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1:00 PM
I know, but how?
@Quill (Sorry, @Mast. <sub>not meant to insult</sub>)
@IsmaelMiguel apparently actually selecting the image contents when you go to resize does the trick
That's so weird...
'morning all
Some knowledge I found on 9gag
I also found some knowledge on 9gag
> water is wet
I was amazed
1:08 PM
And something that isn't wet is dry!
I'm liking this latest revision from the OP.
We tell him it's off topic because he doesn't post his //some operations code so he changes the name of a function. Excellent!
That's how some people do it
Q: send parameters to server in ios [xcode 6.1]

RavikumarPlease help me. I have to send parameters to the server same as like this. I wrote this code.But this is not correct format. NSMutableArray *arr_serviceResponSe=[[NSMutableArray alloc]init]; //..............Packages NSArray *arr_pckg=[[NSArray alloc]in...

@Quill Why would I take it as such?
I think he was just covering base, @Mast :-)
1:15 PM
@CaptainObvious Nuke it, hard.
my god that code is ugly
That question too.
I don't mind ugly code, that's what Code Review is about (partially).
low-orbit close-vote cannon
is there a keybind to collapse code sections in VS?
cntl + M + O
I use it all the time
@ARedHerring ALT + F4
1:17 PM
never mind, visual studio has crashed again
hello guys. Yesterday I asked a question here on CR but a moderator told me the question was offtopic - so I deleted it. However it would still be nice if someone could give his opinion to what he thinks (it's a pretty short question). If you're interested: gist.github.com/Nasicus/893da00ae8d862bde315
@OschtärEi for everyone else, in markdown: gist.github.com/danpantry/dae3e97730e668993a1d
@OschtärEi If it's off-topic, turn it into an on-topic question instead of posting it here.
In addition..
(foo?.IsFooBar ?? false) && secondCondition
this isn't going to compile
It's hypothetical. Write some real code and put that up for review.
1:19 PM
@ARedHerring It's new in the version shipped with VS 2015
oh wait
@IntensifierDescriptorMan foo?.isFooBar is boolean?? otherwise this won't compile
Yeah saw that after. Though you were talking about the ?.
OK, my bad then, that will compile. Although it's still ugly
That should compile.
@EBrown yeah, in the most recent version of vs15
1:21 PM
Because foo.isFooBar is a bool.
that should probably be in the question itself
I've used C# for years and never seen foo?.prop
@OschtärEi I agree with the closing. We have a handful of rules, one of them is that we want to see your real code.
Q: Why is hypothetical example code off-topic for Code Review?

200_successAs stated in the Help Center, one of the criteria for a question to be on topic is: Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or example code? What is the rationale for that rule?

@ARedHerring It's new. And I wish we upgraded at work so I could use it.
The code which I posted will compile
1:22 PM
So, foo?.isFooBar will do one of two things: if foo is not null it will evaluate isFooBar, if foo is null it will not evaluate isFooBar. After that, the ?? portion will evaluate whether the result on the left is null or not, and if it is null it will return the false, if it is not null it will return whatever isFooBar is.
@OschtärEi It's hypothetical, so off-topic. We will not change that rule.
and I know I have to provide real code, however it didn't make sense for me in this scenario - but I don't want to maek a fuss about it - that's why I posted it here
yes no problem @Mast
hi guys, where is the auto-comment script thingy?
even though I don't agree that it's hypothetical ;)
Q: how to insert multiple rows in php mysqli table

susiif($above15_members!='' ){ $name=$_POST['name']; $age=$_POST['age']; $work=$_POST['work']; $education=$_POST['education']; $mobilenumber=$_POST['mobilenumber']; $gender= $_POST['gender']; for($i=0;$i<count($name);$i++) $sql1 = "INSE...

1:23 PM
@OschtärEi It is hypothetical
Q: Frequently Posted Comments

Simon ForsbergOn Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. What are some useful tin-can comments that can be good to have in your list of comments? If you ...

Are you using that code as-is?
@OschtärEi put it this way. If it's code that you would put in a serious project (peronal or professional) then it's real code
You can tell by the names it's an example.
@ARedHerring I tried putting together a simple example so people can review and comment on the idea. Keep the question off-topic, and I will remain off-site. Quite a disappointment here on SE family site. — Yahya 5 mins ago
1:23 PM
And it works 100% perfectly?
@ARedHerring no offence, but rather than having any constructive feedback on the question itself, we wasted time whether it should remain on the site or not. — Yahya 3 mins ago
this guy
Good morning.
@EthanBierlein Greetings
the code is from a real project, I just changed the method names 1 variable names and deleted unnessary stuff
@ARedHerring He just earned a downvote.
1:24 PM
@EthanBierlein Hello
@OschtärEi We don't accept the deletion of unnecessary stuff.
@Mast I understood that already - and it's ok with me! That's why I thought I can just ask this here in the chat and if anyone cares he cananswer (which some did)
@OschtärEi We understand, but we need to see the code in its original state. Otherwise context is lost which would otherwise affect our review.
Which strips the context away and makes the question too boiled down for this site
@OschtärEi we also don't like obfuscated code. Unless you need to change it for legal/security reasons, give us the original
1:25 PM
I really need coffee this morning....
@Zak Even then.
And if you do need to change it for legal or security reasons, state it in the question.
@OschtärEi That triggers my help vampire alert.
Though its unlikely that you would ever need to change variable names for 'legal' reasons.
@OschtärEi Method/Variable names are a key part of understanding a piece of Code and, hence, Reviewing a piece of code
1:26 PM
I can't even post questions about my work stuff because of legal and security reasons.
@OschtärEi you'll find that most people in here would have voted your question off topic.
@ARedHerring and did
If I want to post a question about something at work, I have to recreate it at home, with much less of the official context, and then post it.
So I don't bother.
@Mast That's really not fair - the question is not as you desire it on your page, and I can live with that, but it still contains everything to answer the question in my opinion - also it was even more effort to change the code to this, than jsut post a ton of code ;)
@OschtärEi yes, so why did you bother?
1:27 PM
@OschtärEi Unfortunately, your opinion does not change the fact that your code was off-topic. Sorry.
I didn't know BEFORE I posted - when the moderator told me I deleted the question
@OschtärEi how is giving us obfuscated code going to make a review any easier or any better?
It's fine if you didn't know you posted. The question would have eventually been put on hold for being off topic.
You would have been given the opportunity to amend your question, and we would have re-opened it and reviewed it.
We have no issue with reviewing code as long as it actually maintains the original context.
@OschtärEi I recommend you edit your existing question (unless it's been deleted) with actual code, and make a note, "I'm specifically concerned about ______".
Put it this way: Imagine you post a section of code and we give you a review and a potential change to the code.
Someone spends an hour basing his reply on this change.
You then say "I can't do that, because the foo can't be barred. That bits not in my question, but its part of the same part of code"
You've now wasted another person's hour because you didn't include the entire context in your original post.
I appreciate that may or may not be the case in your example, but its (one of) the reasons we dont' accept example or partial code here.
1:31 PM
How did "ALT + F4" get starred?
@ARedHerring as I already told multiple times : I know and I understand
@EBrown when I starred it :p
@Mat'sMug Makes more sense now.
@EBrown there are multiple Staryus in this chat.
Q: Function that shortens a String based on a term/abbreviation mapping with special cases

isADonThis is a update of this question since the requirements for this task changed. I have a function that takes a description as a String and returns a shortened version of the description. The shortening is done by checking if a word matches the key of the Map<String,String> MAPPER and replaces t...

Q: PHP to check Operating System ONLY

Max ThorleyI'm using the follow php code to display operating system version: <?php $user_agent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; function getOS() { global $user_agent; $os_platform = "Unknown OS Platform"; $os_array = array( '/windows nt 6.2/i' => 'Wind...

1:32 PM
@CaptainObvious VTC borken
@EBrown borken? :p
@TopinFrassi Very broken.
@TopinFrassi Yeah, like, "I borked it."
Like vailure.
1:33 PM
I like that
I prefer the term bricked
I have used the term "borken", "borked" and "bork" in general for years now. Lol
@ARedHerring Bricked assumes it was working at first and not anymore.
@Mast true.
oh, btw, guys... school started again toiday
expect to see many borken examples heading our way (+ S/Os)
Yea, we noticed ^^
1:35 PM
@ARedHerring "borken"
@Heslacher Closed
@EBrown fixed. borken reads like a german word
> apologies I've just realised I posted in the wrong area, many thanks for letting me know. – Max Thorley
He gets it.
1:38 PM
I have pointed out so many times the issue is with his ConsolidateResults method.
and that is the only thing he has not actually touched.
We will not have this whole "example code is off-topic" discussion the entire month on many different questions, will we?
we could always bookmark this one
No problem, keep it off-topic. Certainly you didn't understand the question. — Yahya 58 secs ago
@Zak Bookmark the meta instead.
"5 people voted my thread off topic. They must not understand my question"
I am out of patience helping this user
1:41 PM
@ARedHerring let it go
I deleted 20 comments from that thread
@Mat'sMug I noticed
Yea, nice clean-up.
I am not going to comment any more so you do not have to delete more
Should they have been flagged as something @Mat'sMug ?
This user appears to be beyond help - at least from my perspective
1:41 PM
@ARedHerring OP didn't say that. OP said you doesn't understand the question.
For posterity's sake.
@Mast there was an auto-flag
I'm sure whether or not it would be prudent to invite them to chat to discuss the on-topicness of their question, or just link the meta.
@Heslacher yes, but it takes 5 people to close a question as off-topic so by disagreeing with me he is disagreeing with the other 4 people as well
@ARedHerring Let it go. Don't comment anymore on him.
It's his loss, not yours.
1:42 PM
@Mat'sMug don't
@ARedHerring had been a joke
I view any user turned away from this excellent community as definitely my, if not our, loss.
@ARedHerring depends on the user
everybody has something to contribute.
@ARedHerring The internet is full of crap. Don't take that mentality.
1:42 PM
@Malachi Shoot it right into my veins lol.
unless they are a prick.
this user does not seem to be a prick. he just does not seem to understand the rules.
he seems to not want to understand the rules
there is an important difference
@Zak probably.
Either way, I am letting it go, as you said. It's not really my loss
I may start using this as a canned comment:
FWIW I'd be ok with reopening it now
1:44 PM
It's very simple. If you pay us to review your code, you get to set the rules. If you're not paying us, then we get to set the rules.
Q: Abort thread on new request, but complete only last request

YahyaSo the situation is that a certain asynchronous operation is called multiple times, which is basically to consolidate results. But I want to abort every time a new request comes in; which means that only the last call will run completely. Does this solution look reasonable? I have tried replicat...

@Mat'sMug I would be, too.
He's added the missing code
Q: Which Stackexchange site is the most popular?

John DreamI would assume by this info-graphic style page of links (http://stackexchange.com/sites#) that Stackoverflow is the most popular due to its relative size in comparison to the other sites. Of the many different Stack Exchange sites which is the MOST popular?

there can be only one answer
Do people minify html?
1:45 PM
@Heslacher there's no SEDE query for that?
dunno, rolfl is the SEDE king
@JeroenVannevel I do to some extent.
@Zak that MSE answer should really have been a comment
mod-converted to comment, nevermind
I assume that means you remove comments? Because I want to comment my angularjs code but I don't want my comments to be sent with it
@JeroenVannevel Yeah. I remove comments, and a lot of whitespace.
1:47 PM
@Zak They may misinterpret it as us also offering paid services, which we don't.
@JeroenVannevel yes. htmlmin is a thing
you need to opt in to remove comments + whitespace (but you should definitely do it)
alright, found a gulp package that minifies html
The guy removed part of his code again lol
@Mat'sMug and answered
> This is not a code review request, in fact more like a design review.
now we would need to close it again
He's on code review. He's going to get a code review.
@Heslacher he also removed 4 of his methods which causes his code to be broken & not compile.
What is this guy's' damage? he does know we can see his edit history... right?
1:53 PM
@ARedHerring @Mat'sMug He's specifically not asking for a Code Review. I think the community ran out of ideas and it's time for a moderator to say something.
He omitted the methods. The now removed ones had been how it was before he had this idea
I don't understand why he doesn't want us to see those methods.
It's just incredibly confusing to want to hide them that much lol
I will delete my answer until a mod had taken over
I don't see why people remove code. It's much easier to do a ctrl+a ctrl+c ctrl+v, than going through and cutting stuff.
Question for you folks.
Should Http error codes be docuemented under <returns> or <exceptions>?
1:55 PM
@Heslacher Rolled back, flagged for moderator attention.
        public ActionResult Details(string id)
            var material = GetMaterial(id);
            if (material == null)
                return HttpNotFound("Item could not be found.");

            return View(material);
@RubberDuck assuming C#, returns
it's not an exception that is thrown
@ARedHerring I tend to agree with that.
@RubberDuck In this case, a return.
1:56 PM
Good point.
a http error is a valid response
that ^^
Sold. Thanks guys.
@Heslacher Why did you remove your answer?
@Mast > I will delete my answer until a mod had taken over
I'm nto correcting that, fk it
silly markdown
1:58 PM
Now OP is allowed to remove it, while after rollback it's an on-topic question.
Because in its current state(before the roll back) it was asking for a design review which we don't do
@Heslacher undelete it as changes were rolled back
@Mast but OP has not enough rep to see the deleted answer ;-)
don't delete an answer after you've posted it even if the post becomes off-topic
it is one of the rules of the site to not modify code after an answer is posted
because it invalidates the answer
1:59 PM
that doesn't mean you should delete the answer. just means we're going to have to keep hitting the rollback button until the OP gets the point.
Q: Posted a question about thread abortion and related process

YahyaPosted a question for code review [about how to abort a process, running on a thread, on repetitive calls, but only run it on the last call when it is not interrupted] Abort thread on new request, but complete only last request Other than a few comments, what I received was that I should put ac...


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