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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it rather belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comMarcin Orlowski 43 secs ago
12:40 AM
@IsmaelMiguel, I can't believe I did that. when you pointed it out to me it was a duh moment
@Malachi He isn't pingable anymore
someone got their swag already?
@Hosch250 I noticed that, where is he?
Topin Frassi.
I am jealous!
I've not seen him around.
12:41 AM
he just commented on one of my answers
good thing too....
They are only pingable in chat if they have been here last 2 weeks, methinks. You could always just comment back on your answer!
I got a Contract position today. the Recruiter called me less than an hour after the interview and told me the offer.
just figured I would let you all know, I am no longer unemployed! well for about 3 months anyway...
Congratulations @Malachi!
thank you
Nicely done, hour seems quick, must have made a good impression
12:59 AM
thank you @Phrancis, that is what the Recruiter said.
A: Amanda's Relationship Tips app, with scroll performance issues

nhgrifWhat is this? //////////////////////////CONFIGURE THE CELL////////////////////////// ////USER NAME////////////////////////////////////// //User's Profile Picture// ////DATE LABEL (WHEN CREATED)///////////////////////// ////DESCRIPTION TEXT OF POST///////////////////////////////// ////COMME...

In Java is polymorphism just a fancy way of meaning you can overload and override methods?
Sort of.
polymorphism (from Greek πολύς, polys, "many, much" and μορφή, morphē, "form, shape") is the provision of a single interface to entities of different types.
Q: Base class for the Oauth process and dance

flybonzaiAt work we are interfacing with the Jira cloud storage for our ticket management system. I created a base class to make the process easier on the user side, and I did my best to make it re-usable and generic. I wasn't able to figure out a generic way to gain the access token authorization since...

1:31 AM
anyone heard of Pex for fun?
1:45 AM
@nhgrif Makes sense, still don't know much about interfaces (in the Java sense) but I'm sure I'll be reading about it soon
interface is a general term there
Anything you interact with is an interface
The interface type construct is such an example but a class has an interface as well
The interface of a type is its exposed API
Ah, yes it makes sense as a more general term
I've been drilled down at my workplace that "Interface" == EDI, which taints my understanding of the term a bit
2:26 AM
@phrancis is SQL Server's like comparison case sensitive?
Doesn't that depend on a server setting?
yeah it's collation
yeah that
_AS is accent-sensitive, _CS is case-sensitive
Mug get your swag? Topin and Marc-Andre got theirs :)
2:41 AM
I would've .... FedEx will be back tomorrow :(
@Phrancis interface = something between two things
@Malachi I personally have never seen a SQL server that was set to case-sensitive, albeit I suppose some places have it that way. Sounds like a PITA to me
so an EDI is an interface, between two systems
programmatically, objects present an interface to the outside world - their public members
So interface = { EDI, GUI, class, ... }
@Phrancis I never knew that the strings in a like statement were not case sensitive, never really thought about it much though.
@Malachi They are not in a = 'FOO' statement either, unless it's set to be case-sensitive
2:44 AM
a GUI is an interface, between a program and its user
a power socket is an interface, between a power source and an iPhone charger anything electric
and that's the best analogy to start understanding what a Java/C# interface is I think
that would be so cool if I got swag tomorrow! this week is looking better and better every minute....lol
an iPhoneCharger implements the IRunOn120V interface, just like a Hairdryer or a Computer.
then you have IRunInWeirdEuropeanSockets, which is incompatible. That's where the adapter pattern comes into play
Q: Business with dbcontext and static class

Marcosmany speak of using dependency injection I do not use repository, the entity framework is uow/repository What would wrong with using static class like the one below? My context is new instance per request public class TenantManager { public static IEnumerable<Tenant> GetAll(AppDbContext...

3:13 AM
@Mat'sMug Actually, my computer has a converter in the cord.
but you still have to have the right plug, right?
3:26 AM
goodnight all.
The code is not readable or understandable, since sender means "object doing the sending," not "object being sent." The problem is "code smell." You can ask about this on codereview.se if you want a better explanation of the problem. — PetahChristian 19 secs ago
3:57 AM
@Mat'sMug You're good at analogies lol.
@Duga weird comment to have on an answer...
Thanks! I wonder if I'm as good at convincing OP of the benefits of DI and repository and avoiding static classes and "Manager" things
It looks like you're trying to manage things... you should make a ManagerManager
> The thing is, you are using a repository. You just gave it a different name. I can call an apple an orange all I want, it's still an apple.
A repository is just a thing you store other things in, is it not?
in terms of design patterns, it's an interface for a thing that does that, yeah
4:05 AM
Makes sense
public interface IRepository<TEntity>
    IEnumerable<TEntity> GetAll();
    TEntity GetById(int id);
    TEntity Create(TEntity entity);
    void Update(TEntity entity);
    void Delete(TEntity entity);
Looks like basic CRUD eh?
far from a silver bullet though
Nothing ever really is :)
but I couldn't resist using it to tell the OP that's exactly what they wrote.... just in a totally anti-OOP way
4:08 AM
Hmm I gotta see that now... link?
1 hour ago, by Captain Obvious
Q: Business with dbcontext and static class

Marcosmany speak of using dependency injection I do not use repository, the entity framework is uow/repository What would wrong with using static class like the one below? My context is new instance per request public class TenantManager { public static IEnumerable<Tenant> GetAll(AppDbContext...

Seems really weird to have a static method for writing to a data store
it's just a nice way of writing tightly-coupled code. the bottom of the answer demonstrates that
Is C#/.NET like Java where a public method can be accessed by pretty much anything?
4:13 AM
> “To slit open your belly,” explained the master, “so that I may spoon the rice and pour the tea inside. My schedule is quite full, and I find this method of feeding guests to be extremely efficient.”
Nice answer, too bad I can only upvote it once
thanks :)
Hopefully they "get it", I can't imagine if a whole code base was like that, what a nightmare
1 hour later…
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Q: Implement MyQueue using two stacks

Mosbius8I am taking a helper stack, which is used during dequeue. Kindly suggest improvement or some solution with less complexity. import java.util.ArrayDeque; import java.util.Deque; public class MyQueueUsingTwoStack { Deque<Integer> mainStack = new ArrayDeque<>(); Deque<Integer> helperStack...

6:14 AM
Q: Generating sample data for a Rails application

Amanda DolanI am working on generating sample data for my Rails application. For now we will just be using the sample data while we are designing the website. I'd like it to be as easy as possible to generate sample data each time we introduce a new model. In our tests, we use FactoryGirl. The factories we ...

6:49 AM
Q: Sort stack in ascending order

Mosbius8Here is my approach. import java.util.ArrayDeque; import java.util.Deque; public class SortStackAscendingOrder { Deque<Integer> stackhelper1 = new ArrayDeque<>(); Deque<Integer> stackHelper2 = new ArrayDeque<>(); public Deque<Integer> sortStack(Deque<Integer> mainStack) { ...

Consider posting this in code review. Your problem might be the different solver's tolerance or wrong input number. — serge_k 11 secs ago
7:53 AM
Q: Writing python scrips

Marco NevesMy question is: Whenever I try to open this "PopcornTime.app" it just doesn't do anything. But whenever I run this code on shell it just prints out 256 and doesn't open the app. I have checked and double-checked that the directory is correct. Could anyone explain why that is ? Much appreciated! ...

Q: c++ measuring execution time

protonThe purpose of the following code is to measure the execution time of a simple operation (1+1) and of a call to a function who does nothing (foo). The code compiles and seeme to work properly, but the results i am getting are weird - it seems the basic operation requires about the same time as ...

Q: Replacing Skype, reinventing the chat client

OkeWokeI'm creating a chat client and chat server after a several month programming hiatus. The goal is to make one with features I want but it's also a learning project. Although it's mostly because I'm annoyed at cough skype. I've realised I don't know if anything I've written currently is any good (...

8:23 AM
Q: Processing R data frame with window functions / dplyr

Jüri KuusikI would like to have a more memory-effective solution using R windows functions / dplyr / etc for next code. Please send me message to kuusik@neti.ee and I will send You example data set. Unfortunately I can not create some "dummy" random dataset as there are columns which are pretty determinist...

The URL I bought yesterday is already blocked by my work's content filter 8)
possible answer invalidation by proton on question by proton: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120846/revisions
@Duga Seems deleted sections are example code, but I'd need a second opinion, I don't know C++. @Morwenn?
Q: Custom Navigation Bar View Implementation

ImranIn one of my app, i m using custom navigation bar view to handle all Navigation Bar Properties. It is good practice to use custom navigation in given below way.Any Optimizations need to be done. It would be helpful to me. Source Code Files----> .h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @protocol VCNavigati...

Q: Downloading files using Python-requests

avamsiI wrote a Python script to download files using multiple (source) IP addresses -- kindly suggest any improvements. import cgi import os import posixpath import Queue import threading import urllib import urlparse import random import re import shutil import time import requests import requests_...

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@Malachi congrats on your contract :)
Monking @all
Monking @Zak
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Graph radius in Java
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Using Rails concerns for validation in models
9:33 AM
Maybe you could setup a git hook to disallow changes on more than n files, but I think as @blue112 said, the best way is to teach people and do code reviews. This question is like "How can I disallow people to write bad code". — edi9999 46 secs ago
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user image
Got woken by swag shipment. Today will be a good day
gratz @Vogel612
Thanks :)
For me it's waiting for the watch, seems they add a t-shirt, a thank you card and some certificate to the package
10:38 AM
@Vogel612 Oh nice, means mine is not too far away either I think
Q: stringbuilder vs string.concat

PeteI was reading the following article about StringBuilder vs string.concat: http://jonskeet.uk/csharp/stringbuilder.html And couldn't figure out which one would be better in the following situation: StringBuilder address = new StringBuilder(); address.Append(retailer.Street.Replace(",", "<br>")...

Q: Text overLay wont reach bottom of the page (CSS)

Aurora Digital MarketingI cannot seem to make this text overlay reach the bottom of the page and fit all over the video (OBVIOUSLY LOCAL FILE) but it can still be seen that the overlay does not go down to the bottom of the page. please see code attached. many thanks body, html{ margin: 0; padding: 0; } video...

10:58 AM
hey @Quill
@CaptainObvious borken
Q: Yet another Pythonic range implementation for C++

BigDaveDevI recently had the need to loop from zero to some limit only known at runtime. Instead of writing: for(int i = 0; i < limit; ++i) { // Some repetitive thing } I wanted to write something similar to what I often use in Python and D: for i in range(0, limit): # Some repetitive thing f...

11:15 AM
possible answer invalidation by avamsi on question by avamsi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120852/revisions
11:42 AM
I think this should be on [CR](codereview.stackexchange.com). Please note that cross-posting isn't considered as "good behaviour". — Simon Kraemer 38 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by avamsi on question by avamsi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120852/revisions
12:10 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it probably belongs on the code review stack exchange — Kristoffer Sall-Storgaard 58 secs ago
@KristofferSall-Storgaard no it doesn't. It's a bad fit for Code Review and would probably be closed as hypothetical code. Please also do not close questions as "Belongs on another site", because that is not a valid reason for closing. For more information please see A Guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow usersVogel612 1 min ago
@Duga meh.... should be put better...
but isn't wrong in essence
@Phrancis Monking
How do I convince people to stop using seeing everything as a nail when all they have is a hammer lol
12:23 PM
So we have multiple environments for our app, right? test, live, uat etc
They all use HTML5 navigation and have a <base> tag set to /
Some people want to use subdirectories to separate them.
productnametest.internal/uat/, productnametest.internal/test
Because of the <base> tag, this won't work because the base tag redirects all URLs to /.
So if they want to do that, they have to modify the <base> tag, which means recompiling the template
Which they don't want to do, because compiling is "hard" (It's not), so they're trying to come up with a bodge to work around that limitation
this would all be solved if they just did test.productname.internal or uat.productname.internal..
there's a room button in the menu bar, you can make a bookmark
Sounds simple enough
send that to him
So either recompile and change a config or just use a subdomain
one requires no changes to code (what he wants) and one requires compiling..
Hello @wonderb0lt
12:37 PM
yo @wonderb0lt what are you doing around here??
Greetings, Programs.
Greetings, User
Greetings, @Donald.McLean
@Vogel612 I was looking at some CRs and saw a general chat popping up in the sidebar and decided to click on it
12:50 PM
You might get better answers to this sort of questions at codereview.stackexchange.comIdos 50 secs ago
Q: HTML Table with Selectable cells

Allan MI'm working on a scheduling table that user' can select cells (which will be gathered with jQuery using data attributes) but I'm trying to work out the best way for user' to be able to select rows and columns in a usable fashion. At the moment you can click and drag cells to select them and you c...

I can't decide if I should upvote this, downvote this, or just laugh at this :) — enderland ♦ Feb 19 at 17:09
That topic made me laugh so hard when I first saw it
Especially as it reminded me of signatures I used to have on forums
which i created
our colleague has gone home and didn't lock his PC
So he is now asking everyone in the office via e-mail if they want tea :)
This might be more suited for code review... — Heroka 28 secs ago
1:02 PM
@Quill They didn't lock their PC using windows key + L (which is company policy), so we sent an e-mail from their Outlook around the office asking if anyone wanted tea. So he's going to come back to lots of emails about people wanting tea / wondering where their tea is.
thanks for the hint. I just posted it there, too codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/120866/…Michael Teitge 59 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Elfayer on question by Elfayer: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/61847/revisions
Q: Refactor method

user1472672Any suggestions to help refactor this method? I thought maybe some kind of factory to allocate the right type? Thanks public static FineTime getFineTime(Object o) { if (o == null) { return null; } //FineTime if (o instanceof FineTime) { return (FineTime ) o; ...

Q: javascript non-recursive array permutation pattern

MichaelAre there way to speed this script up? https://jsfiddle.net/y5v0ur4p/60/ Explanation on how the algorithm works: https://jsfiddle.net/u68wyvzk/6/ Appreciate your help, if there are any questions, feel free =)

1:39 PM
A: Custom Navigation Bar View Implementation

nhgrifThere are piles of formatting problems in this code which should be the first thing you strive to fix. You have inconsistent brace styles. Your IBAction methods have same-line braces. This is the preferred style of Xcode. This is how Xcode would have generated these methods automatically ...

Gah Outlook is the bane of my existence
Mine too. Someone who uses Outlook sends me event cancellation notices at least once a month
Events that aren't on my calendar and supposedly not on his either.
@Phrancis I thought db_send_mail was the bane of your existence?
@Quill Above is a compound of that problem, since I need to have so many rules to filter out the thousands of noise emails
1:43 PM
@Phrancis It's like clippy, but less funny
I'm on the brink of starting to write my rules in VBA because Outlook rules are such a b*tch
Please send all complaints to /dev/null.
Visual Studio using an entire core & 1GB of memory when trying to edit Javascript, feelsgoodman
Q: Custom rules in Outlook?

GreenleaderIs it possible to create custom rule for Outlook? I know i can import rwz file to outlook but I want to write a script-like rule with more advanced "thinking". is that possible? is there some manual for this?

SuperUser <3
I wonder is PowerShell would be better than VBA (see 2nd answer)
There is a guy here at work who even has in his signature a qrcode with all the data what is written just above the qrcode :s
@Phrancis Powershell and VBA both compete for which is the ugliest language.
I think Powershell wins, though.
1:47 PM
PowerShell is pretty :(
pretty awful
@Phrancis I'm sure Mat'sMug and/or RubberDuck would gladly help you learn VBA :)
Hey there @EthanBierlein
Hey @Quill
Q: Reads in a CSV file from the web and converts it to JSONArray

pt18cherpublic static JSONArray getJSON(String url) throws IOException, JSONException, URISyntaxException, TransformerException{ HttpClient httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient(); JSONArray jArray = new JSONArray(); Object[] q = null; Deque<String> queue = new ArrayDeque<String

2:08 PM
swag was shipped... how long does it take to get to europe?
wait, if vogel got it then it's already in europe
maybe it'll be at my house tonight
@Quill I'm getting pretty effective with VBA these days too, and I haven't been doing it long enough to become as disillusioned.
Q: C# / SQL Process Feels Inefficient and Slow

Russ TaylorI am calculating the moving average for 5,534,446 rows in one table. I am using C# as my language and MySQL as the database. Below is the code I am using to gather and calculate an exponential moving average for different sets of days. The program is working perfectly but it is taking forever to ...

2:27 PM
Monking @all
Q: C++ Program does not enter into for loop

Marco SurcaI hope you can help me. I am new to C++ and I'm trying to do the following: 1) I have created a class of objects called Objects which contains the name of the object and a number to identify them. 2) I have created a class Group which inherits from list, as follows: #include "objects.h" #include

Q: Creating an object of an non-static class

Nerdexi am trying to make an array out of a object: public class Point{ public int x; public int y; public Point(int x, int y){ this.x = x; this.y = y; } } public static class Polygon{ public Point[] vertices; private int n; public Polygon(int size){ vertices = ne...

2:46 PM
no trains today
You'll have to take the bus or something
It looks like you are concatenating user input into a WHERE clause for a database query. Would you like to use a parameterized SqlCommand? </clippy>Mat's Mug ♦ 5 secs ago
3:01 PM
Hello. My name is Mr Tables. I was wondering if you knew my son, Bobby. — Dan Pantry 26 secs ago
Actually, that one is better.
needs an actual link to the xkcd...
Added :)
Q: Better way of checking if null?

Danny GoodallI was thinking about this after recently reading about the new Null Conditional Operators in C# 6.0. So here is my code that I am currently working on... if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(question2Answer)) { stringbuild.Append($" and ProdUsers = {Regex.Match(question2Answer, @"\d+"...

Q: creating Non static array object

NerdexHi ive created a code that makes an array out of the class "Point", however i dont know how to add variables to each index in the array(i need a method that can add them(i enter the x, y values myself)). but when i try myself i get static errors on either the array(in the method that add points ...

Truth is, we'll need much more context than that snippet to help you restructure your code without making very wild assumptions. Please edit your question to include at least the whole method, ideally the whole class - the fact that you have variables named questionXAnswer is a design smell that we unfortunately cannot address in the current state of the question. Also, please edit your title to tell us what your code is doing, not what you want to improve in it. — Mat's Mug ♦ 1 min ago
@Pimgd Mine arrived today (Germany).
3:12 PM
I just gotta wait till the dutch post finds my house
Much like Justin Bieber, I want swag. :(
and after that maybe I get to pick it up from a distribution centre, because, well
you weren't home, sir
+1 ^
every. time.
nope, you're stuck with it. you can mitigate risk by having conventions about only manipulating fields via well-defined methods/property accessing. this is normally enforced by making sure everyone on the team knows the "rules" and doing code reviews. — kai 48 secs ago
I think my bro has vacation though, so maybe he could answer the door, if he's not too busy watching netflix with soundproof earbuds whilst he's home alone
3:26 PM
just TBC, I would never ever yse the "underscore variable" anywhere else in any code in the class. Just as Kai says "this is normally enforced by making sure everyone on the team knows the "rules" and doing code reviews". Unfortunately it can only be "human enforced". — Joe Blow 57 secs ago
@Duga pfff, just search for ._
I think this belongs to Code Review — Victor 52 secs ago
This question seems like a good fit for codereview, but not SO, because It does not contain a specific question. — Zulan 37 secs ago
3:42 PM
Q: PSR7 Request/Response Session handling

nebulousGirlI have created a library to deal with sessions in a PSR7 Http Message middleware architecture. I am abstracting away from PHP native session mechanisms while still using its native SessionHandlerInterface for interoperability. You can see the complete library on Github. It is currently not test...

Good thing I'm not maintaining your code then... cheers! — Mat's Mug 24 secs ago
IOW "fine, put #region in your code all you want, it's your problem not mine"
oooh a box on family chat-app
what could it beeee
Q: C++ Program to find queue

user5894345This is my first time using C++ and Templates to make a data structure I am writing a program to find queue till 5 spaces. #include<iostream> #include<iomanip> using namespace std; template<class T> class Queue{ private: T arrays[5]; int i; //empty stack public: Queue() { ...

so my swag is home
but I'm not
this makes me sad
I wanna know if that duck squeaks or quacks if you squeeze it
Gah. I started writing a refactor then I realised just how goddamn colossal it was
As in, spanned-the-entire-app-colossal. Spaghetti.
3:57 PM
so add a demi-god object, label it "The Converter"
spaghetti goes in, ... and something comes out...?
maybe it gets stuck on the meatballs
I'm hungry and somewhat distracted
Just going to have to try and refactor in smaller bits. I tried to go for the authentication thing which is unfortunately a cross-cutting concern so nearly every bit of the app uses it to at least determine who the user is.
Monking @EthanBierlein
yes, slice that spaghetti up
but then you'll have to eat it with a spoon
throw it at the wall and see what sticks
that's a waste of perfectly good food
see the problem of calling something spaghetti code is that its gotta have meatballs
and meatballs are good
4:01 PM
Q: Improving Dialogue System C#

Amrait DalerianGreeting, everyone! First thing first - I'm sorry for my poor English and I'm kinda new to this great community, so I'm really sorry if something is incorrect in my question. In short - I've started with C# not so long ago (which means you find a lot of poor written code here) and now I'm aiming ...

(but spaghetti code is bad)
so it's this conflicted situation
and you really shouldn't just throw it away
instead, gently try to scoop the spaghetti aside
and then eat all the meatballs
@Pimgd honestly this has to be the best out-of-context quote I've ever seen
I'm not sure what I'm on, but I'm pretty sure it's good
... now just gotta find a way to work spaghetti sauce into the whole spaghetti code mess...
Jon Skeet live
Acting a little loco but I guess that's how the Skeet skeets
What you really want to do is convert your spaghetti into macaroni
4:06 PM
@JeroenVannevel during that video Jon Skeet earned more rep than I own.
That is, if rep had no daily cap.
from long strands that are all over the place to little chunks of food that can be combined with various other foods to make a delicious combo
hmmh clearly nobody should star things I say when I'm rambling because it just motivates me to ramble more and then the star wall gets filled with... weird stuff
"So Pim, what's the box for?" - my dad
it has a rubberduck in it!
"Is that a game?"
no dad, no
4:28 PM
ah dang it look what you have done, now the star wall is filled with weird stuff
who starred everything? oh @Quill is back I guess that explains it
we might even have to relabel the place
(wouldn't be too far off, though)
On a completely unrelated note, I'm now out of stars
Ah.. I didn't see you in the member list. I'm still going to blame @Quill, though.
4:30 PM
Q: Could someone help me with my Python code

DJ insiders with DJ bigdawgThis is my code name = raw_input("type your name") x = 1 while x == 1: from scene import * import Image byb = len(name) #image print p_2 = 'iob:ios7_cog_24' image_1 = Image.open(p_2) p_3 = 'iob:ios7_cog_outline_24' image_2 = Image.open(p_3) '''-------- ----------- ...

@CaptainObvious nope
It's money day tomorrow :D and then in 2 days it's FRI DAY :D
and today is swagday
FRY day
@Pimgd not for me :(
4:33 PM
this week = best week?
@DanPantry yeah, well, ... sorry for your loss
> Tomorrow is also International Inconvenience Yourself Day
@DanPantry not all events require participation.
who the hell makes these days up
The Ministry of Silly Days, of course!
Completely unrelated to the ministry of silly walks and parrot shops.
(oo look at me I'm cultured I got this reference)
4:35 PM
Well, maybe not unrelated, but definitely not in the same area
that's minisilly #BigBrotherIsWatching
City planning would have gone horribly wrong with all that sillyness in one area
It's mininormal ofc
Thinking it's mininotnormal would be, well, doubleplusnotgood
double + !good
JavaScript can probably handle that as input.
Damnit guys, stop saying things I want to star
Welcome to star-hell, which is like heaven except you only get to watch
4:38 PM
> const double = 2.5
> const good = 1
> double + !good
isn't it
Q: Multicolumn iterations with cucumber data tables

dankohnCucumber is not designed to support multi-column iterations, but it is possible to make it work. Here, I want to try each combination of path and role: Scenario: cannot access paths When I access "path" as "role" then I should see an error | /path1 | user1 | | /path2 | user2 | ...

@Pimgd Different dialect.
Yes, you must be from eurasia
Many of us are ;-)
4:40 PM
wait, so am I
how does this work again
... I'm just gonna go home now
Quick! The Americans are here! Measure things in meters...
OMG the new mobile chat is live and ChatSEy is borked and this is awesome!!!
@Mat'sMug is it working on iPhone?
@Mat'sMug borked is awesome?
@DanPantry works wonders on Android, probably works on iPhone too
4:42 PM
@Mat'sMug You're very optimistic about the state of Safari.
I'll try it out later, though
@Mast well, the fact that SE finally worked on fixing mobile chat is, anyway. No need for 3rd-party app anymore!
There will always be a need for 3rd-party apps.
I prefer using a browser to open websites.
Well I'm uninstalling ChatSEy anyway :-)
I should get myself a smartphone so I'm no longer missing out on all the borked features I hear you guys rambling about.
If you want to get a smart phone and then miss out on all of the features because you've run out of memory, get a 16GB iPhone. :D @Mast
4:47 PM
@DanPantry My iPhone 4 only has 8GB of memory...
And believe me, it hurts
You should download some more memory.
@Mast TS
@Mast You wouldn't steal a Micro SD card...
@Zak Especially not for an iPhone because there is no micro sd slot. :D
aka, "you will use cloud storage and you will like it"
4:49 PM
Google: "Who needs a harddrive anyway?"
@DanPantry TS
Local storage? Try the internet!
And with that, TTQW
I have 8GB, and have no problem with it.
@DanPantry </jedi-mind-trick>
4:50 PM
I have 8G problems but memory ain't one.
@Hosch250 I have Spotify. I run out of space real fast.
@DanPantry I couldn't agree to their terms of service.
First off, I don't want just any of their music on my device, and second, I don't trust that their botnet is safe from becoming a third-party botnet.
Actually, at 8Gs if you weren't careful your memory might suffer if you decided to make a sudden stop into a solid object.
@Hosch250 I haven't read their terms of service. There just isn't a better alternative at the moment.
That's true.
Maybe with YouTube Red, but that probably uses more memory because it stores video.
4:52 PM
@DanPantry I actually have space for Spotify ... and a whole 2 additional apps.
I need to start another one. Now, why did my Windows Explorer just restart?
Wait, someone actually read the ToS?
@Hosch250 Because it's Windows Explorer. It can do whatever the crap it wants.
@Hosch250 Spotify Big Brother is watching.
@Mat'sMug I did that once, there's a whole section in there about not using IOS for the operation of airplanes, submarines and nuclear power stations.
4:53 PM
@Mast Except explore Windows in a timely fashion.
@Mat'sMug I've read ToS for stuff I consider shady. I don't really consider Spotify shady
@DanPantry Or make a remotely valid estimate on how long it takes.
I don't read the ToS if I consider it shady. Helps me sleep at night.
Sometimes you don't want to know what rights you lost.
lol just saw screenshots of a customer still using our old Delphi app (instead of the .NET app)
@Phrancis The Delphi language was released a few months after I was born. :-)
I've had a look at the code base a few times... yech
@Phrancis wait, they got VB6 app shots coming up
4:58 PM
Nah we don't have those here ;0
"Oh SNAP!"
@Phrancis my first new-mobile-char star :-)
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