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12:02 AM
@Yuuki sure you can say that
@GodEmperorDune Okay, but I'll just leave it here because that's a terrible thing to put on social media, not in the least because some idiot might take it seriously because Poe's Law or whatever.
one of the major disagreements i have with my senators is how they are understandably super pro-MPAA and RIAA
and entertainment industry corruption reaching out to washington is definitely a thing
@GodEmperorDune I didn't say it wasn't true
but california has wildfires because 1) people build structures in areas that require wildfires to burn 2) we have fire zone charts for mandated fire insurance that are about as woefully out of date as the flood zone charts 3) climate change makes wildfires more intense
so houston flooding and california burning are pretty analogous
ooh i forgot 4) home prices are such that buying houses in fire zones may be the most affordable housing in the area
12:13 AM
with the minor caveat that SUPER RICH people like to live on the hills to lord over everyone and the tops of the hills is what is likely to burn as well (like rupert murdoch)
@TimStone what da fuq
Classic Bill Mitchell
like this is not just wildly inaccurate but has no internal logic whatsoever
"oh you did the thing we didn't want you to do, i guess we should just give up and go home"
Two of R. Kelly’s mansions were totally cleaned out while he was away on tour https://trib.al/q3b6Wj1
@TimStone they stole the furniture too?!
Furniture is pricey yo, and screw R. Kelly
12:16 AM
yeah not going to get any sympathy from me
Trump pushing Maine governor to run against independent Senator: report http://hill.cm/VSNVp90
Paul LePage needs to get into the damn sea, not into the Senate
@TimStone as much as i would love to see him get trounced, yeah
what was the list of stereotypical black names he came up with?
> D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty
oh excuse me, he didn't say that they were black, just that the impregnated young white girls before they left
yeah get in the sea le page
12:33 AM
> He once referred to himself as “Donald Trump before Donald Trump.”
makes sense, Trump wants another Trump
surround himself with Trumps. turn the White House into the Trump House
@TimStone honestly, the people of Maine should decide this
Like a ballot initiative asking if he should get in the sea?
That's why I'm starting a petition for a referendum to exile LePage to the ocean
12:36 AM
@TimStone hey @uni get bothering your boy rob
@Memor-X LePage is easily about as depraved as Trump so that's definitely true
@GodEmperorDune he'd rather hide behind building management than listen to me
Have you tried entering the office waving a stack of cash?
It was like an hour ordeal for them to let 7 of us up because their normal policy is "sign in only 5 at a time"
Eventually by virtue of they just wanted to end the standoff in the hallway they allowed it
He wasn't there of course because like he's never in the Cincinnati office
Breaking: Amb. Nikki Haley not certain we should send our athletes to the Olympics. Will depend on NK situation.
Are we just cobbling unrelated stuff together now?
12:44 AM
But we delivered our message that we are demanding a clean dream act now as part of omnibus spending
Is reality experiencing memory corruption?
@TimStone Olympics are in pyeongchang
@GodEmperorDune lol he apparently has me blocked
@Unionhawk lol, nice
No he doesn't nvm
12:46 AM
Twitter is just stupid and gave me "you're not authorized"
But yeah no Ben Shapiro is completely on board with the complete and total destruction and ethnic cleansing of palistine, this isn't new
@Unionhawk wait, south korea has a city named Pyeongchang and north korea's capital is a different city, Pyongyang
oh maybe that's just me being white and not pronouncing it properly
I don't know
wikipedia confirms these are different places
Yeah they're in South Korea, lol
12:51 AM
and easily confused
So like, I don't know if they're insinuating the North Koreans would like, bomb our athletes but not all the Americans already in South Korea, orrrr?
But hey, we owned the russians, since they are not allowed to compete as a nation
That's what you get for messing with American democracy
@TimStone probably they pushed her in front of a mic and told her to talk about something entirely unrelated to russia or jerusalem
@TimStone honestly it seems possible
Like I don't think this is an entirely insane idea. It'd be suicide though so
Like you'd be attacking every nation at that point
So that feels like a strategic error
@TimStone To be fair, you can say "we don't want to send any more people there for now" without also pulling out everyone already there
12:54 AM
@Unionhawk which iirc kim jong un has literally said he was down to do if he was backed into it
"if they're going to take us down, light them all up first"
Trump Jr. cites attorney-client privilege in not answering panel's questions about discussions with his father http://politi.co/2jmMkQ5 via @KyleDCheney
i think one of you needs to be an attorney for attorney-client privilege to work
@GodEmperorDune Well, the other person being an attorney wouldn't mean that you have attorney-client privilege either.
@Yuuki yes, necessary but not sufficient
in fact iirc, having someone who is neither the attorney nor the client in the room means that the conversation is not privileged
I mean you can fifth in this scenario anyway
Jr just doesn't know how anything works
yeah but fifth is a different thing than attorney client privilege
Right but they're approximately close such that he's dumb but not entirely incorrect
1:05 AM
@Unionhawk "So close and yet so far" describes Trump Jr. pretty aptly.
@pwnallthethings Not original I know, but these guys are dumber than the bluths.
He's far and away the stupidest Trump
@Unionhawk it is a very close competition betwixt the large adult sons
I would laugh so hard if Barron ends up basically becoming the Big Good God Emperor of Mankind.
@Yuuki ಠ_ಠ
and now, this
Number of days Trump admin was able to even pretend to care about homeless veterans: 4 https://www.politico.com/story/2017/12/06/homeless-veterans-benefits-trump-207781?cid=apn
1:10 AM
@GodEmperorDune is that consecutively of cumulatively?
@Memor-X consecutive i think
1:23 AM
oh hey apparently the hills close to my mom's house are on fire again
or it's just an evacuation zone? these maps are hard to read
i dunno why someone can't throw a "here's what's on fire" overlay onto google maps
OH i misspoke, the fire overlay has fires from a couple months ago
@Yuuki Barron is the president and CEO of antifa
We elected him at our last board meeting
1:41 AM
Don Jr. may have been thinking of the Sopranos episodes where they family held meetings at their lawyer’s office because attorney-client privilege prevented the FBI from bugging it.
1:53 AM
Two years ago, Kim Davis denied David Ermold a marriage license because he was gay, despite it being legalized. Today, she had to watch as he signed up to run against her in the next election.
2:12 AM
@Unionhawk lol, rekt
2:26 AM
@Unionhawk I think every picture I have seen she looks vaguely mad at the world but I like that she looks displeased here
Hi hello yes I'm here to apply to interview with the people of Kentucky for your job thank
2:41 AM
this is the same guy who tried to tip off a Chinese official that his phones may have been bugged, got donations from him and went against labor party policy and said Australia should stay out of Chinese affairs in the south china sea
the fact this guy still hasn't been questioned for treason is baffling
2:59 AM
Thank you #Texas! So enjoyed my visit with everyone today. Special thanks to 1st responders & @CoastalBendFB for all that you do! We are with you Texas. #TexasRebuilds
Wait what's going on in that fourth picture? Did one of the kids fart?
3:22 AM
Oh yeah, forget if we covered this
Ryan promises Medicaid, Medicare spending cuts in 2018 to "tackle the deficit" http://hill.cm/27t5lpa
“Trump + Jared figure that after...a few days of riots, things go back to normal when it comes to the negotiations.” https://www.politico.com/story/2017/12/06/jared-kushner-trump-jerusalem-mideast-peace-283770
Fucking idiots
> He is banking on the hope that the opposition is just a facade — and that, privately, after a “cooling-off period,” Arab allies will continue to work with him on a peace plan he still expects to announce at some point in the early months of 2018.
A peace plan in early 2018?
Good thing our war plan is in late 2017
.@RichardDiNatale says he believes a by-election is certain in the seat of Batman and that since he cannot prove he isn't a dual citizen, @Feeney4Batman should resign immediately. #auspol MORE: http://bit.ly/2zSLYH7 https://t.co/dbvwpdk1Ra
just had to share because of Batman
I wish I had the confidence to think that I could solve a problem that experts have bee struggling with for decades in under a year
> Feeney4Batman
3:30 AM
@Memor-X what seat of Batman?
The Division of Batman is an Australian Electoral Division in the state of Victoria. The division was created in 1906, replacing the Division of Northern Melbourne. It takes its name from John Batman, one of the founders of the city of Melbourne. The current Member for Batman, since the 2013 federal election, is David Feeney, a member of the Australian Labor Party. Batman has historically been the safest Labor seat in the nation, but came narrowly within being lost to the Australian Greens at the 2016 federal election after having been overtaken by them on the primary vote. The division is located...
we know where Gotham City is
@Unionhawk but when is that?
The Bitcoin crash starts in 3 hours. Withdraw now if you still can.
Hmmm, not sure if him trolling or something else
@TimStone a while back someone posted here something about someone suggesting to pay or tip in only bit coin. if it crashes it just shows what a stupid idea what was
Al Franken defenders on Fox News!Gingrich and Ingraham just now: This is “political calculation.” And “weird puritanism.” He’s accused of “minor stuff.” Dems are a “lynch mob.” There’s “no due process.”
tfw you gotta protect your brand, apparently
3:53 AM
@TimStone I hope so
Let's go
Ending the late capitalist practice of spending resources to generate fake value would be very good
Considering I worked in a bitcoin industry through some "crashes" I suspect, especially considering current value, that it won't "crash" to an actual breaking point that actually changes much, all things considered
I mean I don't understand all the bits
but I understand some of the ways it is assigned usefulness to people
so I will be curious what, if anything, actually happens, and if it actually has more of an impact than a news cycle of OMG BITCOIN IS DEAD
because so far, every time, it's never actually dented enough to really do a whole lot
(oh wow self you are becoming very cynical about things sometimes)
4:11 AM
though to understand the situation better, is jerusalem shared between multiple counties?
5:06 AM
Oh part of the sell off might be that steam doesn't accept it anymore
@Unionhawk steam used to accept bitcoin?
6:03 AM
> Mitch McConnell calls on Franken to resign.
Well, it seems the one thing that apparently has bipartisan support is getting Democrats out of the Senate.
(But yeah, he needs to resign.)
I'm surprised McConnell could find enough spine parts in his skeleton closet to call for Franken to resign though.
@TimStone It has to do with Bitcoin's tech.
Basically, Bitcoin has a size limit and general consensus has decided to not increase said size limit.
> "Unfortunately, it is clear that we have not built sufficient consensus for a clean block size upgrade at this time. Continuing on the current path could divide the community and be a setback to Bitcoin’s growth. This was never the goal of Segwit2x."
And now merchants are dropping Bitcoin because it has essentially decided to not scale.
As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1464096684955433613
Or at least that's my cursory (~5 minutes of Googling) understanding.
6:56 AM
@Yuuki i thought they had already split the chain months ago
@GodEmperorDune They split into two versions of Bitcoin, IIRC.
<insert xkcd competing standards comic>
1 hour later…
8:26 AM
@GodEmperorDune Wat. How is he unaware of the decades of war that have been fought over that?
8:56 AM
@Memor-X in Nottinghamshire (yes, that nottingham)
9:27 AM
Lol so we have a news satire in our national radio simply called "Fake News". Best headline I've heard so far: "Putin will be running for president again in 2018. The election results will be made public next week"
9:51 AM
6 hours ago, by GodEmperorDune
Fucking idiots
10:14 AM
@GodEmperorDune So having sex with idiots makes you unaware of decades of war?
So you are saying all the middle east needs is to go fuck some idiots.
10:35 AM
Wait is idiotism a STD?
10:51 AM
tonight in "the world is shit but at-least we have rainbows" Australia has same-sex marriage
11:13 AM
@Unionhawk Yes. More narratives like Danica Roem's pls
1 hour later…
12:14 PM
@KevinvanderVelden The one I'm from!
@Ronan also that
Which one did you mean?
Robin hood
I think I'm more famous than Robin Hood
This is true
1 hour later…
1:56 PM
@Unionhawk Wait, CNN is becoming actual fake news?
For CNN "analysis" might mean "some dumb pundit points to the tax bill as a kept promise"
2:10 PM
Great news! @msnbc recognized their massive error in firing @SamSeder and reversed their decision. https://theintercept.com/2017/12/07/sam-seder-msnbc-reverses-decision-to-fire-contributor-sam-seder/
2:21 PM
@Unionhawk that's still only "keeper of a promise, mostly"
2:36 PM
Grassley tweets to Trump complaining he was left out of GOP's tax bill conference http://hill.cm/1t1871h
So wait like how does this work now, they conference it together (minus Susan and Chuck naturally), and then it goes back again to each chamber?
Also excluding others who made any kinds of demands
I forget who else was like "hold on"
Unrelated, this is pretty much my take on Franken/Conyers
A lot of takes seem to be equating Dems pushing Franken out with an unwillingness to "play dirty," as though allowing sexual predators in positions of power is some kind of clever, savvy tactic.
@Unionhawk Yeah, where they vote on it with no ammendments
So for all the people who were promised things but aren't on committee, they're likely to get screwed
Which will make it less likely they'll want to vote for the result
@TimStone This is all of the people who were promised things iirc
I mean Ron Johnson was promised to just be on the committee, which is kind of hilarious
1 hour later…
4:07 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, but he's head of crypto at Cloudflare so I wasn't sure if there was a pending vulnerability or something that he expected to tank the value immediately
"The Los Angeles Police Department asked drivers to avoid navigation apps, which are steering users onto more open routes — in this case, streets in the neighborhoods that are on fire." http://fw.to/EMJxt2E
JUST IN: Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager sentenced to 19-24 years in prison for deadly shooting of unarmed Walter Scott.
For charges of civil rights violations, but eh
Jailtime is jailtime
There is of course a partisan divide on "most disliked national or world leader." But note that even independents have Trump ahead of Kim Jong-un, and Republicans mention Trump ahead of Putin:
That's wild
Point of information: why is hillary clinton considered to be a national or world leader
what is this
Yeah, I was confused but not surprised
4:22 PM
Like I can kind of buy putting a recent former president on your list
Just a few years ago, if you told me that Americans would, on average, dislike the current sitting President more than Vladimir Putin, I would've told you... that that's actually somewhat understandable in the vaguest sense.
It's kind of crazy that even among Republicans Trump is more disliked than Putin and within two points of Obama and Clinton, but I suspect that the people who picked Obama and Clinton had to flip a coin so
JUST IN: Minnesota's female lieutenant governor to replace Franken: report http://hill.cm/AlDGlJR
Before we start riding the "whoo, we're actually dealing with sexual harassment" train, note that Terry Crews came out about being sexually assaulted and by the looks of it, it's being swept under the rug.
I mean, there's been articles about it and his comments were widely shared on Twitter? I'd agree that there's less of a focus on "What will the accused do?" because most people don't have any context for who they are
Context for that Haley comment:
@DLind No, it’s fine. Her longer statement is way less dramatic. Apparently Fox News just keeps asking Trump admin officials if Americans will be safe during the Olympics because of North Korea. Others have said they’ll be fine.
rolls eyes at Fox
Yeah we're probably fine?
I don't think they'd attack every nation at once?
But like
If anyone would they would
4:32 PM
Trump didn't seem to have complete understanding of Jerusalem decision: report http://hill.cm/dA0wZGI
Oh no way who could have seen that coming
@TimStone Evidently not Trump.
Pelosi says Dems will NOT support the CR today "They either have the votes or they don’t have the votes today." cites CHIP, Dream Act, drug abuse funding, veterans...
Kids dressed as elves are delivering “coal” to @SpeakerRyan’s office, singing carols, etc. to request a #DreamActNow. Capitol police immediately pulled out zip-tie handcuffs.
Officer on the right looks like he's having a moment of "Wow even I think this is excessive" before he tosses an elf down the hallway
@Unionhawk Christ. They're fucking children.
4:41 PM
@SpeakerRyan The protesters went outside, and police followed them.
@Unionhawk I thought the Republicans loved coal?
@Ash no that's roy moore
RIP ill gotten stars
Well, star, I don't know who the other was
How many zip tie cuffs do you think capitol police have used in the healthcare and tax protests
4:57 PM
Franken announces resignation (effective 'in the coming weeks'),
Franken: "There is some irony that I am leaving while a man who bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who preyed on young girls runs for Senate with the full support of his party."
More like Al Frankout tbh
@TimStone inb4 "that doesn't excuse you"
Perhaps they all should be leaving I agree senator
5:30 PM
#SebGorka now lifting the “Bond Villain” impression I created, specifically the Hugo Drax “Moonraker” chunk! #sonofmoonraker
@Yuuki Presumably, if he thought it excused him, he wouldn't be leaving
@Unionhawk Wait is he doing a "global warming is so fake I'm going to physically destroy this glacier" take too?
I don't know, but I do know that Gorka unironically rules
@murgatroid99 i think if it were up to him he wouldn't be leaving
I don't know
In any case, he's completely right. It's crazy that he has to leave while people who did significantly worse just get to hold their offices
5:40 PM
#BREAKING Authorities say three people are dead after shooting at New Mexico high school https://usat.ly/2AkLa2a
@TimStone love too pass concealed carry reciprocity agreements right before another shooting
Another victory in the war on christmas
6:12 PM
I like Christmas
My guess is they called it that because there are other religions besides Christianity that also have celebrations this time of year, so they wanted to include everyone
Seems okay to me
Do you not know the term "war on christmas"?
Yeah isn't that where people want people to stop saying Merry Christmas and start saying happy holidays
@cazc_941 the irony here is that there is a huge right wing backlash against calling things "holiday party" instead of "christmas party" or saying "happy holidays" instead of "merry christmas" because some people feel that using "holiday" is offensive against people who celebrate christmas
Cause this is different
@cazc_941 no, it's where christians overreact to people being inclusive
6:17 PM
Whatever, that sounds dumb. If I want to tell someone merry Christmas, they are being an asshole if they get offended even if they don't celebrate Christmas. Cause I do and I'm giving you a positive interaction
trump of course feeds into that by saying he is going to "make christmas great again" and "end the war on christmas" and here his company is going with "holiday party" instead of "christmas party"
If somebody wishes me happy hannukah or something do u think i jump down their throat
@GodEmperorDune well I don't think the party is only for Christians, is it?
@cazc_941 i agree with you
holidays is by far the better and more inclusive term
I know, Then why are you still arguing with me
@GodEmperorDune for this yeah, but I'm not gonna stop saying Merry Christmas to people
i thought you were misunderstanding why trump doing this is hypocritical with his stances
6:19 PM
So people would have been mad if they said Christmas, and blue they're being mad that they didn't say Christmas?
@GodEmperorDune you think I misunderstand a lot
@cazc_941 yeah that's me being fuct, i apologize
@cazc_941 These are different groups of people
The war on christmas isn't a thing, was the joke I was making
Silly people
Yeah if somebody tells me to stop saying Merry Christmas I tell em to stop being an asshole
Wait why am I in this is fine
That explains all of this
6:25 PM
@cazc_941 must not star
7:16 PM
@cazc_941 In their defense, "Merry Christmas" is probably not the best response to "cash or credit?".
Ryan's GOP primary challenger to columnist: "Eat a bullet" http://hill.cm/PBrKIRc
lol @ the frantically googling for a food called "bullet" that ensued
@TimStone "wait, i fucked up, how do i not help at all?"
lol the last WI-1 election had 4 candidates on the ballot
Republican incumbent Paul Ryan, Democratic candidate Ryan Solen, Trump Conservative Spencer Zimmerman (that's what Ballotpedia lists as his party), and Libertarian Jason Lebeck
the libertarian got 2,000 fewer votes than the trump conservative candidate
@Unionhawk 0.0
love 2 bring my side down with purity infighting
I mean they both collectively got like, 16,000 votes total
of 250,000 cast
7:29 PM
well then
Thanks To You Leftist Fucks Apparently I Am Proud To Support Medicare For All #AnitaApparently4All https://t.co/80kZ2haHhj
(clickhole apparently has a fake senator character)
(this is glorious)
7:44 PM
Dear Patreon: In passing processing fees on to me, a patron, my monthly contributions should be going up by about $1. I could live with that. Instead, it's going to go up by nearly $5 (or more, if per creation pledges get individually tagged with the $0.35 fee). That is really shitty, especially since credit card companies and PayPal will only be dinging you once for the dozen or so creators I back.
Yeah the .35 per pledge is not great
Here's an idea: charge us a flat rate of say 3%, and you eat the rest of the processing fees out of your 5%.
It doesn't affect me as much because I only have one pledge and it's $5
I like that the email couldn't even be bothered to tell you your new monthly payment amount
So now it costs me $5.50, roughly (depending on how they round)
7:52 PM
> ...your patrons will be charged 2.9% + $0.35 for each paid post.
Nope, not cool.
.@CLewandowski_, when asked if he has any regrets about his behavior towards women: "You know what my regret is? I didn't get to serve my country in the military – that's my regret" http://snpy.tv/2AE7ssJ
It makes sense that Lewandowski has no regrets about anything other than that
that checks out
@MBraedley it's also utter bullshit because they don't do X pledges = X charges, so why should we do X pledges = X transaction fees
right, yeah, they lump monthly payments together
Wanted to share a video of Roy Moore in 1997 arguing that kids commit drive-by shooting because they are taught evolution in school: "They're acting like animals because we've taught them they come from animals." https://t.co/YoHZXKfpAl
7:59 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Exactly. My PayPal gets charged once, people's credit cards get charged once, so make me pay the fixed fee once.
(Or completely do away with it!)
@TimStone This is the most bizarre joke-segue into whatever sort of logical argument that is
@MBraedley So Patreon just adds up paid post charges and charges it on the first of the month with monthlys?
Dammit patreon
I mean smart and good way to do it depending on some card fee models
but dammit
@Unionhawk Yeah. I mean I've sometimes seen it split in two, monthlies and per post in the email I get from Patreon (i.e. I've gotten two emails for a month), but I don't think I've seen it in the PayPal charge.
@TimStone Except my understanding is that revenue (from their 5%) shouldn't change that much. Patreon was always taking their 5% straight off the top, before the processing fees, and basically handing every creator $0.95, and then clawing back the processing fees.
@TimStone Speaking of alabama candidates doing racism though, that Doug Jones mailer (or ad? idk)
You're talking about the anti-Jones "OMG NFL PLAYERS KNEELING!" one?
Or a different one?
Big new economic study, on the problem of "Lost Einsteins." Our extreme inequality is almost certainly denying us important innovations. My column: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/03/opinion/lost-einsteins-innovation-inequality.html
"We're all dumb as evidenced by the lack of patents per capita" is a take, I guess
Is there something in a Democratic candidate's brain that can't allow for easy layup elections and makes this shit happen? https://twitter.com/TheRoot/status/938772102089408512
It's so bad
Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly hell
8:16 PM
Like, "is this a cernovich flyer?" bad
My brain can't take much more of this abuse
@TimStone I think it's a little more nuanced than that
I hope so
(maybe not the article, but the studies behind it, at least)
It's NYTimes, so odds are the article is probably not more nuanced than that
8:19 PM
Roy Moore to ride horseback to his polling location next week http://hill.cm/OVbpPBJ
Horse, preemptive welcome to the resistance
❗️NEW VIDEO❗️ Wildfires continue to grow in Southern California. Here is amazing footage of a 'firenado' over the #ThomasFire. Turbulent winds interact with intense heat rising over the wildfire and this interaction creates a whirlwind, very similar to a dust devil. https://t.co/77h7Xo1AFz
@TimStone Most riding horses are less than 10, right?
@Unionhawk WTF USA?
Like age-wise? I'm not sure
8:26 PM
> Most domesticated horses begin training under saddle or in harness between the ages of two and four. They reach full adult development by age five
Ah, that explains it.
@Arperum dude, I don't even know
Blake Farenthold just said his constituents are concerned that there's a special counsel investigation into the the Trump administration but "no one is addressing the Clinton administration. "
@TimStone Wait? Is there currently a president Clinton that we are not aware of?
I know he means the Hillary Clinton administration because like that's how deranged these people are, but it's funnier to imagine he's talking about investigating things (ambiguous) that occurred 20 years ago
Like what are we investigating friend
That Superpredators(tm) and mandatory minimums were both really bad things and accelerated the growth of the carceral state?
Plus, let's please remember, this is coming from this man (NSFL duckie pajamas) who literally hid his settlement with a former staffer
8:31 PM
Oh god dammit lol
He did say that he was going to pay back the taxpayers
He did, he did
Which naturally will not happen
But will he pay for my brain bleach?
He won't
do either
as it turns out
Humans may be scaring narwhals to death http://pops.ci/fFsHxE https://t.co/wRo8bxJILF
Someone bring this issue before Congress and play a 10 hour Narwhal song filibuster
8:36 PM
I approve of this idea
@TimStone Humans are pretty good at scaring each other to death (see 2016/2017).
White House downplays Bolton's visit with Trump: "Nothing more than a check in" http://hill.cm/TWSGap9
"I see you still have the mustache"
"I do"
"Alright then, see you later"
9:26 PM
Longtime Denver Community Residents Boycott ink! Coffee https://www.unicornriot.ninja/2017/longtime-denver-community-residents-boycott-ink-coffee/ via @UR_Ninja #resist
(this is the "proudly gentrifying since 2014" place)
Why is boycotting a coffee shop news?
9:44 PM
.@SHSanders45: “We think it’s unfortunate that these members of Congress wouldn’t join the President in honoring the incredible sacrifice civil rights leaders made to right the injustices in our history."
(this is basically "how dare John Lewis not honor John Lewis")
House passed a two week CR
10:00 PM
@TimStone hue
Owner of restaurant opening in Trump Hotel faces wage theft lawsuit http://hill.cm/5B3VwJp
Ah, they fixed the typo…
CNN Exclusive: Previously undisclosed emails show follow-up after June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians with @mkraju @jeremyherb http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/07/politics/previously-undisclosed-emails-after-trump-tower-meeting/index.html
Love to follow up on a waste of time meeting where definitely nothing happened
10:27 PM
"It is unclear exactly why Franks is stepping down, but one Arizona Republican noted there had been rumors of inappropriate behavior" http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/arizonas-trent-franks-expected-resign
If the Trent Franks rumor I’m hearing is true—at this point, no idea if it is—he won’t belong in the same category as these other “inappropriate behavior” guys.
Uhhh, let's hope it's not true because I'm afraid to find out what that means
#thetrumpdunk #stayinyolane @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/MEjGptbiuS
@TimStone hue
10:45 PM
House Ethics committee denied access to records on sexual harassment allegations against lawmakers http://hill.cm/ootYfQx
That doesn't seem quite right 🤔
10:58 PM
Two week CR through Senate now
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