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That sounds about right
@GodEmperorDune Basically, all the skeletons need to be equal so everyone knows enough to keep everyone else in check
which is why the monsters congregate together
that, quite frankly, would explain a lot
could also be a selection bias thing, where people who are attracted to positions of power also seek out bad things to do
err correlation
I don't know
It's just so awful. There is so much bad in the world
Thoughts and prayers for Trent Franks. https://twitter.com/jakesherman/status/938894087771615233
the franks takes are getting lit
I just don't even understand how you go about that. "I'm uh, gonna need you to type up that proposal by 3:00 and also incubate my child. Any questions?"
Adding to the list of THINGS GUYS SHOULDN'T DO (which SHOULD go without saying, but here we are...): DON'T pull your genitals out of your pants at work. DON'T meet women for meetings naked or wearing only a robe. and DON'T ask female coworkers to act as gestational hosts.
when you’re so pro life you need every woman around you to be pregnant
Somewhere Cernovich is furiously vining "you don't ASK them, cuck!"
12:11 AM
Hey I just met you And this is crazy But I'm your boss So bear my baby?
@TimStone that is fantastic
@GodEmperorDune don't ask women to be replacement porn magazines
@Memor-X ugh, this too
don't jerk off into a potted plant
@GodEmperorDune at least not while you have company
Mulvaney reconsidering CFPB's fine against Wells Fargo for alleged mortgage fraud: report http://hill.cm/xuQIvcm
12:36 AM
Interior staff: That whole public funding for private jets scandal was really bad. Gotta be sure we don't do that again. Zinke: Sure sure. No more private JETS, I hear you. https://twitter.com/politico/status/938918578442657793
What is it with these people
Rep. Mia Love tells @KateBolduan that Rep. Farenthold should resign
(R - Utah)
Trump’s richest friends are asking for changes to the GOP tax plan, and he’s listening http://wapo.st/2BKuw8e
Of course they are
I think the thing I find most infuriating is how many men do not even like...think that what they're asking or doing is at all abhorrent or even strange
12:58 AM
I regret to inform you that the universe has offered a stark case in point
Erik Prince has been in the news a lot lately. In his book, he explains the kind of man he is: the kind who impregnates his children's nanny while his wife is dying of cancer. https://books.google.com/books?id=9TgtAAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false
I did not know this detail about Erik Prince but my word
1:27 AM
@TimStone love 2 raise an army of upstanding soldiers for jesus
wires crossed for a minute there and i was wondering why he needed to impregnate his subordinates if the nanny was already pregnant
2 separate white dudes
What's crazy is that it's not like it's an article about him, it's his book, in which he is freely admitting this thing
It's "My wife got cancer, dear reader, so I did what anyone would(n't) do and knocked up the nanny"
Random dude on the bus grabbed my shoulder and was like oh I talked to you once before Halloween I remember you rainbow girl (I have my rainbow hat on and rainbow gloves) and I just whipped around and yanked his hand off and told him to leave me the fuck alone. Then the bus driver asked me if I was alright, and the dude got off at the next stop. I am proud of myself for standing up for myself.
But it just frustrates me that it happened. Like yeah it's a small thing but wtf
I'm proud of you too, that's creepy as hell
1:35 AM
I don't want to hate people but dear men of the world how about you don't invade the space of people you perceive to be female (or anyone really)
@TimStone I what what what the fuck
Bryan Singer has been accused of raping a minor in 2003 https://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiarosenbaum/x-men-filmmaker-bryan-singer-accused-of-raping-17-year-old
@Ash well done but sorry it happened
@GodEmperorDune I'm okay, it's done, but hot damn.
@Ash seriously
@Ash Yeah the part about how it was so hard to have his wife's family around, because she was dying of cancer, that he had to cheat on his wife, who was dying of cancer
1:37 AM
@TimStone there's that shoe
we've been watching old episodes of forensic files and it really shows a lot of "men are trash" scenarios
like the one dude whose wife died "accidentally" except that people had already recieved wedding invitations for the dude to marry his mistress 3 weeks later
lol, how do you even
@TimStone that just breaks me
He is a very Bad Man
OH. patreon has updated their blog post to imply that they plan to charge patrons on the monthly anniversary of /each pledge/, rather than all at once on the first https://blog.patreon.com/updating-patreons-fee-structure/ this seems like something worth mentioning more explicitly??
I... See
"See, we're not evil!"
"Yeah but this is super dumb"
"But not evil"
"I guess?"
Like the implication is that they really are going to charge per-pledge now which means creators get money at random points during the month and I have a statement full of tiny-ass charges?
1:46 AM
@TimStone yeah that seems like a great way for the credit card companies to rack up fees
yeah man we know https://twitter.com/RepTrentFranks/status/729457690448166912
that aged well
back in things being fuct
aka love to waste money listening to project veritas
@GodEmperorDune Part of me is like "hey, let's do an anti-Republican Project Veritas" but then part of me is terrified that they'll turn up really disgusting true things about conservative groups.
Like, I dunno, the NRA selling child soldiers in Africa to raise money to fund school shootings or something.
@Yuuki when the IRS cracked down on illegitimate 501c3s and it ended up being mostly right wing groups, they labelled it a political witch hunt
@GodEmperorDune See, that's boring financial crime loophole stuff.
I'm talking like Karl Rove selling drugs to Mexico to fund psy-ops brainwashing research for religious fundamentalists or something equally bizarre.
@Yuuki its not even a loophole, it is nakedly illegal
@Yuuki i think thats what chapo trap house does
oh wait
louise mensch comes up with wild left wing theories
@GodEmperorDune Yeah but it's not as viscerally terrifying as Planned Parenthood abducting teenage girls in the middle of the night to put their uteruses uterii uteropodes in blenders to make youth smoothies for Hillary Clinton.
1:56 AM
@TimStone it feels more likely that creators get paid on a semiregular period? But maybe not?
Like they do have a good point about charging on first of month isn't standard behavior for a subscription service
@Unionhawk sure it is
most stuff i'm a sub on charges the same day
and if you sign up mid cycle they prorate the initial cost
especially monthly stuff
2:12 AM
Ok fine Twitch charges on individual anniversary
My twitch subs are both 14th by coincidence
But I've had them on multiple days in the past
2:24 AM
In other news, ???
Yep this really is their new thing. Not making it up
Not used to having Fox News promote Trump praise directly into my timeline but alright
@Unionhawk it's weird when I've got all these different pledges though
I've only got one
I used to have two but I think dog_rates is solely store and book income now
i dropped my patreon after the hack
2:44 AM
we don’t want it anymore https://twitter.com/v2news/status/938562198061727744
Sorry @Unionhawk
Oh no
New: Sheriff Joe Arpaio ‘Seriously, Seriously’ Considering Senate Run. @scottbix reports. http://thebea.st/2A0glvm?source=twitter&via=mobile
This year is gonna kill me
I feel like he'd maybe get demolished statewide?
I'd hope so but Moore got fired twice and banned from a mall yet here we are
@Unionhawk I don't trust the electorate enough to assume that a complete monster won't get elected just because he has an R next to his name.
2:59 AM
In fun news:
Video of the year by far! Omg https://t.co/B4Cjds8mOc
And back to bad:
Always cool to be reminded that there are people in Congress who would not pass a standard background check to work at Best Buy. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/08/scott-desjarlais-reelection-110028
State Dept still won’t allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to list Israel as place of birth http://hill.cm/PEhzuYn
Love to start wars with the hollowest of gestures
@TimStone maybe they figure trump will walk it back
Tillerson did (rightfully) think it was a bad idea
3:31 AM
Tonight, Trump is hosting the White House Hanukkah party. Hanukkah is next week. In an early holiday miracle, this Trump tweet lasted for six years and came back to burn him. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/145253073588203520
My god
4:10 AM
I am so excited to read it :D
4:32 AM
@Ash oh i thought that was an assassin's creed book
4:42 AM
PUT YOUR TIN FOIL HATS ON, we are about to go on a VERY wild ride. I haven't been this excited since I first found out about the incredibly strange world of quicksand porn.
cc @ash you might like this
tl:dr; big squaredance is a thing
We have maypole dancing apparently? As of 2016?
I have no idea what's going on with that
@GodEmperorDune that was hella wild
5:14 AM
Mingling with an unexpectedly attractive and pleasant person at your tech holiday party? It's possible they're paid to be there. Modeling agencies told me they're increasingly staffing secret "atmosphere models" for parties in an industry dominated by men. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-07/silicon-valley-is-sneaking-models-into-this-year-s-holiday-parties
What the hell
Down with techbros
1 hour later…
6:42 AM
Also ugh, teachers are talking about like
The alt-right bullshit of "europe is hell, it's a warzone, not safe, not liveable"
Problem is, they agree.
I blame reza zarrab.
He consumes all headlines nowadays, and economy tanked.
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@Ave Who is 'they' here?
6:57 AM
@PrivatePansy the teachers
(Art + Music class)
7:56 AM
@Ave I'm pretty sure Turkey is more of a warzone than most of europe.
8:25 AM
Naaaah even turkey is pretty okayish lately
At least in terms of physical damagr
Legal stuff are still scary
I think that right now, there aren't actually any real warzones in the world. Although if anyone can prove me wrong there, feel free to do so
Turkey is rated on "wars" level
Well I was right
1900 fatalities in 2016 and 700 in 2017
Still scary, but less scary
@ToxicFrog sorry, should have clarified. I meant actual warzones, as in 2 armies against one another. Now that the Middle East conflict in Iraq and Syria is getting to a close, I can't really think of a an active warzone like that.
@Nzall I don't think they are going to end soon - the Syrian civil war is still ongoing. The civil war in Yeman and Islamic terrorist insurgency in Nigeria also comes to mind.
8:40 AM
relevant and not XKCD for once
9:07 AM
@Nzall Dude, Syria and yemen and the like are absolutely warzones. You're thinking of a battlefield.
@Arperum ah, right
The Daily Mail comments are absolute GOLD this morning.
Yeah, right, as if nuking Brussels is going to make the deal better
@Nzall Yea, there totally won't be any falloutof that ending up in the UK.
9:39 AM
Fire ze missiles!!
So it's essentially moving towards a soft brexit?
> the UK will maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support North-South cooperation, the all island economy and the protection of the 1998 Agreement.
so, all of them?
I wonder if it's possible to feel as much regret as Theresa May does over calling that election
9:52 AM
So basically all that's changing is that the UK can no longer vote on the rules that apply to them?
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Not without reigniting tensions with Northern Ireland
Previously, the UK was subject to the worst sustained terrorism campaign of pretty much any Western nation
It totally eclipses anything of recent years, except perhaps 9/11
London, 1993
And no border between NI and the mainland UK means no border between the EU and the UK
12:06 PM
@fredley That looks absolutely unhealthy.
@Arperum 1 death, over 40 injured, and it caused London to get a "ring of steel" around the financial center
Oh, and a week's worth of payments to the EU
12:42 PM
@fredley imagine being the biggest recent failure in your party, when your predecessor stepped down for calling a referendum wanting it to lose and also the other stuff
1:34 PM
Holyshit August Ames killed herself
23 years old that's fucked up
@cazc_941 note: DO NOT GOOGLE HER! she's a porn star
Apparently they're blaming online trolls but nobody knows what really happened yet
@cazc_941 to quote wikipedia: "Ames committed suicide following successive tweets in which she defended her refusal to perform in a pornographic movie with a man who had previously worked in gay porn and sparking an "online firestorm". Friends said she suffered from depression."
I mean she has no obligation to take part in a movie, but still, that refusal reason is shitty.
@Ave It's also pretty shitty to bully her into suicide.
well, yes
1:39 PM
@Ave Part of the reason for the firestorm was because she actually DID star with someone who did gay porn before (although it was non-penetrative)
@Ave who are you to tell someone what their preferences are
@Nzall so wait, I'm not up on brexit news, what happened that has the Mail readership chewing their own legs off?
@cazc_941 "she has no obligation to take part in a movie" -> I respect her choice, "that refusal reason is shitty" -> I PERSONALLY find her preferences not so good.
Apparently there's a compromise made
personally being the keyword.
1:41 PM
@Unionhawk "compromise"
A compromise on the Irish border, particularly, it sounds like
or something
IIRC they are "we'll figure it out later, but if not: we'll default to having an open border between Ireland and Northern ireland.
who thought this was a good idea
in the first place
oh some dude who noped the fuck out and is now a pundit in america? and also the foreign secretary and that's it?
@fredley, duh. We've already determined that he's responsible for brexit
1:44 PM
Senator Collins Responds to GOP Tax Bill Protesters, May Change Vote http://www.wabi.tv/content/news/Senator-Collins-Responds-to-GOP-Tax-Bill-Protesters-May-Change-Vote.html
Since when do people have to give a reason to not want to have sex with someone
I don't care if it's her job, the actors are still people and they have the final say
again, she has the right to refuse. She can just say "I don't want to", that's fine.
I simply disagree with her reasoning of refusal.
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@Ave in that case I personally find your opinion pretty shitty too
1:57 PM
you're free to have your opinion
just like I am.
I think it might be that the reason was inferred but not stated? But idk
@Ave The thing with personal opinions (especially about other people's preferences) is that they're best kept "personal".
@cazc_941 people are free to decline sex for any reason or no reason at all, even in porn. That said, that doesn't mean no-one else is allowed to draw inferences about that person's character or beliefs from their stated reasons.
You don't go around and say "Oh but I find it shitty that this girl doesn't like beards".
(also, "there's no such thing as an incorrect opinion" is, itself, incorrect, and "it's just my ~opinion~, maaaaaan" is not a defence against shitty behaviour)
2:06 PM
@Jutschge believe me, I've heard people like that.
2:17 PM
@Ave Well Idk about you but I'll try as hard as possible to avoid being like them.
Well, so will I.
Whatever. Again, I need to work.
Thank fuck. It was just a regular kidnapping
to be fair, state sanctioned kidnapping is the greater of possible evils here
@ToxicFrog nor does it mean I am not allowed to draw inferences about those people
It's interesting (horrifying) to consider that the culture where federal agents just grab people and that's normal leads to people being unsure as to whether or not a thing was ICE or not
2:37 PM
@cazc_941 not that "drawing unfavourable inferences about someone's character" is not the same thing as "screaming at them about it on twitter"
I am perfectly capable of believing that someone is ignorant, homophobic and hypocritical without trying to fight them about it online.
Yes, I was also gonna ask if they thought a public forum such as twitter was an appropriate place to ask somebody that. (hint, it's not)
Stocks are on the rise after today's U.S. jobs report showed workers wages didn't rise as fast as expected https://bloom.bg/2BWEQuY
Oh wow it's almost like the market rewards screwing employees
It's almost like
The stock market is a really shitty indicator for how well people are doing economically
I mean I guess it's probably a decent indicator for like
rich people
but that's it
So it's a good indicator for lizardpeople-wellfare?
let's not impugn the noble lizardpeople
2:52 PM
They're waging a class war against us, so actually, let's do the thing
So apparently Sally Albright thinks the left's endgame on Al Franken is Ellison in senate and not, like, just getting rid of Franken?
Which like, no?
3:09 PM
@Unionhawk to clarify, I don't think we should be insulting Actual Lizardpeople by comparing them to the rich
I regret to inform you that the President is Very Online again
LAST thing the Make America Great Again Agenda needs is a Liberal Democrat in Senate where we have so little margin for victory already. The Pelosi/Schumer Puppet Jones would vote against us 100% of the time. He’s bad on Crime, Life, Border, Vets, Guns & Military. VOTE ROY MOORE!
@Ave I read a news article on this and apparently homosexual porn actors are required to wear condoms for their work and as a result are less strenuously tested for sexually-transmitted diseases in comparison to heterosexual porn actors.
And the reason for her refusal to work with homosexual porn actors was due to this less stringent testing.
3:39 PM
Did the president just kneecap his acting CFPB director? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/939152197090148352
"I'm not weak on banks, I'm actually gonna eff them up!"
@ericgeller @chrisgeidner He just admitted he runs an agency defined as independent in *US law.* (see attached) I know people will scoff, but a president admitting that s/he will violate the law and exercise power unlawfully is paradigmatically impeachable,
doug jones please stop emailing me
@PrivatePansy AIUI impeachment requires a simple majority in the house and a 2/3rds majority of the senate, so adding one more thing to the long list of impeachable/illegal things he's already done means nothing until the R hold on both houses is broken, because they will never, ever vote to impeach
@TimStone I literally do not believe that he's going to be an enemy of the banks
3:47 PM
@ToxicFrog I don't think it's impeachable either (in so much as the fact that like you mentioned, impeachment is a political process not a judicial one), but it's so weird the PotUS is just casually breaking the law
His treasury secretary made his wealth on foreclosures
@Unionhawk They might have refused to give him a loan once
@PrivatePansy it doesn't strike me as weird at all once the realization was widespread that nothing matters and there are no consequences; at that point the goal changes to "loot the country as rapidly and blatantly as possible, and if you can't secure power, get out before you lose it"
@Jutschge Hmmm, I just noticed that stars got transferred
It may be possible to abuse this by writing a message in one room, starring it many times, then send it into another room where it would look silly on the star list
Nah, that would require mods to modabuse things, that would never happen
3:53 PM
Not mods - you only need to be a room owner to migrate
Yeah, and you can self star as a room owner too
@PrivatePansy I mean you can also remove stars as a room owner.
@Unionhawk wait what? Brb starring all my messages in SR
(pin the message, unpin the message)
4:44 PM
I ate Trump's absurd, 2,430-calorie McDonald's order — and it was even worse than I imagined http://read.bi/2nqNjU4
Good news: US diplomats probably weren't hit by sonic attack in Cuba. Bad news: They were probably poisoned. https://www.thedailybeast.com/were-the-cuban-sonic-attack-victims-actually-poisoned
Oh, whew. No sanic weapons just poison
5:03 PM
@TimStone maybe they should stay out of courtrooms until we can figure out what the hell is going on
RFA notes KCNA accidentally aired footage of a NK soldier being burned to death by Hwasong-15's exhaust flames during Nov 30th launch. The footage was edited out for subsequent broadcasts but NK residents in Yangkang province insist they saw him in flames. http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/nk_nuclear_talks/missileflame-12062017081816.html
.@nikkihaley on @POTUS' Israel move: "[#Trump] made a symbolic move to say we are committed to the peace process." #TheStory https://t.co/NgpcQjmYZN
@TimStone waaaaaaaaaaat
(promoted into my feed, again)
love to win at negotiating by giving everything away without a deal
JUST IN: Trump admin scraps Obama-era rules requiring airlines disclose baggage fees http://hill.cm/Ia3g1cb
lol what
5:19 PM
is that really a burdensome regulation?
ugh there is too much to keep up
5:30 PM
@saladinahmed This WSJ from 2013 will never stop being an accurate illustration of what rich people think “poor” is.
5:41 PM
Oh man I had forgotten about that infographic
‘man imprisoned for bacon in a mosque!!!’ ‘aw aye n just a wee side note btw like not that it would even matter or anyhin but the cunt was a repeat offender n was SWINGING A FUCKING MACHETE AROUND’
I was wondering how long until someone posted the "death by guillotine" version in the replies
UK media is garbage, more at 11
Preemptive strike:
@rob_schmitz @melissakchan I have some bad news about the importance of headlines and push notifications in 2017
5:57 PM
Another promoted Fox ad praising Trump. Wonder whose money is behind this
Can you buy promotions for other accounts' tweets? I can't imagine Fox is being so blatant as to only promote pro-Trump stories (and not like, at least anti-Hillary stories too)
(the 45 is like 13 points above the average, but even ignoring that!)
@TimStone do other media outlets promote pro-Trump stories?
6:15 PM
@cazc_941 I think he's talking about the Fox Twitter account promoting Trump's tweets in particular?
@Yuuki It's promotion of pro-Trump stories (Fox tweets in videos)
I don't get any other news sources promoted into my feed
(which is why it's odd)
You just need to block all promoted tweeters until you get into the good stuff, like some dude promoting "I had a sandwich today" for some reason
3 hours later…
9:02 PM
Female aides said Franks suggested intercourse to impregnate them http://politi.co/2nKCDPY
Of course
I mean
I feel like this is an A->B situation
this makes more sense
nonetheless it's still fuct
well he's resigning so we do have that
so the line that republicans have to cross to get booted is "keep the seed"
9:15 PM
i would make jokes but this is too fuct
@Unionhawk i'm at that level
though i think twitter is unblocking some of the brand accounts
against my will
Go home, @aedwardslevy has the headline of the year.
Ex-Massachusetts state lawmaker charged with collecting bribes, hundreds of pounds of free Dunkin' Donuts coffee http://hill.cm/D3E4edZ
In true boston fashion
I mean we could all use hundreds of pounds of coffee tbh
Dunkin' Donuts is like the national coffee and donuts chain of Boston
From Patreon: "We'd rather have our GMV be made up of fewer, but truly life-changed creators rather than a lot of creators making a few dollars." Well that tells me all I need to know about how much they actually care abt creators. https://brianbalfour.com/essays/patreon-onboarding-growth
9:35 PM
Everyone I fund on patreon is looking to jump ship.
This is all about them moving to charging every monthly anniversary (yes, it's awkward but I couldn't find a term) of subscription rather than charging on the first of every month?
@Yuuki charging every monthly anniversary, and making the processing fees "2.9% + $0.35"
- if you have a bunch of different creators you're funding, you now get a separate charge for each of them, rather than one charge per month
Gotta get in bed with the credit card companies somehow.
- you get dinged for processing fees on each one, so if you have 10 $1 donations that's $0.29 + $3.50 rather than $0.29 + $0.35
- processing fees are now added to the original pledge, so if you pledged $1 you are now getting charged $1.38, of which the creator gets $0.95, patreon gets $0.05, and paypal gets $0.38
They're spinning this as "creators get more money and more consistent money", which is true only if the increased fees don't cause supporters to either reduce their pledges or leave entirely, which a lot are already.
So creators are getting more per supporter but less overall, supporters are paying more and getting billed more conveniently, and all the extra money is going to paypal.
There's a lot of speculation that these changes were a result of paypal supplying most of the VC money Patreon got in their last funding round and now wanting a return on investment.
9:49 PM
My overall patreon costs will probably go up significantly because of this, but I still probably won't change any pledges. There are a bunch of creators that I have $1 or $2 pledged to to access patron-only posts, and another ~$0.35 each doesn't really change the reasoning there
Having charges on each monthly anniversary rather than everything on the first of the month would be a headache for me, budgeting wise.
@murgatroid99 it doesn't change the reasoning for you, but it does for a lot of people; creators are shedding patrons because some people really can only spare $1/mo, or because having the transactions sharded means they get reamed by their bank or credit card company with monthly transaction limits.
Ignoring fees, just having them spread across the month makes it enough of a headache planning-wise for me to not want to Patreon.
They're not spread out over the month
Wait unless they're changing that?
@KevinvanderVelden that's part of the change -- rather than batching all of your pledges into one transaction each month, it's one transaction per pledge on the same day of the month you originally pledged.
Which serves no purpose except to let them soak people for more processing fees while also making it super inconvenient
10:00 PM
That is indeed super dumb
And may make me unpledge because that's fricking annoying
Off to bed o/
If this causes Patreon to go under, I hope at least one of the viable alternatives has the same relatively laissez faire attitude toward allowable content categories
@ToxicFrog i read that this is because of 2 wildly different use cases for patreon
one use case is people that make exclusive content and want people to subscribe to access the content
the current hole in the process is that people can pledge, jump in download all the content, then cancel the pledge so the creator doesn't get paid
the other major use case is a more donation collecting thing, where people pledge just for funsies and not really for content and this jump in, DL content, leave without paying thing is not an issue
use case 2 tends to be many donors pledging small amounts, so transaction fees will hit them hard and the monthiversary change doesn't gain them anything
@GodEmperorDune pledge cancellation can be dealt with by only showing them exclusive content that predates their most recent bill
@ToxicFrog then they download earlier archives, cancel, wait a month, sign up to download, and repeat
@GodEmperorDune bill, not pldge
10:11 PM
i think they would be better served by asking individual creators to pick if they want use case 1 or use case 2 and bill accordingly
If they sign up, they don't get to see anything until the first time money is extracted from them
@ToxicFrog ahhhhh, yes
And yeah, this should be configurable on the creator end
@ToxicFrog yeah that would solve it
too bad i don't work at patreon
though i have heard of creators doing that manually
@ToxicFrog So, you have to wait a month to see new posts?
10:13 PM
basically after the billing cycle, they send out emails to everyone that paid with a link to a dropbox full of that month's stuff
@murgatroid99 depending on the settings on the posts
I mean that based on that suggestion, even after you've been paying, there is often new content after you last paid, which you would have to wait a while to see
@murgatroid99 what would fix that is to move to a "you're paying for the upcoming month" type deal
like with most other subscription services
That's part of what this new change is, right?
Yeah, that would probably work better -- one payment gets you all prior stuff + everything up to the next payment, determined at the time you are charged, not at the time you sign up; if you want the stuff now have a "charge me retroactively for this month" tickbox on signup.
the end result of this might be that patreon sticks with use case 1 creators and all the use case 2 creators do something else
10:19 PM
@GodEmperorDune the creators I support on patreon are case 1, and they are all shedding subscribers and at least one is already looking for a new service
@ToxicFrog :/
nicely done patreon
i guess everyone will move to hatreon
i haven't used patreon since the breach a few years ago. i was supporting use case 1 as well
BREAKING: WBUR places Tom Ashbrook on leave over unspecified allegations. http://bos.gl/c9kFBUg
10:35 PM
Help support DSA member and progressive @BWestbrookAZ8 take this seat from one of the worst men in AZ! https://twitter.com/turn8blue/status/938891351021600768
Another member running
At this rate we'll be running one in every district by... Uh
Like 2050
is this replacing former rep "pls bear teh kidz"?
10:54 PM
> A Japanese firm is planning to use a drone to force employees out of their offices by playing music at them if they stay to work evening overtime.
> Experts were unimpressed, one branding it a "silly" idea.
> She was later found to have worked 159 hours of overtime in one month.
holy shit
that is an entire second job's worth of overtime
@PrivatePansy It's a "we want to make it look like we're doing something when we're really not" idea.
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