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12:00 PM
@MAFIA36790 yes, I thought I'd emphasise that I am (was) actually a scientist. Given the, erm, discussions I've been having with a certain engineer on the site.
@Kaumudi.H yes on occasion, but doing something scary everyday for the sake of it is silly. In your life's journey you'll inevitbly have a roller coaster of emtoions, no need to force yourself into abnormal situations just to make yourself feel
And maybe realize that you know, we can do stuff we thought we'd never be able to do, like be comfortable talking about free energy! :-D
@MAFIA36790 the thesis han't been digitised. Only the title is available. I do still have a copy but I feellittle urge to scan it. The world doesn't need an online copy of my thesis.
@JohnRennie nice.
@Kenshin Totally agreed.
12:01 PM
I think one should live a balanced life
not too much physics
Maybe a better one would be: "Be OPEN to things".
not too much alone time, not too much group time, not too easy, not too hard etc.
@Kaumudi yeah that's a good one
@JohnRennie You should; there might be some people who will get benefited from it.
Yeah, that balance...I don't feel like anybody ever finds it.
yeah but you can come pretty close
12:03 PM
@Kenshin WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
That's crazy talk!
I think if you have too much of anything, you can begin to cling to it out of habbit
12:04 PM
@Kaumudi.H it's an unstable equilibrium!
@JohnRennie Yeah...
A person is only happy when all needs are met
there is a need to learn (physics) there is a need for belonging etc.
but if one need isn't met, there is tendancy to rather than meet it, instead use the other met needs as a crutch
@JohnRennie My head kinda explodes when we talk about thermo for 6 hours straight. Just saying.
but I say, tackle all of your needs head on
don't fall back on the stuff you're comfortable with
^ What dyou mean?
12:06 PM
I mean let's say person A is good at physics but is lonely
person A might say, "it's ok that I"m loney, I'll jus tstudy more physcs cos it makes me happy"
but I think person A can only be truely happy if they also seek interaction
a common example is people who overeat
some people get depressed, and rather than tackle their problem, they eat
but they've already satisifed their need for food, yet they continue to overeat as a crutch for their other needs not being met
does this make sense?
Another example
someone might love money
Yeah, yeah, that makes sense.
and they may sacrifice their health and family to attain money
but when they get money they aren't happy
because they need health and family too to actually be happy. They don't have this, so they just continue to seek more and more money, but never get happier
Yeah, I understand.
So one needs to ensure all their needs are met to be happy, rather than focusing on one to the detriment of the others
12:11 PM
@Kaumudi.H you have mail. Nothing important.
Yeah, I checked. Wow, they are so disorganized.
wat is it
wow TNT problems agian
Hi @TheDarkSide.
No, not problems, per se.
@JohnRennie: They should refund u :-P
wtf happened tho
12:15 PM
No, nothing important. It's still coming :-)
@Kaumudi.H once you have the laptop safely in your hands I'm going to demand a refund. But I'm not doing a thing until you have the laptop safely in your hands!
@JohnRennie Wait, u really are?
@Kaumudi.H yes. It never hurts to ask. The worst they can do is say no.
@JohnRennie r u able to contact TNT ahead of time and ask what the hold up is?
hi @heather
@JohnRennie That's awesome (Y).
12:17 PM
@Kenshin, hello
@JohnRennie what's hard about QFT?
@Kaumudi.H, did you get the laptop yet?
like it seems u know all physics, I'm keen to learn QFT too, but why do you find it hard?
@Kenshin Everything =P
Oh, now everyone knows about the laptop :-P
12:18 PM
I'm rooting for you =P
@heather: Hey :-) Nope. It's on its way.
Hii everyone
@heather Thanks!! :-D
The laptop's hte most exciting thing that's ever happened here
@Kaumudi.H, aw, at least it's close.
12:18 PM
@Kenshin GR is based on just a few basic principles that are easy to grasp. From there the algebra can be hard, but the whole thing is conceptually straightfiorward.
@Kenshin x'D I dunno...people will start disagreeing all over the place.
Does anyone has some idea of solid states ? I have a question .
@heather Yep. It'll get here today/tomorrow! :-)
@Kenshin But this isn't the case for QFT. When you start learning it QFT seems baffingly complex, and after you've grasped the basics it still seems bafflingly complex!
@koolman yes solid is one of the 4 states of matter
I mean I thought it was complex
but for me it's because I need to imrpove my fundamentals
like ladder operators etc.
12:20 PM
KF crystallizes in the NaCl type structure. If the radius of K+ ions 132 pm and that of F– ion is 135 pm,then what is the shortest K–F distance?
and complex analysis
@Kenshin i mean this
@Kenshin you don't need QFT for ladder operators. Learn them using the simple harmonic oscillator first.
Sorry I meant I need to brush up on my SHO
before tackling QFT
that's why QFT is hard for me
because my fundementals aren't good enuf yet
so that's why I'm surpised even someone with all the fundementals like u@JohnRennie still find it complex
@MAFIA36790 Hello MAFIA guy. Long time.
And hello hbar. Long time.
12:22 PM
Hi @TheDarkSide
did you see rogue one?
Vader is looking awesome.
"MAFIA guy" xD
how does Vader come back to lfie after Rogue one?
there must be another episode to come that explains it?
Anyhow, I'm going off to get lunch.
Dude, @Kenshin: Just look over to the starboard.
12:23 PM
@JohnRennie I'll see u tomorrow, bye! :-)
btw I haven't seen rogue one yet
@Kenshin None of these!
Just trolling
@JohnRennie I haven't seen rogue one ;p
12:24 PM
@Kenshin do you have any idea of that question
@Kenshin That's 267. You are welcome. And hi.
ur smart
@koolman tight pack
Where do you think they are situated in cubic lattice @Kenshin
12:25 PM
@JohnRennie bye.
just a gues
Potassium fluoride is the chemical compound with the formula KF. After hydrogen fluoride, KF is the primary source of the fluoride ion for applications in manufacturing and in chemistry. It is an alkali halide and occurs naturally as the rare mineral carobbiite. Solutions of KF will etch glass due to the formation of soluble fluorosilicates, although HF is more effective. == Preparation == Potassium fluoride is prepared by dissolving potassium carbonate in excess hydrofluoric acid. Evaporation of the solution forms crystals of potassium bifluoride. The bifluoride on heating yields potassi...
was i right john?
guys @JohnRennie isn't really going to lunch, he just didn't want rogue one spoilers
@koolman I can't help feeling you could have done a bit more research before posting the question.
@JohnRennie i will see it
12:27 PM
And with that John flounces off
@JohnRennie ok I will come later with more research
@MAFIA36790 what martial arts do you know?
I bring bad news to the hbar.
@TheDarkSide ::stares::
12:30 PM
Sid Drell, one half of the famous Bjorken-Drell book series (doublet actually), passed away.
He was 90. hmm.
Sad day :(
They should form a cult like Bourbaki who never dies.
@Kaumudi.H, snow is magical/wonderful.
12:35 PM
@heather I'm jealous.
@MAFIA36790, do you live in a no-snow area?
@Ramanujan Happy Birthday :P
@heather :(
@TheDarkSide thanks
@MAFIA36790 I'm sorry
12:36 PM
@heather It's drizzling outside, hmm.
drizzling = no fun
I know; it's chilly too; but not that Christmas-y chilly :|
do you believe in Santa @heather
@Kenshin, no....
12:49 PM
Almost through season 3 of Enterprise
That show is an ordeal
1:03 PM
Watchin' Star Trek, aha.
1:20 PM
Q: Are the implications of magic on-topic?

billpgI was about to post a question here, but felt unsure if it was topical here, or if I should post on World-Building instead. In a nutshell, my question has a premise that something magical (and probably impossible) had happened and to ask what the implications of that happening would be. The rea...

1:58 PM
1 hour later…
Science publishing out of control once more
Does your greed know no end mister Newton
He was an English knight.
$\uparrow$ what is going on?
Apparently, someone withdrew his/her upvote, but the page is not showing it properly.
3:27 PM
okay, it takes some time, I'm seeing.
3:46 PM
Lazy b*****d!
Q: All about Lorentz Transformation

InquisitiveMindFor complete dummies , What is Lorentz transformation and what are its applications ? Please start from the basics.

Q: Being on the same wavelength

user1583209The usage of physics terminology outside of technically minded people seems limited. That's why I am curious about the phrase being on the same wavelength which as far as I understand is generally understood (and also exists in at least the German language, that's why I ask here and not at Englis...

What to do with this?
@Slereah That's an understatement.
Time travel and Nazi aliens...
@Kenshin She's 14, bro.
@DanielSank o/
3:52 PM
@Slereah I bet he's on the board at Elsevier!
@JohnRennie Nice hat.
Elsevier is villain to free-access of papers.
@DanielSank You should have got that too.
3:55 PM
@DanielSank I'm struggling to find any interesting way to wear it. Time for a change I think ...
@JohnRennie Really? I think you've optimized it!
4:17 PM
@JohnRennie , I got my answer of that solid state question
@koolman Excellent :-)
4:37 PM
@MAFIA36790 sounds like a mischaracterization aka straw man to me.
1 hour later…
5:40 PM
Printing papers to read while at the family for Christmas break~
It's gonna be Rarity Schwinger, Krasnikov metrics and the conformal anomaly
Also maybe some wavefront set
@JohnRennie um, excuse me... you seem to have a trophy in your nose.
@DanielSank I've only been changing hats when I get a new one, but I haven't got a hat for the last 24 hours. I'm running out of ideas for amusing ways to wear the trophy hat :-)
If I don't get another hat soon I'm going back to the boob hat. That one is at least funny!
3 hours later…
8:48 PM
Hi, everybody.
good evening
9:27 PM
9:46 PM
Bernardo has a todo that says "add pretty image of wave showing lambda"
i'm not completely sure what he's looking for, but would something like this work:
(not very pretty, but is this the concept he's looking for?)
Yeah that looks about right, but be careful of using other people's images.
how can you check if an image is okay to use?
10:08 PM
@heather In general this is difficult. If you stick with Google's image search then they have a tool that will search only images known to fall into certain classes of reuse rights.
@dmckee, okay.
Also keep in mind that it is a matter of academic ethics to credit the creator no matter what rights you have to reuse the image.
Even public domain images should be credited if you can determine the creator.
that makes sense.
10:24 PM
@BernardoMeurer, I completed your to-do list =D (i would've finished earlier, except last night was decorating-the-tree night.)
10:55 PM
@heather Sweet!
I have 12 hours in Heathrow to work on translation now
@BernardoMeurer, nice! I won't have a ton of time tonight, but I can work on it a bit, and I'll have plenty of time tomorrow - I'm off of school! On winter break! =D
@heather Awesome! I added a bunch of TODOs, just let me merge things
okay, sounds good
11:15 PM
Bernardo, U Y no work on our projects?
Heheh, we can start fighting over each other's time.

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