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1:00 PM
I was honestly shocked
And if I'm havign a really bad day I usually just take a break from the toxic games
There's a ton of fun games to play that are singleplayer or have a better community
That's what I have been doing since two days now
I just started replaying Wind Waker
If I'm in a good mood a couple of online trolls won't take me down. If I'm sad/mad I usually stay away from online games
Man, this is really sad if you think about it
I haven't encountered toxicity on LoL in a long time.
Although that might be because I don't play on EUW.
1:04 PM
Well me neither. But I haven't played in 2 months :P
Last time I played LoL was season 2
A couple of friends wanted me to play with them. All of them really skilled
@Yuuki squints
@MechMK1 great game
EUW is the worst
@GnomeSlice Hey, I can do that but it's racist when you do it. /s
1:05 PM
All the explanation I had gotten was "just right click on them, use your skills and destroy the towers"
PUBG is also a game where I haven't faced toxicity but I also turned off proximity voice chat and there's no text chat.
Of course, I got massively destroyed
@MechMK1 I mean, technically yes but...
@GnomeSlice That's all I got vs. high-level players
League is hard
1:06 PM
If you want toxicity, get on voice chat in Overwatch
I don't like it very much
I didn't find any enjoyment in LoL
I tried for like 200 games
@Sterno wtf I said earlier in here that I thought Overwatch was pretty clean in terms on community and everyone is disagreeing now
These days, I play ARAM because not a lot of time.
13 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Overwatch has a pretty clean community
1:06 PM
I wish they'd bring Nexus Blitz back.
Maybe it's cause I usually play in a group
Again, constant verbal abuse
"Mech why are you feeding?"
@GnomeSlice Playing in a group tends to minimize a lot of toxicity problems.
@MechMK1 wow, you tried a lot longer than I did lol
"Stop being so bad"
Ah yes, I'm sorry, I forgot to set my skill switch from noob to pro
1:07 PM
LoL brings out the worst in people
@GnomeSlice Do you play much anymore? I'd say it's about 1 in 5 games. Higher if you do comp
@MechMK1 Have you considered playing singleplayer games?
My wife gets it way worse though if they hear a female voice
@Ave Yes, that's what I do mostly
But I would prefer playing together with my girlfriend
@Sterno yeah like.. I mean I haven't in a month or so since my dad's accident but I was playing it like every night and in comp too
1:08 PM
We tried some coop games
Things are...marginally better there
yeah, was about to recommend coop
Maybe I just don't notice or am good enough that I don't get picked on
KF2 was okay for a while
2 players co-op sounds ideal
But the bigger problems we have there is that it gets stale
1:08 PM
Now that you mention it I do find myself apologizing for shitty teammates in chat sometimes
In a 10 player game, if you have a pre-made group of 5, you face 5 possible toxic players vs. playing solo where you'd get 9 possible toxic players.
@MechMK1 that's a good game
@MechMK1 BL3 is coming out soon. If you're into shooters Playing BL1, 2 and TPS can be really fun with an SO
@GnomeSlice It's usually not directly picking on someone (though sometimes it is). It's mostly just "Trash team" and stuff like that before they ragequit
1:09 PM
I'll always recommend Terraria as a co-op game
@MechMK1 what kind of games are you both into?
Borderlands 1/2/TPS are all AMAZING
@Jutschge I'm not such a fan of Gearbox
Though if the team is failing and they hear a female voice, you get a lot of comments about female gamers
but yeah gearbox is a pain
1:09 PM
Divinity Original Sin 2 is fun too
We did play Terraria and Minecraft. It was a lot of fun
@GnomeSlice Yeah, the other thing is that even if you have a toxic person in your game, if they're in your group they're more likely to direct toxicity towards someone else rather than someone in their group.
we're waiting for GTFO to be released
@Wrigglenite This games destroys friendships in COOP :<
@Sterno yeah.. my girlfriend stays out of team chat even in QP
Mostly just everyone wants to talk to her lol
1:09 PM
I loved Payday 2, before...well...the thing happened
Like seriously I can't believe how much anti-women and racist shit kids say. The weird part is I don't think most of them are like hardcore racist or anything... they just like saying shit to troll people. Which I guess is still racist, but I think you know what I mean
@Jutschge Not as badly as Monopoly
@GnomeSlice Yep, pretty sure my sister only uses group voice chat.
In divinity 2 we always combined poison flasks with red dye and then we gave the "healing potions" to others
@Sterno I understand you. My girlfriend constantly gets annoyed in TF2
"Are you playing medic just so you can heal your boyfriend?"
1:10 PM
ahh, this conversation reminds me that I'll get harassed when I stream publicly again
which is always fun
twitch chasers > *
Always good to be reminded that people are the worst
@MechMK1 lol. Well.. my girlfriend plays Mercy just so she can heal me 😛
Man, people...
@GnomeSlice My girlfriend is actually quite a skilled medic, and always tries her hardest to heal even the least skilled players
And as soon as you're like "Hey, maybe you could not be a sexist asshole" the response is "OMG ARE YOU WHITE KNIGHTING SHE ISN'T GOING TO SLEEP WITH YOU DUDE"
A) She's my wife, so she probably will
B) No, I just don't like assholes
@Sterno hue
1:12 PM
But for some reason, every server has ThatOneSoldier™ who thinks the medic only exists to heal him, and he will scream at the medic constantly until either a.) the medic leaves or b.) he gets tired and leaves.
In Overwatch, ThatOneSoldier is ThatOneGenji
TF2 sucks
@Sterno or hanzo
@GnomeSlice :(
@MechMK1 I stand by it lol
Hanzo switch pls
1:13 PM
I like it
"Yeah, I know I'm in the back line and their entire team is between you and me, but could you please run through them all to heal me so I don't need to take 2 seconds to pick up the health pack"
I tried to get into that game a long time ago and yeah the community was terrible and the game just didn't do it for me
there's some amazing maps
It's a fun game
1:14 PM
TF2 has quite a steep learning curve
It has its flaws, yes
@MechMK1 Maybe a different solution, but have you tried MMO's?
Or have I missed that somewhere in the transcript?
I thought TF2 was just a hat-wearing simulator now
Titanfall 2 held me as a multiplayer shooter for a loooong time. Overwatch too
Yes, and it's not really for us
I'm just godawful at shooters. I only play Warframe and Borderlands (and those are PVE/Coop)
1:15 PM
@Sterno With the occasional shooty bits.
@Sterno No, the game is still very active. This entire "tf2 is all friendly" is a meme
@MechMK1 My wife and I love RPGs, so FF14 is a natural fit for us.
I haven't played TF2 since people were still too dumb to spy check
My gf isn't into it, I asked her
@MechMK1 And ThatOneSoldier also rocket jumps like a maniac expecting the Medic with literally no mobility to stay attached.
1:16 PM
@Sterno Which is why KP_3 binds to classswitch Pyro for me :D
@MechMK1 do you guys normally play shooters?
What about destiny?
Or the division
@GnomeSlice We played some KF2
Killing floor 2 I assume?
It's okay. Gets old
Solid for a while though
1:16 PM
Left 4 Dead 2 as well
Destiny 2 is going partially F2P so you could give that a try.
Takes too long to progress
Eh, I really dont like the way Destiny is designed
I avoid loot boxes wherever I go
Another fun game I can recommend is Vermintide 2. It's Left 4 Dead in the Warhammer universe
Do you like story/adventure games?
1:17 PM
Yes, we did play it
A Way Out was amazing. Played that with my girlfriend
I actually like it a lot
@MechMK1 Like... the cosmetic engrams?
We played part 1 a lot
We're partway through Beyond Two Souls as well
1:18 PM
@Yuuki Yes, just in general loot boxes and MTX wherever they are
My thing with Vermintide 2 is that it just gets repetitive quick
We got it when it came out, and like a week later we had all the missions done
My roommate was extolling The Division 2 to me for a while
Doesn't DBD have a cosmetics shop?
And he only plays co-op
I have a problem with microtransactions
With his buddies
1:19 PM
Yes, but the cosmetics there are horrible
so! I don't avoid games with microtransactions / lootboxes
Like, artstyle-breakingly horrible
Monster Hunter is where it's at.
@Frank Agreed
@MechMK1 So... microtransactions are okay as long as the quality is terribad?
1:20 PM
The thing is, we played DBD long, long before MTX were added
And if the developers promoted them more aggressively, I would have stopped
Just like I stopped Payday 2 after they promoted lootboxes
@GnomeSlice I haven't played that in a really long time.
@Yuuki it looked really good
To me, Lootboxes and MTX are always a big negative, and a game has to be very compelling for me to accept them as part of the game
1:20 PM
I watched my roommate play it a few times
IIRC, the specializations didn't feel all that great. And the numbers game takes a bit to understand.
If the game incorporates them into its progression, as e.g. battlefront 2 did, then it's an absolute no for me
Nintendo is doubling down on making developers disclose loot box drop rates
Depends on how specifically they do it
Do they need to disclose every single item? or are "categories" enough
I like KF1 better than KF2
1:22 PM
Because if I have a 0.01% chance of getting a legendary skin, that doesn't mean I get a legendary skin for a character I play, or even the skin I want
@Sterno killing floor 1 felt way too dated to me even when it was released
@GnomeSlice Sure. But all the numbers make people's eyes glaze over.
@Frank oh no, it's one of those?
And even there, it still can be misleading, depending on how it's presented.
For example, the Gundam Builders game for mobile follows the classic gacha model, and does disclose the drop rates.
But makes it super hard to tell what the real chance is; loot quality is divided by percentage, and then by item.
Somehow, those percentages go above 100%, and the disclaimer even says so.
Probably because of some "the chances are tailored to each individual player" kind of thing
1:30 PM
@MechMK1 Then it's not accurate data, and there's no reason to show drop rates to begin with.
But these companies do those things out of legal requirement, not because they want to
Q: Japanese words that Recette shouts when place item

javaLoverWhat Japanese sentense/phrase that Recette shouts when place an item in her shop? I hear the words nani-kuo-sen-me .... a-do---- ni? What is it? This is nagging me for several years. If possible, please answer it Japanese character. You can hear it at . (1...

As far as I know, china requires loot box drop rates to be disclosed
@MechMK1 And false data doesn't meet those legal requirements.
Otherwise, they could just say the super rare item everyone wants has a 99% chance to drop, and yet, nobody gets it.
No, but they can add a lot of fine print, which, if analyzed carefully enough, may disclose the item
@Frank And this is the crux of the argument: Who exactly verifies that those things are correct
They could publish what players have received, but then again who says that that is the truth
1:33 PM
Right now, nobody; it's taken on trust.
Which is why I find this lootbox model completely abhorrent
I pay for a chance, not for a product
Lootboxes are a plague.
And that's the problem; publishers are cracking down on showing those drop rates, but trust the developer to be honest about it.
The, "self-regulation" is an attempt to head off real regulation, with real legal repercussions.
I honestly doubt that publishers do this of their own free will
They make way too much money off of it
@MechMK1 And will make exactly none if countries outlaw them entirely.
1:34 PM
I think Nintendo is pushing for it because they can see the gambling regulation coming in
@Frank Which I am all for, to be honest
So, yes, they're doing it because it keeps the gravy train going.
@MechMK1 Oh, don't get me wrong; so am I.
If there is any way for players to buy loot boxes, directly or indirectly, then they should be outlawed
Loot boxes can go die in a fire.
I mean, I am trying to stay on the "lootbox" side of things, not necessarily politics. Sorry if I dragged the conversation off-topic
No worries; I did, too. Nothing wrong with it, just gotta move it.
1:44 PM
It's the first time being active here, so please forgive me if I don't know the etiquette here
@MechMK1 It's fine. We just try to keep politics out.
It's a sensitive topic afterall
It tends to get a bit heavy when it's discussed, so it drags things down.
To speak more about videogames, has anyone played Cultist Simulator here?
How did you like it?
@MechMK1 I haven't but I'm really interested in it.
1:47 PM
I can highly recommend it
Even though the start is a bit rough
@MechMK1 A bit. It's weird.
Took a few do-overs until I figured out what I was doing.
Yes, I think the choice of having no tutorial at all was not very good
Or the choice to not being able to pick your legacy freely
Not sure I like the timed aspect.
That you lose a coin every minute?
earlygame osrs ironman money making is fun :)
I love thieving
good skill
(I do unironically love being able to make way more money now than I ever could as a kid lol)
1:53 PM
It's so unreal
As a kid I got 25€ per month and now I get 100x as much and it feels so weird
@MechMK1 Among other things. I'd prefer a turn-based system.
Yes, the constant pause unpause can be a bit weird, but I have gotten some good moments out of it
@Unionhawk Earlygame Ironman is the best. Also questing as an IM
You actually have to use shops. It was such a weird experience
For instance, when I had some notoriety on the board and my evidence was about to expire. And I quickly started painting with it to "hide" the notoriety from the detective
about to finally be a mithril champion minus the shield plus an adamant sword :)
(and buying runes for mage and hopefully the rune scimitar)
1:57 PM
iirc I never had a rune scimmy. I just went for the longsword and DScimmy after
@MechMK1 must be nice
I might have one now from slayer. But I definitely haven't trained with one.
Aaaah I should play again. I actually might do some slayer tonight.
@GnomeSlice 9 hours a day take its toll, and if you have to pay for all living expenses of 2 people, the amount of money left at the end of the day isn't that much
yeah that's 17k in like half an hour, way more money than I've ever had on this account
HAM stores are powerful
and smelly because the guards keep raw chickens and anchovies in their pockets apparently
Ardy knights must be the richest guys in osrs. I mean they literally get pickpocketed for a couple of billion gold per hour
2:03 PM
@MechMK1 Yeah, I know what you mean.
@Unionhawk I like making a lot more money too, but I tend to be somewhat wasteful with it at times
Like, I don't even blink at spending 15 EUR on Sushi for lunch
Though I don't do that every day
I like that two separate people decided to disconnect that from above context lol
but yeah, I do tend to easily lose sight of how much I spend at once
or accidentally did I suppose
Yeah I was just thinking... Isn't he talking about osrs?
2:07 PM
I do also like having real money
TIL @uni makes his money IRL from thieving
oh, you're talking about a game
@Unionhawk or just didn't at all see the context! :p
It's quite different in games: I don't like farming or grinding for ingame money, so I tend to end up broke quite easily
@Nzall In rs it's pretty fun. In WoW I'd be broke if there were no customers for M+ boosting
2:09 PM
This gamemode is way different so I get to experience a different piece of content that I never touched on main
I never farmed gold in WoW.
Q: Rimworld: Changing colonies seems wasteful?

msmith1114Im still new to the game, but I seem to get a lot of "so and so needs help over at X location" which seems to usually require me uprooting my colony to live elsewhere. I've done this a few times and honestly it seems like a waste. Does it make more sense to stay put or what? Because the game see...

@Unionhawk how much HP do you have atm?
@MechMK1 I work full time as well, but I make less than that. I live in a shitty basement
I can really recommend Wintertodt for ironmen. You'll get a ton of money and 99 doesn't take too long
Actually 99 FM is probably the quickest way to get an obby cape equivalent on an IM
2:13 PM
@GnomeSlice Depends on the job, and on the company. I'd change jobs in a second if it meant earning less, but having better work-life balance
@Jutschge I loved WoD and Legion because it was trivial to get massive amounts of gold from your garrison and your order hall. And then in BfA there are no such easy methods to make gold
So I end up either having to buy tokens to stay afloat, or fly around Nazjatar for 15 hours to get the same value
@Nzall You can always flip stuff in the AH
It's boring but effective
And not really a lot of effort required
@Jutschge My server is low pop, and on the low edge of low pop AFAIK. Flipping isn't really feasible if you don't have the market for it
@Jutschge 24, I know I should do wt but I literally can not be asked
plus you also need to have higher levels for the loot to be worth anything?
that minigame scaling with your hp is stupid
@Nzall I mean you can build a monopoly if you do it right :P On our server a guy from my guild managed to do it
2:18 PM
hit the level 3 hcims with a 10 imo
He literally controlled the AH across 3 lowpop servers. About 120m gold
Fortunately we got a discount lol
@Unionhawk the loot is pretty much always worth it. Sure you could go for higher fishing/herblore but from 50-99 you'll get a ton of stuff anyways
I did it with 15hp. i think you can have up to 17 or 18 for the lowest damage.
But man I've seen a lot of HCs lose their status there in that time lol
Especially considering how at least on my server, there are not really any profitable flips. Benthic gear basically takes a dump on crafted PvP gear for new alts, so that market is basically ruined; Gems are worthless on my server; Enchants don't really have the same impact now that it's just 4 slots at most; And every single Flask and potion is valued below the price of the herbs needed to make it
I do have a house now so I probably should do it
but ugh
It's actually not as bad as I initially thought. FM was my first 99
2:22 PM
It's pretty bad
Strength on main will probably be my first
On my main my highest skill is 86 afaik
kinda sad lol
Like, Flasks are consistently selling at 50% material value
@Nzall I mean you can still buy everything and sell at a higher price if there's not that much going on
What server do you play on?
Kor'Gall EU
And that won't work if you need to buy 160K worth of Flasks and need to repost them for twice their price just to break even
Q: Folders & plugins minecraft server, cant delete files

SoxI cant delete maps or plugins on my server, its keep comming back when i restart the server, help me

2:50 PM
whelp, Windows has updated and it only took like 2-3 hours
maybe next time i should reschedule it to a weekend so it'll run while i'm on a console
I had my work laptop (mac) force update in the middle of me interviewing someone a few weeks ago.
It was not ideal.
Anyone try the new No Man's Sky update that came out recently (Beyond)? I think the devs did a pretty good job improving the game since its rocky launch. I've played around 20 hours on a new save and I'm maybe a quarter of the way through all the content (I'm guessing)
It's a little grindy, but in the same way Minecraft is, IMO. You set your own goals and have to figure out the most efficient way to achieve them.
3:07 PM
yeh i'm torn whether to get the game or not. if i get it i validate devs promising the world, releasing shit and making it better over time
@Memor-X I don't think you're validating anything by getting it at this point
they promised a great game, didn't deliver, you didn't buy it. The game is good now, so you reward that by buying the game now
pretty sure it's also cheaper now than it was at launch
@MageXy I just bought it after this update and I'm really enjoying it
@Memor-X If you look at it from a different perspective, you're promoting devs owning up to their mistakes, putting in effort to make things right and making amends with their community.
3:35 PM
The devs released all the updates for free, which to me shows good faith. They knew they messed up the launch, and they spent a lot of effort adding in the missing parts. While I think they could have handled the botched release A LOT better (by not lying about included features, for starters), I'm neutral toward the company now because at least they put their money where their mouth is and continued updating the game to where it is today.
@MageXy cough cough Anthem cough
Yay. Recruiter contact, manage to get range out of him, it's insultingly low. Bin opportunity.
3:50 PM
Q: I can't update minecraft to 1.13 ios

LivMy Minecraft on my iPhone is still on the 1.12 edition and i would like to update it to 1.13 but I can't because it's not showing that I can update it. this is really annoying. please, can someone help?

Ah, so this is how conspiracy theorists start.
PSA: Docker is magic
I click on a bunch of space/astronomy-related articles and now Google is suggesting "'UFOs' are coming out of black holes and altering galaxies forever" by Fox News.
@Dragonrage Some of my co-workers are actually having problems with Docker right now.
Although I think that's mostly because our internet here sucks.
No one said that magic has to work 100% of the time
Or that magic was a good thing to begin with :)
3:57 PM
@Yuuki they need to receive more dark arts training
Part of me wants to click on that Fox News article just to see how crazy it is, but I don't want to wind up tumbling out of a rabbit hole spouting off about how the Russians secretly engineered the drastic fall in the quality of Bioware's recent games.
I mean I could have told you that
@Yuuki I read tons of space stuff and I've never seen that one lol
@InvaderSkoodge lol uh..
You can't stop it?
Saw some people talking about Cultist Simulator. Looks like Underhand on mobile. Huh.
That game was okay, I don't think I beat it though
4:14 PM
@GnomeSlice No it just literally shut down as I was typing.
That's what you wanted though, right? Apple knows best
18-22 hr estimated
@Yuuki lmao
@Yuuki whoa wtf I just posted that to my work's slack channel like 30 seconds ago. Are you hacking my computer? xD
@MageXy Nah, you guys both just found it on Reddit :P
4:24 PM
Gasp, Reddit at work? I would never! I am a professional after all
covertly closes firefox tab
4:45 PM
FYI for anyone who loves chicken sandwiches and also has a moral compass: Popeye's chicken sandwich > Chik-Fil-A.
It's so good
Although they appear to have given me the regular and not the spicy.
Which is a minor disappointment.
it's also not under Fair Food Program boycott like Wendy's
and is better than that one too
I thought the chicken discourse was overhyped but no
@Unionhawk Isn't that because Popeye's doesn't use tomatoes (to my knowledge)?
@Yuuki I mean that and also because Wendy's is just the current target
them and kroger
even YUM brands are on board (though the scope of that is just taco bell)
4:50 PM
There's a Lidl supermarket near me that has had union protesters outside literally every day since it opened like 8 months ago.
I don't think it's doing anything.
UFCW is pretty hit or miss but they hit pretty hard in Boston with stop n shop
they just also miss pretty hard a lot
I wonder if whatever this "Fair Food Program" is doing to Wendy's is similar, because I haven't ever heard of it before right now.
So, yes, in that this style of corporate campaign is usually not the most effective
It's gotten a handful but it's not surprising that it's kind of stalled out with Kroger etc
I imagine that corporations wouldn't exactly help publicize union victories.
Whole Foods was a big get though
they've been helping expand the program outside just tomatoes
also that there is a town called union, nj is NOT helping my google searching
thanks google for correctly associating "UFCW" there, not helpful this time
4:56 PM
Union is also a county in NJ.
I eventually found it, "ufcw" in the search probably helped
5:09 PM
Q: Having an issue with Cid’s weapon upgrade quest?

Sydnee WallinSo, I decided to start playing FFXV again after a 2.5 year break...and I have 3 quest in my quest list for Cid to upgrade weapons. Went and got the items for it, yet he still just goes through his rotation of sayings when I got to talk to him. I noticed I don’t have the weapons in my inventory th...

5:49 PM
Q: Tablist problems!

Soxi got problems with my taglist, when im in game: My Tablist only show white names, i have do the prefix & surffix as you can se in the chat on the picture.

Q: Roblox - Symbol associated with other users names?

Peter K.While playing Roblox my son and I started to notice the symbol below associated with some users names: I can't seem to figure out or locate information on what it means. Even weirder: When I tried to copy it off the webpage the symbol won't highlight as text or a graphic, my HTML isn't good ...

6:24 PM
> I hear Canadian fast food is particularly bad for your health.
> You gotta watch what you poutine your body.
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
ooo I think I have a use for some c# 7 sugar
(specifically, I think I get to use if (thing is MoreSpecificThing specificThing), which does the is check and casts it in one stroke)
@Unionhawk And if it can't be cast to to MoreSpecificThing?
Then it doesn't try casting and returns false
moving on to the else here
@Unionhawk And then within the if body you have a reference to specificThing which has type MoreSpecificThing?
@murgatroid99 Yep
6:36 PM
It's nice because unlike the as keyword, you don't have to check for null, it's all handled automagically.
Yeah, is checks to see if a cast is possible (and then does it if you give it a variable name like this too), as tries to cast it but returns null if it can't, and straight casting it errors if it can't
there are situations for each really
I think (but can't verify atm) that straight casting is the fastest of the three, with the downside that it errors if done incorrectly, like you said
I believe so
I'd have to find that section in Jon Skeet's book again
@Yuuki Excellent
Probably, but as and a cast are both single opcode operations
6:50 PM
I'm glad I'm out of pluralsight credit because my eyes were glazing over going through IL stuff in advanced C#

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