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12:22 AM
Q: Was it not possible to see Illumi's needle with gyo?

PetronusHisoka uses In to conceal his bungee gum which is visible with gyo, so I figured Illumi must have also masked his needle with In. I think anyone could see with gyo that Killua has a different aura on him, even a little. Because that is certainly a nen needle. So is Killua's luck just so bad tha...

1:12 AM
Q: Is there a continuity where it says that humans were made from Moon Kingdom biological engineering, and Moon Kingdom was aliens?

MaladyIs there a continuity where it says that humans were made from Moon Kingdom biological engineering, and the Moon Kingdom weren't from Earth, but came from somewhere else in space?

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5:41 AM
Q: anime where the MC has a ring of light on his chest and monsters can look like people

dripasaurusI watched and anime a couple years ago on Netflix where the MC had a ring of light on his chest or maybe it was on his head? anyways, this ring of light when exposed revealed monsters or demons that were nearby. he turns into a hero? maybe it's a suit of armor but i'm pretty sure he transforms in...

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8:58 AM
Q: Three Phase Electricity Meter -The Development Of Smart Electricity Meters

morganyhddb20 years from now, your relationship with the power company may be fundamentally different from today. Currently, you use electricity anytime, anywhere, paying a fixed fee for all the energy used, and the only real service you expect from a utility company is to maintain lighting. However, by 203...

Q: Might not be about anime but could someone translate this picture

HighNoon An image i found in Akihabara. Don't really know japanese but could someone please translate? Maybe its something about magical girls as it says in the bottom and something about a release date? Help would be much appreciated

@Sakamoto free flag
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1:58 PM
Q: Why Itachi didn't kill Danzo ? or stealing an eye is legal in Naruto?

Rafi AdyatmaMaybe some of people assume that Danzo just do what (he thinks) is right, to protect the village no matter how that can be done. We can see it from the task he gave to Itachi. But before that, we know that Danzo took Shisui's eye and this led to Shisui's suicide. Furthermore, Itachi, who just los...

2:47 PM
Q: Why was Kakashi Hatake doing all of the hard work in the episode when they first fought za buza?

Matthew QuarlesNaruto sakura and sasuke were standing back and kakashi was fighing za buza all by him self

2 hours later…
4:50 PM
Q: Why does trunks not have a widows peak but vegeta does the should have some of the same features just like gohan goten and goku

Matthew Quarles[![enter image description here][1]][1] [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/CPdkP.jpg n why does trunks have like a side cut and vegeta have a widows peak

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6:40 PM
Q: why did kuilas dad doubts him about keeping his friend even when they just talked about friendship

Matthew QuarlesKiluas dad doubts K Blockquote ilua for no reason or he doubts him for a reason


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