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6:04 AM
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@JaspervanLooij I don't know the titles we used by heart, so I'd have to look when I get home
I recall that we used sillaby, not textbooks for the introductory probability and statistics courses. So I can't really help you there. For linear models and generalized linear models, I think we used "Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models" by J. Fox. That went pretty in depth into the maths of linear models.
For statistical learning/introduction to machine learning, we used (I think, again based on google search and looking for familiar covers) "The Elements of Statistical Learning" by Hastie, Tribshirani and Friedman.
6:23 AM
I fall from my bed tonight. It still hurts like hell ><
@Ælis oh no! :(
I don't know. When I have nightmares early in the night, I can't remember them
@Mithrandir I didn't notice the water bottle.
> Howard: Sheldon, if you were a robot, and I knew and you didn’t, would you want me to tell you?

Sheldon: That depends. When I learn that I’m a robot, will I be able to handle it?

Howard: Maybe, although the history of science-fiction is not on your side.

Sheldon: Uh, let me ask you this. When I learn that I’m a robot, would I be bound by Asimov’s three laws of robotics?

Raj: You might be bound by them right now.

Howard: That’s true. Have you ever harmed a human being, or through inaction allowed a human being to come to harm?
@scohe001 ^^
(Might sound more funny if you're familiar with the characters of The Big Bang Theory)
6:44 AM
I recently watched a clip of TBBT, and it was just 3 minutes of sex jokes :/
Which one?
@JAD lol
This show is full of various kind of jokes, but I agree most of them are sex jokes.
I like those referenced with science theory/experiment.
I guess I liked the first few (two?) seasons
7:13 AM
@JAD Yeah, till then there was a focus five main characters. Then they included more and the show got more messy.
Morning :)
Afternoon :)
I'm currently rewatching Mr. Robot as the last season approaches :p
@CaldeiraG I am currently watching nothing, but need to recap John Wick 1 and 2.
7:37 AM
cool :p
@JAD Thanks.
no problemo
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9:05 AM
Q: What can I do about my landlord not respecting the deal?

DrysterTo preface my question, I am a 22 years old guy from a western European country (not in UK), currently spending a few months in UK for an internship. Not wanting to bother with rent, house insurance, contracts and whatnot, I decided I'd book a room in a house, using a famous website where people...

Happy anniversary to my (1 year) IPS account! I just earn the Yearling badge :D \o/
9:44 AM
Q: How to reassure my boyfriend

jasminexMy boyfriend and I have been together 4 months and my anxiety is ruining our relationship. When we have a slight clash of opinions/different viewpoints it triggers my anxiety and it will turn into a full blown argument. Or I will read into things, assume he is angry with me, and constantly seek r...

Q: My co-worker has promised to bring in his old guitar as a present for me but keeps forgetting it. How do I remind him without sounds spoilt?

Lankers1He's a good guy who has a lot on his plate at the moment. The issue is I just want to get shredding on the electric guitar he has promised me.How do I politely remind him of his promise to me?

10:10 AM
@Ælis \o/ i've been here for 1 year and 6 months
Actually 1 year, 6 months and 1 day :p
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12:03 PM
@Ælis Happy IPS anniversary!
12:25 PM
Thank you people :D
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1:27 PM
Hiya! Happy @Ælis day!
2:06 PM
it got deleted so probably that's why it didn't trigger anything
Nah the bot shouldn't care about deleted or not
It's just in a bad mood
Bots aren't fans of hump-day :(
2:19 PM
@AJ LOL I love it
SE sites are down for maintenance :(
@CaldeiraG weird, they don't say nothin' on Twitter
@CaldeiraG Which one? IPS seems fine for me
@avazula I tried IPS, SU, SO XD
let me flush my dns real quick
@Ælis ... the cache ...
2:31 PM
Looks like it's back up
it's always the cache
@scohe001 Yep
1 - Advice may be invalid due to caching :p
2:47 PM
@scohe001 thanks for this, needed to post this somewhere as a comment.
@Ælis Apple.SE did, SO did go down.
I guess it was about their a week ago post that they'd do something in late august.
> In addition we will be patching the primary SQL Servers in either mid to late August or early September to apply the latest CU16 for SQL Server 2017. This patching will require minimal down-time.
3:18 PM
Q: How do I argue in an impersonal manner?

tuskiomiWhenever I argue, people always seem to take it very personally. I see it more as problem solving, where the problem is whatever is being argued (99.9% of the time, the disputed premise is purely hypothetical). The progression usually goes like so: Person and I find a thought we have dispute...

3:31 PM
@scohe001 Definitely just sent this to my team (and tagged the QA)
Wow, I just saw how many upvotes this answer got, that's crazy! Oo interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/22686/21067
3:52 PM
@Ælis thank you for the reminder on detail in answers here. I needed that
@RoryAlsop You're welcome ^^ (I used a canned comment, so it wasn't much work for me :p )
4:05 PM
@Ælis I'm not on IPS often, but had a script sorting some problems on another machine so I was scanning through sites (guitar is one of my search terms)
so I had forgotten site specifics
4:31 PM
@Mith I feel like this is something you might care about: nltimes.nl/2019/08/19/…
5:05 PM
@scohe001 That is impressive.

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