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5:00 PM
Apparently there is a new feature.
Oh, Meeting not for another hour.
It seems they aren't planning on repeating the mistake of releasing a half-baked product again.
You make some good point there @rolfl. Friends of mine just moved there. I have he feeling they will return in a few years too.
They are showing off a bunch of add-ins for the universal Office apps, including SAP, Uber, and more.
Q: Alternative approach to migration

nhgrifBefore I make this suggestion, I'm going to lay out some guidelines for what should and should not be migrated between sites. The method for migration I'm about to suggest only makes sense if we can all agree to the same set of guidelines for migration, I think. Feel free to disagree with this ...

@SimonAndréForsberg @rolfl @sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ @Duga and anyone else interested in the crappy state of the "migration" mechanic currently... ^^^
5:09 PM
@nhgrif Yeah, reading.... BTW, one thing of technical nature.
closed-as-duplicate on target site is OK.
> 3. A post should not be migrated if, for any reason, it would be closed on the destination site.
Migrate then close as duplicate?
Perhaps "Migrate and close as duplicate" should be added in the third section about the review queue.
I gotta get back to work... I may amend that this afternoon.
@nhgrif - also some typos/wrong-sense in here:
> Members of the source site are not going to be the best judges of what is on-topic on the source site (and whether or not, for any reason, it'd be closed on the source site).
those last two "source" should be "target"?
@nhgrif - I really like the suggestion though. There's some technical issues in there, but the concept is sound
Good thing my professors are so blind.
I just realized that for the entire semester, I was forgetting to change the pages I was citing from the textbook because I was just copy/pasting the reference.
It appears they never noticed as I never got lower than 14/15.
Windows Store for Business!
Business/schools can highlight apps they want their employees/students to find.
are you using LaTeX @Hosch250?
Just Word.
5:20 PM
If you want to impress your professor go for LaTeX :D
seems I also have image upload issues in the chat.
@DJanssens Redirect Notice The page you were on is trying to send you to xyz... If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page.
Avast blocks the link it is trying to send me to because of URL:Mal
Yes, @rolfl
Damn, so much chat!
Alright, just downloaded VS Code. It feels really good to use
Takes less than a second to load a solution
No spamming in chat, please.... ^^^^
Is it just me, or is the big announcement that MicroSoft has finally produced a decent text editor?
5:26 PM
@rolfl That would be refreshing!
@rolfl what's wrong with Notepad?
It's a whole lot more than just a text editor though
Yeah, it does syntax highlighting...?
And code cross-referencing...?
And runs on multiple OS's?
Are you talking about M$ Word, or a new thing?
And facilitates debugging.. And ASP.NET applications..
5:27 PM
And has a tree-like organizatonal system.....
@JeroenVannevel So, ASP.net is maybe novel, but, consider this:
> Eclipse began as a Smart Canada project. Object Technology International (OTI), which had previously marketed the Smalltalk-based VisualAge family of integrated development environment (IDE) products,[2] developed the new product as a Java-based replacement.[4] In November 2001, a consortium was formed with a board of stewards to further the development of Eclipse as open-source software.
Q: Forming a dictionary where all values are only conditionally set

Mr_SpockI have lots of dictionary keys with conditional values, ternary in this case: # cover page data_coverPage.append({'reportCalendarOrQuarter': coverPage.reportcalendarorquarter.string if coverPage.reportcalendarorquarter else "N/A", 'filingManager_name': coverPage.filingmanager.find_a...

So, what VS Code is advertised as doing for .Net ecosystem, Eclipse was basically doing in 2001.
Huh, Microsoft, Text Editor?
5:30 PM
but... Eclipse, IntelliJ, Vim, Emacs and other editors have existed for years, what's all the big buzz about?
4 mins ago, by rolfl
Is it just me, or is the big announcement that MicroSoft has finally produced a decent text editor?
Doesn't really matter to me when someone did something. Obviously there's a market to be filled
Right. But Code VS provides debugging for C# and ASP.NET applications across all platforms. Which editor does that?
so basically, Microsoft have caught up with the new decade? About time.
@JeroenVannevel For C# and ASP.net? Only VS Code. But, you have to ask yourself: Why?
So, you can do C# on Mac and Linux now, basically?
5:31 PM
@rolfl So they filled a market which none of the others did yet
No, they segmented a market they had intentionally excluded themselves from before.
The one thing people complained the most about was the lack of crossplatform support
Now there is
@rolfl Also called "competition"
Can I use this tool to code C# without having to download and install a gazillion other Microsoft products? (MS SQL Server etc.)
So, instead of making it cross-platform, and integrating with the tools already out there, they create an incompatible tool that does not open up the platform at all, but closes it down.
5:33 PM
I think you're a little afraid Microsoft is going to boot away Java!
@SimonAndréForsberg When have you ever had to install SQL Server to write C#?
No, I am not as fixated on things like that as you may think.
@rolfl What is being closed down?
@JeroenVannevel - to me, I see this as an admission of "defeat".
@JeroenVannevel When I installed Visual Studio Express, a whole bunch of crap that I didn't needed were installed as well. Despite me trying to make the installation as minimum as possible.
@nhgrif: Visual Studio on Windows now supports Objective-C
5:35 PM
So? You don't have the frameworks, do you?
Photoshop/Premiere Elements coming to the Windows Store...
@rolfl Catering to requests is a defeat?
Windows-based ObjC compilers and editors aren't even remotely new.
MS can no longer attract enough developers on to the MS platform, so they have to get market-share, app-share, product share by getting people on other "competing platforms" like Linux, and Mac, to write applications for them...... The question is....
Microsoft is late to the game on that unless they have all of the OS X/iOS framework somehow.
5:36 PM
Will people who use multiple platforms use the new-to-their-platform CRT, or use their existing tool chains which are already functional.
@rolfl Meh, they are more going to the Open Source side, not sure if that's a defeat or a genuine direction change of the CEO
There is certainly some value in what MS is doing, but it says as much about their failures as it does about their future.
@rolfl If existing tools were already fully functional then why was the biggest complaint that .NET isn't cross platform?
@JeroenVannevel Who was complaining that?
certainly not the C, C++, Java, Obj-C people.
Nor the JavaScript, PHP, and others.
Windows devs were complaining about that
5:38 PM
Nor the pyhon....
And here I'm just hoping that Windows will ever see the power of a decent command-line and apt-get
Exactly, it was the people who MS had already trapped on their single platform that were complaing about their captivity.
And, @skiwi - you calling it "Open Source" is very disappointing :(
And I already have a library for talking to SQL server via objective-c and swift, so I don't even need a .NET language to do that...
You can port Obj-C apps to Windows easily.
@rolfl I mean they did open source C# stuff, etc. Right?
5:40 PM
Not according to what Open Source actually means, no
Well, you feel about it how you want to. Personally I don't see anything wrong with expanding to other platforms
Like...? I haven't checked it too much
You can read the source, but you can't change it...... or reuse it.
@JeroenVannevel I think it is great.
> Well, you feel about it how you want to. Personally I don't see anything wrong with expanding to other platforms
I applaud MS for doing it.
But, calling it innovative, etc. is a stretch
@Hosch250 can you? Does windows somehow have the iOS/OS X frameworks?
It is 30 years overdue, and they have not yet gone far enough
5:41 PM
@rolfl Hmm, does it differ much from OpenJDK? Are those things in there allowed? Sure, I can make a good PR and that might be used, but can you really change something? I personally just don't know
> As of April 3, 2014, Roslyn is under the Apache License 2.0
I don't know, but it is apparently actually being used to port advanced apps.
No one actually writes ObjC code. We write Foundation code. Just like no one actually writes C# or VB code--they write .NET code.
If you make a PR to Roslyn, then it could also get accepted methinks
Latest Mono version straight up copied parts of the .NET framework
5:42 PM
And now everyone is moving on to Swift anyway...
They just covered it, and apparently the guy who wrote Candy Crush Saga (whatever that is) wrote it on iOS and ported it with the tool.
.NET, Roslyn and other tools are absolutely open source
@rolfl I'm not so sure about the C# language itself, but I recently read a post explaining how they wanted to use Roslyn's model for .Net core.
ported and writing as-I-know-it are different.
And I know you can submit PRs to Roslyn.
5:44 PM
It doesn't sound like you know to know anything but Obj-C.
@RubberDuck and get a Mug<T> for it, with a "thank you" note :)
@Hosch250 You don't know what Candy Crush Saga is? Thank God! There is hope!
Can two devs on different OSes check in to the same ObjC source control?
I don't know, if it is hosted through Git, probably.
@nhgrif that could frak up the encodings, ..but what do I know ;)
5:45 PM
Unless Apple is announcing that they've open-sourced their frameworks at wwdc, the answer is no...
You can't write Foundation, Cocoa, or Cocoa Touch on anything but OSX.
AFAIK, you can write anything anywhere, but you can't compile it.
Well then what's the point?
I don't know how it works, but it ports the app automatically and lets it run on Windows.
@RubberDuck I just looked.... and am a little surprised.
I'm sure it doesn't always work perfectly, but it appears to be pretty good.
5:47 PM
The code is licensed under the MIT licences, which are, indeed, Open.
Yes, it ports it, but it's no longer using the same frameworks.
In order to build the code, you need to have Visual Studio 2013, though, which is a barrier to entry.
No, but as long as your tests pass, why not just release it?
And again, basically everyone has moved in to Swift... So who cares sort of.
@Hosch250 I'd say that's a bad idea
5:49 PM
@skiwi Well, I'm not an iOS guy, so I won't be doing it.
@Hosch250 you can't just swap out all of the frameworks an app uses back and forth and be okay.
So, with this new MS Code thingy, can I code and run C# Console applications with it? Like my C# Sudoku Solver?
Like I said, I don't know how it works, but they demoed porting one, and said the Candy Crush Saga was ported using it.
I expect a whole wealth of really annoying questions to come from this because "candy crush bro did it"
@SimonAndréForsberg possibly, but there is a lot of unexplained machinery about how the VS code actually dispatches the code to be compiled and run.
5:51 PM
I made a javascript class system, available from github.com/JakarCo/JDOM that you could try. I have a couple example usages in my question on codereview at codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/87983/…Jakar 41 secs ago
@skiwi Why? Are you saying there can still be bugz even when all the tests pass? Impossible! Blasphemy!
@rolfl Any new language often comes with a difference in IDE though
at first glance, it looks like MS Code can only do ASP.NET and Node.JS applications...
How much of candy crush is actually c++ though? Probably quite a bit. It also doesn't have any native iOS/OSX UI in it
@SimonAndréForsberg I'm not too sure about that. I'm only seeing ASP.NET and node
5:52 PM
I am disappointed.
Though I would imagine that other kinds of apps are a next step
I saw them port an iOS Obj-C app write in the conference with a native iOS UI.
Yeah, I expected at least console apps as well
I surely hope so.
As I say, I see this as progress, and good thing, but not enough
5:52 PM
And hopefully within 10 years....
Project Spartan is branded MS Edge.
Also, I have learned to expect lock-in from MSoft.
Code reviews perhaps? — Burt Beckwith 31 secs ago
I gotta say though, I was positively surprised about how easy it was to download and install.
5:53 PM
Doesn't make up for the disappointment at how feature-lacking it seems to be though...
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to come with an "Uninstall" button...
@SimonAndréForsberg A Uninstall on a OS?
Why would you even want to write a ObjC for Windows anyway?
@Mast Windows applications tend to have uninstall features/buttons.
Can ASP.NET applications run under Linux/Mac?
@nhgrif If it is as great as you say it is, why wouldn't you?
@SimonAndréForsberg yes
5:58 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Oh, you were talking about Code? Thought you were talking about Win10
They showed the docker integration at the start of the keynote
ASP.NET on Linux baby
@Hosch250 you lose all of the actual OS X/iOS frameworks...
You gain all the Windows frameworks...
but you already had that with the .net languages...
So... Why would you write ObjC for windows vs VB or c#?
I think the idea is you don't have to learn another language.
So all the Morts can write apps (isn't that the guy?)
6:00 PM
You have to learn new frameworks which is the entire hard part about learning a new language.
Swift is simple for ObjC users to learn because it's the exact same frameworks.
@JeroenVannevel How? With what server?
Are there any technical specifications available over this new hype? So far I've only found marketing crap.
Same for VB to C#
6:01 PM
I think I'm an Elvis now.
@Mast Code or Win10?
@SimonAndréForsberg You'll have to re-watch the start of the keynote. Apparently docker is some sort of environment abstraction and he demonstrated running an ASP.NET app on his linux server
Why on earth did they name it "Code" by the way?
@JeroenVannevel s/re-watch/watch/
@SimonAndréForsberg Preferably both, but I was referring to Code
@Mat'sMug lol ;)
6:06 PM
Anyone have time to help me understand something about JavaScript? I can take it to a separate room so as not to interrupt the ongoing discussion
Does this have close votes or downvotes?
This is in line with my "30K privilege" proposal: Expedited capability for migration to your siteWerner 44 mins ago
Q: Alternative approach to migration

nhgrifBefore I make this suggestion, I'm going to lay out some guidelines for what should and should not be migrated between sites. The method for migration I'm about to suggest only makes sense if we can all agree to the same set of guidelines for migration, I think. Feel free to disagree with this ...

A long shot... but does anyone here have experience with Python/Django and possibly with using that under source control and/or continuous deployment?
Q: Simulating game

TeddyBearCreate a Dice simulating class that uses random values from 1 through 6. Use the class to create a simple dice game in which the user chooses a number between 2 (the lowest possible from two dice) and 12 (the highest total possible). The user first indicates what their choice number is. They a...

Anyone installed Microsoft Edge yet?
Holograms in Windows 10..
Holy baboons
Look at how realistic it seems
6:11 PM
@nhgrif one down-vote. don't have enough rep yet to see close votes.
Seems sensible that they call the browser Edge, as they'll re-use the e-icon
@skiwi They currently have a globe.
@Hosch250 But people think e = internet
Well, I don't have a say, so let's not bother arguing.
@skiwi I have experience with Python2 in SVN, what's the problem?
6:15 PM
Btw, @Hosch250... ObjC is as great as a say.... But more important than ObjC's greatness is this: Right tool for the right job
I see.
@Mast It's more about Django, they have a feature called "makemigration", but their indexing seems to be iterative, let's say the last migration was id 5, if you create a migration in two distinct feature branches, then you coudl create id 6 twice
@skiwi What happens when you merge both id 6?
@Mast I'm not sure if that gives sensible output, but it might, mainly thinking through it in theory now
What I ultimately want is that via Continuous Integration I get a "live" staging environment of the develop branch
6:18 PM
Q: Sharing core repository and object mapping logic between Unit of Work methods

JasonI'm wondering if there is a better way to do this or if I'm doing some anit-pattern here. Like I say in the subject, I'm trying to share repository calls and object mapping logic between Unit of Work methods. For example see my GetCustomerBody() method being used more than once. public class E...

This question is more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.com — reggaeguitar 31 secs ago
@skiwi Make a sandbox project and try it. You can read all the documentation you want, but you'll understand what and why it does the best when you try.
Woo-hoo! badge:good-answer! ..like, 15 months later!
@Mast Trying to figure out a good balance of thinking and trying here ;)
They just said it - "holo-lens is magical"
6:23 PM
@reggaeguitar No it isn't. Code Review is for stuff that works and that is wanted to be made cleaner. Not for "Is this right?" / "Does this work?" — Simon André Forsberg 29 secs ago
Two final essays and a discussion.
Hmm, my question just got closed as a duplicate...
My suggestion is clearly different.
Welcome to Code Review! Are DoFoo and DoBar supposed to stand for anything? As we can't review unimplemented code, this post might be better off without them. On the other hand, if they're real methods in your real code, throwing a real NotImplementedException, then I'd say that you're misusing that exception type... but I can't be sure because it looks like these methods are just stubs that stand for something else. This is why "stub/hypothetical code" is off-topic on this site. I'd just remove them if they're irrelevant. — Mat's Mug 1 min ago
Hope you didn't mind my edit @Mat'sMug
@Marc-Andre which edit?
6:35 PM
At least there's this:
You could have just said "Migrations should be handled as pull requests" and stopped at that point. I'd almost suggest that this become the canonical dupe due to its quality relative to the current choice. — Won't 7 mins ago
Q: Calculating the determinant of a matrix . Insights on performance and good practice

WhiteEyeTreeI wanted to do some exercise and came up with the idea of a good challenge ( for my level ofcourse ). Tried to implement LaPlace's algorithm for computing the determinant, recusively. This is the result: #include <math.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <vector> #include <iostream> using namespace...

@Marc-Andre well thanks!
(ugh.. it's even uglier than I thought it should be!)
Q: performance of mysql helper class for vb.net

sansknwoledgei have inherited this code in my company , it is acting as a helper class for database and written in vb.net till date it is working properly and almost 5 to 10 commercial packages i am maintain is written based on this work. i just want to know it can be improved or make changes to this one. It ...

Q: Shortest and most efficient way for an endless image/content rotation in Vanilla JS and jQuery

insertusernamehereI wanted to create the most shortest JavaScript code for an endless rotation of elements, without any controls. The elements can be images or SVG-elements (only the Vanilla JS version will work here) or text-container. It doesn't matter. I came up with this: HTML <div id="container" class="cont...

6:46 PM
@JeroenVannevel I need a new laptop to run this.
How's that?
because my laptop has 4GB RAM and boots in 10 minutes and will not survive the 3-floor fall when I throw it out the window
My laptop was so slow, it took more than 1.5 hours before it booted VS (until I force quit)
I formatted it, reinstalled the bare minimum and now it boots perfectly fine
This can be done in a much more simple manner; but I believe this should go on code reviews rather than here — fge 24 secs ago
6:51 PM
Here's my complete list of current issues with Xcode:
1. No compiler warning/error for namespace conflicts in Swift.
2. Infinite loops/recursion in Swift playground can't be stopped.
And that's it.
Q: How can I enforce a compiler warning or error for namespace conflicts?

nhgrifConsider I have the following: FrameworkA, which defines class Foo FrameworkB, which also defines class Foo A file in FrameworkA which imports FrameworkB How can I get Xcode to generate either a warning or error on any line that makes references to Foo without using the namespace qualifier? ...

And those are both Swift specific issues. Swift is less than a year old.
@nhgrif I'm looking forward to an answer on your question.
It would advance my understanding of the mythical Xcode
I think I need to just open a ticket with Apple. It should be default behavior, but I don't think it's an option at all.
And I don't know what's so mythical about Xcode.
If the code works as intended and you are seeking improvements, you can post at the Code Review site, and delete it from Stack Overflow. If you do that it would be a good idea to include your tree implementation as well. — Phrancis just now
It's not Xfile.
7:07 PM
Fair enough, I just thought the op would benefit from knowing about codereview.stackexchange and might get some more helpful feedback without getting downvoted by posting there — reggaeguitar 37 secs ago
@Hosch250 God that's ugly
@Hosch250 Of course I'm right
That's an ugly e
I should build hologram stuff..
Q: Algorithm that checks if a tree is full and complete

user1007665I am trying to write a method that will return true if a binary tree is full and complete (each node has 2 children or none and all the leaves of the tree are at the same depth). My idea is to use recursion. I will check for any node if its left son has number of children that is equal to its ri...

7:17 PM
ASPNET5 sample code in Visual Studio Code @code running on Mac OSX Yosemite http://t.co/077EqERzUw
That's a Console App he's executing
Looks like you can do it using the command line!
So, watch is delivered at home, but I’m in China. Feels like I screwed up somehow…
@JeroenVannevel interesting. I will read up on that
Well, thats not a very active forum, so posted here. Just want have some quick looks not deeply. — hypheni 54 secs ago
1) WE'RE NOT A FORUM 2) Yes, I can turn off caps-lock 3) We're active, you just have to post a good question to get it reviewed quickly. 4) We'd be more active if you were here.
@hypheni Code Review is not a forum, and neither is Stack Overflow. We are very active at Code Review, as you would soon find out if you were regularly active there, and we could be even more active with your help. — Hosch250 15 secs ago
7:27 PM
This is not an accurate way of finding a palindrome. According to your method, "aabb" is a palindrome, and so is "aabbc". — Hosch250 4 mins ago
@hypheni 1) none of the Stack Exchange sites are forums. And 2) Code Review is very active and healthy (heck, it graduated for a reason). — Mat's Mug 56 secs ago
@hypheni That's simply not true and a lousy reason to post an off-topic question. Our chatbot picked up your comment, now you see how active CodeReview is. — Mast 32 secs ago
Nice one there, @Mast :)
@hypheni That's simply not true and a lousy reason to post an off-topic question. Our chatbot picked up your comment, now you see how active CodeReview is. — Mast 39 secs ago
Lol, I wonder what he thinks of us.
Okay, okay, I'm starting to see why some people prefer @Duga to not post more than one comment on each question...
7:29 PM
> Member for 22 days
0 profile views
Last seen 8 mins ago
I don't normally tell SO-users about @Duga, but the way @Mast did it was awesome.
@SimonAndréForsberg Thank you.
@Hosch250 "what a bunch of butthurt jerks downvoting my awesome forum post"
Hopefully, we'll ever lose the stigma of 'some beta site'
@Mast the very same day we lose that beta-blue theme :)
7:36 PM
@Mat'sMug We're so going to celebrate that day.
Anyway, I'm out for today, cya all
I actually suggested on that meta that we keep at least an accent of beta blue.
@Mat'sMug I'm afraid people will continue to think about us as "low-activity site" though, because it takes more than five minutes here to get an answer...
What should we do to celebrate that day, have a festive zombie slaughter?
7:37 PM
I mean, 3+ years, it's part of the site's identity.
^^ I'd star that, but...
Well, I apologize. Will post it on CodeReview. — hypheni 46 secs ago
@hypheni we picked that up too ;)
reviewers, start your engines!
@Hosch250 We should go golfing.
7:40 PM
@Mat'sMug It doesn't seem to contain using namespace std; so I don't know what to say.
the code is correct in case of c++ syntax, most of those comments above should be flagged as not constructive. If you want to review the code there is always codereview.stackexchange.comKuba 32 secs ago
I know one thing to say!
Q: Rails 4: using model relationships to find number of responses by a user, to posts of a certain topic type

GhostRiderI have a user, a micropost and a response model. The user has many microposts and has many responses. Microposts have tags using the acts as taggable gem. I need to find the number of responses a user has, to microposts that are tagged with a specific tag. To be clear, for example, how many re...

Wait a second, is it really on topic here?
    if (bSuccess == true)
      // Receive data from socket
      char chRecvBuff[MAX_RECV_LEN+1] = {0};
      bSuccess = ReceiveSocketData(chRecvBuff, MAX_RECV_LEN+1);

      // Some validation here with 'chRecvBuff'
Q: WebGL shader program management

glampertI'm writing a tiny WebGL/JS framework to improve my knowledge of JavaScript and WebGL. Following is a "class" that wraps a Shader Program and provides methods for setting the shader parameters (AKA uniform variables): ShaderProgram class: "use strict"; /* ======================================...

Q: Bash script that checks for package dependencies and installs them if necessary

John P.I'm new to Code Review and new to writing bash scripts as well. I was wondering if I could get someone's advice on a part of the script I'm working on. Intended purpose of code Check if a package exists using dpkg, if it does, offer to install it for the user. This snippet is part of a larger s...

7:51 PM
> Please review any and all aspects of the code and let me know if I'm following good and up-to-date JavaScript programming practices.
Yes, yes, YES!! - if only every asker had this mindset...
            While Not iResult.IsCompleted
            End While
is there not something like await in VB.NET?
I hope that guy posts soon - I have an answer waiting.
Public Async Function WaitAsynchronouslyAsync() As Task(Of String)
    Await Task.Delay(10000)
    Return "Finished"
End Function
Catch ex As Exception
    Throw ex
    retval = False
End Try
Return retval
that code is wrong, ...in so many ways...
That can't even possibly work.
7:57 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Ah sorry for the bad link, it wasn't important so never mind.
@Mat'sMug retval = False ---> Dead code?
@Mat'sMug What's retval by default?
The exception gets rethrown before
@SimonAndréForsberg yup
What @Simon said.
7:57 PM
@DJanssens What link?
What if there's no exception?
and unless I'm mistaken, the original stack trace is lost
the image a few hours ago, haha :D
@skiwi Then it never enters the catch block.
@Mat'sMug You're not.
@Mat'sMug It's the same exception object that is thrown, isn't it? Or is a new one automatically created on throw ?
7:59 PM
@RubberDuck But then it would hit the return statement?
Can someone with more rep see what that last comment was on the question, and if it was in response to mine?

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