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12:00 AM
What I don't believe is that they're all immigrant-despicing racists :P
@ACuriousMind Interestingly, those discussions often start with a statement like this: "So, US worker's protections are sort of messed up, huh?"
If you disagree with me you're a racist xenophobic transphobic queerphobic cis white male
Europe is just a bunch of communists
@DanielSank I'm pretty sure you know what I am hinting at and feel you are wise enough. In the present form your messages might offend many Europeans. Let;s stop it here :). (Note that I'm not European)
@ACuriousMind Not all, but just as bad as anywhere else but think they're better.
we all know that
12:01 AM
@anonymous Indeed.
I don't mind offending the same Europeans that have absolutely no problem making incredibly offensive and uniformed statements about the US. Ok?
@DanielSank That makes you no different from the people you are complaining about.
@DanielSank Never say to a former Yugoslavian you're american
@anonymous It makes me the same to call out statements I disagree with?
Look, replace your mental record in which I said "Europeans" with "a surprisingly large fraction of Europeans I've met in science".
Is that better?
And no, I don't think pointing that out makes me the same as people who say people from the South are all lazy, dirty people who should get out of the cities.
@BernardoMeurer why not?
@DanielSank He'll gut you
They hate Americans
12:05 AM
Didn't you read my mini tale up there?
@DanielSank I don't think anything I say will make any difference henceforth. Have a good day :).
@BernardoMeurer Nope.
9 mins ago, by Bernardo Meurer
For those who have talked with me I have a fairly American accent, for reference Daniel's father in law almost believed me when I said I was from Maine (lol). Once Nika invited some Slovenian friends over, I went to open the door to them, said hello and all, this 6' tall huge Yugoslavian dude looks at me and says "Are you fucking American?"
@ACuriousMind Is political correctness a big deal for non-politicians where you live?
@DanielSank Well, the only time European media reports on US affairs is usually when something fucked up happens, so they infer the actual situation from the few messed up things they've heard about. That's not an excuse, but I believe it is the reason.
12:07 AM
@ACuriousMind Makes sense!
Meanwhile our news doesn't even bother about Europe much, so we're just all ignorant.
@DanielSank Who hurt you man?
@BernardoMeurer I'm not sure why I suddenly realized this was bugging me.
@DanielSank Depends on who you talk to and what exactly you mean by "political correctness". It's something of a fighting word.
Really? Fighting as in if you use it someone will be upset?
PC is the biggest bullshit to arise in this century
And let me remind you, we have Miley Cyrus
12:10 AM
@BernardoMeurer oh?
@BernardoMeurer What's wrong with her?
Political Correctness , PC
@DanielSank She wen't from Hannah Montana to bizarre
@DanielSank Yes, bs song
@DanielSank Let me say it like this: I've only very rarely heard someone call a convention of speech "politically correct" if they agreed with it. Its connotation is generally negative and there can be fighting if what one person calls "political correctness" the other considers "basic decency"...
The problem isn't talking in a PC manner
That's fine
the problem is when you want to enforce other to do so too
12:13 AM
@ACuriousMind Interesting.
And I don't give a shit if to you it's "basic decency", I don't have a duty to be decent by your standards
(You being a general person here)
@BernardoMeurer I think where this gets complicated is when an important person's (celebrity, president) language implies that they think less of a particular demographic.
While we might say that everyone should be able to process the fact that other people's opinions are not the law of Nature, it's reasonable to be concerned e.g. about children's impressions.
Maybe they do, and I think that's alright, that's their problem
If someone wants to demean a group of people I have nothing against it. If people want to protest and strike against that, I have nothing against that either
@BernardoMeurer Right right but that naturally leads to political correctness. Just re-label it "not pissing off your constituents".
@DanielSank As I said, I have no problem with people being PC, I have a problem with people enforcing PC
12:19 AM
I'm uncertain what you mean by "enforcing"
@ACuriousMind He probably means "really strong professional/social pressure".
Like, I see why a news anchor wouldn't want to call someone a pussy, and I think it's fine if he doesn't and it's fine that if he does people who feel offended give him backlash for it. I do see it as a problem that when I call you a pussy ACM comes to tell me I can't do that because it's sexist (hypothetical situation)
...which IMHO is kind of unavoidable.
...and sort of the point.
And people go super overboard with this stuff too
That's a very interesting point IMHO.
You're saying that, in your opinion, certain boundaries, which make sense in situation A, are brought into situation B where they don't really make sense?
12:21 AM
@BernardoMeurer I don't see the difference. It's social pressure either way, no?
@DanielSank Yes
@ACuriousMind No, because you're not even a woman, so you wouldn't be offended for yourself, but doing this weird thing that seems to happen nowadays where people feel the offence that had nothing to do with them
That was part of my point too
@BernardoMeurer Ah, I can explain that.
@BernardoMeurer That seems to be a completely different point from you disliking "enforcement".
@ACuriousMind Different but related, yes
If you say something sexist it will bother me. Why? Well because I have women in my life that matter, and so sexism makes my life worse too.
12:25 AM
@ACuriousMind Also, it's reasonable that I don't want my 5 yo daughter to hear someone calling someone else a pussy implying weakness or whatever, but I don't see the issue if it's us here and, say, a girl my age
@BernardoMeurer By that reasoning I could go about murdering people and say that I am prepared for any kind of backlash but I won't follow anybody's order that I shouldn't murder people. What if I feel that murder is not a crime according to my notion of political correctness? What if I say murder is completely fair? To avoid such situations we have an elected government (for example moderators on this site) who can enforce certain boundaries which majority of people agree with.
@anonymous Eh, you can go and murder people if you're prepared for the backlash
That's how the legal system works
@BernardoMeurer I also think that point completely falls flat - are you saying people have no right to be offended if they were not the target of the insult? I'm confused by the implications if that's what you're saying - if someone calls all Jews greedy Christkillers who should be eradicated, may I only speak up if I'm Jewish?
@BernardoMeurer Isn't that the same case here? You are free to offend people and ACM has the power to stop you?
12:29 AM
@anonymous We're not talking about moderation, we're talking about social situations. My point is people should be allowed to say whatever the hell they want, and deal with the consequences of it. But the consequences shouldn't be in form of law or anything. I'm saying you have the right to say what you want, and people have the right to call you out on your BS
...who was talking about consequences in the form of law? Is that what you meant by "enforcing" (that was what I was trying to pin down)?
@ACuriousMind It's not about having a "right", I don't give a crap whether people feel offended or not, it's about this urgent need to defend everyone from every offence even when you have no clue whether something is or not offensive to a demographic
@BernardoMeurer You yourself gave the example of calling Daniel a pussy and ACM stopping you. It isn't much different from the society. You "can" go about saying anything you want and offend anybody you wish but the law-enforcing bodies will stop you if you cross the boundary.
@ACuriousMind I was, you're right I should've been more specific. My whole point is there shouldn't be any formal imitation to speech
@anonymous I meant in a bar table, not on the h-bar :P
@anonymous law enforcement shouldn't have anything to do with you offending people, unless you enter into defamation or calumny
@BernardoMeurer I'd say that when I get offended by e.g. a sexist insult it's not because I feel the need to "defend" women from the offence but much rather that I'd like to see the stereotypes that lead to the insult even being perceived as insulting to die out. And they won't die out as long as such speech is still common usage.
12:34 AM
@BernardoMeurer Yeah, I think you mean "Absolute Freedom Of Speech" should be allowed. But that again is a very debatable issue...YOU feel that "Freedom Of Speech" should be allowed. What if I say "Freedom To Murder Anyone" should be allowed? That is again debatable.
@anonymous You can't possibly compare saying something to committing a murder, it's a fallacious analogy.
@BernardoMeurer I can compare offense with murder. My choice. I don't feel murder is a crime. Any problem?
@ACuriousMind What's your point?
@anonymous I won't indulge until you're able to make a point that does not involve a blatant logical fallacy
@BernardoMeurer I guess my point was that the "urgent need to defend everyone from every offence" is not in fact why people try to restrict offensive speech, at least not for all
@BernardoMeurer Your notion of logical correctness doesn't match with me. That's exactly what I wanted to prove. And I succeeded :).
12:38 AM
@ACuriousMind I think there are few people who fight bad speech as honorably as you describe. I deeply believe most people feel a social need to present themselves as PC
@anonymous Logical fallacies are well described and agreed upon. You're just saying "QM is wrong" with no argument
@BernardoMeurer Well, what arguments do you have to prove that "murder is a crime" ? I am sure there are solid mathematical/physical arguments about QM.
@anonymous Are you Kantian?
What are your moral basis?
Hey, I know this is the physics chat but can someone help me with maths ? In a private chat if its possible
@BernardoMeurer Experience.
Algebra and calculus mat
12:42 AM
@BernardoMeurer Well, that's a proposition that's difficult to examine since one would expect the latter would try to present as the former.
For one if you live in a Western society at least you choose to abide by the Social Contract
@BernardoMeurer No, I never read his works :P
@ACuriousMind True, but if you think about the "spectacle society" that is western society today it makes sense
@Nisman Hi Nisman. Given the current discussion here, you may have more luck in the Math Stack Exchange main chat room.
@BernardoMeurer That doesn't make it a fact. I grow increasingly wary of trusting people's beliefs of how the world works ;)
12:46 AM
@ACuriousMind Never said it made it a fact, I said it made it plausible
Using plausible as we do in portuguese meaning - possible
Ah, today's discussion was too heavy to handle :'D. Have a good day people!
Im off to sleep
@DHMO I have some integrals for you :D
@anonymous Have good sleeping.
1:22 AM
reading through the conversation, i have to agree to some extent with Bernardo.
but eh, what do I know? =)
@heather About PC?
@DanielSank yeah
1 hour later…
2:36 AM
howdy guys
3:12 AM
@anonymous yes?
4:02 AM
I have a mechanics question , can you help me in that @DHMO
@koolman someone already answered
4:07 AM
@DHMO he has not got his answer completely
@koolman she says she thinks the given answer is wrong
I'm not familiar with this
@DHMO okay np
2 hours later…
5:59 AM
@obe go, go, go!! :-)
Good morning @JohnRennie
Morning :-)
May I ask a question
@JohnRennie can you help me in this
In this I got the answer when it is hinged . Both a) and b)
I'm afraid I'm a bit busy this morning, but I'll try to have a look later ...
6:15 AM
@JohnRennie ohk , ping me when you are free
1 hour later…
7:40 AM
Q: is it possible to freezing things via quantum entanglement?

siddigani know that Entanglement is a quantum correlation between two (or many) objects - a correlation means that these two objects' properties are not independent of each other - which was created in the objects' common past when they were close to one another i.e. when they were two parts of the same ...

Why will quantum entanglement have anything to do with freezing?
Yeah, I don't think one can do that, I guess...
8:03 AM
Now that's interesting, so presumably we might be able to trap a lot of matter and energy ins some places we desired if we engineer features that high entropic configurations can fit in
"Give me a $\aleph_{\alpha}$ set, and I will partition it into at most $2^{\aleph_{\alpha}}$ number of parts"
8:46 AM
9:37 AM
@DanielSank You're mischaracterizing that conversation. I never said I didn't know Americans were guaranteed overtime pay. Are you saying I thought "oh these guys probably work for free when there's extra stuff to do"? OK, have a nice rant.
9:57 AM
Hii @JohnRennie
Are you free now
10:42 AM
anyone know why crude designs of flyball governor works better than well machined ones. is it to do with friction?
11:03 AM
I have checked every GR books
They all reference Steenrod
Nobody wants to prove that theorem
@Slereah Really?
"every" ? :P
I've checked every reference book on spacetime topology
@aquire How did you come to the conclusion " crude designs of flyball governor works better than well machined ones" ?
sorry it should be rather "worked" .... This is related to early ones
times of industrial revolution...
@aquire It is difficult to make any conclusion without knowing their actual design at that point of time.
Where did you read that crude designs worked better?
11:13 AM
Our teacher asked us.. we begun learning control systems..
@aquire Read the history of control governors here (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Governor_(device)). Probably you'll get your answer.
I'm not an expert on this topic but it looks like an interesting read.
I've read them.. Also the paper by Maxwell which was the 1st ever math treatment for feedback systems... but it had no direct answer for it..
@aquire Oh, then it is best if you ask on the main site. I feel this question belongs more to Engineering Stack Exchange than Physics Stack Exchange.
Thanks @anonymous
12:16 PM
I read that trying to increase the accuracy led to instability due to slower attenuation.
pretty much what i've thought ha?
12:47 PM
@Slereah Didn't we establish that ages ago?
@ACuriousMind Well I just checked BEE, O'neil and Le Choquet Bruhat
every time, same thing
the closest that comes to proving it is Geroch's article in Hawking Israel
2 hours later…
2:33 PM
I have two matrices A and B that each are associated with their Dirichlet generating functions. One Dirichlet generating function per matrix that is.
Now it is very probable that the most negative eigenvalue of the symmetric matrix A.B or B.A is approximately a prime number.

Would it make sense to figure out the Dirichlet generating function for the commutator A.B-B.A?

Also, how is this related to the uncertainty principle? I mean I know with certainty what the Dirichlet generating functions for A and B are. But that is not what is meant by uncertainty in the uncertainty principle, is it?
@MatsGranvik 1. By Dirichlet generating function, do you mean $\sum_n \frac{\lambda_n}{n^s}$ for $\lambda_n$ the eigenvalues? 2. Why do you think this series has any physical relevance? 3. The uncertainty principle is about the standard derivations of the expectation values of $A$ and $B$ w.r.t. a state, not Dirichlet functions.
@ACuriousMind No not the eigenvalues in the numerators. The eigenvalues are the eigenvalues of the matrix A.B.
you can also calculate the convolution of the $\sigma$ distributed over the $\tau$'s. But it depends on the normality of the $\kappa_\Xi$.
$\sum_n \lambda_n^{-s}$?
@MatsGranvik Could you write down the function you're talking about?
@AccidentalFourierTransform I don't know anything about the variables you mentioned.
2:41 PM
Note that you can use MathJax here if you activate one of these.
@ACuriousMind yes, just a moment
This is the matrix:
$$\displaystyle A.B = \left( \begin{array}{ccccccc} +1&+1&+1&+1&+1&+1&+1&\cdots \\ +1&-1&+1&-1&+1&-1&+1 \\ +1&+1&-2&+1&+1&-2&+1 \\ +1&-1&+1&-1&+1&-1&+1 \\ +1&+1&+1&+1&-4&+1&+1 \\ +1&-1&-2&-1&+1&+2&+1 \\ +1&+1&+1&+1&+1&+1&-6 \\ \vdots&&&&&&&\ddots \end{array} \right)$$
$$\sum\limits_{k=1}^{\infty}\sum\limits_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{(A.B)(n,k)}{n^c \cdot k^s} = \sum\limits_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{\lim\limits_{z \rightarrow s} \zeta(z)\sum\limits_{d|n} \frac{\mu(d)}{d^{(z-1)}}}{n^c} = \frac{\zeta(s) \cdot \zeta(c)}{\zeta(c + s - 1)}$$
$n$ and $k$ are row and column indexes respectively
$\zeta(s)$ is the Riemann zeta function.
Ah, okay, you're talking a double series with respect to the entries (I'll not check that that really gives the zeta functions you claim)
So, why do you think this has anything to do with the uncertainty principle?
That is what I am asking. I don't know much about the uncertainty principle other than that about momentum and position, if I remember correctly.
$$\sum\limits_{k=1}^{\infty}\sum\limits_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{T(n,k)}{n^c \cdot k^s} = \frac{\zeta(s) \cdot \zeta(c)}{\zeta(c + s - 1)}$$
The most negative eigenvalues plotted above.
2:50 PM
@MatsGranvik The uncertainty principle involves a state (vector in Hilbert space) $\psi$ and the standard deviation $\sigma_A(\psi) = \sqrt{\langle \psi, A^2 \psi\rangle - \langle \psi, A\psi\rangle^2}$ and states that $\sigma_A(\psi)\sigma_B(\psi) \geq \frac{1}{2}\lvert \langle \psi, [A,B] \psi\rangle\rvert$. It has nothing to do with your series.
@ACuriousMind ok.
Mathematically, it's an elementary consequence of the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality in Hilbert spaces, nothing deep.
How big are physical science journal
do they vary in size
Because sometimes articles are 1 page and sometimes they are 80 pages
did they print the 80 page articles
@Slereah I'm pretty sure many journals have length restrictions otherwise I'm going to be really mad at all those 4 page papers that omit all essential steps :P
where did they publish them then?
wigner's paper is 60 pages long
2:53 PM
Maybe that particlar journal didn't have a restriction? Maybe if you're Wigner they just ignored the usual restriction? I have no idea
3:29 PM
Which Wigner paper? Math papers can be long (Wiles proof of Fermat's theorem was an entire issue of a math journal). Of course review papers will also be long.
Given Slereah's questions yesterday I'd wager it's the one where he develops his eponymous classification.
3:45 PM
Q: Resonance and Oscillations

Rakhal Chandran.BWhy doesn't amplitude increase when the frequency of external periodic force increases above the natural frequency of the vibrating object?

Any idea as to why the question got 2 downvotes?
It seems to be a fine post to me...
The paper on irreps of the inhomogeneous Lorentz group was published in Annals of Mathematics. Never mind the length the topic would have turned off any physics journal of the time.
does $\int_{0}^2\mathrm dx\ \sin(x)$ converge?
@AccidentalFourierTransform Are you serious? :P
Why would it diverge?
3:51 PM
well maybe I redefined $\sin$ into $\sin(x)=\frac{1}{x-1}$...
or maybe not
you cannot know that
If I may ask a technical question: I don't have issues doing umlaut in LaTeX but I can't seem to do it here. Is it because I would o
oops work out if an iPad or a Mac?
like $\"{o}$ simply doesn't work here.
bc this aint latex
here, copy&paste
@ZeroTheHero Yeah, that's because the rendering engine isn't LaTeX, but MathJax which doesn't have most of the commends for text full LaTeX has; it's only for typesetting math
right but closely related syntax...
is it an OS issue or just my lack of MathJax synthax?
The issue is not with you at all - you cannot write umlauts in MathJax
3:55 PM
you guys have no problem doing it...
I type umlauts without problems because I have a German keyboard ;)
I know you're goooooood but I'm jealous.
actually, $\ddot a$
@ZeroTheHero use \ddot
That's...not what ddot is for!
Apr 3 '16 at 16:06, by AccidentalFourierTransform
3:59 PM
$\ddot$ is a slick workaround... I'll try that. Thanks.
mind youI
@ZeroTheHero i dont know where you are from, but most keyboards have a key for umlauts
they are used in most languages
I could also install the german keyboard...
right in French there is "tréma"
German, French, Spanish, English...
(with accent on e!)
all right thanks!
ok but what about $\int_0^2\mathrm dx\ \cos(x)$?
(my mathematica code is taking forever to execute, and Im bored af)
4:32 PM
4:47 PM
Hii @heather
5:34 PM
6:08 PM
A butterfly randomly lands on one of the six squares of the T-shaped
figure shown and then randomly moves to an adjacent square. The
probability that the butterfly ends up on the R square is ?
@DHMO Try ^ :D
Anyone else also can try...it is a fun problem!
Ow, this isn't as good a problem as I thought. Answer is just (1/6)+(1/6)(1/2).
However, I think a variation of this could be made into a challenging problem.
Some comments on the site just make you go ::facepalm::.
In LaTeX proper you get umlauts with \" preceding the letter. On the site you should learn how to type them on your computer. On max that's option-u-<letter>: ä ë ï ö ü ÿ though it doesn't work for all letters: ¨n. Oh, well.
1 hour later…
7:35 PM
@0celo7 Hey. 'Sup.
@Danu You're right that is was something of a rant. Still, I can't shake this feeling because it comes up so consistently. Just a couple days ago I met a guy from Switzerland who is now in Santa Barbara for a few months. He's never been anywhere else in the US, yet the first thing out of his mouth was about how he couldn't judge map distances "in America" because everything is spread out.
I had to explain that 1) "America" is a rather large place with many different geographies and city layouts, and 2) Southern California is not representative of the entirety of the country.
If you're interested in discussing this further, I can look up our previous conversation about worker's rights and point out where I thought you were making uninformed and rather generalized claims, but I won't do it unless you indicate you would be interested in that discussion.
8:42 PM
@BalarkaSen Not much
Procrastinating QM homework
Typical 0celo7 :) I'm procrastinating on math.
I am also sick so I have an excuse
I am with a girl so there's that
Just wanted to check if my chat works now
Which it apparently does
Suck it @DavidZ @rob
you shouldn't be chatting if you're with a gal, but who am I to say
Hmm. I wanted to tell the other guy never comes around
Rather irresponsible
@BalarkaSen she's napping
@ACuriousMind hello
Long time no see
@0celo7 woah, you exist!
9:05 PM
@DanielSank hello to you too
I've always existed. Not sure why the confusion
@KyleKanos why a link to ads?
But they are interested in reviewing, so that's nice
@0celo7 you're immortal?!
@DanielSank Those are the basic stats of the ads
(from 2016)
9:07 PM
@KyleKanos what's that got to do with bounties?
The first one is for bounties and shows 0 clicks
(well the first one I see, not sure if it's ordered the same for others)
@DanielSank Oh no, you caught me
@KyleKanos hi
So apparently the bounty advertisment doesn't seem to actually do anything for the site
@0celo7 Hi
I thought you left
I came back
I've got an addiction
9:10 PM
@KyleKanos I think people might just visit the bounty tab the ordinary way instead of clicking on the ad (I think it's a useless ad :P)
@ACuriousMind A likely explanation that I had thought of as well
@0celo7 hey
But it's still curious that not one person clicked on it
Maybe binning at work? I.e. <100 people clicked it, shows up as 0?
Seems to display exact numbers (e.g., 658 for academia)
9:12 PM
@ACuriousMind I finally understand what $f(A)$ means for a bounded operator (I read the proof of the spectral theorem for bounded s.a. ops). It's pretty intense
I understand why physicists sweep it under the rug
I imagine it is much worse in the unbounded case since Riesz is not available.
Also kinda crazy that we have 22 answers to the 2017 Community Promo thread
It's also amazing that physicist QM...works.
QM doesn't work, it's actually a big con
Now that I'm out of academia, I can state the truth
@KyleKanos Physically, yeah. I've never believed that QM works
My denial is well-documented in this chat
I guess it's because physicists never consider operators that are really badly behaved
GR is also probably a lie too
9:28 PM
@KyleKanos Now why would you say that?
Because it's a distinct probability
10:18 PM
@KyleKanos There's a bounty advertisement?
11:05 PM
@0celo7 Hellinger-Toeplitz something something! Also hi 0celo7!
0celo's back! =D
11:18 PM
@DanielSank Thanks for your reasonable response. I'm probably not interested in continuing that conversation---I have other things to worry about.
11:46 PM
i made a community ad =)
hopefully a. others like it and b. i didn't do something wrong =)
11:57 PM
@Danu Very well. Eat anything interesting recently?

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