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8:00 PM
there was a FR for that at some point I think
They need them on politics :P
@Tinkeringbell sounds nice. leftvote = meh. rightvote = yeh!
@Mithrandir Why don't I ever have original ideas?
@NVZ leftvote = I'm a vegetarian, rightvote = build a wall around mexico :P
well, look at that. oxford's even gotta definition for those things: en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/swipe_right_%28or_left%29
Q: Add "undecided" to the up vote/down vote system

JonMark PerryI propose an third option - UNDECIDED/NOT SURE. Sometimes a post leaves me unsure as to whether it is any good or bad, and I wish to make my opinion clear on this, so I propose this as a voting option. ARTISTS IMPRESSION (you'll never guess...)

8:02 PM
@Mithrandir That's not a left or rightvote though :P
So honestly, if it weren't for HNQ I'd be more tempted to post my question :|
@Tinkeringbell ideas are never original. they are always built upon existing ones. am i right or am i right?
@Mithrandir Put the word 'pornography' in the title :P Shog banned those from hitting HNQ :P
@Tinkeringbell left and right votes now sound to me like the new "reactions" instead of "likes" on facebook.
1.) that has nothing to do with the topic of the question 2.) the topic of the question would see it and I'd be grounded forever ;P
8:04 PM
@Mithrandir You can say "Not related to pornography" in the title! xD
@TheTinyMan I'm not watching pornography, so I don't want to share my screen :P
@Tinkeringbell no. put ****ography and it would still feel as clickbaity as possible. lol
yeaaaah, for some reason I don't think that would be a good idea
Just let things calm down a little @Mithrandir
8:05 PM
If you post over the weekend, you generally hit HNQ a lot less often
We'll stop the suggested titles ;)
calm down, doctor. now's not the time for fear. that comes later - BANE
I'm not around over Saturday, and I'm generally more busy Sundays :|
what about fundays? are you free on fundays?
Hi @HenryWHHackv2.1! You missed all the fun today! :D ....
every day is a funday
8:07 PM
@Mithrandir to those who can afford that. :P
Interpersonal Christmas Party?
@HenryWHHackv2.1 eh? what? aren't all christmasses interpersonal?
@HenryWHHackv2.1 We'll wait with that a few days ;) Maybe once the winterbash has started ;)
But we had a lot of fun flagging stuff ;)
@Tinkeringbell have you seen the winterbash?
8:09 PM
@NVZ This year will be my first ;) But I saw the countdown
@Tinkeringbell nice. i forget that you're new. (facepalm)
@NVZ Don't worry, I tend to forget it myself as well :P
the lights are clickable ;)
@Mithrandir Cool :D
I turned them all on ;)
@Tinkeringbell But not on IPS... We're opting out ;)
8:16 PM
@Catija I think that might be a good thing
If it brings a lot of attention/users that don't have a clue..
@Catija Oh? Why?
We might be better off without
I 'd like to be able to enjoy my holidays, not spent days voting :P
@Mithrandir yep. click here to turn them back off: youtu.be/AJVpL6L7Zeo?t=4m50s
Okay, I'll be switching trains, back soon! :D
@Mithrandir We're not... or we weren't planning to... Mostly I wanted to see what the response in here would be if we did opt out...
Also, it'd be funny ... Jon was hoping that only MO would opt out this year... and I didn't want them to feel lonely... HAHA
8:19 PM
@Catija if we did opt out, ips would become to me what fredo was to michael - nothing. :P
@NVZ I don't even know what that means.
@Catija a reference to the godfather movie.
Haven't seen it.
@Catija that would be sour. Winterbash is awesome
@Catija you are missing out. greatest mafia movie of all time, if you ask me. the scene: youtu.be/5Weaop_aiTg
8:23 PM
@NVZ I'm Italian American... I live the mafia life, I don't need to see a movie.
^Not a mafioso, really.
@Catija @Tinkeringbell new member to our organised crime unit :P
I think we found a leader
@MetaEd nice to see you here. sorry to ping you in. thank you for reading this ;)
@Catija what reasons would there be for opting out of Winterbash?
Like. When sites do drop out why do they do it?
@NVZ Howdy.
8:28 PM
@MetaEd namaste.
@Tinkeringbell The only site that regularly drops out is Math Overflow and they do it because they actually hate fun.
@MetaEd Hey! New faces, fresh meat! Welcome! :D
they're a bunch of post-PHD mathematicians, they're hopeless
@Tinkeringbell That's "fresh meta" to you. :]
@Tinkeringbell old friend from elu. i pulled him in for no reason. lol
8:30 PM
What did @NVZ promise you that we can’t make true?
@MetaEd :D
@Tinkeringbell Nothing, but I'll start a list.
@Mithrandir that bad huh?
@MetaEd You’ll never finish it, you might want to reconsider that ;)
they've even got a separate mathoverflow INC
Q: Donations to MathOverflow, Inc

Scott MorrisonLong time followers of MathOverflow will know that as well as the website, hosted by StackExchange, and moderated by the moderation team with all of your help, there is an independent 501(c)(3) organization called MathOverflow, whose primary role is to ensure the long term success of the website....

@Mithrandir they're not SE the way IPS is.
@Catija My lover is from a Sicilian crime family and was married to a disgruntled mail carrier. Then there's the German preachers and horsethieves I'm descended from.
8:34 PM
@Mithrandir ugh.... that even tasted dusty
@MetaEd that sounds so much better than just farmers ;)
Math Overflow is like FWB to SE. Not fully committed to our serious stuff, like, you know, the winter bash!
hey, in that subject -- my ancestors were indians. just that. :P
@Tinkeringbell friends with benefits
@NVZ no jobs?
I'm SE. How do I ask MO to be FWB with me? an IPS Q? lol
8:40 PM
@NVZ no relationship advice;P
@Tinkeringbell Scratch 99% of us and you'll find farmers, right?
@MetaEd probably yeah ;) but you’re forgetting hunter gatherers
@Tinkeringbell erm.. jobs were limited: it was the british raj. fun times. not. :P
:( my train is late... again!
and it's probably cold, too :|
8:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell you train all day all night.
@Mithrandir jup
@NVZ She must be awfully buff by now
@NVZ nah. Only 4 hours a day
@Tinkeringbell and 8 hours work?
There it is
8:44 PM
looks like an airport to me ;P
@Tinkeringbell there it was. time flies like an arrow.
fruit flies like a banana
@NVZ Or an orange?
:41605860 dont mess with the Z. I am what i am because I have a Z. Im nothing valuable without Z.
but do you pronounce it 'zee' or 'zed'?
@NVZ We're gonna drag you to Britland, and we're gonna turn all of your Z into S. And add a random U somewhere.
8:48 PM
@NVZ Only 6 at the office, 2 when on the train
Which is why I'll soon be getting first class travel :D
@Mithrandir zeed
...you're weird
@Tinkeringbell There are some expert bowhunters in my family.
Yep, definitely cooler than mine. Although my dad works on awesome project sometimes, other times it's just a peanut butter factory ;)

My brother just started working as a zookeeper, that's probably the 'coolest' I can get you
8:52 PM
@Mithrandir no, i'm not weird. David S Pumpkins is. youtube.com/watch?v=ryhOqOxvHUM
1.) How many deleted answers does it have?
2.) it may be time to protect anyway
@Mithrandir one
3.) there's no culture
@Tinkeringbell That's cool. Much cooler than what I do!
(I count things.)
8:56 PM
The only cool thing about that is I get to claim Count Dracula as my patron saint.
Why isn't that stupid link doing it's job?
it's that $
you need to put it in a []() link for that $ to work in the URL
@Mithrandir Working on it
Look, I fixed it! :P
8:59 PM
> Not Found

The requested URL /mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds$S2mfMeuMwojx5V4UfdLEJgApu‌​eW37fFFTMnTVaFqaQc,/files/default/img/logo_mwg.png was not found on this server.
Oh f - it ... I'll just make a snip
Yeah I'm getting "not found" also.
@Tinkeringbell no, please don't snip the dracula. :P
See, a company logo! :P
Oh, that's from my blog, isn't it.
9:00 PM
@MetaEd Yeah :D
Apparently, copy image adress won't work :P
struggles with JavaScript
@MetaEd Never mind, it's what they made the snip tool for ;)
@Tinkeringbell It should look more like this:
i always read that java is to javascript like car is to carpet - they're not the same thing. but being a non-coder, i have no idea what the difference is. i still see them as two similar languages.
@MetaEd Hmmm... I think I know what's happening ;)
9:05 PM
@MetaEd i see a circle-like figure... rolling forever.. loading something.
If you can't tell the difference between a car and carpet you're having a serious problem..

Or are flying carpets still a valid mode of transportation over there? :P
To be fair that is a good analogy for Java and Javascript
@NVZ You too are struggling with JavaScript, my child.
i have a good friend with me. google.
hurm, looks like I missed all the fun
9:10 PM
@TheSnarkKnight Feel free to go snarking in the comments. I still have flags left :P
@TheSnarkKnight you are the knight. you don't get to have fun
@Tinkeringbell sometimes my snark is so subtle, it slips past people. Not at TWP though, it's pretty much truth in advertising thered
why is this getting close votes?
Q: How do I respond to someone saying yes to "Would anyone like the last [Item]?"?

Ethan FieldSo today at work we had a tray of doughnuts, my colleague called out to the office, "I'm going to have the last one unless anyone else would like it?". At this point, I realised that I don't think I've ever heard anyone respond saying that they would like the last thing and neither had any of my ...

@JarkoDubbeldam I vtc'ed that somewhere halfway into the current comment thread. I think @Catija had a point there, the answers weren't really focusing on 'what to do when I get a yes' and the question was to blame...
I'll keep an eye on it, I might very well retract my close-vote
(someone flagged it as unclear)
9:15 PM
@Tinkeringbell Yeah... the OP doesn't seem to want to be clear about what actual question they're asking.
@Pharap This is speculative, nobody actually said "Yes", I was just unsure how to respond if someone did. — Ethan Field 7 mins ago
Seems pretty clear to me ;)
I don't think hypothetical examples are necessarily bad
especially if they're plausible
@TheSnarkKnight That's a sour one...
I'll take a stab at editing the question @Catija. ;)
@Tinkeringbell I might make that my avatar
@TheSnarkKnight Don't forget that whatever you make your avatar, it will be your avatar for the Winter Bash if you participate :D
9:18 PM
You can change your avatar pretty often iirc
Oh, is it only username that's limited to once per month?
afaik yes
yeah, no avatar change limit
(rest is free to take a look as well ;) )
@Tinkeringbell I deleted that answer you linked earlier, by the way.
9:23 PM
@HDE226868 Thank you :D I flagged this one as well though, that one is still pending ;) interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/7774/…
It has fewer downvotes though, so if you're hesitant I can imagine that...
At the very least the comments are out of control ;)
@Tinkeringbell My main complaint is that the OP isn't clear on whether they want the last thing. Saying that the implication is usually that you want it doesn't mean that it's actually what the specific case is.
The edit I think is helpful in emphasizing that it's the "yes" reply that's the problem... but I'm still not sure whether the OP wants the thing or not.
@Catija I asked... now we wait ;)
I mean, if there's no "official" rule that saying "Anyone want this last thing" means "I want to eat this, anyone have a problem with that"... then someone responding "yes" is within the realm of possibility.
@Catija I just shamelessly plagiarized that into my comment :P
No problem.
9:29 PM
Weird thing, if things get deleted, you get a notification that your downvote rep point is returned. But when you're repcapped, you don't actually get another rep point... Disappointing :P
@Catija That too :P
@Canada-Area51Proposal Are you around?
@HDE226868 all waiting in silence
@HDE226868 sure ;)
1 hour later…
10:42 PM
@HDE226868 @Catija is this one of those questions that should be flagged for serious personal problems?
Q: Talking about mental problems to my teacher

Serafina ReisingerI'm 17 years old and live in Austria. I currently attend the 4th grade at my "Highschool". Since I was 4 years old, I have problems with depression and other mental illness-stuff. In my second year I talked to a guidance counselor/teacher of my school and I was hospitalised in a psychiatric care,...

Or can it be closed as a duplicate of interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/816/…
@Tinkeringbell The question isn't asking for mental health help, so I don't think so? I'm not sure if the last paragraph is that useful.
Or am I just too tired and seeing ghosts...
@Catija That last paragraph is what got me worried ;)
@Tinkeringbell That one is about an initial discussion. This one is about convincing the teacher that the problem is still there. Different things, I think.
@Catija Okay, well, I'm off to bed then ;) You sure we shouldn't get worried over that last paragraph?
Q: How can I convince my teacher that I'm still suffering from mental illness, despite him insisting I'm over it?

Serafina ReisingerI'm 17 years old and live in Austria. I currently attend the 4th grade at my "Highschool". Since I was 4 years old, I have problems with depression and other mental illness-stuff. In my second year I talked to a guidance counselor/teacher of my school and I was hospitalised in a psychiatric care,...

10:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell Check it again.
@Catija Better ;-) Okay, then I'm gonna take 3 steps to my bed and fall over ;)
(I just wanted to send a last Skype message to a co-worker about a bug I fixed while on the train... I should definitely not have google load my recent tabs on start-up anymore).... Goodnight!
11:15 PM
@Catija This one seems like a "needs professional help" interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/7814/… what do you think?
Ah... Looks like I'm a little late on that one
I removed the part about getting sent back to involuntary confinement because that's not really something we can help you with. If you need mental health care, we can not assist you in finding that or in convincing your teacher that you need it. If that is your primary goal, then we will have to close this question and recommend that you reach out to the mental health services in Austria for assistance. Other than getting your teacher to have you sent to involuntary commitment, is there another - school-related - reason that you need to convince him? — Catija ♦ 1 min ago
11:36 PM
@apaul The problem I have is that she's probably asking the teacher to do something that may not be OK... possibly illegal... If she's not actually at risk for whatever is required for involuntary commitment, then he'd be perjuring himself to recommend her for it...
@Catija it does seem a little sketchy, but I don't know if things work differently over there...

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