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2:01 AM
Do you live together or apart? Are you both in the USA now or somewhere else? What does "if I do something it's ok like Red Dawn" mean? Why would she apologize if you went with her to run errands? How often does this happen? What have you tried in the moment besides making her laugh? What did she say when you called this behavior abuse? Have you tried discussing this when you're both calm and, if so, how did that go and if not, why not? — Kat 1 min ago
#26336 Kat (4934 rep) | Q: Best method to handle an over angry Girlfriend (score: 0) | posted 5 hours ago by theneverendingsearch (1 rep) | edited 23 minutes ago by Kat (4934 rep) | Toxicity 0.15526967 | tps/fps: 0/0
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4:43 AM
4:55 AM
Good morning
5:08 AM
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Okay nice.
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7:06 AM
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yay it works
7:47 AM
@CaldeiraG Hi good morning, but shouldn't it say 2fps now?
@lila You should be careful with what you wish. A Djinn might make you blind in order to fulfy your wish :p
@lila Yes, it should...
@lila Ah no, you cancelled your fp so it's all normal
(if you do "fp" and then "fp", it's like you never did "fp" in the first place)
@Ael Haha okay but to see "0" I still need to be not blind :D
@Ael Ahaaaa okay now I understand, will it work now if I say fp again so that it's o/2?
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okay nice.
@lila The way I read your sentence, you don't
7:52 AM
@Ael Ah okay, I meant I want to open the website and see the text "new cases: 0" so I still need vision for that.
@lila Yes, but the way you phrased it can be interpreted in a different way that's why you should be careful
@Ael A bad djinn could surely find something against you sooner or later even if you are super careful all the time. For example "I want to find a suitcase with a million dollars inside!" and okay, tomorrow you go shopping and find a seemingly lost suitcase with a million dollars in front of your door, lucky you, you take it, then you soon realize you have the entire mafia on your tail that wants this suitcase back, and you have secret government service after you.
@lila Yes, but this is not a reason to make things easier for bad djinn ^^
Anyway, inventing ways for a wish to go horribly wrong is one hobby of mine. Sorry if it annoys you ^^
8:05 AM
@Ael yep was about to say this
@Ael No it doesn't annoy me, it's interesting :D
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that's a new one
probably an one-off case
@lila In this case, here are some other way your wish can go wrong: there is an issue with the covid tests and now governements are unable to tell how many new cases there is per day. So people keep getting the virus and keep dying but since there is no tests working, nobody is able to tell how many people get it
@Ael :O
@Ael good point
8:26 AM
What you would want is no one actually catching the virus today but then the wish might be granted by: 1) killing everyone (if everone is dead, there is no one to catch the virus) or 2) the virus mute and then we have two different covid virus or 3) no one catch it today but the double of people catch it tomorow
You could also wish that "no one die (of disease) anymore" but then people might just become very miserable and in pain and barely able to live instead of actualy dying and then they would wish they were dead instead
9:04 AM
@Ael Good morning, aren't you a little ray of sunshine today XD
Ahah, yeah, sorry about that x)
Let's have a cat to fix it, @ips please
another cat @ips?
um what
@ips a less terrorizing cat?
Do you know how are called these grey ones ? I like them, they are beautiful
remind me of a funny gif where one of them is searching through a drawer
The British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat, with a distinctively stocky body, dense coat, and broad face. The most familiar color variant is the "British Blue," a solid grey-blue coat, orange eyes, and a medium-sized tail. The breed has also been developed in a wide range of other colours and patterns, including tabby and colorpoint. It is one of the most ancient cat breeds known. In modern times, it remains the most popular pedigreed breed in its native country, as registered by the UK's Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). The breed's good-natured...
a reverse search gave me this
@ArthurHv you're welcome :)
there's one of those - a feral one - that thinks it lives on top of my family's car
and pees all over everything in the yard
9:19 AM
assert dominance
@Ael No worries :P I can like it, just not used to it from you ;)
well i need to change this too
@Ael Nice both descriptions :D actually the second one reminds me how they say that the worst punishment ever is eternal life, in mythology Greek and Roman gods are said to be jealous of our mortality as humans.
9:38 AM
@Tinkeringbell **ceremoniously** You may now call me Dark Ael
Hahaha getting in a mood, I see :P
And this is what is perched on my tree branch:
When they are enough of them, we say that it is a "murder of crows"
Yep :D There aren't any birds here right now. I think they all blew away with the storm last night XD
<Dark Voice On> Or maybe, they gathered somewhere else to plot the end of humanity </Dark Voice Off>
It may just not be the right time. Usually they're bathing on the roof of the shed in the afternoon ;)
9:49 AM
... You are breaking my dark vibes @Tink but well, you are a red parrot, so that could have been expected
I'm still a black parrot on Twitter ;)
The weather here is too nice today to be in a dark mood: It's sunny and windy :D
The weather here is kind of "sunny" too (I am in Paris and Paris weather is usually just grey. So anytime you can see a bit of the sky between the clouds, it's considered to be "sunny")
Ah, there were no clouds at all here the entire morning, just blue sky :D
Right now I can see some really high streaks of white cloud.
That must be nice :)
Yep! It makes me want to go outside though, and that's not possible because I have to stay inside today (I have meetings in the afternoon where I would usually try and find a gap to sneak out :P)
10:04 AM
Can't you do the meetings from your garden? (I'm assuming you have one?)
There is a garden yes, but since it's also windy doing a meeting there would probably not work as well. Too much noise.
I usually sneak out for half an hour and go for a short walk, then work until 5 instead of 4:30.
That's a shame then. Sun is good for your mental health (thankfully, I get almost zero sun every day and I am mostly fine so far so it's not completely indispensable)
But this afternoon I have lunch, 30 minutes to work, 30 minutes of meeting, 30 minutes to work, 30 minutes of meeting, etc. until the last meeting ends at 4 o'clock.
After that there's already almost no sun left here XD
Yep. I do try to catch a few rays of sun in the winter especially... it seems I get low on vitamin D quite easily so ...
@Tinkeringbell Ah yeah, that's the inconvenient of living closer to the pole. I'm honestly glad I don't, our winters are dark enough, I don't need more night in December ^^
2 hours later…
12:13 PM
Dear coworker,

We found the below traceback on our production server logging today.
It looks like something you're working on right now, could you have a look?

Regards, Tink
Hi Tink,

Yeah this looks like something I'm working on. Where did you find the traceback? Development? Production?

Regards, Coworker
I swear sometimes....
I'm going to use bold and italics and caps lock the next time, all together.
@Tinkeringbell Ah yes, that's why I always bold the "prod"/"qual" keyword
@Tinkeringbell facepalm :P
@Ael I don't really like bolding/italics or caps in a mail, especially when it's a short one it feels kinda pushy.
But I might need to start doing it nonetheless.
@Tinkeringbell No no. The correct response is to send a giant "PRODUCTION", preferably in fractur
and you know how much I love fractur
In other news: I have some "ghost test" running arround, I need to modify it (because of side effects in prod) but I have no idea where the test is launched from... (it's a shame the test is still running perfectly, otherwise I would receveid a warning with a link who would tell me were the test is)
Also, I more or less have to tell someone about this (because the side effect won't stop otherwise) but this whole thing is making me feel so stupid. I don't understand how something like this could even happen
12:34 PM
@Ael I had to mention coworkers i rm -rf my home directory at work one day. I heard saying stupid stuff happens all the time to the best of us (and not just me)
@ArthurHv True, but still. Like, I have a good memory but I don't remember this test. How can I not remember it???
Alternatives would be to be less concise to insist on particularly important info:
Title: Traceback in production regarding <function>
We found below traceback on our production server. We saw it in today's logs. [remaining unchanged]
Ah, I just solved the mystery! It's because I have a test on another app who does has some effects on the one I'm currently working on. That's why I couldn't remember the test. Because I was thinking of app A instead of app B
Honestly, it's a relief to know that my memory is still working fine (well, as fine as usual that is), I was getting worried here
12:57 PM
at some point of my life I got used to have memories of stuff that didn't happen and vice versa
I got used to be very cautious with my memory
even though it works a bit better now
some events just slip through tho. Like did I lock the apartment before leaving ? :D
Well, some part of my memory is really not reliable, but this part is (supposedly) very good. So I would have been really upset if I suddenly realized that it wasn't the case anymore
@Tinkeringbell Hi Tink, what are you going to use next time all together?
I know, it was a joke, I tried to make my impression of that coworker but I guess it wasn't clear ;_;
oh lol
1:07 PM
also, i felt like shouting in a quiet room. Now i'm feeling a bit ashamed at people looking at me
Now this is starred, more shame on you :D
how dare you
@ips cat for the chat?
1:12 PM
@CaldeiraG It is recently always an uncomfortable suspense and that second feels like a minute, you know after you say ips cat but before it starts loading image, I'm always thrilled whether it would work or not :D
okay nice
@IPSCommentBot catatonic
@lila XD
1:13 PM
@ips personification
@ips uncategorizable
1:16 PM
@ips vocationalism
okay much fun, enough.
I propose a stricter regex for the cat command :P
@Tinkeringbell :P
@Tinkeringbell Ah yes, but it's fun to dogge it, isn't it @ips?
Too much pet pictures.
It's to make @lila feel more at home, like in here litter box :p
well, time to delete facebook /s
> Facebook Dating launches in Europe after lengthy delay
@Ael Haha thanks, it already feels more like litter box than litter box feels like litter box :D
well, the bot works for every SE site
You have to define its regexes, other than that
1:31 PM
@CaldeiraG I thought the Dutch article mentioned you could still use Facebook without Dating, just not Dating without Facebook?
We had today 12107 new cases of the cockroach :/
It's over 9000 here.
@Tinkeringbell looks like it's optional yes
and yea, you're right
no data for PT yet
I think it's time for a song.
1:47 PM
love that track
too bad i can't listen right now
every major music service is blocked :(
Works for Covid too :P Nananana, I'm still standing :P
except amazon music which is weird
spotify web works here, but only if I disable tampermonkey.
I used to listen to music at work but got tired pretty soon as I would pretty much shuffle the same songs
one thing is listening a playlist for about 30min and coming back to it the next day then listen several hours XD
I do the first one, only listen to music on the commute
Bigger playlists :P
I used to use the 'discover weekly' from spotify to add to a list that I could listen while at work/on public transport.
1:50 PM
I listen to generated ones XD
It's gotten big :P
And it has all sorts of different music I like, so there's variation :D
youtube playlists seems to be on par with my likings atm, i use youtube when at home
the problem is that if you close the app the playlist is gone
i find my discover weekly on spotify too diverse for my likings
and lots of indie stuff
I know the point is to listen to something new but
Q: How to handle best friend in love of my new girlefriend?

FoxDena bit of context. I met a girl some month ago. We instantly clicked and started flirting. But My best friend also got a crush on here. She rejects (very clearly, but gently) his advance and a few months later, me and here where together. But my best friend is still in love with here and don't see...

1:56 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan is it a thing to ask OP 'what have you tried so far?'
i've seen a few posts on Meta.SE about the overuse of the question and how they dont like it
It depends. I think I've seen it too, but in the sense of 'what have you tried so far' being bad because what's really wanted is a MVE on SO, or on mathematics they want to know how far you've come with your calculations...

I think you can use it here, but explain that we're asking because we don't want to suggest things already tried and it gives us a better idea of what interpersonal skill we'd be helping with :)
oh, on a related question i linked just now has this comment by me
What did you try so far and how it didn't work? Would just cut ties with Y work for both of you? — CaldeiraG May 8 at 15:11
in all honesty, it could work for this new one
Oh well that one is old :P
I dropped it a long comment, I'll leave the voting up to the rest of you all!
@CaldeiraG I guess you were talking about e.g. this one: meta.stackexchange.com/a/172760/369802
2:07 PM
I agree with Shog there: Asking what have you tried on it's own isn't helpful, explain what is missing :D
The one you wrote for example also asks to explain how it didn't work, and gives a hint as to what to include (whether cutting ties would work).
@Tinkeringbell (it's missing) a lot :p
i think your comment got it right
but im not surprised :)
@Tinkeringbell yea, it is somewhat a insightful comment i think
I'm thinking of writing some proposals for our help/on-topic and good questions guidelines this weekend. I feel it might benefit from pointing out more clearly what Interpersonal Skills are and that we need to know about someone's behavior.
Not sure it does any good, but be prepared for some meta activity! :P
@caldeirabot will like it
yay @ meta activity
2:11 PM
the meta comments bot
You can't act on your friend's feelings but you can probably tell him when his behavior is problematic. If that is your point, could you give examples of what he does or say and put you or your girlfriend uncomfortable ? — Arthur Hv 59 secs ago
#26339 Arthur Hv (3141 rep) | Q: How to handle best friend in love of my new girlfriend? (score: 0) | posted 41 minutes ago by FoxDen (1 rep) | edited 2 minutes ago by Tinkeringbell (30715 rep) | Toxicity 0.250262 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
This sounds like a "what should I do" question, which is out of scope here. Some more appropriate questions relative to this situation might be "how do I discuss this with my friend" or "how do I support my girlfriend when my best friend has a crush on her". The question of "how do I handle this" may be an intrapersonal skill if you are talking about what you do with your feelings. — baldPrussian 2 mins ago
#26339 baldPrussian (30429 rep) | Q: How to handle best friend in love of my new girlfriend? (score: 0) | posted 41 minutes ago by FoxDen (1 rep) | edited 3 minutes ago by Tinkeringbell (30715 rep) | Toxicity 0.17943065 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
2:31 PM
I don't really know how clear it is to newcomers that a closed question can still be edited and salvaged. The label "closed" suggests otherwise, even if the banner invites to edition. Anyhow I'm always a bit sad when that happens and we have no further input from OP
But I also don't like people answer a question that's not really answerable without purely going on opinion, so...
2:54 PM
+3270 new cases, new record again
government about to announce prohibited exit on certain hours for certain regions here
people think they just want to confine, without calling it a confinement
@ArthurHv not the same here but yeah, between 30 Oct and 2 Nov you can't leave your region
exceptions are work and such
to avoid groups on 1st nov weekend, catholic holiday
4 hours later…
6:33 PM
uh, it's taking a lot of time to do the migration
1 hour later…
7:49 PM
@IPSCommentBot fp
@IPSCommentBot fp
yea it's down
and now i think my sd card is also not working
which is not good
okay could you fix the sd card
My parents were telling me how in their young years there were big blocky cathode raytube Soviet TVs used, and sometimes they malfunctioned or stopped working, and you supposedly just needed to give a couple of good whacks with your hand on the TV chassis and that solved the problem. Maybe you could try this with that sd card? :o
@lila i'm trying x)
@lila eh, raspberry is just being petty about my ssd
8:15 PM
some progress: booting with a usb flash drive works fine
9:11 PM
ok, bought a non-compatible adapter :(
i'm returning this
trying to get bots back up now
i could do this at work tomorrow too if i don't make it today
10:11 PM
I heard that it is supposedly really cold outside of a flying airplane, around -40 C. But actually I'm now outside of a flying airplane and it's certainly not that cold.
Good night bye.

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