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7:00 PM
@EmilioPisanty ouch. what's wrong with it?
@heather not enough comics sans
@EmilioPisanty who made those?
7:01 PM
I want them to make a Banach space for me
those are really good.
@0celo7 TidalWave, as I recall.
mine looks like absolute junk comparatively =P
@heather I don't think people would be looking for constellations on the advertisement :'D. It should be visually appealing. However, I appreciate your thought about inserting a constellation there.
7:02 PM
Unfortunately there's no versions in the new sizes
@anonymous okay
darn it, wrong one
@KyleKanos, is that what you meant by not having enthusiasts on the bottom?
@anonymous no more crazy star-ness on the right.
@heather Yesshhhh :D Now its much better :)
@heather I doubt XD Hahaha!
@heather You have 7 words on the top line and 2 on the bottom. It's an uneven split
why... don't you just use photoshop?
@heather why have a tagline at all?
7:07 PM
@KyleKanos oh, that's what you meant, sorry.
no offense but that ad is unoriginal and poorly drawn.
also, seriously consider making the ship go from bottom left to top right
@obe And photoshop is gonna fix that? At least try to be constructive here.
@ACuriousMind yes.
7:08 PM
the unoriginal part, maybe not.
@KyleKanos, better ^?
but the drawing part, yes.
@obe look, I'm sorry, but make a better one yourself or give me something that I can fix.
@heather Yes
I'm not magically good at making art.
7:09 PM
@heather I think the font is a bit too...fat? At least on my screen I find the tagline a bit hard to read
@ACuriousMind, okay.
@ACuriousMind do you need glasses?
@obe Please, try to provide objective criticism rather than subjective criticism.
Another semester, another paper assignment. But I have a big class (10 students!) and not enough suggested topics.
@dmckee Direct integration of Hilbert spcaes
7:10 PM
I'm looking for surprising effects in thermal physics that a undergrad major could write a 8ish page paper on.
hah, there we go
↑ regarding the difference between left-to-right and right-to-left on movies, games, and so on
@dmckee Speaking of thermal physics, I don't understand thermo
@anonymous how am I being subjective?
@0celo7 I didn't get it until the third time I saw it.
If we are heating water isobarically, why is the temperature constant throughout a saturated mix? Why doesn't the steam at the top get superheated
7:12 PM
I'm teaching it out of Dan Styer's notes this time. They are incomplete, but htey fit my students and I can fill in the gaps.
@obe "poorly drawn" is a subjective issue. I don't find it poorly drawn.
If we are heating at the top and the container is huge, I don't see how the heat could get distributed down into the liquid water
@anonymous look at the bottom of the rocket, it's basically irregular scribbles.
Power and timescales are important. Do it fast enough and it will.
7:14 PM
Why this question is put on hold
Q: Angular acceleration in different cases

koolmanA uniform plate of mass $m$ is suspended in each of the ways shown. Immediately after the connection at B has been released, is the angular acceleration the same or not? I think it should be the same. If we apply the equation for torque about A (as A would be the axis of rotation), then there ...

@obe Yes, now that is called objective criticism. So how can @heather improve on the irregular scribbles? Any suggestions ?
> "Homework-like questions should ask about a specific physics concept and show some effort to work through the problem. We want our questions to be useful to the broader community, and to future users. See our meta site for more guidance on how to edit your question to make it better" – Kyle Kanos, Jon Custer, heather, knzhou, Qmechanic
@anonymous use a proper program.
@obe Agreed. However, changing the font might be good idea too.
That said, the question is asking you to notice the effect of the extra degrees of freedom in the second and third systems.
I'd probably tackle it in Lagrangian mechanics.
7:16 PM
@EmilioPisanty Wow, I never thought about that before
@dmckee but it is related to physics concept
@dmckee so the temperature through the whole mix is always the sat temp?
@koolman It looks like a particularly interesting homework question, but it takes some careful reading to see it.
or within some error?
@koolman No, it's asking someone to answer a problem for you. You haven't identified a concept that you're stuck on, you just dumped your homework in our laps.
7:17 PM
I'm confused
@ACuriousMind yeah, it's pretty cool. Particularly with a fair bit of empirical backing.
@heather I personally like the ad in its present state. I leave it upon others to suggest further improvements.
@0celo7 Happens often
@EmilioPisanty, changed rocket direction
7:18 PM
@KyleKanos Ok what have I done to incur your wrath
@0celo7 This isn't wrath
@dmckee why does water have a constant temperature boiling point?
@0celo7 @heather Sorry. I was unclear up there. If you supply enough power it will superheat at the top. Go slower and even osmosis will distribute the energy vertically. If the container is short enough and well insulated that could result in uniform temperature.
Just bored or something
@JohnRennie constant how? w.r.t. changes in pressure?
7:20 PM
@JohnRennie Oh. Go ahead and ask my a hard one, then.
hmm, now just the font needs to be fixed for a decent draft (though obviously terrible compared to Emilio's examples.
Here is a first pass that simply assume the phase diagram.
I thought that would be quite a good question ...
neat video
shall we get political again?
The phase diagram tells us that water hotter than the boiling temperature and at the same pressure is a gas, not a liquid.
7:21 PM
@heather well it's a different style.
But it takes energy to transform the liquid into the gas.
No, no. Imean as a question for your class
@obe what exactly don't you like about the ad, besides your photoshop fetish?
I know the answer
7:22 PM
SO as you add energy, at the boiling point and at constant temperature the water can't heat up directly (because there is no such thing as liquid water at higher temperature (yeah, I know, superheated state; stop being a smart ass).
@heather Great, @EmilioPisanty, now I don't know if I like this better because the left-to-right rocket simply feels more as if it has a goal or if the video conditioned me to think that
@ACuriousMind @anonymous, how's that font?
INstead that added energy goes into transforming some of the water to vapor.
@heather it looks unprofessional.
@heather Like the tagline font. Not so much the spaceship font.
7:23 PM
@EmilioPisanty okay
Also, don't capitalize Enthusiasts
oh, dunno how that got capitalized
The steam above the water also stays at boiling because it if didn't energy would transfer from vapor to liquid.
Result: you have to boil all the liquid away before you can increase the temperature.
Subject to endless weasel words.
@heather It's usually the shift key at fault ;)
@obe unprofessional how?
7:24 PM
@ACuriousMind lol
As in, "not produced by a paid professional designer"?
@JohnRennie Or was that a suggested paper topic?
@EmilioPisanty give me a break.
Hmmm ... we went over it in class, but ... it might be worthwhile just to force one of them to look very closely at it.
@dmckee it's because the Gibbs free energy of the vapour is dominated by the pressure and that's pinned a 1 atm. So the Gibbs free energy of the liquid can't rise higher than that.
7:25 PM
@obe You don't really get to critique another persons work and then call for a "break" when asked to be more specific/explain that criticism.
@obe look, as a non-graphics designer, where is it unprofessional? i get the general idea, but spell out the specifics.
@obe I'm simply asking you to provide constructive feedback to someone who's taking their first steps in design. At present your feedback is not detailed enough to be useful, and it is in fact pretty mean.
@heather ooooh, no, not keen on the boxy font.
didn't know if it'd make sense there =)
7:26 PM
@heather it's always OK to try things out
@EmilioPisanty Could you suggest a font ?
should I go back to the permanent marker font in the rocket ship but keep the smaller font in the neater style?
@ACuriousMind Plenty of office-type software (espcially MS) makes it hard to insert a deliberate linebreak but start the new line with a lower-case letter
^ that
also happens with plenty of graphics software
Hmmm. Nice. The chemical potential is hidden in my words as "it takes energy to transform liquid into a gas".
7:27 PM
what are you using, @heather?
Drives me bonkers. Especially when I'm trying to make a bulleted list where each bullet should start with a lower-case letter.
google drawings @EmilioPisanty plus a few websites to mess with things it doesn't let me mess with.
@EmilioPisanty how is it mean?
@heather I quite liked the original marker font
@EmilioPisanty, okay, and I think it'll be big enough there that everyone can read it.
7:28 PM
ok I'll make one myself and then use that to explain what I mean.
how's that?
@heather yeah, that there is fine. I would actually make it a bit smaller so it can comfortably fit inside the spaceship at the same angle as the axis
seriously why is everyone attacking me...
@obe that's a lot better.
@dmckee I think it's remarkably poorly understood by students considering it's such an everyday observation.
font fixed, now to make it smaller/angle it
7:29 PM
@JohnRennie Yeah.
@heather "space exploration" is not aligned with the axis of the rocket
@heather also consider switching the tagline font from comic sans to comic neue
rotate it a bit
should I make it look like @heather's rocket or should I use a different rocket design?
also should I include anything else?
7:30 PM
if your software will let you do it
it's not comic sans, it's architects daughter
Put the water in a sealed pressure vessel and it doesn't show a well defined boiling point.
@heather ah, that's what it is
then consider also Where Stars Shine and Handlee
7:31 PM
better angling?
but it's fine as is
@heather I like it
okay, let me look at those fonts
now mind the clipping
@JohnRennie what
@EmilioPisanty =)
7:31 PM
@obe feel free to make anything of your choice :)
@EmilioPisanty i'm doing screenshots, i'll resize the whole thing and everything at the very end.
@JohnRennie my thermo prof worked in steam power plants for 20 years
is he lying?
about everything?
1 message moved to Trash
@JohnRennie Hmmm, that's interesting.
7:32 PM
Wow @AccidentalFourierTransform is worse than me
should I make it realistic looking like those ads you posted or should I make it look like clipart style?
@dmckee maybe it's too short / too trivial, but I always liked "why do clouds float?"
ok enough with the censorship people
@obe What are you trying to do, exactly?
here's handlee:
7:33 PM
@ACuriousMind What is the Hamiltonian of an electron moving in a magnetic field?
@AccidentalFourierTransform Take a hint, please. I'd like the tone in here to remain professional.
$$\frac{p^2}{2m}+S\cdot B?$$
@0celo7 $H\approx 3$
@0celo7 I believe you can look that up on your own
7:34 PM
@heather architect's daughter was better
@EmilioPisanty You know. I'm not sure I actually know that. Several mechanisms come to mind, but which one dominates. And under what circumstances?
@EmilioPisanty make an ad for space exploration that looks decent. and use it to explain my point.
@ACuriousMind I don't know where to look
@EmilioPisanty that's what I thought too.
Oh no, it's $\Pi^2/2m+e\phi$
Does spin not matter?
@ACuriousMind that is a legitimate question now
7:36 PM
@obe current ad looks decent to me. Since you seem so certain that your advert will both be ground-breakingly awesome and show a newcomer all their mistakes, I'm sure you can manage just fine without our feedback.
@dmckee normal, sunny day?
@EmilioPisanty I'm not asking for feedback.
I didn't even start yet, and it will probably take a few hours.
@obe OK then. Looking forward to your proposal.
@EmilioPisanty Heating driven convention could be what holds up the typcial fluffy cumulus cloud.
That would also account for the patchy nature of their distributions and their occasional development into taller forms.
7:37 PM
@dmckee you don't need heating. Wet air is naturally lighter than dry air at the same temperature.
look, @obe, I don't see what's so trashy about mine. it's a rocket on a black background for crying out loud! there's a limit to how bad it could be!
@heather He's upset because it's hand-drawn.
One can clearly see that the line by the exhaust is poorly done.
7:38 PM
@dmckee I know. It blew my mind when I realized it, and I'd been doing physics for nigh on ten years.
and also the fact that you used black to outline the rocket when the background is also the same black. @heather
So any droplets that drift down start to evaporate, creating an updraft and tending to hold their breathren up. Equilibrium may develop?
if those were the problems you had with it, why didn't you say that earlier @obe?
He did say it.
Like 20 times.
no, he just called the ad unprofessional.
7:39 PM
because of those reasons.
and no I did say it.
@obe you were explicitly asked to name your reasons and refused to do so.
26 mins ago, by obe
@anonymous look at the bottom of the rocket, it's basically irregular scribbles.
@0celo7 The Hamiltonian you wrote down ignores the spin contribution.
@dmckee Not sure. I do know it's likely to be a fairly complex dynamic equilibrium at best.
@obe "look at the bottom of the rocket, it's basically irregular scribbles $\neq$ the fact that you used black to outline the rocket when the background is also the same black"
One suggestion does not imply the other
7:41 PM
@ACuriousMind What is the spin contribution? $S\cdot B$ up to a factor?
Magnetic moment
There is probably some information in the relatively well defined edges of cumulus clouds as opposed to some other types.
@ACuriousMind Well this homework problem doesn't specify which Hamiltonian to use, what should I do?
Ask the people who gave the homework? :P
7:42 PM
@0celo7 what's the problem text in full?
Oddly, I've just had a refresher on clouds. I covered six lecture for the instructor of a gen-ed meterology class over the last two weeks.
It was fun.
Especially the lecture on interpreting satellite photos.
@dmckee I'd expect that would be ... uplifting.
@0celo7 Pretty sure you're to neglect spin there
I don't get how you guys are treating @heather like a baby and giving her useless feedback on things like the font that aren't even issues when the design as a whole is flawed in so many ways.
7:44 PM
@obe Just stop
@dmckee sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/what-on-earth See ads for this show all the time, never watched an episode
make your picture
But it seemed relevant
who even cares.
I genuinely want to improve this ad. I'll try to fix the "scribbles" and make it look nicer.
7:45 PM
aww poor balarka
so bored
that's a feature not a bug
@heather I think it has a kind of Roy Lichtenstein look and I have to say I quite like it.
Sounds like a programmer
@JohnRennie i dunno who that is, but thank you =D
I get headaches frequently at work due to programming.
7:46 PM
@0celo7 that's tricky. Frankly, for a homework problem, I think your goal there is simply "find a reasonable hamiltonian that will have the spectrum in part (b)".
@heather Google him!
I suspect $H=\frac1{2m}\mathbf \Pi^2$ is probably enough.
@JohnRennie hmm, a pop artist?
Roy Fox Lichtenstein (pronounced /ˈlɪktənˌstaɪn/; October 27, 1923 – September 29, 1997) was an American pop artist. During the 1960s, along with Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and James Rosenquist among others, he became a leading figure in the new art movement. His work defined the premise of pop art through parody. Inspired by the comic strip, Lichtenstein produced precise compositions that documented while they parodied, often in a tongue-in-cheek manner. His work was influenced by popular advertising and the comic book style. He described pop art as "not 'American' painting but actually industrial...
Probably, I don't think we want an electric field at all @EmilioPisanty
I'll work on it
7:47 PM
@0celo7 how does that hamiltonian give you an electric field at all?
Landau quantization in quantum mechanics is the quantization of the cyclotron orbits of charged particles in magnetic fields. As a result, the charged particles can only occupy orbits with discrete energy values, called Landau levels. The Landau levels are degenerate, with the number of electrons per level directly proportional to the strength of the applied magnetic field. Landau quantization is directly responsible for oscillations in electronic properties of materials as a function of the applied magnetic field. It is named after the Soviet physicist Lev Landau. == Derivation == Consider a two...
@heather that sort of deliberately cartoony style is how I see your graphics, and as such I think it's quite effective.
you want objective feedback? okay. the rocket is scribbled, the outline blends into the background, the design of the rocket is too generic and lacks basic details, the flames look unnatural, the fonts are inappropriate for a space exploration site and have no sci-fi look to them. and the list goes on. @heather
@obe, okay.
Just use $A_x=\frac12 B y$, $A_y=-\frac12 Bx$.
7:48 PM
@heather Here in 2017 "pop artist" has a musical connotation that isn't correct for Lichtenstein.
@rob, Andy Warhol style, giant soup cans and kind of cartoony drawings, right?
@heather You got it.
For the record, @heather, I think all of obe's commentary above is of a subjective nature, and I pretty much disagree with all of it.
@heather yes the rocket outline looks scribbled, but it looks deliberately scribbled and I think that works well.
I might keep this ad, make a second ad, and post both.
7:49 PM
@EmilioPisanty yeah
@heather It looks like a pastiche of illustrations from an early scifi comic strip.
Or $X=-c\Pi_y/eB$
then $[X,\Pi_x]=i\hbar$
Implementing obe's suggestions on this ad would be like the philosophical dude who tried to please everyone but pleased no one.
@JohnRennie no it doesn't, because some parts are clearly drawn where as some parts are scribbled.
@0celo7 wait, what?
7:50 PM
@JohnRennie I should add an alien =P
@EmilioPisanty what is confusing?
@0celo7 what do you mean by $X$?
@heather Add a BEM!!
If I define $X$ by that, then $X,\Pi_x$ are canonical variables
a BEM? ::googles::
7:50 PM
@0celo7 read the wikipedia link I posted above
@heather sigh, the youth of today ...
@obe You're free to not like those features but "scribbled", generic rocket design and non-realistic flames can be choices and not mistakes. If we were going for realism we could've just taken heather's profile picture and slapped a "space.SE!" on it :P
just add $\frac{P_z^2}{2m}$ and youre done
@0celo7 then $X$ is a terrible symbol for that variable
Why? It acts like position
7:52 PM
@obe Just stop. Make your own proposal but please stop pretending that your own subjective judgement is the objective truth.
kind of like lizard cavemen dinosaurs @JohnRennie? Or do I have the wrong things.
you guys silenced me, right?
can anyone read what Im writing?
@AccidentalFourierTransform, huh?
I can read it.
@heather Bug Eyed Monster
I cannot read it
AFT, what happened to you
7:53 PM
well for once I was being helpful and they are ignoring me :-(
@JohnRennie oh. then i've got the wrong thing =P
he accidentally fourier transformed
@EmilioPisanty @AccidentalFourierTransform can one of you change your avatar pls
it's too hard to tell you apart
im usually the one thats being disruptive
@0celo7 tough chance
7:54 PM
one of those three frond thingies @JohnRennie? with eyes on the end of each frond?
@AccidentalFourierTransform then change your avatar
#MAGA or something distinctive
huh...TIL "frond" is a word
i got different advice on the ad elsewhere too

 The Pod Bay

General discussion for space.stackexchange.com. Check our sche...
The bug-eyed monster is an early convention of the science fiction genre. Extraterrestrials in science fiction of the 1930s were often described (or pictured on covers of pulp magazines) as grotesque creatures with huge, oversized or compound eyes and a lust for women, blood or general destruction. The term is now often abbreviated to BEM. In the contactee/abductee mythology which grew up quickly beginning in 1952, the blond, blue-eyed, and friendly Nordic aliens of the 1950s were quickly replaced by small, unfriendly bug-eyed creatures, closely matching in many respects the pulp cover clichés...
7:54 PM
@dmckee There's a detexify android app?
@EmilioPisanty Yeah. And for the first ~6 months I had it it was great.
Then it just stopped working.
@JohnRennie, oh.
@ACuriousMind in this case they are choices and clearly design flaws because for it to be different from that it would require more skill and effort. and @EmilioPisanty okay, I'll stop and make my own.
we are waiting with baited breath
@obe Agreed. However do note that heather's picture isn't going to be a part of an art competition. It is an advertise for a SE site. The things which you pointed out will just serve decorative purpose and may not be possible to implement all together. I suggest you make another image yourself. Personally, I find heather's ad succint and I believe it will serve the purpose effectively.
7:57 PM
@dmckee hrmf.
@ACuriousMind hm, why does "generic rocket design"always have to look like a V-2?
@AccidentalFourierTransform lmao
Can I ask why you find the android app a much more essential workflow component than the desktop-browser web version?
@ACuriousMind @EmilioPisanty Ok, so I was able to beat the Hamiltonian into the form $$H=\frac{\Pi_x^2}{2m}+\frac{m\omega^2 X^2}{2}+\frac{p_z^2}{2m}$$
7:58 PM
@JohnRennie, ^ =P
Now why should the spectrum of this thing be the sums of spectra from the first two and the last one
bc if $H=H_1+H_2$ then $E=E_1+E_2$
oh, the temptation is high to keep the alien =P

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