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12:00 AM
RELOAD! There are 1891 unanswered questions (94.0508% answered)
@Vogel612 Would you do the honor of creating the meta-Q?
I'm not sure how I'd phrase it and I don't see the obsoleteness of the statement
it's just that the "but you can still be off topic" section is almost always overread
@Puffin Are you still around?
I may be able to help you some with that.
What exactly are you doing with your storyboards?
12:02 AM
Are you setting up displays that should be activated on a certain condition and not activated on others?
If so, you may want to use a visual state.
@Hosch250 I like to use them to create "fluid" UIs where elements animate in/out rather than appearing instantly -- but activated programatically rather than necessarily on the back of user interaction.
Sounds like you want a visual state to me.
Basically, with a visual state, you write the default method. Then, you add a visual state which defines a set of changes to the specified elements inside a storyboard.
Anyone know much about ?
I can't imagine the c language tag is appropriate on this question. — nhgrif 42 secs ago
Then, in your code behind, you check for the condition, and call:
VisualStateManager.GoToElementState({ElementContainingVisualStateGroupOfVisualState}, "nameOfState", {animationsAllowed});
12:06 AM
@nhgrif that question is asking for code to be written... seems like lipstick on a pig
So, I could write the following code:
    <!-- .... -->
                    <!-- ... -->
> the following code: <StackPanel>
@nhgrif Shoot.
Right. I think that still loops me back to part of my original question -- runtime association to "nameOfState" vs something which can be resolved at compile time like normal UI elements can be.
Anyway, close all your elements up at the bottom there.
12:08 AM
@Mast the question was about the appropriateness of the tag.
@nhgrif You can write C in MATLAB.
In the storyboard, you define something like this:
<ObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames Storyboard.TargetName="ItemsColumn" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Width">
    <DiscreteObjectKeyFrame KeyTime="0" Value="0"/>
Are there C specific things in the code, though?
So if the code is indeed C and not 'normal' MATLAB code, it's appropriate.
@Mast what part of that question was ?
12:09 AM
Where the TargetName is the name of the XAML element you are targeting, and TargetProperty is the property of that element.
My MATLAB is a bit rusty, sorting it out now.
You can do animations with this.
this is the closest to I see:
if (mod(i,10000) == 0) fprintf('Extracting patch: %d / %d\n', i, npatches); end
but it has an end out there, which isn't
Then, you handle the condition in the code behind and use the VisualStateManager.GoToState() or VisualStateManager.GoToElementState()` as I showed above. (They are used in different situations, I don't know the exact details on when to use which.)
That sounds like a more structured approach, definitely. Thanks.
12:13 AM
Sorry for the poor example, there are better ones on the web.
Yea, the is not providing any new information on that question. Removing it was the right call.
Here is one I wrote myself: XAML, C#
possible answer invalidation by user3190123 on question by user3190123: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/121009/revisions
Well thanks for setting me on the path @Hosch250 -- I've never used VisualStates before -- I'm looking in to it now, as it would probably allow clean declarative solutions to situations I've currently been writing explicit C# for.
No problem.
12:16 AM
@Duga RBAC.
anyone use Pex for fun?
@Malachi do I have to know what that is?
I have one that I am getting a little frustrated on, I hate saying that in fear of looking like i don't know something simple, but I want to learn
@Vogel612 it's a code challenge site
What is your question? If you want your working code reviewed, try CodeReview@StackExchange.com. — Thomas Matthews 59 secs ago
email address, lol
12:26 AM
I hope that's a real inbox full of terrible code.
Why terrible code?
I'll go ahead and pimp this new answer, which was somehow overlooked.
Q: index of method for a linked list

ryanMy loop is not reaching the last element in the link list and i cant seem to figure out how to make that happen. public int indexOf(E element) { Node<E> cursorPosition = getCursor(); setCursor(this.head); int i = 0; while (i < this.size() + 1) { ...

Q: Homework for C++

tom The following arrays created: a. an array of double with 5 elements, dArr b. an array of long, lArr, with 7 elements and initialized at the time of creation with the values 100000, 134567, 123456, 9, -234567, -1, 123489 ...

@Jamal account@Conduit's
12:44 AM
Thanks Santa! In other good news, I start my two-week paid training with the IRS next week. I'm getting very close to finally having work to add to my resume.
And my Clean Code book should arrive tomorrow.
Here's an answer in desperate need of downvotes.
> 44.8k
I know.
He's a clown.
I see him regularly on the tags.
It makes you wonder how many people just write answers like that and get massive rep amounts
12:50 AM
Bad questions don't deserve bad answers. — nhgrif 3 mins ago
This question is such a train wreck.
@Jamal NICE! I start my first crack at contract work on Monday. Congratulations!
@Jamal That's a great book, CC @Mat'sMug
I downvoted his answer, flagged his answer, downvoted question, close voted question, delete voted is answer
@nhgrif Maybe we should update the meaning of napalmed ^^
Ah, yet another high-rep user on SO giving a bad answer to a bad question.
12:53 AM
his score is based mostly on quantity
barely more than 1 upvote per post average
I have to find a new place to learn Angular, Codecademy is not being very friendly, and it isn't the browser
@Malachi You like it so far?
compare that to mine... where I get 2-4 upvote per post average in my top tags
@nhgrif oh wow, that is horrible
12:54 AM
@Jamal Congratulations!
@Mast yeah, some times I am not sure what I am supposed to do, like that one I linked to, there are no more failed tests, but I didn't win yet??
@Zak lol
@Quill I am going to look through some StackOverflow and see if I can raise my rep there as well, or learn something, or both
time to tuck the kids into bed.
then I might be able to get about an hour of real learning in
12:56 AM
do a fake project or something, like as if you were freelancing for a business
@Malachi There are probably more tests which aren't made public. Perhaps you're failing one of those.
Usually that's the case
Sometimes, it's just that they're shit websites
I'm wearing my CR tshirt to work today :D
I don't look good in that T-shirt color.
@Malachi That sounds like a good idea
@Mast the one I am failing is the exception that gets thrown by the original code.
I assume that I am not supposed to change that one though
1:09 AM
@Malachi it looks like you're supposed to fix the exceptions and it comes up with more cases that throw exceptions
@Quill I got that far, but then the only exception is the initial code they gave me at the beginning, which gives me the "hidden bug" exception
if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1])
  throw new Exception("hidden bug!");
these are the only ones that it is giving me, I tried to comment it out, and it passed the tests, but I didn't win the duel, so I assume that this is something I am supposed to leave in there
@Malachi I see the problem, or at least, a problem.
Want a hint?
You are not verifying that index i + 1 exists.
yes, I have been working on it for about an hour total...lol I will learn something from the experience I am sure
1:14 AM
You are very liable for an IndexOutOfBounds exception there.
Where's the challenge?
@Hosch250 I have two shirts this color now...
The other one is a Metova shirt.
if (v == null) return;
if (v.Length <= 1) return;
if (i >= v.Length - 1) return;
if (i < 1) return;
if (i == v.Length - 2) return;

if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1])
  throw new Exception("hidden bug!");
that is what I have so far @Hosch250
so I am checking for that.
OK, so you have some redundant conditions there.
not sure if that gives you my code or not
1:16 AM
Yeah, it does.
so the whole challenge is to prevent the exception from being thrown?
@Hosch250 yes I see that. I meant to do that, kind of
@nhgrif yeah, I think so
if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1]) return;
I mean, right?
I tried that and didn't get a "You win" message, so I was thinking I had to leave that alone.
no i mean..
1:28 AM
I changed the method to return a string and then I got
if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1]) return;
if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1])
    throw new Exception("hidden bug!");
I tried that too, but didn't get a win scenario
but check this out
oh hang on
you should TDD this..
that is what it is doing.
I think I psyched myself out on this, I don't think it was a challenge. this site lacks good instruction, so I could have been just writing code...?
I can't stand these. It feels like trying to second-guess what the end user wants.
I like coding to a set spec.
1:36 AM
Q: Constraining stdin in Python, v2.0

catRags, again. This is the rewrite of Read stdin like a dictator. From that post: All too often I find myself wanting to allow only a certain list of characters to be written to stdin, and only recently did I actually bother to implement it. In Python, of all languages! Essentially, th...

you're missing something
okay so
Given this starting function (I know it's different it doesn't matter)
func puzzle001(array: [Int]?, _ value: Int) -> String {
    return ""
this is the correct test suite
class TTDSamplesTests: XCTestCase {
    func testNilInput() {
        let arrayInput: [Int]? = nil
        let intInput = 0

        XCTAssertEqual("", puzzle001(arrayInput, intInput))

    func testEmptyArrayInput() {
        let arrayInput = [Int]()
        let intInput = 0

        XCTAssertEqual("", puzzle001(arrayInput, intInput))

    func testTwoZerosInput() {
        let arrayInput = [0, 0]
        let intInput = 0

        XCTAssertEqual("", puzzle001(arrayInput, intInput))
notice the last two tests.
@Hosch250 I like to test my limits, but when I hit a wall, I want someone to teach me a new something to use, you know what I mean? so I can keep learning and keep writing code
Of course. I usually just jump in a project way over my head.
@Malachi Do you see the last two cases?
They should return "no bug" and "no Bugs"
I changed the whole thing, I think it might be a moot point by now. it started out like this....give me a second
1:47 AM
This is my working solution in Swift.
func puzzle001(v: [Int]?, _ i: Int) -> String {
    if let array = v where i == 2 {
        for case let number in array where number != 0 {
            return "no Bugs"
        return "no bug"

    return ""
using System;

public class Program
  // What values of v and i can cause an exception? Ask Pex to find out!
  public static void Puzzle(int[] v, int i)
    //if (v == null || v.Length <= 1 || i >= v.Length - 2 || i < 1) return;
    if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1])
      throw new Exception("hidden bug");
I commented out the code that I wrote
can you link me to it?
@Quill lol
@Quill The revisions are strong with this one.
1:51 AM
@nhgrif I think that is the perma link for anything I do to that puzzle...what do you see?
using System;

public class Program
  // What values of v and i can cause an exception? Ask Pex to find out!
  public static void Puzzle(int[] v, int i)
    //if (v == null || v.Length <= 1 || i >= v.Length - 2 || i < 1) return;
    if (v[i] + 1 == v[i + 1])
      throw new Exception("hidden bug");
I see how this works now
we need to get no exceptions, I guess?
is there supposed to be a win screen?
I don't think there is
Q: Refactoring APEX to keep all database calls outside of for loops

sun-tzuI have the following APEX code. I have been trying for hours to try and refactor it so that the SOQL query is outside of the for loop without any luck. Any ideas? public static void ErrorIfWorklogsOverlap(List<Worklog__c> worklogs) { for (Worklog__c worklog : worklogs) { List<...

or rather
Maybe there's solutions out there? Is there a challenge code?
this particular one I think is just a demo of what Pex is, and the rest are puzzles
1:57 AM
@nhgrif there is a win screen when you finish the puzzle, I have done a few already, but got stuck on this one
Yes, but that one doesn't have a "secret implementation result" column
I think it's just the demo of what Pex does...
how do I reverse a string in C#?
Q: Best way to reverse a string

GuyI've just had to write a string reverse function in C# 2.0 (i.e. LINQ not available) and came up with this: public string Reverse(string text) { char[] cArray = text.ToCharArray(); string reverse = String.Empty; for (int i = cArray.Length - 1; i > -1; i--) { reverse += cA...

be careful though, sometimes it screws up with accents
I think there's a culture invariant parameter somewhere in there or something
@nhgrif str.Reverse() should do the trick.
Should. But alas, it does not exist.
at least not on this thing
@Hosch250 that is Linq isn't it?
2:01 AM
It is in System.Linq, I think.
@Malachi Yeah.
using System.Linq
needs to go at the top
there is no such method
new string("ahafdzdzad".ToCharArray().Reverse()); comes to mind though
that makes sense! ▲▲
I totally didn't link that like 8m ago ;p
I just looked at the messages that referenced eachother
2:07 AM
Q: Parsing option symbols

vlmercadoI think I have this working, but I'm not sure it's completely accurate. I'm trying to parse Option Symbols. An Option Symbol is made up of 4 parts: Root Symbol (up to 6 characters) Expiration Date (yymmdd) Option Type (1 character) Strike price (8 digits) After parsing the following examples...

@StackExchange Why isn't this Captain Obvious?
because that's part of @Vogel's SO migration feed
@JeroenVannevel Yes there is. I just tried it.
They don't show up on Captain Obvious because they get migrated @SirPython
It returns an IEnumerable<char>().
2:11 AM
on string?
Thanks @Quill.
oh what
var str = "test".Reverse(); is totally compilable.
LINQPad doesn't show it
2:12 AM
@Hosch250 because a string is a char array
string is just a fancy char array
LINQPad isn't csc
/ban Mat
2:13 AM
If you want the string itself, use new string("test".Reverse().ToArray());.
@JeroenVannevel too bad you're not a room owner ;)
@Quill csc.exe... the C# compiler
@Quill sure, keep poking the wound
2:14 AM
@Mat'sMug oh, right.
@Quill cosecant
Cats selling Cars
@Mat'sMug or it could mean that too
Q: Suggestion on more efficient JSON structure

Vimlan.GI m interested to create an array of object which contains the source, destination and data information. For an example: [{data:"European Union",source:"bmw",destination:"Citizenship of the European Union"}] I hope to get some suggestion to improvise the current json to fulfill my requirements a...

dang it @Mat'sMug, you had me googling that, I feel really dumb now
2:16 AM
@CaptainObvious get out of here
TBH, it's not Cosecant either, so I was right in that aspect
lol, it autocompletes on my phone, first pick when I type "bw"
2:21 AM
@CaptainObvious close votes pls
2:34 AM
Time to Destress!
later guys!
tomorrow, Linq and AngularJS and maybe some MVC.NET we will see
3:16 AM
Q: Tree Json iteration algorithm

Vimlan.GI'm interested to create an array of object which contains the source, destination and data information. For an example: [{data:"European Union",source:"bmw",destination:"Citizenship of the European Union"}] I hope to get some suggestion to improvise the current json to fulfill my requirements...

3:28 AM
@CaptainObvious seriously. again?
Q: Stack Exchange iOS app is getting new question nav

Brian Nickeltl;dr I'm making question listings more useful with custom views similar to new-nav. It's currently in beta. Screenshots below. There are a fair number of the outstanding iOS app bugs/feature requests revolving around better question sorting and filtering (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). In the past I've tri...

3:49 AM
@Quill Sounds cool.
Q: Parsing option symbols

vlmercadoI think I have this working, but I'm not sure it's completely accurate. I'm trying to parse Option Symbols. An Option Symbol is made up of 4 parts: Root Symbol (up to 6 characters) Expiration Date (yymmdd) Option Type (1 character) Strike price (8 digits) After parsing the following examples...

Q: How can I make this work or a better approach

Troy BryantWorking in with angularjs. Setting up sample application to get my head around directives, services etc. I'm stuck at a point now because my code has "property MarginPercent of undefined. If I go the route of creating another module I can make it work. But i'm more interested in only having 1...

4:24 AM
if it is that slow there must be some mistake in design/implementation and your question isn't specific enough to help. Maybe You can provide your code via some link or ask for review on codereviewpikkewyn 52 secs ago
2 hours later…
5:58 AM
these numbers look like semantic version number, to order by using semver have a look at this answerentre 52 secs ago
6:34 AM
Q: Find two numbers that add up to a given total, from a formatted string

michalThe full challenge from codeeval.com can be viewed here. Input Your program should accept as its first argument a filename. This file will contain a comma separated list of sorted numbers and then the sum 'X', separated by semicolon. Ignore all empty lines. If no pair exists, print...

Q: How to create a button Search using winforms

mfundoMkhuHere is my SQL Connection code this is in App.config: enter code here enter code here <!-- Database Connection Settings --> <add key="DB Server Name" value="\ Dev"/> <add key="DBConnectionTimeout" value="0"/> <add key="DBName" value="CuttingEdge"/> <add key="DBUserI...

6:52 AM
Q: Java method to check if a binary tree is a valid BST

HaiderI wrote a Java method (along with a private class) to check if a binary tree is also a binary search tree (BST). I would like some feedback on the design of my solution. Here it goes : private class Bounds { Node node; int min_bound; int max_bound; } public boolean check_if_valid...

7:36 AM
well you can try +new Date() > timeRegistered. Also, if your code is working and objective of this question is improvements/optimization, you should try codereview instead — Rajesh just now
Q: Code for Web Api Odata Batch processing using UnitOfWork pattern

MukeshUnity Configuration public static void RegisterTypes(IUnityContainer container) { container.RegisterType<ITrackoApiDbContext, TrackoApiDbContext>(new PerRequestLifetimeManager()); container.RegisterType<IUnitOfWorkAsync, UnitOfWork>(new PerRequestLifetimeManager()); ...

Q: 10001th prime number.it doesnt compute after 5

khursheed Aliimport java.lang.Math ; class prime10001{ public static void main(String[] args) { int count=2 ; boolean flag=true ; for(int i=5;;i++){ //2 and 3 not satisfy loop,...

8:12 AM
that pex thing seems useful if you had a very simple algorithm that you wanted to know if it contained any stupid bugs
Q: An iterator returning all possible solutions to n-queen problem in Java - follow-up

coderodde(See the initial iteration.) Now I have slightly improved performance of the iterator. Whenever we have set a queen at a particular board cell, the previous iteration sacrifices \$\mathcal{O}(n)\$ time to check whether the position is safe. This one does the same in \$\Theta(1)\$. (Everything n...

8:32 AM
Q: Iterate attributes of property, typecast and store info if found

zeddIm constructing metadata about a class. With reflection i iterate over the class properties, and those properties have attributes (name, validation etc). When iterating those attributes, i typecast to some specific attribute-types, and if successful store the relevant attribute information. Im lo...

@Vogel612 lmao
For safety reasons I left my duck home today
Your safety or its safety, @Pimgd?
8:46 AM
Q: C++ idiom for selecting integers from a vector accoding to predetermined properties

Aydin GerekI want a function Select that takes a vector<int> and a condition (such as being even, being divisible by three, being larger than 4, or any logical combination thereof), and returns another vector<int> composed of the members of the original vector satisfying the condition. For example Select(v,...

 * Attempt to log the user on with the given username and password when this action is passed to the Redux store.
 * @async
 * @param username
 * @param password
 * @returns {@link Redux.Action}
export function login(username: string, password: string) {
  return dispatch => {

    const credentials = JSON.stringify({
      user: username,
      pass: password

    // Note that fetch does not error on http status.
    return fetch('/webservices/api/auth/login', { method: 'post', body: credentials }).then(function (response) {
This is being used in an Angular application.
It's so nice... no $injector crap..
(Sorry, brain dump)
possible answer invalidation by zedd on question by zedd: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/121049/revisions
@Duga was broken anyway
Q: I am learning JavaScript ; what microcontroller responds to a JavaScript program?

martymartyI am learning JavaScript ; (1) what microcontroller responds to a JavaScript program? (2) What additional software will be required ?

@CaptainObvious wat.
holy @janos speed.
9:00 AM
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Coconut, Sailors, and Monkeys
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Finding the minimum from a sorted rotated array with duplicates
anyone have some good guidelines on topics for messagequeue systems in a publish-subscribe pattern?
Q: Why is there a space? in my console.log?? When I didn't add a space?

XTImpossibleMy code is adding spaces automatically with the name attached to the string? Why? `var names = ["Bob", "Daniel", "John", "Jimmy", "Joseph"] for (var i = 0; i < names.length; i ++) { console.log("I know someone called",names[i]) }`

Q: Change this code to use promise

Jhon DHow can I change this following code to use promise, Or should I do that if I use bluebird , function createDir(folder) { return function (req, res, next) { if (typeof require.cache.per === 'undefined') { require.cache.per = {}; require.cache.per.mk = false; ...

@CaptainObvious because your code is off-topic
@CaptainObvious and so is yours
I found this so far
which is what I'm looking for, but I'm looking for more of the same
9:17 AM
@Pimgd What sort of guidelines are you looking for?
how to design future-resistant topic names
so that I don't have to refactor all my code to use new strings
You should store the strings in one place and use references to those strings, for one. Don't stringly type your app.
enum MessageTypes = {

(or similar)
Sounds like a good idea, writing that one down
well, I can't do that for all the messages, but I can at least define half of it somewhere
like, if you have products.100 you can atleast put productTopic = "product" somewhere
got any more?
Aside from standard practices, no
Only have one point of contact with the actual event system. Everything else should be completely agnostic to whether or not you're using a message queue or something else.
for example...
yes, my message broker service atm is a message broker, but I should be able to replace it with a MQ wrapper of sorts
without requiring code changes everywhere
9:24 AM
class MessageSender {
  constructor(sendStrategy) {
    this.strategy = sendStrategy

  send(type, payload) {
    this.strategy({ type, payload })

const mqSender = new MessageSender(function (message) {
  // send to message queue

mqSender.send(Messages.UserLoggedIn, 'foo')
In Javascript for posterity, but it should work for other types too.
Q: project euler #8 .i get product product of consecutive 13 digits as 1944616960 maxmimum

khursheed Aliimport java.lang.* ; class P8 { public static void main(String[] args) { String num ="731671765313306249192251196744265747423553491949349698352031277450632623957831801698480186947885184385861560789112949495459501737958331952853208805511125406987471585238630...

LOL @CaptainObvious
That word wrap
sometimes I'm mean
but how else am I gonna get pundit badge
kidding ofc, comments should be based on question/answer, not on badges
you need 8 badges to challenge the code review league though, gotta beat them gyms comments
I've got 50 different badges
soon to be 51 when I get another random upvote on the lolcode answer
9:33 AM
gotta catch em all
cuz then I'm a lolcode guru
awww yeah
Thanks, @DanPantry random person I don't know santa!
9:35 AM
@Quill Seems intersting
@Pimgd yea, totally not me, don't know what you're talking about /s
Monking @all
Guru badge get!
also interesting is that this question got a gold badge just now
Q: Acceptable way of using jQuery methods in Angular directives

MandrakeHere is my plunker example of what I am doing. jQuery is a great way to use slide transitions and seem to work well with angular as long as you are only using the methods on the element object inside a directive. Basically I am using a directive for divs I want to slide toggle which listens fo...

And it uses ng-controller, which is bad practice. :(
@DanPantry review it and teach those googlers!
9:50 AM
At risk of sounding like @IsmaelMiguel, there just isn't enough time
management has asked for a new feature to be implemented by tomorrow.. this morning
RIP you or RIP the feature
RIP me
The feature itself isn't hard, just really frustrating.
It's one of those stupid complex dropdown menus where one menu informs the choice of another.
They have recently asked for a lot of these, it's almost like they have a hard-on for them
Oh, and it's all fed from the database.
@Pimgd - The code is working I just want to change it to work with promises ... — Jhon D 2 mins ago
so it's still offtopic, right?
10:03 AM
also holy hell that code is scary
he is modifying the require.cache which is the thing that maintains a cache of modules you've required in node
this isn't something you should do
also, it is both asynchronous and synchronous (bad practice)
eval hackur
and it's middleware for express, which means he's making these directories and modifying require.cache on normal HTTP requests
just seems like a really, really bad idea
I know too much Node.. :s
for my topics so far I got
put topics in a list of defines somewhere
add ids where possible at the end
come up with examples for the different levels
don't do selective consumers, filter via topic instead
10:13 AM
@DanPantry Sounds like something I'd come up with to get stuff working after a frustrating day.
@DanPantry ;) angular models are much better than vanilla js though
wtf, our structure works by creating objects server side, then filling them in client side, then updating them in the database
I'm pretty sure it has reasons
but opening a form changes the database...?
@Quill wot?
@Pimgd if you needed to track the user had opened that form that would make sense
I just had to explain to a SQL developer why we should not use translated entries in a DB as a way of data mining
yes, I'm sure it has reasons but it seems rather weird to me
For example we create records that might have a REFERENCE column of Switchboard - Other
But this is translated, so in different languages it could say something differennt
There's no way to data mine that information as there's no secondary "key" next to it saying "This is the type of record we created"
They suggested "Well why can't they just go off and grab the translated string and then compare that?" i.e, go to the translation tables, find the one with the matching translated content, and then use that (somehow) to determine the type
10:21 AM
Put it in a log and crawl it?
I'm not saying it's smart, but pretty much anything can be done given enough resources.
Yeah, or we could just store a foreign key to a table that says "this is X type of reference"
you know, like you should do in a relational database
Q: code needed for Android app development

RobertI was hoping someone here, or someones, could recommend an open source repository where I might find a large variety of code used for various purposes so as to give myself a more solid base to develop from. Any and all, preferably virus and Trojan free, thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

There's no fking way that our data warehouse team should have to rely on translated content to create reports
Especially as our translations should really be client side and not server side
@CaptainObvious no code for you!
/rant over
10:22 AM
lol @Dan hurry up and get a management position
@Quill god no
I don't want to be a manager, coding is fun, debating this stuff is fun
But it does amaze me the mental gymnastics some people will pull when the solution (to me) seems obvious
10:44 AM
hey there @skiwi
> Any and all, preferably virus and Trojan free, thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
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Q: OO architecture for small game

Christophe De TroyerI have a small space invaders game. The game consists of monsters, bullets and a rocket (the player). I have implemented this game in a functional language with ADT's, but in retrospect I think I might have made some fundamental mistakes in the architecture. I will sketch the classes in pseudo-c...


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