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Q: Why does the author of Gantz compare how aliens kill and eat humans for fun when very few people mistreat animals?

Ali123Most people have empathy and will not make animals suffer. Is the anime targeting a specific audience who are known to cook animals while still alive? Even those people still will not do it for fun but actually to consume the animal and eat it fully in the end not just for fun. I can see the ...

Q: How does Amagiri Ayato get the nickname Murakumo?

Daryl BagleyThis wiki lists Murakumo as an alias for Amagiri, but doesn't list how he gets it. I don't think anyone was calling him that before his high-profile duel with Toudou Kirin, but a girl calls him by the name at the start of the following episode. I think it makes sense to assume that he was given ...

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@Memor-X I left PC gaming behind me many years ago, and I don't feel the need to turn back. The only thing I miss are mods, and just on very specific games (like recent Elder Scroll ones - the vanilla games is utterly lacking IMHO, the mods are the one that turns them in play-worthy experience. Come on Beshda, in 2020 you can't have a companion character as good as Vilya????)
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8:44 AM
9:04 AM
how's thing @JNat
going... been waiting for Nintendo to restock on Switches for 2 months now... to no avail :P
how 'bout yourself, @Memor-X?
@Derpy PC Gaming is good for FPS and RTS since using a controller is sort of a pain, but mainly i use PC Gaming to "Archive" my older Console games, at least before emulation
but yeh, Bethesda game mods are way better than the base game
i love my mansion/Vaults in Fallout and Elder Scrolls. better than the vanilla player abodes
@JNat good to to speak, start of the week wasn't feeling too good emotionally because it was the anniversary of TotalBiscuit's death, but like last year it started to get better, just the reminder of it just gets to me. beyond that been playing Assassin's Creed and got a whole bunch of games from GOG since it's their summer sale now. hopefully dropping almost $400 sends a message to devs that DRM Free is good
@JNat seriously? is it COVID-19 related or just Nintendo being shit with supply
@Memor-X a bit of a perfect storm, as I understand it: the lockdown in most places coincided with the launch of Animal Crossing which was apparently highly anticipated. So people staying at home led to stock depleting, the new game did too, and then the COVID thing also reduced productivity in factories
they apparently have been restocking constantly, in small batches
but stock depletes almost instantly
@JNat lol, they should have Animal Crossing as a lunch title now for new Nintento Consoles
so what game were you going to get for it?
9:19 AM
Wanna get Breath of the Wild and Octopath Traveler to start with, along with some Mario stuff to play with other folks :)
maybe a Kirby one further down the line :)
@JNat i forgot Octopath Traveler was on switch. maybe i should get that too
and i hear nothing but good things about Breath of the Wild so good pick there
off the top of my head i can also name Bayonetta (1 is digital, 2 is physical, 3 is expected to come out), Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 and Super Neptunia RPG
i think Ys VIII and the Arland and Twilight Atelier trilogies are on Switch aswell
no Persona yet, but i did hear that Atlas was thinking about porting over older games so maybe down the road you'll get Persona 1-4
.... Neptunia? Does that mean that finally they are trying a little harder on the quality front instead of just fanservice?
(hopefully Portable for 3, so more people can see how cute Kotone is with Aigis)
@Derpy nope. PS4 version of RPG had CG Missing. PC and Switch didn't
@Memor-X as I feared. I will stick to Tales then.
@Derpy the fan service or Sony censoring?
9:28 AM
@Memor-X First one. Not a fan of the fanservice-only games.
(Which doesn't mean that I don't think some censoring - especially when sony is involved - isn't just weird)
@Derpy yeh, should clarify that i havn't played RPG yet so i don't know what the "fan service" will be beyond yuri teasing Planeptune and Lastation CPUs. but Sony's gotten flack for "lenses flare" Trish's butt in Devil May Cry 5 so i assume it was more fanservicy bits they got rid off but i never found Neptunia to be too bad compared to other Compile Heart games like Agarest
@Derpy that would be another good series to port for portability. and i wouldn't mind the latter games being reduced graphic quality so long as i still get Dhaos's outfit for the girls
@Memor-X .... two words. Texture Canvas.
Milla with Dhaos's outfit and her Tri-corner hat backwords maker her look way more epic as the Lord of Spirits
@Derpy oh if you're talking about Mk II's ability to change the textures of Nepgear's HDD form where some people made her nude, they dropped that level of customisation with the Re;Birth games
Re;Birth 1's plot is similar but different to the original. Re;Birth 2 is mostly the exact same time minus that feature and using the "Re Make" system which is more or less a replacement to the old synthesis system
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10:44 AM
has anyone else noticed the black border box around the chat input?
not sure if it's an SE thing for Chrome thing
@Memor-X Can't say I have it on firefox
Also morning~
@Dimitrimx morning, how's things?
@Dimitrimx hmmm, maybe Chrome's updated how input boxes are in focus
Pretty good. Been auction hunting for cheap tools and such.
grinding down on A&M statistics for the music ID topic.
and a calm day at work today, so overall good
How's things on your side
2 hours ago, by Memor-X
@JNat good to to speak, start of the week wasn't feeling too good emotionally because it was the anniversary of TotalBiscuit's death, but like last year it started to get better, just the reminder of it just gets to me. beyond that been playing Assassin's Creed and got a whole bunch of games from GOG since it's their summer sale now. hopefully dropping almost $400 sends a message to devs that DRM Free is good
@Dimitrimx auction hunting on ebay?
@Memor-X no, dutch online auction houses.
10:59 AM
@Dimitrimx they work any different to how ebay works?
Not sure, haven't really used ebay auctions (nor did I know it was a thing ha.)
But the auctions I look at are mostly bankruptancy auctions, so you can get a lot of a companies stuff dirt cheap.
Due to that, after 2 years of living without curtains, I finally caved and bought some curtains ;p
It's also companies offering their old supplies on there on occasion. Or people putting a full household of items for auction as well.
@Dimitrimx ebay auctions are just a product page with a timer and you just place your bid in the price field
when the timer is up, whoever put in the highest bid gets the item for that price
As far as that goes, yes it's similar.
Probably just the range of items that differs.
@Dimitrimx ahh ok, when i think online auction i think either ebay or a live stream
@Dimitrimx is that, 4,000?
The FFFfff is this channel?
11:05 AM
@Memor-X next bid 5000 yes.
@Will Anime and Manga SE Main chat room
So why is it called Maid Cafe?
It does not include tax or additional costs inquired for the transfer of the land (such as a lawyer for the buying contract). But top it with +- 37% and you got a pretty solid figure on what you paying
@Will you see Maid Cafes in Anime and Manga fandom and are also a thing in Japan
and even if doubled, if you'd pay 10k for 40.000m of land claim. That's still a steal :p
11:07 AM
@Dimitrimx i know, i think i have less land and paid more
and that's after converting the Euro to AUD on that listing
about 9k i could buy
@Memor-X Well, it's a redevelopment project. All buildings on the land are marked as uninhabitable. But it is located in a a pretty rural area, near a popular hicking place.
Depending on how high it goes (as it closes the 25th of june) I might bid on it
@Dimitrimx always good to get the land though because then you can build on it
@Memor-X exactly
@Will So how did you stumbled upon the maid cafe ;p?
Maid Cafes are only a thing in Japan among the socially inept. If that's what you all identify with, fine...
I open all stackexcahnge chat rooms
this one was the most recently active (1s ago or something)
That's quite the rude statement.
Did you know that maid cafe's have been a thing in america and europe alike for several years now already?
11:11 AM
You might as well name yourself Weaboo Wonderland or Asperger's Atelier or something equally self-depricating.
@Will Do consider yourself warned, rude behavior like this is not tolerated.
@Dimitrimx near a hicking place also makes it a good place to set up a hotel or something
only thing to make it complete is to have Gordon Ramsey come in and yell at the owner
or the equivalent
I don't mean to be rude, but I've been to Maid Cafe's in Japan before (because I live here and people ask me to "show them around"), and it's 99% guys who are least extremely introverted and well ...otaku. That's just the reality.
@Memor-X Yeah, to keep the initial costs low I was thinking of more of a camping style place. But a hotel is pretty nice as well
@Will well they are designed around the Otaku fandom with them as the target demographic
11:16 AM
@Will true as that might be Weaboo Wonderland or Asperger's Atelier is needlessly derogatory, regardless of your personall experience.
I mean, why can't you people just have a normal topical (i.e, "anime") chat root like all the other stack exchange sites, instead of over the top cringy shit like お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様
@Will If you don't like it, feel free to take your leave.
@Will quite sure that's the literal translation of the welcoming. and also in some way all the entertainment SE Site main chat rooms are themed like the site
I don't care much honestly, I'm just curious why you as community delibrate make such choices?
No ご主人様 is not part of a literal translation of any welcome message on SE.
@Dimitrimx so what tools have you scored already?
11:20 AM
@Memor-X A nice watch, some curtains, a small sowing machine, a offbrand roomba.
@Dimitrimx oh yeh you mentioned curtains before. did you not use anything before or did you just use blinds?
@Will was talking about the welcoming in the corner
> Welcome back, my Master!
which i do imagine is how the staff greet customers in a Maid Cafe
@Memor-X not really. We did have some window stickers that we used. But beyond that, we just accepted the window as an open existance for the past 2 years ;)
i always felt that was a more western thing. i don't recall something like that from my japanese class when we was talking about Geisha
@Dimitrimx oh my god is that Nyanko-sensei
@Memor-X Nyanko-sensei has 2 colors right?
I ain't sure which one this is. I tend to reffer to it as 'cat-ball'
You can also see sebastian from black butler in the corner haha
just googled it, looks like he has an extra colour
looks so much like him though. round and mostly white with a colour patch on the forhead
11:26 AM
haha sure does
still cute i want to cuddle it
It usually stands right next to the big alpaca
@Dimitrimx another plush sort of thing, or an actual alpaca?
But it's a tad of a mess there atm xd
@Memor-X O how I wish I had space for an actual alpaca (and the means to convince my wife)
@Dimitrimx i take it that it's a plush thing then
11:28 AM
@Dimitrimx they're good if you have sheep. if they bond with the flock, if a dog does to attack the sheep the alpaca will defend them and stomp the dog to death
@Dimitrimx awww, it's just as cute
Yeah, they are adorable ^^
But due to the large size of our windows, there weren't a lot of stock curtains that would fit.
So either we'd have to get them custom tailored. or buy 2.
And in both scenario's you'd be looking at around 250-300 euro's a window.
so with our living room added as well, we'd be looking at nearly 600 euro's worth of curtains.
On the auction we got a curtain that just barely fits in our bedroom, for 21 instead. Which is a huge safe, and will probably make sleeping a bit more comfortable overall.
As now a days I wake up at 6am, by sunshine heating the room up to 25-26 degrees c xd
@Dimitrimx yeh i find blinds, when the afternoon sun hit them, causes them to "glow", it looks like it would be worse with those stickers doing the same and also allowing light getting in
wouldn't be too much of an issue if it was cloudy most of the time
Wish it where. ha.
but yeah, those stickers are more for privacy, as we had some neighbors consistently watching.
those stickers, and them once staring at me handling my replica was enough for that to stop though.
@Dimitrimx your replica?
11:38 AM
@Memor-X airsoft replica's
@Dimitrimx oh, toy gun
lol, i can imagine that might stop some people being nosy
@Memor-X Yeah. They look like the real deal thou (hence a license is required for them)
@Dimitrimx case to match too
even got 2 cases at that
But yeah, after seeing some of those, they stopped peaking ;p
And it wasn't even intentional ;/
@Dimitrimx well it's their fault lol
11:48 AM
true true
12:12 PM
wrong cat
user image
here, fixed :P
@Derpy even better
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1:23 PM
Oh, probably old but in case someone is interested.
in Not a bar, but plays one on TV, 13 mins ago, by Derpy
A very good example of how to NOT talk to your customers.
1:40 PM
@Derpy just wow. Usually you only see comedians or the likes get away with phrasing such as that
Yep, I just stumbled on the video by chance but it seemed worth to share.
2:01 PM
On an unrelated notice, I guess I finally discovered why ChaWotte sounded like a Mog....
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3:10 PM
Another video that I just found by chance
PC, Switch, PS4... Android/IOS?
@Derpy oh this. the whole thing was disgusting, both how the dev acted and how gamers reacted
@Memor-X While I fear you can do nothing for the player (but to be fair, I guess I kinda understand the bakers who put the money in the patreon hoping for a console/Steam release and now are told they will have to wait "because they don't need patreon anymore") I would at least expect the company to be a little... more polite, at the very best?
@Derpy i remember seeing this on discord a year ago
i asked what kind of game it was and was told it was an MMO
if you have anything to refute that it would be great, but currently while it looks good it's not a game i will play because an MMO requires always online
@Derpy the backlash was less about any broken promises this time and more the announcement of the exclusivity. everyone could read the dismissive, condescending and smug tone of the post
there's a part where the developer dismisses the concerns of EGS and then tops it off that there are bigger issues like hunger
@Memor-X offline from what I read. Optional online for multiplayer only. From some gameplay videos, I see some sort of BOTW elements. But what seems weird is that from what I get... free-to-play? Wonder what they plan to make money from, can't find anything from the various closed beta tests.
3:25 PM
@Derpy macro-transactions
i suspect mobile will be free with macro-transactions for boosters, premium currency
PC and Consoles will get a paid version with none of that
@Memor-X that is the point, I doubt they can hope to go microtransactiosn on console, nor turn it into gatcha.
i'm sceptical but if the game is self contained in term of assets then it's possible to have a free-to-play macro-transaction designed game for Mobile and a good stand alone game for console's and PC
On PC.... offline game.... Yep, try microtransaction and see how they will just mod in the content.
@Memor-X Yep, but I can't find any info about that anywhere. Kinda hoped someone here followed the game.
@Derpy yeh i know of it but also lack info. if this is still beta then maybe there is still not alot
3:41 PM
@Memor-X I just wondered about the game because I stumbled on a gameplay trailer and as I said it had some similarities to BOTW, which made me curious. Guess I will just wait and see if anything interesting comes out of it.
3:57 PM
Oh, and sorry. I was mislead, @Memor-X. Seems it is online only even if you play singlegame. Also it seem there is some gatcha involved in getting characters / weapons.
A shame, in a way. Artstyle looked quite good - I kinda hoped for a standard, offline game that you could just buy.
4:31 PM
Q: What was the Chant Emiya Shirou used to Enter the Reality Marble World?

Mehroz MustafaIn Fate/Stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season Episode 12, What was the original Chant Shirou used to enter the Reality Marble World? I think there were some normal dialogues between his original Chant which had me confused so can anyone who can clear this mistake?


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