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12:20 AM
Founder of @Cinemark Theatres, which wanted money from Aurora shooting victims, is Roy Moore donor http://www.newsweek.com/cinemark-aurora-roy-moore-campaign-donations-709992
Oh cool, cool. Great people
@TimStone lol yep
@TimStone wait why did the owner want money from the shooting victims?
@GodEmperorDune that dude for Homeland security left wing extremism task force
@GodEmperorDune To be fair it was slightly more complicated in that the victims sued Cinemark for security flaws that helped enable the Aurora shooting
@TimStone and countersuit?
12:24 AM
They lost, so Cinemark was legally entitled to recover legal fees to the tune of $700,000
Like, they came up with that number as the number they should be paid, so
They eventually backed off
This is the seventh rural hospital to close in Alabama in eight years, devastating those communities & forcing people to drive several counties away for care, with other hospitals on the brink. Doug supports health care plans that assist these hospitals. http://www.al.com/news/mobile/index.ssf/2017/11/deeply_saddened_another_rural.html
This is a fantastic issue for an Alabama democrat to run on and I'm glad Jones is at least slightly more than an Ossoff in the messaging department
12:27 AM
fixing local things that are broke worked well in virginia
it was most of danica roem's platform
12:47 AM
Sure, @realDonaldTrump has insulted almost every sort of human that there is, but now he's gone too far: He said that pet owning is low class. That's all you need to know about him.... http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/363381-trump-thought-it-was-low-class-for-pence-to-bring-pets-to-vp
fite me irl
lol can you imagine being demeaned so badly but still sticking around to be VP? Like it's VP but it's only VP, unless Pence thought he'd really get the boot
@TimStone well he gets to run all the domestic policy and foreign policy while trump is out MAGAing
Okay, okay can I just say he named his rabbit Marlon Bundo and that's a little bit great
1:04 AM
@GodEmperorDune How can you hate pets
By being a pathetic, hollow shell of a person, naturally
Conservative lawmakers pushed to oust GOP chair after he voted against GOP tax bill http://hill.cm/jf9zxqI
@Wipqozn because he doesn't understand loving and caring for another living thing?
Nothing spells unity like in-fighting
@GodEmperorDune Oh, well that actually makes a lot of sense
we might have avoided this whole mess if his parents just bought him a damn puppy back in the day
1:13 AM
UK authorities foil plot to assassinate Theresa May: report http://hill.cm/t0ahSdw
Not entirely sure what the bit at the bottom has to do with this but alright
Also that seems like a not particularly well conceived plan
@TimStone quick, let's ban the brexiters
@TimStone you don't have a lot of options without guns
US to fly bombers over Korean Peninsula after latest North Korean missile test: report http://hill.cm/y83TteF
Pretty sure they know we have those. Pretty sure that's their excuse for building nuclear weapons, so, y'know, good on you
@TimStone maybe this?
On 16 June 2016, Jo Cox, the British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, West Yorkshire. In September, a 52-year-old local man named Thomas Alexander Mair was found guilty of her murder and other offences connected to the killing, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order. Mair had singled out Cox, a "passionate defender" of the European Union and immigration, because he viewed her as "one of 'the collaborators' [and] a traitor" to white people. The incident was the first killing of a sitting British...
like when trump made those tweets the news here in Australia talked about that
@TimStone i swear trump is trying to LARP that scene with john snow in game of thrones. when the kid finishes it. except with bombs instead of knives
No, I know that, but they're clearly bringing it up in relation to this assassination plot as a kind of gross "lol she condemned the anti-Muslim sentiments and then some people who happened to be Muslim wanted to kill her" aside
1:20 AM
@TimStone yeah i expected that more from the daily mail than the hill
BREAKING: Trump's Dept. of Agriculture urges states to make it harder for families to access nutrition assistance, citing greater "state flexibility." /1
love to starve my citizens like rocket man
Moore surrogate kicking off Bannon/Moore rally: "Why in the world would you listen to the party of abortion on demand about how much they care about women?"
@GodEmperorDune maybe that's the true purpose for the Great Wall. not to keep Mexicans out but to keep Americans in
My god
@TimStone wuuuuuuuuut
What a twisted mind to even come up with that take
1:22 AM
where is that alt right lady complaining about how alt right dudes are dickish to women
@TimStone cc @GourmetHotTakes
So far there's more anti-Mitch McConnell than anti-Doug Jones from the stage at this Roy Moore/Steve Bannon rally.
As is customa…wait
1:57 AM
We don’t need an outside agitator like Steve Bannon carpetbagging in Alabama.
1920s voice myah! I'll show you carpetbaggers what for!
@TimStone wow
tl;dr: because bitcoin mining is designed to be slow and inefficient, it is wasting a ton of electricity
> That problem is carbon emissions. De Vries has come up with some estimates by diving into data made available on a coal-powered Bitcoin mine in Mongolia. He concluded that this single mine is responsible for 8,000 to 13,000 kg CO2 emissions per Bitcoin it mines, and 24,000 - 40,000 kg of CO2 per hour.
holy shit
How is it even possible someone thought this is a good moment to write/publish this? #metoo #journalism #fail https://twitter.com/laura_hudson/status/938183573466701829
2:19 AM
Using resources to generate fake value is about as late capitalism as it gets
i mean the author tries to mention the "it worked for me, probably it doesn't work for everyone" and implies that men need to understand consent better for their own sakes but yeah, it's a pretty fuct take
@Unionhawk wall street journal loves bitcoin now
Roy Moore says he is engaged in a spiritual battle against demonic powers 🙄
Doug Jones needs to win
The moral rot that is our politics in this country will merely accelerate otherwise
@Unionhawk but the demonic powers!
unrelated, i hate how some celebrities have interesting things to say but then they don't thread their tweets at all
> If a younger woman asks an older and more professionally powerful man for job advice, and that man ends up hitting on the woman, is that on its own harassment?
consecutively twetes with numbers in them don't automatically thread
@Wipqozn yes, it is
2:23 AM
Probably, definitely highly inappropriate
> Is it always wrong when a man is attracted to a woman at work, and acts on that attraction
@Wipqozn being attracted? no. acting on it inappropriately? yes
Nah, depends on context (i.e. superior is always wrong) and how they go about it (i.e. just asking someone out isn't harassment, but slapping them on the ass? Saying "Yo babe let's fuck"? Yes)
> If that man tries to, say, kiss the woman he is attracted to, and she’s not into it, and they leave it at that, was that forcible kissing?
> If a woman is not attracted to a man who comes on to her, and that man is in a position of any sort of power, is that clearly a fireable offense?
@Wipqozn if you ask a subordinate out on a date, that is inappropriate
If she directly reports to him yes. If not then how much power he as matters (aka just some team lead in another department you never work with? nah)
@GodEmperorDune yeah that's what I meant
if it's someone in a different department and it is highly unlikely you would be able to influence their job, that's fine
2:27 AM
@GodEmperorDune Yes
but i have actually seen a thing where someone's assistant made a company-shattering fuckup but the VP that she was dating basically talked the CEO out of firing her
@GodEmperorDune That sounds pretty fucked up
should she have been fired for it? probably not. Should her boyfriend have intervened? no way
yeah, that company had some boundary issues
This actually reminds me a funny story of sorts
Our CEO was giving some sort of company talk thing
was talking about how he's always been cool with swearing, and that it's a "fuck friendly office". Everyone gets a laugh, at which point he realizes everyone isn't laughing at his joke, but how horrible that sound, and he's like "oh shit"
it so so awkward
@KevinMKruse @LOLGOP Uh oh guess who disrespected the Tide once https://twitter.com/StephenBannon/status/288380244036046848
lol how 2017 would that be if someone was actually bothered by that
2:33 AM
@TimStone the tide is a BIG DEAL tho
obama himself (when meeting with them for winning) introduced himself as o-BAMA
I know but like, in comparison to everything else
you can get kicked out of malls and be a creepy child molester but you BEST NOT MESS WITH BAMA
Elaine Chao advises women who experience sexual harassment to "let it go" http://hill.cm/W8431pd
is metoo gonna take mcconnell down?
To be fair the tweet is, of course, oversimplifying what she said, though I'm still not sure that's a particularly helpful comment when so many women are still seeking some sense of justice
But also veeeeeeeery curious who she's referring to with her own story
#BREAKING: Federal grand jury indicts Kate Steinle shooting suspect on new charges. http://abc7ne.ws/2jgJhsT
2:44 AM
@TimStone Okay, what she said isn't nearly as terrible as that is making it sound
like she is trying to make a good point.
@TimStone i mean i don't want to speculate but maybe she should have lunch with the devos siblings
She ignores that not everyone is going to heal the same way or take hte same journey and for some people seeking justice is what they want to do
@TimStone this is the illegal immigrant who didn't commit the crime therefore let's try a different crime
and they should be able to do that regardless of when the thing happened
My mom just joined Twitter and saw all the racist messages where people tell me to "go home" and "go back to where I came from." She wanted me to thank you all. She really wants me to move back to Texas.
2:45 AM
@GodEmperorDune snorts
@GodEmperorDune Pretty much. Some good takes in the comments too like "accidental gun shootings should be prosecuted" which will be news to all the white people who have gotten off without issue
@TimStone like our buddy mr cheney
2:56 AM
Amazing how far we've come that literally shooting your friend in the face with a shotgun is only mildly worth remembering
@TimStone my favorite was that the shot dude apologized for getting in the way of the gun
Oh yeah
Chuck Schumer says he advised Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital http://www.weeklystandard.com/democrats-divided-ahead-of-trumps-expected-recognition-of-jerusalem-as-israels-capital/article/2010726
But, why?
I mean, I know why, but still, why?
@TimStone because they can't go against it and risk being labelled anti semites
the whole thing relied on the president taking the hit
and providing cover for the rest of the party by being the adult in the room
trump is never going to be the adult in the room
Yeah I just can't see the value in appeasing the pro-Israeli lobby and going all-in on "undivided" capital
and there were a ton of american diplomats working for decades to broker a peace deal, maybe by leaving instead of doing this half assed neutrality thing it can actually get something working
3:08 AM
Yeah anti-israel action is... Not easy
It's really hard
It's illegal in texas
because the US's actions have never been truly neutral
(for government contractors)
it's like "israel, say you're sorry and promise not to do it again" kind of stuff with no follow through
also wasn't it an election promise?
@Memor-X it always is and they always don't do it
because their state department says "if you do this, you will literally fuck up all our relationships with the rest of the middle east" and they listen
but hey, this will help solidify the rest of the middle east against the US and israel so good luck picking up the pieces, europe
3:13 AM
lol, building management at Portman's Cincinnati office closed the elevator to prevent comrades from getting to the actual office
god dammit
Latest on #SoCal #WildFires: #ThomasFire - Santa Paula, CA 55,000 acres, 200 buildings, 1 death #RyeFire - Santa Clarita, CA 11,000 acres, no buildings #CreekFire - Sylmar, CA 5,000 acres, no buildings #LittleMountainFire - San Bernardino, CA 100 acres, no buildings
SoCal pls stop burning
Westworld production is suspended due to it yes
@TimStone naaaaaaaaah
it's weird how goddamn cold it is yet things are still on fire
like 50's
3:27 AM
Meanwhile, in Germany.
Direct action works, hell yeah
@Unionhawk nicely done
3:40 AM
In case people think I'm joking about Moore fearing being killed by his own troops during Vietnam
Holy shit
4:00 AM
@Unionhawk is article 15 different from normal disciplinary action?
> A frequently asked question by recruits seeking to join the military is, "What Is an Article 15?"

Answer: If a military member gets into trouble for a minor offense and it does not require a judicial hearing, Article 15 of the (UCMJ) allows for the commanding officer to decide the innocence or guilt and administer the punishment to the offender if necessary. Also known as Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP), the Article 15 hearing allows for the immediate chain of command of the UCMJ offender to handle "in house" the lesser offenses that do not require a trial or break other local or federal
Normal discipline for offenses that don't require a court martial
4:22 AM
because it's not like you idiots have anything better to do *cough*same sex*cough*
4:58 AM
BREAKING: Washington Examiner: Divorce records obtained by @dcexaminer show that Roy Moore first started dating his current wife Kayla before she had even filed for divorce from her first husband, John Charles Heald. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/court-records-suggest-roy-moore-dated-wife-while-she-was-still-married/article/2642679 via @gabriellahope_ @emilyjashinsky
This seems kinda iffy but also like the dude had a giant Ten Commandments display so idk
1 hour later…
7:03 AM
You know the National Mall isn’t that kind of mall right https://twitter.com/mooresenate/status/938234152301793280
8:00 AM
> Last month, Russia's investigative committee said it planned to ask the United States to extradite Rodchenkov.
I'd be hiding in some other country for the time being, all things considered...
8:50 AM
@TimStone if your platform is literally "look at us we're good christians, the other guys are evil" then you better actually do what you preach
9:22 AM
RIP Middle East Peace Process
Of all the things Trump has done, this is by far the most irreversible
And it will cause generations more trauma
9:37 AM
@fredley climate change
@fredley judicial nominations
but yeah, i've resigned myself to the fact that any semblance of american leadership in world politics is on the way out
@GodEmperorDune Good point.
@GodEmperorDune Nah, they'll only last one generation max.
(other fuct things include ultrapartisanship, discrediting any institutions that call out his kleptocratic tendencies, discrediting critical thinking in general)
@GodEmperorDune Yup. America is falling (fallen?). inb4 there's a massive war about who gets to take up the new mantle of de-facto #1 global super power.
@fredley they are appoint young people to life positions. they're stay around for 40-50 years at least
@GodEmperorDune 40-50 years is nothing compared to the timescales of the middle east.
9:42 AM
@fredley as fuct as the jerusalem move is, we haven't been a neutral party for a very long time. we overlook way too much shit that israel does because of domestic politics
even this jerusalem thing was voted on by congress in the 90s
@GodEmperorDune Israel was kept in check by its alliance with America. They couldn't do the shit they really wanted to do (just fucking annex Palestine and be done with it) because it would jeopardise the alliance on which they totally depended. This shift in the dynamic is very, very scary.
@fredley they've been slowly annexing with illegal settlements for at least 10 years
watch for trump to reverse this when trump company properties in the middle east start getting nationalized
@GodEmperorDune Yup, I know, and that process is going to stepped up hugely now that they know America is behind them whatever
@fredley sadly i think that was going to happen with trump no matter what
And given that Trump's tenure is not likely to be long, with threat of impeachment etc., they'll be sure to capitalise on it as quickly as possible.
9:46 AM
i dunno about trump personally, but a lot of the other people in the administration are gung ho for war with iran and this is a good start to it
@TimStone Wait what? They make those people pay to work?
@GodEmperorDune Thus far, Israel's main tactic has been that of the bully who's constantly flicking the weedy kid's ear, poking him, and annoying him. Eventually the weedy kid gets so wound up he lashes out, at which point the bully can justify hitting him full-force because he's just acting in defence.
@fredley yep
@GodEmperorDune Was supposed to be going to Iran next year (having had to cancel a trip to Myanmar this year over the whole genocide thing), and now it's looking like that's in jeopardy too.
you sent 20 rockets at us, therefore we're going to raze every building you've got
9:47 AM
@fredley Except the poking that Israel is doing kind of involves stabbing the other kid with a knife every now and then.
you kidnapped a patrol of our dudes? we're blockading your entire country
@GodEmperorDune Yeah. They do shit like cut off the power/water supply for days at a time, interfere with everything, randomly close access to temple mount (for security), just generally do things that won't get international attention, but will piss off a load of people.
@GodEmperorDune Also: take away any option for you to get food, because you might smuggle in rockets with the food.
its a fucking nightmare
@Arperum Nah, there's way more subtle stuff going on that doesn't get attention. Settlements are one of the worst ways. Oh this land that you think you own? You don't, we own it now.
Driving people into poverty, and continuing to fuck with them and their family for generations creates fanatics.
9:50 AM
@fredley there are fanatics on both sides
@GodEmperorDune Yup, except one side has all the power.
Yes, and then you use said fanatics as an excuse to increase the level of fuckery.
@fredley yep
Not saying Palestine/stinians haven't done terrible things. Just that given the power dynamic, there's only one side that can really sort things out, and they're choosing to make things worse instead.
but israeli's demographics are looking bad long term because the non-jewish birthrate is much higher
so eventually they will be out of power in israel (unless they go apartheid)
but yeah, i really don't see how someone who genuinely wants peace and a 2 state solution to come to power in israel right now
9:54 AM
Dunno if you're factoring in the resettlers. If you're Jewish, you can get paid to resettle in Israel, and even more if you choose to go live in a new (illegal) settlement.
@fredley hmmm, not sure
suffice to say, this latest thing is a pretty fuct cherry on top of an already fuct sundae
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, I mean doing anything in the middle east makes things worse by default
@fredley no I believe they were doing it, not sure if the birthdate figures took that into account
Although as I google for it I find stuff saying the opposite problem, that Israel is too population dense for the land to support it
@GodEmperorDune I mean, yeah, it's literally a desert.
But that's also California, right?
@fredley half of it, yeah
And the way things are going, California is basically going to have years of too much rain and years of not enough rain and there’s not a whole lot we can do to stop it
10:10 AM
@GodEmperorDune Build massive resevoirs?
Why not just relocate to the South East USA. Would solve a lot of problems.
@fredley yeah that’s one of the things we’re doing
Except they will never be big enough
10:28 AM
@GodEmperorDune Just hollow out the whole state
@fredley brb writing to the governor
@GodEmperorDune Loads of labour around, since everyone got replaced by robots. Give all the unemployed people shovels and just get digging. Bam: unemployment solved, water crisis solved.
I would be a great politician
1 hour later…
11:41 AM
@TrentHawkins like Ecuador. it's worked out perfectly for Julian Assange
12:20 PM
@fredley You would even be able to create new land with all the ground you're moving, so that way you can take land from the see and try to one up the Dutchies.
@Arperum naah, they'll just do what everyone does when faced with things like that and call us for help
Quite a lot of architects specializing in... well controlling the weather or sea are dutch
12:39 PM
Last night, the Sun published a highly misleading attack on #StopFundingHate supporters written in the name of the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/stop-funding-hate-next-level #StartSpreadingLove (2)
cool, cool
12:50 PM
wonder if that'll trigger a reaction from Trump
1:07 PM
He also repeatedly said this on the campaign
1:22 PM
@MadScientist He's reportedly mentioned in the piece as a harasser so almost assuredly
@TimStone I doubt he'll actually read the piece, that's far too much text
@MadScientist he was last month
also wasn't his previous one fake anyway?
He has a fake person of the year cover yeah
I think it's like hanging in one of his country clubs or something
@Unionhawk yeh that's the one but his tweet said "like last year" so was wondering if he's talking about that one
Last year he was person of the year
Most or all presidents are in the election year
That I'm aware of
1:29 PM
@Unionhawk like a default by Time "we'll take a break this year and just go with the president"
@MadScientist This is fair
though if he didn't he would get triggered and call foul play on whoever made it
his hate boner for CNN would have been for Time Magazine then
I made the shed I live in London's top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor. Then I actually opened it. Ladies & Gents, after months screening phone calls from begging customers, eat it up: The Shed At Dulwich https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/434gqw/i-made-my-shed-the-top-rated-restaurant-on-tripadvisor?utm_campaign=sharebutton @viceuk @vice
@TimStone That is incredible
1:47 PM
So the tax bill that Senate Republicans passed revived the AMT (alternative minimum tax) but they left it at 20% instead of lowering it in accordance with the other tax rates they lowered.
Thus, they effectively negated all the tax cuts they made.
> a group of lawyers from Davis Polk pointed out that, by leaving the AMT intact, Republicans had essentially undermined their bill’s most important changes to the international tax code.
> So they unintentionally closed the loopholes?
Top Intel Republican to file contempt resolution against FBI, Justice Dept officials for withholding Russia docs: report http://hill.cm/hxWWs6d
Ah yes, complaining someone did something improper is totally the game Nunes should be playing
Holding justice department in contempt of who? Congress?
Arrest me too, Devin, while you're at it
> "I am not a fan of economic models because they have all proven wrong," he added.
That's true, the economic model that said they would give 350m to NHS was apparently wrong
I like the Guardian's headline
Never attribute to malice what can be sufficient that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
1:57 PM
Your first name being the same as your last name is the most conservative MP name
President Juncker wants to support Mrs May to avoid the collapse of her government. (2)
at least while we have the right wing party in congress in this country realizing how much power they have and what little people can do to stop them from transferring wealth upward, at least we have a manifestly incompetent right wing party in the UK to laugh at lol
it's funny because their incompetence is going to continue to drive the pound into the ground
2:28 PM
Democrat Jen Jordan won a special election runoff in Georgia's 6th Senate district last night, flipping the seat. Jordan’s win breaks the Republican supermajority in Georgia’s state senate.
Hah, nice coincidence
(Jon Ossoff lost GA-6 but that was a national congressional district)
2:43 PM
Intern: Mr. Conyers, I said NO. I'm not going to do that. Senator Conyers: You know who also said NO? Chandra Levy... care to change your answer? https://t.co/Ic7y5o2Y0o
What in the fresh hell
2:56 PM
What the fuuuuuuuuuuuck
Female police captain suspended after saying a fellow officer benefited from "white male privilege" http://hill.cm/jTR7aM8
Cool, cool
With the cooperation of our Democrat colleagues, Congress will pass a short-term CR before the end of this week.
But why?
With clean dream act? @SenateMajLdr? HMM?
3:09 PM
(I mean, government shutdowns are bad for people so that's fair just like they have full control over the process so why can't they just be expected to pass the budget?)
@ToxicFrog Continuing resolution, i.e. stopgap funding
Continuing Resolution. Keep the government funded and avoid a shutdown
iirc they are looking at a 2 week bandage to extend their deadline
that essentially maintains current levels
Yeah, I don't know why you would only have a continuing resolution for only 2 weeks instead of at least 6 weeks. Also, it's kind of ridiculous that stuff like this is needed in the first place.
Yeah, the HFC wants a CR through the end of the month? But McConnell was only gunning for two weeks for some reason, idk
So, the bright side is that the Senate tax bill might not pass the House because Republicans are dumb.
@Yuuki They're expected to vote to go to conference later today so we'll find out
They'll get it figured out, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they partially scrapped things because of how badly it's written
@TimStone Well, the thing is that the Senate bill reintroduced the AMT but didn't lower it to correspond with the tax cuts. So now corporations can't take advantage of all the new tax cuts in the bill because the AMT is still at its old rate.
But they will, eventually, pass a bill that initiates continued transfer of wealth from the bottom to fewer and fewer hands at the top.
Yeah, but they can fix that in conference
3:16 PM
As part of a 30 year project of right wing capitalists
3:32 PM
Heh, Russia is banned from the 2018 olympics (for systemic drug use)
(clean athletes can compete under the olympic flag)
4:29 PM
I'll see your "anti-gay TN senator had affair with addict subordinate nurse who was also his second cousin," and raise you one "anti-gay Okla. lawmaker caught with teen boy, pot at cheap motel while wearing misogynist t-shirt emblazoned with Bible verse." http://kfor.com/2017/12/04/moore-police-release-body-cam-footage-from-night-state-senator-found-in-hotel-room-with-teen-boy/
Senators Gillibrand, Hirono and McCaskill call on Franken to resign within minutes of each other. https://twitter.com/clairecmc/status/938446514514464769
Hassan too
4:51 PM
@TimStone Meanwhile, Republicans don't give a f--k about Moore.
@GodEmperorDune Caricatures blow my mind. That Trump is insanely distorted yet it's still obvious who it's supposed to be.
@StrixVaria yeah it’s weird how that works
5:11 PM
#J20 prosecution is now using Detective Pemberton's direct testimony to introduce a series of video stills, slow motion videos, and powerpoints establishing each defendant's presence at the anti-capitalist anti-fascist march. @USAO_DC doesn't seem to plan to prove anything else.
JUST IN: Trump says government shutdown "could happen" this weekend http://hill.cm/tyTVQPX
5:26 PM
@TimStone This just in: another thing that Trump shouldn't admit to.
It's even more stupid than just that
Trump is pretty much the opposite human being of the kinds of people I like hanging out with. I like people who are down to earth and avoid drama. Trump can't stand when he's not the center of attention.
> "It could happen," Trump said when asked about the chances of a shutdown. "The Democrats are really looking at something that is very dangerous to our country ... They want to have illegal immigrants pouring into our country."
What does that have to do with any of that?!
@TimStone you're assuming that words have meaning
5:27 PM
My brain hurts
NBC news in LA is reporting that the wildfires are now burning down Rupert Murdoch's house.
@TimStone maybe a DACA or wall thing as part of the CR?
@TimStone let's go get marshmallows
@TimStone well done
Study: ObamaCare fixes pushed by Collins would dramatically cut healthcare premiums http://hill.cm/XitiSY4
NEW - Franken going to be making an announcement tomorrow
More and more dem senators are calling on him to resign
5:31 PM
Perez joined in too, he has to be stepping down
@GodEmperorDune Bets on resigning vs. not reoffering vs. doing nothing.
I don't really understand why it has to wait until tomorrow though
@GodEmperorDune It's incredibly cynical of me to say this, but this is why Republicans have control over all the legislatures.
Yes, it's good that Democrats have morals and are pushing Franken out of office for doing terrible things.
But when Republicans on the other side of the aisle literally don't give a fuck about Moore, who's unarguably worse, this is why liberals continually lose ground.
I can't countenance being optimistic about the world when we're ousting Franken while Moore has a >50% chance of winning his Senate seat.
5:47 PM
NEW POLL: Vast majority wants Congress to investigate sexual harassment claims against Trump http://hill.cm/X5qSo1V
39% Republicans is expectedly low but also higher than like, other polls about similar issues? Which seems unexpected
@Yuuki After the initial accusation against him, I read an editorial (by a woman) arguing that he should stay because his support for liberal policies would be of more benefit to women in the long term than removing him would be. But with all of the other accusations against him, that is increasingly difficult to justify
@murgatroid99 Minnesota is traditionally Democratic so they're not likely to elect a Republican to take his spot.
Curious if Keith Ellison will run for his seat
Donald Trump's Real Estate Business Is Losing One Of Its Most Important Tenants http://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/12/06/donald-trumps-real-estate-business-is-losing-one-of-its-most-important-tenants/?utm_source=TWITTER&utm_medium=social&utm_term=ViEWS%20Alerts#76616c657269
(tl;dr because Forbes site is terrible: It's Nike, worth $250-some million)
If I looked at things in a vacuum, I definitely think Franken should resign.
@murgatroid99 When there was only a single accusation, I was firmly in the "don't reoffer" camp, but now I think the only appropriate action for him is to resign.
5:54 PM
The problem is that things aren't in a vacuum.
And in the unlikely case that a Republican wins Franken's seat, I'm pretty sure everyone who called for his resignation is going to regret it
Franken continuing to be defended by the party is heavily damaging to a party that pretty much only runs on "moral high ground"
Well the Minn. governor is a Dem, so a Dem would be appointed until a special election is held.
@Unionhawk Continuing to be defended? Have you seen the news? Everyone's calling for him to resign.
They've been closing ranks around him up until today
So that occurring is a thing that is good
This is what I get for not scrolling up enough
@Unionhawk Well, this moral high ground seems to be screwing them over in the short run as Democrats seem to be losing two lawmakers over sexual harasssment while Republicans might actually gain one.
6:00 PM
It's not my fault a literal DCCC slogan was "have you seen the other guys?"
@Unionhawk Well, according to the slogan, you should be looking at those other guys /s
I dunno, I'm just frustrated that while it's good that Democrats are moving fast on this issue, it just seems to be shooting themselves in the foot in the end.
@Yuuki his seat is safely democratic
I think in order to keep the closest thing we have to a left party healthy, we need to force out the bad
And let's be clear, even though Conyers introduced a Medicare for all bill, he is bad
@GodEmperorDune His seat is.
@Unionhawk This is what people mean when they say liberals kill each other over purity tests.
I'm sorry that "don't be a sexual harasser" is a purity test in 2017
That feels like a baseline to me
6:14 PM
@Unionhawk I was thinking more along the lines of black-and-white labeling someone bad without looking at the totality of their actions but it seems like lack of nuance is the 2017 style.
@Yuuki its not even a moral high ground issues as much as a "this dude has been proven to have skeletons, chances are more skeletons will come out next time he runs for re-election and he'll definitely cost us the seat then"
also the fact of it is that dem voters are not as party loyal as republican voters
I mean it's also a matter of mitigating attacks yeah
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, can we start this country over and actually listen to Washington this time?
The problem is that this whole sexual harassment issue is making me more disgusted with people and whenever I'm disgusted with people, voter turnout goes way way down. And that always favors the people who makes things even worse.
That's why we need to primary these guys, or let them retire
@Yuuki this is another sad truefax
6:32 PM
At the end of the day, Carlos Rosa for IL-4
More on Lindsay shepherd
That's so fuct
> accused of breaking the law
Where the hell do they find university faculty these days
Completely indefensible behavior
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