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12:06 AM
Q: How long does it take for replace the realm world with my single player world on minecraft Xbox one?

user236449It just says initialising upload it’s been doing this for over half an hour

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1:10 AM
today i learned there is a Grandia HD Collection on the Switch (which even that is still missing the 3rd game)
does any know if it's just a graphics/port update? or is there any new content?
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2:22 AM
Q: Steam offline not working but prompt appearing

Dom basically gives me this prompt I hit offline then it repeats no luck on restarting

Saw the trailer for the new Avengers game.
Makes me really want to play a superhero RPG with upgradeable parts.
2:56 AM
@Frank don't know if it's RPG but
and if Yakuza and Naruto have shown us, you can have something that looks like an arcade fighter with some goof rpg upgrade mechanics
Meh. Looks too much like a fighter.
@TimStone is that....food?
It's a plush lunchable
@Frank don't think it's out yet so don't know for sure but people were speculating originally it was an Open World Mobile RPG
2:59 AM
@Memor-X Mobile automatically kills it for me.
I'll probably just revert back to City of Heroes.
@Frank well this was before the official announcement. it's coming out on console and PC
Q: Can I engineer which couples end up forming after the final mission? If so how?

ryanyuyuIn previous Fire Emblem games (like Awakening), marriages between the characters happened during game, and they even unlocked paralogues. After completing the final mission and seeing the battle awards, there would be a short epilogue written for each couple and character. Married characters wo...

3:20 AM
Q: how do i attack the dragon queen in portal knights?

daberness dabshow do I attack the dragon? when I hit the egg the dragon screams at me and then just leaves the npc i see in the island that has the boss portal says I need to stun it if my attacks are to be successful but how do I stun it?

@Memor-X it's just a fighting game cc @Frank. I own it
There's a mission based campaign but it's just a 1v1 fighting game like Street fighter
Yeah, definitely not what I'm looking for, then.
@GnomeSlice dang
@Memor-X and it's been out for quite a while dude
Like a year
I have it on ps4
My buddy and I beat the hero campaign in one sitting
@GnomeSlice wait, it's been a year? i thought it was announced this year
3:33 AM
Idk it's been out for a while double check that lol
*looks at date on video* man my sense of is messed up, i thought that video i posted was this year
Yeah last October
Almost a year
Q: MCEdit-like program for Minecraft 1.14.4?

iDoProgrammingI have a world, but I accidentally "destroyed" it with a command block that kept me teleported at one place. The only way I could find to solve it was to use a world editor for it. I'm using Minecraft 1.14.4, and as far as I know, there is no such thing as MCEdit for 1.14.4. Is there another worl...

@TimStone I don't know why I feel like I need this but I do
@Wipqozn yessssss
4:26 AM
4:36 AM
Omg that description
5:19 AM
Q: How did my ally achieve a higher economic score?

GigazelleI am blue, and achieved an economy score of 5457. My ally, grey, achieved a notably higher economy score of 6698. However, when taking a closer look at economy stats... As the screenshot depicts, I obtained more resources than grey in every category. Not the highest in the game, but definit...

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7:36 AM
Q: How do I make an offering?

CyberSkullIn RAD I somehow made an offering to the open-mouthed skull while in battle. How do I do it again, intentionally this time?

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8:52 AM
Had an accident while trying to catch my train. Hooked my foot behind the door as I was rushing to get off the bus and slid along the asphalt. Got a few scrapes from it
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9:53 AM
Q: Can I switch to third-person while not in 'town'?

DrFishI started playing recently, and in non-lethal areas, the player view automatically switches to third-person. In story mode areas, it never does that. Haven't tried anything else like Crucible or Raids etc. I checked the key mapping and could not find anything relevant to player view change. Is...

10:13 AM
Q: Minecraft local server shows up in server list but it would not connect

dawidoggI have two computers connected with ethernet cable. On the one I have opened to lan my singleplayer world and the other computer was able to connect to the world. Everything was fine until I tried the other day the same thing and it didn't work. The local server shows up on the server list but wh...

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12:30 PM
Q: Armable/disarmable dispenser traps in minecraft

AbijahI am building an automated castle gatehouse in minecraft featuring a corridor between two openable/closable doors where arrows will shoot anyone in the corridor; that can also be disarmed. here is a diagram of the coridor with no autimation where d is door and - is wall: ------- d d d d...

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1:32 PM
> [This] morning on Mario Maker Mornings we’re going to be playing levels by kids, with many of them introduced by the creators themselves. It’s going to be the cutest thing ever. I promise. 9:30am ET on twitch.tv/patrickklepek
@Nzall I heard the story is kinda meh
Though there are probably enough problems geopolitically to drop a star
@Jutschge No, you see, the story is a wide-open sandbox. it's the gameplay that sucks because you can't skip the boring bits
2:05 PM
@Nzall Mostly harmless
Q: Which versions of the WhiteWater pinball machine - both physical and simulated - allow a 5x Vacation Bonus?

Mark GreenThe original rule sheet says only that it’s not present on the later physical ROMs, but nothing about older versions. Simulated versions may not be based on those ROMs (since even the final versions were rather buggy) and I’m sure I’ve seen one collected on a simulation.

3:12 PM
There we go, got my side table at work set up
@SaintWacko Look at Mr. Fancy Pants with his side table.
@SaintWacko I think that side table needs a whiskey decanter set.
@MBraedley It 100% does, but I think work might frown on that
So it has tea instead :D
Well you could put vodka in it and say it's just water :)
@MBraedley Ooh, tea infused vodka
Hm, I actually have a Porthole infuser at home...
3:27 PM
Q: Why is my Minecraft server generating mod folders?

user236485Running a vanilla MC server in Debian, and I'm having an issue where the server seems to be generating nested /mod folders with redundant data, is this normal? The full file path to the current deepest iteration is: /home/appdata/Minecraft/My_Server/mods/mods/mods/mods/mods/mods/mods/mods/mods/...

3:52 PM
@MBraedley and a vaporizer 😁
@SaintWacko I actually have some lemon tea infused vodka.
It's... all right.
Works well with lemonade but I don't think it's good on its own.
I wish I could move into a bigger place and actually have nice cabinets for things like liquor, board games, etc
@Yuuki vodka sucks on its own
As does most hard liquor. Even "flavored" or whatever
@GnomeSlice Unlike liqueurs, which can be fantastic on their own.
Sometimes I don't use my bottle of sweet vermouth in a cocktail, I just drink it straight.
Wendy's spicy nuggets are only back in the USA. This is terrible.
Also fucking annoying, since I really hate how companies just forget canada exists.
@Yuuki depends on the liqueur but yeah. Triple sec for example I don't drink by itself but there are others that are great
(Btw if you want to improve pretty much any cocktail, add a half a shot of triple sec)
4:06 PM
Q: Why do Minecraft coordinates change when I copy my world?

Cyaneide1I’ve recently decided to find a stronghold on my survival world and I’ve tried it all. Ended eyes and the /locate command have led me nowhere. I’ve read online that stronghold location can change with updates. Since I’m playing on an outdated file, the location had moved. I decided to copy my wor...

@GnomeSlice Coconut rum is good over ice, as is bourbon
Cognac is good, too
I went to make a Fitzgerald last night, but the simple syrup had gone bad, so I ended up making a limoncello mule instead
@Wipqozn I should go get some for lunch and post a picture of me eating them
4:30 PM
@SaintWacko Whoa, whoops! My finger almost slipped over that "Ban @SaintWacko" button!
Oh shit I banned @Yuuki instead. Sorry.
Well the important thing is that Mary Brown's is better anyways.
@Wipqozn You and your strange restaurants.
Have I talked about the amount of free food in my new office?
It's mostly sugar
I've been feeling waffles lately, so we're going to go to the Pancake House this weekend.
@fredley You have not
The freezer full of ice creams is what's killing me
How am I supposed to maintain my shredded physique when there's a drawer full of magnums?
4:32 PM
Well it's better than cupboard being filled with Ice cream.
@fredley I've never had one of those before, but now I want one.
@Wipqozn A shredded physique?
@Wipqozn Tier 1 ice cream
@Frank NExt time you're out Atlantic Canada way, give it a try.
@Wrigglenite Also yes
@Wipqozn Probably never.
@Wrigglenite Well, more 'pulled'
4:33 PM
Besides, it's your turn to visit us.
@Frank That's true
@SaintWacko Speaking of, I should go get a spicy chicken sandwich for lunch and make sure it's spicy this time.
@Wipqozn We'll even put you up for a couple days if you want to explore the flatlands that are Manitoba.
@Frank What a pal. I actually do have family out that way, in Alberta, so that might happen one day.
Q: How can I find items using Bitter Squirrel summon?

arghtypeThere is one loading screen tip saying that it's possible to get some special rewards from using Ratatoskr (Bitter Squirrel summon) in some locations. Looks like it's possible to get something other than health and rage crystals. What are these locations and what items can I get? Is there any in...

5:16 PM
The odd obsession of chicken sandwiches in this channel has convinced me to give the closest option a try (never bought a fast food chicken sandwich before). It's not gourmet obviously, but I was kinda surprised how good the McDonalds chicken sandwich was. Good call @Yuuki !
@MageXy And now that you have a baseline, it can only get better.
@MageXy Yeah, McD's chicken sandwich is surprisingly good. And it's cheap!
Sadly, there are not many good chicken places near work, so the best I can get right now is KFC.
@Yuuki suspiciously so
5:34 PM
@fredley They're made out of people!
CICD tool is down. no deployments will be done today :(
6:04 PM
Q: Why keep dead link comments?

Sriotchilism O'ZaicI recently flagged a few comments that provided a link to what was ostensibly a helpful resource, but had since become dead links linking to nothing in particular. The comments did not provide any information that was helpful without the resource. They were along the lines of (but not identical ...

6:20 PM
Got it in one, @Dragonrage.
Ive been around here for a little bit, so I can usually have some idea of how things work :P
1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: Dead pool fatality doesn't work in Mortal Kombat 2

TMSI am running good old Mortal Kombat 2 under DosBox :) I have trouble executing the Dead Pool fatality: hold LK+LP then uppercut (D+HP) The fatality doesn't execute. When I try the sequence during the fight situation (not yet the "Finish him" part), it seems that the uppercut itself won't ...

8:22 PM
Q: How does Taric gain bravado?

badpTaric's ability list explains what Bravado does: Bravado: INNATE: After casting an ability, Taric's next two basic attacks within 4 seconds gain 100% total attack speed, each dealing 25 − 93 (based on level) (+ 15% bonus armor) bonus magic damage and reducing the cooldowns of his basic abilit...

Q: Timeout Problem on Minecraft

Dayton McCleanOn MineCraft, I join a server that is being hosted on a website. It lets me join but I can only see the sky and a blue void. My friends don't have this problem and are playing just fine. How do I fix this?

9:21 PM
Q: How do you get a unspeakable head the easy way

ThaCoolKid157It’s a frog with a colerful mouth

Q: Witches not spawning as they should

JanpanI have 2 witch huts that are close to each other and I have made them into 2 witch farms. I have cleared out all caves within 128+ blocks of each witch hut. I have built an afk spot in the middle of the two witch farms which is exactly 126 blocks away from the furtherest corner of each witch fa...

9:48 PM
@MageXy go to your local grocery Store and try their in store made fresh chicken sandwich if they have one
Ours is actually bomb as fuck and combo is $5
@SaintWacko I've never actually had Cognac
@SaintWacko ergh. My girlfriend loves Moscow mules. She also brought me back some limoncello from France
Not a big fan of either
My problem with the mule is ginger
This has become one of my favourite memes
Q: If there's a balanced game of 18 villagers and 6 wolves, does that mean that on average, each wolf is as powerful as 3 villagers?

leucosticteSo for example, on average, a strategy that kills one wolf at the cost of 2 villagers would be a good strategy?

10:28 PM
Looks good. Visually reminds me of Kingdom
1 hour later…
11:34 PM
Where’s the promotion menu in Three Houses? I can’t find it
Such a small question doesn’t seem worth posting
cc @InvaderSkoodge
Er actually nvm the nvm
Q: Command block shovel how to make it able to destroy course dirt

LucklessTrying to make wooden shovel to break course dirt, because I already have the /give @p 1 0 {CanDestroy:[“”]}, but I want to be able to break course dirt and it just says missingno when I scroll over the shovel


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