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12:12 AM
Ugh, I've had this weird recurring pounding pain in the back of my head for the past couple of days.
got some cheap nail polish, it's quite crappy, but eh, I'll leave it on for tonight
cc: @Ash
Ooo, that's an interesting color.
@Yuuki I do like the color, but the quality of the paint is you get what you pay for
I got another one which looked nice at the store, but I put it on and it literally looked like I painted my nails with one of those silver sharpies 🤦‍♀️
I think the red one I had before must've been a more expensive brand (we just found it in wife's old random junk drawer)
12:29 AM
Q: Is there any advantage to add points to ability instead of Edge?

vianna77I have two abilities: Flash and Onslaught. If I spend one point with any of them, I will get 15% on attack with that specific ability. On the other hand, if I add an Edge on Intellect, not only I will have those 15% "for free", but it will also improve other Intellect checks. So, is there a jus...

12:49 AM
Q: Can villagers open chests?

monk56I want to be able to get bread to villagers without having to do it manually, and I was wondering if they could open chests to get it themselves.

Q: If there are three Zealots, does that mean that if the village doesn't lynch, the Zealots will do three kills that night?

leucosticte"If the village fails to lynch a player during the day, the Zealot will randomly kill someone that night."

1:30 AM
@Memor-X they're all RPG books; apart from the core rulebook there's a mix of splatbooks and prefab adventures.
2:28 AM
Q: Can’t choose enchantments in Minecraft Pocket edition

Ben602in mc pocket edition i cant see what each enchantment is. i can enchant but i cant see what the individual enchantments are so if the level 1 enchantment is better i would not know. my brother is also on pocket edition but he has a separate button to finalize the enchantment. can i add this? Thanks

2:48 AM
Q: I need help please help me I want to play online

ArturoHow can I play gta 5 online on Xbox 360 but it doesn’t me because it’s says “ one or more downloadable content packs at missing that are required for compatibility in gta online.”

3:08 AM
Q: How could I insert a command into a command block using blockdata if it contains quotation marks (like this: " ) (JE 1.12.2)?

Astron99I tried to run a command like this: /blockdata 1 2 3 {Command:"summon minecraft:area_effect_cloud ~ ~ ~ {Tags:["sg"]}"} And then it replied it was expecting '}' but got 's' at ...Tags:["s<---HERE By the way I am making musik having a rondeau theme using command blocks, and I don't want to buil...

3:27 AM
Q: PS VITA hacked, would some functions are still abaible?

jocosogenioGood night, so I am going to hack my ps vita to play free games, but I would like to know if I can still use the ps now app and the remote play function.

Q: ticking screen error

skelybrineim trying to join the minecraft online server on 1.7.10 but it crashes and shows this error message: The game crashed whilst ticking screen Error: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException. please respond as quickly as possible

Q: How to play Team Sonic Racing in local coop mode using single joycon

NickI have been playing video games my entire life and am really embarrassed to not be able to figure this out! Both halves of the joycon insist on syncing as P1. I am trying to get one half P1, the other P2 (both the back of the case and online manual make it sound as though this is possible), but...

@Lazers2.0 do we close this for piracy since they do admit it (why else would hacked + free games be in the same sentence)
@Elise I like the colour!
And yeah nail polish is unfortunately very much you get what you pay for in terms of how well it lasts.
@Memor-X I voted to close.
4:09 AM
Q: How to start up a server without realms on Xbox Server

user236359How can i start up my own minecraft server that my friends can join at anytime without paying for realms on Xbox.

5:08 AM
Q: Does lava include similar pattern of flowing just like water?

oliverthegreatI have been playing Minecraft for a while, and I noticed that lava behaves nearly the same as water. Are they behaved as the same properties? Or does lava respond differently from various changes in terrains?

5:28 AM
Q: Minecraft Realms

monk56If you haven’t subscribed to Minecraft realms, i.e. you haven’t bought anything, are you only limited to one realm you can join? Or can you join / be invited to multiple?

5:47 AM
@badp But are you a very stable genius?
Q: How can I clear the login information of GTA V?

LemonAs with any other game game that requires you to log into an account, Grand Theft Auto V uses the Rockstar Games Social Club to authenticate and validate your PC game copy (even the Steam version). How can I delete the saved login data of the RGSC? So during the next game launch the game asks fo...

2 hours later…
7:42 AM
Morning chat
8:06 AM
Q: Mob Spawners Survival 1.14.4

mc4gamingCan some one help me? I'm trying to use a give command in a survival world about mob spawners like a blaze spawner. but when i place it in creative it spawns blazes but in survival just pigs! how can i fix it but whit out mods or plugins ect.. Im using this command on the moment: give @p spawner...

@Elva morning
8:26 AM
Q: Can I change the colour of a potion in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition using /give?

ZachTalonGamesYTI am trying to set up a custom map for a friend, and he requested that I add a vending machine to give him a potion in exchange for an item that he needs to collect in the course of the map. The potion he requested is a combo potion (speed, regen, and nausea). I know how to set up the machine usi...

Q: I changed Profile name and now i cant play online

user236366i cant play online servers because i changed yesterday profil name now i cant play servers can u help me ? I log on it says "Account not Authenticated with minecraft.net" and "Non-Valid Username". Can u please help me ;c?

@Elise Nice! Also kitty!
I've got a few colors of nail polish, maybe next trans visibility day I'll wear the colors of the trans flag :p
8:44 AM
(though those colors are way less saturated then the ones I have, also mine are metallic)
9:24 AM
@Elva Robot nails!
I think I have silver too...
So yes! :p
2 hours later…
11:24 AM
Q: Stained Glass Cheat to Transform into Clear Glass

user236371Is there a Minecraft command that transforms all stained glass in the world into normal clear glass? I built a structure with stained glass but I don't like the colours. Does anyone know how to change this?

Q: How do I teleport between my base and the closest I have traveled to the center of the universe

kenjaraSay I want to go back to my base every now and then but also continue travelling to the center of the universe. How do I make sure I can travel back to where I got to after visiting my base. Currently I am building a new base station on a planet before teleporting back to my main base. The probl...

@OKAY,PANIC. squints at fredley's edit
11:59 AM
how could you do this, @fredley
12:24 PM
Q: How to detect when a player looks at a pig with name "173"

Tech GlitchI tried this: /execute if entity @e[type=minecraft:player] facing entity @e[type=minecraft:pig,tag=173] feet run say hello But it didn't work.

@fredley Damnit, Fredley, do we need to take away your mod powers?
@Nzall The way to remove my mod powers is to make coffee.SE big enough that a mod election is called, and pro tems retired. Then make sure I lose the election.
@fredley Or I can just complain that a pro tempore mod from another stack is abusing his mod powers, but I presume that won't make anyone happy
Pff hardly abuse
12:52 PM
@Elva You can tell because @fredley probably doesn't have a six-pack.
There's not a lot of ab-use.
@Yuuki The fact that you felt the need to add this...
@Yuuki facedesks You are the worst
Anyways, I refuse to believe the root cause of my recurring head pain over the past couple of days.
I turned my pillow around last night and today I have no pain.
@Elva Especially since I mod-abused it back, and nobody noticed.
@Yuuki Have you tried a different pillowcase?
Maybe there's some sort of mold or weird chemical on one side
1:06 PM
@Frank I had noticed it was returned to the original, I hadn't noticed it was you
@Nzall Turned as in rotated, not turned as in flipped.
It's a sandwich pillow (not sure why they're called that) so it has a weird curve on the side where you're supposed to put your head.
I've been sleeping with the big end under my neck and I rotated it last night so the small end was under my neck.
@Yuuki Oh right, i used to have a pillow like that. it hurt my neck like crazy, and I had to orient it an entirely different way
@Yuuki I have a pillow with the corners carved out so that there's space for the mask.
@InvaderSkoodge I haven't had issues with the mask itself but rather the tubing.
It gets everywhere and it's annoying to sleep on my side because then it decides to bunch up behind my back.
So I can't roll back over onto my back.
I keep the tubing mostly above my head.
1:09 PM
@InvaderSkoodge I need to figure out how to do that.
Does anyone think they are able to explain why those weird black bars appear in the navigation menu on this site when I hover over the tabs?
@Yuuki ductape
I also always slept on my stomach before I got the machine so when I was first adjusting (read: like 2 years), it was a real pain in the ass since sleeping on your stomach with a mask on your face barely works.
I've only just recently started to be able to sleep on my back a bit.
@Nzall looks like shadows from something trying to open and windows being weird?
1:11 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Sleep apnea?
@Jutschge Yeah.
@Elva No, if it was shadows, it'd be predictable. These are different depending on whether I hover right or left
Yeah I had a mask once but I got rid of it real quick... I'm considering an operation but The mask just doesn't work for me
I hate sleeping without it now.
I wonder if I should spring for a full-face mask. The nose-only mask gets uncomfortable every now and then.
1:13 PM
@Yuuki I tried both and hated the full face mask compared to the nose only mask.
Which was the complete opposite of my expectation.
I hate both
@InvaderSkoodge I don't hate it, in fact sometimes I sleep like that on the weekends because I'm lazy and don't need to worry about getting good value for sleep hours, but it definitely feels weird.
I just kinda accepted that I'm always tired now. I having a standing desk at work helps though
Also if I don't have the mask on I snore really loud and my wife jabs me in the ribs.
For sure I sleep a lot longer without my mask on. I regularly hit 10 hours asleep without my mask and I still feel kinda groggy in the mornings.
1:15 PM
It seems to be some weird binary counting based on where my mouse enters the tab list.
I vote it's magic
I'm going to ask something about it, though I have no idea whether it goes on SuperUser or Stack Overflow
@Nzall I can't imagine how it's on topic for Stack Overflow at all.
True, it's something Chrome specific AFAIK
Superuser should be fine
1:31 PM
@Dragonrage So that TL v. CG semifinals, huh?
1:49 PM
@Yuuki It got better by itself, turning the pillow over at the same time was coincidence
2:41 PM
Got my prescription increased 😊 and my blood tests are great, all things considered. Having a great day so far!
@Yuuki i didnt get to watch it, but i did not expect it to go to 5 games
@Dragonrage To be fair, the two games that Clutch won revolved entirely around TL not banning clear pocket picks like Damonte's Qiyana or Huni's Rumble.
But it was a good series, imo.
I got what appears to be a gimp suit in breath of the wild
2:56 PM
@GnomeSlice Is that the glowy skull outfit you buy in the desert?
It's truly hideous
I can't remember exactly what it does.
I beat the desert divine beast now but I forgot to get the ancient core in the hanging chest..
@GnomeSlice Ancient Cores are rare drops from Guardians, IIRC, so you're not completely boned.
I've only been able to kill them with ancient arrows so far
I just got the ancient workshop working. The ancient armor looks dope but I can't afford it and don't have the cores
Now I'm in a huge made in the Northeast corner of the map
3:00 PM
@Elva I've thought about it, but I also don't want to be too obvious about it, since I'm not actually out in public
@Elise I don't think many people would recognize it :p
@GnomeSlice If you have any guardian weapons (which you can get from small Guardians that you encounter in shrines), you can use those to cut off the legs of the big Guardians.
Ugh and it doesn't match the map?
@Yuuki oh. Ohhh
But that just makes them immobile?
@Elva most likely not, but if they do, I have no way to back out of it :D
3:01 PM
@GnomeSlice Which makes them easier to fight, imo.
It does that and it also deals pretty heavy damage
Plus, cutting off the legs does a short stun and big damage.
cutting off all legs gets them down to like half
@Elise True! But how many would recognize it and not be supportive, that's my thinking at least
you can also cut off their legs with the master sword which deals double damage
3:02 PM
@GnomeSlice practice parry, it kills big guardians in 2 parries on normal mode and the broken ones in 1
IIRC, cutting legs also gives a few Guardian item drops.
Wtf is this maze I'm never going to find the way through this
since guardians count as Being In The Presence Of Evil or whatever the lore for why the master sword sometimes does 30 and sometimes does 60 is
@Elva yeah, I've thought of it, but also Idk. Trans people are unicorns in my neck of the woods, so Idk how supportive people around me would be
And it's raining so I can't climb lol
3:04 PM
From what I heard I think the master sword is in the lost woods but I couldn't figure it out last time I was there
I'm just gradually changing and when it becomes too obvious to hide I'll just be like "oh yeah btw, I'm trans"
@GnomeSlice I used the beacon feature to find my way around.
@InvaderSkoodge yeah no rain is stupid. I just climbed into a hidey hole in the maze to hide from a guardian and it began to rain so now I can't get out lol
@GnomeSlice IIRC, pull out a torch and the flames will flicker towards you need to go.
3:05 PM
periodically check the direction but yeah
@Yuuki I broke my torch doing the ancient workshop quest
@GnomeSlice There's one in the lost woods
Also you can follow the wind
Oh you mean in the woods
That's useful. Is that explained somewhere in the game?
Cause otherwise, spoilers
I think I remember hearing/reading it from one of the traveler NPCs.
I think desert voe is my favorite set so far but the stealth one is easily the most useful
3:07 PM
@GnomeSlice wouldn't it still be spoilers if it's explained in the game, but you found out from an outside source?
wouldn't that be the definition of a spoiler?
Yeah true
I got it backwards
@Elise it's sorta scary when you put it like that. lucky for me that last week someone else at work came out as trans and there was training sessions on it (work is already supportive of LGBT at least by policy) and so far watching their interactions it seems everything is just normal with the exception to people being cautious about using her dead name
@Memor-X ooh that's super nice
@GnomeSlice I really like the Hylian set but I'm a boring person.
Yeah it's pretty nice too
I don't like Champions tunic that much
3:10 PM
@Memor-X our work is LGBT friendly by policy as well, but our location is literally like 99% white straight people
If there was a way to wear the full Hylian set with the hood down, I'd never use another set.
Full Zora set is cool. I want the rest of the climbers
I don't like the hood yeah
Climbers set is fantastic, yeah.
@GnomeSlice I think it doesn't look half-bad with the Knight Greaves and Amber Earrings.
Mechanically, anyways.
3:11 PM
I know by policy I shouldn't have issues, but a policy can't change someone's mind if they're set on being assholes
Granted, that's also a set that gives you the most armor, but whatever.
@ToxicFrog all I have is the hat
And yeah I used the hylean hood a lot for the aesthetics
I forget what my final loadout was, though.
I wish I could just use Knights broadswords
Oh my god tell me I don't have to carry these metal blocks through the maze somewhere
What maze?
3:14 PM
The scarf on the stealth set clips through shields annoyingly
The thing in the top right corner of the map
@Jutschge I've finished the quest and can safely say now: it's not bad but you definitely need a lot of saradomin brews
Big square maze with some guardians
and just make sure you're overhealed before the 4th special attack in the cycle every time
because she hit a couple 87s on me (I'm 88hp)
@GnomeSlice IIRC you don't have to but I might be wrong. You can definitely get to the shrine without carrying it all the way
@Unionhawk Well sara brews are somewhat hard to come by as a BTWman
3:16 PM
@Jutschge where do I need to carry it tho
@GnomeSlice Fun trick you might want to know: if you ever run into one of those "connect-the-electricity" puzzles but don't want to deal with the ball-and-chain, you can just drop your metal weapons and move them around with Magnesis.
Metal shields should work too.
That's neat. I haven't even seen any electric stuff yet in the maze
@GnomeSlice I think you just have to get it out of the way. There's no carrying needed afaik
Some are just decoys though
Fuck it im climbing to the top of the maze
Saw some flying guardian
@GnomeSlice Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.
3:19 PM
Hmm maybe I should do the quest on my normal account. But I haven't played in ages
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball
@Jutschge also I was using a toxic trident for my fight so you know
Nice, Royal broadsword
@Unionhawk That's even easier to come by than sarabrews!
Actually wait... it might be
Herblore is a pain
This is nuts I could be here for hours
I'm going back to work full time starting today... It's been like two months now
3:25 PM
Update: it's a Chromium bug related to a new CSS feature: bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=994707
Have to stop for now. This maze would be fun to explore in detail while stoned
I found some stuff but it's not even clear where in the maze I need to get to
@Yuuki, so the psot match thread in reddit is very confusing for the TL CG games
3:41 PM
@Dragonrage wat
Q: Where is the mud in my bathhouse coming from?

Sriotchilism O'ZaicI've been building a bathhouse in my fortress so my dwarves can clean themselves without leaving the fortress, train their swimming and get happy thoughts from mist. I decided to use an aquifer as both the source and the sink for my bathhouse drawing water from it and draining into it. Since I ...

Hmm... the post-match team has been getting sloppy.
@Yuuki im assuming it is listing which champions were picked by which players, instead of which champions were played by which players
when i first saw it, i thought TL had gone full G2 and were trolling semis
3:43 PM
Kai'Sa mid isn't completely unknown but Akali bot is definitely a troll pick.
no, i thought they were role swapping and having core jj play mid with jensen dlift bot
@Jutschge it's a kraken drop multiplied by a zulrah drop lol (though just the kraken drop is probably sufficient)
@Dragonrage Here's a thought, just like G2 is collecting midlaners, TL should start collecting botlaners.
CoreJJ used to be an ADC until Dignitas gave him PTSD and he role-swapped.
Was it Cody Sun or Stixxay who played some Zed games this split?
@Yuuki hmm, not sure. i havent been able to follow as closely this split as i have others
4:04 PM
I don't know whether I want to root for CLG or CG in the gauntlet now.
CLG has Biofrost but CG did much better against TL than CLG did against C9.
@PrivatePansy my tilting is stationary, so yes
4:21 PM
Q: Alchemist potion on Undead

Diamond_DoveWhen an Alchemist uses their non-coven potion on other factions, then a Wolfpack member will become either a normal Werewolf or a Shape Shifter, and a Village member will become either a Villager, Lycan, Sleepwalker, Insomniac, or Stalker. Vampires and familiars are not affected by the potion. ...

4:41 PM
Q: How does defense stacking work?

Dan BHow does defense stacking work? Suppose that I have 45% "Protego Power" and 44% "Defense" and I also have "Defense +30%" from the Protection Charm. (This seems to be the max possible for a Professor.) Suppose I get attacked by a monster that deals 100 damage base. How much damage do I actually ...

4:55 PM
My father took a "Montreal cognitive test" or something today and scored 19/30. Not a great number but I don't know anything about the test
He needs to have his vision assessed. They might give him a day pass to go see his regular eye doctor
@GnomeSlice This looks like a worse Cloudbuilt
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