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11:05 PM
oh wow, this is getting very complicated, very fast
Q: Edit one table from another table in a Windows Form DataGridView

RandyI have a Sales Order Program that allows each customer to have their own Part Number for one of our Stock Items. The Customer Part Numbers are stored in a separate table. I need to make this as low impact on the User/UI as possible. As a working model I have come up with a related demo using Pers...

Q: Ugly C# WPF code required to activate storyboards

PuffinTo activate Storyboards which I declare via XAML, I'm finding that I'm writing the following ugly code sequence rather a lot; (SomeElement.TryFindResource("SomeStoryboard") as Storyboard)?.Begin(); What I'd really like is to just write; SomeStoryboard.Begin(); Is there some way I could decl...

Q: 3D patch extraction from 3D image

user98622I have a 3D volume (medical image) and I will like to extract 3D patches (m x n x c) with strides from the data using matlab. I have a 2D extraction code already. I want to extract random 3D patches (specified amount) in a much faster implementation (a mex function) since I will be extracting qui...

@Mat'sMug oh you hit 60k site total recently? nice
ha! hadn't noticed!
11:23 PM
hi @Puffin!
oh, your question was closed
Contrary to Stack Overflow, "clarifying the question" here doesn't mean "boil it down to the shortest, simplest expression" - Code Review is about the context, the details: you'll get much better and relevant feedback if you include your actual code-behind, not just two lines.
sidenote: the question reads like a Stackoverflow Question to me
specific problem, minimal code, defined solution
also it's stupid that you can't vote to migrate closed questions
I didn't think it would get mod-hammered
"SomeStoryboard" and "SomeElement" was certainly a trigger
looking again, yeah.. that's exactly why "hypothetical code" was created as a close reason: specifically to avoid reviewing MVCE's
I agree with the mod-hammer
As I noted, I used "Some" to genericise the question. It's bizarre to downvote based purely on variable names. What variable names would you prefer to use? In real code, I often end up with Storyboards called "MyStoryboard" or "MainElement" which are equally undescriptive for you, but suit the use context perfectly. There's no more code to add. I'm pretty disappointed that people are more interested in variable names than actually offering answers to the question itself. — Puffin 4 mins ago
FWIW I downvoted because there's nothing to review, not because of variable names. Also this site is the complete opposite of "genericised questions", it's not about the variable names (hey, bad names are review material!) - it's about showing us your code, not just one line that could be just about anywhere, without any context. Did you read the page I linked to? To be on-topic, your answer to the question "do I want feedback on any & all facets of the code?" must be yes. By boiling down your post to one line and one specific problem, you have a Stack Overflow post, not a CR question. — Mat's Mug ♦ 30 secs ago
11:52 PM
enough. I migrated it to SO
I was in your revz wondering why you had reopened
my last comment was:
> Ok I'll do something: I'll clean up the comments, rollback that edit, reopen the post and migrate it to Stack Overflow, where anyone with WPF knowledge will be able to answer the question. This site isn't about answering the question. Please see a guide to CR for SO users and how to get the best value out of CR, both on our meta site. – Mat's Mug♦ 2 mins ago
Hi folks. I'm still confused about why my question was moved to SO. It really is a "Best practices" question I believe. But anyhow, thanks for your time. I'll avoid CodeReview because I don't understand what it's really for now.
@Puffin maybe this can shed some light
Q: A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users

durron597You're on Stack Overflow and you've found a question that seems to be about improving code. You are trying to be helpful, and you put a comment in the question: You should try asking on CodeReview.SE instead. —YourName 2 minutes ago … and suddenly, out of nowhere CodeReview.SE users swoop i...

Q: Radix-sorting in Java

Lin MaI improved radixSort1/radixSort0 by using radixSort1_v2/radixSort0_v2. Major improvements are removing globalPtr/pointTo arrays to make code simple. I have tested new code, which has the results as the previous version. I'm looking for code review comments for the logic correctness. import java....

11:56 PM
also that damned "best practices" statement in the help-center seems to cause waaay too many misunderstandings :/
@Vogel612 where is it? we can edit it (or have a mod edit it if we come to a consensus on a replacement statement)
@nhgrif it's on [help/on-topic]
and yes, a mod can edit it after a meta-discussion

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