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3:36 AM
Q: Witch Dragon Ball Z fighters use weighted clothing?

Matthew QuarlesTry to guess a couple dragon ball z fighters with weighted clothing if you can guess would you please be kind enough to anwser

4:02 AM
Q: Which is better watching or reading

Matthew QuarlesI have trouble with picking do i wanna watch our read so can somebody tell me which one is better

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5:41 AM
Q: In the anime Sword Art Online why does Kirito hide his duel swords?

Matthew QuarlesOn floor 74 Kirito hides his duel swords from Asuna and Clyde and then he uses them at the last second but why did he hide them?

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6:55 AM
Q: Shizuo Heiwajima gets shot on which episode I can't find that clip

Mehroz MustafaI know when the Yellow Scarves gets overtaken by the Leader of Blue Squares and one of the Yellow Scarves gang member shots Shizuo and blames Masaomi for that but i cant find that episode.

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12:10 PM
@Memor-X yeah, it was a breaking news on YouTube Japan, and he even stated the reason why he specifically used gasoline...
and morning
12:39 PM
1:36 PM
@AndrewT. oh really? does it mention the motive?
no, not the motive, but the weapon choice
the NHK Article says the suspect sent 2 novels which got rejected so from that i could assume they took it personally and lashed out at the studio. if that assumption is correct holy shit it was petty
@AndrewT. so why did he use gasoline?
not for the faint heart.............. but really, to maximize the number of victims.
@AndrewT. christ. just makes my assumption even worse
Afternoon. Let me guess.... yep, KyoAni.
1:45 PM
@Derpy yeh, few posts above was the latest updates from yesterday
Yep, noticed. Nothing really new from the original info that transpired back in July.
If my memory servers, the original press back then already mentioned the possible reason (the rejected novels). Also about the gasoline... I remember hearing the details in this Wikipedia article - they were mentioned by NKH back then.
> The fire began with an explosion[8] at around 10:31 a.m.[9][10] (01:31 UTC) when the perpetrator walked into Studio 1 and set the building on fire with 40 litres (8.8 imp gal; 11 US gal) of gasoline.[11][12] The perpetrator bought the gasoline 10 km (6.2 mi) away from the building, and it was believed that he walked to the building with the gasoline being carried on a platform trolley.[13]
The police believed that the gasoline planted on site mixed with the air, thus causing the explosion at the start.[14] He is reported to have been shouting "die!" (Japanese: 死ね, Hepburn: shi-ne) as he c
@Derpy well the update is that he's actually been arrested now
2:07 PM
anyway, I came here just to drop a message for @AndrewT. I was thinking about the FF7 Remake (yep, again). Just in case you were interested, I transcribed the lines from the old (Japan only?) 13' long ads for the game here. That specific exchange was already quite odd back then, but with the actual released game I wonder if it means something specific. As always, obvious potential spoilers for anyone following the link.
2:17 PM
@Derpy having been watching (too) many (Japanese) YouTube videos on the theories around FF7R... I think it's... [redacted]
2:32 PM
Q: In Assasination Clasroom why does the Goverment allow Koro Sensi to live?

Matthew QuarlesCouldnt they just send a army or a air strike to where he lives if the goverment cant kill Koro Sensi with all the stuff he has why does he think the students could do it? P.S i havent finished the anime

2:51 PM
@AndrewT. In that case.... please at least join me in the ranting about all the hype about Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai only to release a smartphone game.
oh, no, wait. Forget that. They later announced a real game too.
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6:07 PM
Q: Seemingly non-interrogative use of sentence-ending か

Miketrocaderon00b here. This is my first post up here, so bear with my duh-desserving question. I keep on coming across the particle か at the end of sentences without it having a clear or necessary interrogative nuance. An example. The 1st Angel in Neon Genesis Evangelion is regenerating itself after the fi...

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11:20 PM
@Derpy looks ok
but will provably have DRM on it and wont get removed for years

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