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1:27 AM
Q: How to convey to sister-in-law that I wasn’t planning to invite her to hen night?

SeeboI am getting married in eight months. I haven’t made precise plans for the hen yet but I have a good idea of who I’d like to invite. The invitation would not include my sister in law, my brother’s wife. My brother got married about a year and a half ago. My family were very supportive and welcom...

1:49 AM
I got a B+ in statistics! That means I can finally say I am ElizB, MPH!
4 hours later…
5:36 AM
@ElizB nice! contratulations
6:12 AM
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6:49 AM
I'm choir singing for my friend's wedding next Saturday, which means I'm currently debugging with christian songs in y earphones (to get familiar with the melody and rhythm). That is really weird.
2 hours later…
8:26 AM
Morning o/
@avazula That is.. unusual but good luck :p
8:50 AM
@CaldeiraG hehe :p we'll see how it goes :)
9:47 AM
@avazula maybe a good exorcism chant can help find the bugs?
@JAD I'm used to turn to black metal satanist songs for this, but it might be worth a try
2 hours later…
11:55 AM
Good morning humans and sort of humans of IPS
12:07 PM
@avazula every so often Spotify slips a Christian song into my discover weekly
12:29 PM
Good morning
@avazula what kind of christian songs? there's stuff from natural voice only to heavy metal christian lol
12:42 PM
@ElizB Good morning, and congrats on your MPH!
@ElizB hi there! well those are church songs (most of them are in Latin BTW) ... Christian rock isn't very popular in France :p but I have some in my Deezer Flow too @Rain! I like the melody.
I didn't even know there's such a thing like HM christian songs lol
@avazula There's even Christian rap. My cousin spent a few years doing shows as a christian rapper
1:07 PM
@Rainbacon Thank you!! :D
Running out, will be back in the afternoon
Q: Why is being social promoted as being universally a positive thing?

AlphaCentauriWhat is the purpose of being social, and having friends, to someone that doesn't like being social? Why should you be social with your colleagues, why should you "build a social network"? This question is valid in specific contexts, such as the workplace, but also in a non-specific domain, such ...

1:56 PM
\o/ good news for me :p
A light breeze and you'll be able to edit posts without approval!
And i'm now 2k :p
I earned 958 reputation from suggested edits on there :P was almost hitting the 1k cap
No more suggested edits for you now :p
yep :p
2:27 PM
didn't have time to ack your flag but I did the necessary. Thank you for your service Marshall @scohe001
(the phrasing made me laugh :p)
Hehe thanks!
What do you mean by "ack?"
@scohe001 acknowledge ... TCP/IP shortcuts :p
Ahh I knew it looked familiar. I haven't had to deal with any networking since my old job almost a year ago. On a scale of 1 to 10, my skill now is an eth0 :P
@scohe001 this is one example of the many reasons why I wish we could be friends IRL xD
Haha one day I'll either be in France or you'll be in the US! :D
And then I'll cash in on aaaaall the cookies I was promised
2:34 PM
(jk. I'd bore the shoot out of you, I ain't a funny person like you xD)
@scohe001 yay! Cookies for everyone!
@avazula psh I highly doubt it. You come from a different enough walk of life that I'm sure we'd have some super interesting convos
Learning about piglets is a good start :p
Oh gosh, I could go for hours on that one. There are so many random facts I'm learning! Not to mention hundreds of photos lol
are things going well with the three of you?
He's been a bit of a butt lately, but he's so cute that we can't stay mad at him long
2:46 PM
@scohe001 Our cat has the same issue
@scohe001 Oh, I love random facts! Care to share?
Just yesterday we got a big watermelon and before we cut it up, we put it on the ground for him to inspect. He kept walking around it and pushing at it, it was pretty funny. He was like "What is this great smelling object that I cannot eat?" :p
@scohe001 I know pigs eat basically everything, but is there some food you can't give him because it would be bad for his health? (like you shouldn't give cow milk to cat or bread to duck)
@Ælis well just the other day I learned about Hell Pigs! (definitely give them a google). They were these 1,000 kilogram omnivores that could eat almost anything, but tended to mostly eat other predators since that was easiest for them. They were the top of the food chain until the ice age. Then only the smaller, smarter, fattier pigs survived the cold
@Ælis yea! Salt is actually extremely bad for him (think like chocolate for dogs). It's super easy for pigs to get poisoned from too much sodium in their system
@scohe001 Oh, they look like warthogs! (even if never see one or the other for real ^^)
2:54 PM
I know nothing about animal food. =)
@Ælis haha kinda like a huge warthog, yea. Just way the heck scarier
@scohe001 I see your image is drawn by ava. =)
@scohe001 I wouldn't have guessed. It's weird to think about what some mammals can eat safely and others can't, even though we live in mostly the same environment
@JaspervanLooij hehe I'm one of the lucky ones to be in @Ava's good graces<3
I think ava doesn't even know what I look like, so she cannot draw me.
2:58 PM
@Ælis I guess everybody's gotta have their niche ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@JaspervanLooij you're right, I need to know enough about people to be able to imagine what their drawn ava could look like :) maybe someday, who knows
It's not about what you look IRL though. More about what I caught about you from our convos and how I imagine you in my head. Like, I can attest @Ælis isn't pink IRL :p
@avazula Yes, I will show you my singing again once I make a new youtube channel again. =)
heh :)
I think tinkeringbell heard my singing before.
Anyway, my drawing is really bad.
When I try to draw people, all I can draw is a circle and five straight lines for the body, the 2 hands and the 2 legs, LOL.
Yeah, I don't look too much like the avatar that Ava drew for me, but that is how I look in her head
3:08 PM
Oh, you also have an ava pic! =)
3:24 PM
@Rainbacon hehe! But you said you thought it looked familiar!
Well yes, I never said it didn't look like how I thought I looked :)
haha :)
I do self-portrait from time to time but I couldn't dare use it as an ava
it would be interesting to see though
@JaspervanLooij It's not just you :p
@Rainbacon Well, if you're curious
3:29 PM
Interesting, certainly not what I expected
well apart from then neck tattoos that's a pretty accurate vision of my mental self picture :p
I wouldn't say it's accurate, I'm not skilled enough for that haha
@avazula ooh I love it!! The one little bit of hair sticking up in the back is perf
blushes :D
That's a lie. I don't have that much hair
Haha I'll believe it when I see it :p
4:00 PM
It should have grown by then xD
Mhmmmmm. All I hear are excuses
4:32 PM
Did you guys know that 10th generation Intel CPUs are already out in the market?
The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is the first one to have a 10th gen chip!
@JaspervanLooij yay! Is Intel finally going to catch up with AMD's success?
Quick reminder people: tomorrow is the last day for nominating yourself for the RO open positions (see the pinned message in the star board). If you're interested or have questions feel free to ping me :)
5:06 PM
I thought friday was the last day
Early Friday Confusion Syndrome
I just ordered my cochlear implant upgrade! woohoo!
@Rainbacon oops! I knew there was something wrong when I typed it. Thanks, ill edit :)
@ElizB yay! How is it going to be better?
5:25 PM
@avazula going well. Setting reasonable goals for myself today, got a lot done.
@ElizB oh sorry, I meant the implant, but glad to know you're doing good :)
@avazula oh, it's been ordered, all we have to do is arrange payment
@ElizB I must be tired tonight :p what I meant is, you mentioned an upgrade. How's this one going to be better than those you already have, if you don't mind me asking?
@avazula the nucleus 5 external component of the implant i have is obsolete. I need new implants. it's basically a technology upgrade like a phone upgrade
@ElizB ooh, sounds nice
5:29 PM
@avazula yup :) 5 K out of our pockets, though. not cheap
that's just the co-insurance
okee, running out again for counseling! :)
It seems like something like that should be entirely covered by the country.
Yeah, that's one of the tough parts of living in America I guess :/
I know, right? :P
5:30 PM
Or simply not living in France... This morning I heard on the radio that our closest hospital is ranked #9 in the best country's hospitals. I've worked (and been admitted to ER) there, and I thought it was great. Can you imagine what does the best one look like? I can't :p
And all of this is mostly free...
Technically, mostly paid for by taxes. That said, universal healthcare supported by taxes is probably still cheaper than a for-profit healthcare system...
@El'endiaStarman yeah, I know. I also know we're much less paid than any of our neighbours. But free healthcare and unemployment and retirement insurances sound like great advantages, enough not to be able to consider myself aging anywhere else... Although i wouldn't mind living abroad for a few years :p
Doesn't France also pay higher income tax than the US?
@Rainbacon ... Surely? We pay 5.5% on food and 20% on everything else
25% of my salary goes to taxes too
I'm surprised it's only 25% of your salary. I would have expected it to be higher
5:38 PM
@Rainbacon well, I'm paid €32k a year ...
50% of my monthly wage goes to housing, utilities, food and gas. 25% I save. The remaining 25% I either use for leisure like hangouts, sports and dinners or I save hehe
Speaking of living abroad... I'm a bit confused right now. I rent a nice house and have a nice job what I think I'm likely to keep once my probation period is over. Now I'm kinda freaking out trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life. Part of me wants to become a parent, the other part wants to keep enjoying the mid-20s freedom of life. Half my friends have had their first child, the other half hit the pub every night. And I'm not sure either one of those things would be good for me.
Is anyone lost as well? By any chance haha
Yes, I am quite lost
I've been looking to change jobs
but mostly because I'm not happy with the current one rather than wanting something specific
Getting married didn't make it any easier. My wife is in the same boat because she hates her job, but has no idea what else she would want or be able to do
Are you looking for a job in the same field?
5:53 PM
At least you have a little idea of where to look then?
That's true
Anyway, lots of courage to you then, and I hope your wife and you will find something nice to work for
Thanks! Good luck to you on figuring out what you want to do with your life
6:11 PM
@Rainbacon I guess its gonna be a mix of sports, drawing and singing haha.
What sports do you play?

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