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12:31 AM
@tchrist I never thought I'd hear an ELU mod say that! :D — marcellothearcane 3 hours ago
similar to what was starred. tchrist asked people to ignore grammar though.
@ankii haha. slightly different contexts though ;)
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4:14 AM
Q: Is it good idea to spend one day a week with a person I'm romantically interested in working remotely?

Austin ConlonThere's a girl I have a romantic interest in, but I'm all but certain she has a boyfriend. A couple months ago, I found that she works remotely on Fridays so I floated the idea of us both working at libraries and coffee shops and whatnot once a week and she happily obliged. Is it a good idea to c...

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5:56 AM
Q: what should i do when my friend feels insecure?

yasaswi sai niharikaI'm a jolly girl,who loves to talk a lot,making new friends is my hobby like.well with that skill i made awesome mates. Now the problem is I have a friend i mean Best friend for my life,I've known her from really long time . she thinks that i'm having good time with my new friends and i'm ignorin...

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6:57 AM
Q: How to express sympathy to a very great friend whose father is dying very soon?

SandroRight now I am confronted with a difficult situation where I want to ask for your empathic recommendation. The father of one of my very best friends strongly suffers on cancer and is dying very soon (potentially even today). She told me about the actual seriosity when I wrote her to ask for a wal...

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1:05 PM
VLQ flags go through community review right?
Note that an edit can kick a post flagged VLQ out of the queue, but not one flagged NAA
ohh okay.
I had once retracted NAA to flag VLQ, it had served its purpose tho. should use the former from now on
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2:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell Oo Didn't know that!
@Ælis Tried to find a link, but MSE isn't being cooperative. I know there's a post saying this out there somewhere... Just can't find it now
Hi there
@Tinkeringbell Dang, first time I saw you failing at finding a meta link!
@bruglesco Hello :)
I blame MSE. It is a very hostile place right now
So the search engine decided to stop working because of all this hostility? x)
2:39 PM
@Ælis Yeah... I guess if you don't do it often enough, you'll lose your touch/search term memories ;)
@Ælis I wouldn't blame it if it did... xD
That is what I'm implying yes
In other, good news: mom is now on the phone with an aunt that apparently can't make her birthday party tonight. This makes three people not coming so far, so three less people to cater!
@Tinkeringbell Haha, I'm happy this makes you happy! x)
I'd be more happy if there wasn't a party at all... I mean, who throws one on Sunday night when my alarm goes off at six the next day?
But I guess mom is happy with it, so I'll try and fit too
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, that does sound bad :/ But maybe you could skip the end of the party and go to bed instead?
2:49 PM
Yeah, I usually do that but that often means I'm still only in bed at a time way past bedtime ;)
Well then, I hope you won't be too tired Monday morning and that you will have the opportunity to rest before next weekend (because waiting a full week before being able to rest is no fun)
a user at SO as three characters in their username and third is Chinese. Good luck to people trying to ping them on mobile site
@Ælis I'll survive. I can work from home on Wednesdays, so I can sleep in that day if I want to. Also, tiredness is probably not as much of an issue for me as it might be for some of the other people here ;)
3:00 PM
IPS should have some cheat questions.. like cheat meal. Once in a month types.
What is "cheat meal"?
Fitness hardwork-ers eat not-so-healthy food once after a long time, like chips or cake or pizza
So... Allowing regular users who usually only write good questions to ask bad one once in a month? x)
Allowing people that write good answers to write terrible ones?
oh I didnt think this through!
first one
I needed to ask a WSID
And allowing mods to insult everyone once a month because "those f*** users are really a pain in the a**"? x)
3:09 PM
@Ælis this one should be extended to us too.. I have some people in mind over MSE.
@ankii Maybe you could ask here and I can ask you questions that will help you determine what you should do?
@ankii Oh yeah, I have some too. But if everyone can do it, it's not fun anymore :p
I've had some a lot of incidents where I avoid a particular path, street, or place to go simply because There are too many people over there
@IPSCommentBot I am going to quote this everywhere now.
. . And it's an intra-personally humiliating experience.
@ankii Sounds fair. I do that too :) Not sure where is the question though?
I don't know when the fear of being looked at started to creep in, it wasn't like this 2 years ago.
don't know how to start fixing it.
Start faking confidence?
@ankii In my experience, faking confidence doesn't help much. Having help from a psychiatrist, on the other hand, could help. If the issue is serious enough, they might prescribe you some drugs that would help with the anxiety. If it's not, a couple of session and talking about your fear could do the trick (it's far from being an exact science though, don't expect too much out of it, especially since good therapist are hard to find)
3:20 PM
There are some counsellors that are employed by the college.
I've met one of them, for a separate thing some time ago
@ankii Did it go well?
I was searching for a good time to visit them again.. Now that vacations just got over, internship fuss is over, exams are away, I think it's high time I go once more
yes, it was good. She was considerate, logical and gave some very good suggestions I couldn't otherwise think of
@ankii I'm glad to hear that :) I know I waited for two and a half years before I finally had the courage to make an appointment with a therapist/ask for help
@ankii don't overthink it. This happens more than you think.
A long-time solution I'm aware of is building the person you want yourself to be.
they've published some articles recently about mental health and surprisingly I find myself in quite a lot of them.
3:24 PM
If you want to be a good writer, for example, put some effort into writing better, and after a while, you'd have something you feel is worthwhile to share with the world
@ankii I'm glad to hear that too. But if, at some point, you don't feel like she is good (enough) anymore, don't hesitate to change. I know I had to try several therapist before finding one that was good enough for me
So counselling sounds like good thing to have done. Sometimes people need good listeners and responders.
@ankii Meh, the same studies probably or should conclude that OMG, 60 percent of the public has this mental issue or whatever.
Then YOU have a mental issue, author, with due respect.
I meant, examples of student life and how something can be a symptom.
Sorry, I just can't trust studies on psychology and social sciences much. Yet.
They're all doing it for P, F or whatever they like to call their factor.
See how easy it is for medical sciences to shrug "anomalies" off as edge cases? Well, it happens on a much bigger scale much more easily with mental and social sciences
@ankii what I'm saying is, the word "symptom" often just ends up adding more negative connotation to the behavior.
3:27 PM
@M.A.R. It's an article that first leads me to believe that I might be on the autism spectrum. If someone finds themselves in an article about mental health issues, the best thing they can do (IMO) is to go check it out with a professional (and not wait around for several years like I did)
Acknowledging the behavior exists and trying to fix it if you can can help of course, but leave out the stigma of being "ill"
@Ælis More power to you! I guess. Maybe. This is awkward. I'm not good with words of encouragement.
@M.A.R. Hehe, thank you :)
@M.A.R. yes.. I am not very keen for medicines or going to psychiatrist. Counsellors are an intermediate level I can say. They try to talk things out, carry out several meetings before deciding a serious case
I hope I don't need to go to medicines..
not that they're bad or something.. I just think it can be sorted out otherwise
@ankii I hope you don't if you don't want to. But know that there is no shame in needing them and taking some. It's like wearing glasses. Why wouldn't you use it if you have bad eyesight?
I love my glasses ;p
3:38 PM
Lucky you then! (I hat mine, they hurt but I need them or the headaches would be too bad otherwise :/ )
Medicine is a 10-edged sword whose only one edge cuts right
— Mark Twain or something
it's -1.5 and -0.5 so not a big deal and they look good ^^
Yep, sounds about right
Oh, right. French. I guess Jean Valjean said it then.
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
@Ælis Found the link! It's from way back in '12 though...
@Tinkeringbell Wow, your search talent amazes me! Thanks for the link!
@Ælis For next time: Don't just search for 'very low quality'... add 'edit' to the search terms too :P You're welcome!
5:42 PM
Thanks for the edit @EmC ! I tend to "drop words" sometimes (ie: forget to write them) but and forgetting "people" after "blind" was a bit unfortunate :/
@Ælis no problem! and nice answer :D
Thank you :D
@bruglesco Nice new username and nice name! Full disclosure: all my favorite names start with an "A" so I might not be very impartial here :p
(warning: Facebook link) This song reminds me of our current "MSE situation". I thought some of you may enjoy it :)
And, in any case, the song is very enjoyable all by itself, especially if people see you as a woman ^^
my first thought was "oh that's a pretty ukulele" haha
Haha, yeah sure, you can enjoy the song for that too x)
haha. and she has a good voice! the lyrics are a bit depressing.. I'm glad at least some of those aren't things I have to worry about :/
5:58 PM
And the music/rhythm is very catchy! But yeah, sorry about the depressing part, I didn't think about that :/ (the music did make me feel more fierce, like "We have a voice too!")
that seems like a good takeaway, then :)
Yeah :)
6:19 PM
I just learned that, in France, in 2007, 17% of people who self identify as Catholic declare to not believe in God!!! (source: youtu.be/6NZLdDNQQkQ?t=423) Oo
is it more of a "cultural" thing for those people, then?
one of my college friends described himself as a "Jewish atheist" - he didn't believe in a god, but still followed traditions and celebrated holidays and such
@EmC I have no idea ^^ The video isn't really about that. In fact, the video is about "Did ancient Greek people believed in their Myths?"
But yeah, maybe it's more about culture
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6:51 PM
@Ælis thank you
7:04 PM
@Ælis <3
3 hours later…
9:35 PM
Arg, I just discovered that, like "mansplaining", "cisplaining" is a thing >< I really should have keep away from MSE and not ask for clarification in comment. Why couldn't I just trust my gut feeling that this was just some ignorance BS?
(and I should be off to bed now)
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10:51 PM
@Ælis g'night.

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