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3:22 AM
^ just saw that on my feed, what a coincidence after our conversation earlier xD
that's so many pockets I would probably forget which ones had what stuff
@EmC 😍
brb buying out the thrift store's supply of cargo pants
2 hours later…
5:45 AM
So you agree that your answer is not rooted in (personal) experience or science, but is more like an opinion / brainstorming ("recomendation")... — virolino 2 mins ago
#23945 virolino (1221 rep) | A: How to ask my mother to stop giving me unsolicited (health related) advices? (score: 7) | posted 2 days ago by Francine DeGrood Taylor (1205 rep) | edited 44 hours ago by avazula (13569 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
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@EmC I only use four and forget all the time
So I started making sure to consistently put stuff in the same pocket... "okay phone, ID card, bus card, wallet in this pocket, pocketknife, keys, Alan wrenches, inhaler, Epipen in this one, tissues in this one..."
1 hour later…
6:51 AM
@Ælis: I agree with you, breaking a relationship is sometimes necessary, even though sad. I had to give up many friends for various reasons. Also, that is why I just asked questions to SZCZERZOKŁY, to understand his point better. BTW, even my mother makes it compelling to use the "break relationship" path, but using the strategy described, things still go on. We get angry occasionally and do not speak for 1-2 weeks, but that is within reasonable limits, I guess, especially that often there are no topics to discuss anyway (we leave far apart, communication is only technology-based now). — virolino 2 mins ago
#23944 virolino (1221 rep) | A: How to ask my mother to stop giving me unsolicited (health related) advices? (score: 2) | posted 2 days ago by SZCZERZO KŁY (2617 rep) | edited 12 hours ago by Ælis (14914 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
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7:20 AM
last day before my 2 weeks vacation \o/
I only work mornings today
@JAD what are you gonna do during those holidays?
get some sleep :)
mostly cleaning the house and relaxing
work on some hobbies
7:39 AM
yay :)
you didn't take days off on Christmas?
our busiest time is around christmas, so it's tricky to get time off then
ooh okay :/ well now you're on holiday and no one will bother you since everyone is working :D
Good morning! :)
Morning o/
7:53 AM
How's everyone doing today?
I think I might be getting sick :(
I've been feeling tired and cold/hot and stiff for two days now :(
oh no :(
hope it gets better asap!
I'll be fine. Tomorrow is a weekend. I refuse to be sick on weekend ;)
8:10 AM
haha, you're darn right
8:23 AM
@avazula good so far :)
yay :)
9:00 AM
9:29 AM
Working remotely this morning
Fedora's by my side, asking for pets
@avazula still happy about the hints of me being a possible moderator at Apple.se \o/ |o| \o/
We talked about it last night
@ankii \o/
@avazula Good, no need to drive on Friyay :)
@CaldeiraG yay! :)
@ankii yay! Good for you :)
9:59 AM
I just saw this written in an answer (not on IPS):
> Take a high-functioning autistic, put him in the back room with a computer, low light, and no disturbances, and you'll never know he has a disability.
multi-line markdown doesn't work :p
@CaldeiraG hehe, noticed that :p fixed now
I don't know what to think about what's written. I got frustrated after reading it, but I can't put to words why.
@Belle Maybe because it acknowledges that society isn't made for suiting people with disabilities yet it doesn't seem to be looking for an answer as to how to make society a place where everyone feels included and handicap isn't a thing anymore?
10:19 AM
@avazula Yeah, probably. But also because it's so generalized, I think. It's just not me. I actually work well with other people and I like my rooms well lit (not too bright individual light sources) and hardly anyone ever realizes I'm autistic, ever.
But I am autistic. I have a diagnosis. I just...
I don't know
@Belle yeah... "know one autistic person, you only know about one autistic person" ... I know many of my symptoms drastically differ from @Ælis's. Yet we're both diagnosed :p
but you're right, it's overly generalized ...
@Belle I hate "low light" so I completly understand what you mean
Also, I rather read a book, thank you :p
@Ælis yup, this is what I'm talking about :p
@Tinkeringbell Hahaha, ok then thats where my confusion came from :) Was that discord message directed to me? :)
And hey everyone :)
(I can't stand lights)
10:33 AM
Hope you enjoy your friday :)
@dhein Yes! If you do have your discord set up, let us know. I'll try and send you an invite to a server with people from here :)
(If you want to be there)
@Tinkeringbell I have discord set up. Its just I am so scattered as soon I am home, that it most likely will take a few more days before I coincidently remember it and have my discord open. :P But I already emailed the invite link from a server to myself that was shared here a few days ago.
I assume it has not an expiry date set, does it?
@dhein Yes, it expires after 24 hours...
But you can always get a new one, just let us know when you have the time/energy and we'll send you one!
10:36 AM
Ok, that makes the procedure more difficult. But I will try to reach you, as soon the afore mentioned conditions are met :P
@Tinkeringbell Thats the plan :)
Alright @chumpbot, gimme a cat, and let's see if they're cuter than Fedora!
Ava counterattacts with sleepy cutie!
10:41 AM
@avazula This move was very effective.
Looks a little bit like a wolf on that picture x)
@avazula It's super effective!
And some doggo too because let's not make jealouses:
Frisbie's a cutie too, right?
@avazula I know :p Maybe next time you could wear sunglasses in my appartment ^^
@avazula I don't want to be rude to Frisbie, but I find Fedora much cutter ^^
@Ælis Heh, now I have tinted glasses :D
@chump dog
10:45 AM
@avazula Oh, classy!
@chumpbot Nah, Frisbie's cuter. You're still cute though. But ... yeah.
@Ælis Life saver :D
11:13 AM
Q: How to deal with financial inequality in a relationship?

SeriousBriI am in a relationship with a partner who is significantly better off than I am, and I am struggling to come to terms with the financial differences. To set the scene with some of the issues: She is currently a student doing her masters (After working for a while) and not only does she have en...

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12:15 PM
Q: How can my family and I reconcile with my son-in-law?

SadDad4099My son-in-law wants nothing to do with my family and I'd really like to change that and have him as part of the family. Some background information about how we got here is needed, my daughter met him when she was 18 and he was 17, they quickly fell in love and were inseparable. At the time how...

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1:27 PM
This feeling when you realize that none of the tools you need are working :"(
I can't do task A because X isn't working. I decide to do B instead but Y isn't working so I can. But maybe I can do C? Well nope, because Z isn't working...
That means it's time to start your weekend.
I still have half a hour to go. But yeah, I will definitively not be staying late today ^^
@Tinkeringbell Hallelujah! :D
@Ælis Get some tea, slowly sip away while staring at the screen.
@dhein I have at least another 2,5 hours to go :(
@Tinkeringbell I have 7 and a half to go :(
1:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell Or maybe I can spend it talking here :p
@Ælis While sipping tea? Good idea ;)
Y'all with time
But I just asked a question to a person who probably won't answer for a few hours because they usually come in later
@Mithical Just wait...
When you have a fulltime job, you'll be counting hours like this too ;)
Getting home in two minutes, then have less than an hour to shower, get dressed, and leave again
1:33 PM
@Mithical Well aren't you the busy one
Got up at 5:30AM :/
Sorry, that sounded way more condescending after I sent it than it did in my head
Yawn. I woke up at 8:15 and I still don't feel rested.
I've just spent five hours on a bicycle as well :P
@Tinkeringbell It still is 8:15 here! (not actualy, it's 8:30)
1:35 PM
@Mithical Oh, that's good. Exercise should give you more energy after all :P
So, @Tink @Mithical, anything interesting on MSE that I should read today?
@Ælis Not really.
I'm still stuck here for 3.5 hours. I wish I could get away with spending all that time chatting here :\
If anything, things got a bit worse.
Let me give a heavily filtered summary:
@Ælis turn back if you stare too long into the abyss it stares back into you
1:36 PM
That bad, hum :/
Given how most moderator resignation notices now include a significant part of criticism on SE the company, SE the company has decided to no longer allow featuring of such posts past 24 hours.
Juan was the unlucky person to have to communicate that to MSE :/
Sounds very dystopian...
@Tinkeringbell I saw that. I gave an upvote to Juan because I felt sorry for all the downvotes he got (even though he was just answering the question)
@Belle I've said in the Tavern that to me, on a very remote rational level it makes sense... I would have never considered featuring some of those posts if they weren't a moderator resignation notice...
@Tinkeringbell Juan seems to be in that role a lot these days
1:39 PM
@Tinkeringbell on a emotional intelligence level however it's like taking a knife and ramming it into your foot with maximum force
@Magisch Someone should really write Madara a thank you post ;)
now we're in a state of cold war keeping as much criticism of the company featured as possible
@Magisch Yes. That's... not ideal. See previous remark.
Someone said this morning aptly in the tavern
you cannot rule lawyer a programmer
programmers just rule lawyer back
@Magisch Time to break out of the loop then, huh?
1:41 PM
@Tinkeringbell Who is madara? Were they another employee let go?
Escape the Matrix, be an unhandled exception ;)
@Rainbacon No, they're an SO mod that's resigning... and I think their resignation notice may have been the drop that overflowed the bucket...
They had their notice unfeatured yesterday, which is what caused all this mess.
@Tinkeringbell if only I had the power ....
my meta post is 95% full with people thinking it's bogus or wrong, and heavy disagreements
@Magisch No worries. You did great yesterday. And while you didn't know about it yet, the unfeature stuff was already out on the mod team by the time you posted your question...
@Magisch Remember what Yaakov said.
1:43 PM
no personal attacks save one or two, but it seems that I failed to convince a substantial amount of people
maybe some readers, but not the most vocal people on meta
@Magisch This is a thing that's going to need repeating over and over... and that will require a patience very few have. The most vocal people on meta aren't going to suddenly tell you that 'oh, sorry... I have been wrong for all my vocal life'.
@Magisch I'd like to say that going back to when I was just a lurker on SO and you were a smiley face in a hat, I've always admired your ability to be level headed when most everyone about you was losing theirs
@Ælis I haven't looked at MSE really in seven hours, I have no idea :P
"7 hours"
good choice ;D
@Magisch they would never be convinced
been looking back and forth on Meta, nothing seems to pop up that much
but if you can, just avoid it for a bit
1:51 PM
@Magisch The most vocal people are often the angrier one. Convincing them means convincing everyone else first. But your question as a positive score, so that's a good sign :)
@CaldeiraG "a bit" -> I have been doing that for 3 months now xD
I mean, even on my answer, people that already had their own answer found it necessary to write a comment underneath mine... like, dude! Your own angry rant is right above mine, chillax!!
@Ælis x) but yeah, it's full of negativity and the moderation resignations featured time is very controversial as usual
But I got a chat message from the question asker saying they appreciated my answer, so that's something ;)
@Tinkeringbell yay :)
@Tinkeringbell That's because you have to crush the competition down! :p
1:55 PM
But yes. There's some very vocal, very angry people out there. The best everyone can do is try to provide a balanced countervoice. I've seen that in answers from Mith, in Magisch's question, in Rainbacon's comment... thank you all for that :)
I did wind up posting a comment that I regretted leaving last night... I'm not immune to the anger, unfortunately.
But... we all try our best and that's the most we can ask
(really got to run now, though, toodloo)
I have no idea what "toodloo" means, but I got to go too, so toodloo back x)
just duplicate once more
multiple Aelis make short work
71 messages in here while I was writing my answer :O
@Tinkeringbell Not even 2 hours anymore... You are almost there :)
@Ælis Sounds like a different language version of toedeloe!
@dhein You're right! :D
2:09 PM
21 minutes for me
I'm beyond ready for weekend
My office is having our winter holiday party tonigh. I'm excited for that
@Magisch I am just 13 minutes overtime already.... But I feel bad now about telling you all that I can already leave '^.^
@Ælis: By the way, I left an answer, adding my experience on the one you already have accepted. I hope this gives some more insight :)
I downvoted your answer, cause most of your advice isn't really that easy to do thinking back of my situation back then. I was in within a depression back then, and most of the advices weren't really practical to execute. I knew they were good advices. But I couldn't follow them despite I wanted to. Hearing them over and over again, made me just feel worse. The way you put it in your answer makes me even feel bad for OP here, its exactly that way of phrasing causing the trouble. Also being in such mental state, makes being proactive very difficult anyways. So I find that of limited help, too. — dhein 1 min ago
#23949 dhein (2366 rep) | A: How to ask my mother to stop giving me unsolicited (health related) advices? (score: -1) | posted 32 hours ago by virolino (1219 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
But it is a long answer without an tl&dr .... So don't feel compelled to read it right away :P
@chumpbot Hmmm.... Not sure about that one... Now I see it, it is infact chatty. But I also felt like having to explain why I downvoted it :x
Anyways.... I have to leave now... Feeling a little bad about it, but wishing all of you a nice weekend already :) Tty next week :)
@dhein have a good weekend :)
2:44 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/a/342413/369802 < could use a few eyes. Just that answer though!
@Tinkeringbell I have read the post and taken what I believe are the appropriate actions
@Rainbacon :)
That's much appreciated :)
3:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell That would have been useful if I knew what "toedeloe" meant :p (I tried to google it. It's telling me that it means "choke". I don't think that was what was meant xD )
@dhein It's a sad answer. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I think things are going the same way with my mother (she hasn't phone in two weeks after I "publically" shout at her about this)
Interjection: toodeloo
  1. (Britain, dated) goodbye, farewell, see you soon
@Belle "Farewell" -> I like this word :D
@Belle it's basically a jolly version of goodbye, originating from the phrase "to the loo"
@Belle That's a beautiful music. Thanks for sharing it :)
@Tinkeringbell I made a small edit on it. I hope it won't backfire
3:50 PM
@Ælis Seems to be going better ;)
Q: Change in roles for Jon Ericson

Jon EricsonIt’s a bit surreal to be writing this post—not many people can say they left their dream job twice. Today is my last day as an employee of Stack Overflow. I’ll be joining College Confidential as their Community Product and Operations Manager doing many of the same things I’ve been doing here but ...

> I still plan to be a user of the sites and to apply to get my moderator diamond back. ;-)
^ that's more cheerful, though
I wonder what sites he was a moderator on :)
all the sites :D (jk)
That'd be a feat, getting diamonds on all sites again ;)
3:58 PM
he's high rep on biblical-hermeneutics. Not sure if that's an indication though
otherwise my guess would be SO
@JAD I just saw that on Twitter
> I made this decision in December and it's not correlated with the recent CM team changes. These are just an unfortunate coincidence.
That's a relif. I was afraid he had been push to the door
@JAD Catija just confirmed that first one ;)
@Ælis btw, I mod flagged that post you edited to see if the quote can just be removed altogether. Quoting r/a stuff from a deleted post and such
@Tinkeringbell \o/
@Ælis It's... somewhat of a relief to see him leaving voluntarily yes. It's not much of a relief to see him go, at all ;)
@JAD I propose we leave it. It's one of those quotes where it's kinda needed to make the point in the answer...
4:01 PM
hmm, stuffs deleted for a reason though
@Tinkeringbell Oh yeah, I'm still sad to see him go. But I was terrified that we might lose all our CM (replaced by new one)
anyways, vrijdagmiddagborrel-time. Gotta run
@JAD Enjoy! I'll make sure to get at least 4 eyes on that flag :)
@JAD See you :)
@Ælis Yeah, I don't think that'll happen unless they leave voluntarily.
4:04 PM
I do hope it won't
Same here, same here.
Erf. I'll look at that after dinner, but it seems like people may be taking this a bit too far.
@Ælis yeah.. seems like a good start would be if people flagged the comments on that answer :\
That's what I wrote about resignation notices today, but Machavity gave examples and made the point better. So I self-deleted it... but it's not just comments on mod posts.
It's the posts themselves too.
4:12 PM
@EmC I'm lost, what answer are we talking about?
@Ælis JuanM's announcing the new policy
I flagged a couple just now and I'm already tired, tbh if I were a meta mod I'd just comment-lock it (but I am not, and I am confident that Tink and crew can decide themselves how to handle it ;) )
@JAD :(
@EmC Oh, right. I guess I should try to take a look then
@Ælis don't feel obligated of course! I know reading that stuff can take up a lot of energy
@EmC We might, eventually. I'm almost off to dinner, and flag queues are for outside work hours. So, don't expect wonders within the next few hours ;)
4:19 PM
@EmC I'll try not to :) But I do like to feel like I'm helping and flagging is helping so... (plus, I haven't seen any transphobic stuff yet, so it should be easier to deal with than the stuff that was here 3 months ago)
@Tinkeringbell good on you for having work-life-SE balance :P
@EmC I get the work-SE balance, but what's that "life" thing in the middle there?
@scohe001 sleep time? :p
I tossed a few flags at the comments on Juan's answer
Unfortunately, I don't have nearly as many flags there as I have on IPS
@EmC Yes, definitely sleep time ;)
4:27 PM
@Rainbacon I have 30 comment flags available. I just spent 10 of them (and then I got bord ^^)
I only have 12, I used two on the most egregious of comments
I didn't get the house :'(
It got sold last night after only one day on the market
@avazula I'm sorry to hear that :(
@avazula :/
@avazula dang :(
4:32 PM
@avazula yeesh that's crazy
But there'll always be another one! The only question is house-oon you'll find it :p
Hmm, I wanted to get this test passing before lunch, but it's got me baffled and I'm starting to get really hungry
5:06 PM
The good news being, we can get a loan of €350,000 if we want to
But we don't want that haha
@Rainbacon :( courage!
I was looking at houses about a year ago (before we decided to rent) and whenever I saw those big prices and started looking at/thinking about loans, I couldn't help but think like...how many pizza slices could I buy with this? Or how many little puppies? Like I could have a pizza slice swimming pool or an army of puppies, but I'm settling for a house. And then my adult mind would reboot and I'd get back to searching lol
It's really just crazy how much money that is. It's difficult to wrap your head around
haha. i get that.
@avazula I fixed my code and then got some pizza :)
Hmm, chat won't let me upload the photos
I took some pictures to illustrate how large the pizza is here
Hmm, I was hoping that would onebox
Anyway, that's a photo I took of the pizza with a steak knife for size comparison
5:25 PM
@scohe001 I tend to do the same things but with books. How many 10€ books could I have bought with that? How many days of entertainment would they have given me?
@Rainbacon It needs to end with ".jpg" or something like that to onebox
@Ælis ooh that's true. Between a house and a personal library, I know which I'd take. The question is just where I'd put all the books without a house for them :p
@scohe001 That's why I bought a digital reader (not sure that's the word?). Now I can have all my 100 books with me in my 17m2 apartment :p
Ooh shnazzy! We call those e-readers
5:40 PM
@scohe001 This is why I rent an apartment and don't have a car - I think about houses and cars and how rarely a car or a house would drastically change my life and then I realize I could buy MANY romance novels instead.
@Ælis E-readers are the best for that! I can have SO MANY books and I don't have to worry about if I have bookshelf space.
I've also discovered a lot of authors who only sell books digitally, who I'd never have gotten to read otherwise.
(This does mean I have a LOT of ebooks on my computer, but more harddrive space is easy to do.)
I think the main idea behind buying a house is that you won't be buying someone else's pizza, puppies or romance novels by paying rent. If you think about it, I find it quite upsetting that some people literally make a living buying up houses just to rent them out, forcing others to make their living for them :/
It increases the prices of housing to a point where some people have no choice but rent... reinforcing the circle :(
Yes, but I also don't have to do any maintenance/upkeep/yard mowing, which is okay by me.
Also, houses take up so much space :/
@Ash I use to love organizing my bookshelf though. I kind of miss that. And not being able to see all in one look :/ But well, at least it's now much easier for me to buy books
@Ælis I do like that, for the small number of physical books I do have. (Some authors I like to still buy in hardback because they're my favourites.)
Both are very true... I'm buying an apartment though, and the stuff I said about houses goes for apartments here too. People buy them, only to rent them out for more money than it would cost to buy them...

And for an apartment, you generally don't have to do maintenance and upkeep, that's for the ... I guess a sort of home owners association? ... So I'm just stuck with the yard and I was thinking about a low maintenance one :)
5:45 PM
@scohe001 If you ever do decide you want to buy a house, I'm about to start working for a company that buys and sells them, and even in your state (though if I remember correctly you live somewhere in the west of the state, and my new company doesn't operate there
But books are a much happier topic to talk about ;)
@Ash For my favorite authors, I now buy them to my loved ones because I really have no room for them ^^
hmm as someone who will likely be buying up a house and renting it out to others in the next year or two, this is a really interesting opinion.

From what I've seen, the markets in certain areas will tend to favor (from a financial standpoint) renting vs. buying. Sometimes the rent in the area is actually way cheaper than the price of a mortgage if you were to buy the house. And sometimes the opposite is true. But where I'm looking to buy (right next to a university), ppl like students will be renting simply because they won't be in the area for the 5-10yrs it takes to make buying a house w
@Ælis That's also great because then they get to experience them, I love sharing books.
@Rainbacon ha yea there's no real big cities over here in west Texas. The biggest is maybe 300,000 population, so I'm not surprised. But thanks for the offer! If/when we buy for personal use, it'll probably be wherever we end up going for my girlfriend's residency, so I'll keep you in mind!
5:49 PM
I might be a bit prejudiced, having had the apartments I wanted to buy 'taken' from me by investors and showing up on rental sites a few weeks later... For much more than I would've paid for both the maintenance/upkeep fees + rent + utilities...

For students, I guess they're a different matter. But it's definitely a bit of a problem here that starters can't get a home or apartment, and are forever stuck renting because renting means you don't have enough left to actually save for buying your own. Basically, it's a self-reinforcing circle of inflating prices to the point where 'regular' peo
@Tinkeringbell I agree with you. Yet, I still think I will do that at some point in the future. Because I'm always terrified that at some point (like in 5 or 10 years) I won't be able to work anymore (or like, no one would hire me) and renting a flat would be my only way to "make money". That's not something I like to think much about though. So yeah, let's go back to books. Or maybe crocheting? What cute things do you want to do next?
personally, one of the big reasons I want to buy a house is being able to do whatever I want with it. I never feel like I can really settle in a rental because I'll probably just move in a couple years and then I'll have to patch all the picture frame holes, forget about painting walls fun colors..
sorry! we can talk books and craft projects instead :)
@Ælis I'm still only working on the blanket ;)
@Tinkeringbell That's why I talked about the "next" :p
5:52 PM
@Tinkeringbell hmm I know here in the US we have options for ppl in those situations. If you talk with your renter and the real estate owner, you can sometimes agree to a "rent to buy" contract, where you pay the rent they ask for, but slowly gain equity on the house in the process--to eventually pay off the rest with a lump sum at some future decided date.
@Tinkeringbell that's cute!!
@EmC I find it more funny than cute honestly xD
Ahh just caught up, my b. Love the platypi tho!
@chump show us a cute cat please :D
5:54 PM
Oh, nice one! :D
@Tinkeringbell Everything to make a profit, I suppose
@Ælis same difference :P I like platypuses and the goofy eyeballs on the pattern :)
My rent is currently a lot lower then what I would pay market rate for a mortgage to buy an apartment like this.
In fact, I know the rent I pay covers property taxes and asessments and maybe 100€ a month for the landlords
ravelry.com/people/Tinkeringbell/queue < don't know if people can see that, but that's what I currently have queued in Ravelry. It means as much as 'might do this some day' and some stuff is in there for months/years before I kick it out again...but it's a nice list of considered projects :)
But yeah, real estate profit investing is rampant everywhere in germany, some cities are considering putting an extra tax on it
5:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell OMG, I want a dragon! *-*
People buy up huge swaths of housing under the assumption house prices will go up and pay dividends that way, and then they turn around and rent them out for a lot to get yet more profit. In the process, it becomes a kind of self fulfilling prophecy as housing demand doesn't go away but now prices increase a lot
@Tinkeringbell ooh, the sweater is pretty
@Ælis Yeah, that pattern has been there for ages! ;)
@Tinkeringbell This one is not visible though
@Ælis Ah, too bad... there's load of fun stuff there too ;)
6:00 PM
@Tinkeringbell Why is it that you haven't done it yet?!? Is it because it's a difficult one to do?
How's your apartment coming along anyways tink?
@Ælis It's a paid pattern... so I'm just putting off buying it, mostly ;)
Btw, refresh the page that worked, I put everything on one page just now ;)
@Magisch No clue. I have the money, I'm now in some sort of waiting room for them to start buildling...
sounds like at least it's moving forward
Next week we're going to finish picking out the kitchen though, I had forgotten we had only gotten an offer/calculation done for that, and still needed to seal the deal ;)
I looked into what it would cost to buy an apartment here
6:03 PM
@Magisch Yes. Slowly. The waiting for it to be build part is going to be the slowest, I guess.
i'd end up paying an average of 300€/mo more then renting just for the loan payments, it'd be another 200€ or so for taxes and asessments and in a worse part of town
in other terms, I could rent the other apartment across the hall too and would pay less then buying
Yeah, you seem pretty lucky with where you are now!
@Tinkeringbell Well, that's understandable
@Tinkeringbell Oh, the T-Rex are funny! I don't find the "baby Pheonix" red enough though, but it's still a beautiful pattern
Yep! Agreed with all of that ;)
There are a lot of buildings in New York that are co-ops where you buy an apartment in the building, but rather than a company owning the building, all of the residents do. In addition to paying your mortgage on the apartment, you also have to pay a monthly "co-op fee", which is often about 50% of what you might pay to rent an equivalent apartment, so owning doesn't really benefit you at all
6:10 PM
Blegh. I still have to do some company mandatory training exercise... and it only works in Edge pukes
109 slides... Yay.
@Tinkeringbell At least you aren't being asked to write software that only works in Edge
True, true... :P
@Tinkeringbell I had to do that to some people this week
mandatory data protection seminar that everyone has to attend every year. it's only 50 slides for us, but still drags
I'm on 53 now. It seems worse than it is, hopefully I can just pass the test at the end by playing 'mastermind' ;)
on a related note, I found out I passed the audit before leaving
the detailed report is on tuesday, but I didn't have major corrections or faults in my part
6:20 PM
Yay! \o/
I'm looking at those cats story and my heart is mealting: facebook.com/…
6:36 PM
@Ælis ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-yoda-space-pod < Just showed up in today's pattern highlights for me. That's also going on the list ;)
Haha, I should have expected that x)
1 hour later…
7:51 PM
@Ælis I hope you can solve it with her another way. Despite in the end everything turned out in my favor. I would have prefered a way in our both favors. But the point with my answer is: An end can dung the soil for a new beginning. And if there is no other way letting your mom understand. Well, then thats how it is. If what I am saying makes any sense
Oh and just on a side note. I am here right now and having discord open on my other screen
@Tinkeringbell :P
@dhein Well, I just had my dad on the phone. He confirm to me that my mom is giving me the "silent treatment" because I yell at her (in writing) two weeks ago to "STOP GIVING THOSE UNSOLICITED ADVICES!!!". So...
But I'm gonna see her in two weeks, it might help fix things up (maybe... I hope)
Are you feeling sorry for having done that?
@dhein @brug If you are awailable to give the link to dhein?
@dhein No. But I'm still feeling sad that she doesn't want to phone me anymore :/
@Ælis I wish I could tell you why she does it. I mean clearly she is feeling hurt. But why she is not understanding you in the first place is what I can't tell cause I never understood my mom there either... All I can tell you, if its worth anything: I know how you are feeling.
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