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12:00 AM
Clocked in at 210 rep yesterday.
12:11 AM
Hey @nhgrif - in case you were wondering, voting is a problem on Code Review, not just in Obj-C
we had almost 50 voters (11+ votes) at week-ending, for the week.
it's improving :)
Monkey! Want to join the "FizzBuzz conga line" with a C++ implementation?
this really feels like a revival
I am actually just making a dig at nhgrif - see, he was worrying about people not voting for Obj-C answers, but, he's managed to read and comment on an XML answer, but did not vote ;-) I feel compelled to ask what should have been improved in the answer to make it worth a +1 in his book ;-)
And it is still bringing in votes.
12:16 AM
obviously it is not worth a +1 yet ....
@Jamal C++? Can I choose something else?
@rolfl Of course! I just thought you were going to consider C++ at some point.
@rolfl ? ;)
@rolfl Whitespace.
As of now, we have 3 hot FizzBuzz questions...
Anyone mind if I make a fizzbuzz version?
12:21 AM
@AlexL Go ahead. We can't really stop you...
no, go ahead
@AlexL heck, why not?
Sweet :)
Just trying to upload a picture here.... ;-)
@syb0rg well technically at one point or another we're going to hit the "that exact implementation has already been covered [here]" duplicate post.
12:22 AM
@Mat'sMug Hmm, true.
But we haven't seen a FizzBuzz in PHP yet.
I feel like making one in
@syb0rg There's one or two already tagged I believe
Both are incredibly over-complicated
Must have missed them.
has 61 questions asked. 44 were asked this year.
Q: Fizz Buzz interview question code

PaulReading Jeff Atwood's "Why Can't Programmers.. Program?" led me to think that almost all of the solutions would not be something I would want in my own code-base. The Fizz Buzz program specification from Imran is here which says: Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for...

12:24 AM
has 19 questions asked; 14 were asked this year.
And another here
has 110 questions asked; 50 were asked this year.
there's something about 2014 on CR that's just...
@Phrancis does this make sense?
OP had this:
@syb0rg Answer 1 is up.
I'm trying to stop the trend and start the trend...
Dude use the plain one I can barely read this font lol @Mat'sMug
but scruffy is so much more fun!
12:36 AM
I do like yours better especially when it comes to KISS
> By the way, notice how I keep moving your opening braces to the correct line?
My C habits die hard.
Well, it's posted!
CR in style.
12:50 AM
it's 15 degrees nice though, and been raining ;-)
Time for a steam bath
But you have another @JavaDeveloper question to answer!
@rolfl Nice foot. ;-)
This is one of the most well-designed websites I have ever seen: aprilzero.com
Q: FizzBuzz - Officially now in CLISP

Alex LI had to jump on the bandwagon for this one. The task does a great job of helping you learn a language your unfamiliar with. So today I present you with my version of the infamous FizzBuzz game in Common Lisp. This is really the first "program" I've made in CLISP, and even though it's pretty sma...

Q: Reinventing Given a two dimensional linked list, create a flattened sorted list

JavaDeveloperA node has a next and down pointer. Merge the linked-list such that end result is sorted. Here we have a top level linked-list, followed by a down-list. If { 10 : {20, 30} , 35 { 40, 50 } } is the input data structure. It means that, 10 is connected to 35, using the next pointer. 10 is connecte...

@syb0rg love that rotating thing!
12:55 AM
@nhgrif We've attracted a new Objective-C'er:
Just joined today, and answered my latest Objective-C question.
nice! let's keep him!
Yeah. I saw his post.
ah, what the heck
Q: VBuzz all fizzed up

Mat's MugI don't normally write vb.net code, and I would rather maintain a monstruous vb6 project than a simple vb.net one. There's something about fizzbuzz going on this weekend, that pushed me to write this: Namespace CR.Sandbox.VB.FizzBuzz Module Sandbox Public Sub Main() Fo...

@Mat'sMug Nice title!
@Jamal thanks! gotta get somewhat creative with posts nowadays...
12:57 AM
(coincidentally, I'm drinking a Coke at this moment)
Q: VBuzz all fizzed up

Mat's MugI don't normally write vb.net code, and I would rather maintain a monstruous vb6 project than a simple vb.net one. There's something about fizzbuzz going on this weekend, that pushed me to write this: Namespace CR.Sandbox.VB.FizzBuzz Module Sandbox Public Sub Main() Fo...

11th since @Jamal's JAVA post :)
Is this a follow-up to this question? — Jamal ♦ 36 secs ago
JD has a possible dupe?
Is there a link that will take you to a random CR question, just like this link for Wikipedia?
@syb0rg Answer 2 is up.
A: Fraction class implemented in Objective-C

nhgrifIn addition to everything in my other answer, I want to address some things that are missing and I feel like should be included. init You have NO init methods. Are you crazy!?!? It's not necessarily always important to include init methods, but in this case, I definitely think we should offer...

1:02 AM
> Are you crazy!?!?
@Jamal is JD entering with one of his own posts?
Hmm. So, I really like that guy's answer actually, the more I think about it.
A: Fraction class implemented in Objective-C

MaxGabrielIn Objective-C value objects are typically immutable (NSValue, NSNumber, and NSDecimalNumber are all immutable). I would recommend making your Fraction class immutable to be consistent with the existing convention. If you did this, your methods like add would take a Fraction and also return a new...

@Mat'sMug Can you even do that?
Well, I mean, they're all good answers and all make important points. But he's actually quite right about immutability here.
@Jamal we established that the "original post" had to be from any SE site, including CR. we never said it had to be from someone else...
1:06 AM
The best part of his answer is the continual pointing to what Apple does, which is what I also try to do in my posts... so I already like him.
I suppose technically one could stick a on a follow-up question, given big enough of an improvement between the two posts
Should I let syb0rg get a self- on this one or should I nab it?
Q: Fraction class implemented in Objective-C

syb0rgInspired by this question: Fraction (rational number) structure with custom operators, I have written this class for doing some simple work with fractions. Fraction.h: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface Fraction : NSObject @property int numerator, denominator; -(void) print; -(void...

@nhgrif Go for it
Hmm, that question is a hot network question now.
1:10 AM
Everything I touch just seems to go hot haha
Q: What happens once a brain is full?

erdekhayserI just read the answer to this question, and it got me thinking... If the human brain (or any other brain) has a finite amount of storage, what would happen once the brain has taken in its maximum amount of information? This is, or course, assuming that the individual can live long enough to ac...

I wonder if my brain needs a defrag
I'll go grab an ice-pick.
I like that fraction type idea. I'm making one in C# right now!
1:13 AM
Thoughts on the icon?
For what?
@Mat'sMug Note: it doesn't strictly have to be a class. I implemented it as a struct.
Why the hexagon?
@nhgrif For that ^
That icon has 5 circles, and you noticed the haxagon first?
I was thinking of an immutable struct, yes
1:15 AM
Does C# let you associate functions with structs?
Methods, yes
They can even implement interfaces
Yea, Swift too.
@Mat'sMug I needed a backdrop. And the hexagon is the strongest shape in the world. And it looks sexy.
I mean, our fraction structs should look pretty similar
1:18 AM
At the core, yeah.
@syb0rg not sure about the hexagon though. The backdrop could be leveraged to induce movement; I think I'd tilt it a bit
@Mat'sMug Like that?
@Mat'sMug Keep in mind that the final product is an SVG. I will be doing a little animation with it when a user hovers over it.
I find it Windows8-compliant ;)
Not that tilting the hexagon effects that...
@Mat'sMug The tilted one?
the first one.
I think I'm going to create a bunch of variations and then create a poll out of them.
1:27 AM
@Mat'sMug What would I ask there?
How can I induce movement into this atom-like icon? ?
IDK.. TBH I just assumed it would be the right place to ask, let's see their help center..
Brainstorming or idea gathering is off-topic
How to improve this icon? Opinion-based...
on-topic: "Why" we do what we do and not necessarily the "how" in logo design
I could model the question off of this: graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/q/35775
Edited by a moderator and not closed.
1:33 AM
same user, on hold:
Q: Critique: Which of these logo options best suits a custom rap song website?

user27028I would like to know your opinion about these samples we've made to a website called Rappacy. The website specializes in making custom rap songs to their clients. We have tried some experiments that are attached on the file, any feedback is welcome, either on excluding some of the logos, choosi...

and yet they have a tag... there's gotta be something about that tag on their meta site..
@Mat'sMug It's the link in the on-hold text
Another point in favor of graduation:
Q: Graphic Design SE - Top User Swag!

Tim PostFor our thanks to the users that helped make this site the resounding success that its become, if you appear on the first two pages of this list, I'll be reaching out to you within the next 7 - 10 days to get your shipping and size information. Why would I want such information, you ask? Well th...

Q: Guidelines for critique questions

JohnB UPDATE: Here is the official question without all the discussion fluff: What are the guidelines for asking for a critique of my work? Are critique questions even allowed here? There have been a few meta discussions regarding this subject: Asking community to critique work? How to hand...

I hate hooking up speakers to sound systems :|
1:54 AM
The question is posted!
Q: Critique: software logo design

syb0rgI am looking for a review for a logo that is going to be shipped with a project of mine. I wanted to keep it simple and clean, with a high level of appeal so that no one will really dislike the design of it. What principles of graphic design am I overlooking, and how can use those to improve my...

Q: Formatting issue

NoitidartWhat's going on with CodeReveiwer fromatting engine. I've had a few issues with it. this post here: http://codereview.stackexchange.com/a/56824/49106 Plz ctrl+f for Now, if we already caught the exception in the inner try-block by adding a catch block You will see that block is messed up. I ca...

@StackExchange that's interesting... everything looks good on the post... but it somehow breaks the syntax highlighting.
A: Formatting issue

Mat's MugI have edited your post. Honestly, I have no idea what was wrong with it. I just selected the code block, and Ctrl+k'd twice (I actually clicked the { } button in the editing toolbar twice), and that fixed it.

@nhgrif Why do we do this when denominator == 0?
if (denominator == 0) {
In your initWithNumerator: method
to throw a division by zero exception early I guess
2:19 AM
No votes on my question yet :(
I can't tell if people like it or not :/
@Mat'sMug I really want that shirt...
should I create an account to instill a positive bias? ;)
Hmm, that could help the outlook on the question from the general public.
nah, that would be unfair - I don't really know what that site's about, it's possible isn't a big favorite there
Only 64 questions are tagged with it.
And fibonacci is finally something I'm happy with.
Took me a while to get around to rewriting that code.
2:31 AM
@200_success: It was provided to me by a college, and it's not available online. I just have it on my hard drive. — Jamal ♦ 2 mins ago
@Jamal Did you really need proprietary dependencies to implement FizzBuzz?
We should have made FizzBuzz our .
@200_success Probably not, but the class was taught with them.
@200_success I agree with retagging with , it would explain the surge in posts. And it all started in chat again :)
but I won't retag it if there's no consensus about it
I agree in retagging
should we put it on meta?
or just go with it?
Meta would take too long, by then the hype will have died out and no one will really care. I just say go with it.
2:37 AM
Actually, we could say that everyone is writing in an unfamiliar language, which was my suggestion.
A: Let the CR Games begin!

200_successBuilding on suggestions from @rolfl and @Phrancis… Take any code, maybe from Code Review itself, and implement it from scratch in a language that you are not familiar with. Challenge yourself to learn something new!

is as specific as you can get, though. Adding a tag to that adds no value.
I retagged all recent posts with (sometimes replacing a tag), up to @Jamal's JAVA post that started it all ;)
oh crap
Grace period.
this guy said something I can agree with
While a logo doesn't necessarily have to convey a specific concept, knowing what the software does, the goal of the company/app etc would help in evaluating things. I, personally, simply feel the hexagon resting on a point (vertical) makes the entire thing appear as if it's teetering to remain balanced. — Scott 13 mins ago
put the tilted version next to it ;)
2:46 AM
Congrats on 4K, @edward!
Q: I'm not sure if I still love Fibonacci, but my code is getting better. How much better?

ckuhn203Technically, this is a follow up to these two questions, but I have taken a radically different approach. Everybody Loves Fibonacci Does everyone still love Fibonacci I finally allowed myself to be convinced that it should not be as object oriented as I wanted it to be. I opted instead to re...

@CaptainObvious I almost titled it "I'm not sure if I still love Fibonacci, but at least it's not FizzBuzz".
@Mat'sMug Done
I do have to say though, I'm surpised by the number of different implementations I saw today.
2:51 AM
put 10 programmers in a room, ask them to write a . you'll get 11 different implementations :)
lol. Truth.
Oh man @Mat'sMug. I just saw your and I've gotta wonder why I ever bothered with vb.net.
I should have picked up c# first and just been done with it.
Huzzah, an upvote!
and an answer!
Yep. Now I have to figure out how to draw that as a SVG, if it is to become the accepted answer.
Upvoted btw.
3:13 AM
Q: Simple parsing for string formatting

Chris_FRecently I submitted some string formatting and printing code (found here) that I wrote as an small exercise. It was implemented naively using string replacement. This time around I wanted to actually parse the format string. This is the first time I've ever attempted to write code which does any...

Q: Haskell FizzBuzz with a type system

200_successThe core problem is simple enough, but I've developed a type system that I'm not sure about. The intention is, if the result is a number, calling num $ fizzBuzz 16, for example, lets me retrieve 16 as an Int. However, it seems awfully repetitive, to have to mention "Fizz" so many times in the c...

1 hour later…
4:19 AM
@200_success: You may look at the Google questions I've already bumped to see if something else should be done. I'm trying to clean up these tags.
4:32 AM
Ok. No more . I'm going to bed.
'night @ckuhn203!
(+1'd =)
Q: Using `exec()` in an autoloader

rm-vandaAfter reviewing autoloader functions on the site, I didn't see anything like this, and I was wonder what may be wrong with this? function findNloader($classFile){ $file = exec("find ./ -name ".$classFile.".php"); if($file){ return require $file; } else { return fal...

4:49 AM
@nhgrif done :)
Q: Formattable Fraction

Mat's MugI have written this small little program, to test how my Fraction type behaves when used with and without a custom FractionFormatter - I've implemented two custom formatters: FractionFormatter, which simply puts the nominator at the left of a slash, and the denominator at the right ("{0}/{1}", ...

Alright, this piece of code is really annoying my with a syntax error I can't figure out...
Q: Formattable Fraction

Mat's MugI have written this small little program, to test how my Fraction type behaves when used with and without a custom FractionFormatter - I've implemented two custom formatters: FractionFormatter, which simply puts the nominator at the left of a slash, and the denominator at the right ("{0}/{1}", ...

I selected all from WorkBench, then pasted into TextEdit, and a bunch of code that had disappeared earlier popped back up............ Sounds like a PICNIC error
Oh duh. I had collapsed part of the code. No wonder.
5:22 AM
anyone knows why this C# is valid, given _formatProvider is a private readonly instance field?
    public Fraction(Fraction fraction)
        : this(fraction.Numerator, fraction.Denominator, fraction._formatProvider)
That's a method inside Fraction, correct?
Visibility applies to the class not to the object
It's Fraction's constructor
So one Fraction can see another Fraction's internals
that's rather.. interesting.
(at least in every other language with OO capabilities I've ever used -- I no nothing of C#)
it makes sense when you think about hte purpose of visibility
it's for hiding away details
it doesn't matter if Fraction knows about its own details
5:32 AM
how have I not noticed that before?
it's still encapsulated
not sure... i think it's fairly language dependent for noting it. it just tends to come up all the time in any language that has copy constructors and i have no idea if C# does (though I'm assuming it does) :p
well, ..hold on.
Q: How can I get persons to use my applications?

FordbergThe internet introduced me to computer programming. At 15 I started learning HTML. At 16, I started learning C#,Visual Basic & some C++. Computer software makes absolutely no money where I live so I went to web development. After making some good money doing freelance web design, I registered a ...

accessing the object from Program.cs
accessing another object of the same type, from within its constructor.
within constructor is actually within the class. so yeah.
5:38 AM
it doesn't feel very clean to access another object's internals like this, even if it's the same type!
eh, it feels icky when you first come across it
but it really does make sense when you think about it
it's just a step farther than subclasses having access to protected members
not like exposing internals to the same class can do any damage. the only other option would be to have a getter and/or setter which is even grosser if the only intent is to access it in a different object of the same type
I'd rather do this then:
    public Fraction(Fraction fraction)
        : this(fraction._numerator, fraction._denominator, fraction._formatProvider)
(over this:)
    public Fraction(Fraction fraction)
        : this(fraction.Numerator, fraction.Denominator, fraction._formatProvider)
(but then I wonder, does an immutable struct really need a copy constructor?)
Q: PHP Cache Strategy - Genius or Sheer Stupidity?

HuseinI have a shared hosting with limited capabilities. Memcache and mod_cache are not available to me. I would like to implement my own PHP caching method to cache the results of load-intensive SQL query. Using summary tables in SQL is not an option because the query takes multiple parameters that ca...

Don't know enough about C# or it's syntax to comment on that, unfortunately.
And I'm afraid it's TTGTB :). Have fun with the new found mind fuck of private access across objects haha
lol good night!
6:07 AM
TTGTB for me as well
6:39 AM
Q: FizzBuzz in Commodore Basic

Mark1 REM 2 REM FIZZBUZZ IN COMMODORE BASIC 3 REM 10 FOR I = 1 TO 100 20 IF (I/3)=INT(I/3) THEN PRINT "FIZZ"; 30 IF (I/5)=INT(I/5) THEN PRINT "BUZZ"; 40 IF (I/3)<>INT(I/3) AND (I/5)<>INT(I/5) THEN PRINT I; 50 PRINT 60 NEXT I I'm not happy with the tests for "multiple of 3" and "multiple of 5". Us...

Heya folks. :)
Hi @kleinfreund
@kleinfreund must be morning where you're at... or you're insomniac extraordinaire like me...
8:50 am, Germany. ;)
I'm an early bird when it comes to getting up.
Ah, 6 hours behind here in east USA
Well good morning then :)
I've been bugged by a syntax error in MySQL which I can't figure out for the life of me
But I think I will fire up the Playstation 3 for some Battlefield 4 or something...
Bye all (or specifically, bye @kleinfreund )
6:55 AM
Alright, have a good time @Phrancis.
Can't really help you with programming/database related stuff, though.
2 hours later…
8:56 AM
A: FizzBuzz in Commodore Basic

DaggThis is as fast as I could get it: 1 rem 2 rem fizzbuzz in commodore basic 3 rem 10 t = time 20 for i = 1 to 100 30 n = i / 15 :if n = int(n) then print "fizzbuzz"; :goto 70 40 n = i / 3 :if n = int(n) then print "fizz"; :goto 70 50 n = i / 5 :if n = int(n) then print "buzz"; :goto 70 60 print i...

9:43 AM
Q: Controller: Sign up action clean up

Kid DiamondI don't know if it's just me, but I feel like my sign up action method has gotten just a tad bit messy. I would like to get some input on cleaning it up and also regarding the following aspects: Readability Efficiency Usability Any other suggestions for improvement will be appreciated as well...

10:37 AM
Monking @all
10:49 AM
@DaggNabbit hmm, is my answer not good? Question is getting more votes and answer is not :(
oh, maybe those are obligatory new user votes
@DaggNabbit No one wants to ruin your nice 1,666 rep.
@MadaraUchiha i do like that rep
...and it's gone. Should have screenshotted it
I'm still unsure which answer to accept on my FizzBuzz question, there's still chances for everyone
@ckuhn203 I would strongly recommend you to rewrite my fizzBuzzify implementation as outlined in your answer and append that to your answer (hint hint)
11:13 AM
Hey folks. :)
Heya @kleinfreund
Hi @skiwi
How are you?
I'm fine. Thanks. How're you?
Good as well, holidays now, but also working two days a week
I need to find time for a program I want to make :D
11:18 AM
@skiwi I'm working fulltime plus taking on two extra side projects
Next week is last week of my apprenticeship plus one week internship right after that.
Tell me more about not having time :D
MotoGP soon though and WC2014 final this evening
Hey @Simon
11:19 AM
@kleinfreund: Apprenticeship always reminds me of Jedis/Sith
Q: Mysql Code composie key

user875139I have a database which has customers reviewing products. My sql code for the db regaring the tables is below: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `products`( `product_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `product_name` varchar(100) NOT NULL UNIQUE, `product_description` varchar(160) NOT NULL, `q...

Ha, is that what it's called in the English movies?
Monking @SimonAndréForsberg
@SimonAndréForsberg Did you have a chance to read the question I put up two days ago?
I've got a question about it namely
11:29 AM
@kleinfreund: Finally found a movie sequence where it is said: youtube.com/…
Ha, alright. Thank you.^^
@skiwi Which one?
@SimonAndréForsberg The one I linked you yesterday as well :) Here it is
Q: Tool to calculate profitability of certain items in a game

skiwiI have created a tool that lets me calculate the profitability of doing certain actions in an MMORPG game which I play, it's more edging towards a quick-and-dirty solution than towards a neat solution because it's simply a tool and does not need excessive robustness, however I do think there is r...

Oh that, I think I read it once, yes.
I'm trying to generalize it so that it can be used on more places
I might need your ideas :)
What I currently have thought of is that you have an Item as input, and that item ends up in a bunch of other items, all with a certain probability
and the item has value, etc.
as seen in the question, there is also a possibility to add items to increase your chance
Then it gets more tricky
I'm quite lost how to model it
I thought it may be of interest to you, but open for all ideas from everyone of course
11:39 AM
Yeah, generalizing things is one thing I have some experience in :)
Not quite sure how you want to generalize it though. I'll look at it again
If it were just all plain probabilities with no options to modify it, then it was quite easy I would say
Calculations all options up front is possible in my question and may even be possible in all cases I'll encounter, but I think it would be nicer if it were adaptive and could make decisions on the fly
Q: How to re-factor this code portion?

Sharifur RahmanI have to write a method which return a String based on density and width. First of all I have to check if the width in between 600 to 720 or above 720. And then if the width is not found in this range I have to check the density like this way. public static String getDensity(int width, int den...

@CaptainObvious Looks quite good to me already. Returning enums and then doing string translation might be overkill for such case
11:57 AM
@skiwi What kind of decisions on the fly? What item to sell you mean?
This code does not work. It does not compile. Is this from a real project? — rolfl ♦ 24 secs ago
Hey @rolfl
Hey @kleinfreund - @all
Everything alright?
12:12 PM
o/ @kleinfreund, monkey.
Yeah, everything's good with me. I'm on holiday ;-)
You all? (@kleinfreund ... ? )
That's good. :) Have a good time.
I'm alright as well.
Well, it probably means I will be on CR more, rather than less!
Finished going to the holiday photos from Mallorca: flickr.com/photos/kleinfreund/sets/72157645039418546
…and got my 50mm f/1.8
Nice... so you have a manual zoom?
12:14 PM
So far it's totally fine for me not being able to zoom.
The compactness of it is great.
and the way you have to think about things is also good.
Want to do some low-light shots.
Yes, it's a creative infusion.
I'd agree.
So, pics?
@skiwi The one where i quoted the old answer?
Sorry. Too much fizz. I can't remember what's what.
Soon, monkey, soon. ;)
12:20 PM
@DaggNabbit Creepy stuff.
Somewhat catholic.
I'm not sure what the Spanish or English words are for that.^^
But it has nothing to do with KKK. ;)
lol, didn't know anyone else dressed like that
Me neither.
It was... intesting to say the least.
12:23 PM
They came in different colors. Green, blue, yellow, purple, …
And black, of course.
Some had heavy chains tied to their feet.
Like… I have no clue!?
people are strange
Oh, @rolfl... I built a pinhole camera.
What are you exposing on, (you mentioned the pinhole before).
I don't know yet. It's for a project week I'm going to next week.
I let you know.^^
1:08 PM
@syb0rg The idea was to throw an early exception--apparently it doesn't work though.
I found it @skiwi. Code added to answer.
@SimonAndréForsberg Well concretely from the exam, I mean whether to add those "Shiny Crystals" or not, which double the success probability
@ckuhn203 Nice, but I think you're overthinking it :p
You may wish to change JavaScript to Java though :)
I'm still deciding on whether I should like it as three separate switch cases, or as ifs with ternaries
1:28 PM
ifs with ternaries?
The outer shell is composed by if-statements, an inner single ternaries
Oops. I'll fix the JavaScript thing. Thanks @skiwi.
Oh, and everybody overthinks FizzBuzz. =)
1:52 PM
Q: C++ factory design pattern

user3665615can someone explain Factory design pattern. I found defintion like "Define an interface for creating an object, but let the subclasses decide which class to instantiate.". I understood the first part "defining interface for creation an object". but I am not able to understand the second part of...

2:32 PM
Viewed 777 Times, I can feel special now
@skiwi shouldn't it be 111 less??
guys, the thing... seen this?
Q: FizzBuzz in Commodore Basic

Mark1 REM 2 REM FIZZBUZZ IN COMMODORE BASIC 3 REM 10 FOR I = 1 TO 100 20 IF (I/3)=INT(I/3) THEN PRINT "FIZZ"; 30 IF (I/5)=INT(I/5) THEN PRINT "BUZZ"; 40 IF (I/3)<>INT(I/3) AND (I/5)<>INT(I/5) THEN PRINT I; 50 PRINT 60 NEXT I I'm not happy with the tests for "multiple of 3" and "multiple of 5". Us...

> Your new COMMODORE 64 is the best home computer available today. You can use your COMMODORE 64 for everything from business applications to household paperwork to exciting games. The 64 offers you lots of memory (64K), lots of color (16 different colors), lots of sound (music and sound effects), and lots of fun and practical uses. You can use prepackaged software, or you can write your own programs in easy-to-learn BASIC.
@Mat'sMug Those were the days...
2:47 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg My whole programmer's life just flashed before my eyes!
@Mat'sMug Well, at least you haven't done any COBOL.
I think I need a Modulo property on my Fraction type now.

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