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12:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell I thought of you today - I started reading a new series of romance novels by a Dutch woman who lives in Groningen. They're really fun - the first one is about two women who meet because they play the same MMO.
15 hours later…
3:47 PM
@Ash <3 That sounds great! :) I must admit I'm really rusty on Dutch writers, and romance writers in general... Do you have a name?
4:17 PM
And since @Ælis was asking yesterday, I believe...
(I made a little present today ;) )
@Tinkeringbell Emmy Engberts - she writes under a few different names, for different stuff. her website is here: easilydistractedmedia.com
@Tinkeringbell Oh that's cute.
I like it's face.
4:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell Oh, that's a cute one! National symbol of the Netherlands, right?
@Ash Thanks! That was one of the main things I was wondering about, to put it on or leave it... :D Hearing someone likes it helps :)
@Ælis It is. But that's not why I made it :P It's going with a gift-card for a garden shop towards people that have just bought a new home :)
@Tinkeringbell It makes me wish I knew someone IRL who was doing crocheting. I'm very jalous of all the gifts you give to other people :p
Hahaha ;)
You could learn yourself, and just make everything you like ;)
@Tinkeringbell True that, but I don't think I would enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy doing puzzles or coloring. I tried knitting when I was little and, well, let's just say that my grandma had to finish the scarf that I was making ^^
@Ælis a.) scarfs can be one of the most boring projects to do... and b.) something like this tulip is much, much smaller than a scarf :P
I have this one lying around:
5:08 PM
But it's so, so boring to work on, I sometimes don't touch it for weeks/months ;)
Puzzles and coloring are great too!
@Tinkeringbell I can't blame you for finding it boring. But that's still impressive! Maybe I'll try to make a small animal/creature someday. I actually have the material to make a snake (I bought it a year ago, openned the box, read the instruction and more or less gave x) )
@Tinkeringbell Puzzles and coloring are easier to do because I already know how to do them
Anyone has a good idea to clean up spilled beanbag beans/ styrofoam beans ?
I'll go to lifehacks later..
@Ælis That sounds fun! Let me know when it's finished, I'd love to see your work :)
@ankii They're pretty static, right? So, I'd suggest something similar as for glitter, either tape or balloons :)
And a vacuum cleaner
I don't think Library staff will lend me their vacuum cleaner
5:14 PM
Oh, you just made your life easier ;)
@Tinkeringbell Well, I haven't even started yet so currently my guess as to when it would be finished is "never" x)
and it's a beanbag full of beans, balloons can be left for the leftovers
Let the staff know there has been a little accident...
Then offer/help them clean up, but do it their way.
@ankii that's some quality alliteration
+1 to vacuum cleaners
5:16 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'll file an official sanitation complaint, and request them to arrange a vacuum cleaner..
One of the dogs climbed upon it and tore it with its nail, not knowing how to use it
guess he's not coming in now, till it gets cleaned up
5:33 PM
you should be able to accept the top voted answer, as the answer is that you cannot use this and expect everyone to understand it. — Rory Alsop 2 mins ago
#23515 Rory Alsop (4060 rep) | Q: Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture? (score: 18) | posted 58 days ago by Nicola Sap (297 rep) | edited 56 days ago by Em C (12610 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
6:20 PM
Q: Close Anki gracefully from script

AndrewI'd like to be able to close Anki (Linux) gracefully via script so that all recent changes are properly committed to the database. If I just use kill command all uncommitted changes aren't saved. Is there some alternative?

good grace I have two i in my name
@Ælis @Rainbacon interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/23779/… Thoughts on whether such a Q about depression would lean more towards on-topicness ?
> you've mentioned in your post the public is quite lacking in knowledge
this, at least, is untrue about depression I guess
@ankii Oh dear, someone wants you dead! :O
@ankii That would still be primarily opinion-based :/ But you could ask a question about "how to disclose my depression without freaking the other person out" or something like that
7:27 PM
@Ælis gracefully, and with a script lol
@Ælis I'll test on some close friends using a dummy person as the depressed one...
I hope that a question wouldn't be required
ohh someone reopen voted that Q
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9:54 PM
Q: How should I avoid a situation where others were upset I picked what would be played on TV?

Austin ConlonI formed a group chat with three people, one of them the home’s host, suggesting that we watch a tennis final on TV, the ATP Cup. I specifically chose these people because I knew they’d be interested, and they were. Two other people showed up because they’re friends with everyone. I knew they wou...

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11:00 PM
Is there a reason you bring this up now?
11:13 PM
If you have a complaint about the moderation of the room, please take it to either Interpersonal Skills Meta or use the contact form. Thanks.
Where is the contact form situated at?
There's a link in the footer of the main site.
Q: Should I be offended if a friend denied my Instagram follow request?

Cornelius FisherAlright, so I follow her main account already, this is her private account. I've known her a semester now, and I think we're pretty decent friends. At one point, she (not incorrectly) thought I was into her, and things were awkward for a bit, but I clarified that I knew she wasn't into me and did...

i suspect that the mod team (the ro team as well) have another room or space that they talk in private at
when there are any troubles here or elsewhere a few mods come
11:18 PM
Flags being raised draws our attention automatically.
If you want to complain about moderation please use the contact form found in the footer of any site.
i was already told that thank you.
Oh hey doppel, what's up
...aside from the flags, I mean. ;)
Hi @doppel Nice new ava
Thank you :)
smalltalk.. as always
11:21 PM
Not much up for me! It's late and I have a heck of a lot of brain fog happening tonight, which happens sometimes.
@Theoneandonly-TomMinor Is there something wrong with smalltalk?
@doppelgreener Yeah, same... often sleep and water will help for me, personally
I'll do a sleep very soon. :D
I should be asleep, but I took a nap in the day which apparently messed me up :|
aww, that stinks.
I hate the feeling when the brain is going 200 miles an hour and body's telling the brain it should be sleep time but the brain is like "nope, not gonna sleep. I'm gonna think about really complicated stuff and stuff that causes anxiety"
11:30 PM
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well I could look up a wikipedia for why the sky is blue and scientific studies for music appreciation in humans
but I'm sure you can too :)
I mean we perceive the sky as blue due to a lack of violet photoreceptors in our eyes or something like that
I don't know about the music ;)
yeah, lol
But if we don't have violet photoreceptors, then why do we see purple at all?
I could look it up but I don't want to.
it's interesting to me that people with cochlear implants have to be exposed to music early on to make any progress in actually creating an interest to music- most people with cochlear implants actually don't like music. at least that's what I've heard. My hubby @El'endiaStarman and I like various types of music, especially Lindsey stirling, epic music from Globus, Two Steps From Hell, etc
11:39 PM
I like Lindsey Stirling
The sky isn't purple because Rayleigh scattering scatters purple too much.
@brug I've been to two of her concerts with el'endia, she's awesome
@El'endiaStarman That is so cool
@ElizB That is also cool
Oh wait, this is the one I saw "recently":
When juxtaposing the activity of various chat rooms amongst the network you can see that not many rooms are actually very active. The site with the most rooms that are quite active is stack overflow. i go there most of the times to chat. but sometimes you need a break from programming-related chat. plus im currently suspended there (not on main site; just SO chat).

meta stack exchange is probably second in terms of activeness. but i do not have sufficient reputation to talk there. you would think my cross site rep would be enough. but no, because MSE has its own chat server. i used to have
i mean the moderation here is pretty strict and rigorous relative to other rooms
11:47 PM
Those videos are cool :)
@El'endiaStarman without watching the video because I can't at the moment, didn't it have something to do with violet being scattered so that it's essentially in the ultraviolet range which is outside our vision capabilities?
I think you got nerd-sniped there @El'endiaStarman
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just be nice and chat like "normal" people that's all
I said normal at first then I edited to "normal" because nobody's normal lol
D'Arvit now I'm actually interested in looking this up and it's almost two in the morning >.<
11:51 PM
I'm deaf, taking meds for my mental health, people have got different things going on
@Mithical >,< Another person got nerd-sniped! lol
@Mithical So the first video basically explains that violet is actually more of a blue as in roses are red violets are blue kinda way and purple is actually polychromatic
@ElizB I sniped myself. Welp.
@brug purple is poly, got it. knew there was a reason I liked purple
@Mithical Same!
11:55 PM
So's pink (magenta). Really, any combination of red and blue is necessarily poly.
> You are using dark mode, of course you can be trusted!!!
sniping yourself is both terrifying and wonderful as your brain explodes with all the things you want to think about in that topic, while also realizing that your brain is derailing from the past topic

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