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3:21 PM
Where can I ask what's the proper way to eat an orange? I'm trying to devour one now (for science)... but it's horribly messy!
@Tinkeringbell The un-messiest way that I know of to eat an orange is with a fork and knife. xD Not that that is the question you asked. #offtopic
@Tinkeringbell juice it
@TheTinyMan Hmmm... I'm a finger type of person
@JarkoDubbeldam Not an option, I'm at the office
@JarkoDubbeldam Now that's just cheating! She wants to eat it, not drink it!
Hey now, challenging the frame of the question is a perfectly valid answer.
3:23 PM
Jeez... these thing are sour! :/
I'll be afk for a while, otherwise everything will be sticky.. :P
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I get that, I am too. Utensils are for civilized people and I'm certainly not that! Oranges are messy without 'em, but maybe that's okay. xD
I survived... now let the countdown begin :P
@Tinkeringbell The countdown? What are we waiting for? O . O
@Tinkeringbell And, was it too sour for ya?
@TheTinyMan Dunno? There was a whole crate of fruit in the cantine... With a note that stated it was an experiment... I'm hoping superpowers :D
@Tinkeringbell Maybe it's mind-control drugs! ^.^
3:31 PM
@TheTinyMan Maybe that's what made it so sour ;)
It's secretly not an orange
Actually, a co-worker talked me into trying an orange, because I can't remember ever eating one
It's a yellow
(with a different colour)
@JarkoDubbeldam Orange you sad it wasn't a banana?
@JarkoDubbeldam Maybe it's a 'mandarijn met een grote mond' :P
3:33 PM
Oh wait, yellow isn't the english word for citroen?
@JarkoDubbeldam Hahaha no :P
"geel" according to Google is the Dutch word for 'yellow'
but it does beg the question, what was first? The orange or orange?
You know, I have no what Dutch sounds like spoken, I just realized that
like german, but harder to pronounce
3:34 PM
That sounds pretty metal :-p
So is English taught as a second language to everyone in the Netherlands, or do you have to go out of your way to learn it?
> The citrus definitely got named first. The earliest recorded use of orange the fruit in English is from the 1300s and came to us from the Old French orenge, adapted from the Arabic nāranj, from the Persian nārang, from the Sanskrit nāranga ("orange tree").
Wait...we had a word for the fruit before we had a word for the color? O . O
@TheTinyMan Happens a lot... I'll look it up, I've got a book on colors ;)
@Tinkeringbell There's no shame in being an adult with a coloring book! ^.^
@TheTinyMan I got those as well, but I have a book called 'the secret lives of colors'. It's pretty interesting in that it has histories of colors :)
3:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell That's really cool. I wonder how different such a book would be among different cultures... and I was teasing about coloring books, but I really do know plenty of adults who still like them. :-)
@TheTinyMan Well, colors are perceived very different culturally
@Tinkeringbell I thought they'd be at least a little different, but they're very different? :o
Yeah but now I can't find the article!
@Tinkeringbell Oh, are you home now? I'd've thought you'd be on the bus at this hour.
(was that a creepy thing for a random person on the Internet to say? I'm bad at IPS sometimes xD )
@TheTinyMan I'm still at the office, I'll be joining a workshop later this evening.
3:56 PM
@Tinkeringbell Ahh, you were looking for an article about the book, not the book itself, I'm less confused. :-)
Gotcha. What's the workshop gonna be on?
@TheTinyMan Nah, it's not creepy since I've not been making a secret of it ;P
@TheTinyMan google RPC
@TheTinyMan That article also states something about how people from different cultures view colors, or at the least should link to anothe article iirc
@Tinkeringbell It does. And, neat, there was no English word for 'orange' until the 1500s, it was just 'yellow-red.' Which makes sense I think. :-p
This answer is the best way to get yourself ridiculed. You are in public transport. if you have private matters to attend to, do so in private. Asking anyone to treat yourself like a special snowflake and allow you to do your private business in a public place will only lead to making a fool of yourself. — Polygnome 3 mins ago
A case of RTFM....
I specifically mentioned in the answer that you should not mention 'privacy'...
Just because of this.....
3:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell So you're working on basically a client-server messaging system?
@TheTinyMan Not really, it's more to figure out what I can do with that API should I ever want to build one ;)
@Tinkeringbell That user has a history of making those kinds of comments iirc
Well, I flagged it no longer needed, hope those comment flags get dealt with soon today..
@Tinkeringbell I flagged rude abusive.
Mmm pancakes
That one didn't last long :-)
4:06 PM
Another one...
A: How do I approach the issue of someone reading what's on my phone when I'm on public transportation with them?

TimHow can you approach it? Turn off the phone. If it's that private or personal,. maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be using the phone in such a public, crowded place, where people can hardly avoid looking/glancing/gawping at you and your phone. You started it ! If you can't cope with it, don't enco...

@apaul Out of delete votes..
But yeah...
I think I'll be editing my answer to address the private/privacy part vs. I'm just texting/watching youtube?
Maybe that might stemm the flow of them?
So how should I flag that one, very low qualify?
@Tinkeringbell I doubt it. People who post crap answers rarely bother to read the other answers first.
@TheTinyMan That's good :)
Did that one hit HNQ? Seems like an awful lot of noise for such an innocuous question.
4:14 PM
@apaul It did...
Stupid really, it's in the question that this is about doing social media stuff. It's about feeling annoyed that people are looking over your shoulder.

Nowhere does the OP state anything about 'enforcing privacy' or 'doing private stuff in a public place'.
@Tinkeringbell That's something that seems to happen a lot around here... Someone asks how to ask for common courtesy and then people pop up out of no where to tell them that they're being too delicate. I don't quite understand why people would think that asking to be treated reasonably is so unreasonable.
@apaul Deleted by owner ;) \o/
It's as if asking people not to be rude has somehow become rude. It's kinda sad to see that so many people think that way and are so vocal about it...
This one could use a last delete vote as well? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7788/1599
@Tinkeringbell Done.
4:25 PM
One more try with Erik's answer...
@Tensibai that oerkelens one hasn't improved much either... :/
I can't beat two horses at the same time
@Tensibai Hahaha, thanks for helping out though, you're doing a very good job!
Sometimes the best thing to do is downvote.
4:30 PM
I have to earn 2 point for that, and I'll be able to downvote once then ;)
hi all!
hi @EmC!
aw, I feel so welcomed :)
is there some sort of closing spree going on lately..? or am I just noticing it more than usual
I have some Opinions on some recent CV's but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything :P
4:35 PM
@EmC Well, we did have a slight spree regarding location tags today... and the usual questions that need improvement
@Tinkeringbell aha.. yeah I just saw a highly voted q from a while ago that's now got 3 CV's because no location tag
I thought we had decided that location tags weren't required but nice-to-have? interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1754/…
so I'm confused why people are going back and closing these, since there didn't seem to be any problems answering them without the location information
@EmC I'm actually curious about your thoughts on closing questions... Can you tell me a bit about how you choose what you think should be closed and what you think should stay open?
@Catija well, I am still learning :) my current pet peeve is "unclear / too broad" being treated like basically the same thing.. which they're not.. and then we get meta questions saying "why is this too broad". I think my rule for those is "can I understand why they are asking, and can the answer be summarized in a sentence or two"
I use 'unclear what you're asking' if I have to leave a comment that's more focused on 'what's your goal, what are you trying to achieve, what are you actually asking'...

I use too broad when I need to write a comment asking for more details, location information, information on what's tried. Or if there are several questions in the body, some of which aren't fit for IPS (Should I X? Can you tell me how to handle Y? in one body for example)
Hey, I noticed that someone's cast a lot of "No Longer Needed" comment on flags on a bunch of posts. That's great, but can I ask that if there are like 10+ comments on a post that you feel are no longer needed, that you just raise a custom flag on the post and say "Hey, a lot of these comments seem obsolete" or somesuch? Generally, we mods will look at all of the comments on a thread if one is flagged, so the odds of us missing something else if just one is flagged are . . . low.
4:44 PM
@HDE226868 Oops, sorry! I've been flagging comments underneath my posts as they come up though, should I really wait until there are a few before starting the flagging?
@Tinkeringbell No, he's saying that there's no reason to flag 13 comments individually on the same post.
@Catija So I flag the first one as 'NLN' and then the second one get's a mod flag as it pops up?
@Tinkeringbell Nah, flag as they come up at first. But if you're flagging comments all at the same time, just raise one flag - or if you see a post continuously getting comments that aren't needed, then raise a mod flag in addition to any previous comment flags. That can help us identify if a post's causing a problem, for instance.
If you've already flagged some of the comments on a post and you come back and see more, then switch to a mod flag.
@Tinkeringbell 2 or 3 or 4 are fine. But 8 or 9 or 10 are a bit much.
4:46 PM
@Tinkeringbell hmm, I would use "unclear" for needing details / what did you try. multiple questions makes sense for "too broad" though. for location - unclear if it doesn't make sense why they're asking (e.g. it seems obvious to me they should do X, but they say it's not an option), too broad if it's like you would need a separate answer for each cultural situation
@HDE226868 Yes. And it's a waste of your flags.
@HDE226868 And I was just bragging yesterday over at movies how easy it was to flag stuff here :P I will keep it in mind..
@Catija Yes. Absolutely this.
You do run out of flags each day, eventually.
@HDE226868 Hahaha :P I flagged A LOT today, and I still have left ;)
I'm short on delete votes though... :/
@EmC Yes. I would say the same thing... If there are details missing, that's unclear. But it's a bit subjective... if the question is really broad because it lacks detail, then it could be both/either... Look at this question on cooking, for example.
Q: Can i use mint leaf to prepare rice?

SilverAm here to learn so reach me if i can use mint leaf for cooking

^I couldn't decide how to vote to close it because it's unclear, too broad and probably POB.
4:48 PM
@Catija ... TIL my network blocks cooking SE, haha. but I can get the idea from the onebox :P
@Catija I see, I've been abusing votes :P There's a bit about details in unclear too, I'll better my behaviour ;)
There's nothing else to see... that's the entire question :P
I left this comment:
Welcome! This question is a bit unclear. How are you preparing rice? Are you looking for savory or sweet? When you say "can I", do you mean "am I allowed" or "will it taste good"? The latter is a matter of opinion, which we can't really answer here. Please edit your question to include more information. — Catija 1 hour ago
oh! yeah, I think that could be closed as either then
unclear because we don't know the goal, too broad because you could respond with a book about mint + rice recipes
So, we should keep in mind a few things... if a question needs to be closed, the close reason, particularly choosing between those two, is less important than getting the question closed. And you don't have to close for the same reason that's already suggested. You can split the votes.
The reason with a plurality will "win" but the comments are often more specific in how the OP can improve the question than the generic close vote reasons, so if you think you can offer assistance on how the OP can improve their question, use those rather than relying on the close reason to do so.
It would be really interesting if we could get stats on how votes were split on closed questions
4:53 PM
I can't get stats, I don't think, but I can look at specific questions and tell you how the votes stacked up.
SEDE has content relating to reviews, only... which are separate from close votes cast on the question page... close votes are not available in SEDE, so I couldn't include that info in a search, which makes the results only half useful at best.
it's ok :) I was interested seeing how often there was a consensus and things like that, but it's just out of curiosity
@Tinkeringbell pfft, you and your facts
@Tensibai It has the general stats of what was closed and the plurality reason but doesn't note if the votes were split, that I can see? Anyone with 3500 rep can see that link, if they're curious.
5:05 PM
@Catija 2000 on beta sites, IIRC (I am just shy of 3500 but I can view it)
@EmC I confirm 2k from the privileges page
I poked around on meta stackexchange too, but just found a bunch of feature-requests to make the vote splits visible..
@EmC Ah, yeah... I keep mixing around protecting with the 10K tools
Rude indeed >.< flags
@Tinkeringbell next time remember you can !!/report which will attract more people to flag ;)
@Mithrandir For a comment?
Ahhh. No. Whoops. That's the problem with links to deleted stuff D:
Ignore me
Side note: trying to teach a bunch of 4th grade girls the colors in English can get annoying when nobody knows how to say 'r'
It's not 'gween' and 'wed', it's 'green' and 'red'
I know that the sound that English uses for 'r' doesn't exactly match 'ר' but 'ר' is closer than 'w'
Also I'm bad with kids younger than... 13
@Mithrandir done
@Tinkeringbell I wonder if I asked about anything privacy in the question. I said uncomfortable.
@NogShine You didn't, so feel free to comment on those nasty answers ;)
Maybe they'll take it from you when they won't listen to us..
I also can't stand that this one interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7792/1599 is lower ranked than the ones ranting about privacy..
6:19 PM
@Tinkeringbell is is EXACTLY what I was warning about yesterday.
The question is not about privacy. It is becoming uncomfortable when continuously stares at your phone secretly.
WOW! That question is attracting nastiness
@NogShine Copy paste that into a comment :) And edit it boldy into your question...
I already commented to those answers which talked mainly about privacy.
6:23 PM
@NogShine I see. Sorry, I'm multitasking doing a workshop and IPS at the same time ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah, I deleted
I deleted that when I realized.
oooops, my mistake
@TheSnarkKnight It's okay ;)
@NogShine sorry you got such nastiness
I once flagged a comment by OP and it got declined.
6:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell this is again, like someone asking about changing a flat tire and people commenting on his poor selection of tires.
@TheSnarkKnight I didn't understand.
@NogShine Maybe it's because this stack is new, but I've noticed that fewer of my flags get approved here as elsewere
@NogShine what didn't you understand?
@NogShine you might want to comment on this one as well? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7799/1599
Just to end the discussion there ;)
We deleted 5 answers there today, 3 other's aren't really addressing the question... @HDE226868 can I flag stuff for moderator attention when I feel the community agrees they should be deleted, but it seems like they are upvoted too much because of HNQ?
@TheSnarkKnight about my nastiness.
@NogShine no, the people REPLYING to you were being nasty, not you.
6:29 PM
@Tinkering I didn't even see some.
@Tinkeringbell I'd flag most of those, but I tend to get mine rejected
If someone else wants to lead the way, I'll flag as well.
@NogShine Well, you got 2 saying get one of those screen protectors, 2 saying 'don't use your phone' without explaining, and another VLQ answer that didn't include a how and was only 4/5 lines long
I already flagged those answers once, that's why I'd like to know what a mod can do...
@Tinkeringbell then I'll join in.
@Tinkeringbell Yes.
(Sorry for being so terse; I'm writing a long meta post for Worldbuilding.)
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7806/1599 is suggesting a look, which is already suggested in an earlier answer as well, and the rest isn't an answer/IPS
6:32 PM
I'll deal with that in a bit.
Unless it's absolutely urgent.
@TheSnarkKnight Not here. On Movies. What's the thing is I didn't realize that it was from OP and mods reminded me that. I pinged all the mods for that. That's only one of the two rejected comment flags.
Q: Setting boundaries early on with housemates

jpcooperBackground I previously asked, How can I ask my housemate to put my things back?. Someone suggested that I could have avoided ever needing to solve this problem by establishing boundaries early on. Question How could I have established boundaries early on in the context of moving into a new ho...

3 declined flags, 2 retracted and all of rest are helpful.
@HDE226868 They've been there the whole day, I've been annoyed at them for at least 8 hours. I can handle another ;)
6:58 PM
My votes stil go for the answers which basically say "don't do private stuff in public places and you won't have this problem" ... — brhans 4 hours ago
Sigh. Your question has been a fascinating one to watch, @NogShine, but really depressing. :-P
7:14 PM
agreed @TheTinyMan
@Tinkeringbell Apologies; which answer is it?
7:26 PM
Not a valid answer, but I have a particularly heinous piece of pornographic fiction saved in my bookmarks for just such occasions. It's a harsh way to go, but if you've already made it clear (through the methods posted below) that you know they're reading and don't appreciate it but they haven't stopped, you might as well give them a show.... — Alex 3 mins ago
Not sure if that one is rude or no longer needed but I flagged it as the former :-p
I answered a question :O
@Catija go you!
Everyone, let's go downvote it now!
@NogShine ...gack
7:30 PM
@Mithrandir That's not for you. You're underaged wizard. ;) :P
@NogShine nuked it
What do you do to deleted comments or deleted posts in the room? Move to trash?
TBH I had been considering asking a question about how to get my older brother to stop looking at my screen but the way this question went I think I'll skip it
@NogShine Usually, yes
7:33 PM
@Mithrandir just give him the phone. :P
(that was one question I had in mind @Tinkeringbell)
@NVZ not phone, laptop
@Mithrandir then just give him the laptop. if you love your laptop, first set it free. if it loves you back, it will return. :P
@HDE226868 I flagged 2 :) Did you already find them? Sorry, I was on a bus
@Tinkeringbell Were someone staring at your phone? :P
The one you linked was indeed one of those..
7:35 PM
@Tinkeringbell on or in the bus?
are you now off the bus?
@NogShine Nope, but I was handling more luggage than I care to admit, so I left my phone safely inside the backpack
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I see it.
@NVZ Don't judge, some people prefer to ride by grappling hook
@NVZ Yeah, I'm now on a train
i am not talking sense now, am i?
7:36 PM
@NVZ Yeah, I get the difference ;)
But I really believe the correct expression is 'on' when talking public transport?
@TheTinyMan not some people. just me when i dress up like a bat.
@NVZ You're from English.SE. No need to check the profile.
@Tinkeringbell unless someone throws you under the bus.
@NogShine Now, be nice! There's no need to go calling people out on that :P
@NogShine i joke, i kid.
7:37 PM
@NVZ Yeah, and you've got hit by a bus scenario's
but that's where my knowledge stops.
@Tinkeringbell your knowledge stops as well? i thought those were only for buses. :P
I just wanna know how much knowledge she has regarding getting hit by a bus. O.O Is this borne from experience?
@Tinkeringbell I missed a smiley emoticon after the message. I wasn't being serious.
@TheTinyMan jesus christ. that's jason borne!
@TheTinyMan I know the 'hit by a bus scenario's' :P It means that you should always make sure people can take over your work if something bad happens to you, and I had a boss that didn't do exactly that ;)
@NogShine Well, mine is there. I wasn't serious either! :P
7:39 PM
@NogShine i'm from dubai.se and india.se. somehow ppl think im from english.se
what gave that impression!
@NogShine also, you're that real shog9 pretending to be not him. (wink wink)
Also, I am secretly @NVZ running in an incognito browser window.
@TheTinyMan not now, darn it. i was gonna surprise evryone later. :P
@NVZ Meh... if he was, he could've just switched profiles and nuked some answers.... Would have saved a lot of discussion today :P
@TheTinyMan only time will tell. time, being my other username.
7:45 PM
so I've got a flag still pending on this - what do people think?
@Mithrandir i think of butterscotch ice cream now.
the real question is... why do ppl think?
now you've gone and made me all hungry
I flagged an answer on Stack Overflow with a score of 56 as NaA
Hmmmm I don't really know what to think of this one? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7810/1599 ... It seems more like a rant about 'don't worry about this' than actual IPS advice....
the flag was marked as helpful but the post is still there
@Mithrandir in yoda voice, that i read
@Mithrandir what are flags anyway!
do they prove the moonlanding was fake?
were they marked helpful then?
@Mithrandir what's this new trick?
@Mithrandir ... So I've been struggling recently trying to figure out how to balance "don't do that" answers with "don't argue with the premise"... in this case, I think that that meets the former... "don't get yourself in that situation in the first place" ... is, to some degree, a valid option... because this is a hypothetical question... if the question was "I'm in this situation, how do I get out of it" telling someone not to get in the situation in the first place is pointless.
It goes:

[tag:something-funny-goes-here] and then there's a tag!
@NVZ it's my new way of asking people to help out with the community moderation ;)
@Mithrandir, how are you doing the links? []()? Or is there some nice special syntax to get the link turn into a title like on meta?
7:51 PM
@Tinkeringbell just manual [Copy paste of question title](share link)
@Mithrandir You disappoint me :P No userscript for that? :P
@Mithrandir that's awfully lot of hard work for me.
i'd prefer the chat room read my mind and made relevant tags for me.
@Catija Hmm. I think that this more fits with the latter, because it's specifically asking what to do if they get into that situation.
@Tinkeringbell You can do links in chat pretty easily [tag:tag-name-you-make-up]= if it's an actual tag, it will link to the tag.
@Tinkeringbell I used to have a SE userscript for linking bare URLs in comments, but never for chat.
7:53 PM
@Catija I still think this isn't about 'don't get yourself in the situation in the first place', but that it's answering 'how to ask the question' ... Like a lot of the answers there did (that we deleted btw).
@Catija it'll link to the tag even if it ;)
gah, no apostophes in tags
It's the exlamation mark I think
you have an exclamation point
i do have exclamation points!
7:55 PM
Weird... I don't know why mine isn't working.
There's another one! :o
and more where they come from!
reposting Catija's, slightly modified: You can do links in chat pretty easily [tag:tag-name-you-make-up] = if it's an actual tag, it will link to the tag.
7:56 PM
It's not multi-line.
@Catija it was.
... well... I didn't put a break in it... weird.
I must have fat fingered the enter when I was putting in a bracket or something.
So... opinion on the above?
@Catija or there's a simpler explanation, a more believable one; your keyboard is cursed.
I'd let it be.... the glance is a form of non-verbal communication that isn't in my answer yet.

I also like the 'you'll have to explain to everybody' part...
I don't think it upvote worthy, I don't think it downvote worthy either
7:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell level-vote worthy then?
or perhaps sidevote worthy?
@NVZ Yeah, can we get left and right votes? :P
I should post that on meta sometime :P

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