't working well

Lolita3I'm creating an artificial intelligence in Python for Othello (10*10) using alpha-beta pruning but it doesn't seem to work well. It often sends bad moves while the evaluation funtion is a good one. Here is the code: def choiceAI(board,player,depth): ## Main function trueplayer = player a...

> The [RedactedTabelName] has a value in the isHere column of 255 when the proc is expecting 1 or 0.
No one has yet pointed out signed/unsigned bytes.
This makes me sad. :(
(From email internally)
if the proc is expecting 1 or 0, why isn't the field a bit?
historic and valid reasons, probably
How can I send an email and point this out without sounding like a dick?
> Sounds like a signing error to me (sorry to just provide an opinion without being asked :P)

Why isn’t IsHere a bit?
@DanPantry I wouldn't apologise for asking questions. Maybe "[Do we know] why IsHere isn't a bit?" if you want to soften it.
> Sounds like a signing error to me (sorry to just provide an opinion without being asked). Why isn’t IsHere a bit instead of tinyint if the sproc expects a bit value?
is what I sent. Office politics suck
I was CCed into the email, though, so I guess my opinion was wanted
2:40 PM
"IsHere" sounds very very much like a Boolean value. the only reason someone would name a column "IsXxxxx" and not make it a bit is because they're of the "make it a varchar(max) field that takes a Y or a N" school of thought. or something like it.
@Mat'sMug lol, I know the types ;0
If it makes you feel any better it is also nullable despite being a required field.. :P
And this is a table that gets populated on a routine job from another table in another database (it's not a data warehouse)
It honestly could not get much worse
and I raised opposition to this... and then the person who designed it now no longer talks to me for "backstabbing" them
IsHere doesn't make much sense as a field name either - Unless "Here" refers to, "here in this table"
2:44 PM
It is referring to user accounts, FWIW.
The name isn't all that bad in this context. It's still bad, though.
Okay guys, apparently the reason it's not a bit is because you cannot index a bit
so what
So nothing, that's just the justification
As in, "why is it not a bit" "it can't be indexed" "why would we want to index a bit?" "you don't, it was just an example of why it might not be a bit"
okay, I'm turning my e-mails off for the rest of the day now.
@Phrancis ^^ see? some people learn!
2:47 PM
Monking Alien He- oh
I was just getting used to all of these anagrams
@Kaz I know the feeling, I once quoted Mortal Combat in a Parenting.SE answer.
@Mast I'm going to need to see that answer. lol
A: Should I cut my child's dad out of his life?

MastWithout more information about your legal status, we won't be able to give a fitting answer. However, I will try based on the given information. "We need not destroy the past. It is gone." - John Cage If there is no indication the father has had a bad influence on him or might expose h...

2:49 PM
> "We need not destroy the past. It is gone."

- John Cage
Well, I expected worse hahah
@MikeyMouse Johnny Cage is not afraid to provide parenting advice. — Zibbobz Feb 18 '15 at 18:56
At least it wasn't "Fatality!"
No, that wouldn't be friendly.
in Root Access, 3 hours ago, by allquixotic
@Bob a Twitch streamer called Quill was paid by Stardock to stream AotS for a few hours
Looks like we have an imposter
You'll get used to it.
It's hard to trademark a name.
2:53 PM
especially if you're the Fine Brothers
@Mast isn't it
@Mat'sMug Definitely.
I've been sending a PUT request to the wrong endpoint for about an hour.
I think I'll sue for defamation
2:54 PM
With my latest VBA creation I just gave up and called the macro Stats.
Duga is an awesome name.
Hello @himarmjr
Hello @RikerW
2:55 PM
oh, it's a name change
Should I F5? He's still Easterly here.
due to @himarm on SciFi.SE
@Mast In caht i am himarm jr
@himarmjr was he one of the ones who got suspended
@himarmjr Right.
2:56 PM
@Quill um no?
It does.
Now your new name shows up.
Q: Sudoku solver in JavaScript

MihaiI decided to learn JavaScript and what better way than wrestling with a Sudoku solver. I'm guessing there are (many?) optimizations that I missed. I'm thinking of adding a generator also, but this for another time. Thoughts? <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <form a...

:28742266 I just see the cat for his true name
2:57 PM
Weird how refreshing makes a difference
Maybe the names are stored in memory
@Quill what?
That ^^
@Phrancis lol, that's awesome
@himarmjr nothing
2:58 PM
However, chat uses websockets. No caching involved :-)
o caching
My view probably uses caching for the names though.
The profile images cache
The image is the same.
2:59 PM
Yeah, that's what I meant - perhaps the names / other information is stored, normalised, in the app
That's a fairly common pattern with Redux - because it's easier to deal with flat data than nested
I'm not using the app, I'm logged in with FF.

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