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10:02 PM
@sim but for a Fraction value type that I'd like to work well with any float?
@Mat'sMug The problem with "any float" is that all floats are not really fractions.
sqrt(2) for example, can be represented as a float. But how would your Fraction class represent it?
@SimonAndréForsberg 141/100
Hej Simon!
hey @Svante! Welcome to The 2nd Monitor!
@Svante Hej Svante, min Svenska vän! Finally some more Swedes around here!
10:13 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Not alot of swedeish people here?
@Mat'sMug Well, if you only take the first two digits into consideration, then how would you represent 1 / 11 if it is given to you as a float?
@SimonAndréForsberg Am i allowed to speak swedish here or is it english only? :p
@Svante Nope, I am the only site regular that I know of. There seems to have been another Swedish regular around here earlier, but he's not active anymore:
Ah okey
@Svante In a way, it's more polite to speak English here but you can slänga in en och annan svensk mening här och där :P
10:15 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Okej, det är ju bra ^^
@SimonAndréForsberg Where in sweden do you live Simon?
@sim I guess I could make the precision configurable
@Svante Uddevalla, on the west coast
@SimonAndréForsberg Okey, im from north west of skåne ^^ Like almost in Halland
@Mat'sMug Suggestion: Look for repeating digits in the fraction part, if there are a sequence that gets repeated over and over again, then it can be represented as a true fraction. I don't know if it's worth implementing that though :)
@Svante Almost in Denmark, you mean ;)
@SimonAndréForsberg Haha fu xD
@SimonAndréForsberg I actullay don't speak så grov skånska ;)
10:19 PM
Sorry, just had to get it out of my system :) I do like some parts of Skåne. I'm quite fascinated by the different dialects there are in Skåne. It's really not just one dialect...
Haha ^^ I'm from the parts that don't speak like we have something stuck in our throat ^^
But actually it kinda deppends on the parents i think since some people i know speak really grov skånska and some people i know don't and all of the people are from the same place :p
@Svante As long as I don't have to listen to Lund-skånska, I'm good :)
@SimonAndréForsberg Haha, nah don't worry ;)
Does this need to be migrated:
Q: Test string for C#ness or VBness

David RuttenWhat would be a halfway reliable way to determine whether a string represents VB.NET or C# code? It doesn't have work in all cases so an algorithm that's right more than 50% of the time is better than nothing. I came up with the following, but it's pretty darn primitive. public static Expressio...

@SimonAndréForsberg Are you a hobby programmer, professional or studying?
10:28 PM
@nhgrif Doesn't seem to be a very good fit for CR I think. I say leave it there.
@Svante Both hobby and professional.
And what about you @Svante?
@SimonAndréForsberg Hobby, didn't you see may really bad written code? ^^
We're all beginners at some point :)
May I ask, @Svante, how did you find Code Review? What made you come here?
@SimonAndréForsberg I searched for code review on google since i wanted someone else then myself to take a look at my code ^^
Sounds like a good way ;)
10:33 PM
Hahaha xD That's me ;)
When everyone looks at my code ;)
Haha TS
@SimonAndréForsberg Is this the chatroom you usally chat in or do you use different chat rooms?
@nhgrif feel free to post an opposing answer
In fact, I would encourage you to.
@Svante This is the best chatroom. There is no need for any others.
@rolfl Seems like @nhgrif Has already removed most of the NS-specific tags.
@SimonAndréForsberg Haha okey ^^ Is there some age limit here?
10:37 PM
@Svante Not really that I know of. We have a quite decent language in here, especially when compared to other chat rooms. How old are you?
@Simon as I understand it, I think Jamal removed most of them
@SimonAndréForsberg Uhm, i don't really want to tell since i don't want to lose respect from people ^^ Im not 12 though ;)
Anyway, it's my dinner time
later @rolfl!
@Svante I think we all have a lot of respect for young coders. Many people here started when they were young. I personally started coding when I was 13/14.
10:39 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Okey, i'm 15 :p
I think I wrote my first line of Commodore BASIC when I was 12 or 13
^ same
Q: Is this acceptable usage of try/catch and database transactions?

r3wtI am using try/catch syntax in combination with a database transaction to {hopefully} prevent partial registrations. I am wondering if i'm on the right track, and what ways, if any i can improve my code. Here is an excerpt from my class AddNewUser that illustrates the question. public function ...

@rolfl I don't think I've removed any myself.
Hehe, when i was 12 i wrote some visual basic code ^^
10:40 PM
@Jamal I noticed you have removed one, but that's all I've been able to find so far.
Are everyone here except me 18+ ? :3
@Svante I believe so, yes.
Some people are 18++.
At least the people in this chat room.
10:42 PM
Well hope you're not gonna treat me any different
Some people monkeys are even more than 18 * 2.
haha ^^
some bumblebees also
We're programmers. All we respect is solid code and an open mind. =)
@SimonAndréForsberg Oh yeah. I think that was one missed by nhgrif.
10:43 PM
Good :-) My code may not be so good now but I'm working on making it better ^^
Some people are rapidly approaching 15 * 2. :(
@Jamal :
Currently there's only one remaining. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/20025/… In chat, rolfl made the argument that tags should be about what the code is about, not how it is implemented. In this case, the code is about the NSString class. Opinions on this instance? — nhgrif yesterday
How old are you Simon? :p
Then you're in the right place @Svante.
Okey, 27 :)
10:45 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I think I've already contributed a tad to this whole mess, so I'll stay out of it. I really don't have any expertise in it.
@Svante I bet you will learn a lot simply by sticking around. And vote. I hear you learn a lot by voting.
Good :D @ckuhn203
I'm an old mug :/
@sim lol
@Mat'sMug And yet you're only 4-5 years older than me.
How old are you Mug? :3 @Mat'sMug
10:46 PM
Just turned 32.. last month :)
@SimonAndréForsberg Yeah. I left this comment after I removed every other NS tag. There was a comment agreeing with my comment, and then the NS tag was removed, without any disagreement that the tag should stay.
Well you're not that old ;) @Mat'sMug
That's not old at all.
@nhgrif I'm blaming @Jamal. To me, that last tag on that question made sense but I was expecting more input on it.
I haven't seen the last two years fly by!
10:48 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Like I said, I'll stay out of it now. As a mod, I don't really have to do anything.
Oh. @Svante! You wrote the dog simulator! Very nice question.
@Jamal Yeah, we'll see what the response will be on meta. I will also not do anything for now.
@ckuhn203 With some very nice answers *cough*
Haha thank you @ckuhn203 :D!
I'm already cleaning up , which is enough for me. I think we're also done with our meta tags.
Haha yeah, I'm using youre answers to fix my code right now Simon ;) @SimonAndréForsberg
Do any of you guys that viewed my dog simulator code know anything pretty easy i can try to add? :p
10:51 PM
@Svante Great. If you want, you can post a follow-up question later on to show off your changes and ask for another review.
@SimonAndréForsberg Oh, didn't know, I will probably do that :)
@SimonAndréForsberg When I'm going to change the yes/no answers from 1 and 2 to y and n, should i use the variable type char?
[tag:napalm'd] @SimonAndréForsberg.
When I did Java, it seems like it was easier to just grab text as strings rather than as a char.
Thanks nhgrif! What language are your main?
10:56 PM
Oh. @Svante. Have you seen this?
Q: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Simon André ForsbergWhat is a Zombie? Why are Code Reviewers so violent and talking about killing Zombies all the time? And what ammo are they talking about? What is a TS? What does RSA mean? And what other Code Review-specific memes are there? (As the number of memes grows and grows, and Malachi's wish to vote fo...

Yeah, it's a lot easier to grab text as strings.
No i haven't @ckuhn203 , I will read it now
okey thanks Simon!
@svante 1 more upvote on that CR memes post and @simon gets a silver badge on meta!
Hm... do we need ?
CR? @Mat'sMug
11:07 PM
Code Review.
Code Review :)
okey ^^ Wich meme? The TS one?
Hello @everyone
hey @Phrancis!
Hello @Phrancis
11:08 PM
@Svante are you familiar with the Stack Exchange network?
I'm still stuck on a stupid syntax error in MySQL, been losing sleep over it because it makes no sense
@Mat'sMug No, what's that?
I think i upvoted the right thing now :) @ckuhn203
Stack Exchange (aka "SE") is a network of themed Q&A sites; it started with StackOverflow and grew to 100+ community-driven sites. Code Review is one of them.
11:10 PM
@chrisw What's your status on this question‌​? If you have not fixed it yet, then I can refund the bounty.
Oh, i think i've been on some other SE before :p
I thought they were kinda the same website :3
Someone look this over and see if you can help? It makes no sense, I'm using syntax straight from the manual...
DELIMITER // -- Or another non-reserved character
CREATE PROCEDURE sp_PopulateFizzBuzz
    IN p_MaxNumber INT, -- for example 100
    IN p_Fizz INT,
    IN p_Buzz INT,
    IN p_Woof INT,
    IN p_Ping INT,
    IN p_Plop INT
SET v_MaxNumber = p_MaxNumber;
SET v_Fizz = p_Fizz;
SET v_Buzz = p_Buzz;
SET v_Woof = p_Woof;
SET v_Ping = p_Ping;
SET v_Plop = p_Plop;
    /* bunch of code here that works fine */
-- end procedure sp_PopulateFizzBuzz
SE sites have some kind of a workflow - they start as a "proposal", they gather "followers" and people "commit" to a site, and it eventually launches a "private beta". If the site survives the "private beta" phase it goes into "public beta". This is where CR has been for the past 3 years.
Okey @Mat'sMug , hope it dosen't dissappear :3
11:12 PM
@Phrancis bunch of code here that works fine ends with a ;?
Is this Chat Room another thing?
@Mat'sMug yes it does
each site has a "main" chatroom; "The 2nd Monitor" is CR's
oh okey
each site also has a "meta" child site for discussing the site itself
11:13 PM
Are you allowed to talk about anything here or do you need to stay on the subject=
@Svante you can talk about anything you like here.
in the chatroom? depends where conversations take us!
Okey, nice :) @Phrancis
If it's like nothing illeagal ^^
You can even say stuff like !
Haha good ^^
11:15 PM
with moderation of course
I'm one of the owners of this chatroom. @SimonAndréForsberg is also one.
You know if @Nobody ever finished his FizzBuzz in @Mat'sMug ?
no clue
11:16 PM
Oh, nice! Did you guys start the whole code review thing+
last thing I heard his brain was fried
we didn't start it
but we happened to actually give it some kind of a rebirth
Nice :)
What kind of music are you guys listening to? :3 A bit of topic ^^
@Svante We mostly talk about code, and the Code Review site in here, but other topics occur as well....
11:18 PM
I have reasons to believe this is what sparked it:
Q: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

Mat's MugThis is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about the site I had in my own review, which is the gigantic pool of unanswered questions. There are, ...

(and Grace Note's CR review that immediately preceded this post, too)
that's when "zombie" was coined ;)
@SimonAndréForsberg Haha okey ^^
@Mat'sMug Yup.
As for now, TTGTB.
good night @SimonAndréForsberg!
I'm going to bed before a 15-year-old...
11:21 PM
Haha @SimonAndréForsberg Goodnight ;)
@Mat'sMug What country are you from?
I'm in Eastern Canada, it's not even 7:30PM here :)
He's from Mugsylvania.
I'm self-debating whether I should rename myself @Mat's Mugs when I get my new SE mug this week :)
Haha, it's 01:24 AM here ^^
maybe I shouldn't
11:24 PM
Hmm, it sounds better with Mat's Mug
@Mat'sMug Why are you getting an SE mug?
Q: What happens when you plug a UPS into itself?

Tim PostUPSey daisy; so we had a little ... incident ... Pretty sure that has power. We're past that now, and things are returning to normal. It's only appropriate that we take a moment to think about the folks that got pulled out of bed and worked their knuckles to the bone to get things back up and...

more specifically:
haha ^^
Where do you find this stuff? :p
Idk @Phrancis. I can't spot it.
11:27 PM
@Malachi is getting swag too
and 200 as well:
@Svante a link to that MSE post was posted right here on that day, and we participated - turned out all who participated, are getting SE swag!
Do you make them youreself=
I made mine in MSPaint!
Haha ^^
if/when this site eventually graduates, we'll probably have contests on meta for CR swag :)
nice :)
Can i ask a coding question
11:31 PM
When I'm going to check if a string is for exampel "y" in java, how do i do that?
Like when i check a integer i use the scanner and do exit = input.nextInt();
for exampel
if (myString == "y") { /* myString is "y" */ } ?
Oh sorry, i'm tired and wrote wrong
I meant
how do i let the user assign
what's going to be in the String
like exit = input.nextInt();
input is the scanner and exit is a variabel
you probably don't want to call nextInt() though
haha i know ^^
11:33 PM
@Jamal development comes with a special set of challenges, such as resource constraints and UI considerations. Lets's keep the tag.
I use it for integers
But don't know how to do it with strings :p
if there's a nextInt(), is there a nextChar()? or nextString()?
@200_success Okay, I'll keep it for the rest. Some of those questions needed improvements anyway.
No, there's no nextString() :/
@Svante I'm a C# guy, I'd just to var input = Console.ReadLine().ToUpper() and compare that to "Y" :/
11:36 PM
Hmm, no idea on how to do it in java, i will google it :)
it'll probably point you to Stack Overflow!
@Svante you can check with SimonAndréForsberg whenever he's here, he is a wizard with Java
Or just tag him now, he will see it next time he logs in
and if he has the SE mobile app running, he'll get a notification in like 30 minutes on his cell phone :D
@Mat'sMug it takes that long???
chat notifications are different; I get comments/answers notifications instantly, but chat pings take forever
11:39 PM
Okey, thanks for the help guys!
I think i fixed it with exit = input.next();
But when i try to check it with if(exit=="n") it dosen't work :p
Time to fire up Reason and make some music. Got a project I'm doing for a guy who sings/raps... I was told to make it like a beach sounding hip hop... Then I sent him the file and he told me, "Oh, I was thinking something more like rockabilly like Beach Boys can you change it?" Ugh.
oh, your a music producer? :D
@Phrancis so producers too, can't seem to get their specs right the first time around?!
Not the first time he's done that either. I should charge him extra for having to refactor the whole song.
you should have done it the AGILE way ;)
11:42 PM
@Svante yes check this out: psychoproductions.net/psycho-music
@Mat'sMug What does AGILE mean? ^^
@Phrancis Gonna do it now
I was gonna ask the same thing
Agile software development is a group of software development methods , in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen tight iterations throughout the development cycle. The Agile Manifesto introduced the term in 2001. Since then, the Agile Movement, with all its values, principles, methods, practices, tools, champi...
I did tell him at 146 bpm, the rap will have to be half-tempo so it will sound very slow. He was like, "Do it."
Then he heard it, and he said it was too slow. Hate to say I told you so...
I'm not a digital music producer but i play guitar and bass :3
But i mostly play like Metalcore song if you know that genrea
11:44 PM
^^ you can edit recent chat posts with arrow-up ;)
Oh, haha didn't realise ^^
haha it really is
What kind of music do you like Mat?
@svante cool. Let me know if you need any like orchestral stuff made or something, I'll give you a rebate for being fellow CR programmer ;)
Mat is not here, only his mug is here
Nice thank you @Phrancis , i will have to buy a audio interface first though, so i can record in good quality ^^
11:46 PM
I've played lots of Metallica & AC/DC, listened to even more; I'm slowly picking up the solo from Avenged Sevenfold's Hail to the King.
He's name is Mat's Mug so i thougth his name was Mat ^^
it is =)
but some CRitters call me Mug, or "The Mug"
Nice! I also like Avenged Sevenfold! :D My favourite guitarist in that band :)
Okey, then i will do as all the other CRitters ;)
@Svante this is affordable and Lexicon make great products. Just plug guitar into Instrument input on the front, plug into USB and hit record.
11:48 PM
rolfl is also known as "The Monkey"
or just "monkey"
Thank you @Phrancis for the tip! That one had a really good price that i can afford :D
Why is he called Monkey? ^^ @Mat'sMug
This is the one I use, had for over 5 years never had a problem with it. musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/…
Didn't know the monkey was Canadian too!
@Svante whatever you do don't buy anything from M-Audio their hardware is garbage
yeah, Ontario though, so only counts as half
but he's got like 12 nationalities
Haha okey ^^
11:51 PM
Bought a keyboard and sound board device from M-Audio, both of them started having problems after like a year
How many people are usally on this chat room?
Depends on the day and time
I'd say 15-20, depends; lots are just "there"
Oh, i think i will but that one you linked since it's so cheap ^^
Oh okey
They don't really talk?
sometimes they're just away too
11:53 PM
@Svante Also Lexicon is plug&play and works well on Windows and OSX.
I for one, very seldom log off, so there's pretty much always a mug here
Mug, what guitar have you got?
@Phrancis That's good, then i wont get any problems that i can't solve ^^
funny you ask, ..an old beat-up Ibanez Roadstar that I bought in 1999...
Ibanez is nice
11:54 PM
I also have a B.C. Rich Warlock, bought in 2004, even more beat-up.
I need a new guitar
@Svante you know Joe Satriani?
haha i bought a new guitar this year, a Schecter Demon 6
@Mat'sMug no :p
What about him?
@Mat'sMug @Svante My wife has one of these LTD Viper:
Sounds good and plays good, and the price is right
Oh, it looks really nice! @Phrancis
How do i post a pic?
Right click from your browser and copy picture URL, then paste in here
11:57 PM
^^ nice
I have one of those
(starts at 1:30 really)
Gonna watch it now
IIRC he was Kirk Hammet's teacher
11:58 PM
@Svante this chat room is a great place to hang when you're bored at work or while hence the name The 2nd Monitor
@Mat'sMug Damn he is good
3:17-3:57 tapping
@Phrancis Oh nice, it's really fun to talk to you guys actually ^^

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