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12:00 PM
I mostly thing the energy drink one is funny because I'm using a customer card that you need to be 18 to sign up for :')
@Gemtastic Well, I'd still not need to dye it again :D
@DanPantry When it grows out you would, unless you dieded :O
@Quill where did you see that?
@Malachi one of @rolfl's sede queries
if you want, I can find the link
that'd be cool.
I have an issue with some code that I borrowed
can you help me out?
12:07 PM
see if you can find the thing that is bugging me --> malachi26.github.io/gameoflife-vanilla.html
uh, I've got no idea
if you try to change the size of the grid and click the button I get disastrous results
I don't get any results
I'd say that's bugging me as well
I have a hilarious issue with JSF
And by hilarious I mean "I have absolutely no idea how this is even possible"
Q: commandLink only works with a h and p version

GemtasticI'm having this really weird issue where my commandLinkonly work if I have BOTH links in the same view. Works fine, both links: [...] <h:form> <p:dataTable var="v" value="#{myBean.myList}"> <p:column headerText="Name"> <h:commandLink value="Go to next page" action="#{myBean.doThin...

I'm gonna examine the posibility of it being the application server being dopey, but it could just as well be me.
12:17 PM
Because you had a problem and you tried to solve it with Java, and now you have two problems.
(I joke)
Don't blame Java for JSF
Someone thought it was a good idea to franken a fronend way for backenders
System.out.println("You're doing the thing!");
I like it.
It's my standard debugg point :')
Usually with a reference to itself in the code like "You're doing the thing in myMethod!"
If you're really using GF 4.0, the very first version, try at least upgrading to latest possible. It was the very first release and as usual full of childhood bugs. — BalusC 4 hours ago
I've downgraded to gf 4.0 because of bugs in the newest version — Gemtastic 4 hours ago
Version recursion exception :p
Sometimes I forget how star-happy we are compared to some other sites. Just paid a visit to The Water Cooler and their star wall goes all the way back to early February.
12:19 PM
It was a clean re-install
@Kaz You'd have to be pretty dull to enjoy a chat room named "The Water Cooler".
I mean, put it this way
What's in the water cooler? water. you're there because you're taking a break fromw ork and you're tired.
What's on the 2nd monitor? cats. xkcd.
all great things.
I have no idea where I was going with this.
So I honestly don't know how to go back a version on the application server in any other way :S
@Malachi in GameOfLife.js, before line 245, put this:
var conwayGame = document.getElementsByClassName('conway-game')[0];
while (conwayGame.firstChild) {
@Quill conwayGame.innerHTML = ''
meh, apparently that's a bit slower
12:21 PM
I'm gonna try the code on wildfly when I get home
don't you shrug face emoji me
it's one of those days again, where I try to do things that I don't have to do because it is a better algorithm
You know, complaining about not being able to get O(1) and having to settle for O(n) for a data structure likely to hold up to ... 5 items
The little micro optimisation that could :p
12:26 PM
I want object indexed maps in javascript that don't rely on toString and instead just use object identity, the same thing used for ===
well it's not an array
Objects {} always use string keys
but a Map can have any type of key
(caveat: Es6 only)
@Pimgd I'm not sure === in JavaScript is exactly what I'd call object identity...
In JavaScript, === checks for same type and same value.
sorry, "reference equality" then
12:28 PM
that won't leave the object in memory?
Which is different from, for example, the === operator in Swift, which checks that each operand is actually pointing to the same memory location.
(Which is closer to what I'd call the object's identity then anything else.)
> var foo = { foo: 'bar' }
> foo === { foo: 'bar' }
> foo === foo
I wanted to make a String -> array of Function & a Function -> {index, string} mapping
=== is identity/strict equality
12:30 PM
@DanPantry you didn't try...
var foo = { foo: 'bar' }
var bar = { foo: 'bar' }
foo === bar
@Quill I tried some Delete Command before and it didn't work quite the way I anticipated.
> var foo = { foo: 'bar' }
> var bar = { foo: 'bar' }
> foo === bar
hmm, k
distinct objects are never equal
that's one of the rules of ===
var foo = { foo: 'bar' }
var bar = foo
foo === bar
> true
12:32 PM
I mean you can't say that two distinct objects are equal to each other using ===
Maybe I'm thinking of PHP or something.
@Quill that's because bar holds a reference to foo, so they are equal as they are the same object (objects are reference types)
Or maybe this works different for strings, integers, etc.
yes I know
> var a = new Map();
> a
Map {}
> var f1 = function(){}
> var f2 = function(){}
> a.set(f1, 1)
Map {function function => 1}
> a.get(f2)
> a.set(f2, 2)
Map {function function => 1, function function => 2}
hmmmmmmmh I wonder if I can use ES6
12:33 PM
@nhgrif in js, strings are equal if they are exactly the same length with exactly the same characters in each slot (and strings are immutable, so that's good enough for identity puroses)
value types are compared by equality because they are also immutable
The wacky equality rules in js basically involve NaN
the answer is "probably not" for whether I can use ES6 or not
browser compatibility why
If you can use bower or npm, github.com/paulmillr/es6-shim
Yes but
10 mins ago, by Pimgd
You know, complaining about not being able to get O(1) and having to settle for O(n) for a data structure likely to hold up to ... 5 items
I'm gonna have a field day explaining to my coworkers why I needed to add all this
12:35 PM
well cdnjs.com/libraries/es6-shim is just another script in your browser
you could write your own map shim, but that would at the very least require a Symbol shim from ES6
I solved this problem before
Apparently ES2017 has a different language implementation for Object.toString \o/
I just wrapped everything with ids, so it's "gimme a function, here's a ticket you can use to refer to your function now"
@Quill eh? nope
I was thinking of toString being called on a type inherited by object, which has a different ToPrimitive implementation
either that or I'm reading this wrong
how old is that...
relevant how
That's hell of a onebox
how is xkcd not blocked at work for you
It's not relevant, I just found it interesting and only just stumble across it No I'm not pressing random on xkcd
12:45 PM
how do I tell how old an xkcd comic is?
we work at a place where not all fun is banned
Look at the size of things... and how tiny Facebook is
no, all fun is banned @Pimgd
@nhgrif internal lookup from memory because you know xkcd by heart?
or look at the date at the bottom of the xkcd which says spring 2007 :D
12:45 PM
@Quill Nothing is blocked at work for me. In fact, my work router probably isn't set up really that much differently from my home router.
wow, 2007
that image is 9 years old
@nhgrif same, except my home router doesn't crash daily at 11am sharp
Nor does my work router.
we have a 3rd party firewall that blocks a lot of stuff
no one in work actually actively blocks anything
it'sj ust done by a 3rd party and we remove stuff as necessary
Basically it's a firewall without the effort (but with the annoyance) of a firewall with the people maintaining it getting to wring their hands saying they're doing something
12:51 PM
we should probably have a firewall at work (like even one for viruses), but our Sysadmin is like an older version of anon does IT
does that mean anon is older, anon is using even older crap, or both?
programming with callbacks is addictive because you get hooked on it
(today is bad pun day)
> "Deze e-mails vallen onder de noemer ‘fishing/ransomeware‘,"
> "fishing"
hook, line and sinker
love those PSAs from schools
@DanPantry you get bonus points for combining the two like a pun scrabble master
12:57 PM
@DanPantry There's also an updated version (I think circa 2009)
clearly it's called phishing because it's fishing, but on pheople
> "I caught up with James and the other guys and everyone is positive. James said he had a very good chat with you. So as a final step we are keen to get one last call with our CEO Eric Baker."
I'll start my apartment search
oh wait, I get it now
@JeroenVannevel Congratulations
:28766294 the alliteration doesn't work, kthx
I didn't see it at first
> do not use for navigation
1:02 PM
the weird thing is if you tried to say it you wouldn't hear a difference, I think, it'd be the same "pee-he-pel"
@Pimgd no it would sound like "fe-pl"
Phishing for pheople
feople sounds weeeeeird.
@Pimgd that's why it isn't a real word
At least we managed to put the joke a good 60 feet under
A: Integer factoring in C using GMP for numbers

nhgrifThis code is 137 lines. Of which, only 5 are empty blank lines. A little bit of breathing room can do a lot for the readability of your code. Your use of braces is also inconsistent. You omit them for one-line if and else statements, but maintain them for one line while loops. You really sho...

1:11 PM
@Quill I keep getting a glitch in my iterations element... let me push what I have on my machine
1:24 PM
A customer just managed to ring up our meeting room while we were in a meeting
and the person who answered the phone to them said "Hello. Who's that?" thinking it was a team member
ring ring this is customer speaking
the customer was demanding an invoice
No idea how he got our number, we are a completely different office separated by about 20 miles than the sales dept
I now loathe the music publishing industry with a passion.
Why you ask?
thanks for the answer invalidation (though I guess my points were comment-worthy?)
I've just been handed a 1,465 page PDF of music royalty payments to "put in excel"
1:32 PM
@Kaz and you have 5 hours, go?
1) Convert PDF to XML
2) Parse the XML into Excel
3) Profit!
@Phrancis <text-element><character><pound-currency-symbol></pound-currency-symbol></chara‌​cter></text-element><text-element>...
poor parser
Is that really what PDFs convert to?
I don't know but I know they tend to be a pain
@Pimgd should it be rolled back?
1:40 PM
where did @PinCrash go, that guy was super cool! I liked him
There should be a special circle of hell dedicated to people who think PDF is an acceptable data format.
Looks like there are some libraries for parsing PDFs directly, e.g. import com.itextpdf in Java
@Malachi he crashed and got jumbled around, the space in his name got crushed and now it's Phrancis
it's a terrible wreck, but with a name like "Pin Crash" I guess it was to be expected
1:42 PM
he's lucky to only lose a space and a capital
@Malachi His email crashed permanently and sucked out his soul into a vortex of deleted error messages
Q: Web api with IoC and database integration tests

S. PeterI've made integration tests for a major part of my application. I test my dependency injection is set up correctly, creating controllers with it's dependencies going all the way to the database (using localDB) and returning the response. I'm looking for what could be improved. Here is the general...

@Phrancis poor guy
Bet you could also do that with C#, Python, heck maybe even JavaScript
In other news, my team just officially hit < 999 support tickets in our backlog :D
1:45 PM
I'm voting to move this question to code review where it is on topic. — Serdalis just now
@Phrancis Parsing PDFs? You what?
Isn't PDF a thing that has 15 standards and their documents never fully comply with any of them?
At least a way to compensate for idiots who thought rendering data to PDF was a good idea to begin with
@Mast soon it will have 16 standards
1:47 PM
Of-course it will.
@DanPantry I wish I was that far away. Ten feet ain't far enough
I'm 836 miles away from our sales dept ;)
(sometimes still doesn't feel far enough)
some days you wish you could put the sales dept only a short distance away, like 6 feet under
(don't actually murder them, you'll get problems with HR)
1:53 PM
There's probably a question on The Workplace about that
Is it okay to murder my colleagues?
Purely hypothetical though
I wouldn't actually do it, except for the part where I have a backup plan that you should also take a look at because I'm worried I might get caught

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