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7:04 AM
Q: How to ask why a friend, unfriended me on Facebook and not make them feel cornered?

tortillamixI know being friends in social media don't equate to real friends in life. However I noticed a trend. Several people I hangout with on a regular basis unfriended me on Facebook. I can't help but wonder why. I still see them regularly. In fact one of them was the one who took the picture I use for...

Good morning!
@Tinkeringbell Good Afternoon!
7:47 AM
Hi there.
Hey! Long time no see in here :)
8:03 AM
Mornin :)
Oh crap, I better start answering questions over on SU :)
Whoops.. user removals are bad. . But i only lost things like +2 due to that.
@Ælis look who visited TAS!
I am tempted to quote the messages..
@ExtrovertedMainMan hints of phrasing request I see there. But not much, This is an awkward situation
@CaldeiraG Are you afraid of losing 2k privilege? :P
@AJ since you're here, could you clear a message up please?
or any RO, if they can see chat flags..
8:18 AM
@ankii What's up?
Thanks! ^^
@ankii Sssshhh, don't make them run away :p
Who are you talking about?
OP ;-)
8:29 AM
@AJ Yeah, of course :p
7 messages moved to Trash
8:45 AM
Today, I have been honored with the worthiest coding task of all: I get to copy-paste someone else's code to the right spots :/
@Tinkeringbell I think you have put this lion asleep just by talking about that
@Ælis Awww, the picture isn't showing for me... Google is complaining about an unsafe site.
But yeah, I can guess what's on the image and it's probably right :P
@Tinkeringbell What about this one, then?
Yeah, that one works! Thanks. He looks so happy!
Perhaps we need a grumpier one... this one looks like he got to do fun stuff all day, then go to sleep :P
Ahah x) What about this exhausted one:
8:55 AM
Better. The tongue does it, that can make me imagine he's fed up with everything and fell asleep out of pure boredom, still grumpy about everything :P
Hehe :p
9:15 AM
PLEASE!!! P.L.E.A.S.E. Stop posting stupid photos of me that you found on the internet :D
geeezzzz... came here, had to go back to work, back here... exhausting things... better go back to my rock, shades, and... and... what's that word again?
got it!!!!
yeah! haven't done that for a while
@OldPadawan I woke up 5 hours ago... does that mean I haven't done that for a while either?
kinda ;)
(In other news, as mods aren't really supposed to delete comments on their own posts/aimed at them to avoid conflicts of interest... can the room help me out by flagging this one as no longer needed?)
9:22 AM
I managed to take 2hours nap this sunday, felt sooooooo good :D
@OldPadawan A nap sounds nice right now
wish I (we) could though :/
within the next 25mn, I'd manage to eat, rest, before BOD
@Tinkeringbell I was going to flag, but it appears to be gone
@Rainbacon Ah cool. Good room! pets
@OldPadawan BOD?
9:30 AM
just had time to stumble across this [ *** whatever I could call it - I don't know *** ] comment last night, made me... sad? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/334900/…
I'm reading all that stuff around, lately, well...
Times are changing I guess.
But we're trying to stay in a little happy corner here, without all that ;)
If you want to do something, flag the stuff that needs flagging, and don't give people reasons to argue with you.
I had to respond, on this one. But then I moved on... You know... the "pick your batlles" stuff... I'm just watching right now ;)
@OldPadawan I understand... It's also what is blowing the whole thing out of proportion though: people feeling they 'have' to respond, instead of flag ;)
It's why I like the strict comment policies on IPS so much. The recommendation to chatty, argumentative stuff is to flag, to have it gone. Not to engage!
(of course meta is for arguments, which makes this a lot worse/harder)
9:46 AM
If it'll make you feel any better. I'm too tired to argue (the perks of being at the airport by 5:15 am
@Tinkeringbell Oh yeah, I wish we had the same policy about comments on MSE. This whole would (IMO) be much more civil
@Rainbacon Oh, you're on your trip right now, right?
@Rainbacon Are you going somewhere? (I must say, I was surprised to see you here so early in the morning)
Or have you just returned...
I forgot :S
Yeah, I'm traveling to San Francisco for work. It's a 6 hour flight that I'm not looking forward to
9:52 AM
I can imagine. 6 hours on a plane sounds really bad!
(I don't even remember the flights I've been on (too young), but... well... I don't hold a high opinion of travel by plane)
@Tinkeringbell Really? I use to prefer plane to train because you could watch TV on the plane but now I prefer train to plane because there is wifi on the train :p
Planes are so cramped
French train are the same, so...
@Tinkeringbell : I've just found about that twitter-gate with 2 IPS mods involved. I knew about this stack removal and all related background stuff but this. Had to wait for another s***storm to learn something more :/
@OldPadawan You are scaring me, you are talking about the HNQ removal that happened one year ago, right?
10:02 AM
Good, I was not read for yet another s***storm ^^
I've not searched deeper, and dunno if I will, but it says somewhere (BIG grain of salt) that 2 IPS mods were involved in this twitter-gate-war and that even one was flooding and blah-blah-blah...
you know, the usual crap
If I remember correctly, only one of them was an IPS mod at the time. Also, calling it a "twitter-gate-war" seems like a huge over-exaggeration ^^
Q: Can we keep visiting our "grandfather" when our father sees it as a betrayal?

kuksPeople involved: Me + my wife: In our late 20s, being together for more then 7 years, living in a big city, visiting our relatives in a village where we grew up once in a month. Father + father's girlfriend Grandmother: Mother of the father. She died half year ago. Grandfather: He has been a ...

Q: Showing a homeless person that you care about their well-being

ÆlisEvery day, when I go to work, I pass by a homeless person. At first, I just waved hello to them, but now I shake hands with them and, when doing that, they will start asking me questions (like "how are you?"). I believe they want to have a conversation and feel like a human being but, as someone...

[proud mode]How happy (and smart ^^) I was, back then (2004 or s0) when I discovered about FB and decided to boycott it from the very beginning. I knew how bad this *** would turn, they even overcame my highest expectations on this one :)))) same with TWT[/proud mode]
10:09 AM
I must say, it might be nice to have your data not stolen by facebook ^^
twitter-gate-war is appropriate IMO. Because it lasted for months, and still is. It's been a war of comments on meta
student's late for her course. Should I just flag it and move on?... yeah, I know! opinion-based :D
@OldPadawan The HNQ stuff? It was over after two days on twitter (but yeah, it did last longer on IPS)
@Ælis : not talking about the mods, but about the removal of IPS
and people remember, as this thing is still mentioned in comments on main meta at the time... well...
GtG ! BOD, CU y'all
Take care!
10:38 AM
@Ælis I love training :)
Especially if there's enough time between switching trains to explore a station, perhaps do a little shopping...
Oh, really? I usually try, at any cost, to not have to switch train. I find it way too stressful ^^ (what if <some big disaster> happens and I can't catch my next train???)
@Ælis That's another reason why I like 'enough time' :)
I'm never very comfortable taking the 'last' train of the day, for example, when I know I have only 10 minutes and need to switch.
But if you take the second last, you suddenly have 40 minutes, or 70... that's nice :)
@Tinkeringbell Oh yeah, I can completely understand that!
10:54 AM
I'm going to miss taking trains once I have my car.
At least you will have more free time then, won't you? (unless you count being on the train as "free time" and driving as "not free time" in which case, you will definitively have less of it)
I'll have more time at home, yes :)
And you will also have your own home, with giant rabbits! \o/
That'll take at least another year (before I get the home). Then I need to plan/work out a garden, so I guess it's at least another two (maybe even 3-4) years before I have even time to consider getting a pet ;)
But yeah, giant rabbits sounds good :)
11:49 AM
Hi there!
I'm on a bootcamp until Wednesday, you won't see me much until then :)
Awww... I hope it's a fun bootcamp, not the kind with shouty military sergeants? :P
Hey all
Hello! :)
12:26 PM
As it turns out, this plane has free wifi :)
NICE! So now we get to talk to you for 6 hours straight? :P
Well, 5. I napped for the first hour, but I've had coffee now
Ah, napping is good.
Wish I could too
Plus it means I can get some work done. I have an overnight flight back on Wednesday night, so I'm hoping that I can get all my work done for the week by the end of that flight so that I can rest on Thursday
That sounds good :)
12:48 PM
@Ælis Answered your question again (you keep comming up with interesting questions ^^,). I'm kinda curious what you think about it
1:20 PM
But hiding the comment is kinda useless because if you want to review it, you have to see the comment anyways, what I think the bot should do is hide the word that triggered the regex
The intent of hiding offensive things is so that once they are removed from the site, there's no sort of record left of them. If we just hid the single word, then it would be fairly easy for most people to read the message in chat and figure out what was said
Hi @Magisch
Hello back, people :)
@Rainbacon Oh I understand now :)
@Ælis Evening!
1:29 PM
@Ælis Hello \o/
\o @Ælis
@Magisch Hi! Long time no see in here :)
Also... lots of hello-ing in chat today... does anyone have any actual conversational topics instead? :P
Well, I am now in a facebook group whose sole purpose is to host cat pictures (posted by the members). It's really nice to stumble upon them (not in a literal sense :p) every day :D
That sounds pleasant
1:45 PM
@Ælis I read this out of context as "hello, back-people" and was a leetle confused.
@scohe001 Maybe I was saying hello to all the people in the "back" of this room (so, that would be the ones who are watching but aren't participating) :p
Ahh then that'd make sense :D
Does anyone else keep seeing JoeTaxpayer's avatar and thinking that @JourneymanGeek has updated theirs?
@Tinkeringbell long time no see for you in the tavern
I though I'd take refuge here
1:50 PM
@Rainbacon that's a poodle ;p
@Magisch T'is a good place for that, hence me being here too :) People have been awesome!
and I wouldn't change a hat-vatar unless I stopped being a mod
@JourneymanGeek that's a death flag if I've ever seen one O_o
@scohe001 or I got hired by SE and couldn't be a mod any more ;p
Huh...my flag radar is confused now
1:51 PM
But you'd still have your diamond, so I think it would be ok to keep the hat
@JourneymanGeek Maybe CMs have their own supersecret hats, and you could take a new picture :)
@Rainbacon @Tinkeringbell I have this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE ava I could use
@Tinkeringbell No, because then the hats wouldn't be supersecret anymore
@Rainbacon Meh, unless you specifically state it's a supersecret CM hat... no one will ever know!
@JourneymanGeek I've seen you post that one a few times! Ash looks like he's about ready to jump and ruin a pair of clean trousers with shedding :P
1:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek Awwww <3
@Tinkeringbell he dosen't shed much ;p
@JourneymanGeek oh that is absolutely adorable. The goodest of boys
@Tinkeringbell x)
@JourneymanGeek I might start liking him then!
@Tinkeringbell You don't like him now? ;p
He's also not a jumper
actually these days he just wanders over and brushes your leg with his stashe
1:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek That sounds like he'll ruin clean pants anyways :P
@JourneymanGeek As long as he's on the other side of the internet... I have known several 'bad' small white-ish dogs XD
So I'll admit I'm being prejudiced here...
@Tinkeringbell Oh he had a bad start
but that's a bad owner
@Tinkeringbell I read "licking him" and I thought it was a weird thing for a human/parrot to do :p
@Ælis Parrots (or parrot like birds) do sometimes groom other animals...
2:00 PM
he had a really good trainer as a pup, and the secret to dealing with small animals of any sort is just to keep them tired and engaged ;p
Oh, that's probably true (We've had a parakeet, guinea pig, and rabbit, in that order). Keeping them tired and engaged helped ;)
The rabbit was a horrible shedder though. Clouds of fluff in both spring and autumn.
My granma's GSD is too
Looks like a hair model if a hair model was a dog though
You could pick out fur like you'd pull tissues from a box.... it just kept coming!
@JourneymanGeek Yeah GSDs can be very pretty :)
@Tinkeringbell he's a longer furred sort
Sounds nice. I always liked those a bit better than the short furred ones, but again... might be prejudiced ;) Our neighbour used to have short furred ones that would bark me awake at night.
Then again.. said neighbour isn't the most nice and considerate person around, so I can't blame his dogs for being otherwise ;)
2:50 PM
@Ælis sorry about getting into that argument on your answer
3:00 PM
Feels good after completing a simple seeming python function which turned out to be too big, and annoying due to list to array conversions all the time. ^^
Dinner should get ready for me now. ;)
Also vscode must handle its cache and the process "code helper" better. Restarting the app made it lightening fast, at least as compared to when the said process was taking 1.38 GB for nothing.
What IDE do you people use? I was just editing the Code in .py script and using Jupyter integration for avoiding print statements over and over again.
@ankii I use VSCode
@ankii I've been trying Sublime after hearing so much buzz about it. But their vim plugins (or the two I tried at least) are not great :/ so probably switching back to straight vim
@scohe001 I'd be curious to know if you've ever used the vim plugin for vscode
And if so what your thoughts on it are
I've been using it, but I never used vim much on the command line
At work I'm forced into using VS and VSCode. Honestly I really like their vim plugins. They're missing some little stuff, but it's not stuff I ever use, so it's perfect for me
The stuff the Sublime plugin was getting wrong is stuff I do like once ever 5 minutes. It was making me want to pull my hair out lol
Oh wow, what kind of stuff?
3:13 PM
Little things. Like when you box visual select (ctrl-v and then movement), Sublime only lets you do movement with j and k. So you can't jump down and highlight half a page at a time, you have to hold j and wait forever. And then it doesn't let you box select past empty lines for some silly reason. Guh. Killed me. I use box select everywhere
So far the only issue I've run across with the vscode plugin is that it won't let you record a macro across buffers
Oh damn. I don't think that's something I've ever tried to do in vanilla Vim. At least that's not something you'll do often, yea?
@bruglesco That's fine ^^ Especialy since the argument seem to be gone now and I wasn't there to watch it :p
I don't do it too often. If I remember correctly what I was doing that day was a very repetitive series of copying a line, transforming it, and pasting it into a new file
Mmm yea that sounds like a prime candidate for recordings
3:20 PM
Yeah, what I ended up having to do was use two macros, the first to copy the line in the first file, the second to paste the line and edit it in the second file
Meh still better than doing by hand
One of the things I like that I feel like I really shouldn't is that you keep your yanked text across tabs. So you basically get two clipboards. That's helped me out a few times
Yeah, if it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have been able to do my thing with the macros
@Ælis Nice thing should be you don't even see notifications of those comments :)
3:31 PM
Oh good, you're back @Tink, how's scohe's and my conversation about Vim? Does it meet your requirements for "actual conversation" and not just a bunch of greetings :p
Yeah, but now I can't even remember in what post the argument was x) (I wanted to check how much was erased and how much was left)
@Rainbacon Vim counts, though it's slightly off topic :P
"people are practicing their smalltalk skills!" is Vim not smalltalk?
We have free coffee and donuts in our break room this morning. I don't drink coffee or like desserts, but I braved the rush to grab a donut for the gf. I got sucked into small talk :(
@Rainbacon we clearly need to make smalltalk about SmallTalk next time
I haven't heard anything about SmallTalk since college. My advisor was a SmallTalk dev from long ago
3:34 PM
@scohe001 Was about to say that :P
I'm on mobile, so replies are going to be slow. Especially when trying to add a link ;)
Ahh I stole your thunder then. My b!
@Tinkeringbell ugh, linking on mobile is basically impossible
@scohe001 No worries! As long as they're made, I don't really care who gets to make the puns :P
@Rainbacon I can do it, though it's a painstakingly slow process...
You're the most pure punner of us all, @Tink<3
Aww! I'm on a train. Stop making me blush, people are starting to throw me weird looks : P
3:43 PM
Tink didn't choose the pun life, the pun life choose her
I'm actually terribad at puns...
Isn't that the point of puns?
A little bit? If they are too bad, no one will smile
Also, by laughing at and appreciating others puns, you push the pun industry forward with your support and encourage newer, worse puns in the future.
3:46 PM
@scohe001 That almost sounds like WWII propaganda : P
Lol anything for the puns :p
Haha I like it :)
Now I'm just imagining a red, white, and blue poster of scohe pointing agressively and telling us that every good citizen laughs at puns
@Rainbacon And communication devices at every street corner broadcasting this message every 10 minutes : P
Damn, you guys dream about the pun utopia where I'm an evil pun overlord too?
I thought I was the only one
4:00 PM
@scohe001 Only if I get to be a highly valued sidekick planning to overthrow you...I don't want to be rabble : P
That all depends on how hard you laugh at my puns ;)
@scohe001 Well in my version it's a dystopia, but yeah
@Rainbacon eh, potato potato
@Tinkeringbell thank you for that. It was for the best.
@bruglesco I didn't do anything.. I'm still not modding MSE
I must admit it has crossed my mind to start again, because I accidentally saw the number of flags yesterday, and I see how some people in here are deeply hurt by it. But I also still feel it'd be bad to return with a drive that's mainly spite.
Also, comments disappearing means someone is probably doing something, so I'm not needed right now :)
4:09 PM
@Tinkeringbell I appreciate that you are level headed enough to know when your judgement might be less than impartial
@Tinkeringbell just from the peeking in I've been doing every so often, things are uuuugly over there. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to keep your sanity
@Rainbacon That's the school from hard knocks speaking ;) also... Yay! Double appreciation!
Hooray for airplane caching
@scohe001 Oh, I don't think my sanity can be more damaged XD
@Rainbacon Hahaha I have the same problem with train wifi sometimes
@Tinkeringbell Come live in my pun empire listening to terribad puns all day and we'll see if we can change that :p
4:11 PM
@scohe001 It might actually improve stuff. I'm in!
I've been flagging when I dare to venture on MSE, and they are being processed, eventually :P I think there are (had been?) some people in Tavern putting out flag-pls requests too to make the bad stuff go away faster
Oh gosh. Now I'm imagining therapeutic pun treatment :p
@scohe001 with or without straight jackets?
@Tinkeringbell you're put in front of a car with a flat tire and told you'll have to straight-up jack it. So kinda?
... ._.
Okay, that just made things worse :P
I recommend against therapeutic pun treatments XD
4:16 PM
Lol perrrrfect, that means things are working :p
@EmC There was and then some people posted an MSE rant (question) about that... People probably keep doing it, but being targetted because you ask other people to remove ugly comments doesn't sound really nice :/
@Ælis yeah, I saw
Looks like I'll be landing soon, so the wifi will drop. Thanks for entertaining me during my flight :)
@Rainbacon The wife or the wifi? :p
Yeah I was a Target of that. I won't be doing it any more. Aza also told me she is leaving for good.
4:25 PM
@Ælis you saw nothing *waves gold pocket watch
That post achieved it's goal of silencing us.
@bruglesco :'(
@Rainbacon You're welcome! Thank you for flying IPS Entertainment Airlines!
But I'm sorry for bringing that here.
Back to work
One minor suggestion, next time it should be an open bar
4:26 PM
Haha can't! There might be minors around ;)
And don't try to tell me you're out, I know all about the stash you brought back from your recent trip Tink!
@bruglesco I'm not, now I can send a lot of love to you <3 <3 <3
I really like how IPS Entertainment Airlines or IPSEA, sounds a lot like "oopsie!"
I almost added more to that stash last Saturday. We were shopping and saw more cheap booze ;)
@scohe001 I hope not! Airline oopsies can end pretty bad!
4:29 PM
That's where the interpersonal skills come in handy though, right?
In better news, I am now a 15k SE user! \o/
"How do I talk my way out of a plane crash"
@Tinkeringbell I've been told if you have enough interpersonal skills, you can convince the laws of physics
You just have to miss the ground.
@Ælis woohoo! Congrats!!
4:31 PM
@scohe001 I'd link you to 'Defying gravity' but... On mobile ;)
@scohe001 Thanks :D
@user58 sounds like an intrapersonal solution. We can't tell you how to miss or stop missing something.
</HHGG reference>
@Tinkeringbell aww I'll just have to imagine it :(
@user58 I'm immune to those. Never read the books :|
4:32 PM
*shakes head* tsk tsk tsk.
user image
Look! Pretty sunset :)
@user58 I did read the first one. I'm thinking about reading the rest of them but it's more for "culture" than for fun
@Tinkeringbell Nice!
@Ælis It's a trilogy in six parts. I found the sheer absurdity amusing.
So, excuse me, I'll be spending the rest of this ride staring out the window instead of at my phone screen ;)
4:34 PM
@Tinkeringbell Nice!
@Tinkeringbell Pff, what a weird sense of priority :p
@user58 "A trilogy in six parts"... Are trilogy suppose to have... three... parts???
Meh. It's behind a cloud now. Boooring :P
I'm back!
@Ælis Case in point.
Oh right, that's what your second sentence was about x)
@Tinkeringbell Sounds like your whole day as been boring :p
@Ælis Mostly, yeah. Lunch was fun too though.
4:38 PM
Sounds better than my day, at any rate.
Boring would have been an improvement...
Hey, feeling better is fun too!
That's true. :P
:/ Well, at least there was lunch. I also hope your evening will be better (I was gonna say "not boring" but having to deal with a fire/emergency is probably not the kind of "not boring" you want :p)
@user58 Ouch :/
@Ælis It probably will. I have dinner, Netflix, and perhaps some crochet lined up :)
IPS has few fires/emergencies, so fingers crossed ;)
@Tinkeringbell Oh, I can't wait to see your next crochet object!
As for IPS emergencies, my question will probably become HNQ soon, but it's not really controversial so we should be fine :)
4:48 PM
@Ælis It's probably going to take a while: I've kinda lost my crojo :P
sad face reaction :p
It'll be fine. It comes and goes, I'll pick it up in a few weeks again :)
I did get another bit of good news today, which is that I can stay with the project I'm working on till the end of the year. Apparently, the plans we made to improve my coding speed and quality are working ;)
@Tinkeringbell Oh no, there is a misunderstanding here. I wasn't sad for you, I was sad for me (not seeing all those nice crochet things anymore :'( ) :p
@Tinkeringbell Oh, that's nice! I remember last years when you couldn't stay with the project and had to work with a "not so nice" coworker
@Ælis Oh .. browse ravelry.com ;) plenty of nice crochet things, not only made by me but by a lot of people worldwide ;)
@Ælis Yeah, this year is going much better so far, especially now that I'm finally getting help (and realizing I should ask, as I don't have 2 years of experience with a code base anymore so it needs a 'step back') ;)
It's nice to be able to ask for help. I did miss that at some point but thankfully, I know to use SE now ^^
(to ask my question, I mean)
5:20 PM
@Ælis Heh, it's nice if there's actually questions and answers about your programming language on SE xd
@Tinkeringbell Oh yeah, it must be hard being a witch/wizard doing Magik :p
It is! If you're not careful, you'll end up accidentally summoning errors!
5:57 PM
Hi and welcome! I see that you're new to IPS.SE. I hope you don't mind taking quick tour of our site to understand more about it. For your answer, people, including me think that it is not a good interpersonal advice/answer about how to tackle the problem stated in the question. Please edit it appropriately. — ankii 1 min ago
@avazula flaunts my new welcoming comment ^^
@ankii Ehmm. Nice, buuuut... A good comment points out what is wrong, not only that it is.
It was at -3..
Sure, but if you think it can be improved, point out how. Otherwise, you're not really helping people understand e.g. citation expectations.
And emphasis at inter and tour seem enough for reading by one self. the citation answer is tooo long
Well then use the good answer FAQ or something... Right now you're just burning stuff down even further.
6:05 PM
tour mentions that questions like "Anything not directly related to interpersonal skills
Questions that are primarily opinion-based" shouldn't be asked. It implies that this form of answers are wrong too.
Not very welcoming.
@ankii Then say that in your comments, don't expect people to figure it out themselves. The tour is more than just that quote.
@ankii interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3266/… <- I often link the most relevant answer off there, they're all pretty short
@ankii You could also use this: Hi and welcome to IPS! Please take a minute to read our citation expectations. Answers on IPS need to include some backup in the form of either personal experience or references - could you explain why you think this advice will work, have you used this approach in a similar situation before, or is this something you've seen recommended by someone else?
@EmC just doing that! :)
6:07 PM
@Ælis addressed the citation part above. This answer gives life hacks and general self help tips.
@Tinkeringbell rewriting it!
more like: appending to it
why can't the meta How do I write a good answer? not be in HC?
individual sites should be able to tailor their help centre.
we can't add new pages to the help center
one of my proposals on AD about editing help article about scripting/ coding question was also stuck
there's only a few that we even are able to edit, most sites only change the [help/on-topic]
apple.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3612/… I suggested editing how do I ask good question and nohillside agreed to edit it. Later on, after some private discussion, Mike said that it should be taken to meta or something like that.
> if many sites come together to have a better “be specific” this will be awesome and help us all
@EmC so must be very special to edit almost all of them rolls eyes
"Please correct the mistakes" sounds kind of harsh IMO, phrasing it as a question seems better
6:21 PM
I'd like if someone else comments and I learn about what works :)
fwiw, OP has been active in past minute.
sorry to them for notifying twice and then deleting it altogether.
@EmC you are on it?
I have a meeting in .. 3 minutes so I guess not >.>
I'll try something then
Well I just did a "bad frame-challenge" mixte with a bit of "need back up". I think that would do for now (even if the answer is also intrapersonal)
@ankii I'm not using the reasons you wanted to use, but if you want to take a look at it: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/17369/…
6:46 PM
turns out my meeting was super short, hi again :P
@Ælis thanks :)
@EmC Haha, this is the kind of meetings I like x)
Also, you're welcome :)
Howdy, cowpoke
hello again :)
(good thing Tink isn't around, or she would school us for saying "hello" and not chitchating :p )
Who said I wasn't around?
6:50 PM
Oh, Tink! Hello :)
Hi :D
/me go hide
Don't worry, I'm not in a mean mood ;)
@scohe001 a bold strategy ;P
Wanna go find @Ælis and say hi to them?
6:51 PM
I'll count to 10 first?
@EmC lol it was either accept I'd lost or try to play it cool :p
@Tinkeringbell Ooh is this a game of "Hi and Go Seek?"
Oof. I forgot you were still trying to start pun empire
LOL I never stopped ;)
@scohe001 you're punstoppable
6:54 PM
oof I got distracted and people got talkative
@EmC hahaha I'm totally stealing that
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